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    THURSDAY, AUGUST 14, 1913.
We Invite Every Farmer
To Look at Our New Gang Plow
wliicli we are putting out oh a positive guarantee.
Threshers' Hard Oil and all kinds of Oil' for Threshers.
Suction Hose and Steam Hose.
Rubber Belting, Leather. Belting, Belt Lacing
Belt Hooks, etc., etc.
Farm Trucks, Buggies, Mowers and Hay Rakes.
Barbed Wire add Field Fencing
Nails! Nails!! Nails!!!
Phone 202
man in hi. line in town. He in
tends to nut in a large stock this
summer, and sell piles of poods.
The P.. Sc M. It. It. Co. have just
received two large forty-Ion
Manchester engines direct from
the shops, to he put on the roac
between. Plattsmouth and Kear
ney. They are named respective
ly No. 15, Omaha, and No. If,
Kearney. We learn from the
master of transportation, Mr. Ceo
Y. Holdredge, that a number of
extra trains will he required to
move the prain this season.
Items of Interest to Old and New
Residents of City Which Were
New Forty Years Ago.
Ellir-oii. the champion
man. is imw running the
lower meat market alone.- The
jliiiije dispenses law ill I lit1 Cnlirl
house and liver at the butcher
.-hop. ami if you can't live by the
Iriw iu can by I lie liver, sur e.
Chas. Viol of Ibis
,jul returned from
Bradford county. l'i
and brings with hiui
miP, who propose to :
count v. Mr. Viol is Hi
county has
Tarry 1 1 twn,
liff-eeu per-
e i le in ur
e liet emi
gration auent we have bail yel.
I lii i i r in lion. as far as l'emi
sxlvauia is concerned; immigra
it a'J
in relation
a in. Mr. V.
to Nebraska. I
I-'or some weeks our people
have been kept, awake nights with
.-I range and wonderful legends of
a giant event about lo happen in
Cas cuiiiily. nothing more nor
les- than the establishment of a
plow factory, and in lime, we
hope, a general implement manu
factory in our mid-t. Alter many
rumors and much traveling back
and forth of the great guns of the, and much whispering on
the corners and in the store ami
about tlie postotliee, behold one
day last week a line-looking- old
rentleman, "Mr. K. Newlon, by
name, dropped down upon us ami
announced that all the machinery
and the life, breath and soul of
the plmv factory was aboard the
cars, and on the way to Platts
mouth. In the absence of Mr.
Porter, on behalf of the dra-nge,
our nrayor, Jr. I,iviimston, took
Mr. Newlon under his wing, and
together they visited the various
localities thai had been talked of
as suitable for the new enter
prise. Mr. N. finally settled on
the Homier stables, situated on
Vine street, corner of Fourth, and
now occupied bv Messrs. liuttery
& I.azenby, m thejivery business,
ias the bet place to be found.
The- terms on which iSutlery &
Lazeenby would b ase or sell had
been previous ascertained by Mr.
Porter, master. aiuL Mr. McCraijr.
secretary of the Slate (irange, and
as .oin as these Lreril lemen could
reach here, one from St. Louis
and the olher from Lincoln, the
papers were drawn up, and Tues
day morniirer Mr. Newlon and his
men commenced operations by
taking down the stalls and put
ting up such improvements as
they need for fheir business.
Dr. liuller-of WYcpjng Water
was in town last week and re
ports most favorably mi the
health, wealth ind enterprise of
that burg and vicinity.
ter. arrived home last Friday
from an almost all winter's visit
to south Carolina, He looks as
if they fed him well down there
I he attendance at the camp
gTound was small Friday after
noon on account of the inclem
ency of tlw weather. Those win
went, out there, though, were very
ably entertained by the Rev. Mr
Colt.' In the evening the crowd
was much larger, although, the
weather was very threatening
Elder Davis delivered a very abb
sermon n '-Holiness and Santi-
ticalion." After the preachin
there was sinking and exhortation
by the members of the church
during which many persons went.
to the' "Mourners' Bench" anc
some of them professed to have
found pardon for their sins..
