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    The Siege
of the
Seven Suitors
Hezekiah Partitions the Kingdom.
S I came perspiring out of the
&Jt telephone booth I found the
Jjj suitors engaged in subdued de
bate by the hearth. They couid
hardly hare beard my blentlugs over
the telephone,' but they were greatly
concerned about something. Shallen-
berger, who was apparently the only
one willing to approach mo, followed
me to the veranda.
'Those fellows in there don't under
stand this. Dick told us last night, aft
er we had called at the house and been
refused admittance, that Miss Cecilia
was ill with diphtheria. I remember
that It was Dick who rang the bell and
gave our cards to the footman. It was
quite singular, you know, our being
turned away, unless something had
been wrong."
I bowed gravely. They had been
turned away for the very simple rea
son that after unearthing Adonlrum
Caldwell's effects in the secret rooms
of her house Miss Octarla had not
cared to be troubled with suitors. The
haughty Nebraskan had drawn upon
his imagination for the rest.
"And I understood you to say a mo
ment ago that Miss Ilollister's malady
Is not diphtheria, but chlckenpox?"
Shallenbcrger persisted with almost
laughable trepidation. "These gentle
men, I regret to say, go so far as to
doubt your word."
"That, Mr. Shallenberger, Is their
privilege. But it seems to me that
when I merely tried to mitigate the ter
rible news imparted by Dick yon are
rank lngrates for questioning my far
less doubtful story. Anything between
you gentlemen and Mr. Dick Is, of
course, none of my nffoir, for whether
considered as a set, group or bunch I
am done with the whole lot of you.
I decided as I rode away that noth
ing was to be gained by going in
Bearch of Wiggins. Orton had purpose
ly made his house difficult of access,
and the roads in that neighborhood are
many and devious. Orton had banished
his guests that be might tinker with his
play In peace and, knowing his temper,
I was sure that Wiggins and the rest
of them would keep out of his way till
the pangs of hunger drove them back.
I had ridden half a mile toward
Hopefleld when I espied a woman rid
ing rapidly toward me, and as sue
drew nearer I ldentifled her as Ileze
klnh, mounted on a horse I recognized
as one of the best In Miss Octavla's
stables. Ilezeklah rode astride, as a
woman should, her bicycle skirt serv
ing well as a habit. She rode as a boy
rides who loves freedom and quickened
pulses and the rush of wind across his
face. She was hatless, for which the'
pun and I were both grateful. The big
bow at the back of her head turned the
dial back to sixteen.
She drew rein and fished what seem
ed to be salted almonds from her
pwenter pocket. She filliped one of
these into the air uud cuugut It in her
mouth with u lazy toss of the heafl that
fhowed the firm contour of her lovely
throat. I had never seen her more self
"Do you care much for this horse?"
she asked carelessly.
"It's a good horse. I fancy Miss Oc-
tavia thinks so herself. There are
places, Ilezeklah, where they hang
people for horse stealing."
"Thought 1 might need one today, so
I borrowed him through the buck way
to the old red barn. The coachman is
an ancient chum, and Aunt Oetnvia
would never mind even if she knew.
And she will know, all right! Any
how, my rear tire had been patched
once too often, nnd there Is a satisfac
tion in a horse. Where's our sensitive
and Impressionable Wiggy? Saw him
riding over toward Klsco yesterday
p. m. with chin on his chest dreadful
riding form."
"Wiggins Is at Orton's the play
wright's, you know. I've telephoned
him to hustle back, but he's out of our
reach somewhere. 1 couldu't speak to
him direct; had to leave a message for
"Just like Wlggy to die on the Inst
lap. What did you make out of Broth
er Tepperton?"
"jour note scared me thanks so
much for your note but he's all right.
Engaged to another girl."
"Ah," she sighed. "It's comforting
that Cecilia couldn't keep them all
going all the time."
We rode along together, our horses
In n walk, and I told her everything
I knew of the condition of affairs, In
cluding a true account of my ex
periences at the Inn the day before
and of the finding of the old chest be
longing to Wiggins' great-grandfather
her browu eyes opened wido at this
-concluding with the diphtheria strata
gem and Dick's menace to Cecilia's
"He's really a bright little boy. Com
ing home on the steamer he gave me
post graduate course In pragmatism
that I've found helpful In keeping
house for pa ia. It's too bad we have
') luv a tru: f-r Mr. Dick."
