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moutb' Journal
r . is
NO. 41.
Linen Shower at Home of Mrs. C.
L. Carlson Given in Honor of
Miss Bess Edwards.
From Friday Dally.
One of the most delightful
entertainments given for one of
the June brides was the linen
shower given last evening to the
Euterpean Oleen club and friends
by Mrs. C. L. Carlson, at her
home, in honor of Miss Bess Ed
wards, whose wedding to Mr. G.
O. Larson is to occur on Wednes
day "evening, June i.
The house was very prettily
decorated with flowers and
streamers of red hearts and mado
a very handsome appearance. The
guests enjoyed a most delightful
time at a guessing contest, in
which it was necessary to draw
for the prize, which was captured
by Miss Ellen Windham, but the
chief feature of the evening was
the wedding ceremony, and the
parties taking part in it carried
it out in a manner that caused
much fun among the jolly crowd.
The part of the groom was taken
by Mrs. Charles Freese, while
Miss Edwards acted in the role of
bride, and the ceremony was per
formed by Mrs. E. Il.Wescott in
a very impressive manner.
During the evening several de
lightful musical number, both
vocal and instrumental, were
given, as well as several written
pieces of advice as to how to keep
down the, high cost of living, and
thcHO were presented to the bride-to-be
for future use when she
starts housekeeping. A most de
licious luncheon was served by
Misses Jessie Whelan and Mable
Lee Copenhaver, and this was
very much enjoyed by the crowd
of jolly young ladies, who then
adjourned to the parlors, where
the evening was spent in dancing
the Virginia reel and a general
good time until the bride was re
quested to si and forth, and a
large basket heaped high with
beautiful and choice gifts of linen
was showered upon her and the
company united in wishing her a
long and happy married life.
The guests at the delightful
event were: Misses Amanda Sat
tler, Oerlrude llitt. Nile Cobb,
Muriel Barthold, Mildred Balser,
Cecil Hawkenberry, Alice and
Hazel Tuey, Ferris and Kale York,
Pauline Kalasek, Clara Austin,
llermia and Ellen Windham,
Elizabeth Kerr, Ola Kaffenberger,
G-olda Noble, darnet and Flor
ence Cory, Ada Mann, Carrie and
Estelle Baird, Alma and Esther
Larson, Violet;' Freese, Mesdames
W. 0. Brooks, William Gluck, E.
J. Tuey, E. II. Wescott, Frank
C.obelman and Charles Freese.
Another Social Meeting.
From Friday' Dally.
The cozy home of Mrs. Albin
Neilson was the scene of a most
enjoyable meeting of the ladies of
(he Swedish Mission church yes
terday afternoon. There was a
large number in attendance, who
very pleasantly whiled away the
afternoon in sewing and other
amusement calculated to make
the occasion a most excellent one.
Splendid refreshments were
served, and when the, hour for de
parture arrived the ladies ex
pressed their warmest thanks to
Mrs. Neilson for her kind hos
pitality. M. E. Ladies Meet.
From Friday 8 Dally.
The Ladies' Aid society of the
M. IC. church held an excellent
mectinir yesterday afternoon in
the parlors of Hie church, at
which they were delightfully
entertained by Mesdames Andrews
and Babbitt. There was a large
number of Ilie ladies in al tend
ance, who reported the hostesses
as being splendid entertainers. A
business seion was held, alter
which the remainder of Hie after
noon was wliih-d away in a most
cnjnjable social lime. Delirious
refre-hmeiil- were '-erved.
Now . is the time o v'el rid of
your rheumatism. Yon can do it.
by applying Chamberlain's Lini
ment and massaging the parts
'freely at enrh application. For
sale by 0. Frickc Co.
Vallery Farm Is Sold.
Today a deed was recorded
transferring the Jacob Nailery
farm of 100 acres, located about
three and a half miles west of
this citv, on the Louisville road,
from W. E. llosencrans and 1. C.
Morgan to J. E. MeDaniel of this
city. The farm is one of l he best
in this section and brought the
price of $20,000. Mr. MeDaniel
lias secured a very valuable farm,
as it lies in the best section in
this pari of t lie county.
This farm was purchased by
Messrs Rosencrans and Morgan
about two years ago, and the sale
of the property was consumated
through the agency of Mr. Rosen
crans, who is extensively engaged
in the real estate business and
has been very successful in the
handling of the lands which he
has been agent for.
John Klaurens went to Lincoln
on the Monday morning train on
business connected with the case
of his son, John, whose term in
the prison is about to expire. It
was supposed that with "good
time" he has earned and the time
spent in custody before being
taken to prison, he would be en
titled to his freedom this week,
but there appears to be some mis
understanding as to computing
the time, and for a few days the
exact time of his release will not
be determined. However, it is a
matter involving only a short
time, as he has been a model
prisoner and has credits for all
his "good time" allowance. His
father informed us that Johnny is
enjoying excellent health and has
an excellent record and good
standing with the prison olllcials.
