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NO. 64.
Members Talk Over Matters of
Importance, Especially
the Road Question.
From Tuesday' Dally.
The Plattsmoulh Auto club
belli a short ami interesting 'ses
i siiiii Saturday afternoon, at which
many int ere. I facts in' regard
to the needs of improvements to
the different roads in this locality
were taken and discussed by
members ih regard, to the best
steps to take to keep the roads
up. The road north of this city
leading to the wagon bridge was
called to the attention of the club
and the manner in which it had
been allowed to run down when a
little work on the part 'of the
road supervisor and those work
ing "on the road would have kept
it in good shape.
Only a short time ago a strang
er was traveling through this
city from Topeka, Kansas, and
when he reached the road near
the bridge he ran into a rut, with
the result that the axel of his
automobile was twisted and he
was compelled to lay his machine
up for repairs before be could
continue bis .journey to Omaha.
Anot her-t'xample of the poor con
dition of the road was shown
. - -
when one of our prominent citi-
zens, accompanied by bis wife and
family, were out driving along
this road, and as the dust was
very thick it was almost impos
sible to see the road clearly and
the Jirst thing the driver knew his
machine was in one of the ruts
that ornament the roadway, and
when the car struck the rut the
lady in the back seat was thrown
up in the seat and came near hav
ing her nose broken on the roof
of the car. These are matters
that could easily be remedied if
the proper care was given the
road, as a great highway like this
one deserves, and some .steps
should be taken to see that the
road is kept up in proper shape.
It is the intention of the Auto
club as soon as the funds from
dues and new memberships are in
to look after this kind of work
themselves when it is impossible
to get the authorities to. take it
up, and every automobile owner
in the county should get into the
club and assist the good work
along. The club also adopted the
following resolution in regard to
the regulation of speeders and
the lights of automobiles:
Resolved, That the Plaits-mouth
Auto club is opposed to fast ' and
reckless driving, particularly
within the city limits; that the
city authorities be requested to
enforce Ihe state law in regard to
lights on automobiles, ' . as the
safety of I lie public demands-Ihe
enforcement of this law.
That a copy of this resolution
be spread upon Ihe minutes, a
copy given to the daily paper, and
a copy sent to the mayor -of Ihe
city of Plattsmoulh.
. T. II. Pollock, President.
Wm. Baird, Secretary.
Back to Cass County.
(From the Union Ledger.)
Chas. S. Stone was in town a
few hours Tuesday, calling on his
friends and wailing patiently for
a train to carry him to Nehawka.
His wife was on the south-bound
train, 'going to Kansas for a visit
with relatives. - They have resided
in Yampa, Colo., the past few
years, where Mr. Stone has been
engaged in the banking business,
but having sold his interests there
they have, been enjoying a rest
and visit among refatives and
friends Ihe past few months. He
has not yet definitely decided
where they will locate, but will
no doubt, soon select a good town
and again get into the banking
When baby suffers with eczema
or some itching skin trouble, use
Doan's Ointment. A little of it
goes a long way and it is safe for
children. 50c a box at all stores.
."Saturn" Passes Down River.
From Tuesdays Dally. '
The famous steamboat, the
"Saturn," which has been doing
business at, Omaha for the past
few months, until the edict of
Chief of Police Dunn in regard to
the regulation of affairs on the
boat in regard to liquor selling
caused them to have to tame
down, passed this city this after
noon en route to Kansas City, tht
1 - . . t I
uuariers oi me vessel. i''cj
noai was siuck on a sanu-nar near
uie mourn oi tne iiaue lor sev
eral hours this morning ,bul
managed to get off about 12
From Tuesday's Daily.
Yesterday afternoon at the resi
dence of Rev. .W. L. Austin of the
Methodist church occurred the
wedding of two of Plaltsmouth's
young people, Mr. August V.
Headway and Miss . I,ydia B.
Hunger. The wedding, was a very
quiet one and was witnessed by
Mrs. Bertha . Hunger and Mrs.
Anna F. (Jeiser, mothers of the
bride and groom, and (be words
that milled these worthy yonng
people were delivered by the iniw-
ister in a very impressive ' man
tier. The wedding had been ex
pected by the friends of the con.
Jracting parties for "some time
and they will receive lie best
wishes of their host of friends in
this cilv on their matrimonial
i ,
make their future home in t hi
city. The bride is a native
Plattsmoulh girl and the daughter
of ,Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hunger,
and has during her lifetime here
made many friends by her p:nial
temperament. Ihe groom is a
most worthy young man, who is
employed in the tin shop, of Ihe J
Burlington in this city and is
highly respected by all who know
From Tuesday's Daily.
