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The Plattsmouth Journal
Published Semi-Weekly
Entered at the Postoffice at Plattsmouth, Nebraska as second-class matter
The price f meals are oar
ing skyward. J5y tlie lime snow
Hies it will take a dollar to pur
chase a good sirloin steak.
. :o:
; When i-wps are .short and
priire.s f-" "1 H takes a good
calculator t slate the financial
side of the case. But the ultimate
consumer catches it going: and
: The curbing and guttering- pro
portion started a few months
si'-n .'.'mi io !.' hanuintr lire and
who'll. 1 b" pushed before the
WMlIici' gVl loo cold lo do llie
rvork, a il will add wonderfully
to the appearance of lie town.
. :o:
"Yhen a man even inlimales
ill it there is no corn in Cass
county, don't call him a liar, but
jut intimate- t him that h" is
badly mi-lak.-n. Take the couut
oer there will be more than a
half crop.
Under a new law Arkansas will
have this year !? I, I Go. OS i for the
improvement of public roads and
bridges. This sum ought to se
cure some important results and
the people of the state would be
remiss not to insi:?t on getting
The slate railway commission
will hear the complaint on the
poor train service on the Missouri
Pacific on Friday, September l'J.
l.el everone interested who can,
appear before Ihe commission and
add their voire to the protest I hat
comes from all over the county.
Harry Thaw is ..till in the
Canadian jail and will remain
I here iudeliuilely. Heller let him
join Jack Johnson in Curope and
give us a rest from Ihe ile loin
mrof. that lias tilled Ihe papers
tor the last three years about Ibis
weak-minded young man and his
legenerate operations.
l lie at lack on Premier Aspiith
I Kngland by Ihe suffragettes
bile he was engaged in playing
;-olf with his daughter would
i.eer have been permitted in this
ouniry. The American women
have advanced far greater along
this line than in England and
'vithout any riots or violence.
The republican papers, that is
Hie stand-pat element, continue
to berate Secretary Bryan. It is
that element, however, who never
did h ive a kind word to say for
him, no mailer how deserving.
Mr. lirvaii is used to Ibis kind of
work, and il never hurts a man
who is doing bis duty at every
turn in tin; road.
An Ohio judge suggests thai
.women should furnish samples
of their cooking when applying
for marriage licenses. (Jood
idea. Ami bl the prospective
groom present a bank book
showing a sub-l anl ial deposit or
a reililicale from a trustworthy
source that be is industrious
and has remunerative employ
ment. :o:
A iniddh;-uged Plattsmouth
man was considerably shocked
one day last week over what he
saw. ii was only a young woman
who got between him and llie
'igit,' who ,did not wear enough
td jl les I ; J i i ? e h e r i I d u e ; j a r I e r s .
Alts awail," he said.' That''de-
pends upon who you are. and .w hat
kind of an, entertainment you are
looking- for. To say the least, we
do not or cannot understand what
mothers mean by letting their
daughters go upon the streets in
jpucn garbs
at Plattsmouth, Neb.:
Senator Poindexler of Wash
ington has grown quite wratlifu
over the statement in oite of the
Seattle papers that he had secured
government positions for eleven
of his relatives. This is certain
ly a hard world for the poor,
down-trodden United Stales sen
ators with the revelations, and in
vestigations that have been stir
ring; the national capital. .
This country has the race
problem, the social problem and
many others but none are worse
than the hobo problem. An ar
my of idlers, men who absolute
ly will not work, is a canker on
society that must soon be dealt
Willi. It must be treated as a
contagion. The strong arm of
the government must find the
remedy that cures.
Governor Moreliead will soon
is' ue his road proclamation. Then
we will see if the men of Nebraska
are as much in favor of good
road. as they are in Missouri.
Then there must be less talk and
more work if the gxod roads ad
vocates mean business. The gov
ernor promises to take the lead,
the same as Governor Major did
in Missouri.
The republican metropolitan
papers of the St. Louis Globe
Democrat stripe are predicting
all kinds of disaster to the demo
cratic party in consequence of the
tariff. Such scares are gotten up
for a purpose, and these papers
do not believe one half they sav
in this direction. We would sug
gest to these wiseacres to do a
lit lie missionary work in their
own ranks before howling loo
loud about. Ihe troubles that are
to overtake Ihe democrats.
Several farmers report that
there is a very plainly marked
letter "Ii" on the blades or oats.
