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TH LlftS DAY, AUGUST 14, 1D13.
Our Deposits are guaranteed by, the
State Guarantee Fund
4 per cent interest paid on all Time
Deposits for one year.
Do your Banking Business with us.
W. G. BOEDEKER; Cashier
I iln a ry
flllll i t I
at the
1'oliel J
Mi-s c
i-tiM- in
i ii n'nl
I c i 1 1
an. I wile made a
( Nebraska City
Miss .Mae Lewis
folks Sunday.
William Nickels
well iluyr I Ills week.
visiled homo
having a
ara Ymiiiu" visited her
'jollX Cilv. Iowa", a few
days I a - t week.
.Miss III iImmI .-on. a I'i'iM la-s
mati of Mi-- Villa Capon, is tn"e
tMiest of the Capon family this
Mi s. IM II i--j - ami sou. liar.., I.
of Brew-! .-r. N-ji.. arrived Satur
day I'll. I will mako an extended
isii wii It r.-I tl i
.Mr. a;.. I .Mrs. . V. Ke
I u r n I from l'Iai::.- ie-,v
niuht. wlinv Ihoy
attend I ho funeral of
in'.I re
Tuesday hi'oji o
Mrs. ('. Wiley is n umbered
wilh Iho sick this week.
Miss Kliaholh Oliver is vi.-il-iiiii
friends in Palmyra a fov days.
.aiio I. owis was transacting:
bu-ine-s in Plallsmoulh Wednes
day. Poarl Duay is visiting rela
tives at Nehawka, ami I'nion this
Mis. Frank Ithodeu was look
inu aft.-r hu.-iuoss in IMal I -nioul h
Moih lay.
Miss Horlha Nickels was call
in mi Plaltsmouth merchants
Mr. an. I Mrs. s. ). Pitman ami
Mrs. I'.liner Hooilokor were shop-
Mr. II. 1'.. Sn..-r an. I eLildren. I pin;: in Omaha Momlay. -
f FairfioM. Inttii. -neul a . low Tin s,,riai :il lewi-ton va:i
ays tins wook wilh !:. lamily ol j -er pleasant affair. Kvory one
II. I.. !.!iam. Miss Silvder is a al I I'liiliii'- -ltrnf ;m ri able
more ii ii'iiiiam. I I'MMIIII'.
The I.a.lios Aid s..eiely i,r Iho; t;,.i-c Nickels was a I'latts-
Christian church will im.-.-I al Iho m,iul li vi.-ilor Sal unlay afternoon,
rhun h on ".-i 1 1 1 . i i . August Frank huuay. who lias hoon
J", at " 1 p. m. F.ry mem- iji,.,! wilh tho siok. is-much im-
l..-r is mm v uracil y r. .pie-led o , al this wi ilii!.
ho pro.i, as hu.inos: of. a vory wm .,mi,(ll1 la.,.. ,,, j;,,-
-rave imporiam-e w.U mine a (if iri Tl,.siiiv
!"r a, "",!- , :i ,,.. ,", Mrs. ,
Horl Saloholl rol ui m il Tuosdav I Al I isuu on hor ohl homo farm
niuhl from a trip ) Slanloii
ounty. where ho hail hoon on the
lookmil fur a farm. Mori ' -ue-
-ooih'il in loashm a lino tarm of
tt'0 aoros. within oi-hl
Stanton. I ho county oat
! a ko j. ii- ! in in I i mo
; oar's i-i oi.
milos uf
ami will)
for iu'vl
Fain 4:arr..ll
Phiiuviow. .oi..
for a isji v, it h
ami Mr-. Fharlo
ami family of
amo in Sal unlay
his paronts, Mr.
F. Farroll. Mr.
ami ro-poopo,in
t'.arroM. i'- w. ll
port s o I,,. i- 'asS o mi 1. 1 v
Plain, low noijjhl.oi hooii .o
a- w i 1 1 as (onl.l ho ovnoi-loil
.-i.Iorin' iho o!roino hoi
w oat In r.
Will Hamilton is tho man who
huil.l.s aeoor.iin to co.iliad.
Tho l.owi.slon Sunday school
w ill hao a picnic Thursday aft
oriToon. August Jl. Moot at Iho
ohurch al I o'clock. Kvory ono
is cordially invitod. I'arly picnic
suppor al ." o'clock. I if sure In
-on. I Iho children, or Ininv litem. K.' S. 'lull, . F.