Among the improvements
temnlated in the business houses I
of this cilv in the next month is
the installing of some modern
dust-proof cases for clothing by
Weseott's Sons. Mr. C. C. Wes-
colt, while in Chicago last week,
entered into' the contract for the
new fixtures in the way of cloth-
iuir cabinets. The new fixtures
are revolving, with glass doors
that can be slid back into the
sides of the cabinet when it is!
desired lo get into the cabinet tol
exhibit the clothing. Each cabi-
net will hold 180 suits and keep
tlem free from dust in everv way.
They are constructed, of. Amburg
oak and are the last word in the
line of store equipment, and when
installed will make this store one
of the nfost modern in this see-
tion of Ihe state, and shows the
spirit of progress of the owners,
The new fixtures will be shipped
in the next thirty davs and -will
be placed in the store at once.
Entertained in Colorado.
The following, taken, from the
Sterling (Colorado) Press, will
be of interest to the readers of
the Journal: 'Mr. and Mrs. E. L.
Spies entertained . the .following
guests at their home Sunday afi-
ernoon in honor of her father: J.
C. Peterson and wife, Messrs. V.
B, Persing, John Morns, Charles
E. Winey and their wives. -The
rooms were tastefully decorated
with cut flowers. Music was en
joyed until 5:30 p. m.,' when Ihe
hostess served cakes and
Picnic at Eagle.
The Sixth Annual Picnic will be
held at Eagle Thursday, August
21. A cordial invitation is extend-
ed to" everyone to come and enjoy
themselves. All kinds of amuse-
ments. Accommodations for all.
8-1 l-3twkly
Session Was Made as Short as
Possible and No Very Imort
ant Business Transacted.
From Tuesday's Dally
. There was not a great deal of
importance on tap -at the counci
meeting last 'evening save heat
and talk, and most of Ihe dads
spent, tne tune trying to save
themselves from being melted by
the close ami heated atmosphere
of the council chamber.
One of the chief enlivening
features of the evening was the
discussion between several of the
members of the matter of a new
occupation lax ordinance, which
has been in a slate of preparation
for several months. Councilman
Hallstrom started the matter .by
inquiring what was going to be
done in regard to this matter, and
if the new ordinance was not go
ing to be prepared that the clerk
he authorized to collect under the
old ordinance.
Councilman Sfreighl of Ihe
judiciary committee, which has
had Ihe ordinance, arose, to reply
to Mr. Hallstrom and staled that
the committee and city attorney
had been trying to fix the ordin
ance up in a manner mat would
equalize the different amounts
paid by the merchants. He also
said that the business men were
compelled lo bear the burden of
everything thaf came up- in the
way of public enterprise and that
he personally was opposed lo the
OComt ion
lax, that taxed the
home merchant to do business
and allowed the traveling agents
to come in here and sell articles
He stated that while opposed to
the ordinance, he was assisting in
the work of getting it ready and
that the committee would' have it
on handfor the next meeting of
the council.
Mayor Sattler voiced the
opinion that he was not in favor
of an excessive occupation tax.
but thought that a small, well
equalized tax should be prepared.
He was also in favor of allowing
tne clerk a reasonaule commis
con-lsion for the collection of the lax,
as it was a very ardurous - as
well as disagreeable task,.
Councilman Hallstrom slated
he was one of the committee that
had prepared the old ordinance
i . . .
for ttie occupation tax and had
spent much time with the other
members of the 'committee in the
work and had tried to make all
the amounts levied upon the dif
ferent- business interests of the
city as near equal and fair as
Councilman Richey inquried
why Ihe Standard Oil company
had been reduced in ttie ordin-
ance from paying a tax of .$100
to $50, and why this had been
done. Mr. Lushinsky arouse and
replied that Ibis" company had
presented figures lo the com-
millee of the different cilies of
the state in which- they had
operation and that the committee
had taken $50. as the amount
levied in most of the other cities,
and the old company had express;
ed their willingness to pay this
amount, but refused to pay $100.
The motion of Hallstrom for the
collection of the taxes" under the
old ordinance was lost,
Councilman Johnson made the
moion tnat the judiciary com-
niitjee have the new occupation
tax readv for consideration at the
noxt moeting of the council, and
an amendment was placed on the
motion bv Lushinskv to include
that, the city clerk be allowed a
reasonable per cent for the col
lection of Ihe sumSj and the
motion was carried. City At
torney Tidd informed the council
that much as the clerk deserved
some reward for his work in eol-
Meeting, the statutes did not allow
him to receive any fees such as
was proposed.,
Chief of Police Rainey reported
six arrests for the month of July,
and his renort was referred to the
police committee, as was that of
Police Judge Archer, who has ba
a very profitable month, report in
eleven cases, seven of whom pah
lines, while four were suspended
which netted the sum of $50 to
the city treasury.
