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    vol: XXXII.
rini iiainiBti mill trnniTir
w w W 1 1 v HHP W III
I.. Rouse,
Mucr, C
a Tibbels, SIclla'T.
xii.i..- jra fiuiin.oTiv- Knlo
U siection , J'leiU, : I.OU1SC
; GuthriC0.'. ii.wnboda, Ruth J.
Easlerday, Mai)? I Jackson, Lena
Merrill, Charles A. Sawyer, Grace
The Nebraskans at the Colusa V', , nJ ny',. J;a"ra JlaiTK'r-
. i.hmiii i.tua wuiiijticr,
University Enjoy a Day's Gut- nis S. Chaikin, M. A. Mills, jr., .
r i
ing Among Themsefjres.
The following amount of a pic
nic parly given the Nebraska
students at tb Columbia 'uni
versity summer school appeared in
the .Slate J'.urnat and will be of
murh interest here, as among the
guests ...'.m the occasion was
Suvt-'riatcudent of Citv Schools
G. Brooks, who is-n New
York1 attending Hie school there,
taking a course in 'order 'to se1-
cute liis master's degree. Mr.
Brooks is a splendid school man
and keeps strictly up to'the mark
in keeping pace with , the pro
gress of events; " Among, the
others present at the picnic was
II. Pierce, II. M. Voderberg, Mabel
Daniels, Glaideth Denny, W. (5.
Brooks, Garcye .Teich, Clara Mo-
Yield Immense Over the Entire
County, Averaging From 25
.to 50 Bushels Pep Acre. '
From Tuesday's Uaiiy.
At o clock Sunday evening, at of wheat.
the .Methodist church -occurred a Luke L. Wiles, residing, just
most, pleasant and impressive outside of tlp west. limits of the
service. A juvenile chorus, of city, had one piece or thirty-five
fifty voices, ranging in ages' from acres in w heat that averaged 41
posted on the progress of events
That this county had'ono of the in the county. The best, wishes of
largest wheat yields in its history he many, friends of this worthy
this year is demonstrated 'as the young couple- ffi with them .on
dinerent tanners throughout the their journey to t. heir new home
county finish un their threshirur. I '
mid although the corn crop may
prove short of what it usually is,
the greater part of the farmers in
the county had their land in wheat
and the loss in corn will more
than be made up in the abundance
Depart for Homis in Wyoming.
From Tuesday's Daily.
Albert L. Lan's? and bride, for
merly Miss Manotja Perry, depart
ed this afternoon! on the Burling
ton train for Omaha, from whore
they will leave jfor their future
home at Douglas, Wyoming,
where the gi'oon) will engage in
business. Mr. I.juig called at the
Journal office this afternoon and
ordered tfie minii-weeKiy sent. 10 Kcvi Son at Peters' (Home.
their address m order to keep Wi!, Meet in Pattsmouth, Com- LrOR1 WeineS(iay.B nailv.
, A bright liWla son came 4o the
menemg Monday, August -4, )f Mp anJ Mps Josepn
and Continue Until Friday.
side here, the Cass county teach
ers can look forward lo this
feature with grout pleasure.
The programs will be plaeedin
the hands of the county superin
tendent jn a few days for dis
tribiilion among the teachers of
the county.Vfind they can rely on
!a most, cordial reception- from the
residents of this city.
The Burlin
to 12 Years, whieli is lindir I hnwlipls fr ill., nmi on. I mi f hin
, i . j, , gt I ' T - - .... . . ...... . . . lull , U II ' 1 ' U L V ' I II I ,1
rof, E. J.. Rouse, formerly of fh lprtlnin- nf ri4 Zehna Tnev . I if i f dvi,- w ,u nntrn
tnjs Cll, and Wild WS- on tile Lis' directress . sraw nn hnnr'fihm- u-fla-.17.lmch.Oa r. r. Viioc ,vhrt
program for ahort speech: gram. The little folks were seat- resides in the same locality,
bunday, Jmy 27, being a hot 0d on the platform, completely threshed out twentv-four acres of
day in New York City, all ferries fining it. Their bright and cheer- oats, and they will average 70
and trains , were crowded with fui little faces were a delight to bushels to the acre, which is cer-
picnic parties, whose chief ambi- fhe' audience, while the music tainlv sroincr some to savthe least.
tion scented to be to get as far they rendered was a source of On the farm of J. E. Wiles the
from the city as half the contents real enjoyment and inspiration, total Yield of his wheat will be i.
