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    MOEDAV, OQTOBER 27, 1913
Thomas farm -of 210 acres, near
Wabash, and will go to farming
in good earnest in the spring Jack
has a team already and has been
demonstrating his horesmanship
to the boys. He has had con
Children Cry for Fletcher's
siderable experience along the
farm lines, haing raised cane in
Mexico, .and there is no reason
why he can't rai.-e corn in Nebraska.
' mi HWHig!M..!.ijJit Ut i.LiJ.J.L'J.L.-UL.gJHiJg-LJJ
Sale will be held at farm, five miles southwest of Mynard,
nine miles north of ftehawka, and a quarter mile north of Eight
kVJiie throve Church. Come early and inspect this herd. Sale
to commence at 1 :OD o'clock. Dinner will he served to all. All
trains will be met at Plattsmouth, EVlynard and PJehawka.
34 Spring E
1 Yearling Herd Boar. 1 Fall
13 Spring Gilts. 1 Sow with
litter at side. 5 tried sows.
For Reference Only:
For Reference and Sale:
Com. 6. & C's Col.
B. & C's Col
f Prince of Col's
I 13571A
I Love 35060A
ir:- d.i ( King to Be 12653A
I . 1 Duchess Lass30S18A
Baxter's Com. Miss
f Commodore
I 13381 A
j Buddy's Best Babe
Watt's Model
! Sweet Rose II
Ccl.'s Belle 2d..
f Golden Model V .
Ohio Chief 8727A
Col.s Belle 399S8A
Golden Model II 77339
Melbourne Queen 168078
Sweet Rose 1
j Proud Advance 23549
1 Manley's Best 82050
This offering includes 6 spring litters and three bred sows by K's Col. bv Commodore B. &
Cs Col. Six spring litters and one young litter by Perry's model, by Watt's Model. Spring litter
ay moaei woi. ay svi. i ippy. vne spring nuer Dy inoice Mcivancc py Aavance v. one spring year
ling nera Doar by watt's model by King's Pal. one tall yearling boar by Fancy Model by Golden
Model V. Two bred sows by Commodore B. & C's Col. by B. &. C, Col. One bred sow (with lit
ter at side) by Col. Tippy by Tippy Col.
Our terms are cash. Parties wanting time must make satisfactory settlement with the Clerk.
III2 2
The new time card suits the
Weeping Water people very well
when the train is on lime.
Prof. Gash has moved his farn
liy nere and they are now oc
cupying' one of the Slander resi
dences on West Railroad avenue.
Ed McNealy will leave Monday
for Texas to spend the winter in
the southland, for his health, as
he has done for several winters
in the past.
Andrew Stohlman and family
departed Friday morning for a
visit with relatives in Iowa, Il
linois and Wisconsin. They will
he absent about three weeks.
This has been a great year for
walnuts and there is not a boy
in this vicinity who has not been
out in the woods for a sackful
and it would be hard to say which
were busier, (he boys or the
C. M. Seybert and II. E.
Thiele attended the German Day
celebration at Plattsmouth last
Saturday. The - celebration evi
dently continued over Sunday, as
the boys did not get home the
same week.
Mrs. J. W. Thompson and son,
Jimmie, who have been making
an extended visit with relatives in
western Nebraska, have returned
to Louisville and the family have
moved into the Kraft property on
Main street.
Mtb. C. E. yoyes went to Oma
ha Tuesday morning where she
pnt the day shopping. Mrs.
Xoyes informs us that the apples
on' the trees froze solid Monday
night and she fears they will be
wort bless.
The little 2-year-old daughter
of Mrs. Lester Slander died Wed
nesday after a week's illness of
summer complaint. The funeral
occurred Friday afternoon ai 2
o'clock from the M. E. church.
Mrs. Slander surely has had her
share of grief, her husband hav
ing passed away but a short time
ago of tuberculosis, and now that
her baby is taken, her load of
sorrow seems greater than she
can bear. The sympathy of the
entire community will go out. to
this grief-slricken mother in her
hour of sorrow.
M. P. Agent J. T. Liston of
Elmwood. who has been on the
sick list for the past month, was
able to resume his duties again
Mrs. John Peterson, who has
been at a hospital in Lincoln for
the past two weeks taking medi
cal treatment, returned home
yesterday afternoon.
Mrs. Mike Zapf, who has been
visiting at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. C. W. Palmer, for
the past two months, returned to
her home at Elkport, Iowa, last
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Judkins re
turned home Saturday afternoon
from a month's pleasure trip to
points in Washington, Idaho and
Utah. They report a pleasant
Mrs. Arthur Burdick of Albion,
Neb., arrived here last, Friday
evening for an extended visit
with Mrs. Agues L. McDonald and
Mrs. Iopp, also other relatives
and friends near Eagie.