Win. Porter. Slate Crange Mas-
School Davs Ar
on Us And
ave A Few
A 1 i
e Asmosi
Still H
Clothes To Get
Win. Merlins, near Eight Mile
Crove, on rolling, high land, ha
sown clover and timothy for four
years, and last season raised a
crop of the same -that turned otT
two tons to the acre, twice mowed
The importance of cultivating
the tame grass here, and demon
strating th fad that they can he
made native, as one mav say. can
not be. underestimated, and the
man who aids the solving of thi
problem iiy so much as the in
crea'se and acclimation of one
extra spear of grass, is a public
benefactor.' Our wild grasses are
fast being trampled out .and only
tame grasses will stand constant
mowing over or grazing.
.n election for city councilmen
in the First and Third wards of
this city was held on Monday last
In the First ward Frank E. White
and Jno. A. MacMurphy were the
only candidates. Mr. MacMurphy
was elected bv Hi votes, l he elec
tion passed off very quietly, and
the Herald is bound to say that
both the candidates behaved
themselves admirably. Holh were
good men, and either would have
made good representatives for
the ward. In the Third ward
they had four candidates, viz,
Jason Slreight, Capl. l'aliner.
Win. Sladelmann and Miles Mr
gan. Uncle Jason got away with
the baggage and is a portly alder
man. They had a lively quadril
ateral' tight Iheie and made things
warm all day around the polling
Dear Herald: Since you kindly
extended an invitation to senu m
"our side of the question" of base
ball matches, we send you for this
week's publication a report of the
"Social Match" played at Weep
ing Water, Neb., Saturday, Aug
ust 15, by the "Temperance Nine'
of Hock Bluffs and the "Weeping
Waters" of .Weeping Water. The
game was one of interest to both
sides and passed off smoothly and
auiellv under the government of
Mr. Hellows, who was chosen um
pire, and Shered Craves, who was
chosen scorer. Through the hos
pitalities of the Weeping Water
boys we were made perfectly com
fortable during our whole stay
wilh them; and, fortunately for
us, there were no "men of military
renown" in attendance to make
"dollar bets" on us, and then go
back on and discourage us in the
game. Drunkenness was entireiy
absent. from our game; a thing
which is too often attendant upon
such occasions. The score was:
Hock Bluffs. 35; Weeping Water,
18. Cap. Jack, Reporter.
Hon. John Barnes returned last
week from a somewhat extensive
trip through Missouri. They
haven'l converted John to P.our
bonism nor convinced him of the
wisdom of "Peoples" moves.
Our old friend and townsman,
and whilome editor of this paper.
Ceo. E. Seybolt, late postal clerk
on the L. I. It. it., has ieen au-
manent resting place for the sole
oi ins loot in (iinana. uy me
Oeorge is
this week.
down here 'on a
Full Particulars of the Accident
Causing the Death of E.
R. Gilmore.
From Wednesday's Dnlly.
The following account of lh
unfortunate accident that resulle
in the death oJ L. II. ilmore, a
brother of Mrs. John Coiner, a
few weeks ago, appeared in tin
Silver Creek paper: ,
"One of the 5-addest accidents
that has happened in a long- lime
occurred six miles north and two
east of Shelby Monday evening al
about 4 o clock and . resulted m
the death of E. It. Cilmore. The
regular engineer on the threshing
outfit was absent, owing to sick
ness in lii.-. home, and Hie
separator man was compelled to
take his place, and Mr. Oilmore
took charge of the separator.
Someone ' carelessly raised the.
Irap door over the cylinder while
he was oiling the eN-valors and
he stepped back into the cylinder,
crushing his left foot and leg and
otherwise injuring him. He was
taken to the hospital at David
City at once, but was so weak
from the shock and loss of blood
that, the operation proved inef
fective and he died Tuesday night
about 9 o'clock.
"Edward H. Cilmore was born.
near Weeping. Water, Cass coun
ty; Nebraska. October IS. 1881).
and was the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Raymond Cilmore of that place.
