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In the County Court Within and
for Cass County, Nebraska.
In the Matter of the Estate of
August Gorder, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given to all
persons interested that on the 4th
day of August, A. D., 1913, at ten
o'clock a. m.. in the County Court
room in Plaltsmouth, Cass Coun
ty, Nebraska, the application of
Nellie Gorder to admit to probate
the last will and testament of
August Gorder, late of the City of
Plattsmouth, Cass County, Ne
braska, deceased, and asking that
Letters Testamentary be issued to
Fred Gorder, will be heard, and
all objections thereto, if any,
must be filed before said hour on
said day of hearing.
By the Court.
County Judge.
In County Court.
County of Cass, ss.
In the Matter of the Estate of
Thomas Slagle, Deceased.
To All Persons Interested:
You are hereby notilied that
there has been filed in this court
report of the Executor of said
estate, together with his petition
for final settlement and approval
of said report.
That a hearing will be had
thereon before this court at the
Court House in Plattsmouth, in
said county, on the 5th day of
August, 1913, at 9 o'clock a. m.
All objections, if any, must be
filed on or before said day and
hour of hearing.
Dated this 14th. day of July,
County Judge.
Statement of the Condition
Flint mortgage loans 4111537 59
Ktru-U lilttllH Ii2l4 2U
Cash 10.O72 09
Delinquent Interest, premiums and ,
itnfc and dues v V ''03 88
Insurance and taxes paid and ail-
varM'ed '-.PI- 43
Wp PKlatfl contracts 3.273 W
ifpnt Hi'i'iiiint 414 i
Total ..
....1147.778 55
Capital Stock paid up
Keserve fund
.$i37.r42 o;
. 2.732 42
Total $147,77 55
ENDixa.Tu.NR 3ii, 1U12.
Balance on hand July 1. 101
l,3:.- 3s
23.ti:il m
Interests, premiums and lines
Loans repaid
Insurance and Taxes paid and ad
vanced Bent Account
Ileal Estate Conl
u,;n js
141 00
127 21
2U 03
Total f 73.1HKH4
T,,n.w i 2T.4:)5 00
Expenses N) 32.7011
Cash on hand , 'WS Ml
Insurance and Taxes paid ana au-
vnn.-iwl 1.4.17 1)7
Bent and Beitalr 271)13
Total i "3.9 W
I, Carl O. Frlcke. secretary oC the aliove
named association, do solemnly swear that the
foregoing statement of the condition of said as
sociation, is true and correct to me iwsi oi mjr
knowledge and belief. ,
u. u. r bil n r..
Approved: Secretary.
II. M.SOENN1CIISEN, Directors.
F. (i. EGEMBElUiElt, )
Hulerllcd and sworn to liefore me thlsOth
day of July 1913. A. L. Ti l)'),
IskalI Notary Public
My commission expires Oct. 5,1015
In the District Court of Cass County,
Conrad II. Vallery, Plaintiff,
John Scott, et al., Defendants.
To John Scott, the unknown heirs and
devisees of John Scott, deceased;
William Smith, the unknown heirs
and devlseos of William Smith, de
ceased; The American Baptist Home
Mission Society, a corporation or
ganized under the laws of New York;
Ambrose O. Mayfield, the unknown
heirs- and devisees of Ambrose C.
Mayfield, deceased; Mary Vallery
AV right and Wilhelmlna Adams, non
resident defendants, In the above en
titled action.
You and each of you are hereby
notified that the plaintiff has com
menced an action against you in the
District Court of Cass County, Ne
braska, for the purpose of quieting the
fee simple title In the plaintiff In and
to the SV4 of the Nft of the SWA, and
the 8V4 of the 8VV of Section 28; also
the 8V4 of the S124 of Section 30, all
in Township 12 North, Range 13, East
of the 6th P. M.. In Cass County, Ne
braska, and to forever enjoin you and
each of you from claiming any right,
title, claim, Hen or interest in and to
the above described real estate, and to
remove certain clouds from plaintiff's
title In and to said real estate, and for
equitable relief.
