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The Plattsmouth Journal
Published Semi-Weekly
K. A. BATES. HitbUnher
Entered at the Postoffice at Plattsmouth, Nebraska as second-class matter
In this age of so-called high
cost of living, many of us are
confronted with the old question:
"What have we done with our
summer's wages?" We are not
prepared for the cold that is to
come and it is not a prospect of
contentment. How foolish and
unwise we have been. We cry
high eot of living, but do noth
ing to circumvent the avaricious
beastie. Ashamed to admit it,
but we are not as wise as the in
sects of the fields and jhe little
animals of woods and stream.
The bee points the way and lays
in a .supply for winter use. Part
of this labor in product food
supply is stolen by man andyet
there is enough and to spare and
winter is not feared. The cost
of living is reduced by being fore
handed and taking advantage of
nature's bounty. Is there not a
pretly illustration in the busy
bee back to the garden, chick
ens and fruit patch? The squir
rel gathers a bountiful supply
and man is compelled lo be on
the ground under the hickory nut
tree before daylight if he gets
ahead of the enterprising and
energetic little animal. The cute
chap will turn the tables on the
mit hunter. An interesting slory
is the stealing by two city squir
rels of nuts from a town roof.
The boy had gathered a goodly
supply of nuts and placed them
upon the roof to dry. Imagine
his surprise to iind the nuts all
gone and nothing- but the'outside
covering lo tell the tale. A track
clear across the garden and a
deep burrow full of shelled wal
nuts completes the slory. The
field mice are careful of their
food supply, but are careless with
the house construction. Too
much like many men, not fully
prepared. The little rodent
buries itself in deep grass or
close to a stump and falls an
easy victim to dog and wild ani
mal. The muskrat builds a warm
house and banks it securely.
There are many examples of the
thrift by instinct of the little
creatures of nature. They are
content because well prepared
have saved for the bad days of
winter. What have you, intel
ligent man, with education,
knowledge and brain, accomp
lished in comparison?
The chiropractors of the slate
are just now getting theirs in
allopathic doses because they
have failed to secure licenses
from the medical board. It will
be noticed, however, that every
new cult has this same sort of
procedure lo go through until
some fellow secure an amend
ment to the stale law admitting
the cull to practice in the state.
The case of Mrs. Armour in Wis
consin, however, demonstrates
that any of them are liable to be,
mistaken, as she, after having
doctored for twelve years for in
digestion, was relieved by a
surgeon who was handy with a
knife of a seven-inch lizard from
her stomach that was alive and
enjoying his little home and wax
ing fat on what she had eaten for
herself. The incident simply
demonstrates that there is al
ways something ahead for us to
learn if we do not yet the swell
head so bad that we fail to take
advantage of opportunity.
The man .who believes in thir
teen being an unlucky number
certainly has some reason for his
belief when this year is con
sidered, at least from a corn pro
duction standpoint, the country-over.
at Plattsmouth, Neb.:
If we were a member of the
state poaru or education and nau
cast our vote in favor of the re-
...o,a ui a
..r i. i.-..,.... o i .. I
u,-..t ox jYuamtr; otaLcu.u.ct.
school,, that vole would have to
stand as cast. The state board of
ncient cause, and if me reputa-
ficient cause, and the reputa-
uons or tne members or trie board
are wnat iney are represented loiuead H anu men gel uusy.
be. we cannot see any reason ror
censure for doing what they did. I chants who see a heading like
Thomas perhaps has a hostoflthe one of this article, read the
friends in Kearney and vicinity,
where he has made his home for
a number of years, and they are
setting up a terrible howl in his
,1 . r., .... . ISi .... nitik . v. wr I
a.,u tc,
neaven and eartu ror ins reien-
tion. But will they succeed? c
shall soon see.
