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ti Era
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It is now time that you were placing you order ?cr bind
er twine while the prices are at the lowest notch.
Standard Twine, 10c per pound
Extra Twine, 11c per pound
Pure EVlanilla Twine 12c pes- lb,
We are also selling the famous ACME BINDER. Call
and let us figure with you.
The Farmers' Elevator
Henry Heebner, Manager
Murray, Neb.
In tlie IUrlct Court of Caaa County,
In the Matter of the Application of
Oeore K. Ryan, Guardian of JoHepn
Elton Kyan ana atcuib j.
Minors, to Sell Keal Estate:
Notice Is hereby given, that in pur
suance of an order to me Issued by
Hon. Harvey D. Travis, Judtfe of the
District Court of Cass County , Ne
."braBka, on the 20th day of May, 191.1,
for the ale of the Interests of Joseph
Elton Ryan and Archie J. Ryan,
minors. In and to the real estate here
inafter described, beiw? each an un
divided one-fifteenth (1-16) in and to
the east half of the northeast Quarter
(E Vi NE. V) of Section sixteen (lb),
Township ten (10) north, Kange nine
(9) east, and also each an undivided
one-fortieth (1-40) In and to all of lots
thirteen (13), fourteen (14) and
fifteen (15), in block four (4), In the
Village of Alvo, according to the re
,.,,r,i..,i tiint. nil in Cass County. Ne
braska, there will be sold at the farm
ers & Merchants Bank, in the Village
of Alvo. in said Cass County, Nebraska,
ti.o hnnr nf 10 o'clock in the fore
noon, on the 6th day of July, 1913, at
public vendue to the highest bidder for
.Kh the Interest and estate of said
Joseph Elton liyan and Archie J. Ryan,
in and to the above described real
estate, to-wlt.:
Each an undivided one-fifteenth
(1-15) in and to the east hnlf of the
northeast quarter (E. NE. ) of
Section sixteen (16). Township ten
(10) north, llange nine (9) east, and
also each an undivided one-fortieth
(1-40) In and to all of lots thirteen
(13), fourteen (14) and fifteen (15), In
block four (4), In the Village of Alvo,
according to the recorded plat, all in
Cass County, Nebraska. Said sale will
remain open for one hour.
Dated this 10th day of June. 1913.
Guardian of Joseph Elton Uyan and
Archie J. Ryan, Minors.
By Samuel B. Hams, His Attorney.
ii Bans
Keckler & Schafer, coal for Road
District No 8
Mathew Sulser, road work, Road
District No. 1
Arthur L. King, blacksmith
work, Road District No. 8 ....
Jno. V. Gorder, road work, Road
District No. 1
Fred Nolting, same
W. C. Houcher, same, No. 6
Ed Carr, same, No. 16
Henry Vette, same, No. 13
John V. Wood, Defendant, will take
notice that on the 24th day of January,
1913, Elsa Wood, t'laintlft herein, tiled
her petition in the District Court of
i'aau I'nuniv Mphrnxkn. acalnst said
defendant, the object and prayer of
which Is to obtain a divorce upon the
ground of willful desertion for more
than two years, and failure to support
and for the custody of the Infant
.hiM thn ismie of said marriage. You
are required to answer said petition on
or before the 21st oay oi .iuiy,
ELSA WOOD, Plaintiff.
In the County Court In and for Cans
I 'mint v. ISrhriMikn.
In Re Estate of Walter J. White,
Tn All Persons Interested:
You are hereby notified that hear
ings upon all claims against the above
estate will be had at the otllce of the
County Judge, Court House, Platts
mouth, Cass County, Nebraska, on
August 2, 1913, and February 3, 1914.
at nine o'clock a. m. on each of said
lavs, and that all claims not (lied by
said hour on said last day of hearing
will be forever barred.
(Seal.) Bv the Court,
County Judge.
Robert Martinis will lake notice
that on Iho 27th day of May, 1 1 1 3 ,
M. Archer, a justice of the peace
of Platlsnunilh City, Cass County,
Nebraska, issued an order of at
tachment for the sum of $27.00,
in an action pending before him,
where Clans Jess is plaintiff and
Robert Marquis is defendant; that
property of the defendant, con
sisling of money in the posses
sion of the C, II. & Q. II. R. Co.
garnishee has been attached un
der said order. Said cause was
continued to July 1 4th, 1913, at 9
o'clock a. m.
CLAUS JESS, Plaintiff.
Plattsmouth, July 1. 1913.
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
Present C. R. Jordan, C. E. Heebner
and Julius A. l'itz. County Commis
sioners; D. C. Morgan, County Clerk.
