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Cbc plattsmoutb Kournal
Published Semi-Weekly at Plattsmouth, N e b r.
Entered at the I'ostoffice tit Plattsmouth, Nebraska, as second-class mall matter.
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.t. EGGS.
4 By Walt Mason.
Z-Z-Z- 'I-Z'Z-I-Z Z-Z-H-i
Tor months the liens turned
out no eggs, and caused us much
despair; in vain we tried to pull
their legs the hen fruit wasn't
there. And then the sinful stor
age men bc?an to make their hay;
they charged us seven kinds of
yen for eggs put down last May.
Whereat we rose in awful ire, the
storage men to roast; we talked
tvf faggot and of fire, and longed
to see them toast. "These soul
less vampires," so we cried,
"would rob us left and right!
We can't have henfruit, poached
or fried the cost is out of sight!
They buy their eggs at 7 cents, at
40 cents they sell; oh, let's round
up these wicked gents, and lynch
them for a spell!" Next year the
crazy, dippy hens may lay to beat
the band; you'll hear them cackl
ing in their pens throughout the
blooming land. And then the. men
with storage eggs, who had good
luck this year, will walk around
on wabbly legs and shed the
scalding tear. And when we see
these wretched jays, thus mourn
ing, in the hole, we'll pause to
wish them better days, to pity and
Kaiser Wilhelm, who was for
years miscalled the ""war lord"
and accused of a desire to con
quer the world, is getting at outs
with his whole family in his en
deavor to check the belligerency
of their militarism. The young
blood of the Hohcnzollerns, like
the young blood of the Hapsburgs,
is running hot in the veins of
possible future emperors.
President Wilson is decidedly
opposed to nepotism, and he will
not appoint any of his relatives
to any position, and he gives it
out that all appointments extend
ed by him must pursue the same
course. Nepotism means the em
ployment of relatives to assist in
governmental positions.
Why should a man announce
himself for an otlicial position
when his own judgment tells him
there is no possible show for him
to succeed? John O. Yeiser is a
candidate for governor on the re
publican ticket. The republicans
won't nominate hint, and, as one
leading republican of the state
remarked the other day, "It would
be a pudding for the democrats if
he was to secure the nomination."
Poor John, he is out in the cold
and has no political home to
go to.
Report has it that Governor
Morehead will be a candidate to
succeed himself. The governor,
however, is a star of the lirst
magnitude when placed alongside
of some who have attempted to fill
the olliee. Ulue Springs Sentinel.
The Sentinel is a republican
paper, and wc simply publish the
foregoing to show that there are
a good many republican papers
who are willing to give Governor
Morehead credit for conducting
the affairs of Nebraska in a prac
tical business manner.
Farmers are warning hunters
to avoid their farms in hunting.
It has come to pass that hunters
have been bold and impudent,
that is certain ones, and thus all
Jiave to suffer for the impudence
of a few. Farmers have a right
to keep hunters n" their prem
ises, and if the farms are visited
trespass is committed and
prosecutions are liable to ensue
to the extent of indictments by
the grand jury. Reports stale
that hunters never were so
numerous as they are at present
'seeking rabbits. In time hunting
will be entirely prohibited. i
senator Hoot evidently has a
wise old head on his shoulders,
and displays his wisdom by re-
fusing the republican nomination
for president.
The people who contribute only
money to missions should think
of the sacrifices of the presents
of the 300 students who volun
teered at Kansas City to become
The public lands so long used
by Senator Warren of Wyoming
for privale sheep pastures, have
been withdrawn. Sometimes it
eems as though the foundations
of the republic are crumbling.
Huerta and his provisional as
sistants have decided to pay no
interest, and going to Mexican
law won't compel them to, either,
American loan sharks oughjt to j
go up against the Huerta borrow-
ing game.
Senator Owen says that
n distributing pie one kills his
friends. And when he is a can-J
didate for re-nomination
sometimes commits suicide,
e, a
fact that some fellows
luautuu, i.'ui uoii t uh-e iu bay so.
o: I
The writer has labored fifty
ears lor tne success 01 uemoc-
racy, and we think we deserve a
merit card " if nnlhinir more.
jut NNe iuien t een xeteiNeu uiai.