I'rendol. v. lioodokor. Frank
Marlor Miss Klla .Nickels
entertained (h,. konsinulon for
l.lio lihrary 'I'hur.sday aflornooii al
tho homo of Mrs. Tull. I'efrosh-nionl-.s
wore served and has
hoon added In (ho lihrary treasury.
Yes It's Hot Weather Woiv,
But don't forget that in Dear
Old Nebraska it gets cold also, so
be wise and make those comforts
now. We have a nice line of Silk
alines -and comfort Cretonnes in
beautiful patterns and shades at
1 0c, 1 2c and 1 5c per yd.
Cotton bats in 1 0c, 1 5c and 25c
Our ready sewed bats can't be
Will Seyholl was an Omaha
visitor Tuesday.
TV 1 1 Smith's wife and youngest
child are on Iho sick list.
K. It. Oiit't')) was a Plal t smoul Is
visitor Saturday afternoon.
II. I. Todd was a passenger to
Omaha on business Monday.
IF ii. Todd and family expect
to start for Canada next week.
Uobert tioo.l lranacted husi
ness in Plallsmoulh Saturday.
Mrs. FaPiue and daus-'hter. Kva.
were "Omalia visitors Saturday.
I.. M. MoYey and family were
calling on Murray friends , Thurs
day. Fharles Swali and wife were
visiting friends at I'uiou Thurs
day. M. F.hurehill is now the
owner of a Hush aulo. (ioo.l foi-
Mrs. John Kppings is numheri'd
among' t!u few sick in this com
munity. Mrs. Fee Tharker has been
quite" sick for some time, hut is
Fnole Lewis llerg-e. who has
been poorly for some lime, re
mains' about the .same.
.Mis. F. M. (ioodwin was called
to Plallsmoulh Saturday by ill-
nes of her aired lather.
(ieorgo W. jUhoiJeit was down
from Plallsmoulh Wednesday to
look after some mailers on his
farm of (own.
Mises Xettie. .lossie Moore audi
F'ara Wolfarth wore down from
Plallsmoulh to spend Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. F. J). Iliall. Virgin of near Plainiow. by Jiis lit lb prui.
came in .Monday evening tor a few
days" visit with his parents ami
friends. "
i It'll Perry and family and O.
apen and wife autood to Lincoln
Sumlay nioruiiig and attended the
assembly, returning the same
Mis. Ir. 15. A. Itool and .son,
F-arl. of York, arried last J'riday
c ening" for a few days" visit with
Mr. Itool's parent.-. Mr. and Mi
Ji. A. Itool Sr.
Will File. Fharles Troop and F.
V.. Mitzger were in South Omaha
Tuesday attending" the horse sale,
and then Mr. Troop and .Mr. File
started for Folorado fo buy some
Iae Slagle.' wlio is holding
down a hoinosload in Wyoming,
came in Ibis week In assist in
settling up the estate of his father
and mother, after which lie will
return home.
Mrs. Minnie Wood and daugh
ter. Zolnia. ami son. Lelaud. came
down from Lincoln Tuesday even
ing for a visit with her uncle and
aunl. Mr. ami Mrs. li. A. Itool, and
other friends in this vicinity.
Hill Hoedekor. I In bronco buff
er and son of Henry lioedoker. a
former resident of Louisville, e
parled for his former homo in
Wyoming, where his fattier re
sides, one day this week, lie has
been 'living here for several
uionl lis.
S. O. Pitman ami wife and Mr.
and Mrs. Klnier li leker depa'rf-
od af ." o'clock Saturday morning
in Mr. Pitman's automobile lor
Orleans, la., and. readied their
destination al 7 o'clock Iho same
evening, a distance of miles.
That's going- some.
Hex Young", who was run over
bv an automobile near Plalts-
mouth a tew days since, is mruv
.-T-rioiisIy hurt than expected, ami
is confined to his bed. The at
tending 'physician thinks, how
ever, that Hex will get along: a-
well as conl.l lie reasonahlv ex
Jack SJjaw look- I). Sjirader t
Plal I sinoiit h Tuesday, from w hen
ho took the liurliiigton for Oma
ha. In returning homo .lack had
I he 'misfortune lo break some of
the gearing: of his machine and
all "day Wednesday he ami Jim
Haines were engaged in repairing
the eritlor.