This they say is a singular occur
rence which Jias not been noticed
for o3 years. Those who have
lived long" enough to observe say
that this is. .seen only in war
times. Whether the letter "LP
means bullets, ballots, bonds,
bailies or bone-yards, no one
seems to know to a certainty, but
all seem very positive as to the
appearance of t lie sign. iou
know the old saying' is, "all signs
fail in dry weather." So there
you are.
Unless uu see your way
clear to cop a poslofiice or some
other sinecure of the state, don't
expect much of the government.
Primarily the province of a
government is to govern, and
business of making a living and
other luxuries must continue to
be a matter oi -Individual effort
for most of us, regardless of
what party of the people is tri
umphant at the polls. Which is
as il should be, and the patriot
who lakes that for granted and
makes hay and other useful
commodities while Ihe pun
shines, is apt to have little dilli
cully in excluding the wolf front
his moated grange or other hap
py habitat. A lot of time is
wasted in grumbling about con
ditions which should be devoted
to sawing wood and other use
ful pursuits, . and to spend your
spare moments cussing the
country is a sign of shiflless
ness. ; A little. thrift and industry
for- home ? consumptions will t get
inore . than' marching' in! the par-
a d e o i '' J o i n i i i g t h e s o ei a 1 i $ C p a r -
ty. Work at . jfair wages can
usually be found by 4 the man
who isn't afraid of it, and those
who are aren't entitled to much
Is it hot enough for you? Now
don't shoot!
Every day brings its full quo.
la of fatal automobile accidents
September will have to go
some to smash the AuRust rec
: :o:-
We will' at least .have two big
days this fall German celebra
tion October 18 and l'J.
While honesty is the best pol
icy, freciuentlv you find a man
who is from Missouri.
Next Monday school begins and
parents should see that their
children are in attendance the
very hrst day.
Anyway, relief from the droiuh
may be expected about Septem
ber 21. An cquinoxical storm is
slated for that dale.
Canadians are showing so
much sympathy for Harry Thaw,
perhaps it would be just as well
to let them keep him.
Mows never effectively adjudi
ale contention between men,
and nations may be premature
at it in the same way.
It may be consoling to know-
that in five or six weeks we
n-obably will be lighting up a
fire in the furnace.
:o :
The slate fair is not as big a
success as luiu ol a year ago.
The attendance will not be as
arge by over
i 0,non.
A German scientist claims that
man can live to be one hun
dred years if- he eats chalk. Hut
most men are too busy walking it.
When Teddy ltoosevclt goes lo
South America, he should study
the fauna of that tropic territory
to see if it does not produce some
tardier specimen of the Hull
Moose uibe than found in our
own land of the free.
Friday. September li is the
date of Ihe big picnic at 'ehaw-
ka. Plattsmouth should send
big delegation. Neliavvka has
been awful good to PlatJsmoulh,
and now we have d he opportunity
lo return the favor.
There is a poslofiice ruling
which imposes a fine of $300 or
year's imprisonment on anyone
who through carelessness or
otherwise takes mail from the
poslofiice not belonging lo him
and fails to return it immediate
ly. This applies to newspaper!
as well as letters.
The moral atmosphere has
been made a'lillle clearer by the
conviction of one of the two men
in California indicted for violat
ing ihe Mann act. When two
men of education and of good
social position abandon their
wives and children and run away
with girls, it is far more demor
alizing of social morality than
when an ignorant negro like Jack
Johnson outrages- the moral
sense of the nation. To whom
mvre has been given by society,
of them more Is demanded.
Illinois is about to follow the
example of Colorado and employ
its convicts in making good
roads. Forty men are to be sent
out at once to work ninety days.
It is not a fad. Home practiced
it 2,500 years ago and some of
the roads made by convict labor
under her direction exist lo this
day. LaFayelte Young of the
Des Moines Capital, who is now
traveling. In England, says that
Ijiepold jnoniau .roads -in jtfiat isi
land.-need only a top dressing
and they are.' as ' good today: as
they- ever! were. 1 ; Every, convict
who works on the roads in that
state will "have his sentence
shortened ten "days in. every
: New York slate has two gov
ernors, and it is yet very doubt
ful which one is going" to win out
Will the diaphanous skirt last?
asks ii fashion paper. IS'ol if it is
sent lo the laundry very many
So great is the competition
among automobile manufactur
ers for feature machines, that
without, doubt, the It) 15 model
will be a rig that can aiomatie
ally determine the age of a chic
ken before killing it by the
A town on Ihe border of Vir
ginia and Tennessee lias built
an imposing monument com
memorating Ihe palriotism of
American soldiers in all wars
from Ihe Vinie of Ihe revolution.