"is it: .n!t now are we to manage
that. Hezekiah?" i
"Oh. thnt 'vill be easy enough, lie's
pretty desperafe. and since the com
pact between the suitors has gone to
pieces lie In ows he will have to show
his hand pretty soon. lie thinks you
are wild about Cecilia. lie lays great
Itress on his thinking powers, and he
probably argues that you are bound to
pop pretty soon. It's just as well he
thinks so. but we must finish this up
today. I'll ie a nervous wreck If we
don't close the books tonight. There's
rour 'riend Dick now."
She 'Indicated a high point In the
main road, where It crossed the ridge
from which she had shown me it
seemed, oh. very long ago! the pro
cession of suitors crossing the stile.
Dick, mounted, was gazing off across
the fields toward Ilopefiehl Man and
borse were so distant as to create the
Illusion of an equestrian statue on a
high pedestal.
"Napoleon before Waterloo." I sug
gested. "He does look like Napoleon, doesn't
he?" she laughed. "He's a bit fussed
today. lie knows that Wiggy's uot at
the inn nnd that you are up to some
thing, and to little Mr. Dick the archi
tect probably looks like one of those
mysterious knights you read about,
who suddenly appears at the tourna
ment all canned In an Ice cream freez
er, with a tin pall over his head. Mr.
Pepperton's presence no doubt worries
him. as I don't think they ever met.
Cecilia and Mr. Tepperton are riding.
I dodged them just before I struck
you. walking their horses In the most
loverlike fashion in a lane over yon
der, but If Mr. Pepperton Is really en
gaged It's all right, though If I were
the other girl I think I'd be anxious."
'Tep's playing the game, that's all.
What are you going to do now?"
She glanced at the sun. I fancied
that it was with such a scanning of
the heavens that her sisters a thousand
years before had noted the time.
"This Is my pie day. There's un
doubtedly a gooseberry pie waiting for
me nt the bungalow. And papa will
expect me for luncheon. I'd ask you to
come too, only you'll have all you can
do to keep Mr. Dick from persuading
somebody to be the sixth man, so he
can slip In as number seven. f we get
through today all right, you may come
for luncheon tomorrow, maybe. Papa
told me he liked you. He said you
were very decent that night you met
"My compliments to your father. I
hope to be able to persuade him to ex
tend his paternal arm to Include me.
Aunt Octavia must be my aunt too!"
"Really!" cried Ilezeklah. with inde
jcribable mockery, and she wheeled her
horse and was gone like the wind.
Luncheon at Hopefleld passed with
out incident, nnd afterward Cecilia re
tired to help her aunt with her corre
spondence, while Fepperton and I
lounged about the bouse and smoked.
I told him .of my Ineffectual efforts to
reach Wiggins, and he volunteered to
find a motor and search for him, but I
pointed out the futility of this and re
newed my appeal that he stay on guard
it Hopefleld..
At about 3 o'clock Cecilia reappeared.
Her color was high nnd her eyes were
unusually brilliant. I knew that she
fully realized that the crisis was near,
but she asked no questions, and her
manner reassured me of her confidence.
We idled on the stone terrace above
the frost smitten garden.
We were hardly seated before Dick
entered the garden, followed imme
diately by the six other suitors I bad
ill times," she cried, looking helplessly
from me to IVppertou, who was all at
sea tor anex.Iaiiatioii, "If that Impres
sion is abroad I shall appeur at once."
"Then you and Pepperton must pa
trol the terrace here. You are lovers'
for all I know. Ignore them utterly lu
your absorption with one another. If
any one approaches you, Pepperton,
ask Miss llollister to marry you "
"Mel" gasped Pepperton.
"No. It can't be done that way."
Cecilia interposed. "Mr. Pepperton has
told me of his engagement. I can't be
party to a fraud a trick. I can't coun
tenance it at all. It would ruin every
thing." "Then stay right here. Pace back
and forth and I'll manage the rest, i
don't for the life of me know how, but
I'll do it."
