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    The Plattsmouth Journal
:PubIishe J Semi-Weekly
W. v . HAT1CS, I'ulili.hcr
Entered at the Postofiice at Plattsmouth, Nebraska a3 second-class matter
The telephone subscribers (if
I, info!;: and irinil will not be
called i'i'itn lo pay linrrcascd tele
phone ivies Imp .June. Then why
should I -1 : i i : 1 1 m 1 1 ! i palrons bo
called ti i . it lo iiiy I lie increase?
The Xchav.ka News has
just began its fourth year under
Ihe rnanagenient of John I. Long,
and while not as large as some
papers, it has proved a success,
and really deserves a better sup
port than it is receiving. The
Journal extends congratulations.
The investigation of the lobby
ists at Washington, inaugurated
hy President Wilson, has had a
tendency to scalier' out a few fel
lows who seemed lo have no par
ticular business around the
capital except to attend sessions
of the house and senate, if noth
ing more.
President Wilson is Just a little
bit too smart for some of tho
senators who are hollering "lob
bying himself I" The president is
I he head boss of this country just
now and has a right to go jest
where he pleases around Ihe
capital in the performance of his
sworn duly lo Ihe common people,
of the country in defiance of the
friendship some senators bear to
ward the lobbyists.
; ;o;
A bill making mandatory the
daily reading of a portion of Ihe
bible in the public schools of
Pennsylvania is now a law, ("Inv
entor Tener having signed it
last week. lie also signed the
I'lynn law, which will enable the
Catholic diocesan authorities to
get control of church properly in
all parishes, ami thus excrrics a
.disciplinary power over some of
Ihe refractory congregations. Il
will make the church properly
ownership reside in the bishop or
other diocesan olliccr instead of
Ihe congregation.
. :o:
Some people are always worrying-
about mailers that do not
voiiecm them in the least. This
elans of people are now asking:
"What is lo become of
Mr. !
llryan's Commoner?" The oc
casion for this ipieslion is be
cause llichard I.. Metcalfe, assist,
ant edilor of Ihe Commoner, has
been appointed governor of Pana
ma. The Commoner was started
several years before Mr. Metcalfe
was connected willi il, and il was
just, as well edited then as it is
at present. While Mr. Metcalfe is
a very brilliant writer and splen
did man, his going to Panama is
not going to cause the suspension
of the Commoner. Don't you be
lieve it for one moment
paper is too well established.
- : . rrof poae CiSoSrTsn fiSJPA r .
, tmo Uiocou.r-J vekTcA j rjV
fsoTUYW W Wcu Ktour .T I Do yWfioop T0 I 'EWtme wJ ca-acvM 1
9 1 '
I f!
at Plattsmouth, Neb.:
What about the weeds in Ihe
street in front of your residence
Don't you Ibink you can take
time some evening soon to tut
I hem? Study the matter over. A
trip over the city will show any
one how disgraceful the weeds
appear in many parts of the city,
and no efforts have been made to
remove them. They art unhealthy
and draw millions of Hies during
real hot weather and cause much
It has recently been proposed
that another holiday be establish
ed to be known as "patriotic day."
Already there has been consider
able comment in the rural papers
of the state, and this comment is
largely along the line that an ad
ditional holiday is entirely un
necesasry. Memorial day is a
patriotic day and efforts should
be made to render its observance
more thoroughly. Aside from
this we have the Fourth of July
and "Hag day," both of which
are not celebrated in such a
manner as ihey deserve. We
need no more holiday. By the
lime we observe what we already
have most of us have spent more
lime in celebrating than we can
really afford to spare.
The chairman of Hie ways and
means commillee of Hie house of
representatives has announced
that Hie income tax is not to be
the same from year tit year. The
rale is lo be changed to meet the
vary inn needs of Ihe government.
A man who one year pays a tax
of leu dollars may be called upon
next year to pay twenty dollars
on the same income, and Ihe year
after perhaps only live dollars.
That is because Ihe leaders in
congress are planning to adopt
Ihe budget system and lo adjust
Ihe income of Ihe country to its
outgo. If the plan works well
the national treasury will have
no more large deficits and no
more large surpluses.
There are some people in this
city who are so silly as lo believe
thai Ihe Hoy Scouts is an or-
ganizalion gotten tip in the in
terest of a certain denomination.
Such is iinl the case, and upon in
vestigation it will be found so. A
year or so ago members1 of the!
First Presbyterian church of this
city made an attempt to organize
a Iroop, but (or some cause or
oilier they were not successful.
The organization is not denom
inational, notwithstanding there
are perhaps some people who
would like to make it so. It is
worth of. encouragement
all the youngsters in the cily
should join the Hoy Scouts. It
i will do Ihem good.
