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    MONDAY, . AUGUST 1&, 1913.
PAGE .5.
William Suizer
But Seven State Executives
Have Been on Trial In
Years - Past.
IIILE the activities of the
Xew York state legislature to
impeach (Joreruor "YilIinm
Suizer were at their height, his
friends were loud in their denunciation
of the methods and means- e-ruploj-ed
by the Frawley 5nvesU?atiug.comniit-tf-e,
upon whose idin;rs the action of
the legislature is based. IIadJover
j;or Suizer consented to pubxuit'to the
domination of Charles F. Murphy, lead
er of Tammany Hall, his friends as
sert, and had turned over tbe stcte to
him and thfit organization to exploit
as they saw Hit, there would have been
no hue and cry airrucst him. On the
other hand, it is pointed out, no ques
tion of the moral turpif-ide of Tam
many Hall cr its leader is now involv
ed. I"nb:aed citizens are unanimous
In declaring that whatever may be the
puilt or innocence or those who op
pose the governor, if the charges
against him are tru. Lis impeachment
and his speedy withdrawal from the
public life of the state are imperiitire.
.According to the findings of the joint
legislative committee. Leaded by Sen
ator James .T. I raw ley, upon which
the impeachment proceedings are
based, Covernor is declared
guilty of swearing to a false report to
the secretary of state as to the total
campaign contributions received " by
bir.i. At th; same time the accusation
is made that he converted these sur
plus contributions to his own private
use, and that, while governor, during
a period when he was rigorously press
ing legislation against the New York
Stock Fxchance, he engaged in stock
tpeculation upon that exchange.
To these statements Governor Sui
zer has entered a general denial. Yv'hat
his real defense will be only the fu
ture developments of the impeachment
proceedings will make clear.
Few Governors Impeached.
Net often has the chief executive of !
ft sovereign state of the Union been im
peached. In fact, only seven governors
of states have been impeached since
the adoption of the federal constitution,
according to the information assembled
by Roger Foster in his "Commentaries j
A Sir
tv- kjC4fc. i
i tt-?vs'
HV&V U-C-rSti' '
';' -.'fx--- - r
Photo by Arrrfrat; Yt??s A??oc1atloi.
goxi:noe williaii srxzK.r..
on the Constitution of the United
.-Mates. ui tne seven oiuy two c.e
found guilty and removed-David Hut- 1
ier of Nebraska and William II. Ilolden
of North Carolina. The latter was re
moved by a hostile senate following his
activities in putting down the Kuklux
Klau in his state in the reconstruction
A third governor resigned on the
understanding that tbe charges against
Li in would be Cropped. The term of a j
fourth expired before Lis trial was com-
pleted, and further proceedings were j
nbandoned. The others were acquitted ;
or the impeachment proceedings were
abandoned before a vote was taken. !
The states represented in the list are ;
-Florida. Mississippi, Arkansas. Louis- i
una, euraska, jsortn aroL:na and
The 5rt American governor to be
ac cused in any proceeding analogous to
the present d.iy impeachment was Gov
ernor Seth Sothell of the colony of
North" Carolina. .who was suspended by
th proprietors of the colony in a let
ter dated Dec. 2, ICSi). on charges nude
t'.r the inhabitants of th countr of Al
bomarie and approved by the assem- 1
My. One charge was that he had seiz
ed nr.d imprisoned two persom coming
Int the coj:nty from Barbados with
proper credentials on the pretense that
they were pirate. One of them died
i-i prison, and the governor took Lis
property and converted it to his own
use. Other charges of withdrawing
for a money consideration accusations
against person charged with felony !
nr.d treason and of unlawfully seizing j
land and cattle also were mnd-j against 1
Kans?.3 Governor Tint.
The firt hupeachnieiiSof a governor
o' fn American .-tate "'a: that (f 1
chr.rle iJobii-o:', ovprD?r of Kania?
in lsJ-J.
The first legislature of Kansas had"!
Authorized in 1SC1 an issue of Si5 000 '
the Eighth
to Be Impeached
Of These Only Two Were
Found Guilty and
bonds to defray current expenses.
Governor Robinson, the secretary of
state and the state auditor were au
thorized to negotiate for the sale of
the bonds. The only probable custom
er at .the time, tbe .beginning of the
civil war, was the federal government,
which held money in trust for Indians
and was authorized to invest these in
"safe and profitable stocks."