The men of '(" deserve (he high
est tribute and all the volunteers
of laler dale have been chips off
Ihe old block.
When about seven millions of
dollars' worth of claims are filed
by the farmers along tin Platte
river against the government for
the wwinton destruction of grow
ing' crops, the interior iepari-
ment clerk who proclaimed .thai
water wasn't good for growing
corn and poiatoes. win pro
bably sit up and lake notice.
Willi the reading of President
Wilson's message to congress a
b'linite line of action toward
Mexico has been presented to the
world. And it gives to ine worm
new method of handling dilli-
culties and crises between na
tions. Summed up, the policy is
this: Children gather up jmir
plav things and conie home; ou
must noi associate longer with
those naughty neighbor children.
We will have nothing to do with
ihe family until they quit their
roughness and their disregard
for common decency. And why
is this not beiler than for the
parents to go over into Ihe neigh
bors' yard and pick a tight, with
Ihe oilier parents? 11 lakes .wo
lo make a quarrel, and he is tru
ly brave, who, knowing his
strength, refuses lo notice the
snarls of an inferior. Ameri
cans, under Ihe guise of enter
prise, go into far countries and
commercially exploit the resourc
es of '.he land. Capital is invest
ed in all kinds oT wild cat
schemes bearing foreign corpor
ation names, and then il is ex
pected Ihe Stars and Stripes to
guarantee the same protection
and conditions that exist at
home. Up iO fi certain point this
is. the American citizen's right,
but it has loo long been made the
basis for wars and the fearful
cost that il entails., in the move
ment for universal arbitration
and peace, properly riglus and
property loss should be eliminat
ed as giving any nation an ex
cuse for war. In urging- the
American citizens still in Mexico
to leave lhat country, President
Wilson lakes another advanced
stand in the diplomatic relations
bCiWeen nations lhat may lead to
a new epoch in-Ihe responsibili
ties of governments. In our do
mestic life we youbl do the same
thing get. out of llie danger
zone. v liy not in revolution in
fested Mexico? There i loo
much buncombe about patriot
ism and national honor being in
volved in these irfiernational dis
putes. Nine limes out of ten nei
ther is at the bottom of the trou
ble. Selfish interests, mercenary
exploitation are the factors
mostly in evidence. President
Wilson's course in the Mexico
difficulties is a .wise one, and vvill
ret'iye'tlie; hearty,- support and
commendation 1 from the people
as a whole. Tin; outcome will be
watched with interest by every
nation on the globe if it succeeds
a great step will have been taken
in the march toward a higher in
ternational civilization.
An Old Prophecy Is About to Ba
fulfilledf Says Pastor Russell.
i .
It Applied to Jesus Personally, but
; Also to tho Body of Christ, the-
Church Tho Kings of trie Earth.
' Tho Rulers Amongst God's People.
Their Coalition Vain God Will
Laugh at Them Jesus Will Deride
Them Tho Breaking as a Potter's
Vessel Will Follow Those Who Put
Their Trust In Him Will B Blessed.
On the Atlantic,
September 7. Psis
tor Russell's text
for t o it .i y was:
"He tiiat sitteth in
the Heavens slia'I
lansh; the Lord
shall have them in
derision." (Psalm
2:4.) lie said: The
vast ocean, on
which this lately
ship is hut a toy,
rorai n tl s me of
fJod's mercy, like
tho wideness of the sea," anl also of
the vastness of Divine Power, ami hu
man insignificance in comparison. Hu
manity may justly feel i ncoura::el ly
the progress made in the past century.
Mighty ships of steel, a thousand feet
long, carrying thousairds of passengers,
have replaced, the wooden dories of a
century ago. Propelled by steam, they
are Indeed leviathans of the deep. The
oceans have been underlaid with ca
bles of steel, carrying intelligence to
the ends of the earth. AnU this majes
tic steamer is outfitted with a wireless
system of telegraphy, by which she Is
continuallv in touch with sister vessels
and with the world. And these fro
only a few of the many avenues of
progress being trodden in our day.
Those not guided by tike Word of tho
Ijnt are puffed wilh pride, and dis
posed to feel that our grandparents a
little way back w ere mere monkeys.