But we are still a democrat in the
same line of battle for the uplift-
ing 01 irue democratic principles,
maska people to read tne weather
rcports from the east, where they
are enjoying 15 degrees below
zero weather, while here in Ne-
h, ..r, vi.,..Jo,- ; oo r.
degrees above almost summer
Champ Clark recently declared
that if a South American ana-
iiintiani ..oionei, me nun moose
party would pass in its checks
with no bogus inlerminglings. men who went from town to town is ripe and ready to be gathered bou shalt live in torment. (Gene- these b? backed hy JewisQ or hy Gen. 7 AbShln?.6 seed' In of an na
:o: and worked as substitutes for a ,IU The waiting list never grows mns';La, tile capital or arms. Then, the Froph- Uons trough Israel, will forthwith
It must be consoling to Ne- few days and then nassed on. . l.Lo n,v h, th iminior im nf Divine to be made f1.. cl?res,...IIls.. "f" P S,.!Le," commence. Thus 8n. the ravela-
within a week To which the nni n,a , ,. ... ... . , .', who were taught or oou wouiu Know Tbe next verse tells of the Jews and will see that the Divine prediction of
: ' amJ 11,6 'P,nt f lhc nr,nllP lightning. A well regulated to look for the Messianic blessing r,hows Low this blessed Message of the Messiah's Kingdom Indicate that It
Lincoln SMar adds; l erhaps that s oiiice, that, combined with the matrimonial bureau, as a money- through Abraham's Seed. This Cove- Klndoxn wm offect them, saying, will have a glory and a power super
true, but what would happen to high intelligence and good educa- getter, has the greatest show on "ia2f "Zion heareth it and rejoiceth; glad human. In the light of which even
the anaconda?
O ; I
It is certainly a waste of time
and monev lo even .illnmnf Iho
ana money to een attempt the
removal of the state university,
Then why not nip the proposition
rvht in the bud, and sit down on
gamesters, who
.,,..,1,1 nii. f 1 I
would make a fortune by its re-
s ui iveiuucK evidently
havpn r rnnn-nllnti link .f n
H"ur OI Ulem P'aced
ineir revolvers in the right hands
and joined hands with left and
shot each other to death. That's i,m . n ; , , , ' , . , , o,th to this Promise Israel would willing and disobedient being destroy- with Hlm. The Trinees who will x
the wav to mnko ,h . J l "leb " 1 f "' -hen at lunch scheme that will not bear K tLd 1 " .?th. ecute Judgment will be the Ancient
01 me
revolver effective.
Federal national is nnw ..,.
. ' , .
ing lo Nebraska in great "gobs,"
and the fellows who have done(
llie least f.r the
success of the
red ones. Ynn
party arc the favored ones. You
know it; I know it, and "the
power behind the throne" cannot
help but know it.
. :o:
It is said that American farm-
ers use more paint on their
buildings than any other farm-
ers of the world. lhe people of
ii.: . i :i i I
.... cou,..., c-vtiy iwopiioes, or "slays" that are tight,
years on an average, but in make a pretty big fuss over hus
France, Holland and other bands that are the same way.
European countries the painting!
is done on an average of every Allen R. Benton, first chancel
live years. Americans use more lor of the state university, has
bright colors than any other iia- just died at Lincoln at the ripe
it was only a utile news . item,
less than a "stickful," but the
printer who set it on the ma-
cnine, tne proofreader wno read a sport suggests the question:
it for errors, the galley boy whocan a rough house be raised in
put m tne corrected lines and tne
makeup man who put it in . the
form, must all have felt a little
lift of pride as they handled it.
