The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, July 21, 1913, Image 4

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The Plattsmouth Journal
Published Semi-Weekly at Plattsmouth, Neb.
IV. A.. MA I'ICH. I'lidllnlttir
Entered at the Pttstoffice at PlattsmoiP.h. Nebraska a ieeoud-claii matter
2- Health is the first of all
J- liberties, ami happiness J
is the energy which is the J
J basis of health. Amied's
J Journal. I
The weather seems capable of
frazzling about everything but
Old King Corn.
This has been hard weather on
the ice inaif hard for him to
make the rounds.
A Plattsmouth man is so con
trary he claims cucumbers will
cure dyspepsia.
When you are asked, "Is it hot
enough for you?" just haul off
and knock him down.
Bonds that are taxable but not
negotiable are for sale on I he
matrimonial market only.
There is slill plenty of work in
I'lallsmoulh for I hose who desire
lo make a living by honest toil.
Those who refused lo swat Ho
lly early in I he liglil are now com
pelled to swat I hem whether I hey
wan I to or not.-
An oplomist is a pent , who
hopes lo catch lish enough to
make his tackle an investment in
stead of an expense item.
From the senatorial invest ga
llon reports it appears that the
lumper strike belweeu the two
republican parlies is still on.
:o :
I'lattsmoulh is to have u new
steel water wgon. Then, per
haps, the streets will be sprinkled
nvith more regularity, (lood!
' At least the puff rage parades
Rive the lady of I he house an op
portunity to experience the dig
nity of inarching behind a band.
r :o:
On the I henry lhat no one pays
any altenliou to newspaper ad
vice, we urge on to drink all the
ice water you can Ibis hot
The Commoner can be made
much stronger as a monthly than
it was a weekly, if Mr. Bryan does
all the edilioial writing. Every
one should know that.
The business men of I'latts
moulh, generally speaking-, are in
favor of some kind of a fall
entertainment. You can bet your
bottom dollar on lhat, and win.
- ,
iJ.MPWHwy.M,,, U wkc Hti-fT NW coST HWe peu to Vj; JLJ L-
i i bi sail M'-a1 p,
j While j is no physical de
I fortuity, the trade-mark of suc
j cess is the "hump."
; Foot ball must seem soft to the
youth who has spent the summer
1 feeding wheat to a rapid-running
I threshing- machine.
France is objecting lo Jack
Johnson's coming. Anything that
sporty France would object t'o
must be awful. The proper place
for Johnson is Darkest Africa.
The east fears that the new
tariff will be the means of many
of their manufacturing establish
ments coming west. This is
where they gel the most of their
raw material, anyway. Come on,
We note from the metropolitan
journals lhat another "biggest
battleship" is about to be built.
And after that another. Those
w bo come late can keep their
seats; this is a continuous per
formance. Kansas has i.'.'Oil churches
abandoned on account of lack of
interest in The Kan
sas people are probably too busy
raising whiskers and polit ical dis
turbances to keep their mind on
bouses of worship.
Mr. Ilryan's honesty j well dis
played when be sa. lie cannot
live in Washington on I 2,0(ii) a
year, ami no one has the right lo
criticise him for his manhood in
saving- so; and also, for his cour
age in taking up Chautauqua work
lo make up .the delleiency in the
living expenses of one who is so
prominent in the affairs of gov
ernment as Secretary Hryan.
Cold storage eggs must hereaf
ter be branded with date of stor
age, tinier the new law which
goes into effect today the stale
food commissioner must inspect
storage houses at least once ui
three months and the inspection
fee is paid by the owners of the
bouse. The law requires the
branding of containers of food
products when they are placed in
storage and the date of entry and
withdrawal from storage. This
will prevent the sale of storage
goods under the guise of fresh
food products. The packages
when stored are numbered so
that the stale inspector can
identify them and ascertain who
had them in storage. The meat
packers of the stale have decided
not only to comply with lhat part
of t lu law which requires a re
port to the state food commis
sioner every three months, but
w ill report monthly.
The Central Citv (N.b. Nun-j'nii'-l,
one i1 i la leading repub
! i i t-;t 1 1 papers of tin stale, lias the
'honesty to speak right out in
meeting in giving credit to
jwllo deserve credit, whether
i I 1 1 1 ii'i at r republican. In
speaking of President Wilson tin;
; Noiipariel says: "No, we're not
a democrat. We merely admire
the nerve of a president who will
defy precedent and come down to
U'i-day ways of doing business,
ways of transacting his affairs
lhat any business man drawing
th" same .-alary would use. As a
business man President Wilson
does lliings iii a businesslike way,
a Her Ibe fashion of modern men
in positions of responsibility."
