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Murray Department
Prepared in the Interest of the People of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Readers
If any of tlie readers of the
Journal know of any social
evt-nt or Item of Interest In
this vicinity, and will mail
same to this offline. It will ai-IH-ar
under this heading. We
want all news items Editok
Why You Should Keep an
Account with this Bank
It is managed by men well known for
their integrity, high standing and business
ability. The personnel of the officers and di
rectors are home men, and every person inter
ested in home institutions should do their
banking with a home institution.
Strong, Conservative, Progressive
urray State Bank
W. G. BOEDEKER, Cashier
Mrs. A. L. Baker spent Wednes
day visiting with her friend, Mrs.
J. II. Fairis.
Communion services at the
United Presbyterian church on
Sabbath, January 18.
Tom Isner, the boss carpenter
of Platlsmouth, was down on im
portant business Wednesday.
The town was nearly deserted
on Wednesday all attending
Theo. Amick's sale, northwest of
The date for the Lyceum num
ber. Frances Gable, is January 16
in place of December 19. A mis
take in dates was made.
C. N. Hansen and Ernest Pres
ton, from near Nehawka," were
visiting with county seat friends
last week, driving up in Mr. Pres
ton's car.
The young baby of Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Green has been ailing- for
a few days, but the attending:
physician thinks it is nothing
Adam and Fred Schafer, from
west rf Murray, were Omaha
visitors Wednesday, going up for
the purpose of looking after the
purchase of a gasoline , engine.
They returned home via Platts
mouth and spent a few hours with
county seat friends.
There was a very large attend
ance at the Amick sale Wednes
day. Everything advertised was
sold, including the farm, which
was knocked down at J5.00 per
acre. Will and Jim Rainey being
the purchasers. Many consider
it was sold very cheap.
Julius Engelkemeier, from west
of Murray, was in Plattsmoulh
last Saturday, driving up from his
home, accompanied by his sister,
Miss Roa. Miss Rosa has been
making tier home with her broth
er for some time, but was return
ing to the home of her parents in
Cashier Boedeker was in Oma
ha Tuesday on business, return
ing home via Plattsmouth.
"Scotty," the genial agent for
the M. P., was a Plattsmouth
visitor between trains Tuesday
A. L. Baker was a passenger to
Omaha Monday morning, in the
interest of the new firm of Baker
& Nickels.
Misses Amin ami Arbel Hiatt
of Rising City, Neb., are visiting
at the home of their uncle and
aunt, Mr. and Mrs. L. 1. Hiatt, for
a few days.
Mrs. M. Hiatt has been feeling
pretty well for the past few day.-
which her many friends will be
pleased to learn.
Mrs. James Brown was in from
the farm this week assisting her
mother at the hotel. Help is very
scarce and almost impossible to
get at any price.
Glen and Myrtle Thompson
who have been visiting the past
two weeks with their . friend
Esther Ray, departed Monday for
their home at Wood River, Neb.
Grandma McVey is on the sick
list, and while her illness is not
very serious at the present writ
ing, some alarm is mainrest on
the part of near friends on ac
count of her declining years, she
being 75 years of age.
Robert Good entertained Glen
and Myrtle (Thompson, of Wood
niver, t,cd., jana isiner nay, r ri
day evening1, January 9. The
evening was spent in playing
various games, music and social
conversation. A fine luncheon
was served.
A. M. Holmes returned from
Pl.ittsmoulh Wednesday morning,
where he made a brief visit with
his daughter, Mrs. C. A. Rawis
and family. Mr. Holmes has been
confined to his room for some
weeks, and we are pleased to note
his improvement.
There doesn't seem much use for a mer
chant to tell you about warm clothes
when we have California beat for weather!
But we can tell you of the best asset your
home could possibly have, and that is a
piano. We have two high grade pianos
at our store which were placed with us
on consignment. As the time is up, we
are going to give somebody the best bar
gain ever offered in an instrument. Don't
put off buying, but start your boy or girl
in time with their music. Murray has one
of the best teachers in the state, arid we
have the best piano at a reasonable price
and fully guaranteed.
