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NO. 40.
Suspicions in That Direction Are
Quite Clear, Considering the
Surounding Circumstances.
From Tuesday's Pan.
What may develop into a case
of horse stealing was brought to
light yesterday afternoon, when
Miss Anna Kopia, who is teaching
at the school house near the
cemetery, telephoned in to the
sheriff's ollice that a carriage had
been left at the school house
some time Sunday or Saturday
night, and Deputy Sheriff Man
speaker at once hastened to the
scene of action and found the
buggy to be in excellent shape and
had evidently been used for ex
tensive traveling, as there were a
number of towels and cooking
utensils in it, as well as some
vegetables. 4
There was no trace of the
horses to bo found in the locality
where the vehicle was discovered
and the buggy was brought on to
this city, where a few hours later
word was brought by Lester Bur
rows that he had discovered
strange team near the home of
Henry Born, a few miles west of
this city on the Louisville road,
which had evidently come some
distanceand which had all the
signs of having broken loose
from where they had been tied, as
the reins were torn quite badly.
,The team was also brought in
to the city by Sheriff Quinton and
the different sections throughout
this part of the state will be
notified to try and locate the
place from which the team was
taken or strayed. The team i9 a
good one and consists of a black
horse and a" mare and are worth
quite a sum of money if the party
taking them had been able to dis
pose of them. The authorities
made a thorough search of the
country where the team and
buggy were found, but failed to
secure any clow as to where the
parties bringing I hem here had
disappeared to. All those who
were here yesterday were rounded
up by the officers, but they failed
to find any stranger who looked
like lie was involved in the affair.
The Riley Hotel. M
At last Plattsmouth is to have
a good, up-to-date hotel. The
Hotel Riley is a fine building, but
it lias been owned by outside
parties who never took any in
terest in the place or cared
whether the city had a first-class
hostlery or not. J. P. Falter, one
of the substantial men of Platts
mouth, recently purchased the
Riley, will have it put in lirst-
elass condition and will see that
it is run in first-class shape. Mr.
Falter is an enterprising citizen
and our neighboring city is to be A few days ago we had the op
congratulated that f this Splendid portunity of watching a bunch of
property has passed into his city jjUSjness men prepare for a
hands. Plattsmouth is enjoying ...
o o mm
Every Day We Form Some of the
Brightest Memory Pictures
of Boyhood Days.
The Young Friends of Miss Vir
ginia McDanlel Enjoy Pleas
ant Afternoon.
From Wednesday's Dally.
Yesterday afternoon Mrs. J. E.
It mi McDaniel entertained in a most
much prosperity these days and . .,.-',,... ww assumed charming manner at a 5 o'clock
this latest boost is sure., hailed lo '""company them, we assumed .,,, nt
I ,, . . i 01 i U'O JUi (I 11 mi unlit v uu uun va
with satisfaction by all her-.good ratner giau.y uie roie oi innocenu dauglll(M.( Mjss Virginia, in
people. Lincoln Herald.
bystander. I lunuir nf lhr iinrinnncpmi'ill (if lllu
The men were only going for a forthcoming marriage of her
day or two, but by the time they (laughter to Mr. John W. Allen of
were ready to start each one had Salina, Kansas, which is to occur
spent several dollars. Special ja this city Saturday, May 31,
suits, jointed rods, reels, bait, 191 3.:
Doxes, llies, sleeping cois aim pio- Th ,., 0r the McDaniel
visions enougn ior a smaii army lumit. VV(T0 tt coiat el in a most
had to be accumulated before the 1 1 tf,,i manner and the merrv
From Tuesday' Dally-
At a called meeting of the boys
of Plattsmouth, held at the Com
mercial club room last evening,
the preliminary arrangements
were made for the organization of
Troop No. 1, Boy Scouts of
America, under the certificate of
authority as scout master, issued
by the national council to Rev,
Allan G. Wilson as scout master
The general requirements of the
parly considered itself equipped.