Father M. A. Shine, rector of
St. John's church at Plaltsmouth,
came down and Dr. (Jilmoro had
his automobile in waiting at the
depot to convey him to the Dab
ney Thacker farm, southeast of
Murray. This is the neighborhood
whore"" explorers have been at work
taking up from the bowels of t-he
earth all kinds of relics of ancient
days. Father Shine is very much
interested in -such things, as is
also lr. r;ilmort who has already
.secured a number of valuable
relics and is anxious for more.
Entertainment at Oldham Home.
- An afternoon lunch and pro
gram will be given at the home of
11. L. Oldham Thursday. August
-M. for the benefit of the library
The following program will bo
Piano I uet
Yilla and FIsje Capon
Marie LTrish
Jara A oung
K.i.Uh Frish
(Iraee Long
liiMii'vivc Frish
Lura Lloyd
Yocal . .
Vocal .
Piano . ,
Vocal . .
Piano .
Vocal . .
Vocal . .
Vocal . .
After Examination of Numerous
Witnesses, on Motion of De
fense, Case Dismissed.
The case of Iho slate of Ne
braska against F.harles Clayton,
who is charged with grand lar
ceny in taking a pookelbook con-
Farrie Thomson taming tne sum oi m. neionging
Mrs. Win. Troop to Fdward Schwald. was given a
Loretla Walker preliminary hearing before Jus-
Hose ShafTe.r lie M. Archer this morning" and
Fhe program will begin al i::tO attracted a great deal oj atlen
and a charge of to cents will beltion. there being a large number
made tor refreshments. Men asfpresoiit al I he hearing from Mm
well as women are invited lo this h ay. whore the parlies in Iho cas.
n extra etfort will ho reside ami whore the crime was
entertain ti e men ilia . poscn 10 hum- peon eoimun-
made to
w ill al lend .Thursday afternoon at
the Oldham homo. Mr. Oldham
slates dial he has sal i:i Iho milk
house from lime lo time while th
women of his household gave aft
el'lioon kensillglolls. bill oil this
date he has decided to come out
in the open and do a little enlei
laming" hiiiise . So tning your
husbands, w il h voi
leod. The case was handled for
the slale bv J. F. Douglass, whib
A. L. Tidd appeared as attorney
fi r '.la Ion.
Fdward Schwald was Iho lirs
witness called by the slale am
told his side of the case. He had
hoon working al the farm of Schwald
Harry I odd. near .Murray, up to diiVoreul
Monday; August i, and had piit I the city
i ... r .1-. II.-...1I.-
oii a ( ouui i.o uoi joeiiu- won auu iiil'nl on
wine, ami two bodies of boor on
their way from Plallsmoulh.
Clayton bail accompanied biro to
Ihe room at lh holel w,here he
had slept. - There was no ligbl in
the room, but bo felt I he pocket
book there in his trousers when
ho-removed them. When he found
Clayton at. the blacksmith shop
Ihev had searched tho bedroom
to trv and lirnl the money, and
then gone to the lively barn t
look for it in the buggy, but fail
ed to find it. Ho had told Khodon
at the barn thai ho had lo-t a
g-old niece. After this ho had
gone down the track ami slept
from noon . unt il evening in' the
grass south of the depot and then
gone back to town.
J. W. Uergor, the proprietor, of
Iho. hotel whore the two men had
stayed during the night, testified
thaj he saw Clayton leave the
house about 7 o'clock in Iho
morning". bill did not- know of
Schwald being there until his
granddaughter had gone to the
room lo clean it up and had found
him. and she nolitied Mr. Uergor.
who' had gone to the room ami
woke the young man up. This
was aboul S o'clock in the morn
ing. The defendant was placed on
die stand and denied having had
anlhing- to do with the loss of
New York Executive su
i Impeached by Lower
House of Legislature.
Mrs. H. G. Todd Entertains.
Mrs. II. O. Todd entertained
Tuesday afternoon at her largo
ami handsome homo. south of
town, for her coif-in. Miss fiaird.
The afternoon was warm, but a
lai'ge electric fan made the guest
comfortable. Miss liaird expects
to start a rooming" house at tin
Agriculture school at Lincoln I hi;
fa 1. and her Irionds. gave tier a
surprise in Iho way of furnishing
for- her rooms. Dainty refresh
mollis wore served. I hose pres
ent were: Mesdamos J. Dash
James Holmes. i. 11. Oilmoi e
Oood Todd. II. Chrisleiiseiv, James
Hrown. James Loughridge and
William Hrown: Misses Jessit
Todd. Paulino Oldham. Margie
Walker. I.eora Hrown ami Alice
Close Call for Homer Shrader.