Minutes of previous session read and
approved, when the following business
was transacted in regular form:
Clerk of District Court filed his re
port of fees collected second quarter,
1913. Recorder of Deeds tiled his re
port of fees earned second Quarter,
A petition received from J. AC Tee
garden and others asking that $2.00
per week be allowed Mrs. A. L. Mar
shall for the support of Max Barger,
commencing July 1st, 1913. Commis
sioners decided to allow the sum of
$1.00 per week, commencing July 1st,
The following claims were allowed
on the ueneral rund:
J. V. Maguey, auto hire to com
missioners 4.UU
Hammond & Stephens, supplies
to county supt
C. E. Heebner, salary 34.50
J. 11. Tarns, salary 85.00
C. R. Jordan, salary 50.00
C. 11. Taylor, salary and expense 162.39
Mrs. . Dora Flelscliman, care of
blind man 3 months lS.uu
W. R. Bryan, expenses county
assessor's otllce 23.20
Dr. E. D. Cummins, Insane Soren
Hansen 8.00
C. A. Rawls, same 3.00
James Robertson, same 6.50
C. D. Qulnton, same 10.78
Peter Meislnger, same 3.00
Geo. A. B. Hicks, same 2.80
C. D. Qulnton, same 2.00
F. M. Massle, director S. D. No. 8,
room for Jail election, Alt
M. Archer, State vs. Carter Wil
son C. D. Qulnton, same
Albert Anderson, same
Emll Newberg, same
Cam Seybert, same
J. H. Thrasher, bailiff's cert
B. 1. Clements, Inquest John
G. H. Manners, auto hire to com
missioners R. B. Jameson, wood to Mrs.
Huns Slevers, salary and laun
dry 78.00
Julius A. i'ltz, salary and mile
age 36.00
Mary E. Foster salary and ex
pense lub.bU
I. N. Hunter, viewing road No.
Fred Patterson, talking levels
on road east of Murray
Dr. E. D. Cummins, Inebriate
case Vm. W. Hall
J. M. Leyda, same
James Robertson, same
C. U. Qulnton, same
Geo. Relcl'art, same
('. M. Seybert, same
Waterman Lumber & Coal Co.,
conl to county 17.25
The Plattsmouth Journal, print
ing to county 39.90 ,
I). C. Morgan, salary and ex- j
pense 215.41
W. R. Brvan, county assessors I
salary for year 1913 600.00.
Fred Patterson, otllce work 40.00 i
Don Rhoden, helping county
surveyor L40
Nelson Jea n & Co., coal to I
James Robertson, salary and ex
pense, 2nd quarter, 1913 207.00
John Bauer, mdse, and labor to
Jail 95
John Bauer, auto hire to com
missioners 13.00
Peter Claus, mdse. to Jail 1.25
J. Hatt & Son, mdse. to poor.... 13.00
G. P. Eastwood, mdse to county 3.80
A. P. Chrlswlsser, auto hire to
11. A. Schneider, postal supplies
Agent C, B. & Q., ticket to
C. W. Baylor, coal to pauper and
county farm
G. W. Harshman, same 25.00
W. C. Boucher, same, No. 6 6.75
J. H. Wagner, same, No. 4 181.80
J. C. Lomeyer, same, No. 6 122.00
Jos Allen, same. No. 16 35.30
W. J. Althouse, same. No. 6 26.60
Joe Allen, same, No. 16 94.85
Lee Arnett Co., same. No. 6.... 7.00
District No. 27 11.00
Lee Arnett oC, same, No. 6.... 7.00
James Johnson, same. No. 2.... 9.40
The Avora Lumber Co., ma
terial, Road District No. 14..
Win. 11. Rush, road work, Road
District No. 7
A. F. Seybert, same, No. 2
Cedar Creek Lumber Co., lumber,
Road District No. 2
G. V". Leach, road work, Road
District No. 14 74.60
Walter Byers, same, No. 27 .... 18.70
J. C. Nlday, same, No. 11 84.00
Lee Arnett Co., culvert, Road
District No. 7 65.19
Lee Arnett Co., same. No. 16... 87.88
W. 11. Leeslev, road work, Road
District No. 6
D. B. Gunn, road builder, Road
District No. 1
Ben Reckman, road work. Road
District No. 10
J. M. Hoover, same, No. 3
Walter Green, blacksmith work,
Road District No. 10
George Polsal, grading roads,
Road District No. 1, Com.
road fund 125.00
The following claims were allowed
on the Bridge fund:
A. F. Seybert, bride work $ 5.60
Gust Brockhage, same 85.10
Cedar Creek Lumber Co., bridge
material 177.50
Wm. H. Rush, bridge work 62.60
C. H. Nold Lumber Co., bridge
material 134.13
E. T. Tool, same 363.33
Nebraska Constr. Co., bridge
work and advance on work
and material 2639.26
George Polsal, allowed for bridge
work 400.00
oard adlourned to meet Wednesday,
July 2. 1913.
