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ulletin of Winter
Travel Specialties
DENVER Western Stock Show, January 19th to 24th, 1914.
Special rates froiu East and North of Denver. Denver
makes this a gala week for
ern country.
eiV fares first and third
ent indications are that
tors diirincr the Winter of
be the greatest in the history of the Southland.
week via Denver, Scenic Colorado, Salt Lake, in
through tourist sleepers.
tors are men esjecially
comfort enroute.
I ran secure vou very
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line of fancy ribbon;; of all kinds.
These pds have been' placed in
profusion throughout the tore
and are sucli as to at once catch
the eye of the early Christinas
shopper, and are of such excep
tional quality as to hold their
complete attention. The store
lias already done a line business
and has been well tilled with the
pood-natured crowd of shoppers
-eokin-r presents fur their loved
Always one of the attractive
trading places of the city, the
store of E. A. Wurl has added
many attractive features for the
holiday reason in their different
lines of puiils that will be very
much appreciated by the shop
pers of the cily. Large lines of
dainty silk hosiery for both men
and women have been added for
the Christmas trade, as well as
fancy muflleis in boxes, ties of
all descriptions, handkerchiefs of
all kinds from the cheapest to the
most expensive, embroidered and
fancy collars and all the trim
mings so much admired by the
ladi-s, have been placed in the
stock that is being offered to the
public. The fine line of table
linen which js carried by this
firm is also the object of much
admiration from everyone who
has visited the store this season,
and there is ample- range for
everyone to find something to
suit them. The line of ornaments,
such as barpins, combs and other
fancy articles of like description
almost baffles description, as
there is almost everything that a
person could possibly desire. The
customers here are treated
the utmost courtesy and it
great pleasure to visit this
wit h
is a
Up-to-date est ablishment.
At the fine electrical establish
ment of Warga & Schuldice there
i- offered this year a most com
plete stock of fine portable elec
tric table lamps, the riving of
which as a present would insure
perfect satisfaction, as they are
objects of great beauty, and this
line of articles is of such last
ing quality as to make a present
worth while. The firm also
handles a number of other hand-
Season's have but little effect in the uniformly pleasing cli
mate of California every day is a day for out-day sports, and
there are special attractions for every member of the family.
When you go to California is of little consequence, but how
you go is of all importance.
There is one best way the road that has proven its super
iority for nearly half a century, the road whose service is as uni
formly perfect as California's climate.
This and more too is the
Protected by Automatic Electric Block Safety Signal
Dustlese Roadbed Double Track
Direct Route to California Exposition, 1915
Liberal Stopover PrWileg-e. See Denver and Salt Lake Enroute
For California literature and information relative to
routes, stopover privileges, etc., call on or address
the stockmen of the West
daily, with lower homeseek-
Tuesdayof each" month. Pres
the number of Northern visi
1913-24, to the South, will
Burlington special conduc
selected to jook alter your
handsome, illustrated publications of South
ern or California Railroads and hotels if you desire tbem. "Lw
Kates Pouih". California Tourist Parties. ' "Pacinc Coast Tours. '
Let me iilp you plan any tour you have in mini.
7. G. CLEMENT, Ticket Agent
L. W. WAKELY, General Passenger Agent, Omaha, Kebr.,
some and attractive electrical de
vices of different kinds, which
go to make up a pleasant and
modern home, and the gift of
which would be much appreciated
by any housewife.
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From Tuesday's Dally.
There was a packed house
resent last evening at the Grand
theater lp witness, the appear
ance of Annie Abbott, the wom
an who defies anyone to lift her
against her will, and. her per
formances were truly baffling to
those who were called on the
stage to attempt to life her. The
persons selected were picked
from among the audience at ran
dom and included several alhletie
young men, who pulled and push
ed and strained in their attempts
to lirt Miss Abbott from her
feet, but to no avail, as she stood
firm and all their efforts were in
vain. One of the chief features
of the show was when the whole
ten young men grasped a heavy
upright pole and attempted to
hold it down, when Miss Abbott
grasped it with one hand, and
despite the weight, carried it
across the stage. The work of
this lady is truly marvelous and
it baffles one to tell the secret of
her wonderful power, but there
is no denying that she is without
doubt. a mystery to all those who
were present last evening at the
Colonel Thrasher Down Town.