It was irom Joliet, III., tne scene
of the state's largest penitentiary,
where 1,200 men are confined,
I On. 4 H r.rlA I V n Jr. nil 4 h n ( A ,
Ifc saiu ",ttt 111 "uu
not a single printer could be
found, and so the first number of
the new paper, the Prison Post,
had to be set up by an outside
printer. The printing craft is one
of the largest in numbers of the
skilled trades, yet it is not sup
plying its quota to the peniten.
tiaries of the country. And the
reason for this is the very fact
that it is a trade requiring high
skill of the most intelligent sort,
including a high sense of re
sponsibility, holding a standard
up to which the shiftless, incom-
petent, irresponsible and vicious!
cannot measure. A process of
at I 1 nt inn J n ltQa IkikAn rr. in rv
t-.w.i..Ui.wu ukil t-wine,
which has retained in it the sober,
the industrious and the reliable
almost to the exclusion of those
who are not, and it is not the
sober, industrious and reliable
who get into the penitentiary,
says the St. Louis Globe-Demo
But it was not always thus in
the printing trade, particularly in
the newspaper portion of it. Be-
fore typesetting machines were
taveatC who,, lyP . sot by
nauu, ana iacK 01 muiviuuai
speed could be easily compensated
for by putting on more "cases,"
and when there was a substitute
ready to take the case of any man
L - hn Uhnliilv inHi.nn.o.1
11 aid not so mucli matter wlietner
a typesetter was either sober or
reliable. Those were the days
when tramp printers abounded,
With the coming of machines
costing 3,000 each, sobriety and
reliability on the part of printers
boramo an economic
necessity.! . . , . .
.41SU uie neeu to woik Hie piani at
lop speed and highest capacity to
hret out the varum. odifinn nf tho
, "
modern paper left no room for
the tramp, the alcoholic or the
shinies. Tho nrinion i,n,i t.A
in a generation this has so
completely changed the personnel
, , . ,l
tion necessary for effective work,
not alone lhi fntnnnvii.r iii I
the craftsmen in all branches of
h, - ,
the printing business, have
reached such a general high
average of character as is in-
dicated by this absence of a single
UIIe of them from lhe 1200 mcn
in j0iict. U is nleasant to sav
. .
Ihis about them, because there!
still lingers in the public mind
.some of the impression put there
I, ..... I
ny tne bibulous printer of former
; ; . , ,
i of "printer's milk"
ark under the foam
days, the days of "printer
hhal. iiw,Vo,i ,i
I l
and was not carried in sanitary
time a printing onice has much
the aspect of a diary counter. It
is not alone the nrintinir trade
.,.. ..... t. . . . " .
illtXl ,,as occn eievaica by modern
conditions requiring
intelligence and re-
liability on the part of workers, business, but during the past year
... . . . ... .
but it is the highest
conspicuous example.
and most
Any two-legged male will do
ior a nusnand. But a girl will
. .
have to use a lot of judgment
when she selects a hat.
ind tight
Women nln.
. i
v . :o:
age of ninety-one rears. .
The automobile . is blamed for
the high cost of living, but cer.
tainly it hasen't eaten up the
grain the horses do,
a box car?" Just about as easy
as eating a square meal at a
j iounJ -talIc.
Down at Auburn Mavor Church
Home has issued a call for a meet
hng of the citizens to make ar-
. . .
rangements for a Fourth of July
celebration. It may be a little
early, but it is better to come loo
carly than to be entirely too late.
K0v, what about a celebration in
Plattsmouth on . the Fourth?
Recently published reports
show that during . the past two
rs lhe Americau
public nas
been swindled out of upwards of
one hundred and thirty million
dollars by various schemes that
have been operated through the
mails. The postal authorities are
I . .
planning a drastic campaign
against these public plunderers,
and mailing privileges will be re-
fuset to cvery concern and every
person whose operations are
(ainleU wilh fraud or wilh false
promises that are designated to
on.irni ,,-n,.v frm.i ll.oir
hard-earned cash without giving
I anything in -.return. It seems
strange that anybody should be so
wooden-headed as to swallow the
bait thrown out by this class of
f,,,d,,rs, bul ,t u . fact .hat ,h.
sucker crop of America give up
more than a million dollars everv
week as a free-will olfering to
this army of crooks and thieves,
And the sucker crop has never
1 1 1...