The Journal is not so bitterly, j
lilttuuml lik t nni'i ii ii (Ti''l rra n j I
might be supposed, but we are op
posed to giving them the right lo
vote when one-half of them in
Nebraska don't want it. It is not
(he farmer's wife or the wife sur-
rounded by a family of nice chii-1
drcn, and who takes great pleas
ure in their home, that wants suf
frage. The matter is simply con
fined to those who think they are
better able to look after the af
fairs of government and make
themselves conspicuous. We
w ant I lie women lo decide the
mailer among themselves, and if
Hie majority favors it we will say
amen. Let's have an election to
settle it, where none but women
are allowed lo vole. That's the,
only proper manner of settling it.
I'lallsiuoulh Journal.
In I he first part of the above
item there is considerable sound
sense, but none whatever in the
latter part. To refer the whole
quest ion to the women is simply
l'i mean its adoption, because
those women who are anxious lo
secure the suffrage would be Ibe
lirsl ones at the polls ami vote
early, and I hey would see thai
their friends also voted. Money
would be raised in large amounts
lo secure as many voles as-po.C
sible. The women who do not
want l vote nor lake any in
leri'sl in he question would re
main at home, and the result
would be lhat (he suffragists
would win the election almost
unanimously. Nebraska City
We cannot see where the "one
sided question" comes in. If is
a well known fact that there is a
growing organization among the
women in many stales that are
opposing the suffrage, and if the
women were allowed lo settle the
question among themselves by
Ibe ballot you would see, Mr.
News man, that, the opponents of
suffrage would have all the money
I hey needed to carry on a cam
paign in Nebraska if Hie ballot
could le resorled lo to settle the
question, and every woman op
posed to giving equal suffrage
would turn out and vole against
it. The News' idea that home
women would not vide does not
reflect very much credit upon the
true and homo-loving womanhood
of Nebraska.
Ha.Mnaking may be limited to
sun-bine, but the rule doesn't ap
ply to (lie rest of the farm work.
Hereafter the world over a
caret will be 200 mulligranis. A
turnip will continue to be a tur
nip. :o:
Reports from Kansas are to the
effect that Monday the thermom
eter went up to 112 degrees, with
hot winds blowing at the rate of
23 miles an hour. Poor old Kan
sas 1. Stand up for Nebraska, the
state that has helped Kansas be
fore and will be able to do it
auain this year.
I'eople ask us every day if we
are going to have anything going
on here before cold weather. We
tell them lhat that is our under
slanding. We have been talking
about a fall festival, but the Com
mercial club has made no move
in that direction as yet. When
they will we know not.
Fx-Oovernor Shallenberger, in
an interview, lakes issue with the
Worbl-llerald with reference to
the democratic tariff program as
lo heel sugar, and is sorry thai
I lie proposed tariff law does not
pul sugar on the free list at once
in order lhal (be "high cosl of
living" may be reduced somewhat.
The Journal's idea of a fall
festival is to arrange for three
days Thursday, Friday and Sat
urday and include Ibe exhibition
of slock of all kinds and a poultry
show. Also, a base ball tourna
ment each day. Have a few well
selected amusements each day.
Make it a genuine home-coming
evenl for all former residents of
I'lallsiuoulh and Cass county.
Tin- Syracuse Journal is boom
ing present Secretary of Slate
Wait for governor. seems that
most inivoue can be boomed for
governor, in Nebraska. Wait is
ait OImc fount) man, and a verv
phasant gentleman, but would it.
no I look teller lo "wail" until his!
present term oT secretary of
stale expire- before you want lo
shove hini into another ollice?
W. S. fttdgvll, deputy fin- com
missioiirr is pleased lo inform Iho
public thiit the lowest fire loss on
the Fourth of July in the state of
Nebraska was this year. Reports
from all over- the stale show but
IM'.tO damages and no lives lost by
lireworks on the recent Fourth.
He trusts that before another
Fonifth every city in the state will
pass ordinances prohibiting the of fireworks.
According to I he special report
on the ocrnlition of the crops,
which has been issued by the de
partment of agriculture, the
count ry will probably harvest
fewer bushels of grain this year
than it did in 11)12. It is too
early lo tie sure of the yield of
corn and oats, however, or spring
wheat. One cheerful fact is that
the grain already harvested
winler wheat makes a large
gain over the yield of last year.
I'eople always expect a banker
lo lie rich, and of course it nat
urally upsets them to hear of one
going broke.