You and each of you are required to
answer said petition on or before the
25th day of August, A. D., 1913, and In
falling so to do your default will be
duly entered therein and Judgment
taken as prayed for in plaintiff
By A. L. TIDD, Ills Attorney.
!.i;ii, otit i:.
John V. Wood, Pefendnnt, will take
notice Unit mi the 21th diiv of January.
1913, Klsa. Wood, Plaintiff" herein, Hied
her petition In the District Court of
Cans County, Nebraska, iignlnnt. said
defendant, the object and prayer of
which Is to obtain a divorce upon the
ground of willful desertion for more
than two years, and failure to support
nnil for the custody of tlio Infant
child, the Issue of oh Id mnrrluge. You
Hre reriitreil to answer snlil petition on
or before the 21st dnv of July, 1H13.
KLSA WOOD, Plaintiff.
! the Cuuatj Court of the Count? of
In Ke-Estate of Clara White,
To All Persons Interested:
xou are hereby notified that a peti
tion hag been filed for the administra
tion of the estate of Clara White, de
ceased, and that H. N. Dovey has been
nominated as administrator; that a
hearlnir will be had uDon said net it ton
on the 12th day of August, A. f. 1913.
bi o ciock a. m., at my omce m tne
City of Plattsmouth, Nebraska; that
all objections to paid petition must be
filed before said hour on said day.
Dated thjs 10th day of July, A. D.
By the Court.
ALLEN J. BEESON, County Judge.
la the County Court la and for Casa
County, Nebraska.
In Re Estate of Walter J. White,
To All Persons Interested:
You are hereby notified that hear
ings upon all claims against the above
estate will be had at the office of the
County Judge, Court House, Platts
mouth, Cass County, Nebraska, on
August 2, 1913. and February 3, 1914,
at nine o'clock a. m. on each of said
days, and that all claims not filed by
said hour on said last day of hearing
win ue mrever uarrea.
(Seal.) By the Court,
County Judge.
The Weeds Must Be Cut.
As the law compels every land
owner to cut the weeds on the
public highway between the 15th
of July and the 15th of August,
notice is hereby given to all land
owners residing in District No.
27, that weeds must be cut ac
cording to the above dates. If
not cut by the 15th of August I
will see that the law is complied
with and the expense of same
taxed against the property.
Walter Byers,
Road Overseer.
Local News
From Wednesday's Dally.
Mrs. W. E. Zimbeck of Boone,
Iowa, is here fur a few days visit
ing at the home of her sister, Mrs.
Charles Hartford and family.
Miss Edith Martin of Omaha
came down last evening and
visited at the home of her par
ents, Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Martin.
Miss Marie Hiber was a pas
senger this afternoon on No. 23
for O'Neill, Neb., where she will
visit with her brother, John Iliber
and family.
Dr. T. J. Todd, wife and child
arrived last evening from Kear
ney and will visit here with rela
tives for about ten days before
returning home.
Miss Georgia White departed
this morning for Kansas City,
where she will visit the large mil
linery houses there, securing ihe
fall styles.
J. W. Tompkins of Colorado
Springs, Colorado, who has been
visiting here for a short time, de
parted this morning for Allianc
ti visit for a time.
J. A. VanAnda and wife of Fre
mont, who were over Sunday
guests at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. W. A. Robertson, departed
this morning for their home.
Miss Ruth Inhelder of Pierce,
Neb., who has been visiting rela
tives at Cedar Creek for a few
days, came in this morning on No
i to be the guest of Miss Mina
Mr. Edwin Lewis, late of the
Knickerbocker quartet, will ap
pear at the Grand theater to
night with the Elliott sisters in
vaudeville. Don't fail to see
Mrs. E. A. Petty of Omaha, who
has been here for a few days
visiting relatives, returned this
morning to her homo. Her daugh
ter, Mrs. John Wynn, accom
panied her to her home.