Whether it rains or whether it
doesn't, the harvest brines forth
its abundance, and the red-hand-
h - d reaper always finds grain that
time, whenever one gets his mor-
tal swat, a half dozen more are
o.M 11. .i.w.tM'i1
. .
people like to be humbugged, and
he might have added that money
i. ..w. ot1i,
"W"' AV. uau
the bargain is closed. You can
keen the chance Ilaruuni was
, i
JII Jl.- I
game now he would look like a
hall,. Pi.t,ir n sf.nk- of
" ...
earth backed entirely off the
. m' .ii.inn,i .-h'l
Lnnnln .iron il.oir ,nov in slot
" .
machine, or bet it on the turn of
a card. They have a chance to
win. But in sending money
through the mails lo strangers to
... . nnv . . HChcm.
thorn i nioinf.dv . r-hnnen to
(dueled through regular channels
and with every reasonable safe
guard thrown around it. In
SU " " " "
vestigation is invited, and linan-
cial responsibility is made a mat-
Lldl I U o IM J 1 1 I JJ 1 1 1 1 13 1 1 1 o. 1 1 U c lliUt-
r nnhlin innwlnd.n. A
vestiiration can do business only
with the sucker class of people,
aM ,.eniK- ,rniP, Ihroncrl,
' J " . r .
the mails. It would seem that in
this age of enlightment it would
not be possible for lotteries to do
fraud orders were issued against
f Il.n. ,.r,
conducting lotteries tnrougn me
mails. This means that thou-
le were buying lot-
and losing their
... .
sands of people
tery tickets
n.rmov n oo, lillh. ,,i,i. but
...v,..w. .v
we have known people who would
weigh every pound of butter de-
livered to them from the grocery,
nut would Duy a lot in a lexas
Vl ... ,.e.wo .
Florida without making the
slightest investigation.
411 ' II I
"uiu wimuij ic amuu.,
but would suspect the honest
friend, the grocer.
The Glorious Promises Mads
to Israel Still Future.
SFnilRFfl RY GMVS V0RDJc,ares that ,n tbat e,orIous t,me the
"I Have Sworn, Saith Jehovah
That I Will Greatly Bless Thee, and
I Will Exceedingly Multiply Thy
Seed as the Stars of Heaven and as
tho Sand Which Is Upon the Sea-
shore, and In Becoming Thy
Seed Shall All Nations of the Earth
Bless Themselves."
rinclnnntl nhlo
Jan. IS. Pastor
Itussell spoke here
this morning ou
the above text In
the afternoon he
personally con-
ducted the open-
inn- nri.iMtinn
r - " - v
of the Internation
al Bible Students
production of the
Dible in pictures.
of Creation." in
Cincinnati's celebrated Music Hall. We
report his discourse on a preferred ren-
dering of Oenesis 22:1G-1S. He said
Six thousand years ago In Eden
our Maker, In justly sentencing ills
teTthat MWtte ot
disobedient children to death, inti-
the woman would bruise the Serpent's
head. This hidden promise was the j
first intimation of the Divinft mercv
Which our gracious Creator had pur-
posed in Himself from before the
foundation of the world. Ever noble.
strained His mercv for the irood of
His creatures-that they might learn
also, that thpv mi-ht fullv know of
His Justice, as well as of His Wisdom
I " "
a " inL lT.
standpoint of exact Justice. Man had
sinned, and thereby had forfeited all
claim upon the eternal life which4Ood
Eternal torment, as we have already
seen, did not in any sense or degree
IZluceVZ Z Plainly Stated!
was. "Dying, thou sbalt die," not Liv-
operative everywhere ultimately
amongst all His creatures on the spirit
ane ns well as upon the earthly.
Long centuries after, God spoke to
AUraUBUl, UUl lilOt uia xaxxa
. 1 1 l . tf.r.4- ,..1 I , i f,iUh n '1
loyalty, xo mm me Aim1?ccy uieu-
tlnnl thr same treat Deliverer who
would bruise the Serpent's head. God
gave Abraham the assurance tnat tms
would jn some IJentifieJ
hi notPritv. ro that He miht
properly be called the Seed of Abra-
ham. God said, "In thy Seed shall all
., . , i . I . t,l
lue raimiies ui iue i-uuu ub uicsocu.