:o; I
r..v;,o i,n- .e.i..i
one lo take a hand and "straight-I
.... ii. j ... i " r.. l.n- ,r..,.H
The country has been in such a
turmoil that no one could be safehhp opportunity, but because they I
and nothing of the natural re-
sources of the country could be
developed. The hesitation on the
part of the United States to inter
fere has largely come, we believe,
from a fear that much of the tur
moil in Mexico is being incited by
speculators who control large in
terests in that country and know
their holdings will redouble in
value if the United Stales will
step in a lid establish a sound
government over the nation.
Whether this fear Is well ground
ed will eventually develop, in case
the United Stales is now forced
to take this step.
The time for burning the leaves
is now here and it is desirable in
the interest of health and safety
alike that the burning be done
mornings instead of the evening.
The morning air dissipates the
smoke and fumes arising from
the burning leaves which are in
jurious lo health. There is also
more danger from conflagration
and accidents from night bonfires
than those in the morning.
This nation interfered in Cuba
and the Philippines "in the cause
of humanity." The situation
ent than m Mexico. But if the
time has arrived when the same
cause of humanity" demands
inlerference on our part we are
wining mat our nation snail not I
- i
shrink the task either from fear
oj its magnitude or because of
adverse criticism. I
Voline, editor of the
Herald, has been ap
poslmasler of South
The Herald is the only
democratic paper in Xcmaha
county, and the Auburn Repub-
lican commends Mr. Maguire veryl
i.:..ui.. . .1 ......
highly for recognizing the value
of the Herald from a political
standpoint. The Journal extends
congratulations to Bro. Voline.
The man who pays cash for
what he buys should get the dis
count, and the man who buys on
time should be charged interest,
and in that way things might be
evened up in these times of high
cost. As it is, the man who pays
cash has to pay for the man who
hnvs on lime mwl never nnv
Mrs. Pankhurst's lour hasn't J
helped the suffragette cause in
this country, and probably hasn't
hurt it much, so little attention
has it atlracted. There are more
ways than one of offering an
argument in rebuttal. Keeping
her out would have given the
frage its real boost.
If we could get close to your
- - - .
ear with a megapnone mat is
1 . - . .
uai we suouiu snout 10 yuu jusi
now, says the Omaha Trade Ex
While you are taking advant-
age of this fine weather so early!
in the season, getting our your
winter goods and making early
sales, when you are making
preparations for a good season's
business in staples and novelties,
don't forget for a day that:
Christmas is Coming!
I ...... . .1
We nave lalkea- before about
the buying power of this trade
territory this year, shown that it
,s anotiier article in this issue,
too, some place, that presents the
evidence even more grapniciy.
rsow, mere are some mer-
I first few lines, maybe, and then
sniff with the thought, "Doesn't
that fool editor think we are alive
and know when Christmas
rv mnc
That's all right, of course, but
nevertheless we actually know of
a lot of retail merchants in towns
an over ;eurasKa ana iowa wuo
. II 1 1 V
twin make me rignt kiuu oi
"I i : r i-ii : i . i
" 1 11 11 IUI "isimas uusi
ness every year, and it isn't be
use they haven't the capital, or .
nl lHe !iOCm "ougn
ready come lo market and bought
consignmenls of holiday
These merchants arc
ready. They are ready to get the
first rush of the business, they
are also ready to gel tne imai
hll-m business, and tney are
ready to clean up on that busi
ness so as not to be left with a
big stock half sold.
Getting ready for the holiday-
business doesn t always mean
buying a big bill of goods and
having them in your warehouse
two months before the holiday
w-ek. It means a lot more than
that. It means making arrange-
nients with the right wholesalers
in the rijjht way petting all the
jielp possible, not only in financ
ing, but in displaying, in ad
vertising, in selection, etc.
That's all, only let us remind
you again, that:
Christmas is Comingl
The Daughters of the American
Revolution have protested against
the Philadelphia Liberty Bell be-
ing taken to the Panama-Pacific
exposition. The protest is on the
ground that it is too badly dam-
sicreil l )n ninvpil Tho fuel Hint
' w
the tradition connected with it
Kvas born of the fancy of a writer
seventy-two years after the i'm-
mortal declaration and revived
while Philadelphia was arousing
ii t,.i ih rninnii ha
- - i
nothing to do with the protest. A I
search of contemporary literature
show Ihnl Hie itmiiir of I he I
..... v . . f ..... - ' I
declaration was not published on
July S and no bell was run.