As Cecilia and Tepperton stepped
(rom behind the screen of vines the
ueu on the benches lifted their heads;
!hen 1 heard murmurs of aniazemeut
led chagriu and caught a fleeting
glimpse of Dick tearing through the
aedge with his late companions tum
Dling after iu fierce pursuit.
I ran to the stable and found a
uorse, feeling that I must be In a posi
tion to move rapidly if I saw Wiggins
ipproaching. If Dick eluded his
wrathful pursuers he would be on the
lookout somewhere, awaiting his own
time, and If he saw Wiggins rushing
madly for the house he might yet clr
:umvent us.
I satisfied myself that Cecilia and
Pepperton . were still plainly visible
from the garden, and I knew that for
the time she was safe. I gained the
high point In the road from which
Ilezeklah and I had observed Dick on
guard at noon and waited. Remember
ing the fine figure the philosopher had
made agnlnst the sky, I dismounted
jnd rested by a stone wall where I
could watch with less risk of being
jeen from a distance.
I at once saw matters that Interested
me Immensely. Dick had thrown off
the other suitors and was rapidly
crossing the fields toward Hopefleld.
When I caught sight of him he was
Just leaving the orchard where Ileze
klah and I had held our memorable
Interview. A long stretch of rough
pasture lay before him, nnd bo settled
down to a quick trot. He took several
fences without lessening his gait,
crossed the stile like a flash a little
later and was out of sight.
As I turned to my horse I heard the
wift patter of hoofs and saw a man
and woman galloping furiously toward
me. They were rapidly nearlng the
ridge, and their horses were springing
over the firm white road in prodigious
leaps. Wiggins had got my message.
Ilezeklah had met htm In the road
and wns urging him on. As they came
nearer 1 saw that Wiggins had taken
fire at last.
"Orton said some one was killed
who what who"
"I just picked blm "up five minutes
Bg. lie doesn't know anything." snid
Ilezeklah, "and you daren't tell him.
Remember the rules. What's doing?"
ihe Inquired coolly.
I" Me Continued.'
Woodman Circle Bonofit.
t'rnm Saturday's Dallv.
Tin' members of he Woodman
'Circle last evening had charge of
t lii (!em theater ami Ihe proceed.
of the performance will go lo the
iuiie. The ladies of thi splen
did order are rustlers ami nevei
lei an opportunity slip hy fop the
benefit of Ihe lodge, and have
gradually Increased the member
ship of Ihe lodge here until Ihey
have one of Ihe largest in the city
and a No one of the most llourNh-in:-.
"Napoleon beforo Waterloo," I sug
gested. tast seeu at the inn. They ranged
themselves on a stone bench facing
the house at the end of one of the
paths. They wore sack coats and hats
in a variety of styles, so that they did
not present quite the bizarre effect pro
duced by their frock coats and silk
tiles. They surveyed the house sadly,
bowed their heads upon their sticks
and seemed to have come to stay. The
siege had become a practical matter.
"Why don't the gentlemen come in?"
ssked Cecilia, peering through the
"Hush! There's a rumor that you
are terribly ill. They've come merely
to pay their tribute of respect by wait
ing In the garden. You had better go
juletly into the house. The shock of
seeing you in your usual health might
be too much for them."
"But I can't. 1 must he accessible nt
Ulcers and Skin Troubles.
If you are suffering with any
old, running or fever sores,
ulcers, boils, eczema or oilier skin
troubles, gel a hox of Itiieklen's
Arnica Salve and you will get, re
lief prompt ly. Mrs. llruce Jones
of BirmingJiam, Ala., suffered
from an ugly ulcer for nine
months and Bueklen's Arnica
Salve cured her in two weeks. Will
help you. Only 25c. Recommend
ed hy F. fi. Fricke & Co.
Some Fine Strawberries.
Our g i friend. I,. H. Peter
son, who resides in Ihe southwest
pari of Ihe city, was n caller
Thursday at this office and left
two boxes of Ihe finest .straw
berries we have seen this season.