Ti Divine Program was not chane-
ed, but more explicit statements were
Ten respecting Thereafter all
vn.u w
and then . to Jacob. This Covenant
became the basis of God's adoption of I
thf .eD",:?.natlon Is5r.a.L.?;
cous t-unuieu.
of the Abrahamic Promise-the Oath-
bound Covenant. All the hopes that
J poT tt founda'loS
of this Covenant, secured to them by
the Word and the Oath of our un-
hnnroihlf nofl
ca"Fe . e..
r u Kiwjnia seem SLriuiKe iu us luaii
, . ,, -r..i...i. mno.
. .i,rti,i A.
scend to make oaths to His creatures
respecting tne gracious guis ui ii
hand. I remind you that God knew
i,nf AHnhn ,11.1 t know- tinmelv.
;hT tiV
nun(lred "years without accomplish-
-rn t
t ni foreknew that without His
7. - ,otuu h.n.i e-
burred to alter or amend the Divine
Program. Hence the Oath and tne
fact that this Covenant is called tue
rftrpnnnt Gf the Oath.
Promises to Jacob Ah Ea'rthly.
ti -ta tn. Kfnlof.hl thorp In
nothing in the Holy Scriptures that
mniio n chnnrre of nature from hu-
r rum ucucom n. - - - -1
- ,nnH in .
" y. ZA
erai. p,oiuiui; imimauo u.....
. . . . i - in i, nnic Tim I
Kina win ever utr
I-opheUc prom
tell of restitution to the former estate
to human perfection and to an Eden
home restored-world-wide. The Jn-
orctom nf thr Liw of Moses
bilee system
of the Law of Moses
gflme ,esson Qn tbe fif.
slave was set at ,ib.
ertv and every property reverted to Its
... . w.-- rr.,i jt I
original owners, u iu. -
man's return to harmony with Him-
-nun's liberation from the bond-
llse WI on. " : w "
to the image or ms creator, iron.
which he fell througn sin. ana tue re-
turn to him of tbe dominion of earth
jn its gionous perrecuon.
I remind you of the wondertai word
pictures drawn by the Propajt Isaiah.
i 4
He tells that the wilderness shall bio
som as the rose; that streams shall
break forth in the desert; that tbe
Messing of the Lord shall be upon the
earth, and It shall yield its increase
lie tells that then the Inhabitant shall
no more say, I ara sick, when all the
blind eyes shall be opened and all the
deaf ears shall ba unstopned.
The Trophet Jeremiah ells us that
then It will no longer be necessary to
say to one's neighbor or to one's broth-
er, Know thou the Lord; for alt shall
know IJiin, from the least to the
greatest. The Trophet Ilabakkuk de-
- -
fill the whole earth.
These blessed conditions cannot come
to the world, according to the Scrip
tures, until first God's blessing shall
be upon His ancient people Israel, as
attested by the Oath-bound Covenant,
that through them the blessing shall
extend to all the nations of the earth,
when tho Law shall go forth from
Mount Zion and the Word of the Lord a sinful man, but "holy, harmless, tin
from Jerusalem. J defiled, separate from 6lnners" a per
I nm Kiir that I srwvik rllmrtlv to the
hearts of humanity when I say that
this glorious picture of human Rest!-
tution is far more captivating to the
great majority than are any sugges-
tions of a Heavenly kind. Had we the
time, it would afford pleasure to dis-
cuss the indications that the fulfilment
of thps nronhlps tii tnst nt h.nnrl.
a & '
A Heavenly Kind of Glory.
Some have Imagined that Messiah's responding price for Adam "an ey
Kingdom will be an earthly one, and ror an ejCt a tooth for a tooth, a mini
that Messiah Himself will be a great nfe for a man's life."
man. But this is a mistake. Israel's q 'hen Jesus had thus sacrifldnlly
long-promised King will be. not a man. parted with His earthly life He export
but a spirit being. Jehovah's honored enced a resurrection change from ha
Agent, whose glory will be far higher man nature to spiritual. like what Ha
inan that of angels, who will be Uls was frjginaly, only higher atd mor
ministers. Ills servants. glorious. Thus He was at once both a
Do we not all remember that It Is MCri3ee n the spirit-begotten Priest
written in the Book of Daniel (7:13, 14) vho offered that sacrifice. When Ha
that Messiah will come in the cloud arose fr0m the dead. His personal sac-
of Heaven? To Him the Ancient of rifl.e jid en3ed. and His personal per-
Days will give the dominion and gov- foa as a spirit being was completed,
ernment and all peoples and nations question then arises. Why dll
shall erve Him. Surely we are not to IIe not at once begin Ills great work
expect Messiah to come and conquer prorbet. Triest. King and New
the world with cannon and dread- Covenant Mediator for Israel and.