At the outset we had regretted
our inability to accompany the
party, but, after a view of the ac
cumulated "impedimenta' we
party; of young ladies enjoyed
themselves in social conversation
and music until 0:30, when they
were invited to the dining room
by the hostess, and hero a scene
were glad to be counted out. And of preal ,ailly was presented, as
wiien we saw ineni come ijuck a
couple of days later, wit 11 six
small fish for (lie bunch and a
1 1 1 1 1 i i. : -
( ai'K nrown tusie ior eai u in
dividual, we were more than ever
satisfied to have stayed away.
For we could not but remember
organization were complied with . . . , n-hln' in'ns
and applications signed by a large L)a(.k (m Uie farni, forming some
numoer 01 me uos. xue io.iu- . .. ..:,,,, m,imm.v niehire
ing appointments were made by iu m.o1,.cUo18 of)Ul. boy
Ihe scout master: lwwi . .iva alli1inm ,ii,i vn
Assistant scout muster, . n. .tronm nf Mshina- when Ihe
Egenberger; .senior patro leader walher was IU for work hl the
and drill master, patrol No. 1, fl(ll(is lmt wnon a soakinK rain
Evan Noble; patrol leader No. 2 d lh(; flo(s lo(, to
and corporal, varies uovey, pa- cuI(ivate or a iweriiif? sky check
iroi leauer io. o anu curporui, . ,1QI,vnc. ,lP iinvino- it iii n
Harris Cook; assistant patrol r . f, mmnnn(a ,n ilim n
. if u ur ci...:ik. ""' " v.
leaoer :o. 1, naroiu w . smiuui,,
x. -1 y 1. if.111 . Xr . o
.o. rrariK luuuuews, no. 0,1.,. ..,,, ,, h- lln..i
.. , . . . ... i-.i 'v ...... v
uoneri reters; junior pit 1 01 ieuu- amJ ft nai f)(I ,inkor
er, uoneri nenry neroiu; scout rnneh, fis,, Tia,.,
adjutant, Ralph Marshall; scout , , ,,,., if ,,. ,.:,,.,
The team was identified this
morning as being the properly of
Bart Roberts, living five miles
east of Lincoln, and they were
stolen from the corner of Thir
teenth and N streets in that city
Saturday night about 9 o'clock, so
tho parties taking them did not
get a great ways with the team.
Deputy Sheriff Antells of Lan
caster county, accompanied by L.
L. Roberts, a brother of the man
losing the horses, came down this
morning and at once identified the
animals. The sheriff in his trip
over Ihe locality where the horses
were found learned of the pres
ence in that locality Sunday night,
of two strangers, who stopped
Fred Nolting while on his way
liomo on that evening and at
tempted to secure his money or
valuables, but fortunately he had
nothing on him and he was al
lowed lo go by the men, who were
later seen by John Weherbein
near his home, but there being
nothing suspicious about the fel
lows he did not report tho mat
tor. It is quite unlikely that they
an be found now, as they have
probably made their getaway on
the, train.
Suit Filed Today.
Frem Tuesday's Dally.
Buit was tiled today in the
county court by the Richardson
Soale Co. of Passaic, New Jersey,
against John Tighe of Manley, al
leging that the defendant entered
into an agreement to purchase a
special made scale of them, which
was to cost $250 on cars at Pas
saic, and the amount paid on
April 1, 1912. The company
claims it delivered Ihe scale on
December 10, 1913, at Manley and
it was refused by Mr. Tigho as not
satisfactory and the company now
wants to recover judgment for the
FOREST ROSE Tho best flour
en the market. Give it a trial.
