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The REXALLtStore
We do not wish to tread upon
the toes of anyone in a manner
that will make a tore spot, but
we beg leave to say that from a
moral standpoint this town needs
fixing in certain respects. It is
a well known fact that at almost
any hour of the day and evening
there is vulgar an i profane lan
guage used on the street, making
it very embarrassing at times for
those who do not indulge in that
kind of talk, and especially for
ladies and children. It ought to
be stopped. Perhaps some of
those who thus-offend do not do
so intentionally or maliciously,
while there are some w ho care lit
tle what kind of language they
use or who hears it. The man
(or boy) who has a wife, daugh
ter or sister, would no doubt re
sent any profane or vulgar lan
guage if uttered in their presence
or hearing, and they should show
the same respect for others that
they would have others show their
relatives. By all means, let this
habit of using vile language in
public be stopped, voluntarily if
possible, by the aid of the law if
The editor of this paper has
been requested more than once to
"roast" a few offenders, but that
is not our specially. When we
think a little "roasting" is re
quired we will attend to it and
take the responsibility, and those
who want it done for their own
satisfaction must do the same
write their "roasts," sign their
names, back it up. We stand
ooop to ByMf
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Cedar Creek Lumber Company
ready to do our share in the way
of making (he streets of Union a
place where respectable people
can pass along without being in
sulted by foul language and
drunks, but we are not ready to
make it a personal fight while
others choose to lot it go on with
out their opposition, if not with
their implied approval. When
the village officials and other cit
izens say "come on" instead of
"go ahead" they will show that
they are willing- to help with the
reform instead of waiting for
someone else to lead the cam
paign for a decent and respect
able town. Union Ledger.
This morning the sherilT made
a visit to the Burlington depot
and inquired the whereabouts of
a certain lady who has been mak
ing her home here for the past
few weeks, and llnding her there,
informed her that it would be best
for her to remove from the city.
The story, as much as can be
learned, is that the lady had some
differences with her husband
about a year ago and separated,
but a few weeks ago the husband
came to her and agreed to take
her with hini to this city if she
would promise to try and remedy
her ways. The couple came here
and all went well until a few days
ago, when the woman began to
resume her actions that had
caused the disagreement between
herself and husband, and they
linally become so llagrant that
the authorities were notified and
the woman in formed, to leave the
city at once.
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bp in a position to give yots the personal
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Employes of Shops To Have Lec
ture That Will Prove of Bene
fit to Every One of Them.
Frank B. Thomas, who- for
years was connected with the Bur
lington headquarters in Omaha,
but who has lately removed to
Chicago and is llllinfi: the position
of safely lecturer for the entire
system, will be here tomorrow
with his safety lecture car, which
will be run up into the shop yards
and lectures on the preventing of
accidents given each day until the
entire force of employes are able
to hear them. The lectures will
be given at 12:15, 4:15 and 5
o'clock in order that the men em
ployed in the shops can have an
opportunity to attend.
Mr. Thomas is not only deliver
ing lectures, but in connection
with his talks he is showing
stereopticon pictures, each one of
which is an object lesson, por
traying the correct, instead of the
wrong way of doing tasks requir
ed of active railroad men in the
yards, on the train, in the shops
and around the freight houses.
For more than one and one-half
years he has been doing this line
of work and has come to be re
garded one of the best safety lec
turers in the country.
A little more than two years
ago Mr. Thomas went into the
safely lecture business for the
Burlington and since then he has
lalked to its tens of thousands of
employes at terminals, division
points and in the larger cities
along the line.
The Burlington was one of the
llrst of the railroads to take up
the "Safety First" slogan, which
has since been adopted by more
than half of 1 lie roads of the
United States.
When Mr. Thomas llrst started
in the work, his lectures were
given in halls and opera houses
in the towns along the lines, but
to him it soon became apparent
that this was not the right way to
reach the employes. His lectures
and his pictures always drew
crowds, but railroad employes
were largely in the minority. He
discovered that it was too much
of a task for (he men to dress up
and go down lown to listen to a
lecture after having finished
day's hard work, lie called the
attention of the ofllicals )o (he
matter and was told lo work out
a scheme that would meet with
his own approval, lie suggested
the lecture car idea and was fold
lo go ahead and work out his
plans, Given a free hand, he se
cured a large size passenger
coach and converted it into a lec
turn hall, capable of seating fifty
persons. Since that lime this
coach has been the business place
of Mr. Thomas and practically his
home when out on the lines.
When Plattsmouth Citizens Show
a Way.