Misses Marie Donnelly and
Henrietta Martens and B. A. Ros
encrans were passengers this
morning on No. 4 for Tabor, Iowa,
where they will join a camping
parly there for a few days.
Farm for Sale.
Anyone wanting to buy a farm
would do well to see W. R. Bryan
county assessor.
Kenneth McCarthy was a pas-
senger this morning on No. 15 for
Omaha, where he will visit for a
short time and look after some
matters of business.
Carter Albin of near Union
came up this morning from his
home to look after some matters
of business for a few hours.
The Best Flour
on the Market
It seems from what can be
earned of the facts in the case of
Mrs. Beatrice llartwell, who was
ordered sent to the asylum a few
days ago, that she was deserted
and abandoned by her son-in-law
and daughter near Weeping Wa
ter. The lady came there with
her relatives some time ago and
they were employed on a farm
uear that rity and the daughter
and her husband left there sud
denly, leaving the old lady in the
house, where she was found and
the county insanity board untitled.
After the hearing before the board
in this city it was learned that the
parties were still in the vicinity
of Weeping Water, and as it was
impossible to get any intelligent
answers from Mrs.' llartwell, the
sheriff was sent out to try and
secure the daughter in order that
more facts in the case could be
earned. If it is true that the old
lady was wilfully deserted it
seems very inhuman on the part
of her relatives, as she is in such
state that it is impossible for
her to lake care of herself.
A meeting will be held Saturday
afternoon al 1 o clock at the.
Commercial club rooms in the
Coates' block' for the purpose of
forming a (.ass County Auto-
nioniie owners association, anil
all interested in the matter should
make it a point to lie on hand.
The meeting was to have been
held some time ago, -but the
weather did not permit, and so
the call is made for Sal unlay.
The organization of I lie auto
mobile owners will prove of great
benefit to everyone joining and
there is no reason why every
owner of a machine in the coun
ty should not be on hand to assist
in the formation of Ihe organiza
tion. At the meeting it is ex
pected to elect the officers for
the association, as well as to hear
a number of addresses on mat
ters of interest to those owning
machines. Throughout the state
similar organizations have been
formed and have proven of great
benefit in Ihe securing of good
roads, as well as an understand
ing as to Ihe proper use of the
streets and highways for auto
mobiles, and has been helpful to
the general public, as well as the
members of the association.
From Wednesday's Dally.
The boy scout movement, which
has been attempted in this city
several times in the past two
years is to be revived and from
the interest shown in the matter
it is quite likely that it may prove
a success. In response to the in
vitation of" the committee in
charge of the matter Mr. McCaf
ferty of Omaha, who has had
charge of a number of troops of
scouts in the metropolis In the
past few years, camu down yes
terday afternoon and attended a
meeting of the committee, which
was held at'the office of Dr. C. A.
Marshall in the Coates' bLock and
the matter discussed thoroughly
by Mr. McCafferty, and his re
marks were received most favor
ably by the committeemen, and as
this gentleman will probably take
up the matter of handling the or
ganization and will make it a
splendid success. The movement
to organize the Boy Scouts was
attempted here twice and the last
time, under the direction of Rev.
Allan O. Wilson, it wa3 fairly
well launched when sickness com
pelled the abandonment of the
work by the leader, and it is
hoped by the committee to carry
on the organization as perfected
by this gentleman and afford the
young boys of the city a recrea
tion that is moral, clean and up
lifting and prove a benefit to them
in every way. Thero are a large
number of the leading men of the
city interested in the movement,
and if the proper arrangements
can be made it will be started out
stronger than ever.
Burgess Estate Settled.
In the county court today final
settlement was had in the estate
of the late Canon II. B. Burgess
and lilt; estate closed up. Mrs. H.