Ihe decorations were very artistic
and elaborate and were a beauti
ful setting for the company of
charmingly gowned young ladies
The table was very handsome with
its while linen and sparkling
silver and cut glass and I lie cen
lerpiece of American Beauty
roses, surrounded by hearts and
cupids. The place cards were
cupids with the date May 31th on
them, and were very handsome as
well as unique. From the chan
deliver streamers of white satin
ribbon were draped to the four
corners 01 trie tame ami Hearts
were interspersed on the ribbon,
while' from "the chandelier was
uiiutiemleil I wo In rue henrls with
,uw iu'i" " " """' the iAilials "M" and "A" in an
nouncenient of Ihe approaching
happy event. Red candelabrum
with lighted candles cast a soft
glow over Ihe scene of beauty ami
made a very artistic touch to tho
decorations of the room
Mrs. McDaniel was assisted in
serving the live-course luncheon
bv Miss Nora Rosencrans. I ol-
come back with a good string in
the evening, we felt like agreeing
with father that Ihe day had been
We have seen the great ball
doctor, Dr. J. S. J.ivingston;
scout drumer, Juno Marshall;
cout bugler, George Dovey; local
advisory committee, A. L. Tidd,
Dr. J. S. Livingston, E. H. Wes-
cott. (.;. u. friCKe, vv. n. r.gen
berger, M. S. Briggs, Mrs. G. E
)ovey, Dr. C. A. Marshall, Thomas
Kennish, Allan G. Wilson
The movement is starting out
most promising, and before many
weeks the scouts will be able to
start in active work and it will
prove a pleasant as we
means of employing
ads during their summer vaca-
lii.i. qiiji 4 tin nrirfliw7!iHnti will fin
I .i innr in .nr. lull-tl . u ti I Mfll't
roll a great manv new members""""'.. ... . "Ul
vantages oi euucuieu msies unu
then in the same breath bemoan
Ihe high cost of living. Give us
the ability to educate men and
women back to where they can
again feel the keen joy they knew
In Honor of Miss Edwards.
From Vftdnesisy's Dally.
Mrs. C. S. Johnson very pleas
antly entertained a few school
mates and intimate friends last
Thursday afternoon, from to 8,
for her sister, Miss Bessie Ed
wards. The rooms of the John
son home were pre! lily decorated.
delicious luncheon was served
in picnic style in one of the
rooms, which had been decorated
in a manner which made the
guests feel that they were really
enjoying n meal out of doors. Mrs.
H. B. Holmes of South Omaha was
the only out-of-town guest.
A Kitchen Apron Shower.
From Wednesday's Daily.
Monday evening, May 19, Miss
Esther Larson entertained six
teen young ladies at a kitchen
apron shower at her homo on
West Marble street in honor of
Miss Bessie Edwards. The house
had been appropriately decorated
and hemming dust cloths and
other amusements planned by the
hostess furnished plenty of
amusement for the guests. Miss
Crete Briggs captured the prize
an apron in the hemming con-
est. A three-course luncheon
was served, after which Miss Ed
wards was showered with kitchen
0 DU 0
Receives Invitation to Be Present
at Graduating Exercises of the
School for the Blind.
Forger Cashes Two Checks Sup
posed to Have Been Drawn
by F. R. Gobelman.
parks in eastern cities where men ,m, ilII)rHeon the ladies
pay two, three and five dollars to
see a single game; we have sal, iu
a box that cost more than we dare
mention for each seat and listen
ed to the world's arlists in music
and drama. And we saw far less
ell as useful n'al anient there than at the fu ,,anniiuw
r the young mes between Squash Corners fri,MH, j ,1PP ne.
and Sylerville or the Friday night
literaries" at the country school
adjourned lo I lie parlors, where
the lime was most delightfully
pent, in music and dancing Ihe
Virginia peel until a late hour,
when the guests departed for
their homes, with the wish for the
ss and joy of their
new home.
From Wednesday's Dally.
On Monday afternoon the
in simple childhood pleasures and friends of Miss Thelma Hudson
we will slip the high cost of liv- decided lo join her in Ihe celebra-
inir a lo t that will make it take hi. m nf !u luelftli nnniversarv
Sunday will permit uie grounus 10 ,, c,nUt And then we will cot nmi immiier at ilu.m lrniliereil at.
dry Uie M. h. Nimn media win ne ((U. o)d Har0Wi i,aok off a crook- h,,.,- home in Ihe soulh nail of the
ed willow pole ami hope for an- cjy (0 take pail iu the enjoyment
other rainy day so we can go ,,f (he. afternoon. The young
From Tuesday's Dally.