The city treasurer -filed hi
monthly report of the condition of
the city treasury, which showed a
very pleasing condition of the
city's finances, there being a bal
ance of some $17,000 on band at
the first of the month.
The matter of the stopped-up
condition of the sewer creek was
called to the attention of the
council " by the mayor, and on
motion of Councilman Richey the
street commissioner was instruct
ed to take his force of workmen
there and have the way into the
river opened up so that Ihe stag
nant sewerage could be conveyed
into the river.
The finance committee of Ihe
council, after due "consideration
of the following claims recom
mended their payment: Harry
Gouchenour, nozzleman at Lorenz
fire, $1.50; Harry Krueger, nozzle
man at shop and Lorenz fires, $3
fius Carlson, same, $3; J. C. Brit
tain, nozzleman at Lorenz fire
$1.50; R. W. Toogood, nozzleman
at. Lorenz fire and repairing hose
$2.50; William Gravitt, nozzle
man at shop lire, $1:50; Clifford
Forbes, nozzleman at Lorenz fire
$1.50; Lincoln Telephone and
Telpci-anh Co.. rents. .Sr..r0: M
rrher, salary, $30; Olive Jones,
salary, $35; public library, ex
penses for Julyj $2.15; James
Donnelly, salary,' $3; Tom' Wal
ling, jr.. work at library, $5.50;
Plattsmoulh Water Co., water for
fountains, $2.18; John Fitzpat
rick, salary, $20; Alvin Jones,
si reel work, $23; Chris Gobelman,
ame, $10; . Al O'Neil, sanies $15;
Chas. McBride, same, $9; G. W
Haynie, same. S25; Frank Kala-
sek, same, $17: -John Swanson,
same, $10; Mike fiutz, street com
missioner, i?Jo; v illiam iiassier,
repairs. $0.90; Cass county,
boarding city prisoners, June,
$1.05; same, July, $4.05; Ne
braska Lighting Co., light at
ibrary, $2.50; same, light at city
hall, 50c; Ben Rainey, salary,
$75; August Sitzman, burying ne
cat, 50c; I. X. Cummings, burying
two dogs, $1; W. B. Rishel, street
sprinkling and cleaning streets,
$43.50; Frank Neumann, salary,
; H. M. Soennichsen, mer
chandise, $1.10; R. W. Clement,
freight, $14.07; Smith & Son,
new grader, $142. "
"The claims committee reported
favorably upon the claim of John
Bauer for $0 and warrant was
ordered drawn for the same.
The finance committee made a
recommendation to the council
that Ihe sum of $1,000 be lrans
ferred from the business tax to
the general fund, as there was a
large amount of money accumu
lated in the business tax fund,
while the general fund was over
drawn, and the recommendation
was adoptejl by Ihe council. ,
On motion of Streight, the
chief of police was instructed to
try and slop Ihe automobile
speeding on the highways of the
city and arrest those violating
the slate law in this respect.
There was considerable discus
sion among the members of the
council in regard to the matter of
repairing the furnace at the pub
lic library or whether it. would be
more economical to purchase a
new one. The matter was thor
oughly threshed over between the
different members, of the council
and it was 'finally decided to
order the repairs and. try and
patch up Ihe old furnace-for" the
The council ordered quite a
large amount of street, work
done and then, as the hour was
growing late, the "dads" decided
to adjourn.
Has Fine New Bar Fixtures.
From Tuesday's Daily-
The saloon of Edward ' Donat,
the handler of the celebrated
John Gund beer, has just been
equipped with a fine massive bar
that is the latest thing' in this
line. The back bar is of hand
some mahogany finish1 and the
woodwork is finished, in fine shape
and a large mirror extends the
whole length of the bar, making
a very striking appearance.
If you need anything for har
vest call on Ed DonaL He will
treat you right.