(JcmI's people, guidcl by their Fa
ther's Word, and by the spirit of a
sound mind, are ,'ield back from such
delusion. They see that there are not
many great or miuhty today, as coin
pared with the rotables of the past.
They see Hint Cod is behind the won
derful developments of today; for wc
are living In "the day of His prepara
tion'' (Xabum 2:3) for Messiah's King
dom, and tho Peign of a thousand
voar These perceive that 'led is
gradually lifting the veil of ignorance
and superstition; and that, according
to Ills promise, men are now seeing
out of obscurity.
Withal, our blessings are coniinu- in
a most natural way. The printing
press, present day mail service, tele
graph systems and telephones, and
world-wide education, are bringing
the thinkers of rartji in close touch the
world over. Scarcely is a discovery
made of any kind, anywhere, that Is
not known world-wide within a week.
A million minds engage upon the same
project, with the result that tliere are
still further improvements, still more
wonderful Inventions and all these
procedures repeated! Surely tho only
explanation is that God is back of the
present Intelligence now coming to the
world. His time has come t bring
blessings to mankind, instead of tte
curse which, so long has prevailed.
Kings of Earth Set Themselves.
The kings of the earth, in a broader
sense, include financial kings and cap
tains of industry, as well as politi al
chieftains. These wise men of the
world have grasped tho situation only
in part. They perceive the blessings
and the riches rolling in upim tin?
world through human invention, and
are fortifying themselves in luxury
and power beside tho golden streams
they have corralled.
Thus they have "set themselves,"
according to our text. Moreover, the
rulers of the people the ecclesiastical
rulers and princes are alliliatel with
them. Together they take counsel.
Their next step will be to put their
counsels Into practice.
"Let Us Break Their Band3."
For centuries past kings and govern
ments have been more or less restrain
ed by tho peoples they governed. And
the peoples have been more cr less
guided by tho Bible, and its spirit of
liberty. The new conditions of our
day, however, have evaded many of
tho regulations and restraints of the
past The restraints are necessarily
unequal to tha new conditions. And
the people are intent upon making new
regulations to cope with the Trusts
and the wealth of the financial kings,
and with the great power of political
kings, as represented in modern mili
tary armaments and organizations.
The Bible Is the great stronghold of
liberty. Through it the masses of civ
ilization Lave learned that kings and
peasants, rich and roor, must all even
tually stand before the Judgment Scot
and be judd by one Law. r Thisame
IJible pprtijvs to tbe public tbe.'I ine
Plalit the .roming Jubilee of PestiM;
tion the roii'lng away ot the curse and
the installation of God's : blessing,
through Median's Kingdom. It
that the Messianic Kingdom is near,
and that it will be inaugurated in the
midst of a great Time of Trouble,
symbolically represented by St. Peter
as a conflagration, a? respects eccle
ft?" Vs'S
siastical Interests, and subsequently
the social interests of the world.
Thus the Bible stands; and the spirit
if hope and liberty which it inculcates
Is the Divine restraint, tbe "bands,"
tho "cords," of our context. "The
ings of the earth set themselves; and
:he rulers take counsel together against
Jehovah and His Anointed, saying, Let
us break their bands asunder, and cast
lway their cords from us."
The form which this opposition will
assume toward the Bible and its spirit
3f liberty, the spirit of tbe New Dis
pensation, is difficult to detail in ad
cance. We see, however, under the
luldance of the New Testament, that
this prophecy Jiad a very limited ful
aimcnt at the First Advent; and the
fulfilment there may give us h. clue to
ihe larger fulfilment now nigh at hand.
Jesus the Head, the Church His Body.
Tho Lord's Anointed is The Christ of
glory Jesus the Head, tho overcom
ing Church the Body. This prophecy
jlfc-is fulfilled in respect to Jesus when
fllate and Herod, as representing the
worldly powers, took counsel with, the
chief priests, Scribes a nd I'harisces, as
representing the rulers of the people of
(IoL Tho religious rulers were lead
ers, prime movers. In the opposition.
What happened to the Master Him
self in tho way of opposition from the
religious rulers and, under their insti
gation, from the political rulers, is
what we sbotrid expect shortly as the
fulfilment of this prophecy. The op
position that will arise will be against
the Lord and against those who are
particularly His representatives and
mouthpieces in the world. The feder
ated religious interests, fearful of the
Truth, and with cherished plans op
posed to it, will shortly denounce it as
Caiaphas denounced Jesus. His dec
laration was, It is expedient that one
man perish, rather than our whole na
tion. (John ll:rx.) As Jesus was cru
cified "for the good of the cause," as
seen by the religious rulers, so we may
expect that the last saintly members
of the Body of Jesus will similarly
suffer for tho supposed good of the
cause, as viewed by tho Scribes and
Pharisees of our Day.