From Tuesday's Dally.
Yesterday afternoon Colonel
J. II. Thrasher wa able to be
down town for the first time in
almost three weeks, as he has
been suffering1 from an attack of
stomach trouble, but the colonel
is feeling in very good shape
and mighty glad to again be able
to be up and around, and his
numerous friends were more
than delighted to be able to have
him with them again. He was
down this morning feeling better
than ever and rejoicing1 in the
bright,, clear day.
The Journal for stationery.
P. T. M.
ac - sgs
Methodist Church Parlors Scene
of a Pleasant Gathering
Last Night.
Last evening the Standard
Bearers of the Methodist church,
with their superintendent, Mrs.
E. G. Hill, gave an entertainment
in the church parlors in honor
of their mothers, and the event
proved one of the most delightful
that this organization has ever
held, and the beautifully dec
orated rooms, which displayed
the colors of the society, blue
and white, and a profusion of
white carnations, was lighted by
the sunshine of the many happy
mother faces, who were there aa
the guests of honor for the
casion. The sumptuous banquet
served by the young ladies of the
societv was most delicious and
appetizing and each young lady
had the pleasant task assigned
her of serving her own mother
with the delicious repast which
had been prepared, and the scene
was a very pleasing one, as the
thirty-two members and guests
gathered around the banquet
board to enjoy the delicacies
prepared for them,
arranged for the occasion, which
arraigned for the occasion, which
served to round out the perfect
delails of the banquet. The
Young Men's lee club was pres
ent and furnished three
pleasing numbers to the
ines. entertainment, and
sweet voices were loudly encored
bv the delighted auditors. Mrs.
William Baird gave one of her
always enjoyable readings that
added much to the value of the
program, and as this talented
lady has appeared several times
before Plattsmouth audiences it
is not necessary to state that her
number was most thoroughly en
joyed. A very pleasing musical
number of the program was given
by Mrs. ft. II. Wescott in her
usual pleasing manner, which al
ways pleases, and these numbers
on the program made the even
ing's delight most complete and
the mothers present felt that it
was certainly a treat for them to
be present with their daughters
and enjoy the occasion.
At the banquet Miss May Glenn
presided as toasi mistress, anu
responses on behalf of the guests
were made by Mrs. Handley and
Mrs. F: M. Druliner, both of
whom expressed their happiness
at being able to be with the
Standard Rearers on this joyful
From Tuesday's Daily.
iesterday j. J. lucycr oi
Minco, Oklahoma, was in the city
and while here called at the
Journal office and added his
name to the rapidly growing list
of those who read the Old Re
liable. Mr. Meyer was formerly
resident of this county, having
been engaged in farming in Salt
Creek precinct, near Alvo, and
desires to keep in touch with
what is going on in old Cass
county. He left this county
about eleven years ago, moving
to Oklahoma, and has since been
quite successful in farming in
that state. He has been here sev-
ral days looking over old scenes
and visiting with acquaintances.
Arrival of a Fine New Son.
From Tuesday's Dully.
The news has just been re
ceived here of the arrival at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. V. F.
Truelson, in Omaha, of a fine
new nine-pound son, who arrived
on Sunday. The relatives here
were greatly pleased to learn of
the new addition to the family,
and their happiness over the
event is only surpassed by that
of the parents. Mrs. Truelson
was formerly Mis Harriett Mur
ray, of Mynard. and was very
well known in this city.
Beautiful Shetland Ponies
for sale at all times, for the next
100 years, unless I die in the
meantime. I have nqw an extra
fine 6tallion, the best in the state,
for sale. Well broke for both
harness and saddle.
Wm. Gilmour,
Plattsmouth, Neb.
R. F. D. No. 1.
The Senior Duetchen Klubb.
