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NO. 2.
Vtm. J. Hesser, Well Known to
Many Cass County People,
Passes Away in California.
From Friday's Daily.
Another of the men who in
early times was among the most
prominent in this section of the
state, has been summoned to ttie
Great Heyond, in the person of
William J. Hesser, who passed
away at his home in Pasadena,
California, on December 13. The
news of his death was conveyed
here in a letter from parties re
siding: there who had known Mr.
Hesser well when they were resi
dents ill this county, but the mes
sage failed to grive the full par
ticulars of the demise of this
worthy man. Mr. Hesser was
quite well advanced in years and
had not been in the best of health
for the past few years and his
death was not unexpected by the
inembers of his family.
For many years the deceased
resided south of this city, where
he conducted a preen house for
the raising, of plants of all kinds,
and his reputation as a florist
was quite extensive throughout
this section of the state, and
there was no one in this part of
the state who was more widely
known for his splendid ability
along: this line, and for which Mr.
Hesser showed a wonderful tal
ent, and it was with great regret
that he was compelled to close
out the - business. wb4eh he had
conducted here for nearly forty
years, and shortly after that, in
1901, he, in company with his
family, removed to the Pacific
coast, where they have since
made their home.
The death of this worthy man
will prove to be the source of
great sorrow to the many old
friends here who had in the past
known him so favorably and well,
and in their hour of grief the
family will receive the deepest
sympathy of all in their loss of
the grand, good man who has
gone home.
From Saturday's Dally.
The Whist club held a most
pleasant gathering at. the charm
ing home of Mr. and Mrs. G. W.
Uaylor on New Year's eve, and the
event proved to be one of the
most delightful of the winter's
program. The house was decorat
ed in a very artistic manner, there
being streamers of green and red,
the holiday colors, frestooned
throughout the rooms, and the
scene was most appropriate for
the jolly gathering which, as
sembled under this hospitable
roof. There were several hours
spent in the- playing . of the
fascinating game of whist, and in
the contests R. W. Clement
captured the club prize and Mrs.
Caspar Thygeson of Nebraska
City carried off the visitors' prize
for the largest number of games
won. During the course of the
evening a most tempting four
course luncheon was served, that
greatly aided in making the oc
casion a most complete success
in every way. Those who par
ticipated in the pleasures of the
evening were: Messrs. and Mes
dames R. W. Clement, C. G.
Fricke, F. L. Cummins, W. A.
Roberson, C. W. liaylor. Miss Ada
Hicks, Fremont; Mrs. Eva Reece,
Mrs. Caspar Thygeson of Ne
braska City, Mrs.' J.. A. Donelan.
Residence Property for Sale.
The I. S. White residence
properly in Murray is offered for
sale. This is an excellent piece
of property and will be sold
right. For' particulars call at the
Murray State Bank, or Mark
Files for First Papers.
From Saturday's Ially.
Today Carl Knieke- aged 20, of
Avoca. this county, made applica
tion in th office of the district
clerk for his first papers, in order
to become a citizen of the United
States. He was born in Hanavor,
Germany, September 2; 1887, and
came to America July 2, 1911,
and since that time has resided
at Avoca.
Secures Doll in Contest.
From Saturday's Dally.
The beautiful doll which was
given away by E. G. Dovey & Son
for the Round Ticket Hosiery
contest, was awarded to little
Dondhy Saltier. The dull was
deliered to Miss Dorothy this
morning, much to her delight.
The doll stands two feet high and
is dressed beautifully, having, in
addition to her silk coat, a set of
furs and fur cap. No doubt the
doll will give Dorothy manv hours
of real pleasure.
M. P. Railroad Company Seems to
Have an Unkindly Regard for
.the Patrons in Cass County.
From Saturday's Daily.
The Missouri Pacific, with its
usual kindly regard (?) for the
interest of the residents of this
county, have prepared a change
in the time-card of the Louisville
line of that road that will do
away "with any benefit"- that t he
residents from the western and
central part of the county might
secure by being given connections
with the Burlington at Louisville
for this city. The change pro
jected is that of the train that
now leaves Omaha at 3:30 in the
afternoon and reaches Louisville
at 5 o'clock to make connections
with the Schuyler train of the
Burlington from the east, and
which carries the passengers
from this city out to their homes
in t tie county. Under the new
schedule the train will leave
Omaha at 2:i5 and arrive at
Louisville at 4:15. making it im
possible for the passengers from
the Schuyler to make connections
at that point for the south.