The secretary of state and auditor
employed Robert Stevens, a Kansas
politician of some prominence, to eon
duct the negotiations. Stevens was
chosen because of business relations
existing between him and Caleb li.
Smith, the secretary of the interior.
Stevens fai!ed to 'sell the bonds
through Secretary Smith and finally
pot K. G. Corwin, a claim ageat, who
I was connected by marriage with the
Corwin put through negotiations for
the purchase of the bonds out of the
Indian fund? provided. The entire
Kansas. delegation at Washington ap
proved of the purchase 'n writing.
This approval was obtained except in
the case of United Slates Senator
I.ane. He based his refusal on the
ground of fear that if Stevens got Lis
commission he would use the money
to buy votes to elect himself in the
place of L,ane, who had a majority of
only one in the state legislature.
Thereupon $1.(X0 was paid to Lane's
private secretary, who procured the
senator's signature through misrepre
sentation. The state house of representatives
impeached the three olficials who Lad
been authorized to sell the bonds:
The secretary of state and the auditor
were convicted and removed from of
fice. Governor Ilobinson was acquit
ted. Florida Case Dropped.
On Nor. fi, 3 SOS, the Florida house of
representatives impeached Governor
Harrison Heed on charges of falsehood
and lying in official matters, of incom
petency, of unlawfully declaring va
cant many seats in the legislature, of
embezzlement from the state treasury
and of corruption and bribery iu his
This formidable series of charges
was presented for trial to eight sena
tors, there being so many vacancies
that eight was a majority. The im
peachment had automatically suspend
ed Heed from otlice until the conclu
sion of the trial. Lieutenant Governor
"William II. Gleason issued a proclama
tion announcing th.-i he hud taken pos
session of the office of governor, and
the assembly adjourned to the first of
the following January. "When the sen
ate refused to take the same adjourn
ment Gleason adjourned it himself to
the same clay.
Governor Keed meanwhile refused to
surrender Lis office and asked the state
supreme court to pass oij the legality
of the proceedings. The court upheld
i:eeds position and removed the lieu-
I tenant governor from office on the
ground of ineligibility. The United
court then upset the
removal of Gleaswii
ernor, and with th
as lieutenant gov-
.e incoming cr tiie
newly elected legislators on the 1st of
January both houses, with vacancies
rilled, recognized Governor Heed, and
the impeachment proceedings were
One of the most interesting impeach
ment cases historically was that of
Governor William AY, lloldea of North
Carolina in December, 170. The Ku
Llux Klau Lad committed a cumber
of whipI,iu;rR and murders in Alamanee
arul faswell counties, ami the local
authorities had taken no action. Gor
ernor Ilolden, under act of the legisla
ture, declared the two counties to be
i-i i cf'ito nf fiicn rrif't tiiTk an? cnt ml.
litia to enforce order. The otficer iu I
command. Colonel George W. Kirk, ar
rested and imprisoned many civilians
and refused to obey writs of habeas
corpus obtained from the chief justice
of the state on behalf of some of these
military prisoners.
i Habeas Corpus Suspended.
Chief Justice I'earsun held that the
! writ of habeas corpus could be sus
j pended onry by the legislature, which
i had not authorized the suspension, but
! at the same time in an opinion dwelt
j upon the seriousness of the situation
! and the inevitability of more c ivil war
j if the writ were to' be enforced by the
; county authorities against the state au-
thorities and directed that the writ be
! sent to the governor. "If the'governor
: does not honor it," he said, ' I have dis-
charged my duty; the iover of the ju-
cliciary is exhausted, and the responsi
bility must rest on the executive."
Governor Ilolden replied to the chief
justice, giving his reasons for his ac
tion and maintaining his position.-
The opponents of the governor there
upon obtained an injunction restrain
ing the state treasurer and the pay
master from paying out money for tbe
prosecution of military operations in
the two counties. Governor Holden re
moved the paymaster upon whom the
injun.ti'm was served and appointed
another, who got the money from the
treasurer and raid the troops.