If the weather between now and
seen here Sunday lo do battle
with the Boosters at their park.
The Smith team is anxious to
come here, as having a factory in
this city they are very much de
sirious of paying us a visit and
will lake the opportunity to come
down Sunday. The loam is one
of tho best of the younger learns
iu Omaha and has been giving a
irood record of themselves that
ought to make them a good draw.
ing card for the people here.
fish in1 again.
folks, after extending their con
graduations to the ilttle lady,
proceeded to enjoy themselves in
games and social conversation
until Mrs. O. C. Hudson invited
Ihein to partake of a most dainty
and templing luncheon, which
filled out a day of great pleasure
lo all. and it was with regret that
"-.rrn-nnh a,.,,,,,, they departed for their home,
wife and little son departed fowishing Miss Thelma many happy
m.;,.n,. ...i n. ... nrt,i mruiuuys m uiv uiuiif. ahu
lf!ll ll
.oll.n f fn Altmnn Tl,n nnu o Vm IllTillO LutZ, MalllO LCC COpen
was a very severe shock to the havor' Klizaboth Wynn and the
AII.,o r.. a M,n.u, mAn K'H-.M ui IIUI1UI. Ain.iiiia IIUU.iuu,
in niuii laiuin, un iuvik iiuu uuuu ,
no intimation of Ihe illness of tho
a message announcing the 'or a'.o'.n wj:
Uh of Alfred Wuensche, a Misses Una lay and Lva t.ook,
gentleman and Ihe message did
mi. .1 i l i
Hibv Wluw- uU.uv ml I... limb c '"any niemis oi uie
possession this morning. Mr.
Matters In the County Court.
From Wedneiday'a Dallv.
In county court today petition
was filed asking for a settlement
of the estate of Mrs. Eliza Sexton,
deceased, who passed away at her
Krom Tuesday' Daily
Ynef ei' I lie ilenl u :w Closed
whereliv It s. Kin-er nf Oninha I not siaie uie cause oi ins ueuui
Veco-nes the owner of the Hotel Meynl that it had been quite sud-
ltnian family in this city will
I 1 I ll. . ' II 1 I ' ,f ' "
Kinser is a genUcuittn who 1M . r r. ii sj.i.puu.y i hnn,p in IlillCflln a f(.w months
had some thirly-llve e.ars' ex- u,,m 1,1 ,m ir ,l,1,!',M in,Hl' nun. and who was the owner of
perience in the barber biuiuc? lot. 9, in block 40, in this cily. The
in the larger cities and will spare For 5ale conlested will case of Mrs. Delia
no expense to give his patrons the I havo a two-cylinder Reo auto, Schwab, which was set for hear
best service that it is possible to in good shape, I hat I will trade ing t his morning was by consent
give. He is a very clover gentle- for Independent Harvester stock, of the parties to the contest con
man and it. does one good to meet Stock must bo paid for. If inter- tinned for thirty days
him. Mr. Weideberg will return ested, wrilo mo at 914 Jones
to Omaha, where his family re- street, Omahar Neu. MUIIESCO. Frank Gobelman's
sides. Oscar Gorman. Paint. Store
From Wednesday's Dally.
The Journal has just received
from Superintendent N. C. Abbott
of the School for the Bilnd at Ne
braska City an invitation to be
present at the graduating ex
ercises to be held in the institu
tional hall Juno 5, 8, 9 and 10.
The program contains some
splendid numbers and among tho
list of those graduating from the
institution appears the name of
Miss Elizabeth Leonard, a grand
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V. V.
.euiiard of this city, who has been
i student at this school for sev-
ral years. Miss Leonard appears
i i i ? . .
m a nuiniier oi vocai selections
in I ho grand concei t given on
Monday evening, June 9, as well
as the graduating exercises on
I'uesdav evening, Juno 10, when
he is to give the class poem,
"Upward and Onward." Miss
Leonard possesses a beautiful
voice and her musical numbers
are very difficult ones, ami while
denied Ihe sight so precious, she
has been gifted more than usual
bv a voice that is one of the most
pleasing that it is possible lo
Hon. 1). O. Dwyer, who is Ihe
11 . ail I -1
vice nresiileni oi me noaru oi
trustees of Hie institution, name
appears with the other olllcers on
the program. The class sermon
is to be delivered by Hight Ilov.