Mr. Peterson has been very suc
cessful, in the .raising of this
fruit and Ihe samples he left here
certainly speaks well for his
ability along this line.
Gets Fingers Mashed.
From Saturday's Dally
Anton Toman, who is employed
in the Burlington machine shops,
has been enjoying a short vaca
tion from his duties the past two
days as a result of getting two
of his lingers tangled up in the
machinery. The injuries are not
very serious but painful and an
noying to the young man.
Boy Bit by Dog.
This afternoon as Clyde Ilrit
lian was passing along one of the
houses near the jail a vicious dog
ran out and bit him quite severe
ly on Ihe calf of Ihe leg. indicting
a very painful wound that is was
necessary to have dressed by a
l i.::o
!" fill
8 4.20
I'liitlMiimitli, Ned. Juno ii:;.
lJniUil met pursuant to udiont nrn.'iit.
I'i cM-nt, i'. u. .Ionian, t I-:. 1 1 ln i
und Julius .. Hit., I'ounty I'ommis-Moiifi.-;
1 1. Morgan, County Clerk.
Mi null's ut previous session re;ul ami
aiii in, il, when the following lui.ii-iu-.xs
was tiansaiteil iu regular form:
IU1I luesenteil hy 1M louat tax re
ceipt No. 70M), italinl May 2ti, lsl;i,
"paid umler protest for the reason over
HssesM'il," uml the same was refused
on the grounds "no jurisdiction in the
mutter,' and tax receipt returned to
.Mr. l'onat.
It is lieiehy ordered that the Countv
Clerk he instructed to notify the Ne-
hraska Telephone Co. to move their
poles on the west side of the road No
2-U In the X"i4 of Kection l-l.'-i;!: it
appeal inK that the poles are now in the
romi i., leet from the property line.
Ihe following claims were allowed
on the (ieneral fund:
James Murray, helping count v
assessor on Mauley road $
C. V. liaylor ix- Co., coal to
Kn.vlilnsky, Collins and farm
Hans ohnson. mdse. to Lizzie
O'Mlif m. Oil
C. K. ileehner, salary 72. HO
linns Johnson, mdse. to Lizzie
Hon, Weeping Water Cltv, tlril
Hans JoluiMin, mdse. to Mrs. II.
KM l. Keckler, room for elec
tion, Center precinct
Hammond & Stephens, supplies
to county superintendent . . . .
K. Manspeukcr, salary 4"i.00
Hans Sievei's, salury and laundry 78.00
l. i . .Morgan, salary and ex
panse 215.15
WeepiiiK Water Kepublican,
prlntinif to county 27. HO
O. H. Manners, auto litre to
commissioners 12.00
Union Ledger, notice to Hoard of
Kiiuali.allon .75
A. K. I'HlMnK, ussessinn Salt
Creek precinct 1 08.1 2
h. R Appleman, assessing
(Iveeiiwood precinct 111.34
A. r . MoKeis, assessing Jtock
Bluffs precinct
J. C. Wiuulerllch, assessing Ne
limvkii precinct
K. P. Kelts, assessing Tipton
pi Inct
J. W. Honor, assessing Center
precinct 9H.34
.). IV Hrainhlet, assessing
l.lheity precinct 104.00
A. I . I'cspaln. assessing I'latts-
niouth City 192.00
1. hi. UutTner, assessing l'latts-
inouth City 192.00
Ceo. W. Snyder, assessUig 1'lutts-
ninuth precinct 114.00
Albert llenener, assessing Mt.
I'lensant precinct 109.13
J. W. UuIiku, assessing Weep-
Ihk Water precinct 100.16
John T. Crozler, assessing Weep
ing Water City 84.46
The I'lattsniottth .loui'iiul. print
ing and supplies to countv.. 25.95
The rinttsmouth Water Co.,
water to court house 11.10
M. Archer, State vh II. Johnson -l.liO
c. I'. Quinton, same
Ct. It. Olson, same
C. M. Seyhert, same
f. It. Jordan, salary
C. II. Taylor, salary and ex
pense Ncli. I.iuhting Co., gas to court
house, .tail and street lamp. .