This change projected is an
outrage and the matter should be
called to the attention of the
state railway commission to see
if justice cannot be secured for
the people of this county from
the railroad. The change, it is
reported, was made without con
sulting the state commission.
which recently ordered the Mis
souri Pacific to make connections
at Louisville for the passengers
to and from this city over the
Burlington, and the commission
ers should bring the railroad to
time and see that they continue
to force the present running time
of the trains, which, at best, is
only a make-shift and far from
what the traveling public
throughout the county deserve at
the hands of the Missouri Pacific.
The Burlington has shown a
great deal more consideration for
the people traveling over their
road in the way of train service
than the Missouri Pacific, and if
that corporation cannot be pre
vailed upon to do justice to the
people then the state commission
hould be petitioned to take some
steps in the matter.
i. James Society Elects Officers.
From Friday's Dally.
The St. James society, one of
the leading Bohemian lodges in
the city, has elected their officers
or the ensuing year as follows:
President Joseph Jelinek.
Vice President Anton Koubek.
Corresponding Secretary C.
E. Gradoville.
Financial Secretary Frank
Treasurer J. M. Jirousek.
Watchman John Nashal.
Trustee John J. Svoboda.
Blank books of all kinds at the
Journal office.
After Several Years' Suffering
From That Dread Disease,
From Friday's Dan.
Yesterday morning at an early
hour, alter months of suffering
from the dread malady, tuber
culosis, Gilmore OTbuirke pass
ed away at the home of his sis
ter, Mrs. T. E. Parmele, in this
city. Mr. O'Rourke was born
and reared to manhood in this
city, being the soil of the late
Captain John O'Rourke and wife,
and he was possessed of a host
of warm friends, who have sor
rowfully watched during the past
few monlhs his fading away as
the ravages of his affliction made
its inroads upon his health, and
all that loving hands or medical
attention could do was given him
in his hours of sulfering, but
without avail.
Mr. O'Rourke was stricken with
the malady several years ago,
and for two years resided in
Colorado,- where his health great
ly improved and he seemed cured
of the trouble, but returning to
Chicago to resume his duties, the
confinement of the oflice work
proved too much for his health
and he suffered a relapse and
came here about a year ago.
hoping to find in the pure coun
try jir relief, but without avail,
and he slendily grew worse until
he was called to his final reward
yesterday lnrninsr. - Ho leaves a
wife and two children, as well as
one brother and two sisters to
mourn his loss, as follows: Mr.
John O'Rourke. Spokane, Wash
ington: Mrs. T. E. Parmele of
Plattsmouth, and Mrs. George R.
Bird of Chicago.
The funeral . of Mr. O'Rourke
will be held tomorrow morning at
10 o'clock from the St. John's
Catholic church and the body liad
to rest in Oak Hill cemetery.
From Saturday's Daily.
The funeral of the late John
Gilmore O'Rourke was held this
morning at 10 o'clock from St.
John's Roman Catholic church,
the requiem mass being celebrat
ed by Rev. Father Shine, rector of
the church. There were a large
number of the old friends pres
ent at the church to pay their last
tributes of respect to his memory,
and following the 'services at the
church the casket was borne to
Oak Hill cemetery, where it was
consigned to its last resting
place beside his father and
mother, who preceded him in
hath several years ago.
Election of Officers.
From Fridv Dallv.
The Catholic- Workman lodge
of this city yesterday selected
their new officers for the year
1914, and the following were
chosen for the different offices:
Rector and Councillor Rev.
John Ylcek.
President Joseph Jelinek.
Vice President Anton Kan
ka, sr.
Corresponding Secretary C
Gradoville. F i n an e i al Sec re I a ry Joseph
Treasurer John V. Svoboda.
Trustee Frank J. Libershall.
Watchman John Hiber.
Mortgages Filed and Released.
From Friday's Dally.
During the year 1913, accord
ing to the figures in the office of
County Clerk Morgan, there were
filed 555 chattel mortgages
amounting to 300,743.41, and
during the same length of time
39 4 were released amounting to
$232,080.08, which leaves a bal
ance of some $130,000 in favor
of the number filed.
Jesse Perry Is Sick.
From Saturday's Dally.
The many friends of Jesse
Perry, the barber, will be "sery
sorry to learn that this gentle
man is confined to' his home and
feeling qdite badly with an attack
of stomach trouble. He was taken
sick two days -ago and since that
time has been unable to be down
town, but it is thought thai in a
few days he will be able to be up
and around.
Chicago Mail Will Be Earlier.
From Saturday's Daily.
