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    Cut the Weed in District No. 2.
As tlio laws of Nebraska coin
pel all land owners to cut the
weeds along the public highway
adjoining their property on or
before the 15th Vif August, and if
the same bv nfl 'doiiu bythat date
the road overseer is compelled to
cut them and have the costs taxed
up to the property, notice is here
by given to all laud owners in
District No. 2 to cut the weeds
before the above date. .
A. K. Seybert, Overseer.
The Weeds Must Be Cut.
As the law compels every land
owner (o cut the weeds on the
public highway between the 15th
of July and the 15th of August,
notice is hereby given to all land
owners residing in District No.
27, that weeds must be cut ac
cording to the above dates. If
not cut by the 15th of August I
will see that the law is complied
with and the expense of same
taxed against the property.
Walter Byers,
Road Overseer.
In the County Court of the County of
Cam), Nebranka.
In Ite-Estate of Clara White,
To All Persons Interested:
You are hereby notified that a peti
tion has been filed for the administra
tion of the estate of Clara White, de
ceased, and that H. N. Dovey has been
nominated as administrator; that a
hearing will be had upon Bald petition
on the 12th day of August, A. 1). 1913,
at 8 o'clock a. m., at my office In the
City of Plattsmouth, Nebraska; that
all objections to said petition must be
filed before said hour on said day.
Dated this 10th day of July, A. D.
By the Court.
ALLEN J. BI5ESON, County Judge.
In the County Court In nnd for Can
County, NebrnNku.
In Ite Estate of Walter J. White,
To All Persons Interested:
You are hereby notified that hear
ings upon all claims against the above
estate will be had at the olllce of the
County Judge, Court House, Platts
mouth, Cass County, Nebraska, on
August 2, 1913, and February 3, 1914,
at nine o'clock a. m. on each of said
days, and that all claims not filed by
said hour on said last day of hearing
will be forever barred.
(Seal.) Kv the Court,
County Judge.
In the Olntrk't Court of Cnw County,
Conrad H. Vallery, Plaintiff,
John Scott, et al., Defendants.
To John Scott, the unknown heirs and
devisees of John Scott, deceased;
William Smith, the unknown heirs
and devisees of William Smith, de
ceased; The American Baptist Home
Mission Society, a corporation or
ganized under the laws of New York;
Ambrose C. Mayfleld, the unknown
heirs and devisees of Ambrose C.
Mayfleld, deceased; Mary Vallery
Wright and Willielmina Adams, non
resident defendants, In the above en
titled action.
You and each of you are hereby
notified that the plaintiff has com
menced an action against you In the
District 'Court of Cass County, Ne
braska, for the purpose of quieting the
fee simple title in the plaintiff in and
to the S of the Nft of the fcSWVi, and
the S of the SW' of Section 29; also
the SVi of the SE4 of Section 30, all
In Township 12 North, Range 13, East
of the 6th P. M., In Cass County, Ne
braska, and to forever enjoin you and
each of you from claiming any right,
title, claim, lien or Interest in and to
the above described real estate, and to
remove certain clouds from plaintiff's
title In and to said real estate, and for
equitable relief.
You and eacli of you are required to
answer said petition on or before the
2!ith day of August, A. D., 1913, and In
falling so to do your default will be
duly entered therein and judgment
taken as prayed for in plaintiff's
By A. U TIDD, His Attorney.
Statement of the Condition
First morttfatre loans ?II3..')37 f9
Stock loans. Iia4 3U
Cash 10,ti72 09
ltellmiueiit Interest, premiums and
tlmV and dues 4.7t3 08
Insurance and taxes paid and ad
vanced -M12 43
Iteal estate contracts 3,S?:i tiH
Item ammnt 414 f
Total SU7.778 ,Vi
Capital Stock paid up SI37.MJ 07
Heserve fund .!M (HI
Undivided profits, ''.TSZ
Total 147.rt 55
Kkckiith and Expenditures foh the Yeah
En in no June 30, 1(112.
