The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, July 28, 1913, Image 4

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    The Plattsmouth Journal
: Published Semi-Weekly
W. JV. I tAT ICS -
Entered at the Po6toffioe at Plattsmouth, Nebraska as second-class matter
The liberty which is good
is not the liberty of one
J- gained at the expense of
J. others, but. the liberty which
can be enjoyed by al! who
J. dwell together. 1. T. Hob-
:o :
Will we have a fall festival?
Yes, rnaybe.
Some people, you know, be
lieve in waiting for the' spirit to
move them.
Getling a run for your money
doesn't help much when you
lose it.
The political world is filled with
too many jackrabbits that pais as
elephants, inooses and liners.
Railroads coulcnd that they
should receive increased pay for
transporting parcel post pack
ages above a certain weight.
A good gully-washer would be
a god-send to the ('ass county
farmers just now, and also to the
people who have gardens in town,
:o: 1
By the lime the last drought
has passed a farmer can always
begin worrying about an early
frost. Life is just one continual
0 of pleasure.
S :o:
People should be very careful
tif fire this dry weather. A light
ed match carelessly thrown away
after lighting a pipe or cigar may
cause serious damage.
Ammunition will not be sent to
either of the warring factions in
Mexico from this country here
after. Besides, President Wilson
is determined that nutralily must
be strictly observed.
1 livery minister and every
judge lias a new idea about elim
inating the divorce evil, but so far
none of them has worked it out
any better than Men Franklin's
attempt to jug lightning.
The destruction of the ('ass
county poor house is quite a
serious loss o I he taxpayers of
the. county. The building was
erected in the neighborhood of
forty years nso, and while n
very fair building, ami would have
served its purpose for a number
of years, it does not compare in
modern improvements to those of
counties of one-half the wealth of
Cass county.
r h J
e-:rue cwuf y 1 Motp 7" t " -)
ow with trie wire (t to nfp kj, r I ?ECH WWT )
,.4ote to, wtt WUd VT Poes Tnel fV.
j jC N ZU llfmfm " , vT
: r- : 1 1 I . 1
at Plattsmouth, Neb.:
. Pulillalier
You can't keep a Nebraska corn
crop down.
:o :
A prominent ofllcial of Brazil
says the Panama canal in the
greatest individual achievement
of the century for the people of
North and South America. No
doubt, and other parts of the
south are not shut out.
- liating less of fuel-producing
food will help a good deal during
July and August. But the trouble
is too few of us know what fuel
producing, or any other kind of
food, for that matter, is. The im
portant item of diet is sadly ne
glected. -:o:-
New employes for the Burling
lon shops are coming in on
nearly every train. The car
shortage demands the repairing
of many cars that have been out
of commission, and the present
force at the shope are compelled
lo iiit in over-lime.
A man can wear a pair of over
alls that are split up to his knee
and nobody passes a remark
about the incident, but if a
woman's skirt is split above her
ankles all kinds of remarks are
made, and in Omaha they are
sometimes arrested.
The farmers of Europe should
be the last lo demand I hat peace
be restored in Mexico. The little
fusses there don't amount lo a1
anylhing beside the Balkan
muss, where the casualties in a
single fight have been more than
the whole war in Mexico has pro
duced. :o:-
A special to the World-Herald
from Washington, under dale of
July 23, says: "President Wil
son today sent to the senate the
nomination of J. I). Bishop to be
postmaster at Peru. This is the
last poslolliee appointment with
which Congress Maguire will be
compelled to deal for several
mouths. Other vacancies in the
First district were filled several
weeks ago."
rt, has recently been argued that
almost any lax finally falls upon
the shoulders of the poor. And
(hi; argument was made by a
capitalist in an unguarded mom
ent. The income fax is perhaps
Die most ditlicult to saddle upon
the common people. The pro
cedure is evidently reversed. The
government takes some of the
wealth back after it has been
taken away from I he producer,
and disburses il for the general
Keep it before the people the
fall festival.
Let us hope the zeal for better
highways of travel may never
(iood highways are worth the
price and the trouble. Don't you
think so?
Men who grumble most about
business usually are not entitled
to very much.