oi tneir purses anowei;,tne otner Gentleness, purity, humility, and 000 bushels, which is an amount
half being reserved for return devotion characterized the oc-
looks of a real
as the work on i
as much as pn
ready by fall
have commences
The Cass County Teachers' In
stitute will be held in this -city,
starting Monday, August 2 i, and
continuing ujitil Friday, August
21), and again our-city will be the
meeea for the: handsome and taj-
eiited teachers of the county, who
were so uelignteu witn me treat
ment they received here last year
that'they desired to again pay us
a. visit, and it is up to the citizens
W. 'J'etors yesterday afternoon
about (J o'clock and announced
his intention of making his home
with them and was received with
joy both bv the parents and the
little brothers and sister, who
consider the' new boy just about
the finest, that has ever made, his
appearance-in this city. The
mother and liltle one are both
gelling along nicely.
have '
"Si bO,
City L
the I',
1 lodge
ssible to get it
The plasterers
their work and
will soon havejjie waiting rooms
ready for the woodwork and the
so large as lo be able to sunnlv
tickets. At i.:15 in the afternoon, casion and the conduct of the a large amount of bread-stuff for
the residents of the county.
These are just a few of the
farmers have given an ac
count, of their wheat yield, and
ratio is maintained and old Cass
a causual observer standing on chorus was a splendid ' eompli
Riverside drive saw a lady, who ment to the training of Miss Tuey.
had been weaving hack and forth Several individual numbers were
between the ferry landings, at interpolated and were all well
128th street and i30th street, in given. It is hoped that the
a very undecided fashion, ap- juvenile chorus mav be even en-
i.. ,n. ii cl K-i.i.-uu.M- uiim ami i'ui largeu auu conunueu in iraining, county will not nave to take a
a question to the fat proprietor, as the children by this means can back seal for any of them when
J he answer, a. wave of the hand receive great good themselves it comes to their wheat yield
toward the lJOtii street ferry, amj render lasting benefits to the
sent her off in that direction, church and community. The ac
During the next half hour the fal companists were: Miss Violet
man conducted a free bureau of rFreese," on piano and organ; Mr
information, and scat each nppli- Hugh Cecil, clarinet, and r Mr
cant to swell the eri-oun assemlileil r.hntii-rVnrx viofirr. - - t
in the snaoe or the ferry house
Causual observer had ample op
. portunity to note the peculiarities
of this picnic party. What robust
looking individual? they were!
' They did not rush madly- from
trolley to ferry as though that
were the last ferry ever to cross
the Hudson; but came leisurely
along with swinging strides, and
cairn demeanor, until joining the From Tuesday's Daily.
party. Each arrival was greeted
by at least one -of the party and
then ensued a round of introduc
tions and- hearty handshakes of
the long-losf-millionaire-brolher
Vfjfif v ' Xr mio sopiript I it vp.'i 1 tp
that standing- on rougU cobble of Sol
depot in this eiU is assuming the nf Plattsmouth to try and live up
at ion these .days, to their reputation of ist year,
is being hurried When the institute met. here.
One of the big problems of the
institute - is the providing of
proper places for the ladies in at
tendance to board and room, and
m.ueh assistance can be given the
county superintendent if parlies
able lo accommodate one or two
of the teachers during this time
will call up Ihe ollice of the
superintendent and let her know-
just how many 1 hey i can handle.
Last vear there was some 100 of
the. instructors of the
tiling for Ihe
down. The
liteat in
to be put
plant has
been installed ahd the piping foi
the radiators fin
most (
lion ot
A h
head v
to be
receive an, i it
I like
hod and as soon
as the filing has been put down
for. the lloorjng jho radiators wilJ
be installed, as well as the equip
ment for the toilet rooms'.' The
new arrangement of Ihe ticket , ,,' if ... Ivnp.,(. ,iinf n,o .
throughout Ihe county the same ""7" - attendance
enieui ior me rasiuer lo nanuie
the business of the office, as there
is only one ticket window, and it
is- not necessary to keep up a
foot race from one window to the ioartjn
oiner, as was me case wiin the
east." '
ban que
In regard to the matter of
sprinkling the streets before hav
ing them swept, we have been in
formed by the street cleaning de
partment of the city that the
reason this has not-been done be
fore is because of the worn out
condition of the sprinkler, which
drives the dirt down into the
cracks between the paving bricks
old depot.' The remodeled sta
handle the t rafiie and there will be
no more overcrowded, waiting
rooms in the winter, as was Ihe
case last year. When the work
of enlarging the platform
facilities is' taken up and finished
this" city will have a very ample
and commodious depot and well
able to handle the business that
comes through it. .
homes throughout the city.