Hilly Sunday, tin e amzelit, In writ inn criticisms on in- Individual initiative and in
vvho evangelizes for so much per j ,,v jduals v official the advice i.f i dividual greed are two different
ami i Ho highest paid in the j
profession, lias a good excuse lor ;
not coming io Omaha. Some of
the better and ablest ministers of
the metropolis refused to co
operate and Hilly's price was
likewise a little steep. Such fel
lows are not out simply for their
X if really believed that Mr.
Roosevelt was, or had been, a
drunkard. His great work in
various fields during his brilliant
career would prove to Hie most
skeptical that he had not been a
slave of Ihe liquor habit. Whether
or nid, be ever took a drink, and
just what brand he did or did not
like, if be did, really matters very
little to the great ; mass of the
people, further, perhaps, than
what his example might mean to
aspiring young America. But
there are many liars and drunk
ards in politics. Every news
paper man knows this, and not
infrequently a newspaper ardent
ly supports a man who could be
branded with either or both of
these, terms without danger of
mistake. It must be admitted
that the discussion of a man's
private life after he gets into
politics is too often a matter of
policy and political prejudice on
the pari of many editors.
Hi the opinion of William Allen
While, the Kansas bull moose
leader, President Wilson will
either wreck the democratic party
or the progressive faction of the
republican parly, for the reason
thai "there cannot be two pro
gressive parties in the nation to
day." Mr. White also says that
"if he keeps up his present line of
action he will have the progres
sives solidly behind him in 1016.
They will solidly take him into
I heir party or follow him into
his." President Wilson is doing
his duty to the people of the
11 1 1 f I l. .... .
whole country and if the progres- j
sive republicans believe he has!
-T." ,
done right, it is proper that they
drift to the democrat ie side,
where Hie progressive spirit first
It is announced in the Hade
journals that the April export
balance showed 55.000,000. as
against a ten-year average of
:I5, (Mill, (Kill. It Is also slated
that we are selling in foreign
markets at prices which are 1 i.2 7
per cent above those that obtain
ed a year ago, while in the pur
chase of foreign goods there has
been a slight falling off. Our ex
ports are 11.5 per cent greater
than a year ago ami the margin
of profit is a great, deal larger. In
! ful in
gures is the nasi. or
prosperity and the pro
phets of depressed business be
cause of "politics" can find no
hope for the fulfillment of their
dismal predictions. The country
has continued lo prosper under a
democratic administration, and
! the policies that it has in
augurated give hope for more and
greater prosperity. World-Herald.
Cleveland -"Tell t h" j
- i U
should be adhered to.
To !.:! a ie in either ea" i ad-!
ding insult to tile injury. Public
confluence cannol be established
by misrepresentation because
sooui r or later the deception will
be foil nl out and then the party
doing i lie injury will be looked
down upon as a willful vilifier
whose word ever afterward must
be discredited until proven true.
In all you dt, be just, he truthful,
be fair, be positive and that will
inspire contldenre where subter
fuge and deceit will lose every
lime. This article is intended for
home consumption.
The citizens of Dayton were
not dismayed ut the calamity that
overtook them. As soon as the
flood subsided they set about
raising 2,000,000 to protect
them from a repetition of the
calamity. In a week they raised j
the money. The Xational Cash j
Register mpany subscribed I
$250,000 and then at the close of
the campaign doubled its gift.
When it was announced that the
sum was raised, bands paraded
the streets; a great clock in the
court house registered the con
tributions. Some workingmen
mortgaged their homes in order
to contribute to the fund, and at
Ihe conclusion of the canvass the
citizens were wild with delight.
That's where grit takes the cake.
The three great political
parlies, according to reports from!
Washington, are about to plunge !
into a marathon of activity, which !
will keep the political po boiling
Hi Hi without a let-up. The
i campaign w hich is now mapped
til for the contest for the con-l
I ml of I he house in 1 1 1 i bids
fair to be one of I In keenest in
many years. This is Hie opinion
of statesmen who have been
l .... i ..!.;.... 1 1. . i . r.
lll M 1 m i lit" I fir II Mil! t. :ltll
n 1
several weeks. And all tins poli
tical iict iv ily, . si range as it may
seem, comes on the heels of an
overwhelming victory by the
democrats last fall. There will
perhaps be some changes made in
Ihe lower branch of congress, but
possibly not enough to lake the
font rol from Ihe democrats.
The International Bible Stu
dents' association held a conven-
lion in Hot Springs last week, at
which time they solemnly re
solved "that hell and hell tire are
a myth," and they also passed a
resolution asking ministers to
discard the offending word and to
cease preaching Ihe doctrine. It
is proper that this sentiment
should have eininated from Hot
Springs, because in olden times,
those boiling springs were sup
posed to be vent holes in hell,
while volcanoes were its open
mouth. Therefore, when a col
lection of biblical sludenls as
semble ttl one of the vents, it is
proper that Ihey should revognize
Ihe great advance thai science lias
made in explaining these phe
nomena liv natural law.