God In Heaven Shall Laugh.
When Jesus was crucified,. His ene
mies supposed that His influence
would bo gone, and that their projects
would flourish. But God laughed at
them, for they were really accomplish
ing His will. It was necessary in har
mony with God's arrangement that
Christ should suffer. Similarly, it is
necessary that the last members of the
Church, the Body of Christ, should
suffer with Him and enter into His
glory, by tho resurrection "change."
Then, too, instead of succeeding, the
plans of the rulers all failed. Under Di
vine disfavor they entered tho time of
trouble, which culminated in the com
plete overthrow of their polity. Here
we are to expect the same. The Di
vine purposes, instead of being thwart
ed, will be helped onward by human
opposition to the Divine Plan.
The plans of 'these kings and rulers
will be measurably carried out because
(soo verse 1) tho heathen, the Gentiles,
Ihe irreligious, will rage, will be In
tumult, striving for liberty and bless
ings in their own strength, not know
ing of the Divine arrangement for the
inauguration of tho new Kingdom,
which is to bless all the families of the
cart h. Genesis 28:14; Galnti.ins 3:10,29.
The declaration further is that "the
people the favored people of God,
nominal Christendoml will imagine a
vain thing." They will be deceived, as
they are at present, into the expecta
tion that thnj will be able to convert
the world and bring in tho Messianic
Kingdom, or into believing, as some
do, that Messiah's Kingdom has al
ready come and has ineffectually been
attempting the control of the world un
til now. They are waiting now for a
few millions to bo poured into the
missionary treasury to ctlect tne
world's conversion and to insure God's
will being done on earth as in Heaven.
The picture of God's laughing at the
poor human pride which will thus
vaunt itself is a, forceful one. The
failure that vvill come both to the pro
fessed people of God and to the world
will be a great lesson in humility
never to be forgotten. The absurdities
of the position would make all laugh
if they could strip themselves of thei:
pride and realize that, without Divine
interposition, God's will could never
prevail on earth as In Heaven.
A Haughty Spirit Before a Fall."
The Lord's next step will be to pro
duce the Time of Trouble, which will
teach mankind the great lesson they
have declined to learn otherwise.
"Then shall He speak to them in His
wrath, and vex them in His sore dis
pleasure." That will be the Time of
Trouble so prominently mentioned
I'iroughout the Bible, "a time of trou
ble such as never was since there was
a nation," "no, nor ever shall be'' aft
erward. Daniel 12:1; Matthew 24:21.
Human pride, human schemes, which
have Ignored the Divine Program, will
all in that time of troublo show their
weakness. Tbe result will be as describ
ed by the Prophet. But "when the judg
ments of tbe Lord are abroad in the
earth, the inhabitants of tho world will
learn righteousness." (Isaiah 2C:9.) Hu
manity's heartaches and disappoint
ments will eventuate in blessings,, as
they shall realize God's great and
wonderful Plan, with its length and
breadth and height and depth of in
finite Love, in the Kingdom of Mes
siah. "The desira of all nations shall
come." (Haggai 2:7.) The iron rule
will compel obedience, while the Mes
sage of God's grace will, as promised,
go forth as the Sun of Righteousness.
inaugurating the New Day.
The concluding verses of this pro
phetic rsalm clearly indicate that the
trouble under Messiah's Kingdom will
burn against those persons and those
Institutions whica are unjust, un-
rinleous, unholy.' Oa flie contrnr, all
who love righteousness aud hate 'in
iquity will be welcomed to associate
themselves under Messiah's standard,
whether they bo rich or poor, influen
tial or otherwise.
As Seen In Former Times.
' However strange it may appear to
us now, a serious misinterpretation of
this very prophecy of the Second
Psalm was made by our wcll-intent'on-ed
forefathers. And that misinterpre
tation brought into the world a vast
amount of trouble and persecution.