B. Burgess, the widow, and the
sou. Dr. Frank Burgess, of Cedar
Ilpaids, Neb., were present, at the
In keeping with the general
spirit of improvement that is be
ing followed throughout the city,
the front room of the Plattsmouth
State bank building, at the corner
of Main and Sixth streets, has
jost been redecorated very hand
somely, which has added greatly
to the appearance of the building.
The work was done by Frank
Gobelman and his assistants and
presents a very artistic appear
ance, being finished in two
shades of green, light and dark,
which combination is very pleas
ing to the eye.
The front of the store of
Krohler Brothers has also re
ceived a new dress, which has
added greatly to the looks of the
store and makes a decided im
provement in the block.
Mr. Gobelman has also just
finished repainting the Gem thea
ter building and it is now one of
the neatest appearing little pic
ture show houses in this part of
the state, the colors being chosen
with an artistic eye and the com
bination of colors and tints enter
ing into the decoration of this
front is one that makes it very
nice appearing and a source of
much pride to the owner of the
theater, as well as the decorator
who diil the artistic work.
These little improvements do
not cost a great deal and add im
mensely to Ihe appearance of the
buildings, as well as Ihe city in
general, and the enterprise of the
owners of the buildings, who have
made these improvements, is very
commendable and shows the right
Local News
Sheritr C. D. Opinion departed
this morning for Weeping Water,
where he was called on some busi
ness matters.
W. D. Wheeler came up this
morning from his farm, south of
Ibis city, to look after some mat
ters of business.
Mrs. James Sage returned lasl
evening on No. 2 from a short
visit at Chicago and at Pleasant
ville, Iowa, where her sister re
sides. Fred Hawksworlh came in last
evening from Lincoln to look after
some- business mailers and to
visit with his mother, Mrs. David
Mrs. Joseph I.angsloii of Ilavo-
ock, wno nas neen uere visiung
at the home of Thomas Wiles and
wife, departed this morning on
No. 10 for her home.
I.udwig Miller was among Ihe
visitors in Omaha today, going In
that city on Ihe early Burlington
train this morning to attend to
some business matters.
Misses Bernice Newell and Jes
sie Robertson were passengers
Ibis morning fur York, where they
will be Ihe guests of Miss Cassie
Baugh for a short lime.
Mrs. J. W. Johnson and daugh
ler, Mrs. John W. Chapman, de
parted this morning for Mynard,
where they will visit the Henlon,
Gillespie and Adams' families fur
a time.
II. T. Ballon departed last
evening on No. 2 for Chicago,
from where he will go to Parkers
burg, West Virginia, to pay a visit
to his father, II. S. Balton, who is
in very poor health, and as he is
87 years of ago he is not feeling
in the best of shape. Mr. Batton
will be gone about fifteen days on
his visit to Ihe old home.
Mrs. Henry Steinhauer and
daughter, Miss Gladys, departed
I his . morning fur Lincoln, where
they will visit A. A. owan, an old
friend, who was injured in the
accident at Ashland Tuesday.
Mrs. E. B. Perry, accompanied
by her daughters, Miss Grace Per
ry and Mrs. Albert Funk and Ut
ile daughter, departed yesterday
afternoon on a ten days' visit at
Lincoln, Havelock and Hastings.
Ellsworth Final of Crookston,
Minnesota, who has been hero for
a short timo visiting at the R. W.
Clement home, departed this
morning for Chicago, where he
will visit for a time before re
turning home.
G. W. Human returned yester
day afternoon from Corning,
Iowa, where he bad been assisting
on Ihe farm of his brother, near
that place. He was accompanied
home by his nieces, Misses Lucy
Roman and Tempy Lawrence, who
will visit here over Sunday.
If you have a house for rent try
little ad In the Journal.
. Our Oxford Sale Is About Over!
The end is in sight. It closes Saturday Night.