Oscar Campbell, the 8-year-old
son of Mr. and Mrs. Andy Camp
bell, is quite ill.
Mrs. Jacob Lohnes of Eight
Mile Grove is very sick, but not
very seriously at the present time.
Mrs. B. F. Brendel and Mrs. J.
F. Brendel spent Friday and Sat
urday visiting with Mr. and Mrs.
Dr. Will Brendel al Avoca.
J. W. Berger was up from Ne
braska City Sunday, and spent the
day with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. Berger, of the Berger Hotel.
Miss Clara Young departed
Wednesday morning for Lincoln,
where she will spend a few days
visiting her friend, Miss Ogla
Mrs. O. A. Davis is still on Ihe
mend, and expects to be around
with her friends in a few (fays, if
possible. She has been greatly
missed from society circles.
The Francis Gable entertain
ment will be in the Christian
church Friday evening, January
16th. This is the third number
of the Lyceum course and prom
ises to be extra good.
Mrs. S. O. Pitman, Mrs. D. C.
Rhoden and Miss Pauline Oldham
attended the Amick sale Wednes
day and disposed of a large num
ber of tickets to a charity dinner
to be given in Murray on Friday,
January 23.
Homer Schlichtemeier shipped
a car of cattle to the South Oma
ha market Monday, and while
there he bought a carload of
months-old calves, whicli arrivet;
Wednesday and were driven to his
farm west of Murray.
A. D. Willberger, of Omaha
came' down Saturday and assumed
the '.management of the Nold
lumber yard. Mr. Willberger
a very pleasing gentleman, and
we believe the people of Murray
and vicinity will find him an ac
commodating and genial gentle
man to deal with.
There should be some effort
made to have the early morning
train stop. If the railroad com
pany refuses the appeal, place the
matter in the hands of the rail
way commission. There is to
much demand for the stoppage of
this train, and the traveling pub
lic is greatly discommoded.
The Rev. Albert Gordon of Lin
coin will conduct evangelisti
meetings in the United Presby
terian church during the week of
January 11. The services will b
held Monday, Tuesday, Wednes
day and Thursday evenings at
7:30 and Friday afternoon at 2
o'clock. Everyone is invited to
all these services.
Earl Jenkins returned from
Omaha Wednesday morning, ac
companied by Mrs. Jenkins, who
has been receiving treatment at
the hospital for several weeks
The friends of Mrs. Jenkins wil
1 i a .
dc pieaseu to learn that siie is
feeling remarkably well, consider
ing the severe ordeal that she
passed through.
Miss Margie Walker and Mrs.
Adda Stokes attended the meeting
of the 'Ladies' Aid society of the
Christian church on Wednesday
at the home of Mr. and Mrs
Charles Creamer, when the ladies
were entertained by Mrs. Cream
er and Mrs. Mark White. They
report an exceedingly pleasant
time and were awful glad they
were there to enjoy the event, and
said on their return that those
who failed to attend missed one
of the greatestt reats of their na
tural lives.
Charles Royer, the 8-year-old
son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Roy
er, was attacked with hemor
rhage of the lungs Monday, and
then again Tuesday, and for two
days it looked as though the little
fellow was not long for this earth
While very weak from the loss of
so much blood, it was thought
Wednesday afternoon, with no re
petition of the attack, that the
ittle fellow would recover. The
Journal sincerely hopes he will
soon recover.
Boring a Well.
L. W. Ingwerson, from Ne
hawka, has been out to the farm
home of J. N. Beck, west of
lattsmouth, boring a well. The
well will be several hundred feet
deep when finished, and will sup
ply Mr. Beck with an unlimited
amount of water for his stock.
Mr. Ingwerson- was in Platts
mouth Monday of this week, and
made a business trip to Omaha.
New Firm.