T!e ccv:-rnr wa? ii'ic2c!22d
tried. 11 ! acqnitte-i ef asy ni--co;:Jjct
in d?clarii:- tho pr eoacties
ln laarreeUD and in taking military
possession of them, but was convicted
- -.-
on charges of causing unlawful arrest3,
bringing troops in from another state
and Tiolating the writ of habeas cor
pus. He was removed and disquali
fied from holding office again under the
The year 3S71 saw two governors
impeached, Fowell Clayton of Arkan
sas and David Butler cf Nebraska.
It was charged against Governor
Clayton that he had conspired to de
prive the lieufenar.tgorernor of Lis of
fice, that he had romored certain
judges" illegally and that be had partic
ipate'! in election frauds and Lad un
lawfully issued state bonds for the
benefit of certain railroads.
Locked Governor Tip.
The house of representatives sus
pended him pending the trial, and a
resolution was adopted that he should
be locked in the executive chamber
and the door nailed up so that he ccxild
not get away to act.
Governor Clayton escaped and in
formed the Louse that he had been
advised that it had no power to sus
pend him pending the trial.
When the articles of impeachment
reached the senate 'that body adopted
rules for the court of impeachment
which were so .stringent in the matter
of time to be taken up in argument
and in their details that the board of
managers from the Louse reported it
could not handle the case under such
restrictions and was discharged. A
second lxard of managers was chosptj,
whi- h reported that it had been unable
to lind evidence upon which to base
l?t', by -American Trcs As'O'iation.
tUAjir.r.s F. siur;wn.
the inipeachuieut. n the recommen
dation of the committee the house
dropped the matter.
Governor Uutlor of Nebraska was
charged with appropriating some .i!lo,
000 of state moneys to his own ue,
with the acceptance of bribes, with un
lawfully giving state lands to a run
road company the Sioux City and Pa
cific and with selling certain state
lands and pocketing part of the pro
ceeds. The governor was a-",juiited cn
all the charges except that of the mis
appropriation of the $lt;,0Ui. On this
charge members of both political par-,
ties united in finding him guilty, and
he was removed from oSice.
In 1V-TJ Governor Hnnry C. War
moth of Louisiana was imiached on a
long list of counts, which included the
forcible expulsion from otiice of the
secretary of state, various unkiWiiu
appointments, connivance in the forci
ble ejection of a judge from . filet? in
order to obtain possession of his court
for ttse in setting aside an election
board, the offer of a bribe of $.V,oo
to Lieutenant Governor I. K. S. linfh
bneic if the latter would organize the
state senate in Warmoth's interest
and a number of charges of intimida
tion of officials and offers of bribes.
Proceedings Dropped.
r.efore the trial was concluded the
governor's term of otiice had expired,
and the senate asked the advice of the
chief justice regarding continuing the
trial. "I question the policy of kick
ing a eleadTion," Chief Justice!
i:ig said in his opinion, and tho senate
agreed with him and dropped the pro
ceedings. In ISTG Adelbert Ames, governor of
Mississippi, was impeached and tried
by the state senate, but resigned be
fore a verdict was rendered. Ames, a
Hepublioan governor of n southern
state in the days of reconstruction, was
charged with a long list of offenses,
including the defrauding of the state
of ."..7o0 by giving contracts for pris
on labor to personal friands without
public letting, conspiring to slander a
political opponent, unlawful removal
of various oitiecrs ;md the unlawful re
tention in oriice of others. Me aiso
was charged with inciting race riots
by iullaiumatory speeches and granting
a pardon to a felon upon the payment
of 3.uiH to a third person.
Before the trial was t concluded the
gcvernor wrote a letter to the house
saying that on account of the embar
rassment caused by the election of a
hostile legislature he desired to resi-rn,
but that he would not do so wluie th?
proceedings were peniing against Lira.
S?o the houss adopted a resolution, bas
ing the preamble on this lelter. with
drawing the impeachment, the senate
approved, and Ames resigned.
ln the same year the lieutenant gov
ernor, Alexauder K. Davis, was im
peached on a Charge of selling a par
dn t" a ceT?victsci ruuidfrr?-r whiJ? tc
gov'rnr w? absnt frem th stal?
and vras coriTjted. 'r?n:''vei and d:s
qaalified in spit" of hio attempt to l?
ty-; : r -' .-f-V
. . ..... x-frv,
J'.A.-'''-'?? v1 3 v ri0'. S
of the News
Right Off the Reel
A brand new dance, the "pussy
KUtak," comes from Onset, Mass.