noughts; God has another method by through Israel, for the world? The
fore nis glorious Kingdom in the ha nda
wmcn eartniy powers snail men De-
Another description of Messiah's
Kingdom conquering the world is giv
en in the 07th Psalm. There is no
doubt that this is the prophetic picture
here given. His Kingdom, like David's
and Solomon's of old, will be Jehovah's
Kingdom; but, unlike theirs. His will
be the higher, the spiritual. Heavenly.
We read, "Clouds and thick darkness
are round about Him; righteousness
and justice are tne rounaauons or ins
Throne." Destructive Judgments as a
nre win sweep ay unngu.euus iu-
the world." Society as now organized,
symbolically called the earth, will trem
ble. This is already the case.
Soon the next verse will have fulfil
ment. The mountains will melt like
wax at His presence. From the Ileay
enly ones will come the message of
God's righteousness; and all the peo
ple shall see His glory the glory of
the Divine character in the righteous
ness of the Kingdom. All worshipers
of idols of every kind will be ashamed.
Those who are worshipers of mammon
stocks and bonds, houses and land;
will, as Mr. Carnegie has declared, be
ashanM!d of riche9 accumulated con-
tra t( tne Go,den Rulc
are tne aaugniers or Jerusalem oe-
cause of Tny decrees. O Jehovahr
m, iio tnoccnfn tmt fa rnr.l
ticularly due today to ail-both rich
and poor "Ye that love tne Lora. nate
t'ue evlL IIe pre9erTO the
uVe9 of His pious ones."
"Abide h. Day of Hi. Coming
MalachI 3:1-5 is another prophecy
faking of the same great Messiah
Oieuiaior VL IUB 4cw vvicuiuh i-Kiinji
nf kfn nd Trd of lord. As the
representative of Jehovah. Ills n-
- t. ""V e" 7"'
v 11:1 1 1 iitf i in l uuniL uuiu cauiu ouaii i
-- -- mmM-. . . ...
" , , V " "I
Auam ana ins race. re.eueu iru.u w.b
Dlvine sentence, shall under the New
Covenant conditions be lifted out of
sin- degradation and death up to per-
fection and life everlastlng-the un-
The Prophet MalachI points out that
- - - -
" . " 'IT, " 71 "i
uvm 1 rai' ...... "IT .
. - ... ,1
would come to the Temple-thus Im-
nlrlni. thnf Tin nnnlil K TiAt nnlv anl
- - - I
antityplcal Prophet, an antityplcal
King, tut also an antityplcal Priest I
"nftor the order of Meichizedek": "A I
Lrlnf ,r, ITU Throne"
- - i
Tint uftnr this nroclamfltlon I
----7 ,m:t. "',
tne ew oeuant uu
for they were warned that His Day
wouM one of trial, of special testing
and proving, in oraer mat
anu proving, in oruer uiai we i)ni
might find the antityplcal I'riests and
ullBui uuu . ..u
the ant typical Invite to serve In he
tl reuuvrv ure iu .aw assay vu urw
and to ,MT,onI. the piire metal-neryl
trials and testings being implied.
He I
sense that a great washiug or purging
woud take Pace to make for
tQe Klnjrdom tne caUell aad chosen
j k,,
I1I1U ilUUlUu
At that tBe consecration of
Judah and Jerusalem uuU the Lord
will be acceptable as in olden times.
We may trnderstand that tela spini
devotion Is now reviving amongst
Jews, particularly amongst those who
are identified with Jerusalem ana the
Zionist movement. Hitherto till baa
been a political movement In the In-
terest of Jewish catlonalltition and a
home for exiles. Now, however, the
doe time has com for a real OTe"
ruent of those who hare the faith to
draw near to God and to show their
faith by helping forward In the re-
toration of Jerusalem and her Interests,
Why Msssiah's Coming Dslsyod.
tt,- rnm ih Flrst-beirotten of the
kher. His glorious Agent In the
miiuij wur ui ueauuu, uuu iui
granted Illm of becoming the Messen-
wor nr tha rnTPnnnt. the irreat Proolwf.