.Last Sunday 'evening Homer
Shrader had more than a gentle
reminder o he ijesl motive tor
nado that visited thai section on
th" night of Kasler Sunday. The
wind blow a terrific gale around
the home of Homer and he bail
about come to the conclusion that
he was doomed for another twist
er. ' Cherry and peach lives were
blown down lo a large number.
as well as some apple trees. Some
large trees in the yard wore
blown down. Homer says ho and
his wife wore considerably scared
until die whwl passed away. It
was indeed a very close call for
Mr. and Mrs. Shrader, and while
considerable damage was done
Ihev feel verv fortunate that it
was no worse.
came io .wurrav. neiore working
for Todd he had worked for some
time at (lie farm of Itohert
Shrader and had received a cheek
for S7a mi iiuilling there and had
pent sill of this when ho went to
.Murray with Iho .?. r in a pocket-
book, and the last ho had seen of
the money was on Tuesday night,
when he had gone lo sleep in
l.lavtons room in the F.orgor
hotel in .Murray. Clayton had ac
companied him to Iho hold and
left him, staling he would go and
lake his girl homo, and ho had md
hoard Ciavton come in thai night.
When ho got nil in the morning
uli.nii S o'clock he had discovered
the loss of his money. The wit
ness staled thai when ho had
come in I roii i i tie IimM larm no
had met Clayton ami thai Clayton
had asked him to accompany him
to Plal I smoul h that afiornooii.
and Ihoy had hired a foam at the
barn of Don Hhoden and drove to
Plat Isnioul h. While here, the wil-
ness siaioii, nicy uau visuen a
aloon and had taken several
jvil h
die money. Ilis testimony in re
gard lo the Plal I sun ui th trip was
about Hie same . as that of
as fo Iho details of (ho
places isiled w hile iil
Ho staled ho had re
I h'e nigh! of the loss of
Iho money abmil midnight, sleep
ing in the room wilh Schwald. -and
had gollen up shortly before 7
o'clock and gone on! lo allend to
some business at the blacksmith
shop, and did not know of Iho loss
of Iho money until he was (old
by Schwald.
After I he. present al ion of some
evidence in re-bultal in the afl
oriioon the ca.e was presented to.
die court afier the arguments of
Iho attorneys. Judge Archer re
viewed Hie case, pointing" out. mm
condition of the complaining wit-
I I 1"
ness wiien no roiiiriieii lioni
Plal t smoul h. iho amount of
liipior (hoy had drank, ami how
easv it would nave .peon ior mm
to have lost the money oiif of his
poekel. and ..die fail dial th
romii in which he had slept lia
boon open and anyone could hav
gotten in there jusl a- easy a
Mr. Ciavton. He also pointed out
J he fact I hat I he only ovideip
presented as to Schwald having
the .v(i.r on him was his own slat
V vJ f " i
v j v S
i5 "y t
V- if
E. . 4 c 5
V Ha , L H
W"jj( t fig
It' " x f
Photo by Ar.:erlcau 1'iess Association.
Indianapolis Commander Held
to Have Made Best Stowing.
ment. and the fact that tin com
iinl thai they had ordered plaining witness, as well as th
eer. wiiiskv ami w ine i nero. , (. ,.n, ant. i eierred to .naving
Claou (idling the saloonkeeper lost a s." gold piece; and in tin
that it was for a man named oni i ion of the court the ovideno
Croon, but when they had gotten i was not sullicient lo warrant th
inlo the buggv he had said it wa Miobling" of Mr. CI avion to the di--
Miss Fli.abet h Oliver, who has
I n visiting at the home of her
sister, Mrs. Charles Countryman.
for the past week, returned homeland called him to (In
all hot air. They had started
back home and reached Murray
about i' o'clock, afid that (In
li.pior hid boon unloaded al the
home of the man. Croon, and" then
thev lurd driven lo the livery barn
where the team was unhilched
Clayton had said Ihev might as
well go In bed, ami accompanied
him lo the Hergi"T hotel and to
his room, where the witness had
undressed and gone to bed. Woke
up about 8 o'clock and had missed
his monov. Ho then went to the
blacksmith shop lo see Claylon
roar of
I riot court, and In- dismissed t
complaint and t In .defendant was
allowed to rol urn to his hmin
cleared of the ( barge of which h
had been placed on trial.