Halanee on hand July 1. 1912 1 IP.X5 3k
Dues l.t31 00
Interests, premiums and tines I3,3nl 52
Loans repaid 17,004 78
1 nun ranee and Taxes paid and ad
vanced 141 00
Rent Account 127 21
Ileal Estate font 2m) oi
Total f 73.900 84
Loans I 27,435 00
Expenses 1,307 SO
Stock redeemed 32.7U9 Si
Cash on hand 10,072 09
Insurance and Taxes paid and ad
vanced 1,437 07
Rent and Repair 27V U
Total I 73,900 94
I, Carl d. I'rlcke. secretary of the alxve
named association, do solemnly swear that the
foreiroliiK statement of the cotidtllonof said as
sociation. Is true and correct to the Is-st of my
knowledge and licllef.
C. O. l'RICKE.
Approved: Secretary.
I). B. SMITH, 1
II. M.SOKNNK'IISEN. Dlreclors.
K. (i. KCiENllKltdl'.K, )
Sulscrlbed and sworn to before me OilslUli
day of July 1913. A. L. TIDD.
Ihkai.1 Notary Public
My commission expires Oct. 5, 1915
John V. Wood, Defendant, will take
notice that on the 24th day of January,
1813, Elsa Wood. Plaintiff herein, filed
her petition In the District Court of
Cait County, Nebraska, against !
defendant, the object and prayer of
which is to obtain a divorce upon the
ground of willful desertion for more
thuu two years, and failure to support
and for the custody of the Infant
child, the ismie of oaid marriage. You
are required to answer sttid petition on
or before the 21st dav of July, 1 1 S.
ELS A WOOD. Plaintiff.
In trie County Court Within and
for Cass County, Nebraska.
In the Matter of the Estate of
August Gorder, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given to all
persons interested that on the 4th
day of August, A. D., i 9 13, at ten
o'clock a. m., in the County Court
room in Plattsmouth, Cass Coun
ty, Nebraska, the application of
Nellie Gorder to admit to probate
the last will and testament of
August Gorder, late of the City of
Plattsmouth, Cass County, Ne
braska, deceased, and asking that
Letters Testamentary be issued to
Fred Gorder, will be heard, and
all objections thereto, if any,
must be filed before said hour on
said day of hearing.
By the Court.
County Judge.
In County Court.
County of Cass, ss.
In the Matter of the Estate of
Thomas Slagle, Deceased.
To All Persons Interested:
You are hereby notified that
there has been filed in this court
report of the Executor of said
estate, together with his petition
for final settlement and approval
of said report.
That a hearing will be had
thereon before this court at the
Court House in Plattsmouth, in
said county, on the 5th day of
August, 1913, at 9 o'clock a. m.
All objections, if any, must be
filed on or before said day and
hour of hearing.
Dated this 14th day of July,
County Judge.
Surprising Cure of Stomach
When you nave trouble with
your stomach or chronic con
stipation, don't imagine that your
case is beyond help just because
your doctor fails to give you re
lief. Mrs. G. Stengle, Plainfield,
N. J., writes, "For over a month
past I have been troubled with my
stomach. Everything I ate upset
it terribly. One of Chamberlain's
advertising booklets came to me.
After reading a few of the letters
from people who had been cured
by Chamberlain's Tablets, I de
cided to try them. I have taken
nearly three-fourths of a pack
ago of them and can now eat al
most everything that I want." For
sale by all dealers.
Card of Thanks.
I'o I hi' many friends who as
sisted us so kindly a I. I In; funeral
of mir beloved mother, and by
their sympathy assisted us to
hear mir grief, we desire to re
turn our heartfelt, thanks and
trust that they who assisted us
in such a noble manner may be
treated as kindly in their hour of
Mr. and Mrs. (i. E. Perry.
Edgar Perry.
J. C. Perry.
Henry Perry.
The journal for Calling Cards.
A Nervous Woman Find
Relief From Suffering.
Women who suffer from extreme
nervousness, often rndure much
suffering before finding any relief.