Owing to the change in the
Burlington train service. No. 7,
the mail train from Chicago, will
arrive in Pacific Junction at 12:30
noon in the future and the peo
ple here can receive their Chicago
mail at 1:58. instead of al 3:30,
as at present, which will prove
quite a convenience to the busi
ness men of the city who hae
business with the Chicago houses.
Which Entails Estate of the Late
William J. O'Brien, in Which
the Wife Comes In.
From Saturday's Daily.
The matter of the estate of the
late William J. O'Brien, who died
here several months ago, was
given another inning in the coun
ty court yesterday. A few months
ago the two sons of Mr. O'Brien
tiled a claim against the estate
for personal property which they
claimed had been given them by
their father during his lifetime,
but the court refused their claim.
The present case is that of the
widow of Mr. O'Brien, who has
filed her election to take under
the law instead of the will, which
did not allow her anything. The
case is one that is quite badly
complicated, as the husband and
wife did not live together for sev
eral years preceding his death,
and during t li i time his jiiece,
Mrs. William Morley. of this city,
had the care of him, as he was
blind and unable to help himself.
At the time of the separation
there was a settlement, made be
tween them of the proceeds of
the sale of the farm south of this
city, and after this the widow re
moved with her sons to Illinois,
and later to Missouri, where they
reside at present.
The case occupied the greater
part of the morning in the hear
ing of, the testimony, there being
several witnesses on both sides,
and the court was then adjourn
ed until 4 o'clork in order to have
Attorney William C. Ramsey of
Omaha, who was one of the at-
attoiney at the time of the settle
ment, to testify. Mr. Ramsey gave
his understanding of the con
versation between the parlies,
which was held in his office at
the time of the sale of the farm
in the early part of 1910. He
stated the incident of the giving
of the $3,000 to Edward O Brien
for his mother, but was unable to
recall the exact words used by the
parties at the time the settlement
was inane.
The case ran until nearly 5
o'clock, when, by agreement of
counsel it was laid over until
Monday morning, when the at
torneys will make their argu
ments and submit them to the
Real Estate Mortgages for 1913.
The record for the mortgages
in Cass county in the year 191J
in the oflice of Register of Deels
Snyder shows that during the
year there were filed 185 farm
mortgages, amounting to S700,
938. and city mortgages to the
number of 1 48, amounting to
$152,237. There were released
18 4 farm mortgages, amounting
to $540,340. and city mortgages
132, amounting to
Buy your stationery at the
Journal office.
Ill A
Leaguers Gather at "Sunnyside"
and Enjoy a Happy and Pleas
ant "Watch Meeting."
From Friday's Daily.
To watch the passing into
memory of the year 1913 ami to
welcome the coining of the new
vear. 1914. the members of the
I'pworth League gathered at
"unnyside," the home of Mr.
and Mrs. K. H. WesCott, on Wed
nesday evening fr their annual
'New Year's reeept ion, which for
the past twenty years they hae
held at the hospitable We-a'ott
A very pleading program had
been arranged f"r the event, con
sisting of several vocal numbers
by A. O. Moore. Mrs. llaney
lloweiter. Miss Llh-n 'indharn
and Mrs. R. B. Hayes responded
to the demand of the gathering
with a very pleasing number,
which added to the excellent se
lections furnished by the other
vocalists made this feature of the
program a very pleasing one.
Mrs. A. O. Moore and Miss Mina
Thierolf gave two very delightful
instrumental numbers that aided
greatly in making the pleasure of
the auditors complete. Hon. R.
B. Windham, in keeping with the
spirit of the occasion, read a
New Year's poem that wa very
pleasing to everyone present.
The members and guests, num
bering some eighty, were served
with dainty refreshments of ice
cream and cake during the course
of the evening, which aided
greatly in rounding out the suc
cess of the reception, which was
one of the largest ever held by
the society, and the fun and
sociability was enjoyed by iti
young people until a late hour,
and between the different num
bers on the program the com
pany was entertained with a num
ber of selections on graphophne
and everyone at the close depart
ed feeling that it was a mo-t de
lightful occasion and trusting
they would all be able to be to
gether on next New Year's day.
From Saturday's Dally.
The meat market of Kunsmann
& Uanige, which has been one of
the leading establisnments of its
kind in the city for the past few
years, will, on Monday, January
12, change hands, as Mr. Oeorge
W. Thomas, who has been con
nected with the establishment f"r
several years back, will assume
charge of and conduct the busi
ness, tl is expected by Mr.
Thomas to continue the policy
that has brought the meat mar
ket to the front and he will en
deavor to give the public just
what they want. Mr. Rainge will
remain in the market for the
present at least and will assist in
the business for a few weeks. Mr.