Before belling on your sym
pathies, remember that sym
pathies are largely with the under
Plattsmouth is the largest and
best town in Cass county, and
Cass county is the best county in
:o: .
To say that the telephone
service is better than fishing, is
damning with faint praise, all
right, or vice versa.
No crop failures in Cass coun
ty. This means corn, wheat, oats
and alfalfa, and only an oc
casional fruit failure.
It is said that Americans do
not take enough exercise. This
ought to be an incentive for lawn
mower manufacturers to adver
tise. :o:
The White house has thirty
servants. That's nothing. Many
people in the lower walks of life
have had thai many one after
Kurope has considerable in
terests in Mexico and intimates
thai the Monroe doctrine is too
much of an abstraction in our
Mexican diplomacy. Monroe had
no thought of introducing per
petual chaos in international af
fairs. :o:
The veterans of the north and
south will hold a joint celebration
this year of the fiftieth anniver
sary of the battle of Chickamauga.
A good way for these old heroes
lo bury the hatchet is to shoulder
the crutch and show how fields
were won.
The Journal is asked every day
if we are going to have a fall fes
tival. Now, we do not know
whether Ihe Commercial club in
tends to take the matter up or
no!. If nol, they should say so,
so that others can figure on some
kind of amusements Ibis season.
The new stale normal board
proposes lo decrease Ihe expenses
in rnnning the stale normals.
Seven teachers have been dropped
from the Peru school, Iwo at
Chadron, and others fo follow.
Heretofore there have been forty
two instructors at Peru and
Iwenty-six at Kearney, while the
enrollments were practically the
same. Managers of state in
stitutions should do a little sift
ing also. There is entirely too
much help in all of them.
Mexicans agree on one subject
only and that is an unprovoked
and irrational hostility to Americans.
Any person would be foolish lo
seek a more congenial clime than
right here in, Plattsmouth at the
present time, unless they simply
want lo get rid of their money.
A Lancaster county man at
tempted to file his nomination
certificate for the office of sheriff
on the democratic ticket. The
county clerk refused lo accept it
or the fee and the near-candidate
took it up to the district court,
where it was decided adversely.
In effect the decision holds good
the biennial election law, which
means no election this year.
Governor Majors of Missouri
has issued a proclamation, and
sets the dates, for all able-bodied
men to turn out and put in two
days' work on the roads. He
makes no distinction as to color
or station in life, and says he will
turn out and work on the roads
himself. If the request is univer
sally heeded, and it proves a suc
cess in making good roads, why
not try such a scheme in Ne
braska. Hichard L. Metcalfe is certain
ly a lucky fellow. As governor of
Panama he is furnished a
magnificent, palace in which to
live, wilh plenty of servants, and
has the appointment of several
hundred subordinate positions
under his control. And then the
salary of 8 1 4,000 a year is not to
be sneezed at. This can hardly
come under the saying that. "Good
fortune comes to he who waits!"
But Met has waited patiently and
has been rewarded by his friends.
A West Virginian unable lo
write has been convicted of forg
ery. He persuaded his sweetheart
to do the pen and ink work on a
fraudulent order and the jury re
fused to consider the woman in
Ihe case. ( . .
Appearance comes first in the
store as well as in advertising.
You must have an attractive store
to invite the customers to come
in; you must have attractive
salespeople, not necessarily good
looking, but those of a good man
ner and a knowledge of the busi
ness; you must have attractive
goods that have a good appear
ance. Without a good appear
ance the best values and the low
est prices would be passed by un
noticed. Omaha Trade Exhibit.
The Journal wants to see the
day, and that day not far in the
future, when the pnsloftice will be
restored to the people of South
Omaha. It was a mean trick, in
stigated by some few political
tricksters, fo say Ihe least. It
bears the earmarks of such re
publicans of (he Vic Hosewater
order, who are always doing
something for spile work. It now
devolves upon a democratic post
master general to restore the
office, which should be done in
very short order.
Women who are clamoring for
the ballot are moving for another
hike "on to Washington," and no
doubt each pilgrim will be dressed
her prettiest.
Tariff guns are roaring now
around Washington, and the
fusilade is liable to rage for five
or six weeks, when hostilities will
cease with the adoption of the
Panama will receive perpetually
from this country $250,000 a year
for rental of the isthmian zone.