Mrs. Joseph Snyder, of Tiffin, O.,
had such an experience, regarding
which she says:
"Six months I
was bedfast with
nervous prostra
tion. I had sink
ing ipellg, a cold,
clammy feeling;,
could not atand
the allshteat
nolne. At tlmea
would almost
fly to pieces;
eO stomach very
my taking Dr.
Miles' Nervine, and I began to lmprova
before I had finixlipd tho first bottle
until I was entrrvly rqred."
262 Hudson St., Tlflln, Ohio.
Many remedies arc recommended
for diseases of the nervous system
that fail to produce results because
they do not reach the scat of the
trouble. Dr. Miles' Nervine has
proven its value in such cases so
many times that it is unnecessary
to make claims for it. You can
prove its merits for yourself by
getting a bottle of your druggist,
who will return the price if you
receive no benefit. t
MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, Ind,
r0 i '
fr-H-l..;. -H'
Ledger. 4
;Mif Mary Allison am! "daugh
ter? 4r. Chas' Stone, came down
from Plattsmouth Wednesday for
a visit with relatives and friends.
Agent Harry Thomas and
Operator Earl Powers arrived
home last Sunday from Salt
Lake City, where they spent a
part of their vacation.
Mrs. William Pickering and
.Mrs. James Niday departed yes
terday morning for Coleridge to
spend several days visiting anions
their relatives and friends.
Thomas Crozier and wife went
to Weeping Water on the Tues
day evening train, where their
daughter, .Miss Alice, lias been
quite ill al the home of her sister.
Mrs. O. C. Mawhinney and chil
dren of Terrer Haute, Ind.; John
C. Watson and wife of Nebraska
City and Miss Harriet. Kellogg of
I'ercival, Iowa, were visiting this
week with John N. Larsh and wife
at Springdale Farm.
Any fanner or other person in
need of a mess of cats should file
application with Win. Rivetts, the
brick mason, who informs us that
he has a cat hive ready to rob. All
thoroughbred brindles of differ
ent sexes. Call al his cat olllce at
the hotel or third floor school
We regret, to learn of the
serious illness of our friend,
Mark Freeman, of Clarinda, Iowa,
a former citizen of this village.
He is now in one of the Omaha
hospitals and is being treated for
stomach trouble, an operation
having been performed last Fri
day. He is in no immediate dan
ger, and his many friends here
hope he may soon recover.
Richard 0. True, a former resi
dent of this place, has been visit
ing the past week with his mother
and other relatives and friends in
I'nion and vicinity. "Dick" and
his family are located in Harbor
lieach, Mich., where he holds the
responsible posit ion as superin
tendent of the large starch works,
and he is now taking a vacation
for the bencllt of his health.
William Mueller suffered some
painful injuries while working at
his elevator Tuesday evening. He
was loading a car while other
men were pushing : a car to the
elevator, nnd when the two cars
bumped the grain spout fell,
striking Mr. Mueller on top of the
head'and inflicted a deep wound
that required sewing by, a physi
cian. He also received a bad
bruise on the left arm, but con
siders himself fortunate in escap
ing with no worst injuries.
Dr. Welch reports the birth of
a hoy al the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Earl Wiles, Sunday, Julv 2(1,
Dr. II uitgal reports the birth
of a 10-pound boy at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Doty, Mon
day, July 21, l'JI3.
The many friends of Conduct
or Perry will regret to know thai
he is in Lincoln suffering with
ulcer of the stomach.
Charles Long came in from
Hurwell Saturday to visit his par
ents and oilier relatives al Man-
ley, lie was accompanied home
Tuesday by his parents, who go
for an extended visit with him.
Mr. and Mrs Thomas Crozier
came, up from Union Tuesday
evening to see their daughter,
Miss Alice, who was quite sick
with nephritis, al the home of
her sister, Mrs. John Prichard.
Al latest reports she was some
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gilmore
of Hurwell and Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Rosehaupi of Helgrado
came in Friday to see the former
and latter's father, (leorge Oil
more. They nil returned lo their
home Tuesday morning in Mr.
Rosenbauin's car.
Fred Timhlin, I he youngest son
oT George Timhlin, northwest of
town, met with an accident, last
week while climbing over a fence.