Messrs. Baker and Nickels have
assumed control of the hardware
store, which they bought last
week of Pitman & Davis. A. L.
Baker is the present efficient
postmaster of Murray, while
(eorge Nickels was reared on a
farm in this vicinity, and is a
gentleman of excellent business
qualities, and very popular with
all who know him. Art Baker
understands all the rudiments
connected with the hardware and
implement business, having own
ed this establishment previous to
being appointed postmaster. He
has hosts of friends in Cass coun
Alvo Notes
Dr. Muir was a Lincoln visitor
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Evans return
ed from Red Oak, Iowa, I- riday
evening, where they had been
visiting the home folks the pat
ten days. Their car of household
goods also arrived, and they are
G. W. Curyea had business in now keeping nouse in uie nream
Lincoln Saturday er property, now owned by .Miss
H. Thomas was rioinir business Alice Kellogg.
0 I I i. l. .
T itinnln TnnlQ.- worn nus neen receiveu IIT'
Miiia r.Mvno Tinii -r im, lino- y ueorge foreman, sr., mat nis
in the capital city Saturday.
The Missionary society met on
Wednesday afternoon with Aunt
Bina Kitzel.
George Skiles of Murdock was
in Alvo on business Tuesday be
tween trains
Miss Pearl Eveiand of Hobson,
Montana, is visiting relatives in
town this week
L. B. Appleman had business in
Trenton, Neb., Thursday, return
ing home Saturday
Ola Ryan of Greenwood visited
his cousin, Mrs. George Foreman,
sr., and family, Monday
Charles Suavely and Clayt
Foreman were taking in
son. J.em. vno was moving to
Corsicana, Texas, reached his
destination Sunday morning. Mrs.
From Wedne-ly Dny.
The teaching force of the city
schools, which was slightly di
lurbed about Ihe time "f the
Christmas vacation by a number
of resignations, has b-n re
stored to its former Mate of good
working order by the selection of
Lem Foreman expected to reach I well qualified teacher. to take the
place of those resigned. Mis
Anna Daniel i occupying' the?
position in the High school for
merly held by Mis Catherine
Maddox, and Mis Claire Dovey
has been transferred from the
ty and has alawys been reeogniz-Ljphts at Meadow Tuesday.
there the same day from Los An
geles, Cal., from where she had
started the Thursday before.
Mrs. George D. Bobbitt and son,
Millard, left Tuesday for a short
visit at Verdon, Neb., with her
sister, Mrs. Aletha Rouse-Uhley, Columbian building to the Central
from whw she will return to her building to take the place of Mrs.
homo Mb Moorehead, Kas. Mrs. Wayne Dickson, while Mi Yet.i
BobbHt spent the holidays with Douglass ha been selected as
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. teacher in the Columbian building
Rouse, and her sisters, Mrs. Mart to take the place of Mis Dovey.
Niekle and family, and Mrs. Or- Miss Teresa Hemple, who wa a
the I villo Quellhorst and family.
Died Mr. Stephen Sam
si-ling in the -school work be for
the holidays, ha been elected to
ed as a straightforward business
man. The firm "of Baker & Nick
els will prove a strong one. They
will carry not only an extensive
line of hardware and stoves, but
expect to add a line of furniture,
which will be quite extensive.
They will also represent the John
Deere line of farm implements,
and carry a full line of all imple
ments needed on the farm. The
Journal wishes the new firm all
the success possible and believes
they will reap their reward by a
good patronage from the people
of this section of Cass county.
It a a r i a l i . I i. : . a t i - I I .
Casey went to Lincoln IJanuary v, rjn, at me uonie oiiieacn m me i-nirai ouji.iih.
on business, I n,s uaugmer, Airs, i-.imer oaines, j taking tlie place oi mi. Airne
at mair, -en. ine iunerai was Kennedy. i riese cnantre nave
conducted last Sunday morning at done much toward strengthening
11 o'clock, at the M. E. church at the force of the teacher who will
Elmwood, Neb., where the re- carry on the work for the ret of
mains were laid to rest m tlie the term of school.