It will be remembered that
Johnny Clarence and John P.
Thacker, in January, 1909, be
came involved in a fight, in which
Clarence fired the shots that re
sulted in Thacker's death a few
days later. Clarence was tried
and found guilty of murder in the
second degree and Judge Travis
sentenced him to a term of
fourteen years in the penitentiary.
The supreme court reversed the
case, and at the second trial the
jury found a verdict oi man
slaughter and he was given a sen
tence of eight years. Upon ap
peal to the supremo court, the
case was afiirmed, but that court
reduced the sentence to two years
In all the proceedings the defense
was that Clarence acted in self
defense and fired the shots only
when he thought his lire in
danger. Union Ledger.
From Friday'! Dally.
The city directory will contain
all the new street names and
house numbers, names of all
adult citizens, public buildings,
etc., also a list of the national,
slate, county, cily corporation,
church, lodge, clubs and so
cities officers, "I ime and place of
meetings, and also other valua
ble information necessary to
every "citizen of Plaltsmouth. It
will be complete in detail and a
handsome addition to the library,
office or. home. A house-to-house
canvass is now being made by the
compiler, Mr. NW A. Howard, and
all citizens are respectfully re
quested to aid him in any .and all
necessary information they 'can
give. As no extra copies of the
directory will b published it will
be necessary to give your order
for Hie directory to Ihe compiler
when he colls, or to the secretary
of the Commercial club, before
t lie hook goes to press.
To Attend Shower.
From K'ttunlii v's i:illy.
This afternoon Misses Hess
Edwards, Alma and Esther Lar--oii.
Opal l-'ilzgerald and Ellen
Windham departed for Omaha,
where (hey will attend a shower
given by Mrs. J. H. Holmes in
honor of Miss Hess Edward and
Mis Ethel Hallnnce.
Which Occurred at Elegant Soen
nichsen Home in Honor of
Miss Bess Edwards.
From Saturday's Dally.
Yesterday afternoon occurred
another of the delightful pre
nuplial events that have been
given for the approaching June
wedings, when Miss Mathilde
Soennichsen entertained at her
home at a kitchen shower in
honor of Miss Hess Edwards,
from i to 8 o'clock.
On the arrival of the guests
they were taken to the library,
where they were handed a
volume of blank paper entitled
The Life of Hess Kdwards," and
were requested to fill these out by
pictures from a large number of
magazines placed on the table.
Several interesting and clever
volumes were produced by the
guests, and they will be a very
unique and valued souvenir of the
occasion to the guest of honor in
the years to come.
Miss Soennichsen, "assisted by
her sister, Miss Christine, served
a most templing luncheon in the
dining room, which proved one of
the most delightful features of
the occasion. After the luncheon
the guests enjoyed some lime
listening to vocal and instru
mental numbers, until the clouds
betokened the approaching
shower, and the bride was then
showered" with all manner of
articles for future use in her
new home and much delight was
experienced as each package
opened by the bride-to-be dis
closed new gifts. The jolly
crowd enjoyed themselves with
music and dancing until the hour
for departure, when they joined
in wishing the guest of honor
years of joy and happiness in the
The guests present at this de
light ful event were: Misses Marie
Fitzgerald, Margaret Scolten,
Ethel Leyda, Berniee Newell,
Adelia White, Helen Spies, Clara
Austin, Virginia MeDaniel, Alice
Tuey, Esther Larson, Ellen
Windham and Opal Fitzgerald.
From Friday's Dally.
The pupils of the Central build
ing of the public schools gave a
musical this omnring at the
school that was very much enjoy
ed by them, as well as the teach
ers, and those taking part in the
program did exceptionally well in
their handling of the different
numbers. The program was as
Duet Sleeping .Heauty
. . . Oweroline ami Myrtle Smith
Song Schoolmates
Beatrice Seybert
Anna Hiber, Accompanist.
Sunlight Waltz Fay Cobb
Oeiiernl Grant's March
Huby Winscot
Duel Witches Flight
. . .Elizabeth and Agnes Bajeck
Dance of the Wildllowers. . . .
... Olga Tiekottcr
Easter Daisy Delia Frans
Song of the Troubadour
fna Crook
Halt lo of Waterloo
Sophia Seivers
Duel Ely Away Gallop
..Ina Crook and Huby Winscot
Dreaming. . . .Katherine Waddick
Duel Dress Parade March...
. . .Gwerelinc and Myrtle Smith
Dance of the Village Maiden..