The wire broke and let him down,
striking a knot, on the post,
which caused a painful wound.
Dr. Fate dressed the wound,
which necessitated several
si itches.
Chief Operator Miss Lizzie Reed
of the telephone olllce gets ton
days' vacation on full pay, and
left Tuesday morning in company
with her mother and her niece,
Miss Klhel Filzpalrick, for Arapa
hoe and Kdison to spend her
vacation with relatives. Miss Amy
llillman will lake Miss Reed's
place and Miss' Edna Hammer will
take the. relief work.
Rev. N. V. Rich returned
Monday- evening from n three
weeks' trip through southern
Kansas and part of Oklahoma.
He reports the corn entirely
gone in a good many places; says
some places it won't make fodder
and there won't be any nuighne-s
at all, only the wheat straw. He
said .there was no place where
crops were as good as here.'
For Cuts, Burnt and Bruises.
In every home there should be
a box of Bucklen's Arnica Salve,
ready to apply in every case of
burns, cuts, wounds or scalds. J.
H. Polanco, Delvalle, Tex., II. No.
2, writes: "Bucklen's Arnica
Salve saved my little girl's cut
foot. No one believed it could be
cured." The world's best salve.
Only 25c. Recommended by Ger
ing & Co.
To Mr. and Mrs, Hvron
McNealy, Tuesday, July 15, a boy.
Miss Louise Gadway is at Mur
ray for an extended slay with
friends. .
A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs.
William Mclntire, Sunday, July
201 h.
Misses Dorothy and Margaret
Slander are visiting relatives at
Archer and Marquette, Neb.
We are sorry to report the ill
ness of Mrs. Priscilla Noyes, who
has been bedfast the past ton
Mr, and Mrs. Julius Komrofski
are moving back to Nebraska
from Westgale, Iowa, on account
of the poor health of the" former.
Mrs. Komrofski was formerly
Miss Louisa Roeber.
!eorge Metz of Waukoinis,
Okla., is visiting his son, Clcvo,
and old friends in this vicinity.
Mr. Metz owns a line KiO-acre
farm near Waukomis. When he
moved from I.ouisv ille he built a
M.KOO house on his Oklahoma
farm, which he lost, by lire, ami
after that they moved lo Wauko
mis, and he rents his farm and
says it, pays him just, about as
I'oslmasler Ossenkop believes
that there is nothing loo good
for the patrons of his olllce and
proposes to dish up mail to the
public from one of the neatest in this part of the
slate. The Ossenkop building, re
cently vacated by Frank Johnson,
is Jjeing remodeled, a new plate
glas front put in and when com
pltad the poslollice tixtures will
bf"fh lived in.
'" We are glad to report that Mrs.
Mary Arvidson has fully re
covered from the distressing ac
cident that, befell her last week,
when she was hit in the head by
a base ball and knocked down.
Some little boys were playing in
llie'street, and they did not stop
as she passed by, with the above
result. The boys .were very much
frrhlene.l and ran away from the
scene and it is to be hoped that
this will be a lesson to them, as
wejl as o the boys who play hall
in the street.
. Unsightly Face Spots
Are cured by Dr. Hobson's Eczema
Ointment, which heals all skin
eruptions. No matter how long
you have been troubled by itching,
burning or scaly skin humors,
just put a little of that soothing
antiseptic, Dr. Hobson's Eczema
Oointment, on the sores and the
suffering slops instantly. Heal
ing begins that very minute.
Doctors use it in their practice
and recommend it. Mr. Alleman,
of Littlelown, Pa., says: "Had
eczema on forehead; Dr. Hobson's
Eczema Ointment cured it in two
weeks." Guaranteed to relievo or
money refunded. All druggists,
or by mail. Price 50c. PfeilTcr
Chemical Co., Philadelphia and
St. Louis.
J. M. Stone left yesterday for a
visit to South Dakota and other
points north and west.
The continued dry weather has
been hard on the pastures and
some of the early corn is suffer
ing, but with rain soon there will
not be much of a shortage in the
Henry Hruber has purchased a
Ford car through the agency of
Robert Wills, and is gradually
gelling the thing so it will bark,
roll over or jump through a hoop
when he tells it to.