Kunsmann will enjoy a rest from
his duties and enjoy himself, as
it is the first time in several years
that he has had the opportunity
to take a vacation, hainc been
closely confined to the meat mar
ket. Mr. Thomas is tin. roughly
familiar with every detail of the
business and the public can rcl
assurred that they will receive
the best of service and courtesy
from him.
For Sale.
Good 100-acre farm, 31 miles
southeast of Greenwood. Neb.:
125 acres in winter wheat, 30
acres meadow. Also good 1C0
acre farm lli miles west of
Greenwood, Neb.; 70 acre in
winter wheat, 12 acres alfalfa.
Call on or write, A. D. Welton. or
Farmers State Bank, Greenwood.
Missouri Pacific Train Earlier.
The Mi-soi. n Pacific Ilaihoa
company has j -o i j ! make
change m th-ir pas-. traini
service on unday. J. on; ary iiti i
The only train through this c:'j
atVecte.J is til- Tioft h-b d J -
.-liter No. IK!, which uj.'i'-r tto-j
new schedule will rrr :e h r.- at j
4:40 p. m. iii-tea. of 5 o'clock, a-j
at pie-cut. The tram will i t v .
Kansas ihty .:.. a. in. and i:
will make a tine train f- r the
pa--enters b ?w'ii K.i:;-a- I.'
and Miiaha.
Terms of the District Court.
District Judge );.! ha- r:-!
notified :b-r of the I;-'i . !
Court Robert-Hi of the term- of
court for the di-trict f. . r the is
suing year a- follow-: arpy
county, Febiuaiy 2. p f i n b-r
1 : Olcc county . March .. May 11.
Oi fob.-r H; Ca-- coijiiiy. April
13, June S, Noemi' r to.
The Eagles and Their Families
Enjoy Nice Social Time
New Year's Eve.
The members of th- ! at aerie:
of Laglfs. together with tie
families, hel.i one of !he
delightful social gathering
the delightful good ti:;.e. Th
they certainly had th-- go -d tirr.e
and e cry one f-'t that it wa
michty goo, J to be jr-n?.
Progressive high f.e wa- t te
chier feature of the eer:ir.g. and
there were s-ral tatd-s
cupird by the men, hers and !li,,.r
friends cor.te-1 in.g f -r the r
of the "occa-ion. and th-re w.i
much enjoy::irn! d-riwd in tr
playing of this came, a- w ) a
i;i the di-eu-i"ii "f 'he supper win h had i
prepared for th ee:;t. a:i there
was a pleased up -n
the faces of eVeTV' ;,e j .;--.'; as
they 1 the -pie:,.;,,! arra- of
g I things t ea' prepare. f r
their.. a:;d th" w. rk of th- rr. v
nimrods who --cured tf.e , I. -f
feature r.f the -erir:g was v,Tr,.
in the gathering. T.'i- hall n
club rooms were .J. c.ira' d ry;'""r hy .h
1 1. I ; A. -. 1 !
iianijsomeiy in now it a:i i eT
greens and streamer-, which
made the -cere a ry pretty f !c-
most congenial p'.nc- f r the
happy gathering.
The members and tl.eir fa-.-ilies
-pent the time, in ad l.ti-'-i !
the card grimes nri i:pp r. ir,
having a social time ain-.m Ihern
seies. and i? wa- a la? h.-ir
when they dejarte.' fir tt.-ir
homes, fr. ln.g that th" g.itheri::
ha.J been one of the r:.ot pleas
ant in their recol i. ar;.J hop
ing that the f'agl"- won'. gi
another -miliar -enf in th-
future in or,j..r that they
all gather together t njoy
Gives Away Prizes.
From FrlJajr' IiaUT
The award of the prizes gi-i
awav at t!i- rand !!i-jh-r Pv
.Manager iiru'-v was r:a- on
Wedne-dav - ard attract-, wh. n II-: r- i .. Kh --" ! -t
d a creat d-al of at ', :;' i- v.. a i.r.i-'M- a Mw.l I .
Uore had b-en kc-n i:tcr--J ;;.,(. r a: d !,- i i !!;-'. -shown
in who -fi.a.'d ee;;re tti-:V..r.. j i.. th- . . f .-
valuable d dl ofTeretl by the n ir - j... k. Th '. :y g r.i- e a a
agernent. a::d in thi- r.iyd" l:r;t-1 if ";-e t ir '
tain sucreete. in rapturing tb , th-' .: g j
prize d-dl. which is .i!;i"l at j h d -some
.r. w?ii!e Hu-dett 1 1 r ; g g j -r. t w..-.: f tak
was awarded the 1 w.-rih "fij.-.t th-r- - j
ticket- as aecond priz. g - ; - r r.z : ; .' .