D. C. MORGAN, County Clerk.
Plattsmouth, July 2. 1913.
Ron rd met as per adjournment, with
all members present.
The following bills were allowed:
General fund
A. U. Morse, toilet paper t 6.50
Nebraska Lighting Co., gas to
court house. Jail and street
lamp 16.50
K. Alansueaker, deputy snerin s
salary, June. 1913 45.00
Plattsmouth Water Co., water
to jail 20.00
Road fund
W. B. Banning, lumber for Road
District No. 11 22.45
Bridge Fund
W. B. Banning, bridge lumber.. 109.35
Board adjourned to meet Tuesday,
July 15, 1913.
D. ('. MORGAN. County Clerk.
Mi. K. II. l!ai(o caiin' down:
fro in ( alia Sal unlay e eniiiir I'm'
a 1 i' I at thi' S. S. Forbes!
Mark W hile and if.- of the
vieiniiv of Hock Hiull's, was in
the city Saturday atteudiuir to
Mime uialti'i's of business for a
lew hours.
Mrs. Kate Melluh, who has
been hi'i'e tor several days visiting
her daiuhler, Mrs. 'Thomas Wal
ling, returned home this noon
ier the Missouri Pacific.
Mrs. James Bulin and little
son departed this morning for
Sterling, Neb., where they will
visit for two weeks with relatives
at that place.
N. P. shultz and little daugh
ter, Alice, returned this morning
on No. 0 from Missouri Valley
Iowa, where thev visited over Sun
day with relatives.
Mrs. J. A. Crotise and son, Karl,
and Miss Dollie Crouse returned
this morning to their home at
Lincoln, after a few days' visit at
the Henry Steinhauer home in this
J. 1). Clark and wife of Chicago
who have been here visiting with
Mrs. Clark's sister, Mrs. II. S.J
Austin and family, for a few
days, departed for their home Sat
urday afternoon on No. 2.
Postmaster II. A. Schneider and
family departed yesterday for Gil-
roy, uaiiiornia, wnere iney win
enjoy a visit with relatives for a
month, it being the annual vaca
tion for the postmaster.
Miss Anna Hassler of Lincoln,
Miss Myrtle Harrington of York
and Karl Hassler of Osceola, who
have been visiting hero over the
Fourth with Mr. and Mrs. William
Hassler, returned to their homes
this morning on the early Bur
lington train.
Mrs. L. H. Kgenberger and
daughter, Miss Helen, were pas
sengers this morning on the early
Burlington train for Omaha,
where they visited for the day
with friends, as well as attended
to some business matters.
Halph Oodwiii of Omaha came
lown Saturday evening and visit
ed over Sunday with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. K. M. (Jodwin, near
Murray, and was compelled, on
account of the Missouri Pacific
wreck, lo return home this morn
ing over the Burlington.
Miss Hazel Plager of Omaha,
who has been visiting here for a
few days with her cousin, Miss
Clara Mockenhaupt, departed this
morning for her home. Miss
Mockenhaupt accompanied here
to the metropolis to spend the
a j
arves! Sale
July 12th to 29th
Positively opens and closes
as announced a cele
bration worth while
. Uoscoti's Sons
Always the Home of Satisfaction
Roy Tolman of Lincoln was in
the city yesterday for a few hours
visiting with friends.
Robert Stivers, wife and two
children, who have been hero
visiting at the Simon Clark homo
over Sunday, departed this morn
ing for lilenwood, where, they
will visit at the home of Mr.
Stivers' parents for a few days
before their return to their homo
at Cedar Creek.
Robert Stivers, wife and son
came down from Cedar Creek Sat
urday afternoon and visited hero
over Sunday at the home of Mrs.
Sliver's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Simon Clark. Orandpa Clark was
very busy yesterday visiting with
his grandson.
G. K. Wescott and grandson,
Mason Wescott, departed last
evening on No. 2 for Chicago,
where they will visit for a short
lime, and it is possible Mr. Wes
cidt may decide to take a trip
back to his old home in Massa
chusetts before reluming west.
Causes of Stomach Troubles.
Sedentary habits, lack of out
door exercise, insufficient masti
cation, constipation, a torpid
liver, worry and anxiety, overeat
ing, partaking of food and drink
not suited to your ago and oc
cupation. Correct your habits
and take Chamberlain's Tablets
and you will soon bo well again.