He was married to Miss Myrtle
Baker February 2C. al Silver
Creek. Neb., by Rev. ICouffer of
lhat place. He leaves to mourn
his loss his wife, one little
daughter,, 13 mon'.hs old. bis
aged father, three - sisters and
I wo brothers. His niolli'-r pieced-
en nun in me neuer i.u'iu anoui
a year ago. The funeral services
were held at. the (-ongregrl mnal
church in Silver Creek on .July
'. Rev. W. R. Pierce conduct intr
the services, and he was -laid 'o
rest pesiiie his mot tier in nj-;
Silver Creek ceineterv.
- w m. n nnt HIT
if W Wa
85 '
8 TOOLS! dain
with CKeyeiie
Froaiier Days
AUGUST 20, 21, 22, 23, 1913
Local iews
A four days' revival of the stirring scenes of the oM
"Wild West." Bigger and better than ever. Seethe
sport of the cowlioy in his native country as well as
races, military maneuvers, etc.
Low round-trip fares in effect via
Our line of ready made dresses
is a great help to. mothers large
range of colors and prices.
Ginghams and Percales make
desirable Clothes for the children
9c to 25c per yard
Just a few Remnants left,
out a few bargains.
come in and pick-
Visit our grocery department, you will find
J full of good things.
Special on Honey, 2 lbs. 25c
E. G. Dovey & Son
FA. Neliraska Herald: Think
ing that perhaps yon would trive
snare to a lew lines irom lnree
droves in your valuable paper, I
make 4he venture to seralch down
a fi-w items.
.The oflicers of Three (1 roves
riranfre are all elected and in
stalled for the current year. to.
wit: V. 7.. Zinville. master; AY,
V. Wolfe, overseer; John Krew,
h-eturer: Wm. Kikenbary, .stew
ard: S .TJplc-n, asst. steward;
John 1 Buck, chaplain; Benj. Al
bin." treasurer; Henry Wolfe, sec
retary; Robert Clark, jralekeeper;
Mrs. Jennie Wolfe, ceres; Mrs. M.
E. Kikenbary, pomonia; Mrs. K
A. Frew, llora;'Mrs. M. M. Buck,
lady assistant steward.
Al the last regular meet ins the
following resolutions were adopt
Resolved. J liat we, tne mem
lers of Three fi roves Granee. as
far as in our power lies, will not
purchase plows and other farm
machinery of those who refuse
to deal with Farmers' Clubs and
Granges, only Ihrouph their
aprents.' And further,
ResolvedV That a copy of these
resolutions be sent to the Prairie
Farmer and our county papers
for publication.
After some deliDeration it was
Resolved, That the members of
Three Groves Grancre ' pledere
themselves to prive 9100.00 in co
operation with other Granges, to
establish a factory for the manu
facture of farm machinery, to be
controlled by the Granpes of
Cass Co. A copy of this resolu
tion to be sent to the Herald and
Watchman for publication.
In settling up the estate of tin
late Mr. Duke it became neces
ary to sell the lots and property
known as Duke's addition to tin
city .f Plattsmouth. These lots
in situated west of the town in
the valley and on the hills. Some
ni mem nave line sorintrs 01 wa
ter on them, others are covered
with valuable forest or shade
trees, and on many of them the
nnest views of tne Missouri river
and the city itself mav be seen
For residences thev cannot be
equalled in the city, and they are
selling: dog cheap; this is a fact
A poor man can buy him a home
at this sale for less than the value
of a good dogr. Come to the sal
frentlemen on the second dav of
August, and in the meant irne you
had better examine the lots for
yourself. Wheeler &. Bennett, real
estate agents, or Elbert Duke, ad
ministrator, will be happy to. show
them to purchasers at any time.
This is a rare chance and should
be improved. Mr. Duke, in his
lifetime was offered $20,000 cash
for this tract and refused it. It
is selling for less than one-half
that now.
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Hennings and
son, Albert, or the vicinity or
Cedar Creek, drove to this city to
day. Mrs. Hennings and son were
passengers for Pocassett and
Chickasha. Oklahoma, on the
noon train over the Burlington,
where they will make a two weeks'
visit with Mrs. Hennings' brother
and other relatives. Mr. Hen
nings accompanied them as far
as Omaha.