Arthur Williams of Omaha, and
the address at the commencement
bv A. L. Bixby of Lincoln.
From Wednesday's Dally.
A very smooth case of forgery
has been brought to light in the
city and the perpetrator, John
Burns, a painter, who has been
employed here for the past two
week8 by Frank Gobennan, has
apparently made n successful get
away. Saturday afternoon Mr. Gobel
man paid the man off, giving him
a check for $19.65, payable at the
Plattsmouth State bank, and the
man at onco proceeded to inako
two forged checks from this and
successfully passed them. Ho
cashed the original good check
at the Pekins House, where he
was boarding, and after supper
went to the saloon of Edward
Donal, iu company with his part
ner, another painter, and calling
for drinks tendered the forged
check, which was cashed by Mr.
Donat, and Ihe change turned
over to the man, who shortly af
terwards called at the saloon
managed by William Binrichsen,
where the same dodge was suc
cessfully worked and the second
forged chock accepted and the
difference in money paid over to
Burns. The forgery was not dis
covered until the checks were pre
sented for payment, when the fact
that they were rank forgeries was
brought out and Ihe matter taken
up with the county attorney and
a warrant issued for tho man.
Tho work of Burns was very
smooth, as had any question come
up as lo whether the chock was
all right ho could have had them
call up Mr. Gobelman, who had
given him a chock for this
amount on that evening, and no
one would have known until it
was presented at tho bank Ihat it
was not, genuine. Burns and his
'partner, who had been here with
him, had all day Sunday and Mon
days to make their getaway ami
are by this time probably a long
ways from Plattsmouth, as they
realized quite a Utile sum from
the forged checks, which would
lake them several hundred miles
from here, w here I hoy will prob
ably try the same scheme again,
if not. apprehended by tho author
ities before they have a chance lo
get busy. There may be other
parties here who were worked on
the same scheme, but they have
not been brought to light as yet.
From Wednesday's Dally.
Last evening at t o'clock, in
Omaha, occurred tho wedding of
Miss Beatrice Basse, a former
Plattsmouth girl, and Loren G.
Dirdzell of Chicago. Tho news of
Ihe wedding was a complete sur
prise to even the most intimate
friends of the young lady in
Omaha, as no intimation of the
event had been given until a few
hours before Ihe ceremony. Miss
Basse was born and reared in this
city ami attended the schools
here until, with her mother, Mrs.
Lillian K. Basse, she removed to
Lincoln, where they resided until
the death of the mother, a few
years ago, when Miss Basso
entered the Clarkson hospital in
Omaha as a trained nurse. Her
old friends and acquaintances will
extend the newly wedded couple
their most sincere wishes for a
long and happy married life.
l'loiii WedneHdny'a Dally.
Yesterday afternoon William
Kelly, who was employed on
Ihe city work for some lime, was
hauled in by the police force for
being in a stale of intoxication
and was placed in the city prison
until this morning, when he was
brought before his honor, Judge
Archer, who administered the
usual fine of $2 ami costs against
him. This is the second time in
the last few days that this gentle
man has been in the limelight of
the police court and ho evidently
likes tho accommodations fur
nished at the county baslile. The
last few days the police have had
their hands full looking after the
numerous floating population
which has for the last few weeks
been here engaged in work at the
rifle range and other jobs around
Ihe city, and several of them have
indulged too freely of the flowing
bowl, with the result that they
have been keeping Ihe police on
the go.
LOST A small brown Cocker
spaniel, answers lo name of
"Brownie." Last seen following
farm wagon out of town. Parties
knowing whereabouts please
notify Journal office.
A Want Ad In the Journal will
bring what you want