, ;r,,,,t-
pi'oposit ions and should imt be
misinterpreted. The
proposed !
meoine ia noes not take avvav
the best incentive for individual
ambition. When a man has ac
cumulated fifteen millions or
more he ought to be glad to see
some of his money do good in
public works. Indeed, the putting
of .a limit on multi-millionaire
fortunes is more likely merely to
stop individual greed; there are
plenty of us who may still retain
the individual initiative and
I lad in Des Moines, aged 17,
brought up on a farm, concluded
he'd go to college. He began by
delivering papers for one of the
Des Moines sheets, saved his
'money and rented two acres of
land just outside the city. He
pitched a tent on his property
and put his plat into onions and
other vegetables. He spent all of
his vacation looking after his
crop, and as a result he sold 600
bushels of onions at a dollar a
bushel and he made $200 from
vegetables and young onions
which he thinned out of the patch
in the summer and sold in the
market. And now, with $800 in
his pocket, he is ready to begin
his college work. Of course, that
lad will succeed because he has
a head.
work. People don't want lo
labor. They would rather tight
than work; they would rather
steal than work; they would
rather murder than work. You
are apt to insult a man today if
you ask him to do work for you.
'i mi almost offer a woman an in-
I dignity
when you offer her the
means of a living
People don't
want to work. The altilude of
Hie world today is antagonistic lo
work. The governments of the
world are trying lo meet Ihe de
mand of the deceitful working
men who don't want Work. They
want fewer ami fewer hours of
labor; Ihey want less and less
work. And every political party
in every country in the world to
day is bending the knee of the
workingmaii who really don't
wnnl work." -
The Nebraska Press associa
tion has decided lo issue boom
edilions of their papers some
time during the fall to advertise
Hie .stale. The best boom for any
community is the local paper, and
in the community where they are
lucky enough to possess one there
is but little need of boom editions
a a specialty. Kvery issue of a
well gotten up and well edited
paper is sufficient to boom the
town and county in which it is
circulated. It is just as easy to
get uii a paper that will always
prove a credit lo its supporters
as it is lo print a paper that does
not relied credit, if the paper is
in the hands of competent people
and they are not too lazy to do
Ihe work that it necessarily takes
to print a paper that the com
munity is not ashamed of.
What It. .! Ingersoll said: I do
not believe in (lie government of
I lie In-h. I !' anv one of vou ev er
expect (o w hip children again I
waul Vim to have a photograph
taken of yourself when you are in
the act with your face led with
vulgar anger, and the face of the
child wet with tears and the little,
chin dimpled with fear like a
piece of water struck by a sudden
wind. Have the picture taken,
and ir that little child should die,
I cannot think of a sweeter way
to spend an autumn afternoon
than to go out (l Hie cemetery,
where Hie maples are clad in
lender gold, and like scarlet run
ners are coming like poems of re
gret from the sad heart of the
earth and sit down upon the
grave and look at the photograph
arid think of the flesh,-now dust,
that you beat. I tell you it is
wrong to whip children. Make
your home happy. He honest
with them. Divide fairly with
Iheni in everything.
The flood which devastated
Dayton, Ohio, compelled the citi
zens to adopt the commission
form of government. ' Twenty
thousand votes have been cast to
select a manager, and the vote
for John H. Patterson, president
of the Xational Cash Register
company, was almost unanimous.
This Was in recognition of his
heroic work in aiding his towns
men in the recent flood. In some
of the wards he received every
vole cast. Mr. f'altcrson has re
cently been convicted of violation
of the Sherman anti-trust law,
lined 85,000 and sentenced lo one
year in jail, and yet his fellow
townsmen select him as the best
man to form their new theory
government. The selection of a
commission manager is much
like Ihe old Roman plan of choos
ing a dictator in the time of a
public peril, ft is a commentary
upon Ihe action of the law that a
man who has been convicted of
violating it should be chosen as
its highest exponent.
Some newspapers are still ad
vocating thj removal of the state
university' to the state farm. The
legislature could have easily de
cided that matter before it ad
journed, but it didn't do it. A
syndicate was formed some time
ago that bought up a large tract
of land in the vicinity of the state
farm, and (he fellows who form
that syndicate are Ihe very ones
wjio started the removal ques
tion, and they are Ihe very fel
lows who will be mostly benefited
by the removal. That's all there
is in it. Why should the people
out in the stale care where the
university is located? The pres
ent location is all right, and it
should remain risht where il is.
If there was anything to be gain
ed by the state going to a great
expense to remove Ihe university
to gratify the desire of this baud
of speculators we would like for
-"'nil win yw I'll 1.1 n tin il it'll.
Of course a few dollars may have
something to do with some of the
newspapers' advocacy of removal.