Dr. Chapman, the druggist, has
taken possession of the whole of
ihe store formerly occupied by
Mr. Merges and himself, and now
Money to loan on city real
estate on good terms and at
moderate rates. Buy or build a
home on the easy payment plan.
See T. M. Patterson, Secretary
Plattsmouth Loan and Building
If you need anything Tor har
vest call on Ed Donat. He will
makes as. good a showing-as anyltreatyou right.
From Wednesday's Dallv
K. C. Hill returned this morning
from Chicago, where he had been
Utending to some business mat
rs for tlie Burlington.
Alorney William A. Robertson
was a passenger yesieniav nuer-
noon for Louisville, where he was
ailed to look alter ome legal
Miss (ierlrlide SU-nner came m
ast evening on -o. 2 from Lin
un and will visit lu re willi tier
mother, Mrs. Tnez wiener and fam
ily, for a short time.
Mrs. Will Mason and children
departed this morning on the
early Burlington train for Have
lock,, where they will visit with
relatives for a short time.
Emmons l'lak returned last
evening on No. 1 1 from Omaha,
where he had been for a few days
looking after some business mat
ters in connection with the sale of
his cigars.
Mrs. Charles Freese and little
son and Mrs. Charles Carlson
were passengers this morning for
Havelock, where they will be the
guests of Mrs. Freese's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Lair.
Ed Kunsmann and wife and
children arrived this morning
from their home at Des Moines
and will isit here ut the home ot
Mr. Kunsmann' s parents. Mr. and
Mrs. Carl Kunsmann. 1
F.-A. Parnell of Chicago was in
the city last evening- looking af
ter some matters ofjiusiness, as
well as spending a few hours with
John J. Cloidt, chief clerk in
the ofiice of Mr. Baird at the
shops department, last evening
left for Lincoln, where he will
look after some business matters.
Miss Esther Larson was a pas
senger to Union this morning',
where she will make a short visit
with her sister, Mrs. R. E. Foster
and family.
J. P. Falter and daughter, Miss
Emrna. departed this morning on
the early Missouri Pacific train
for Plainview, where they will
visit, with relatives for a short
Mr. and Mrs. Hallan and son.
Oliver, who have been visit ing- a.t
the home of Mrs. Hallan'.s mother,
Mrs.' Kate Oliver, returned to
their home at Lincoln yesterday
Protectee! by Automatic Electric Block Safety Block Signals
Dustless Roadbed Double Track
New and direct route to Yellowstone National Park
Passer tiers holding tickets for Denver will be allowed
stopovers at Cheyenne.
For further information, o
1 on or address
P. T. M.
Omaha, : Neb.
Don C. Rhoilen of Murray came
up this morning from his home,
to look after some mailers of
business for a short time.
Mrs. Joseph Cook of Murray
was in the ciiy today for a few
hours looking alter some nfatters
of business.
Loiinie llawkenher.g depttrted
thi morning for Butte, Montana,
for a short viit, alter which lie
will go 1 ft IMralello, Idaho, where,
he expects to make his future
Miss Elizabeth Hall returned
Tuesday evening from Stella.
Nebraska, where iie had been
visiting relatives. Miss Crete
Wiles, a cousin of Mi-s Hall, ac
companied her home for a short
j s i t . .
Frank Gobelman returned this
morning on No. 0 from Forsvlh.
Montana, where he bad been visit
ing for the past two week with
his sifters, who reside in that
Mrs. Thomas Palmer of Cedar
lie pids. lov;i. is visiting in the
city, being' a gue-( of Mrs. J. C.
Petersen. Mrs. l'aliner is a form
er resident, of tin's city and no
doubt "Kill be remembered by the
older residents.
From Thursday's Daily.
F. M. Phebus departed yester
day afternoon for Hannibal, Mis
souri to look after some business
for the Burlington.
Q ANT possibly exagger
ate importance of this sale of high
grade suits. We can prove anything
ve say the best values we've ever given in a Clearance
Sale, v
Many medium weights, guar
anteed qualities, splendid tail
Suits worth
up to $25
. $14
Suits worth
up to $20
Suits worth
up to $35
Ha is