Mrs. C. . Hansen ami little
daughter left last week for Kear
ney, Neb., where they expect to
stay for some time for the benefit
of Mrs; Hansen's health, which
has been poor for a year or niorf.
George Mark certainly has no
quarrel over his wheat crop. He
had 120 acres that made 32
bushels. A gpark set fire k one
cf his draw stacks and scared all
the hair off George's head, but did
no further damage.
Cerahline, the little daughter of
Mrs. George Holmes suffered a
bad fracture of one. o,f the bones
in her lower arm one day last
week. She was riding the Carl
Stone pony and fell off. From the
nature of the break it is liable to
leave her with a crooked arm.
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Pollard leH
yesterday morning for their old
home in Vermont, where they ex
pect to visit for a few weeks. This
is Mrs. Pollard's first visit, back
there in ten years, Mr. Pollard
having been back two years ago
when his father died, and it goes
without saying they will have a
good time.
Far! Yiall had the misfortune
to break the large bone in his
right forearm Tuesday, and as a
consequence will lay up fop a
time. He was driving a team at
the east quarry hauling dirt away
from the steam shovel, and was
thrown from the dump wagon. He
struck on his hand and the bone
was broken' in two places just
above t he wrist.
The Best Medicine In the World.
"My little girl 'had dysentery
very bad. I thought she would
die. Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoe Remedy cured her,
and I can truthfully say that I
think it is tho best medicine la
the world," writes Mrs. William
Orvis, Clare, Mich. For sale by
all dealers.
Beacon. J
A. II. Vanlandinghani shipped a
carload of hogs to the South
Omaha market the latter pari of
the week.
Mrs. Agness L. McDonald and
Miss Ethel Scattergood left on
Thursday for Ohio for a three
weeks' visit with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Frederick,
who moved to Colorado last
spring, returned to Eagle Mon
day on account of their daughter,
Randa's. health.
Several auto loads of Green
wood boosters passed through
here Tuesday forenoon advertis
ing the Old Soldiers' encampment
lo be held at that place August
K. P. Iteltes, Jack Lyell and
Geo, Trunkenbolz have had their
houses wired for electric lights
just recently, and we understand
others are considering doing the
same quill- seriously.
Mrs. John Peterson returned
home Thursday evening from
Irwin, Iowa, where she had been
visiting relatives for the past two
weeks. She was accompanied by
Misses June and Lela Blair of
Harlan,, who will spend a fw
days visiting in Eagle.
Jos. Palmer, wife and daugh
ter, or Milad, Idaho, and Mrs.
Susan Carey, of Peru, visited the
fore part of the week al the An
son Burdick home. Mrs. Carey
is Mrs. Hurdick's mother, and
Mr. Palmer is an uncle. This is
Mr. Palmer's Hist visit to this
section of the country for some
forty years.
While out in the yard last Sat
urday Mrs. J. T. Lyell fell ami
received a fractured ankle. Mrs.
Allen Crablree also reported as
receiving a fractured ankle the
first oT the week. Mrs. Mary
Vickers received a broken arm
Sunday. She and Hoy were out
riding arid the horses became
frightened ami ran away. These
three accidents were reported to
us just before going lo press, so
we were unable to learn lo what
extent the injuries are.
I ELmwOOD. .J.
A Leader-Echo.
Mr. and Mrs. Win. M in ford left
the fore part of the week for
Duluth, Minn., to visit their
daughter, Mrs. Cordner.
P. J. Marshall and family de
parted Saturday vit the auto
route for Cozad, Neb., to visit
Ben Del I man came in Wednes
day from Imperial, Neb. He ex
pects to remain with us for a time
W. C. Bartletl, newly appointed
posl master, is learning the rou
tine work of the local olllce and
will soon lake charge.
Mrs. W. I). Skeen and son,
Carl, left Saturday morning on a
visit with relatives in Kansas
City, Mo., and Alma and Eskridge,
Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Bailey and
Grandma Bailey motored to Mil
ford Sunday of last week for a
visit with Uncle Ran Bailey at the
old soldiiers' home.