Marion Mauzy
Duet Fay and Ina Cook
Gasoline Engine for Sale.
Almost new .'1-horse Interna
tional late model gasoline engine
for sale cheap. This engine ha
been used but very Ml tie and is in
perfect running order and will hi
sold at, a great, bargain if taken
sooir. Apply at the Journal olllr.i
We exchange pens if you dori'l
gel i ne pens desired when you
buy I hem. I & Co.
Class of 1913 Will Meet Their
Friends at Parmele Wednes
day Night, May 28.
From Saturday s Dally.
On next Wednesday evening at
the' I'armele theater fifteen young
ladies and live young men will
gather and bid farewell to their
school days and prepare to enter
upon their battle with the world.
These young people are the
graduating class of the Plaits
mouth High school and their
graduation will mark for them the
beginning of their life in the
various occupations they have
decided upon and will be one of
the most, important steps that
they have taken and one that they
can look back upon with pride, for
it represents the fruits of their
years of sludy, and that they have
successfully finished the course
of study laid out for them is a
matter over which they are
justified in feeling that pardon
able pride.
The Plattsmouth schools have
lu riu J out many talented men
and women, many of whom have
become prominent in the world
in different occupations and pro
fessions, and that Ihe class of
1913 gives promise of having its
members become leading figures
in the world's work. The pro
grain for the exercises, which will
be held on Wednesday evening,
May 28, is as follows:
Invocation Rev. W. L. Austin
Vocal Solo... Miss Ferris H. York
Salutatory Conservation of
National Resources
Samuel C. Windham
Valedictory The True Value of
Character. .. .Donald K. Arries
Solo (a) "To You," (b) "A
Birthday". .Miss Helen Heroic!
Address Seers of Visions....
Rev. Ernest Wray O'Neal of
Presentation of Diplomas.
The following is the list of the
graduates of the class of DH3
Jennie Livingston, Mae Marker,
Margaret Albert, Samuel C. Wind
ham. John R. Duncan, Florence
Richardson, Mable Adams, Ma
thilda Mable Donat, Donald E. Ar
ries, Ferris H. York, Janet Ann
Clement, Reuben H. Saxon, Anna
Louise Wohlfarth, Agnes K.
Ptak, Heulah Sans, Josephine E
Rys, Angie McCarroll, Harbara
Hulin, Margaret W. Wohlfarth,
Pollock Parmele.
The clas3 has chosen for their
molto, "Finished, Y'et Beginning,"
which is very appropriate for an
event of this kind, when they are
finishing their school life and
starting on that of facing I heir
future in the world.
From Friday's Dally.
The Eastern Star held a very
largely attended meeting at their
lodge rooms in the Masonic
buildintr Wednesday evening and
three new members Mrs. W. E
Rosoncrans, Mrs. John Weyrich
and i Miss Ruth Johnson were
initiated into the order. Follow
ing the initiation Ihe members
adjourned lo Ihe dining room,
where a most, delicious banquet
had been prepared, and they spent
a most enjoyable lime enjoying
Ihe delicacies of the banquet, as
well as the speeches delivered by
the different members, as rallei
upon by the toaslmisl ress, Mrs. J
C. Peterson, worthy matron of
Home Chapter. The occasion was
one that will long be remembered
by the members attending as one
filled with much profit and
Gets New Surrey.
K. Parmele, the liveryman,
ye.-lenlay received a line new sur
rey carriage for his livery busi
ness, and the new addition is one
lie may feel very proud of and
which will , be .very much ap
preciated by bis pal rons.
i i
Joe Reynolds Promoted.
from Friday's Daily.
Last evening the news was re
ceived in Ibis city of the promo
tion of Joe Reynolds, who has
been acting as baggageman at the
llavelock station of the Burling
ton, and who has been promoted
to Ihe position of second trick
operator at the depot. Joe is a
very bright young man and his
many friends here will be great
ly pleased to learn of his ad
vancement in his chosen calling,
and they will wish him success in
his future advancement in the
line of telegraph work.
Lecturer Leaves for Havelock.
From Friday's Dcliy.