Last year (iovernor Foss.
as the deniocialic c-imli.lnle in
as the d.moeial.c cand, late "
aiassacnuseits, polled
...I.... .1.: .
n, . ,. . ,,.
iiiis 3-cr. ct.H iiniem-iiu-1
-"'"- ' -""".,
00 nnn a ....... ..1... ,.1 r..
ii man nun iiiaiirs in-?i
politics every change of. the
moon can't expect nothing better.
:o: -
Don't worry about women get
ting there fast enough. A wife
in the western part of Nebraska
has installed a time clock in the
hall, and her husband has to
punch it when he comes in at
night. She is truly an inventor.
Xow M'e how 8""n 'our Nvifo has
-f the same kl'lld
The big hankers of t he country
wero in Chicago some few days
ago and, expressed themselves
as being very much put out over
the proposed currency bill. Well,
that was expected when they went
there. They can't always have
uf-ltheir own way. that's one thing
It is claimed that 3,000
Methodist preachers' get only
$500 a year each. But think of
I . . ..
ine suppers and motto cards pre-
. . ... - ... I
seiui-u uy me auminng pur-
Many people question the right
of a newspaper to express any
opinion, notwithstanding; that it
has been the custom ever since
printing became general. And
I some people Question that right
without knowing it
The democratic candidate for
governor of Massachusetts, yith
53 GOo Dluralu carried the
.i,,.....:. K,i nrtp.
with him. It was in reality a
. . ... (Sovernop Fot.s Bol ,ss
lha1 30 00Q Maybe he will
, .... . himself noii
tically now
A man down in Marshall coun
ty, Kansas, had been divorced
from his wife some three years
'ago. He came to her place last
week, crawled into her barn, set
it afire and himself perished in
the namesjust to spile bei
i mat nas
no way to spile hcr-
he ought to have married another
It will take some time to be-
come accustomed to buying all
dry measure article by weight.
u, hfth p,.U(luCl.r am, Consuim.rj
will be benefited in the long run.
The farmer will get paid for lh
total amount he oilers for sale
and the buyer will fiot get cheat-
led by false boxes, incorrect
measure or pay for the air spaces.
A bushel of potatoes sold by-
weight is sure lo be a bushel.
Potatoes sold by the bushel meas
ure may cheat the seller or the
buyer. The same is true of ap
ples, and almost all products
which have usually been sold by
the quart, peck, half bushel or
ibushel. Buyers will soon become!
familiar with weights and Ihe
"lumping it off" plan will be
abandoned. Then trade in such
products will put on as accurate
a basis as figuring interest on a
loan. In a few years the peck
measure will be a relic HKe me
cradle or the spinning wheel.
:o :
Collecting coin and currency
for the Cause may be Mrs. Pank-
hurst's life work, and inspired by-
noble impulses, but her energy in
extracting the elusive lucre sug-
pests the possibility that part of
the profits mav cro to her and
linger there regardless of the
ri . ..,:..:.,
aut-VVAWii' iviiiiiliou iiio voi. in, i
At Indianapolis she insisted on
passing the olale in addition to
the fixed charges for her forensic
L. - niorv TWm.c r.f whiel, n.e
papers sav her engagement was
i.i n. T...i: ...ilr..i hoi. fhev m-e not 44lhe w-liolel
i fiiit.riT'ii. fiiiu i ill i 1 1 1 1 1 ii 1 1 ii I. annul i
musts truggle on without know-
jng what it has missed. It is the
........... ..,. .o.. r 0...1 ,r I
111 lp UI1U l'UJ U1IU I'll, I
a certain nlavwrisfhl nuts it.