Miss Pearl Young returned to
her home at Gothenburg, Neb.,
Friday, after an extended visit,
with relatives and friends here.
i .
mim was accompanies nv ner
grandfather, Jasiel Forsythe, and
Jess Wall, who will visit at that
place for a few days.
-urs. :-. Purnaugn was
brought to her home north of
Eagle, Sunday, after having been
confined for the past two months
al a hospilal in Lincoln. Her
many friends will be pleased to
learn that she is able to be up
and around and is gaining her
si l ength rapidly.
narmon j-roniirn loaded a car
here last Friday night and de
parted the following morning for
Hilger, Montana, where he has a
homestead close by. He was ac
companied by Fred Wenzel and
Oscar Wells. Fred will remain
there for several weeks and build
u house and barn on his home
stead, which he secured recently.
He expects to move his family
there early in the spring. Mrs.
Frohlich and baby, accompanied
ty Nellie Johnson, left ihe fore
part, of last week.
Miss Charlotte Fetzer of
Plattsmouth was the guest of
friends in. this village last Friday.
Claudius Everett, was up from
Nebraska City Tuesday attending
to business matters antl calling
on his friends.
Mrs. Alice Blair of Geneva ar
rived Monday and has been visit
ing her nephew, L. J. Hall and
family, southeast of town.
Will G. Clark and wife arrived
Saturday morning from Kansas
City to spend a week with rela
tives here and at Weeping Water.
Laroy H. Upton set sail for
Broken Bow on the early train
yesterday morning to register in
the land drawing, and swears he
will accept no number lower than
No. 1.
William Balfour departed last
Friday for Colorado to make a
viit with his daughter, Mrs.
Cross. He intended stopping on
Ihe way at. Broken Bow to regis
ter for the land drawing.
Frank Finkle and wife had as
their guests this week their
uncles, John and Adam Emge,
and their friend, Jerry Sullivan,
who came down from Omaha to
spend a few days visiting and
shooting squirrels.
Charles Garrison and wife and
daughter. Miss Ruth, went up to
Omaha last Saturday morning,
and Mrs. Garrison remained
there for treatment in one of the
hospitals with a hope of finding
relief from her rheumatic
Al 1). Hathaway relumed Tues
day from Saline county, where he
spent several weeks visiting rela
tives. He declares he was unable
to bring his wife with him for the
simple reason that he had not yet
formed her acquaintance.
The Kind You Have Always Bought, and whlrli has been
in use for over 30 yearst lias borne the signature of
and has been made under his per
S7' r-j -J7- ' sonal supervision since its Infancy.
jrZ''CMcU4C; Allow no one to deeeive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and ' Jnst-as-good " are but
HxKriinents that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children Experience against KxperimenU
What is CASTOR I A
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing: Syrups. It is pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys "Worm
and allays Feverishness. For more than thirty years it
lias been in constant use for the relief of Constipation,
Flatulency, AVind Colie, all Teethings Troubles and
Diarrhoea. It regulates the Stomach and Bowels,
assimilates the Food, giving; healthy and natural bleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
(Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years
scr is
farniiiiff in-
TCfnncU Cliriswi
this wet'k froom
liokiner after li is
rTt'st s.
i". Hrawlf. home, south of town
M to have arrived at the Joseph
A fine hounein? hoy is rerort-
Momlay morning:.
IK. fr. Watkins, Otto Rchacht
and Henry Sturm left Tuesday
visit to his old home in Ireland.
Mrs. II. I,. Clapp departed Sat
urday for dhicao fir an extend
ed visit with her daughter, Mrs.
Dr. Harper.
A tine haby daughter arrived at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Hosenow, of Murdock, Monday
F. L. Wooleott was over from
Ashland Monday. Floyd intends
to spend the winter in Ashland
and locate in North Dakota next
Mrs. J. F. Hoover was called to
Mil ford Wednesday morning lo
he at the hedside of her hrother,
Henry Carpenter, who is report
ed very ill at the Old Soldiers'
Mrs. Tho. C. Perry, who has
been visiting her sister, Mrs. L.
W. Myers, the past four weeks,
returned to her home Wednes-
herp day. Mr. Perry is pastor of the
Church of Christ at Cherokee,
The stork left a bouncing baby
hoy at the home of Mr. and Mrs
Turley Wall Friday, October 10
The item did not come, to our
notice in time for publication
last week. We join ine many
friends of Mr. and Mrs. Wall in
evening for northeastern Min- extending hearty congratulations
Mrs. Henry Born and children
were passengers tins morning
for Benson, where they will visit
over Sunday. They will be joined
tomorrow morning1 my Henry,
who will visit there for the day.
Will Sphon of Superior visitet
his cousin, Charles Spohn am
family, Friday.