of the young
men who
as their
stones for a' half hour on
nay iyan exertion. J.veryone
bubbling and boiling with en
thusiasm, and only after two
ferries had come and gone did
someone suggest that a cool spot
in the woods at the top of the
palisades was awaiting them
"Arrived in Edgewater, another.
wait ensued and two more ferries
. added members to the party. All
this time the tidd of conversation
ebbed and flowed without cessai
tion. Even' the climb up the
palisades dicK not interfere with
the joyous chatter,, and the im
pressive view from the summit
only stimulated it. ..'All" seemed
prompted to say the same thing,
and they said it all at once in yerj
loud tones calculated to make the
welkin ring, had any been loiter
ing there. They said, .'U-U-U-NI;
Ver-Ver-Si-Ty; Of Ne-Bras-Ky;
, Oh, My.' Only a few well chosen
words, but no line from the clas
sics' could have awakened such
memories; how they rushed and
thronged and fairly tumbled over
eadh other, A gentleman 'watch
ing proceedings from a nearby
rock came forward and offered to
act as photographer, saying, T'm
from Iowa.' Cameras were quick
ly entrusted to him. The posing
ordeal over, thev party broke up
into groups, and reminiscence be-,
gan in earnest. At supper lime
thirty-four hungry people, most
ly summer students at Columbia
university, formed a big ring on
the grass and dealt justly with
the viands. Three lawyers were
appointed to send greetings to
Chancellor. Avery and Chancellor
Andrews. .'J
'.'Those who composed the
magic circle werp: ;
"Mr. find Mrs. C. E. Benson, Mr.
and Mrs.E. W. Marcellus,' Cora
O'Connell, Myrtle Ferguson, E.
A very unexpveted surprise was
given Mrs. Henry Ofe vesterdav
afternoon at her home on Winter- and makes it impossible Jo get it
steen Hill, when a large dclesra- out by J the sweeper, but that as
lion of her friends ' appeared at soon 1,10 now sprinkler, which
her home with well-laden baskets was ordered ' some three weeks
things to eat. and an- a arrives, this will ne changed
u nouneed. that : they had come to and the streets carefully sprinkled ia "u"-
a hot "u'i.u nidi uie iiau Lomt iu hefnrrih swnpno,- i ' ,kp,i The but hplace a ud, who have met with
e wa asplJit her m celebrating her irore the weepei i., ued. ihe - lhni h
e was , . ... nnnnvnnfo f.nicrM W fhn .I.icf ia "lUCIl SUCCeSs in tneir C 110011
ioriy-sixi ii iiiriiruay . ariniversarv. i """" " "" "
The hostess at once entered' into recognized by the city's workmen,
the spirit of the occasion and hu under the circumstances it is
i .v. r. i ii nnf nf Miff mificsfiriii fr .In IifTnr -ii..
iiiuue me uoiupuny leei eniuei i , - ynri i1r,,i0 Tuvj on.i im nr
ai nome ana everyone proceeueu " f nlnfH in rinrcn nf UnnK-r.o
-..' .u. i' . nnf. into nnnrjifinn. Th'n nrMPnl. Placta m charge Of SIX linotjpe
10 eujov iiitMii.ei es 10 tiie ut- i - 1 -
most until a late hour in the aft- street sprinkler, in the first place,
' I i i 1 X" . i
A mailer that should
the prompt attention of the city
or count5" board of health, who- nes
ever has the jurisdiction in the
matter,' is that of the condition
of the sewer creek east of the
city. The creek, which has been
county I carrying off Ihe refuse from fhe
lupin eiHVfP vivclnm nf' llr r-ilv
. i 'ii ii I1
will be lully as large has fur the past three weeks been '
this year, and the mailer of se- si,u( 0ft fron, tj,0 matl rjvei. by , .