Wednesday evening.
Misses Kli.abelh Oliver and
'Mary .Moore' left Friday morning
for Syracuse, Neb., for a week's
visil al inn Home oi .ur, ami .ir.
Lewis Wiles. Mrs. Wiles, Miss
Oliver and Miss .Moore were
roommates while attending the
Peru, slate normal. ,
J. W. lierger of Murray came
up this morning from his home
to attend fhe Clayton trial, which
u'Qc ViaKl Inilnv' .. ..
(Special Correspondent.)
is homo on a
Miss Mela .eitz
few days' vacal ion.
K. P. ,1'vcrell. returned' last
Sunday from her (rip to Colorado
shop, where he told him to give
him his pockelbook. as ho know
he had laken it for a joke. Tin
money was kept in a hip pocket,
which was fastened with a (lap
and button. Clarion bad told him
he had paid for the team.
Tile witness was cross-exainin
, i a.. . rr: 1 I If..
on iiv .Aiioriiev j. mo. mi? sicoco
his; home was in Chicago, where
he had lived for almost all his life
i i..i i . .
on lo llie time no uau cmic
Murray lie had been as lar
south as Parsons. Kansas. In re-
plv to the pieslions the witnes:
slated he had genie from Chicago
to Decatur, Illinois, and then to
Kansas City, going from iliere lei
Parsons, and from there back to
Kansas Cilv and then north nnlil
he reached Murray last April, lie
The city has begun a very sub
slant ial improvement in the west
er'n port ion of the city in I lie con
slruelioii of a pernianenl
from "Kleventil street lo
Thirleeiilh on Main si reel. Foi
several vears this section of walk
lias boon oul and in bad shapi
for (ravel and a great many resi
dents of Iho western part of the
cilv are compelled to pass here
..:ioh dav. ami it is n'n the way t
the T. J. SokoT park, w here I hi
louriiameiit wilhbe held Iho lasl
of Iho week, and every ellorl wilt
be made ( have 'it" completed in
lime for. Iho even I. ' The city
ollieials are conslanlly jdanng in
now permanent walks all over the
cilv and thenv is md many towns
. . j i .. ...... ! ..I'
iii i no siHie i ii.ii i i i i.iortsi hi
more or bolter walks than can lie
found in Platlsnnnil h. and the
good work is being pushed as fast
as the eilv's funds will permit.
i . . . ..I i .i
Charles Sehafor spent Sunday had md had his pociieinooiv oui
with his folks in Mauley. I in the saloon in Plallsmoulh. 1I
i ... il :i Ale I ii n i:i Id was in Omaha had some J?2 in silver with hin.
" - - ------ i
a few days last week.
( ieorgo Skiles was 'shopping
in Klmwood Saturday.
A number of people from Mur-
dock went, on their Visual fishing
trip last Monday to Salt creek
Oats in some places made
bushels hi Iho acre.
Mrs. Joe Lang and baby are
They had driven up to III e saloon
on their arrival here and taken
quite a number of drinks.- Went
from the Ceise saloon to some
oilier one and had a tew drmK.
William Hice of Murray came
up this morning to attend Hie
Claylon trial in Justice Archers
SO Ccdiolman paint store
wav back they haM stopped in a
iioed hall to play a few games of
. t A . .
here visiting relatives and friends, pool and then weru oat h. io
Some of the Murdock people Ceise's where the booze was
' l . .1. I. ,l.w.,.. 1 :.. II.., -rrr- Qllil fllOV
v-.m- oVi'P lo I , I'rpiiw ooi l iii il' Jiairii in i " i- f
reunion last week. started back lo Murray, lb
itorn To Mr. and Mrs. Will not seen them take out the noozo
n,.i.u i. ...i l:it tieise s. "oxceot i no cae. en
mi nil , ii j" , m;i .ii. t. .
llenrv Amgwert is visiting his beer. (.layion nan goueu oui
sister in Coyncil UluiTs, Iowa. (irst al the livery oarn. lie uau
.,., A rvio-t. Qi llAnu on ill SUt. dOWll ill VL CUttll -.Willie HI-
short visit last week. a number of neonle at- had thrown up some,
tended the piano recital given by sick irora uuuKing
Mias r.nler, last, .week.