Horn To Mr. and Mrs. Gordon
Hein'gar, southwest of town,
girl, October IT, 1013.
(eo. Domingo and Roy Smith,
north of town, two of our young
farmers, received a couple of line
Poland China hogs from Genoa
this week.
Hon. J. A. Ramey and son
.Mlo. of Metamora, 111., arrived
Friday morning for a visit with
his son, J. M. Ramney and family,
south of town.
Dick Rosier, south of town,
was in South Omaha Tuesday and
Wednesday and brought 500 head
of sheep home to feed on his
Mr. and Mrs. Harry McGrady
left last Thursday night for Nor
man, Oklahoma, where they were
called by the illness of Mrs. Mc
Grady's father.
Charles Osgood, of Osceola,
Iowa, visited his old-time friend.
C. M. Cherry, last week. They
worked together over forty years
ago and hadn't seen each other
since until last week.
Thomas Wiles left Tuesday for
Imperial, Chase county, to ac
company Mrs. Wiles home, who
has been visiting her daughter,
Mrs. O. T. Leyda. Their return
trip will be through Kansas and
a visit with relatives there.
Jack Hitehman has bought the!
nesota, where they intend to look
over the iami sanation.
The Xehawka High school has
been approved by the superin
tendent as a four-year High
school of second class for the
school year 1013-1 i.
Mrs. AHgaiser and the children
left Wednesday evening for their
future home at Wisconsin. Mr
Schwartz accompanied them as
far as Mvnard. where he is work
Mr. and Mrs. August left on the
midnight train Sunday for their
home in Jerico Springs, Missouri,
after spending the summer
among the children here and at
A. W. Searle and wife of Ell
wood. Neb., and Mrs. Flick of
Omaha are visiting the J. W
Maguey family and other friends
here this week. They lived here
a good many years ago. -
Mr. and Mrs. John Campbell of
Stockton. California, who were
- . . I V TV 4-11 Yl
visiting at me ti. j-. t. joiin
home, left Saturday morning1 for
Chicago, where they will visit
.villi their son. Mrs. Campbell is
i sister of Mrs. St. John.
William Reynolds, a nephew of
Mrs. Isaac Pollard, accompanied
jy his four sons, came in Mon
Jay night from Madison, S. D.
rhey were traveling' in a big
Stearns car and a few miles north
of here they ran into an open
iridge with results that might
iave been serious. As it was
they were delayed an hour or so
ind had the back end of the ma-
hine damaged.
Elmer G. Woodruff of Wash
ington, D. C, was a guest Tues
dav at the home of his sister,
Mrs. Chas. Bailey. Mr. Woodruff
is in the employ of trie govern
ment, being one of the workers at
the head of the U. S. geological
survey, and is just now returning
home after live months spent in
the service at different points in
the western states. He had the
honor of appearing before the
geological class of the state uni
versity at Lincoln Wednesday
morning' in a lecture to that body
of geological import.
Duroc Jersey Sale.
My annual sale of Durocs will
be held at my home Tuesday,
November 11. There will be in
the offering about 35 head of
boars, 30 gilts, and a few tried
sows. Catalogs will be ready Oc
tober 15. Send for one.
tf V. E. Perry.
From Friday's Dally.
A petition suit to quiet title
was tiled today in the district
court by Albert Pendl against
David Earwicker, et al. The land
in question is located in the
north part of the city, just south
of the Leesley farm, and since
18G0, when it was conveyed by
the government to William Gul
lion, there has been many owners
and holders of mortgages on the
land, and it is to clear up these
flaws in the title that the suit is
started. Mr. Pendl bought the
property some years ago from
Lorenz Leiner, and has retained
full possession of the properly,
but desires lo have the title clear
ed of all clouds.
The Marl in Rich family, who
have been having a siege of ty
phoid fever, are reported by Dr.
Butler as doing nicely, although
Miss Sadie, who was tho family
nurse for the other four mem
bers of the- family, has contracted
the.disease, and is now in the first
stag of three or four days. They
have had a nurse from Lincoln
since Sunday night and Mrs. John
W. Carter goes once a day to
help out. Neighbors and friends
have taken matters in hand and
are seeing to it that the family
are provided with cooked eatables,
while some have taken in some
very beautiful flowers. All these
acts are being received by the
family with Ihe greatest gratitude,
especially the lovely bouquet of
American Beauties which were
sent to Herman by the senior
class of the. High school. Weep
ing Water Republican.
i A i
Mrs. A. H. Weichel and daugh
ter, Doloris, left Wednesday for
a visit with friends in Iowa.
Jas. Gamble returned Wednes
lay evening from an extended
Wall Paper and Paint
Frank Gobclman
North 6th Gt.