Elmwood cemetery, by the side of
his wife, who died about five "Suffered diy and niuht the
years ago. The children who torment of itching pile. Nolh-
survive the deceased are: Mre. ing helped me until I used Doan'
Luella Porter, Omaha; Bert Sams, Ointment. The reult wa last-
W. E
Thursday evening
returning Friday on No. 18
Mrs. Lida Howe and children
came in from Omaha Tuesday
evening, returning weanesaay.
Mrs. J. A. Shall er was a pas
senger for Lincoln Sunday even
ing, returning Monday on No. 18.
John Murtey went to Clay Cen
ter, Neb., Monday, where his wife
has been visiting for a few days.
I l t - 1 K ! it- I; t r 1
Mrs. Gertie Boyles of Lincoln il iawi, r. tnare, iwia.; nuoey mg. nn. jmiiii
was visitintr with her sister Mrs ms, lanu-owner ana reai esiaie .uayor, iiraru, Aia.
r C TlnL-nolI lh InHer nnrf nf Ueaier, COllS 1JIUH, eo.: Milton
R. Garrtt,
Seed Corn for Sale.
I have 40 bushels of good seed
corn for sale at $1.00 per bushel.
J. T. Porter, Murray.
A Pleasant Affair.
The Ladies' Aid societv of the
Christian church was entertained
by Mrs. Mark White and Mrs.
Charles Creamer, at the home of
the latter, Wednesday afternoon.
There was a large attendance and
the afternoon was whiled away
most pleasantly in the usual
the week.
Mrs. George Sheesley and chil
dren went to Weeping Water
Monday to spend the week with
her folks.
Paul Frohtich of Lincoln was
spending a few days visiting with
his daughter, Mrs. C. C. Bucknell
and family.
T. N. Bobbitt came in Sunday
from Moorehead, Kas., where he
has been visiting his son, G. D.
Sams; Mrs. Elmer Gaines, Blair,
Neb., and Mrs. Herbert Shoup,
Rising City, Neb., all of whom
were in attendance at the funeral.
The Helpers Entertained.
The Helpers of the Christian
church were mo.-t delightfully
entertained yesterday afternoon
Mr. Sams was a highly respected at the home of Mrs. C. M. Foster
manner on such occasions. Those
who attended from Murray praise Bobbitt, for some time
me enoris of Mesdames unite Charles R. Jordan
and Creamer very highly, and say
these ladies know the trade of
entertaining perfectly, and that
mey nope it win not be many
weeks until they will have the
citizen and formed many warm
friendships during his ten years'
residence in Cass county, having
lived between Alvo and Elmwood.
The sorrowing children and other
relatives have the sincere sym
pathy of many friends. .
by Mesdames OIier Hud-ou and
Fo.-ter. There wa a large num
ber of the ladie in attendance,
who spent a mot enjoyable time
in social ronersation and other
amusement calculated to make
the occasion one that would nt
soon be forgotten by tho for
went to
Plattsmouth Monday morning,
where he will spend the week at
tending to county affairs.
The Misses Clara and Ethel
Stewart returned to Lincoln Sun-
I tunate enough to bep resent.
(Special Correspondent.)
an appropriate hour the hostesses
provided a charming Iunrhe.,n.
which the guests likewise thor
oughly enjoyed.
Pleasure oi peing entertained ny day evening, after visiting their
mese estimame lauies again, ine brother, R. W. Stewart.
Journal reporter felt somewhat
grieved when he found that he
I. G. Hornbeck was in Omaha
could not be there for luncheon
because he had the pleasure of
partaking of vians prepared by
these ladies. As culinary artists
they are a success in every par
Mr. Jake Umland, wife, two Saturday,
sons and daughter, of Eagle, were Emil Miller was in Omaha last
in Alvo Wednesday and called on Thursday.
German St. Paul's Church.