Win. Holly, mdse. to county and
paupers j
Halts. Turnverein, room for
election, Plattsmoutli 2d ward'
J. H. Tarns, salary
.1. W. lirendel, assessing Avoeu
Mary K. Foster, salary and ex
pense Louis Krecklow, help to county
surveyor on Manley road ....
(1. I'. I'.astwood, mdse. to court
S. K. Ciirurdet, mdse. to Mrs.
Pied uttersoii, salary
Julius A. Pit'., salury and inlle-
ai.'M 13.90
. I. Fox. stamps 7.62
A. W. White, mdse. to Fulling-
ton and Johnson
Hillvaid Mfg. Co., sanitation
drip to court house
Lore nx Pros, mdse. to county
farm . '. '.
J. Halt ,V Sou, mdse to P.llen
Mayes ,
A eg. Uach, mdse. to Monroe....
The following claims were allowed
on the Pond fund:
.1. C. Nidav, road work, lioad
l'istrict No. 11 lfl30
A. F. Sevhert, same, No. 2 116.90
Mi- KivcUlow, same, No. S.... 97.00
Hen F!e kinun. same. No. 10..,. 179.00
Polieit Swai-keiV same, No. fi..
Treasurer Louisville Village,
proportion It. 1 1. No. IS
PHiman A liavis. nulls, etc., to
Poad hlsti'lot No. 10
'.. T. Tool, load work, Poad is
triit No. l.i
The Fanners Lumber, Coul and
Implement Co., lumber, Poad
I list riot No. 7
I'.. T. Tool, coal, hardware, etc.,
to Poad liistricl No. 7
Tic Fairieis Lumber, Coal and
Imp'!. Co. lumber to Poad
l'istrict No. ri
T. K. Si l oud it Co., sci a per for
Pond I !.-. rli t No. S
Win. Ash. road work, Poad l'ls-trb-t
No. p!
W. M. Iloni her, same, No. 6 ....
C. Poyenow, same. No. Hi
T. A. Put lerHeld. same, No.
W. .1. A't' ouse, same
W. P. Voho, same, No. 16..
.1. C Lonii'ver, same, No. . .
F. W. WPken, same, No. fi
S. P. Jordan, same, No. 1li
P. .1. I, inch, same
S. .1 W'aldradt, same, No. li . .
Joe Allen, same, No. Hi..
Joe Vh 'Iters, .same
A. I. I'.ird, same
A. I I'.ird, same, No. 6
.1. 11. Wagner, same, No.
Sid Jumes. same. No. 15
li. P. Fast wood, mdse, to poad
Histrlct No. 1
.1. 11. Lntroin, hardware to poad
l'istrict No. Hi
Harvey Itnsp, road work, P.oad
l'istrict No. 16
(i. W. Leach, same. No. II
Walter Hvers, same, No. 27....
(ieo. W. Vnss Co., lumber, Poml
l'istrict No. 13
Fred Patterson, surveying roads,
Inheritance Tux fund
Wm. H. Push, rond work, ltind
l'istrict No. 7
Wm. llassler, repair work, I'oad
l'istrict No. 1
Wm. (iillninn, helping surveyor.
Inheritance Tax fund
John F. Weehrbeln, rond work,
Poad nistrict No. 1 5S.BU
(leorge Polsal, grading roads,
Poad nistrict No, 14 177.25
Village Treasurer Alvo, propor
tion roHil fund. Itoad Iiistrict
No. 2
Same, (Irenwoocl, snnie, No. 20..
Same, Kagle, same, No. 16
Same So. Hend, ttanie, No. 19..
Same Klmwood, same, No. 25...,
Same Weeping Water, name, No.
Same Murdock, same, No. 21
Hen Hpckman. rommlsslonprs
road fund, road work, Poad
l'istrict No. 10 79.10
The following claims were allowed
on the Hrtdge fund:
The Farmers Lomber, Coal nnd
Imp'l. Co.. bridge material..! 5.69
A. F. Sevhert, bridge work.... 6.50
('eo. W. Voss Co., bridge lumber 69. R"
(ieorge l'olsall, bridge work 214.34
Win. If. ltusli, Kama 35.75
Nebraska Construction Co., esti
mate on account bridge work. .1000. 00
Hoard adjourned to meet (n regualr
session Mondnv. June 16, 1913.