" ' - M. " - - - C M 7 I
but he overlooked the fact thai
en nl.iv a nail in niodiicinir the
... ... ...
Inee, wnicn siinuw console ine
I.. . . ... ..... I
Uoosier nouseiiolders mat tney
- e ....
coming of .1 hard whiter. It. s
said that Mrs. Pankhurst has
. . .
been known to collect as high as
a uiiiinreii mousami uoiiars at a
single meeting, which we lake the
liberty to doubt, despite the ap-
rw., of .,,,1, iai,.nm,,i in
the nnhlic. mints But she cer-
lainly takes enough to pay for the
privations of hunger strikes, and
..iiw.n 1 ...... iw..,.. nivofi iuiurr I
methods. If she collects a coni-
fnn. ih.. r.wne.u of her u i.A h n ii fiino
i oiiu-auuu. iiu """
her? Rather blame those who
fonh-iimii. u-iih on v n vatrne
notion of.what it is for or where
it is going, and let it go at that,
There are silver-tongued orators
among the men
neither do they spin anything but
... . . .
ancient anece
dwell on easy
ancient aneceuoies, anu t-
cr..f nH Ippv, a
fal lerrncv lo Mieir issue. And is
not Mrs. Pankhurst demanding
onoai riffhia
rUUUf4nwvwr 1
Uo you eat eggs for breakfast
.. . . ..
tnese mornings? namer ex-
pensive fodder at 35 cents per
dozen. The hens have a bad
habit of curtailing the output
along about this time of the
year and the dealers are unfeel
ing enough to raise the price ac
cordingly. What's become of the
produce under the new demo
cratic tarni, anyway? ine re
duced tariff on eggs cannot lower
the price of hen fruit. During
the fiscal year that ended June
30 last, 20,409,390 dozen eggs,
valued at ? i, 391, 653, were ex
ported from the United Stales to
other countries, besides 07.85i
worth of yolks and canned eggs.
The exported eggs went to nearly
all parts of the world, but the
bulk of Ihem to Canada. Cuba.
Mexico and Central America. If
the laying hens averaged 150
cgfjs each during the year, it
would lake 1,080,000 of them lo
supply tne foreign demand. Of
the total exported 12,000,000
dozen went to Canada, or morejeents, so says the Trade Review,
than one-half: nearly 6.000.000
dozen to Cuba; 750,000 dozen to
Panama; and about the same
number to Mexico. Some i 1,970
dozen to Scotland. We imported
1,217,765 dozen during the last
fiscal year, in their natural state;
yolks, 227,547 pounds; dressed
eggs, 20,284 pounds. The aver-
age price at which the 21,000,000
dozen eggs exported in the fiscal
year, iui3, was l'ts cents a
1913, was 21' cents a
dozen and the average price at
which the 1,250,000 dozen eggs
that were imported was .15 cents
a dozen. October and November
are the months of largest expor-
fations, the exportations for
October, 1912, having exceeded
2,000,000 dozen and those of No -
vember 2.250.000 dozen, while
the average for the year was
about 175,000,000 dozen a month,
That the rapidly improving
facilities for trade with the West
iiwiin ;wi;oi,i qm.i r.r.nipni nmi
omiu i. i.i iiii'i -
South America, the chicken and
' i
'' business in i-ior.da, wim
only a few Hours in reacning
Cuba, will soon become a great
industry. The winter demand,
caused by the inflow of tourists,
is already so large that the price
of eggs keeps up to 40 cents and
higher a dozen in those places.
Four Amei-ie.m lmf I leshins at
Vera Cruz are to be relieved by
four others. It is not a good time
for enemies of the navy and they
have nothing to say
Mrs. Pankhurst says the suf-
IfraErists must nnt I i no willl ailV
Political party. Here's where the
old lady gels in a piece of good
advice. But will the head-trong
Women of America heed the ad-
vice? We know of some who will
- - - - - r " - . . .
cheese" by a long shot.