., r y : -'-: f- r 'h-
For Sale. --t r. ; o . f- !. Th
A complete Eastman" Photo-; r !v - ':..! W -.
graphic outfit f.-r ab- cheap: ixZ , - - v ' - a J
camera. J. .ch. Murray. Vb.:tr;-.r h t.-r t ' th- ?
far b-a-f. Thev are all k-r;
Buy your stationery at the b :-v ro:r. it r T;?r:i! .;!.
Journal offlee. jf. n ,,f th'.r frr-r.-ls.
One of the Most Enjoyable
Musical Events Ever Given
by the Young People.
I'ri n St jri! a: ' la';.
The r-.n-.e I
la-t .Mr.:-.-' at J'.- M' i. : .'
. , ;: h by th.- ; . -
I-.!, and th- V' . M- :.' -
I'.!.. pr. e.J t p- a e; . -
a 1.1 - i i;- a: S t . . - f . . - . -
e.J j.y ! h- .: g I j- w a - ; 1
tin- hi-!i -tar !.( t . x - I
w hi.-h h.ts . ira. !:. i t.-.r
feri:. in th.. fa-:. Tt - i: -pe
i:: - !, . !- , - it-. . - :
t U- Mn-ie-I j-. i
city J. their v.o-k. '' th- ft,'.' :i.
and the v.-.- .-!..:.- ,- .
cii.i. a- i : - a i e -i
j a- j: i- p ?.. :.' i .i: y ' : -
i'i with t!.-i-
Tt." r.,-. :: Ih- .r .
-h--w.d 1- rf .1 ..
i-i tt.-ir -.- -;:.g 1 ? h- -
train... g y a-e --. . .
rapidly i r.- - ;-.g tl '
j fr- : I . - ..f I- a : -
i. .--.a: . f :: -
j ar.d tt.ey : ..- ; r- i :
;.iihn::i'' i- ..! they ..- r i -i
t h- : r '"a:, i if :; .i
year ago. and ;f tf -v . :.'.
I get her f-.r ar.ofhe- w a- :h-- " .
j l.iiif a g'e- .. .; a- - '. -
: in lit- as f,-- sr- a ' .
Il-r T i d.d e tr." ....
j The :;:,a! r.'.': : r f , :
i g: "It . . i a. I' a; .a. t -I -
1 1 hor-.uahly t'" by t i
. er. !. ar ! as i. dh '!,:- j .
t h" r.-r. :.' ,.r. of t h ; " i ;'.f .1 -
! j n it..' fT-r : ti, .
b-a-iif .!. W .'... -t - - : - '.
. a large : : a . :
a- f. gt-3'. I- ' :; : r : "
p-oi ran: wi- t; . - - -; g f 'I..'
.- , ; i g. "J- - . . r. -
My." 1 ; a T . i"'- - '
M---r-. I' ' k. -. .
r.r. j il-'C -x f - r , , ; v
Mr. r. H. We-.- :. . . ! ?-.e -. i- -r.-r
in !!-"
t!-e -'.g s;rr-d to. a-:d.--.-". t .
he ! ; f!.s . f t'-.r t" ir'- n- ;
w ere a v !, w,-',e I f ; i'
; h '-.! 1 h cv e -m w: t -..j
t r-.-:;tv to b- a- fa- r--;:.
-).. - d t . e. V. .;. .:
T: - d g i-.- e ' t - :
I -h'f r-'!:::- : - ; - -" i:.
. d th:- - ' ' '" i-ir-g
f- at of i';..
.;.--,-. T - ' . r. . ' -b-r
by I'.h. -'e- T . y - .- -x-
. i - : d t !. y . g r i '
-hows iT-lt ?.i-t i:- ' .- I.
w .ru a: 1 tt i. ..' ..' th
tuli flak- 'o- " ar ' o-
futn-e !.v ; liv . . t ; s
,n-t ru:;e'.?.
r,e ,-. .r-r.- a tt !i v. r i
be well sa. 1 t.. J. r." a
p '-a - t! . g " ". a .d t h- re W is .''"-
e-! . fel- g th-
a'.d.e- who a"- --d-d .--r tt.--
, ; ; .-.i-i - :
KAHHiED i:i oyri
Fr rr' UVm I-ii
T.h-r - w - a
a'. a Wet ; , .4-
i i;
5 e - : ! t.
.. .. i . -