From Tuesday's Daitr-
The Senior Duetchen Klubb
was entertained last evening by
Misses Helen Egenberger and
May Glenn at the home of the
former. Various topics were dis
cussed. One of the most enjoy
able things of the evening was
"War Die Duetchen I.ieder," in
which Master Stewart Egenberg
er accompanied the young people
mit ' seinem trommel. At a late
hour the hostesses served a de
licious two-course luncheon and
the young people departed de
claring that the Senior Duetchen
Klubb was the best organization
of its kind in the city of Plattsmouth.
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to pay for the current used ly
these lights, as it was the system
in vogue in several of the cities
of the state. The mayor also
stated that his attention had
been called to a bad piece of side
walk on the east side of the Mar
shall property on North Seventh
street, and it was ordered re
paired. Councilman Luhinsky in
quired how the shed to shelter
the street sprinkler was coining
on and was informed by flio
mayor that I he work would be
started at once, as the wet
weather had kept the carpenters
from' .getting- busy, but they
would get after it at once.
Councilman Buttery called lb
attention of the council to a bad
place in Washington avenue,
where water had been plan t", in
the yard of N. K. Peoples, and h"
asked that the place be epji;-el.
as it held the water from runnini:
olT of the street and b Mined a
dam there, making it a nuisance
to those traveling along ihal
The need of some piling at
Twelfth and Main .streets was
brought to the attention of the
council, as the water around the
tiling there had washed away the
dirt and made a very dangerous
place, and the work was ordered
done at once.
Street Commissioner Lutz
stated to the council, that the
work on the culvert ordered near
Second and Gold streets had not
been carried out, as when lie
found it on private property and
the owner objected strongly to
his doing anything with it.
The finance committee report
ed favorably upon the following
claims, and recommended their
payment, which was accepted.
with the amendment of Buttery
to refer the claim of the Ne
braska Lighting company to the
claims committee for investiga
tion: Frank Neumann, salary,
("5: A. Schuldice. labor and ma
terial on drinking .fountains.
3.75: W. B. Risliel, street
sprinkling and sweeping, 10.00;
Kay McBride, street work. M 2.80;
O. Rbode, work at city hall, 2;
Charles McBride, street work.
?2G. GO; William Hassler, repairs.
5.50; Mike Lutz, street commis
sioner, 27.90; Murl Parmele.
street work, $3.00; Jesse Green.
same, ?1.R0; William Egenberg
er, same. 2; It. A. Bates, print
ing, 39.20; Lincoln Telephone
and Telegraph company, rent
and tolls, 5. -40: M. E. Manspeak
er, livery fo city, 51.50; C. W.
Baylor & Co., coal lo cily hall.
SI 4; M. Archer, salary, 30; Tien
Rainey, salary, 75; public
library, expense for November.
2.16; C. C. Despain. salary and
work at library. 0.50; OHe
Jones, librarian, 3I; John Fitz-
patrick, salary, 20; I. N. Cum
mins, burying one dog. 50c; J. V.
Egenberger, coal and labor to
city, $10; Nebraska Lighting Co..
street lighling, 130; light at
library, 3.1G; light at city hall.
00 cents.
Just before the close of I he
meeting Councilman Richey was
requested by his colleagues to
make a few remarks, as he had
just entered into married life,
but he expressed his pleasure
and the fact he had not bins: to
say, but received with a smiling
face the congratulations of th-
other councilmen and cily
There being nothing further
to engage the attention of the
"dads" the council adjourned.
and the members wended their
way homeward.
Tor Infants and Children.
Tha Kind You Hare Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Senator S. L. 'iln'inas, who i
now a resident oi' Long Beach
California, and who formerly re
sided in this c 'unty. has written
his nephew, Ed-Le Todd, of thi
vicinity, and he has turned the
letter over to this oftice in order
that we iniht publish portion
of it, as Senator Thomas has a
large circle of friends in this
county who will be inlereted in
knowincr of his doings in hi
western home. He state:
"When I left my old home in
Nebraska I thought that I would
not get interested in elections
again, but year by year I am be
coming more and more interest
ed in the future prospect of Long
Beach, which now has a popula
tion f 35.000 people. Two of
the candidates for city ofliei;!i
were from Nebraska Hon. Oe..