Statistics show that the United
States is- the greatest meat eating na
tion in the world.
The lialkan government has adver
tised in the German newspapers for
S.Oiiu artificial legs.
A lumberman in Wisconsin, eighty
three years old. just married, has a
bride of the same age, and they have
courted fifty years.
A prisoner serving a life sentence in
Jefferson City, Mo., applies for a par
don, and witnesses swear the man he
was convicted of murdering is still
In the spring of 1S41, when William
T. Osborne of Newburg, N. Y.. was
twenty-nine years old. four doctors
told him he had consumption and could
not live long. Recently he celebrated
Ids one hundred and first birthday.
The four doctors are (lead and have
been manv years.
Slant Eyed Belles Now Carry Striped
and Spotted Serpents.
To make pels of snakes is the latest
hobby ef Japanese society, ac-cording
to recent dispatches from Tokyo.
I'ashioiiable women are cultivating a
fancy for small live serpents. They
have about them ihe harmless-spotted
Leel backs and striped snakes, which
are easily tamed.
The man who has done more thai
anybody else to establish this hojjby
is Kinjiro Nakami.ra. who Las been
ei;g.ic.ed in the snake business for
more than twenty years and who has
a wonderful assortment of reptiles.
The most productive? districts for
snakes in Japan are certain mountain
sections near Touyo and Nikl.o. Here
they a!'; caught ia large numbers.
Japanese snake catchers drh:k sake be
fore starling out to hunt large ser
pen??, so that they wiil not be stupe
fied by the ' breath"' of the
reptile. ,
.V real combat occurred recently be
tween ihree no-n and a serpent twenty
feet iontr. The snake poised Its head
about six feet above ground, knocked
two men down with its tail, rendered
another tmcor.sciuus with i!s "poison-o;-s
breath"' and 1h n escaped.
Ibit Mr. Nakamuru has found oilier
uses for snakes. He says they are
popular as tonics fr the digestive or
gans and t hat some are used success
fully :!s n remedy for pulmonary con
sumption. There is the fHd question
too. Nakamura says that the Japa
nese viper is splendid as a stimulant
either in powdered form or eaten with
Japanese soy. In the districts around
Nikko rice with snake fricassee is eou-
sidored a most royal dish. The viper
is Iso pood as a cure for sfomaoh
trouble if taken soaked iu Japanese
Mixed Blood Apparently Responsible
For Increase in Numbers.
Indian statistics, just made public by
the census bureau, show that the red
men are not decreasing in number, but
the half i:reous are responsible for the
growth iu the Indian population. They
have larger and more vigorous families
than the pure bloods, and the statisti
cians conclude that the pure bloods are
destined to disappear.
The total Indian peculation of the
United States in l'.UO was given as
LY,.-.G$.'? and of Alaska as'-j.o.SCl. More
than one-half are full bloods, 35 per
cent are of mixnl blood, and for S per
cent information was not obtainable.
There is little intermingling of Indian
and negro blood, more than nine-tenths
of the half caste being of white parent
age. Only were of mixed negro
blood, and onTy I'M had all three
Oklahoma has the largest Indian pop
ulation of any state and also the lar
gest percentage of mixed bloods. There
are many "squaw men" in the tate
who have married Indian women to be
enrolled as sharers 'in the tribal es
tates. Utah, New Mexico. Arizona and
Colorado show more than So per cent
of fall bloods, and Iowa and Missis
sippi have n large percentage of pure
Moods in the Fox and Choctaw tribes.
In the wlutie country there are -SO In
dian tribes, speaking fifty-six lan
guages. "HEART EATERS"
Sosiety Similar to Black Hand
pears In Pittsburgh.
A rivpl of the Waek Hand society
lately, made its appearance in Pitts
burgh in the form of the "Society of
; Heart Eaters." T!je following letter
! was received by Vincent Facilio:
Hvad nvJ pjij- attention. VV ak for
' 51. "''' If you don't execute our eomroand
i ti w?'i kin you and your family. V.'e
j wi:i, biim- Tip jour hcus? and v ill tak
' "t".e ;r a;-- s. !:!;;:: ""-$ e;0 c-jt f
vnu: T "ji-i i-i -"J!' 'iao if v-j 3cr.'t
'denes'. j:.w pear tk EraddrrL 2 enu
l O'.'tr cr prepare to have your
j heart aten.