Owing' to the funeral of Mr. B.
Wurl on Saturday afternoon at 2
o'clock, (he instruction Ies,..n
for both classes, German a well
C. C. Bucknell and family
Miss Dorothy Manners of Uni
versity Place spent Sunday and
Monday here with Mrs. George D
Bobbitt of Moorehead, Kas
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Weeks of
Kewanee, 111., came in Friday
evening to visit their cousin, Mrs.
Ida Wieshiet was in Omaha on a Entflia", wM be postponed.
Making Good as Auctioneers.
The Journal is certainly mighty
well pleased to learn from numer- Thomas Stout, for a few days
ou.s sources, anu especially wnere tv n? ivfno
- I a'I I U1IU &t7 ltUl K.A I J - l
me saies are neing neui, tnat our and Mr an(1 Mrs Frank Davis and
excellent young friend, Rex ( m. children took dinner with Mr. and
K.) oung, is making good as an Mrs. William Connie last Sunday
auctioneer, nex ana torn worn- Parties makinir remarks that
well have been looking after there is no Alvo news in the
numerous sales in this part of the journal, come through and help
couni, ana nex S WOrK nas Deen 1IS either fho new nnH o-ef vonr
giving the very best of satisfac
tion. He went over to Elmwood
last week and assisted in the cat
tle sale of Mr. Cromwell. While
Rex is a young man at the busi
ness, he certainly handles sales
like an "old-timer."
Residence Property for Sale.
The I. S. White residence
property in Murray is offered for accompanied the shipment.
mis is an excellent piece Peter Eveiand of Murdock is
name in the paper.
Bert Sams of of Delaware,
Okla., and brother-in-law, Elmer
Gaines, of Blair, Neb., took sup
per with Mr. and Mrs. George
Curyea Saturday evening.
Jesse Hardnock, Elmer Klyver
and Ausrust Johnson shipped a
car of hogs to South Omaha Mon
day. Messrs. Hardnock and Klyver
of property and will be sold visilimr his dausrhter. Mrs. R.
ngnt. for particulars call at the Keuhn, and nephew, Joseph Eve-
State Bank, or Mark
Great Pain.
Mr. F. J. Kuban, of Fort
Worth, Tex., used to suffer ter
ribly, according to his letter. He
says: "I was suffering from a
stomach trouble associated with
a terrioie headache, which at
times was unbearable. I happened
land, of Hobson, Montana, who
came in the first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Clifes of
Scribner, Neb., came in Monday
to visit Mr. elite's sister, Mrs.
Elmer Bennett and family, and
other relatives for several days.
Ed LTptegrove and family of j
Sidney, Neb., left Wednesday
evening for Lincoln, after visiting
Thursday between trains.
Karl Eisenhut was in Omaha
Thursday, having his teeth tend
ed to.
Lulu Edwards was visiting with
friends in Nehawka Saturday and
County Superintendent Mary E.
Foster visited the school Tuesday
Miss Maria Skiles of Unadilla
is visiting witn l-ern Williams lor
a few days tins week.
Mrs. Harry Davis left Monday
evening on No. 17 to visit her sis
ter in Lincoln for a few days.
Ella Bauer accompanied her
sister, Louisa, to Omaha last
Wednesday, returning home on
A crowd of young folks went to
Wabash last Saturday night to
skate. They all had a very pleas
ant evening and abah asked
them back again. They are sure
gom again.
A party of women surprised
Mrs. Will Rush last Friday, Jan
uary 9, on her 4tth birthday an
niversity. The evening was spent
in visiting, playing and singing.
At an appropriate hour a two-
course lunch was served, which
J. II. Stex'er.
AT 2 P. M.
county; E. lj of NW. U and E. -i
of SW. ; and N. -i of the SE. ,
all in sec. 2i, township
range 43.
ISO acres under cuItialion; r0
acres in fine meadow and pasture,
and good oi chard; i mile t,
good school and church; land all
leval and of a dark loam soil.