Uncle Sam's habit is to pay
liberally, even in a case like the
Plattsmouth intend3 to give the
people of Cass and surrounding
counties in Nebraska and Iowa a
fine festival some time this fall,
but no dates have yet been de
cideed upon.
A few children of rich men have
notably made their inherited
vealth a great blessing to them-
selves and mankind, but they are
precious few. Call the roll of the
men and women who have
achieved the highest fortune or
fame in this country, and an over
whelming majority will be found
to have come up from the "lower
walks" of life and to owe their
development of character to
struggle and self-denial. It is of
these twin blessings in disguise
that we gain strength, skill, sym
pathy, purpose. The child pamp
ered in idleness and luxury knows
lilfle of these vital things, and
when he meets in contest the un
couth but toughened boy from the
farm or Ihe side street, he has
poor 'chance of holding his own.
We ore accustomed to think of
the "advantages" of the children
of ihe rich. But all the history of
human life since the world began
proves that the real "advantages"
are on the other side.
A' "Home-Coming Day'r would
f a special invitation to. all
former citizens of Plattsmouth to
come and visit the old town and
see Ihe many changes that have
taken place since they have cast
their lot elsewhere. They will
have an opportunity to view the
new postoflice building, the new
Woodman block, Soennichsen's
up-to-date store and new build
ing, the nea t stores, the many
nw improvements in the resi
dence districts. They will also
lake pleasure in viewing the many
up-to-date fronts and the taste
ful manner in which their stocks
of goods are arranged, our beauti
ful paved streets and fine side
walks. Many of our former citi
zens who have been away from
here for twenty years would
hardly recognize the town, with
its new Burlington depot, gasoline
engine factory, overall factory,
Masonic Home, rifle range, and
last, but not least, he Journal
office, the finest print shop located
in any town of the size of Platts
mouth in the west. If we have
the fall festival, let us designate
one day as "Home-Coming Day."
We hope the Commercial club
will soon set the ball to rolling
for a fall festival.
The first case of granting a
mother's pension was that at
Omaha a few days ago, when a
mother of six children, deserted
by her husband, was the
beneficiary under the new law of
330 per month as an alternative
of placing the children in an
orphans' asylum.
:o: .
Pull together, brethren. We
are all here for the same purpose.
Then live and let live. The best
way to build up a town is for each
ond every man to pull together
Mid not to rend and pull down. AM
the residents of a town are part
ners, not opponents. In all likeli
hood,, the more business done by
your rival the more you will do.
. :o:
Criticisms may be all right if
done in the proper spirit. Some
people criticise President Wilson
on account of Mexico, who do not
know the condition of affairs.
They simply criticise him because
he is a democratic president. Taft
was criticised the same way. But
what cares the president for
criticisms as long as he continues
to do his duty as he sees it?
Governor Morehead done a good
Ihing when he appointed Hon.
Thomas J. Majors a member of
the stale normal board, for which
he has proven himself so well fit
led. Senator Majors is a repub
lican, but a good man just the
same, and has served in this
capacity in former years, and
Governor Morehead knows he has
always proved faithful to the
trust reposed in him.
Our citizens should take pride
in their homes. The word "home"
next to that of "mother" is the
greatest ever uttered by human
tongue. What a refuge the home
is when darkness gathers. How
glad one is to get a glimpse of
home when time and space have
separated him from it only for a
period. There seems to be a
rivalry here in an effort to make
our home" look a little neater
and thus be the more inviting to
the occupants than all others.
Such rivalry is certainly pardon
able. -:o:-
Newspaper advertising tends to
lower the cost of living, according
to the consensus of opinion voiced
by speakers at the luncheon given
by the Hawkeye Fellowship club
in Chicago. If it were not for ad
vertising the public would be
bankrupt as the result of soaring
prices, it was asserted. The rela
tion of newspaper advertising to
the high cost of living was sum
marized by the speakers as fol
lows: It decreases living ex
penses. It increases the volume
of sale. In increased sales to the
consumer, lower prices. Adver
tisements tell people where to
buy cheapest. Bargains would
go begging were it not for ad
vertising. Advertisements aro
cheaper than high-salaried drum
mers. By Gross