Hoped sr.s Will Testify Before
Senate Committee.
Rtlict of Siain Mexican President
Could Give Many Facts to Adminis
tration Which Would Aid It In Deal
ing With Present Situation Woman
cf Great Moral Strength.
As a possible means of aiding the
administration in dealing with the
Mexican situation, Mrs. Madero. w-idow
of the slain president of the warring
republic, may testify before the senate
committee on foreign relations at
Friends of the Madcros hope that
Mrs. Madero will appear before the
committee. They say she has a great
amount of first hand Information con
cerning the betrayal of her husband
and the participation of the former
American ambassador in events lead
ing up to the resignation of Madero.
These friends say she will make an ex
cellent witness, that she speaks Eng
lish fluently and is dramatic.
She is beloved by all of the little
band of revolutionists In the United
States. They regard her as a:i ex
traordinary woman. -One enthusiast
said recently that the physical and
moral strength of Mrs. Madero is won
derful. During the turbulent scenes
In the City of Mexico on Feb. IS Mrs.
Madero never once lost her poise nor
a full comprehension of her position,
her admirers say.
Huerta Clouds Situation.
"Washington officials read with inter
est the recent declaration of Aureliano
Urrutia, the Mexican minister of the
interior, that President Huerta would
not resign and, moreover, would brook
no interference on the part of foreign
ers in his administration.
"While no plan that ibe American
government has had under serious con
sideration Involved any direct interfer
ence in Mexican affairs, the admitted
attitude of the administration is one of
unalterable opposition to the recogni
tion cf the Huerta regime.
V.'ithout the recognition of the Unit
ed States, leading Mexicans have de
clared that Mexico would not bo able
to extricate itself from its financial
difficulties. On this account it had
been believed In Washington that
press .ire would be brought to bear to
persuade Huerta to resign.
The announcement that he has de
termined not to do so has beclouded
the situation somewhat and has spur
red the Constitutionalists to further
activity to obtain the repeal of the
embargo on arms. They claim that if
they do not get arms the revolution
will bo a protracted struggle. With
munitions of war they say they can
quickly bring matters to a crisis.
Mediation Not Abandoned.
Despite these conditions, the admin
istration has not altogether abandoned
the hope that mediation nifty prevail.
It I believed that, in view of the
depleted condition of the Mexican
treasury and, the Jong end hard cam
paign which is bound to result if the
present status is maintained. Huerta
may bo influenced to suspend hostili
ties and hold an election. Carranza,
It is thought, could be induced to sus
pend fighting if Huerta would elimi
nate himself from the elections and
abide by the rote. Carranza will not
agree to anything which includes the
participation of Huerta. He has said
so directly and through his junta in
Washington. Members of the latter
hare declared that, while they did
not beliere there would be any media
tion, Carranza would agree to any
thing reasonable. These members add
ed that Carranza does not seek the
presidency: that all he desires is the
punishment of Huerta for his treach
ery to Madero.
C. O. D. Plan Aids Merchant to Collect
From Unwary Debtors.
A Kansas merchant has. found a new
use for the parcel post. When the C.
O. D. feature rrent into efl'ect on .In!r
1 he ht upon an Idea to collect a num
ber of small accounts which he had
been carrying for some time and
which had caused cons;deratle loss
during a period of sereral rears.'
A number of small boxes were ob
tained and filled with waste paper and
on the tp was placed a receipted bill
for the proper amount A fire cent
sfsmp was required for each bo.r. and
the O. O. D. fee was 10 cents for each
package. The next day the returns be
gan to come in, and in nearly erery
case tho debtor paid the amount, sup
posing that the package contairted
something of ralue. but. of course, cot
being permitted to confirm this sus
picion before opening it.
Snake Half Cooked In Oven.
TThen Mrs. Guy Koine of Valencia,
Kan., started to make cookie3 one day
recently she got the portable oven for
Ler gasoline stove off the back porch I
aud placed It on the store without?
o'eniug the door. A few minutes j
lattr. th& crt gir brtttr. the
beard a ra.krt eg th's tte'e. 'js- wait- j
ed 'iiitil tbe ncije ce;iiscl. Tbnn he
opened the door and feittid a half
baked rattlesnake three feet icEfc.