From Tuesday's Daliy.
ine court oi justice m. .vrcner
was the scene this morning of
the hearing of the case of the
Sta,e of Nebraska vs. John Mar
jor, in which thestate asked that
th.e defendant be placed under a
peace bond to stop his breaking
the peace. The case grew out of
some trouble that occurred be
tween the defendant and his wife
Friday afternoon at the home of
their daughter, Mrs. Frank Shel
don, near Mynard. Major and hi
wife have not been on' the best of
terms for some lime, and Mrs
Major, who made the complaint
Sheldon home, and although she
had been visiting at her daugh
ter's for some lime and that on
last Friday Major drove out to the
sheldon home, and although she
had tried to avoid him, he finally
met her and they got into an
argument, and as he was crowd
ing up toward her she put out her
hand to ward him off and he then
struck her, knocking her down
and causing her nose to begin to
bleed as well as inflicting several
severe nruises on ner noay. J-ur-
ther trouble between the husband
and wife was prevented by the
sou-iu-iaw, nmio sieppeu in pe-
tween them. Major teslilieu in
his own behalf, and made a
sweeping denial of the charges of
his wite, stating tnat ne urn not
1 K 1.1L U1..IJ
kiiow sue uul
nome, ami uiai sue nau.rueK hi
mm nisi aim uiai ne mm .simpj
K. ll,n
l",!,u u , a V . 7 ,, V ,
. v'-'V1,u. n,r" . 1
money, nore out mat. or ine
I I J f -in rr I hnl Afnc f a irn hnH
Ihe blow Struck her by Ma or anS
y- -v i n -foil fnAT,i
tnat a
Um; oa.
given her on the head, as well as
causing her nose to bleed pro-'
fusely. The judge, after hearing
all the evidence in the case, de
cided lo place Major under a $100
lond lo keep the peace toward the
public and particularly toward his
wife. The defendant seemed in
clined to appeal the case to a
n'gher court and was given to
day to j-aise Ihe necessary bond-
From Wednesday's Daily.
If there is one spot in the city
more than another that needs the
attention of the street, commis
sioner's department, it is the
racant lot. at the corner of Sixth
and Pearl streets, where the
weeds have grown up to the size
of small t-rees and anyone
venturing into thelot for any dis
tance would have a hard lime to
find his way out again, so dense
s the rank growth of the weeds.
There is an ordinance against the
allowing of such nuisances as
this, and if the owners of the
property do not have them' cut, as I
they should, the city ought to
take The matter in hand 'and see
that I hey are removed. As a large
crowd of visitors are expected in
the city the last of the week it
would be a fine idea to have the
weeds cut at once in order that"
they may not gather a false im-
pression of the condition of the
city. These matters are some-
thing that hurts the appearance
of a city and cause much' unfavor-
able comment among those visit-
ing here, as well as being a
nuisance to those traveling along
South Sixth street. Let this
matter be looked after at once.
Having pleasant Visit.
From Wednesday's Dally.
Judge Ailen J. Beeson and fam
ily, who have-been enjoying a two
wee.vs vacation at idison, iseh.,
are expected home this evening,
coming oVerland in the new Ford
automobile of 'the judge's. Let-
ters from them to their friends
have showed that they were hav-
ing a most enjoyable time of it
visiting around Edison, --
Has Accident to Foot.
From Wednesday's Dally.
Quite a painful accident befell
Helen, the little 8-year-old daugh
ter of (Jus Knollicek, Monday-
evening at 'the home in the north
west part of the city. The little
girl was playing around the yard
and was unfortunate enough to
step " on a rake that, was lying
turned up on the ground, and two
of tnp fmPS penetrated her left
foot, one of them coming clear
through the foot. The little girl
was brought to this city ami the
injury dressed.
What Might Have Been a Very
Serious Accident Occurs
Last Evening.
prom weanesnavs Jjauy.
r.ast evenine- Hin-inir thi down-
-,,,. ,v, a ii;c,Vl nn,i
at tnp corner 0f sixth and Pearl
streofs Ui might have had a
fataj termination. The auto-
m0Uife driven by Guy McMaken
Pnniinn. cmiih on Sivth sdrpet
,, ii, rn.,n
Qn pearl sfrPet -hilo Oliver
osborn was drivin- east on that
strppt wih a horse andarriauc,
and as lhe au(omobilo turned the
rnrnpi. fwn vphipiHii ctimpt lft.
I "
gether, with the result that the
H h, t, au,0mobile were
, , , , reeeived
some vory severo injuries, while
the driver of the buggy wash
fhrown out nnd hriii5v! nn nnilp
The accident brings forciblj tol
mind the fact that the law in re-
bul, v'
I rropM In I nn pnern of inn of o 1 1 f n
hobi, "n.d other vehicle;. Is not
o.'ei ill iuir, cnj na n juumu
ne ana uiai panics urive across
the 'street or on the wrong side
without any regard to the safety
of others driving: alontr the hifrh-
wav. This applies perhaps more
to the drivers of teams than it
does to automobile owners, and
a little more care shown would
save much trouble, as in time the
-l icrnrrn rrl r.f I li n . rorrii In f ion a inlniGrht. '
regard to driving along the
streets and roads will result in
the injury of someone. The auto
mobile drivers generally keep up
the rule in .regard lo keeping the
right side of the street, but their
greatest fault seems to be that of
trying to see how much speed
they can get out of their ma
chines, and both of these matters
should receive the attention of
the authorities and the violators
made lo loe the markl
Krom Wednesdays Daily.