H. L. Greeson and son, Harley,
came in last evening overland
from North Platte in their fine
large .touring car. The whole
Greeson family is here now, Mrs.
Greeson, and Laverue having ar
rived previously.
, Mioses Daisy ; Lftiig!i.rs4; Mil
dreiJ iUailey jipdi I.n(lie 1'an, are
enjoying a 'vacation" peiii,d at
Lake Manawa, near Council
Blulfs, la. Tile home of Mr. and
Mrs. Elmer Clisbe, who reside
near the lake, is their retreat.
Miss Edith Robertson, who has
been teaching at Hastings, is hero
on a visit with her brother, Or
ville Robertson . and family and
other relatives, she has been on
an extended vacation trip and
came here from a visit with Roy
Robertson and family at C-ntral
Cily. Miss Robertson will leave
here for her home in St. Paul. 1
Rid Youp Children or Worms.
You can change fretful, ill
tempered children into healthy,
happy youngsters, by ridding
them of worms. Tossing, rolling,
grinding teeth, crying out while
asleep, accompanied with intense
thirst, pains in the stomach and
bowels, feverishness ' and bad
breath, are symptoms' that in
dicate worms. Kickapoo Worm
Killer, a pleasant candy lozenge,
expels the worms, regulates tho
bowels, restores your children to
health and happiness. Mrs. J. A.
Brisbin, of Elgin, III., sals: "I
have used ilickapoo Worm Killer
for years, and entirely rid my
children of worms. I would not
be without it." Guaranteed. All
druggists, or by mail. Price 25c.
Kickapoo Indian Medicino Co.,
Philadelphia and St.. Louis.
Saturday evening Jose'ph
lladraba departed on No. 2 for
Chicago, from where he will go
lo Baltimore to represent tho
local aerie or Fagles at the na
tional convention lo be held in
that cily. Mr. lladraba was ac
companied by his wife and daugh
ter, Miss Helen, as far as Cleve
land, Ohio, whre they will visit
wilh relatives until the return of
Mr. lladraba. Onil.e a joke was
played on the parly by Albeit
Scutller, a relative, who accom
panied them lo the depot, and bid
them a farewell,, and as the train
pulled out boarded another ear
on the train. lie will join the
party, when they reach Chicago
and give I hem a very pleasant,
surprise, as they did not suspect
his intention of going wilh Iheni.
Mr. Scutller will also allend the
Eagles' convent ion.
Interest In Athletics.
Boys who are interested in
athletics and military maneuvers
are taking keen interest in the
Boys' Stale Fair encampment to
be held in Lincoln Aug. 29-Sept.
5. Governor J. II, Morehead is
ex-ofllcio head of the encamp
ment, while the slato board of
agriculture will pay the railroad
fare of tho delegates in excess of
$5.00. County superintendents in
each county will furnish informa
tion concerning the choice of
delegates from their counties.
Foot ball tactics, military science
and instruction from object les
sons, camping and outdoor sports
will bo given.
Send your prescriptions to Ger
Ing & Co. Phone 36.
Dr. B. !'. Brendel of Murray
was a passenger this afternoon
for Omaha, where he will attend
lo some professional business for
a lime.
Platform Dance at Tulene's.
There will be another one of
those pleasant platform dances
given at the Tulene grove, west of
Plaltsinoulh, next. Saturday even
ing, August 2. There will he tine
music by the Scoboda orchestra.
Don't fail to attend.
Cash counts. Woodman Lin
seed Oil, 61c per gallon. Gerina
& Co. Phone 36.
Why the Platte Mutual Insurance
Company solicits your business:
First. Because thev have
saved the policyholders ono-half
tho cost of their insurance.
Second. Becalso they have
never had an assessment for
fifteen , years.
, J. ,0. Petersen, Secretary. , ,,
-jj ! i, Office, in Dwyer: Blkl-
Have you tried tha Forest Rose
flour? If not. why not? It is thn
best flour on the market and is
sold by all dealers!