Curing places lor them is no a iarKe ,ar which has been form- n , t
oiiiii iimun hum v''M'frwi'VL'i'ii ine river anu me
should be made to lmd lliein hnmilh .f Ihe erek. The refuse
places in the different water has become stagnant by
being confined from flowing out
lion will give ample - room to i.. " ,.: u
ill 1 iJISf ill. J3. J'llMI'I, Hits MTUITUI illn 11(1111 (I1C C1CCK ill!" ( I (11-
an exceliL'nt staff of instructors I agreeable, as well as injurious to
for fle institute, embracing some.) the people wiio 4iv in the vicinity
of the leading school workers of of the creek. The odor is quite f rr'
ii-- i -i i: i i.. ki - iK- . .. ll (
ine s wue, iinu siiii'iiuiu resuiis are 1101 ice;tuie ii oim me iui inigitju
looked for in fhe instructions track, and when coming from the
given by these able workers.- Mr. base ball game Sunday many re-
Harry Bradford, superindent of J marked upon the fact
the slate agriculture school, will possible in any way lo Jiave the
be on hand to give lectures on creek opened up lo allow it to flow
agriculture, as well as history, out info the river it'should be
and as he is one of the most sucn done at once, as-thc.present con
cessful scliool men in the stale dition oT alTairs is most di?-agree-in
this line of work much good is able as well as unhealthy. Let us
expecled from his instruction lo have the matter looked into by the
the teachers. proper authorities and see if
Another of Ihe sfronc features something cannot be done to
of the institute will be Miss E. abate the nuisance and allow the
Ruth Pertle of Lincoln, superin- sewerage to move ' out into the
tendent of the McKinley scliool of main river." With, the present J)0sL wh
that city, who will give instruc- conuumn oi anairs ine creeK win
tion on plaj ground supervision, gradually back up until the
one of' the branches, of school sewer becomes very offensive in
more to the front, and this is one
of the first institutes iii-the state
to fake up the subject, -and the
Cass county teachers are fortun-
made i
carne t
Mr. C
yearn a
do not V
I dependi
show h
.in- rnr
off in h
to the
have go
alone i3
perity; i
lo base"
calling is Bert Spies, -the son of
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Spies, of
this city. Bert is now located at
machines in that city in the
- : : ui . ' i - i.
ii u iaie uour m ine au-r. 1 ., ... . ,..!,,. , , . ,, atu ui situuho us ituiu a teaciier
, The time was nassed npvor intended for paved "u"af'" as Miss Pertlo for the work, fn
. I I.a! o it rlnoo .t 1 (ho 'C -'C V lll.-!U 1 1 1 a (. lit I ICS UIIUI .....
most pleasantly in music and
f i ; - ,1 addition to the playground super-
. - I - . . . . . . . . . I I i l I' I ' I I I II'' I I I I' I I I III l-lll lllllir ii I' I lUI- I . - -
social conversation and the event satisfactory worK that the new r " ;." ,7"; C.:" vision Miss Pertle will take up the.
will long be remembered by-Jhe Pne as ine new springier im, . ;..; use of the Victrola in'the country
, . , .. ... . . .. , Uennotflllv rlocJo-norl fnn navo. ""t"1' ouub .lUdli auu nuS lul ' , , , - .
npsiess ior us pleasantness ana r"'-. " several years . linotype operator
may be
Platte, 1
crop is
whole t
than in
plenty o
and Net
nicn fnr tiia'mnnv hanniifni anil menis . sucn as we nave nere.
1 I lit 1. . II. . . 1
nafni triffa-vifh uhinh cho una " "u ine rnacnine arrives we can
presented bv her friends. The expeci 10 see ine uusi prooiem
guests at the pleasant event were handled in proper shape
Mesdames John -Lutz and daugh
ters, Helen and Ca-therine; John
Toman and children, V. M.' Rus
sell, B. C. Hyde, George Lamp
here, Miss Meta Jennings and Mr.
and Mrs. Ofe and family.
for the Evening Journal. He
spent several months in Brooklyn
in the plant where the linotypes
are manufactured, studying the
building-up of the machines, and
his advancement along this line
shows the result of his close at tention
to the mechanism of the
machines. His success will be a
source of much pleasure lo his
many friends in this city."
schools and give some of thcH jr-rnm T,Brtlv. n,n
beneficial results-of the use of Yesterday marked the passing n ITT
these great instruments in the of the sixty-third milestone of LAII
development ol the children along William B. llishel, and our old
the lines of the best class of friend claims he feels just as
music,- anu sue win aiso iaKe up origin ana cneeriul as a lad or The f
ine general sunject ot vmusic in twenty summers and is out every omahi j
ine scuoois,- anu is luny compel- nay at work and does not, allow
ent to handle the matter. anything lo interfere with his
Miss Elizabeth Schafer of duties. Mr. llishel was born in
David City, principal of the public the stale of Pennsylvania and
schools there, who has had ex- came to Nebraska in 18G1, when
perience as county superintend- a lad of. 14, and since that time
gives th
that oer.i
which a
is one oi
case is I
and it is
j-. w . . n'k 1 I -v r-. r. 1 1 . 1 .1 rtK,1 I 1 - t I I. ' iJ 1 ? 1- I
Has Finger Pinched- .' um' , V1,.. Ui I,as mis siai.e ins nome. not prov
. i v 1 1 r u u ii. . I . ' I . . r' "i ci r ni mi lap til. i c- t l . i . 1 t I t 'l r ni
- - l i j . i I . . . . . I . . . , . . , I . ' " . H'BUU "
jjuring ine noi, ury weauier - inis morning Niamey Kiihns, tures on primary education, and has been in, the employ of the
that we have been having of late who is employed in the Burling- w'ilh her Jong experience in city, and for seven of these years
the task of sweeping the streets ton blacksmith shop, was. so un- school work it will prove one bf has been "on" the water wagon,"
has been looked forward to with fortunate as to get the ring and the strong features of the in- and this is in. itself quite a record.