This morning Mr. F. B. Thom
as, who has been delivering lec
tures here for the .Burlington
Safety Bureau for the past few
days, departed for llavelock,
where he will make arrange
ments for holding meetings there
next week. Mr. Thomas had
some 431 attend his meeting
here, and everyone seemed deeply
interested in the lectures and the
cause bt "Safely First" was
greatly aided by Ihe visit of the
car and the able lecturer to
Within the city limits there are
thirteen bridges on the stream
which takes ils rise on the farm
of Thomas Wiles, west of Platts
mouth. Some of these are on
well traveled yt roots and some
are not so important, but it is a
afe statement to say that half of
these aro out of use at this time,
owing to the washout by the late
Not a month ago the writer
viewed the bridges on Locasl.
street with the street commis
sioner, and showed him how the
bridges could be saved with the
work of one man and a team and
scraper for half a day. But by
reason of neglect of the proper
officers lo attend to the work at
the right time, serious and heavy
damage has fallen upon Ihe tax
payers of the cily. The two
bridges on Locust si reel, one of
the public thoroughfares of
Plaltsmouth, the principal street
leading to the cemetery, and one
the farmers from west of the city
would ordinarily come to Ihe cily
over, cannot be used now, just,
because a few scrapers full of
earth were not placed at the ap
proaches to these bridges a few
weeks ago. Is this economy? It
will take several hundred dollars
lo place the bridges in repair on
this creek, which could have been
fixed with little expense, if taken
in lime.
How long are the citizens of
Plal I smooth going lo put up with
this sort of management of the
cily affairs, especially the man
agement of Ihe road fund? Locust
street is not Ihe only one that
cannot be traveled at Ibis lime.
There is a bridge gone on North
Thirteenth street. One gone and
has been gone for some months
on Eleventh street. A little
money expended would have kepi
these si reels open lo travel. Why
not use the same economy in the
expenditure of the city's money
that a man with ordinary prud
ence would practice in connection
with his own business?
From Friday's Dully.
The penmanship and art de
partment of the public 'schools
have on exhibition in Ihe room
' Riley block, next to Ihe old
. 11 it-.
where Hie Wol'k of tllC
students of these do
ean be seen. There is
clever work shown and
worth the time of any
call ami see Ihe exhibit,
n Windham, art Mi
ami ,Mis Marie Kauf
eiimans!ii instructor,
some eiy
it is well
pal ion o
Miss El!"
maun, p
arc in charge,
ilal ion i- i N
and a cordial in
nlefl Ihe public to
Burlington Depot Plans Over
hauled and It Is Said Work
Will Be Renewed.
From Saturday's Dally.
The work on the Burlington
depot in Ibis city, which has been
held up, pending the overhauling
of the plans by the officials, will
be resumed at once, the changes
thought necessary having been
made. In addition to the 24-foot
extension on the north of the
depot, ten feet more will bo ad
ded, making some thirty-four
feet in all that has been added.
The plans for the interior will bo
changed slightly in order to make
it more convenient for the em
ployes and the traveling public.
The passageway from the two
wailing rooms will be made on
the west side of lu building and
will be eight feet wide and afford
ample room to get in and out
when desiring to purchase a
ticket at the cashier's window.
The office room will be extended
(o the north to make up for tho
amount of space taken off for the
passageway. The waiting rooms
will be fitted up with settees for
Ihe use of the public, and by tho
placing of these much more seat
ing capacity can be realized than
was possible before. There will
be toilet rooms established in
each of the waiting rooms. The
building will be heated by a fur
nace, the room for it, having al
ready been prepared beneath
what will be the new baggage
In making these improvements
the company will also make sev
eral alleralion.s on the surround
ings of the depot, extending the
platform some 200 feel to the
north, which, of course, means
Ihe changing of many of the
switches and side-tracks in tho
north yards, and the walk to I ho
south will he run lo the south
side of the subway and along the
south side of thai place to the
freight, depot. It, is expected also
to secure more satisfactory serv
ice by placing ihe .main line
tracks about six feel, from where
Ihey now are, fills being made to
allow the changing of tho tracks.
This will give a much wider plat
form and make the conditions at
Ihe depot much more agreeable
to both those employed there and
Ihe traveling public.
From Saturday'! Dally.
Yesterday in celebration of the
close of the most successful
school year Ihe pupils of the
Beslor school district, west of
this city gave a most delightful
picnic at I lie grove near the
school house. Miss Nora Ballon
has taught there Ibis season most
successfully and she prepared a
program which was carried out in
splendid shape by Ihe pupils, fol
lowing the big picnic : dinner,
which was spread beneath the
shady Irces. Afler Ihe program
was given the jolly crowd enjoyed
themselves at various games un
til lime to journey homeward,
feeling thai, the past year at,
school had been one of great,
pleasure. There were about sixty
presenl lo lake pari in Ihe eii
joymeiil of the day. , ;
Entertained by Mrs. Gass.
From .Saturday's Dull v.
The Afternoon ISridgv Hub was
entertained yesterday by Mrs. A.
E. (lass in a irnl charming man
ner at her home in I he sout h part
of the city and Ihe la. lies spent,
se eral
The ho
lemplin inenl s,
conn. lei
hour niosl enjovably in
I his I'a-cinal ing game,
dess erved some very
-p and delicious refreh
vliich 'really aided in
the nl'ternonn's picture