I'. C. MOPOAN, Countv Clerk.
. 1.00
. 7.00
21. 40
1 2. SO
Tlio Bcsl Manure Spreader
This machine may be seen at my implement
department a new addition to my general black
smith and wagon business. I also handle the
AVERY Corn Planters "
and Cultivators!
In fact it is my intention to carry a general line
of Farm Implements of all kinds. Call and see
me for whatever you may need.
i. . wmmi
. .... 1 .
...! r I.
SOUTH SIXTrt SL, PlatitSKciith, Keb.
Local Hews
Prom Friday's Daily.
Adam llild ami wife of near Mv-
nanl cairn in yesterday to altend
I lie funeral of Mrs. Fred Ohlen-
Fred Items of Haveloek, who
was called here by Ihe death of
his brother, August Heins, de
parted last evening for his home.
H. .. I'rupsf of Mynard was a
passenger this morning for the
metropolis, where he was called
to look after some matters of
Jake Ilild and wife were in the
city lor a few hours yesterday,
coming in to attend the funeral
of the late Mrs. Ohlenhausen at
SI. Paul's church.
Misses Mayme and Hose O'Don
nell came up from Union Wed
nesday eening for a visit with
relatives and to attend Ihe Larson-Edwards
('.. F. Harris of Union was in
the city today for a few hours,
being called as a witness in the
case of the First National bank
vs. Jefferson Cross, el al.
Herman Heck and wife, from of Murray, came up this
morning and were passengers on
the early Hurlinglon train for the
metropolis (o spend the day.
Philip A. Meisinger and broth
er, 1M Meisinger, were passeng
ers this morning for (Henwood,
fowa, where they ul tended to
some business matters for a short
friends and look after some mat.
ters of business with the mor.
chants for a few hours.
Adam FornofT of Odar Creek
was iu the city today for a few
hours attending to some mailers
of business.
L. II. Young of near Nehawka
was iu Ihe city today for a few
hours looking after some trading
with the merchants.
E. M. (lodwin of Ihe vicinity
of Murray was up today from his
farm lo attend to some matters
of business with the merchants.
Andrew Schoeman of Louis
ville was a business visitor in this
city yesterday and took time to
call at Ibis ollice and renew his
W. !. Meisinger came in from
his farm, west of this city, this
morning lo attend to some trad
ing. He reports the rainfall as
being light iu his section.
v. l. miniicK or ivciiawka was
attending to business matters in
this city today. He called at this
ollice and ordered the Plalts
moulh Journal sent lo his ad
dress for a year.
John Kraeger, one of the good
reliable farmers of Mt. Pleasant
precinct, drove up I his morning
from his home and spent several
hours looking after some trading
nnd visiting with his friends.
(!us llullenberg and II. W.
Wright, of the vicinity of Mur
ray, were visitors in this city yes
terday and called at this ollice, al
which lime Mr. Hollenherg sub
scribed for Ihe Semi-Weekly
From Snturdnv's Dallv,
William Puis of Murray came
up this morning lo visit his
Mrs. Dr. E. 0. (leaves of Peru,
eb who has been here visiting
her friend, Miss Olive Jones, for
a few days, departed this morn
ing for Omaha to visit for a short
lime before returning home.
Best Laxative for the Aged.
Old men and women feel tho
need of a laxative more than
young folks, but it must be saft?
and harmless and one which will
not cause pain. Dr. King's New
Life Pills are especially good for
Ihe aged, for Ihey act promptly
ami easily. Price LTc. Recom
mended by F. (i. Fricke & Co.
! " IN J
3.00 T T (f 4t mm Burt ffl I A JL i 6 T
-yrn n -
Shake Off Your Rheumatism.
Now is the lime to get rid of
your rheumatism. Try a twenty-llve-cenl
bottle of Chamberlain's
Liniment and see how quickly
your rheumatic pains disappear.
Sold by all dealers.
Sure drop, variable edge drop, high wheel
Plattsmouth, Nebraska