ft is the wish of his many friends
from her
food at t
night, sc
From Tuesday' Daily.
A suit for divorce was filed to- much anguish by the persons re- little finger on his left hand Stitute. ' '
uay in tne ouice oi uistrict cierK siding on Main street or who have pinched in a very painful man- 1 Snnorinfondpnt v a Brant that he mav be able to celebrated"
Tmnoo llnliorlom nnfiM rnlr.1- f K.,n:nn , t. ? . ... . I . ... .. .. " . . I ' , . '. I lit 1
"uu"-i' icuu uiuHcu i iuiia uicu ji uusiucss ueu ai uijr wuicn necessitated nis seen- ol the Plattsmouth city, schools, many morei such occasions. for her i
-v. uuvis mums iv x. uuvis. ine nour wnen ine sweeper maKes ing ine aid of a physician in who is at Columbia college, in
The parties were married in this its. rounds, as the dust arises in having them dressed. .The iiljury Lew York, attending the summer Beautiful Shetland Ponies
, Z l ?.u . UUUU9 iuco, pcucn atc. miu me was vepy pamiui and will keep school specializing oh superin- for sale at all times, for the next was cha-
ror about a year. The plaintiff rooms and stores and makes it Stanley from his duties for a few tender's work, will hold con- 100 years, unless I die in the Fiiingfor
alleges the, defendant treated him almost impossible to keep them days at least. ferences durinsr the institute with meP.nt.imP. T.havA now an extra .i,oJW
m a very cruel mnaner, and in clean, as well as fills the places v : , thp rifv tenrhers nn,i nnnnirv flna ciiiinn' ih.hod tn tho efnfo ,.i uL
May, 1907, deserted him and has with a large amount of dust The . For Sale. . Ttitrh schnnl .r.nrhnv ,n,i I Min Wnii v,r.i, 7h
, . i
wept in i
and ph?a
since Refused to return to her work is done at an early hour in 1913 model motorcycles and cipals in regard to the improve- Harness 'and saddle.
nu.uc. xiiu iiaiuuii m me case me morning in an enori 10 gel it motor boats at bargain prices; all ment of their work and placing it
is a prominent resident of Weep- through before the business makes; brand new machines; easy on a more up-to-date basis.
ing Water. , The defendant has, houses open,, but if it were pos- monthly oavment nlan - fief, on r vonin nr th ,v.o;iQ
in the last, few years, made her sible to have the streets sprinkled proposition before buying or you will be devoted to a musicale in
V11 ratiuiv uucist. - I wviui e lite a w trey hist is nane it win rp&rM if.. A en hflrrm na in -h p ho 1 4V,rt
.M.UklA.-lA.A11w--f T-15 . . .-I w
luiS'H am gi-eiii,i in uoiaing me usea motorcj-cies
Wm. Gilmour,
Plattsmouth, Neb.
R. F. D. No. 1.
Tague ni
pended s
Herbert Cotton departed this
If. VOU need, anvthinn for hap-lriirt ilnxn nn.l s.iva much onni-.i' I rlci-rr tt-.-i-o. r- i , .... . . . ... .... . ' ... I"-'1 i'c
.. ".j : ' ... . .:. r: . . .r inuscsiauiy ivr repiy. opponujiuy 10 iaKe part, ana-as ne win visit for a rev davs with Toilet, r
v nut uu.i; iu tinjoc IIM11 III 11IC AUUieSS I-OCK 1WT 11: ' TPTllnn 1 Cfimo TiT f 11 mnal o artin, o 1 I n A 1-.!. Cl l
. . .. . , I r . ' ' v-.-, . ...v.. . . niv-i iuui- UiCUUS ailU 1UUA. rtllfl pome mill-
vicnuiy ox iutm sireei. imicsn. . 7-21-10ks-wkly. ists iri this part of the state re
vest call on Ed Don at.
treat you fight.
lers of business.