There can he no reason why
any reader of this who suffers
the tortures of an aching hack,
the annoyance of urinary dis
orders, the pains and dangers of
kidney ills will fail to heed the
words of a neighbor who has
found relief. Head what a Plaits
mouth citizen says:
Charles L. Hates, farmer, Ninth
and Walnut streets, Plattsmouth
Neb., says: "Kidney complaint
seemed to como upon me all of a
sudden. I attribute it to a heavy
cold, which selttled on my kid
neys and made them weak, caus
ing the kidney secretions to pass
too frequently. I often had pains
across the small of my back
When I stooped, sharp twinges
darted through me. I felt languid
and had little ambition. When
someone advised me to try Doan's
Kidney Pills, I got a supply from
Rynott's Drug Store. They soon
benefited me and two boxes made
a permanent cure. I can cer
tainly recommend this remedy to
anyone who has kidney com
For sale by all dealers. Price
50 cents. Foster-Milburn Co.,
Buffalo, New York, sole agents for
Urn United States.
Remember I ho, name Doan's
and lake no other.
Remember the Regalia Habana
Cigar. Always the best. Robert
Richter, manufacturer.
4 New ' J.
Carl Stone dragged a couple of
miles of road in and out of town
Bert Tucker and family have
moved into town and are occupy
ing the Ingwerson house on
Main street.
Nick Opp returned Saturday
from Lincoln, where he has been
taking treatment for several
weeks for rheumatism. He is
much improved in health.
A stranger seeing the west
end kids altogether would be par
doned for the belief that the
mothers might have trouble in
unscrambling them at bed time
and lucking out the right ones.
The Applegate-llngho people
galloped around town for a couple
of hours Monday morning before
they could llnd accommodations
in private families for their three
lays' stay here. No, we do not
need a hotel.
There will be no High school
graduating exercises here this
year because or the addition of
the twelfth grade next year. The
closing exercises will occur on
Friday evening, May 23, at the
High school assembly room.
George Mark lost a couple of
hogs Monday that will set hi a
tank roll back about $50. lie was
hauling them to town and they
piled up in the wagon, got too hot
and died for George just before he
got, them on the scales.
Charley Chriswissor had a run
away last week with a team he
had borrowed from Scott Norris
that might have set Charley back
considerably. As it was one of the
horses had a leg injured and the
wagon was busted up somewhat.
The boosters from Nehawkn
who went to Hastings Monday in
the interests of F. P. Sheldon's
candidacy for treasurer of the A.
0. U. W., came home yesterday
morning on their shields. K. 1,.
Dodder, an Omaha man, won in
the convention with ;ili votes.
Sheldon had 107 and one other
candidate had 79. The boys say
they had a. good lime and done
their "dermlest." .
?a4aJaa)h oa)n a.?ntn
'(trace Hoover, who has been ill
with the measjes at the home of
her uncle, Henry Schoeman, is
William Thomas has been hav
ing a week's vacation on account
of his school being closed because
of sickness among the patrons.
Mrs. C. -',. Wood and little
daughter, lluth, went to Brown
ville Tuesday to attend the wed
ding of Mrs. Wood's sister.
Andrew Slohlmau and sun, F.d-
ward, were at, Omaha Saturday,
and w hen I hey returned Kildio was
the proud possessor of a bicyclt
J. M. Jackman went lo Hastings
as a delegate from the local
Workman lodge to I he grand
lodge, which convened in lliat city
this week.
Mr. and Mrs. August Slohlmau
entertained a number of their
friends Sunday evening, who came
in to congratulate them on the
arrival of a son.
Dr. Rhine of York died very
unexpectedly Monday night, lie
was a brother-in-law of J. M.
Jac kin m n and has ofeu visited in
Louisville. He leaves a wife and
a grown son.
W. P. Barton of Minneapolis,
Minn., stopped off here Thursday
night for a short visit with his
niece, Mrs. K. II. Wort hniaii. It
was his llrst visit, to Louisville
since during the Omaha ex
position, and be was surprised at
Hie improvements made in the
low n since his last visit.
Born To Mr. and Mrs. George
Thompson, Monday, May 12, a
boy. Also to Mr. and Mrs. John
Schlater, Monday, May 12, a boy.
Also to Mr. and Mrs. J. Stivers of
Cedar Creek, May 8, a girl. A girl
was also born to Mr. and Mrs.
.If dm Gakemeier, Saturday, May
j Beacon.
A. II. Vanlandingham and Floyd
Dysart accompanied carloads of
hogs lo I he South Omaha market
Mrs. II. L. Swanson of Wyom
ing, Neb., visited over Sunday with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
We understand that J. G. John
son ami family expect to move to
Lewislon, Mont., in the very near
Mrs. A. II. Vanlandingham went
lo Plattsmouth Thursday to visit
Ladies go to
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short stems beauties at
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Ladies', and Children's Hose, Stationary,
Candy and many other useful articles
a few days with her daughter,
Mrs. Kugcno Setz.
Miss Pearl Botts returned to
Peru Sunday to resume her school
work at the state normal, after a
week's absence on account of
Clara Crabtree returned from
Wisner, Neb., the latter part of
last, week, where she has been
visiting her sister, who is attend
ing school at that place.
The services of a trained nurse
were secured the fore part of the
week to take care of Mrs. J. C.
Hen., whose condition is quite
serious at this writing.
Work is progressing nicely on
the electric light plant. Mr.