The local nances are having
. " M .
considerable to say about the
awful cost of printing the mail
order catalogues mail order
It ...1 4
-u nu,,u, ...c
mj onuus is so uuip
a(lvertisin. is
1.. TV'. .11.: : l. .. I,lx.. I
- .
ine cneapest means 01 publicity,
Let the people know it when you
L . .. ... n.l
nave someming to sen, is me
Mail order houses do that,
T ..,! he nice in he n .liHafor
like Butcher Hueita of Mexico,
and even though the constitution
forbids il, yet run yourself for
president and then compel your
1 . . ... ...
commanding omccr lo cast me
,.f th Cohi;e,.. foe voorself
W IF I j XJ a LIIV. o m. 7 - v. .
ff that soldier had any stamina
I ... 1
at ai i rwrR wiiu m Di a cuiiununu-i
ing officer put to sleep and
Huerta wjuid no longer ue a
factor in Mexico. That kind of
constitutional government is the
worst kind of a farce and mere
La - ill alaav he reliellions in the
face of such conditions
.i... Ai-ii.... nni.i .r. hie
utm o.-uo lx0.. ... i
inand for constitutional govern-
I .... .... ; '!..: j. ii....... fan hu
llieilt in Mexico. Alld me .Vineri-
I . i :.i.thn ......w,o- o lr.i r.f i p ;i 1 1 1 1 1 1
can people are unanimous u
the president.
The Chicago thief who was ro
cently stabbed with a hatpin has
died of his injury. But arrests of
women for carrying deadly wea
pons are few.
Theolliceof vice president does
not enjoy proper respect. While
the president has recently been
given sweet potatoes and 'possum.
Mr. Marshall received nothing but
;o relief in sight, was a
tanding headline during the re
J cent hot weather, and now they
are hastily gathering their ap-
- J pies to keep them from freezing
on the trees.
Make way for Beilis, the Jew,
who has just been released from
the charge of. murder in Russia,
He will want an engagement on
some lecture course, and his
friends in America are able to
push him right to the front.
luiKeys nave declined one
cent, being quoted now at 15
That's all right so far as it goes,
but will " the price be a few
cents higher before Thanksgiv-
ling, when they reach the con-
I sumer through Hie local market?!
J'he people of Plattsmouth are
hot going to wait much longer to
get a better lighting system. If
the present company does not get
a move on them, something is
going to happen. It should be
borne in mind that the present
company does not possess an ex-
elusive lighting franchise in this
I city-
; :o
Former Congressman W. D
Jamison and Hodge Jones, editor
of the Shenandoah (Iowa) World,
have been sued for libel and
(damages in the sum of $50,000
for the publication of an article,
in which the. plaintiff in the suit
says there is not a particle of
ni i. A irood leal of money for
newspaper men to "fork over."
v nai you near now is mis:
If the October rains had come
the latter part of July and Aug-
ust. what a wonderful coin crop
we would have raised." Yes; and
if Eve hadn't eaten the apple in
the mythical Garden of Eden,
poor sinners wouldn't have lo
be hoppinff around like a spavin-
ed horse seeking salvation. Much
depends on "if."
If the United States goes to
... . - . .
war wilti Mexico it cannot oe
charged to President Wilson, who
I has all alone- maintained an at-
i -
titude of peace. The only thing
that could induce this govern-
inent lo resort to arms at this
time would be the necessity of
doing so in order to .maintain the
honor of this country and con-
tinue in force the great Monroe
Vtiiei-iea lliioiiirli Mrs. Pank-
hurst, is furnishing the suf-
. .... .1
irageues 01 r.ngianu vm ium-i-
hv uhinli fi coniimic their cam-
- --
nn im r.f nvenn fttiil letno IIIOI1 OIISCII SailSIICU IIIUL Hi: L.UIl ie:
property; Creat Britain has fur-
....,...., . ,1. t
iiisnt-u uu-ah--, t...
........ i.