The country has reason to
count upon the farms for their
usual great contribution to the
weallh and prosperity of the na
tion. This from 'John Tanner's South
Omaha democrat: "It is reported
lhat there are eleven bath rooms
in the caslle 'Met' will occupy as
governor of the State of Panama.
Well, hasn't 'Mel1 been struggling
wilh the 'unwashed' crowd for the
last seventeen years without even
get ling a look-in? He can now
make up for lost time."
A former Platlsinoulh boy,
Sam Patterson, now of Arapahoe,
stands a good show to succeed W.
S. Andrews as auditor of the
treasury department at Washing,
Ion. ft is believed by many of
the Nobraskans who have recent
ly visited Washington that Sam
is surely slated for the position.
The Journal w i II be pleased lo
learn of his success, as he is a
line gentleman and well qualified
for ho position.
Insurgent Modern Woodmen
are advised in a circular letter
being sent out by James V. Bogh
lol, president of the M. W. A.
federation of insurgents, to take
no pari in a vole on the rate
question proposed in order to de
lerinine whether or not the ma
jority of the members of the
order are in favor of the raise of
rales of the Chicago convention.
The insurgents declare the vote
is not being taken in good faith,
bill is intended o divide I heir
forces and thus defeat them.
In several Nebraska cities re
cent ly the question of securing a
change of venue from police
court, in cases of arrests by the
roliee departments,' has arisen,
iii.d il appears to be the law, as
s'aletl in one of these outside
rases, that for violation of city
fdmances changes of venue are
o provided for, but lhat there j
;s no question about this privilege
for the defense in the mailer of
lale cases. However, the re
ports upon which Ihis comment
is based do not indicate lhat the
oonlf-Tition has been tested.
:o :
If the people, or ralher, the
voters, have not the power lo re
move an offensive oflicial under
the commission form of govern
ment, then the law is an entire
failure, as in the case at Ne
braska City. The law is intended
for the regulation of good gov
ernment in cities adopting this
form of government, and if the
recall cannot he enforced by the
people directly ' interested, then
why call it a reform measure?
Let the people directly interested
rule. If Mayor Houston has not
done his duty properly, the peo
ple of Nebraska City have the
power, according to this law, to
remove him without the interfer
ence of any court.
Fifteen miles an hour is plenty'
fast enough for speeding an auto
on the public highway. If one
wants a higher speed let him re
sort to the race track. The streets
;and public highways are not the
j proper places to show off the
swiftness of cars. It is not only
dangerous to the driver himself,
but endangers the life of others
who have as good a right to the
road as he has.
With the wisdom born of
judicial temperament a Chicago
jurist, posing as peacemaker,
lately advised the man in the case
to semi his wife a bunch of
American Beauty roses and a box
of chocolates every week or oft
ener in the interest of harmony
and tranquility. The answer as
to whether that is good advice or
bad isn't disclosed in the dis
patches, for the gent involved
scorned the judge's best judgment
and was soaked for regular ali
mony instead. The peacemaker
may be blessed, but there are.
limes when he has a large, pear
shaped job. And it might not have
been very good advice after all,
depending a good deal on the
If some men we know should
use such a system, they would bo
charged wilh being crazy with the
heat, or the victim of a new de
parture jag. Others would be ac
cused of extravagance, and in
formed that the children need
shoes, or lhal the crying demand
of the household was real gru.
Slill others, sad to say, might be
quizzed in an effort to learn if
they hadn't forwarded the frills to
the wrong flat. More would be
suspected of an effort to square,
accounts for past shortcomings,
which wouldn't he so bad. Yet,
in I lie main, the judge's advice
was all right, and to be commeud
ed Co those wishing to promote
marital felicity, and the joy of
Of course that isn't to en
courage extravagance, nor foot
ling (hat there are many worthy
men who can't afford hothouse
flowers and hand-made choco
lates. But there are a thousand
little' attentions and kindnesses
lhat cost no money, but are ne
glected a good deal, which might
help some, and there are pleas
ing treats cheaper than the ones
suggested by the able Chicago
jurist. Also it is a fact that many
men neglect these matters a good
ileal: many worthy men who are
good providers and have no time
fr a double life or the other
frenzied frivolity. It is thought
lessness, mostly, and while it
may have no part in paving the
path lo Reno or other realms of
free and easy divorce, it works
against the joy of home life, and
causes many a woman to neglect
the children in search of society.
Only a few men want to he idle
husbands, and those are so hen
pecked they have to, but more of
them should be good sports and
remember a woman married
would need a good deal the same
consideration she received in the
sweetheart days.