Good 7-room house, summer
kitchen; a good barn; double corn
crib: tool houe, hog house,
chicken houe; plenty of excellent
(EASY TERMS; which will be
made known on day of auction.
This farm is located only a
short distance from Council
several days with Mr. Uptegrove's
to visit a friend, Mr. J. J. Stangle, parents, Rev. and Mrs. E. L. Upte- (he jay
ana ne advise dme to try inner sis ove.
American Elixir of Bitter Wine. Albert ironncn -and wire and
A few bottles brought me relief daughter and two nieces left on
and in a short time I was ner- Wednesday for their home at
fectiv henifhv t shnii aiwavs Westfield. N. Y.. after visiting
keep this remedy in my family relatives in the vicinity of Eagle
and use it at the first sisrn of an and Alvo for the past month.
indisnositioh. F. J. Kuban. 2225 Mrs. Sarah Parsell left Thurs-
N. Main st.. Fort Worth. Tex." day for Denver, Colo., to make
Bluffs, Iowa, ami should drnw
aided greatly in the pleasures of People from different part of the
those who were present. The country, a it i considered to b
lunch was served by the Misses ne or the best prinlucing farm
Nellie and Bessie Rush. The ln ,owa-
l or further in format ion ad
dress the undersigned, own'rr, or
the auctioneer.
I have engaged.
the well known and experienced
real estate auctioneer to sell my
farm at auction. Office, West
Hotel, Sioux City, Iowa.
Write him or myself fop further
information. Trulv
guests all departed at a late hour,
leaving half a dozen silver knives,
forks and spoons, and wishing
Mrs. Rush many happy returns of
Public Sale
Triner's American Elixir of Bit- her home with her daughter, Mrs
ter Wine always gives quick re- waiter Peters. Mrs. Parsell has
ief in diseases of the stomach, spent several months here witn
the liver and the bowels, because her son, Harry Parsell and family,
it cleans out the body and Mr. and Mrs. Usey return
On account, of poor health, I
have decided to quit farming and
am going to sell my farm and all
personal property at public sale
The sale will be held at my farm.
seven miles south of Glenwood,
lrenn-lhen if At Hrntr stores, ed from Omana FHOay evening, uuj, o..u.jr mvi,
Jos. Triner, 1333-1339 So. Ash- wnere uiey visuea iur. wsry ""7
. t 1 narenls. Thev renort. Mrs. John acres oi ianu, au acres unaer
dim v c. ijiiiuahu ijui uuan v. i i ... ...
... 1: fiaspv as ireffincr alono- some bet- cultivation, JO or Which is in
11 U1UO. 1 llUlllUllV U11U UihltM " -
nains will usually miicklv vield ter, inougn not as
I ----- - " mf W - - .
friends had hoped tor.
Miss Laura Hilderbrant,
has spent the
Good Road Through Mynard.
The public hicrhu.iv !hrn,h
Mynard i in good condition. Thi
is accounted for by the use of th
road drag, a som good brother
has been dragging the road in
that vicinity.
One Who Was at the Amick
to Triner's Liniment.
Por Infants and Children,
Tha Kind Yea Have Always Bought
well as her first-cltss alfalfa, and 10 acres in
timber. In personal property I
who will oner J head of horses, 10
past three weeks head of cattle, hogs and farm im .j.
Bears tha
Signature of
visiting with Miss Mabelle Stout, piemenis. j?aie ui commence atuj.
left Friday evening for a brief i o ciock snarp, ana iarm win Del j.
visit at Dorchester, Neb., from sold immediately arter dinner. kg.
where she will return to her home D. M. WILLIAMS.
at Primrose, Neb. She was ac-
companied to Lincoln by. Charles I Best results are secured by ad- 4
Reverse the Telephone
Call to
Springfield, Nb.
Phone 91.
tfg I Stout,
- ii.-g,A.v I vertising in the Journal.
-H-r I I I I I I I I I I I-H-H-fc