; It t-arne to be generally believed that
the Redeemer would not come 1o set
up His Kingdom, to bind Satin and fo
bless the world. A new theory rose,
gradually culminating in the year 800
A. D. It claimed that the Church, be
foro experiencing the resurrection
"change" at tho Second Coming of
Christ, was already the Kingdom of
God and fully authorized to reign. Un
der this theory, missionary work was
carried on with a vengeance. The
sword, the thumb-screw, the rack and
the stake, as well as the national wars,
were all considered proper agencies
for the enforcement of the Christian
faith. This Second Psalm was espe
cially appealed to as the authorization
for such vnchristian conduct.
It was claimed that, although Jesus
was absent, His Church was author
ized to reign over the kingdoms of the
earth, and to bring them into subjec
tion. All kinds of intrigue and schem
ing were considered to be Justifiable
to the accomplishment of the Divine
purpose; that Messiah through the
Church should conquer the world, that
the nations might be broken with a
religious sceptre of Iron and dashed
to pieces, or plotted against and torn
In pieces by their subjects, as might
be possible. The kings and the
judges of the earth who recognized the
Church as Messiah's Kingdom were
accounted wise. They must serve with
fear and literal trembling. On many
occasions verse 12 was quoted as a
warning to kings and to princes that
they must keep in linn with the be
hests of the Church kiss the eon, a
claimed viee-gcrent of Christ lest be
be angry a nd they perish by the way.
As Revelation 20:1-5 tells us tbat th
Reign of Messiah's Kingdom Is to be for
a thousand years, and that during that
time Satan Is to be bound, so It was
claimed that this ecclesiastical system
must thoroughly bind and dominate
Satanic power, as represented In every
thing that opposed it. In full harmony
with this misinterpretation were tome
of the facts.
For exactly a thousand years Ec
clesiasticisui prospered and ruled the
world from A. D. 800 to A. D. 1790.
The spell which had held Kurope and
much of tbe world for ten centuries
was broken by Napoleon. When be
carried the Tope a prisoner to France,
the world wondered. Could it be that
tho spiritual power of Christ's King
dom was ineffective against the great
General, Napoleon? What did it mean?
The answer eanio promp.tly enough
that this was merely another fulfil
ment of Scripture tbe loosing of Sa
!n at the end of the thousand years,
(itevelation 20:7-10.) The prediction
vas made, and fully believed, that
very soon tho adverse conditions would
pass . away, and the ecclesiastical
throne be re-established in greater
rtower and glory than ever before. But
instead, Ecclesiasticism has 'waned.
In September 1S70 its last support gave
way in the French defeat of Sedan.
Forthwith the King of Italy took away
the last vestige of temporal power.
Awakening of Bible Students.
Since then, Bible students, and in
deed tho whole world, are awakening
to the fact that no real Millennium
of blessing was enjoyed during the
thousand years nf the rast. We see
instead that it was a period of great
darkness, superstition and Ignorance.
Furthermore, the whole world is be
coming convinced that tho blessings
that have come to us during the past
century are not of Satan, but of God.
Indeed, wo are learning more awt
more to appreciate the fact that all
these wonderful things of steam pow
er and electricity, with their hundreds
of applications for tbe advancement of
science ail the blessing of humanity,
are foregleams of the true Millennium.
More and more we are realizing tbit
we are in the dawning; of that New
Day, and that the present time of sel
entific development and enlightenment
is but a preparatory epoch, making
ready for the coming blessings of Mes
siah's Kingdom. The Scriptures indeed
describe the present as "tbe day of Hi
preparation" preparation for the
thousand years of Messiah's Reign ami
tbe blessing of mankind.
It is not for us to say dogmatically
how soon these blessings will burst
upon the world in fullest measure.
Some Scriptures indeed seem to Indi
cate that they are rery close impend
ing; but the great Time of Trouble
Mth "which these blessings will be in
augurated is almost upon us. Tbe dis
content prevalent everywhere Is lead
ing on rapidly toward tho trouble.
How much need we hare to remem
ber our text! How much the kings
and princes of the world need to be in
struct ed and to be wise to servo the
Lord with fear, and to rejoice with
hope and yet with carefulness! now
much all men need to remember th
closing words of the Psalm: "Blessed
are all that put their trust In Him."
The glorious. Head of the Kingdom
was exalted more than eighteen cen
turies ago. The First Resurrection will
soon complete the Body of Christ,
the Church, through which God hA3
designed-. '.that reconciliation shall be
extended to the world. - Soon the King
dom will take to Itself Its great power.
Under the Headship of The Messiah.
it will ero forth conquering, for the par.
pose of blessing, uplifting humanity,
for whom Christ died.