Todav Thomas G. S.
celebrating his
anniversary and .for
thirty-five years he has been one
of our useful citizens and it is
the wish of his host oi friends
that he may be able to live to cele
brate many more such occasions.
Mr. Dabb .was born in England,
but while a mere lad came lo this
country in 1851 arid lived for a
time at Princ.e Edward Island, N
B., and later came to New Jersey,
where he was married, and with
his wife came west to Plalts-
mouth, where Mr. Dabb was em
ployed in the Burlington shops up
to a few years ago, when his age
made it necessary for him to re-
tire. Mr. and Mrs. Dabb have re-
sided for the past thirty-three
years in their home on V est
Main street.
Native Alfalfa Seed.
Native Alfalfa Seed, $9.00 bu.,
recleaned, test 99 per cent pure,
free from noxious weeds. Samples
and "Alfalfa Book" sent free. New
Fall Rye, $1.00 bu. Iowa re-
cleaned Timothy, $3.00.
$12.50. Blue Grass, S2.25. Seam-
less, 20c. Johnson Seed Co., Ne-
braska City. 8-14-it-wkly
Now on Exhibition at the Real
Estate Office of W. E. Rosen-
crans & Son.
From Wednesday's Dally.
A very interesting and clever
window display has been prepared
at, the office of W. E. Rosencraiis
& Son, the real eslate firm who do
things. The display consists of
a minature edition or a town
having as its chief feature a lit
tle railroad train which travels
unu on a irac-K, me power
l 1 t 1- L
ing lurnisneu ny eieciriciij, una
I which adds a very realistic- touch
to the scene. An artificial lake
has been constructed in which
two live ducks sport around in
ha lIVlnr wnlni find mak r
. . r . , . . . .
very pleasing feature to the win-
I dow. The window has been
dressed to represent a scene in
Texas, where the iirm'has large
,anfJ interests, and the minature
village is decorated with shell
roads which are used to such a
o-oo-Jtrreat extent in the Lone Star
Patches of green reprent.
ing the alfalfa crop of the section
of Texas in which Jordanton is
located, and where the firm has
done a .very successful business
in selling lands and town lots.
The window has been cleverly
Ul.uuovu DIIU IIIUAVH H ll.u.n
jng sight and has attracted a
- real deal of attention. In the
hoptfrpmind o l-iTrr in- rf Trn
danlon has been placed, which
displays the. advantages of lhe
prosperous and growing little city
where a large number of our
citizens have made purchases of
from, the firm. A
n. - ujiuw
,miiorimi Mew ui -jii Aiuuma,
the metropolis of Texas, which is
located some forty miles from
Jordanton, is also displayed, and
the two views gives one a very
I fair idea of the wonderful de-
velopment of that part of Texas.
The window is well lit up and
makes a very pretty sight at
From Wednesdays Daily.
This morning V. J. Bookmeyer
was a passenger for Omaha, being
called there by a message an
nouncing the serious illness of
his sister, Miss Claire, who was
taken very sick Monday evening
and it was necessary lo remove
her lo a hospital where an opera
tion was performed vesterdav.
Miss Bookmeyer left here Mon-
V V . ,li . " i
davs in the metronolis. nnd -oa
I i i o n In i'ieil I - L , n
. . . ..,,'
luufii i-n. .-iiui iij ner reacning
that cilv. The family have not
received word as In the exact
nature of her sickness, but it is
thought, to be appendicitis. The
many friends of Miss Bookmeyer
here will await with much anxiety
for further reports as to her con
dition and trust that she may re
cover speedily.
Gees to Omaha Hospital.
This afternoon Mrs. J. A. Mur-
ray departed for, Omaha in com
pany witn ner son, George, and
she will enter one of the hospitals
m that cily for treatment. Mrs.
Murray has been in very poor
neaitu ior tne past year and hopes
to find relief in the treatment at
the hospital. That Mrs. Murray
may be restored to her former
health will be the sincere wish of
her many friends in this citv.
Never can tell when you'll mash
a linger or suffer a cut. bruise.
burn or scald. Bo nwnarp.i.
Thousands rely on Dr. Thomas
Eclectic Oil. Your Hmlrfyicf .iu
it. 25c and 50c -