Leo Allison of Murray was in
e city today . for a few hours
looking- afler some matters of
and then Clayton had gone to tne 1(U?jIloss
and on the
Mark While came up yesterday
aflornooii from his home near
Murray and attended to some
I railing for a few hours.
"eorge M. 1 1 i 1 I of near Mynard
. n . I I. .
came in yesterday irom ins mum-
to lordi after some matters ed"
.i .i: v
business im a snori- ume.
Mrs. Georgia Creamer came up
Denver, Aug. 14. Rapor eommand
ery, Xo 3, Indianapolis, according to
public opinion, presented the host exhibit-ion
of drilling in the first day's
competition by commandory drill
teams at the parade 'grounds of the
tliiity-.'coTid triennial conclave of
Knights Templar. Asc-alon. No. 1C, St.
Louis, and Co'nmbia, No. 6J, Washing
ton. D. C, both on approval of the
immense crowds which Verc wateliins.
Ek'troit comrnaridery, Xo. 3, conced
ed the host drilled team of the
Kirights Templar, gave an exhibition
drill, it being barred from competition,
which drew prolonged applause from
the crowd.
San Francisco Named as Place for
Holding 1915 Meeting.
Milwaukee, Aner. 14. Raltimore was
unanimously chosen, the rneetinf?
place of the next convention of the
American Federation of 'Catholic So
cieties st the closing session. Offi
cers were re-elected- as follows:
President. Charles I. Denchaud, Now
Orleans; secretary, Anthony Mat re,
St. Louis; treasurer, F. W. Jlecken
l;amp, Quinoy, 111.
San Francisco was selected as thn
place for the 1915 convention.
Sun Yat Sen Marked for SIaughter.
Tokyo, Aug. 14. One hundred as
sassins have 1 been sent to Japan to
kill Dr. Sun Yat Sen, Huang Sing and
other Chinese revolutionary fugitives
by Provisional President Yuan Shal
Kai of China, according to the Japa
nese newspapers.
team was being unhitched, and this .morning from her nome,
as he was south of i his city, lo attend to
They had some business matters for a few-
drank some w hisky, os well as J hours.
National League.
At Brooklyn First game: IUI.E.
Pittsburgh ...10000000203 12 3
Brooklyn 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 14 14 0
Camnitz-Gibson; Curtis-Miller.
Second game: R.1I.B.
Pittsburgh 00300000 03 4 4
Brooklyn 0 1 3 0 3 0 0 0 7 8 3
O'TooIc-Kelly ; Yingling-Miller.
Western League.
At Topeka: R.TI.n.
Topeka 400000 90 13 12 2
Omaha 00001210 3 7 32 3
Cocreham-Crist ; Robinson-Johnson.
At IJnro'.n: R.I Ml
Lincoln 00000400 4 4 0
Des Moines 0 0100000 0 1 5 3
Clauss-Baker; Faber-Sleiglat.
At Wichita: R.ILE.
St. Joseph 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 02 5 1
Wichita 10001100 3 5 1
Bnscher-Gi'ifnth; Regan-Castle.
At Denver: R.H.F:.
Sioux City.... ..000 0000 0 0-0 2 G
)?nvcr 3 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 6 13 3
WhiteRapp; Hagerman-Block.
Nebraska League.
At York: - R.IM1
Superior 0 0 2 4 0 0 0 0 06. 11 3
ork 20 0 22 00 0 17 7 5
I fatch-Rcss ; Everdon Brown.
' At Columbus: R-ILPl
Grnd Island 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 C 8 0
Columbus ..... .0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 02 7 3
Franklin-Smlzer; A rtley -Ramsey.
At Kearney First game: R.II.E.'
Fremont 1000 0 00 102 9 2
Kearney 0 0000130 4 11 1
C etch el I-S tangle ; Plympton-Erickson
Second game: R.II.E.
Fremont "...0 0 0 10 001 02 5 3
Kearney 02100100 4 7 0
Thiessen-Neu; Lotz-Erickson.
At Hastings: R.H.E.
Beatrice ...0010001002 4 4
Hustings " ."3 0000010 4 7 I
Haley-Coe; Willey-Richardson. -t
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The Weather, aiFlK!