Cowdry, who is at me bead oi a
t:i ...iii. onnith, In!
continue the Mexican govern-
menf, at least another month. It
seems to be a fair exchange; but
Miss Peace Movement lias a rigni
lo shriek and to explain lo us
that she has stubbed her toe
annual convention of
the Illinois Equal Suffrage as-
socialion at -Peoria last weeK
111 . .l,w,:,l,..l wrr; n fhlh;il (.TXlltlf i 'I I M I f 1 1 11 II I V WOllM
mei c i ucuuiu 7i""' i
ranks over the election oi .
ceedings of some former fusion
conventions that wouldn't fuse,
xnis is uui i
tional fights
among the suf-
fragists in the Sucker stale,
.Je-lWomen are more jealous man
- -
men are of their aspiring pany
nit-mis, anu ..o-
-'"""e " "
"Boost don't knock!" is a
motto which is frequently seer,
on the walls of business ottiees.
The visitor to the usually
gives thi vva ueCoralim a
casual glance and no particular
thought. But the sentiment thus
forcefully, even if crudely
pressed, is worthy of a place on
the walls of every home, every
business establishment. every
- 1 church in the land
It is altogether loo easy to
knock" to find something to
fault in our family, our church,
our community. Ninety per cent
f the "gossip" one hears and
fully 100 per cent of what is
objectionable, is nothing but
'knocking" pure and simple.
"Cut out" the "knocking" and
J women, or men, might gossip all
they please and no one will
mere is no borne, no com
niunny, about wnicn those in-
timately acquainted with condi
j lions cannot find much to eriti-
cize many things on which to
"knock." In many instances,
j perhaps, the things to "boost"
are far less easily discernible.
But it is the people who can and
do find the things to boost who
constitute valuable members of
the home or community. The
people who lake up the "business
of boosting" are the people we
want in our town every time and
all the time.
Suppose father should per
sistently advertise to the world,
Yes, Mary can be very sweet and
pretly when company is around,
but really she is shiftless and
lazy ami careless and bad I em-
. . .
pered ami generally undesirable
Even if it was all true, father is
making a bad mistake of his ad-
1 vertising, for ten chances lo one
he will have Mary around home
the rest of her natural life as the
result of his "knocking." On the
I same principal, suppose mat
I - - -
John Smilh goes back to his old
home in Iowa or Illinois, or pays
a visit lo some neighboring town
and spends his time putting out
Ibis line of talk: "es, we ought
to have a good town and com-
munily, but we have the bummest
roads and the poorest schools
and the worst buildings and the
meanest people you can find in
tne west. no one is going 10
spend very much money to get
acquainted with such acorn-
munity, and properly values are
not going to advance very much
I 11. i . i i r
irom me mg uemuuu jrom uui-
side buyers.
There are migtify few lowns or
communities which do not need a
lot of improving. ine peopn
who can see these needs and are
willing to get busy and help rem-
edy them are altogether desira
bie. nut ine one
way to make
this remedial work a success is
1 . . ....
to carry it on witiiin me com-
munily not by crying aloud to
the world. "We are me worst
people and live in the worst con-
.... . t. ; 11.
..o...... 01 ... ....
world, and we are so smug and
' ., ..,...
persuaded to do otherwise than
n,e We .lon'l. waf nnvlhii.g
oeuei. u,y i.o.,,
j- .
woiilil from a n acne districi.
.me cnies anu unwi ue
anxious enough to make progress
to pay a man to advertise their
commuiinj uuu u .......
Suppose this man should devote
his time to hunting up the pos
sible objections to his community
land then advertise them to the.
world by continually meaKing in-
to prim wiui
his "knocking.
" -
. . . , . .
continue ,. , - ,
more fit subject for a coat of tar
and learners, or ,or ucenuam ,
- -....
(Jet busy yourselves and rem-
edy the objectionable - point:
arouna your nome or jour uome
uovui. im, .... ....n u. ,-m.i.
ili( nii.1 iii voiir relations with
1 1 c world outside boost donl