F. Kapp of Boyd county, Ne
braska, and Lewis W. Shumau of
Aurora. Neb. The Hon. ;eorge
F. Kapp had been a very promin
ent member of the legislature m
Nebraska before he chose Lous
Beach a his future home, and
was running for city attorney.
and I knew he would take the
same deep interest, in the affair.-
of our city that he did in a--i-t-
inir in the making of good laws
for Nebra-ka. And I.oni W.
Shuman had served tenty--ix
ears in Nebraska and had tilled
-o many honorable po-itions in
lii locality. In the organization
of our independent parly I had
been elected first vice president.
mi you see. my dear nephew, my
coat had Jo come o(T. The elec
tion was held yesjerday, I"eem
ber 2. I donated the u-e of my
two aulos and when the telephone
rang and they told nte the whole
ticket, was elected from lop Jn
bottom. I will not try to exprr
my delight. You will have to
guess it. Yours truly, '
"S. L. Thoma-."
From Tuesday's Ia.ily.
Frank M. Beor, who -hale-en
for Ihe pa-t year and a half
in the employ of the Bau--r par
age on Pearl street, lias resigned
his po-ition there and has ac
cepted one at the hardware -tore
of O. P. Eastwood. Where he will
act as clerk at this larue estab
lishment. Mr. Betor is a lifst
class salesman and thoroughly
familiar with the hardware busi
ness, having for a number of
years been connected with the
hardware store of John Baur
before that establishment was
sold Jo Mr. Eastwood, and hi
friends can find him again at the
old stand ready to serve the
wishes of those who de-ire the
best in the hardware line.
From Tuesday's 1)b!17-
Joseph Bower, a resident of
the stale of Iowa, was a caller at
the court of Judue M. Archer late
Saturday afternoon. cminr on
invitation of Chief of Police Ben
Hainey. Joe, jt seems, had come
to this city on that day, and with
the usual weakness of the resi
dents of that locality, had gotten
considerable of the Nebraska
brand of "bug- juice" on board,
an-1 armed with a large-sized
bottle of this, had wended hi
way to the Burlington .station to
board the train for home, when
an unfor-een accident occurred
when Joe dropped Jhe bottle of
"corn juice" on the hard unfeel
ing brick- of the platform and
broke il. The police were notified
and goimr fo the -cene of action
hauled the iclim of the bis, fo
the police courf, where the jud-'e
applied the customary -5 and.
amounting to H, and Joe beiir--"llu-h"
paid the tine and wa-e-corted
to the depot to board Hie
train, feeling much rejoiced that
he had escaped so lightly from
the stern Nebraska law.
For Sa!e.
A fine Shorthorn bull, seven
month old. all 'phone 'o. ',i-X,
Nehawka exchange, or write H. J.
Thiele, Xehawka, 'cb.
Children Cry
The Kind You Hare Always
In u-e for orcr UO rear.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and .TnVa-gfMl ' are but
Hxperinients thnt trifle with and endngrr the health of
Infants and Children llxi trie nee anlost lixpvriaac&t
What is CASTOR! A
Catoria is a harmless snb-titnte for Cator OQ, Parr
poric. Irop and Sothln;r Symp. It 1 pleaant. IC
contains neither Opium, .Morphine nor oilier .Nareotia
substance. Its ace Is its g-uaraiitee. It destroys Uorm
and allays Feverishness. I'or more than lldrtj years It
lias been in ontant ue fr the relief of ( ont 1 potion,
I'latnleney, "Wind Colie, all Teethinjf Troubles and
Iiarrhc-a. It repulates the Stomaeh and I tow el,
assimilates the Imm1, pivinjr healthy and natural ftlccp
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend
l Bears the
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years
r. ?:z:?zt
I.a-t exeiiitiff IIMiiy Kr.ab. r.n
"f lb. worthy r'-ilnt- i.f -bawka
prerjnet. a- in tlo- o!
and took advantage of th- -rasjon
rail at th Journal
otli-' ami r'iifv hi- Mjb-rri I wn
lot Im ol.j HHiabb-. .Mr. Knab-i-
on' of the iiio.-t pri--r-ie
fanner of hi --cti..n an. J it i
i preat pb-a-ur. to tn. hint
. . ... ...
anil enjoy a m-;I. an.l tin- J mit -
..... ... . "J" '.""
niinun'- o;tf,j in i, j.. r. in
pany of tin penl binan.