Kor sale by all dealers.
FOR SALE Residence properly
An 8-room house, 3 lots, gas,
electric light, city water.
A. 0. Moore.
For Sale.
A few good single drivers and
redy work horses. Also a fresh
milk cow. Terms and prices right.
Frank Vallery, Plattsmouth, Neb
Notice to Library Patrons.
In order that the librarian can
have her annual vacation tho pub
lic library will be closed from
July 15 to August 15, except Sat
urday afternoon and evenings, fop
tho purposo of exchanging books.
By Order of Library Board.
FOREST ROSK The best flour
on the market, dive it a trial
The Journal for Calling Cards.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by lix-al iiHi,tln, tlii-y ounnnt reach thm
tllM-ani'il iKirtlnn of the nr. Thcro U only on
way to rnrn ili nfiif, mil that la by conatlttittonr
tl n'meillca. Dcafm-na la rauni'd by an llilUinc
oiniHthm of the llntiiK of the Kuatnrhlam
Tun.'. When tlila tuna la lnniimoil you ha
ruiulillii aound or lni'rfi'Ot bearing, and mhrm
It la cnllrcly cloni'd llnafucaa la tint r.-mi It, and
unb'aa tho Inriuiuiiiatlon can bo taken out anal
thla tube rratoml to Ita normal romlltlon, bear
ing; will be deHtroyed foreTer; nine caaea out of
ten are cauaed br Catarrh, whleh la nothln but
0 Inflamed condition of the miieoua aurfaeea.
W' will glto onn Hundred Itollara for any canw
of neafneiw (eauaed by catarrh) that cannot ba
cured by Hall's Catarrh Curo. Send for clrc-
F. J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo. O.
Bold by DrtiKRtati, TSc.
Tuke llall'i Kauilly I'llli or conatlpitlvn.
Local Kews
The following claims were ullowea
on the road fund:
AntcuHt Krerklow, road work,
lload DlHtrlct No. 8 $174.60
ClmihlU HroH.. Kt-adlng. Road
DlHtrlct No. 8 74.40
Big Horn Basin, Wyoming
There are splendid opportunities now to rent improved, irrigated
farms in the Big Horn Basin on a basis of a share of the crop produced
If interested, write me quickly, and tell me what sized farm you want
to rent.
The new Carey Act Law in Wyoming does not require residence on
the land. You buy the land from the State at fifty cents per acre. A
reasonble amount must be cultivated before proof is made. Write for
particualars about this new law.
excursions to the Big Horn Basin on the first and
third Tuesdays of each month; Low home
seekers' rates on these dates.
1004 Farnam St., Omaha, Neb. hnrnitfratlon Agent
Mr. J. V. Newell came in this
morning from Chicago for a short
visit hero with relatives and
Herbert Sherwood was a visit
or in the state capital today,
where tie was called on some mat
ters of business.
P. C. Hansen of Omaha spent
I Sunday here with his mother and
sisters, returning home this
morning on No. 15.
F. J. Ilennings, wife and daugh
ter, Miss Helen, were in the city
Saturday afternoon looking after
the week-end shopping.
Chris Parkening drove in Sat
urday from his farm near this city
and spent a few hours here look
ing after matters of business.
Hon. C. E. Metzger of Mynard
was in the city yesterday for a
few hours looking after some
trading and visiting with his
Earnest Wallcngren and sister,
Miss (instil, departed this morn-.
ing for Hoyal, Neb.,
expect to visit for a
willi relatives.
Frank Beeson, jr.
came down Saturday
No. 1 i and spent Sunday here with
relatives, returning home on No.
15 this morning.
Jot; Nt'inetz came down from
Omaha Saturday evening on No. 2
and spont Sunday here at the
home of his brother, John Nemetz,
returning to the metropolis Ibis
(!uy (iould and wife and litl
laughter came in Saturday after
noon from llavelock, whore the
family spent the Fourth, and Mr.
(I'Hild remained here over Sunday.
of Omaha
evening on
Wfoll tit ,
It Is Said:
"A cheerful grin will let you
in where the knocker is nev
er known."
There is nothing like a good cup of coffee or tea to
make one feel good. Our coffees and teas are the best
on the market and we handle such a large variety and
at all prices that you cannot fail to be pleased.
are quite an item at
this season of the year.
Let us show you our 25c
mercerized number. We
convinced that this is an
exceptionally good value
for the money.
We also have an ex
ceptionally good Bras
siere for 50c. No trouble
about the fit of an H. &
W. since they are cut up
such good lines and give
one the slenderness so
much desired.