Children Cry
hvaXXTN ill! lhxi
The Kind You Have Always
iu use for over UO yours
All Counterfeits, Initiations and dust .ns-gpood " are but
Hxperiuients that triilo vitli and enIanT Hie health of
Infants and Children Uxnerienco against HxperuuenU
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
gorie, lrojs and S.wuis. It is pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, JMorpI.iius" nor other .NareotieJ
substance. Its ae is its guarantee. Jt lestroys "Worms
and allays I'everisbness. For more than thirty years it
lias been in constant use for the relief of Constipation,
Flatulency, "Wind Colic, all J'eet Iiiiifr Troubles and
lMarrhcea. It rejrulates the Stomaeli and Iioxrels,
assimilates tbe; Food, iviti2r healthy and natural fclcep. -Tho
Children's Fanaeeu Tho lUot Iter's Friend.
tBears the
The Kind Yoa Rave Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Yesrs
A place wiutv wild flowers carpet tli ground, where the se-i, rri-p.
"-.jui-kliny :iir makes the che-ks rlov and the eye gli.-ten, where trout
abound and y-reat jjlacier-i lie hidden among the towering niouniain-, near
the highest overhanging precipice in the world.
In Ktes I 'ark you can climb, play golf or tet nis. ride, drive or motor. fili
aiiii camp out. You can live at a high class hotel or afone of many omfoi l
able smaller bbuses. and at mod -rate eot.
It is the 'ideal place for children: it's the ideal place to rest and regain pe r
fect health.
Let me .-.end yoa a line folder K:es l'arkvvith p'ctures and a vimn!
in-ill miwI -ill til... nt tl.. tiicl f.tti fii,t 'i I .If. l!ni-ii'li 1 n r tnii..iti unrl f f i .
charges. Let me 1 ell you how to go, and about the low furo c.curio
t ic!:et s now on ale. 'all. orwriie for an INtes I'ark pampJet to-day be
fore von forget it.
Pi an s
Most Liberal Building Offer Ever Made. We Positively
Wi!l Furnish our Customer? Free of Charge Pian3
for the Beautiful House Shown BeSow
Our Free
V.'itliout ary obligation on your pnrt v.a will gladly furnish 5'oii the
plan? for the above house dc?;gn and a.-sist ) "U in the selection of the
materials. We want to encourage home building and offer the best facili
ties and proposition ever made.
Savs Weney, Time and Wcrry
Our price of S','".!1 for th nbov,? Hols-'
Do.-: urn No. 115J at tl'" tniU and viit
cladlr qon;c a delivered price which v.iil
inaKe T'iu a hi? 5avi:i.t.
Jur sysri'in cf st'Iliti? a'l tho tnatori.ijs
f ron time ard ni'fd!''? c xu-ni-. We
niakff prompt delivery o! a'l the itsiis so as
tr aioid any dcU in too building operations.
Consult Us Before Building--It Will Pay You 1
Bi-fnre Luildiriff a linmi rou shouid call at our office aud let us fizure on the material.'!,
and offer yon some suggestions from our extended experience. W can save yv
moncr af be!p yoa to buiid the mjst attractive tai comfortable botae p&ssilile for tlie
moacy y&u liuvc to pjnd.
lae Your Wants in the
Journal Columns.
n Lama
fcr Fletcher's
lioright, ami which has hecii
has borne? the MjriuUtire oC
and has been mado tinder Inn per
- soual supervision jsinee its infancy
im one to deceive votlliilhis.
Signature of
p - A. V . M!
.! imii imi i ii
W. C. CLEMENT, Ticket Agent
L. Wr VAKELY, General Passenger igent, Omaha, Nebr.,
Weeks of August 1st and 17th
Buvsi All the
Materia 5 s
to Build this
8 Room
YWrn nouse
fiitc ii iijucs a juir.ncr,
mill work, lath, shingles,
? idinc-.flciorin tr, ceiling, fn: ip h
ing lumber, building paper.
Ipe, gutter, sash weights and
tardware. I'rice is at mill or
ltv. Ask us for freight-
paid price.
Plan Offer
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