Jin tin- -! -ii- ..r th. -:..r l!.-
Entertains Ladies' Auxiliary. ,jry 1- h: r.rr;-! hi- b
The I.aiht Auxiliary of the; bronchi ':! i j 1 y wr.l, ' i,
( .rian rhurrh were -nt-r- ! ria! e (!;:. !.o- of fh- . i.f
taim-il in a niot ib-li-ht ft;! man -
n.-r at the h.mie of Mr. J. V.
Johuon i-sterday afternoon by
Mr. .tne Chapnian and Mr.'i:'"-I p;.-.-:::i- r .;.;..::!, ;
.lohn-on. Many of tlo- la.iii- ofjo,.r. Ar.oth'-r I - a -.
tht. or -t;i n ial imi ami elmrch Jook j w n .1"M' i- t" i:r . :
ail nutate of :, b.auiifnl il.iv -l b- of tli- ' '. wh-r- It.- !-
anil .-r. in at i-nilancc. tfi-re
b'insr ome forty lali pre-enf.
After a short buine -.,.n
Ihe l.'liies ill-Vote. 1 the afii-n
bour- in a most enjoyable ...rial
lime; s..nie (,f the l.nlie lirmutil
their fani'v work am! -fitch-, j v.
dainty ne..ij;, work. The h
tes,, . a-ilei by Mr-. John
Chapman. sitm-iI a in. t !
lirimi Inneher.n. whi'-h material
ly alb-i! to Hie ilea-ur' (f the
You will find Ihe most complete
line of stationery In Ihe city of
Plattsmouth at the Journal office.
The finest line of bcx paper,
visiting and calling cards.
A telephone coml)ines everything you
have imagined an appropriate Christmas
Gift should.
It is a Remembrance that will Ie treasur
ed by the entire household as an indication
of your expression of Holiday Sentiment.
Adds pleasure, comfort and security to
the lives of those about you. Order a tele
phone at once so that it may be installed in
your home as a Christmas Gift.
Lincoln Telephone and
Telegraph Company
J. K. POLLOCK, Local Manager
for Fletcher's
4VlLI sV..V v' w i. - - ,. - ... s ... - .,), - - -
Iionght, and vrhJrh, hxs been
Las borne the nimatare of
ana ia iM-en nude tinder hi rrr
' - knnfll innrrrlilnn ilnM lit Infinrr.
no one In i!-1 Xf rnu In f li la-
Signature of
Frnrn Tl-1j.v l''y.
vin'i"'A vk!i-fi have b-'-n
orat-! for tn- h.h..a -,..ri ar-
1,, ..
... .,,:... ui..-r.- lb., ar'..;..-
t:a;..J- of "h- rl- r l. iv- j r -i!;i-.
to .-r- l.i-'-fi.J n
J fabric . f iv ?. - i .T !
d- craf ion. a; ; r- j f , II.-
j tn.Si.hiy .;i-..f. a: ! ttn ti.w t
1 orat i'T e..v. if fi.. ! f : . -
tie of ..In.-. ,.f w!..--h !!... -:-
rarrie. the '.arse.f $..-! i i !h
cit. a !.J t!i . b-.?:'- r. - i .-
arran.-.j n ot I
i ' aril h.i- ! : r ;o f !
' attention fr.-m .-ry .- (,.. In
pa.-.! !!. re. nr .? In r--'." -!
in the -i'e . f t i i' y f
th ife'ii-i.. art:'-;-, f'.of h i-f
t h-- w i: .1 v. t h- I r i r i i
w!l f.'.-l j'roi,.J .f n-i.! ttoy .i.-
peir IM"J I ' 1 if I .' I i Ut- .!--
-r-ty.! vk.: .im
iloft.. ,-.K-kre!, fo- a. I-
of or j h -;:- J..!; :- A. I'.ir.
s Si