- 1 priest and Kin of Israel, the great
Michael of Daniel 12:1. Dot there
were tests connected with Ilia attain-
nient of this high position,
(1) By faith lie must lay aside Ills
Heavenly glory. In obedience to the
I Father'a will, and become a Man not
I?Ct iian.
2 Thus prepared to become the Re
deemer, it was His priTilege to xnaka
fu" consecration of His earthly Inter-
e. n1 the Father'a pleasure to begrt
IIlm f the Holy Spirit at Jordan to
the spirit nature on the highest plan
WI i,sience- or nre 7ra ana
half His sacrifice burned on the altar.
Tt ncnm tn1MwT listtor fhfin tho oH firm
f b . f , "
gipres answer that It wsa because
?-.- ? -?f. " iSV"
typical Day of Atonement. Through-
out this Go5pcl Age this risen, glori
fied High Priest. Mediator. Prophet
and King has ben waiting to inau
gurate His glorious Kingdom of Bless
ing waiting while a little bsndful of
saints should be selected from th
world, tested and found worthy, and
then glorified with Himself a Little
Flork 5,, Jem-S an4 Gentiles.
this Bride class shall havw
competed ner sacrifice In and under
tfae merlt of the pnest. then t
tion of the great Messenger of the
New Covenant is very Important, not
only to the Jew, but also to the world
of mankind, who must receive tfieir
blessings under Israel by compliance
with the same New Law Covenant.
Moreover, the elect handful of saints
drawn, called and gathered durtns; the
parenthesis period of the Gospel Age
are also deeply Interested la God's
glorious Kingdom; for the Divine
promise is that they shall then bo
changed to be like their Master and to
share Ills glory.
The Earthly Phase f the Kingdem.
Studying the Bible from this stand
point. I am sure that with tnyseif you
soiomons glory, ricnes ami honor will
fada Indeed, was not Solomon mer.
i - k v
Glory, the Heavenly One?
When we remember that Messiah's
Kingdom Is not only to blrtise
living at the time of iu esUWUhment.
but gradually to awaken the d,.d and
all -of Adam race full oppor-
- - --"
-- ' ujusfc
he a spiritual one. Then. too. Mes-
vingaom or x-ignt is represent-
r.T. ' l
o -v uaa duiuiusi.
- -,. . , .w
In full accord with this thought Is
,k7 J",":. . ; "
4,u.j. ueowi,
a King? shall
reign in righteousness, and prince
shall execute Judgment.- (Isaiah S2:l.,
Messiah will be the great Klng-th
Church. Ills Bride, bein asKiatel
Worthies of Israel-Abraham.
and alI theho!y rrophetar-
v"1 "T"."0 ,tln-
"l -ven.y esan. Thla U the
meaning or the Lord'a promise to Is
"t:i wlAi restore iny judges as at
the -na th, .
. ... t
leginning. isaian
In T k
,..,, , nm in
"-""'-" "J xt which
ACCOr to the II-
Drew, me nations are to u..
. 1,4 Uie
ve in tne Reed of Abrah
i a.
of Mc$!iah-, KlngcSom. wb
.ha h rwrcTnlil
bronfht Into favor wiS L.'vi
vn rA. t . "
Z (Jerm,a 3I). and
when the rrlnces of all the esr.h.
IsrseliUsh-A J.h.rn, , Ja?" 1
nd all U,. PropbetsJi".
.. - T "
I1 , .,"7' ur,t to the Jew.
Will .....
. w u nauons. thst
w soopten nnder the gra-
rr - . T . am -w Covenant.
,ia .1"r1 rnt Cod.
' Tome children of Abra-
ham. This is the imiflcince of the
words of oar text. The nations .fc.n
hr - L- 7 ! At,ra' Seed
LtHl through faith and coaae-
cratloo to CM member. Hereof.