Then Oxfords will be Oxfords! As the matter now
stands, you buy about one Oxford and we give you
the other.
ens Oxfords
Florsheim $5.00
Ralston $4.00 Ox
lords Douglas $3 50 Ox
fcrds $3.00 Oxfords
Womens Oxfords
$3.25 Drew Pumps
and Oxfords
$3.00 Utz and Dunn
Oxfords 4 . ,
$2.50 Sherwood Shoe
Co. Oxfords
No Goods
Except et
There was much rejoicing this
morning nt Ihe home of Mr. and
Mrs. Jacob llild, residing west of
this cily, over Ihe arrival of a
handsome little daughter, who
is one of the finest little girls in
Ihe world, and the joy of (he par
ents over the new daughter is un
bounded. The mother and little
one are gelling along nicely, while
Jake is about I lie happiest man in
seven stales. That, Ihe little girl
will live lo be a joy and blessing
to her parents is Ihe wish of her
many friends.
Fop Cuts, Burns and Bruises.
In every home there should bo
a box of Bucklen's Arnica Salve,
ready to apply in every case of
burns, cuts, wounds or scalds. J.
II. Polanco, Delvallc, Tex., R. No.
2, writes: "Bucklen's Arnica
Salve saved my little girl's cut
foot. No one believed it could bo
cured." The world's best salve.
Only 25c. Recommended by Gor
ing & Co.
Miss Horn Kaffenbciger depart
ed this morning on Ihe H : i 5 Mis
souri Pacific for Klmwood, where
she will visit with Miss Emma
Kunz for a few days.
Muo Alfolfo Sood
See us before buying your Alfalfa seed, or write for mail
samples and prices. There is hardly any Native Alfalfa seed in
the market, this season to buy. A dealer ordering for you now,
the chances are would get imported seed, which usually contains
obnoxious weeda Don't be misled, imported seed looks plump
and yellow and tests over 99 per cent pure. A fine sample we
just tested was 99.8 per cent pure. There were 220,000 seeds in
a pound, making 4400 weeds seeds in each pound or 88,000 weeds
to the acre seeding 20 pounds. These seeds were dodder, buckhorn,
ceutauria, wild chicory, Rocquette and Polygomun. We can sell
this at $8.25 bushel.
We advise paying 25 to 50c per acre, and get our pure home
grown acclimated seed. Our seed has never failed lo make a good
stand outside of weather conditions and has been tried in spring
We laid in a large supply in the fall, ot recleaned Nebraska
seed, not irrigated, from districts free from obnoxious weeds, thai
tests nearly 100 percent, and can save you money. Book on
Alfalfa Culture and How To Get A Good Stand, mailed free on re
quest. Call and see us when you come to our Chautauqua.
Johnson Bros. Seed Co.
Nebraska City, :-: Nebraska
If your friends don't know
about this Oxford sale, do them
a Kindness by telling them.
Remember, o n Saturday
night the bell rings, and down
goes the curtain on the great
est Money Saving Oxford sale
Just glance over these prices
and be good to your feet!
pair of
that sold
up to 3.50
$ n .oo
We Close
at 7 p. m.
and Pay Day
The (ierman Presbyterian
church on High School Hill, which
has been used for the past few
years by the Church of Christ
Scientist, has been sold to Judge
J. K. Douglass of Ibis city and 1in
will at once commence the work
of remodeling the building ami
make it into a residence for him
self and family. The building is
situated in a very choice location,
and when remodeled will make the
judge a splendid home. The
Christian Xieciitisls will secure
Ihe church building at Ihe corner
of riranilc and Sixth streets and
tlx the building up for their use
in the future.
From Near Nehawka.
N. C. DellesDernier, from near
Union and Robert Willis from
near Nehawka, were county seat
visitors today, driving up in Mr.
Willis' car. The Journal is
pleased to acknowledge a pleasant
call from Ihem both. Mr. Deles
Dernier renewed for bis paper and
Mr. Willis enrolled bis name for
a year. They are both excellent
farmers from Soul li Cass.
John (Saner of Cedar Creek was
in Ihe city loday looking after
jsomc mailers of busiiess.