Trunkenbolz has put, a big force
to work and is rushing things
rinht along. An electrician has
been secured from Lincoln, and
with the assistance of W. L. llob
son. has already wired several
blocks. At present they are wir
ing I he opera house.
JJJJa) JJaJaJajaa) a Ji ta!
4 Ledger.
Dr. D. F. Huston and wife re
turned Monday from a visit with
relatives in Omaha.
John 11. Nichols was down from
Omaha last, Sunday to spend I he
day with friends. ,
Miss Klla DuBois and Miss
Mertha Pixlon were down from
Omaha Sunday to spend the day
with relatives and friends.
Cashier J. M. Patterson went to
Plaltsinoulli on the Tuesday aft
ernoon train, returning later in
the evening with his automobile,
which had been laid up for re
pairs. Mose McCarroll's new residence
in the central part of town will
soon be completed, and in a short
time he and bis family will be
"at homo" in one of the most
pleasant locations.
Mrs. Mary A. Taylor contem
plates becoming- a resilient of this
village in the near future, and
will have a nice home built on her
lots in the central part of town.
Other improvements are lalked
of, but are not yet, definitely de
cided upon.
James Lai I a of Logan, Iow a,
was here Monday am) spent the
day with his old soldier friend,
Frank (i. Kendall, their llrst
meeting in forty years, and Ibis
reporter had the laugh on "Uncle
Frank" when be helped Mr. Latin
play the role of peddler ill Mi
Kendall's expense when they met. . " wio.i wun worsnippers ycsier
Mr. Latin was a resident, of this ' 'a l memorial F.uchrist in
countv- a number of years ago, j ''""ry f Uo late Walter J.
running a mill near Rock Bluffs While. The altar was decorated
about the year 18(.
The new brick school building
on the hill will he rushed lo a
finish as rapidly as good workmen
can do it. Messrs. Burr and
Roach are intending to put on
oilier masons lo help them along
with the work. The foundations
are all laid and material on the
ground, so that, there will be no
delay when the workmen get at it.
We have not the data for a full
description of I he new building,
but it will be on modern plans,
and when completed and fur
nished will cost near .$14,000.
Republican. I
H!H .J14
Dr. Welch reports the birth of
a 9-pound girl at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. W. M. Wilson at Wabash
on May 11. 1913.
Mrs. Mary Pool was called to
Lincoln Wednesday evening on
account of the illness of her son,
Prof. R. J. Pool.
Riley Rector went to Kansas
City today to see his son, Frank,
of Woodslon, Kansas, who is in a
hospital there undergoing an
operation for a rupture.
Mr. and Mrs. Torrence Flem
ing went to Lincoln Monday
morning, where Mrs. Fleming will
take treatment at the sanitarium
for rheumatism.
1. N. Clark, former superintend
ent of schools at this place, has
been elected to a position on the
summer school faculty at Peru
Normal for this summer. He will
teach mat hematics.
Mrs. Harry Meyers, who lives
northeast of town, stepped on a
nail Monday. The foot has been
giving her a lot, of pain and Wed
nesday Mr. and Mrs. Meyers came
in lo have the doctor treat the
At n meeting of the city council
May 5, the matter of dog tax was
brought up and the city marshal
instructed to, collect the tax ac
cording to slalute and city ordin
ance, which permits only one dog
lo be owned by an individual or
Miss Fdith Abel, who formerly
lived west of town with her par
ents, visited her friend, Mrs. Jas.
Johnson, the llrst of the week.
She has been at lending school in
Chicago and stopped oil' to visit
old-time friends, as she is fin her
way lo her homo at, Sheridan,
Sam Baker, the 1 (l-year-old son
of Mr. and Mrs. Byron Baker, liv
ing just, south of town, met with
a painful accident Wednesday aft
ernoon while working with a buzz
saw in his father's carpenter
shop. In some way he pot his
hand into the saw and had bis
thumb mnngled so that it bad to
be amputated by Dr. Welch, who
llxi'd if up so as to save as much
of the member as possible. It is
an unfortunate injury, but Sam
should feel thankful that it was
not his whole hand.
St. Luke's parish church was
with white carnations and the.
parish priest, used ( Redhead's
mass in "F," assisted by St.v,i
Luke's' choir under the direction'
of Prof. Austin. The Masonic- '1'
lodge, in full regalia, ' occupied'"1'
seals on I he north side of the
church and the mayor and city
council of i'lattsmouth on the
south side. Promptly at 11 o'clock ,
Ihe vested choir entered the
church singing, "The Son of God
floes Forth to War." The beauti
ful anthem, "The Lord Is My
Light," by Henry Hiles, followed.
At the conclusion of the pro
nnaphra the choir sang "Clod Is
My Defense." The rector preach
ed an eloquent sermon upon the
value of an earnest Christian lift
to the community, taking as n text
SI. Paul's words, "For I am per
suaded that neither death nor life
nor things present nor things to
come shall be able to separate me
from the love of Cod, which is in
Christ Jesus, our Lord."