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Pastor Russell Says Satan Is
Father of Lies.
The Fint Lie Where It Wat Told.
Why It Was Told To Whom It Wa
Told Its Raault Ita Repetition Tha
Disastroua Reiulta to Humanity All
Manner of Crimea Are Ita Fruitage.
The Only Remedy Why? When?
Harrlsburg, Pn.,
May 18. Pastor
Russell's address
today on Satan's
great Ho was a re
markablo one in
several ways. lie
really told bis au
dience that they
had all been be
lieving Satan's lie.
And lie really told
spirit mediums
that they were the
mediums, not be
tween dead and living humans, but
between humans and demons the fall
en angels. And yet tho Pastor snld
all this In such a kindly,' sympathetic
manner that surely none could take of
fense. Evidently no offense was In
tended, but merely the presentation of
what the spenker assuredly believes to
be the teaching of the IUble.
He opened bis address by noting the
fact that the common conception re
specting Satan's appearance and where
abouts is wholly false, built not upon
7- - v8Kv -y
i. i TY. i !
A . I -i
der his jmnd. he would demonstrate
this and put the Alr.ilghty to the blush.
When man was created, Satan's op
portunity for exiTclsing bis ambition
seemed to have mine. Man possessed
a power which the angels had nut. lie
could propagate his own kind, and was
commissioned to till the earth with a
population and to bring it to LMenic
perfection. Satan saw his chance. Py
capturing the first pair and making
them his subjects and alienating them
from the Almighty, he would capture
a race, and eventually be the spiritual
prince, or ruler, of this world. It was
to carry out this program that he de
ceived our first parents and started his
great He.
Satan'a Plana Changed.
When Satan perceived that his sub
jects were perishing ami becoming Im
becile, mentally and physically, he
thought to circumvent the Divine pen
alty by introducing fresh vigor, life,
Into the human family. This be did
by seducing some of the angels. Orig
inally angels apparently bad the pow
er of materialization of taking human
form or any other form that they
might choose. Satan's program de
flected some of these from their loyalty
to God and to their nature, and induc
ed them to materialize and live as hu
man beings and rear human families,
by taking human wives.
The Fastor pointed out the Scripture
which described this deflection of the
angels. This. lie said, must have pro
gressed for centuries, according to the
Bible account The angelic "sons of
God saw tho daughters of men that
they were fair, and they took unto
thomselves wives of all that they
chose." There were born unto them
children, "men of renown," intellec
tually, and giants physically. Tho vi
rility of the angels grafted uon the
human stock, produced a race in some
respects superior, but In others very
Inferior." Begotten and born In oppo
sition to the Divine will and In a re
bellions attitude of heart, these giants
were brutish, devilish.
Soon tho earth was filled with vio
lence. Tho I ui paired race of Adam,
enslaved mentally and physically
the Bible but upon human tradition. ; wm, (,lv M doIllonlzeJ !h0 So
human Imagination, handed down fnp na Ml mM nn,v Xnnll ,,
from a darker day. Tho Pastor be
lieves in n real, personal Satan, and
believes him to bo Beelzebub, tho
prlnco of demons. In other words, be
believes tho Bible to teach that Satan
is an angel of higher rank than or
dinary angels and possessed of su
perior powers. Hence ho outranks
those who are with him, and perforco
Is their leader, or prlnco.
That Satan Is not in some far-off
place with his fallen angels, torturing
millions of the human family in fur
naces, tho Tastor made very clear. Ho
showed that nothing of tho kind is
taught in the Scriptures. On the con
trary, they teach that Satan and bis
host, since tho Deluge, are under re
straint, confined to Tartarus, our
earth's atmosphere. They cannot wan
der around tho universe, as before.
Satan is very literally, therefore, "tho
prince of the ower of tho air," and
Ills associate demons nro members of
this aerial, or spirit power, malevolent
as respects everything that Is of God
and righteousness, and especially the
foes, therefore, of such of humanity as
renounco tho works of tho flesh and
the Devil, and seek to walk In tho
footsteps of Jesus.
Tha Lie and Where Told.
' The lie was told in Eden. Tho ser
pent was used as Satan's tool. Satan
liiinself was originally tho only rebel.
Ills associates, the fallen angels, were
not with bin) In bis rebellion until
nonie tlmo afterw ard. The Pastor would
Hot say that the serpent could not
speak under a satanlc impulse or ob
session or hypnosis, but he Inclined
to believe that the serpent spoke by
Its actions. He quoted the proverb
which declares that "Actions speak
louder than words." Ho thought that
this was probably tho way In which
tho serpent spoke to Mother Eve.
God had forbidden our first parents
to eat of n certain kind of fruit In the
Garden, without telling them why. It
was simply a test of their obedience,
their loyalty to lllm. Ho told them
that disobedience, disloyalty, in this
matter would result in their death.
He snld nothing about eternal torment.
The wilful sinner, according to tho
Bible, is to die. to perish as a natural
brute beast. God's favors are for only
those who will abide in His Love.
"Tho wages of sin Is death; but tho
gift of God is everlasting life, through
Jesus Christ our Lord."
The serpent, by eating of tho forbid
den fruit without dying, but on the con
trary being the wisest of all the beasts,
seemed to give the lie to God's word.
Through tho serpent Satan declared to
the woman, "Ye shall not surely die."
Through the serpent, Satan also told
Mother Eve that God evidently wan
vrylng to keep hersolf and her husband
In Ignorance, blindness, darkness; and
that It was time for them to awake, to
assert their rights, and to make tho
best of themselves, by eating of the
forbidden fruit. Father . Adam knew
better, but when be found that his dear
wife had eaten and thus bad come un
der the sentence, or curse, of death, ho
was so discouraged that he determined
to die with his wife, loving her ao much
that be would rather die with her than
live without her.
Satan's object In telling this lie, in
deceiving our first parents, was made
very clear by tho Pastor. From other
Scriptures ho pointed out that Satan
for some time had been saying In his
heart that he would like to have and to
exercise still higher powers than those
which he possessed. lie would like to
be "ns the Most High." He would be
a sovereign, who might work out his
own plans. He had no thought of sup
planting the Almighty, but had tho
pride to suppose that he could manage
tho universe better than God could
find Hint if be bad a small section un-
his family, were of pure Adamlc stock
and loyal to God. Then tho time enmo
for the Deluge, which God had fore
known, and had withheld until this
time. In It God swept nwny both the
progeny of the angels and tho impaired
Adamlc stock. None of those who re
ceived their life principle from the an
gels were of Adamlc stock. None of
them, therefore, have any share In the
redemptive work of Jesus, and hence
none of them will have any part In the
resurrection and restitution, which
God hns promised shall bo accomplish
ed by tho glorious Messiah during the
thousand years of Ills Messianic King
dom. They merely perished were
blotted out in the Deluge ns natural
brute beasts, as St. Peter declares of
all wilful sinners of Adam's race. 2
Peter 2:12.
Satan, Thwarted, Triea Again.
"The nngels which kept not their
first estate" who followed the leader
ship of Satan were cast to Tartarus
our earth's atmosphere and there are
restrained for a tlmo that they may
not roam throughout the universe.
(Judo G.) They are restrained also for
n time from materializing in human
form Satan likewise. Thus Satan's
plan for empire failed. But still rebel
lious in spirit, he took up a new line of
battle against God. He would bo con
tent to use humanity as his tools, even
though they were imperfect nnd dying.
They should bo his slaves, nnd ho
would embitter them against God, and
defeat God's plans on behalf of hu
Satan realized that the secret of his
power with mankind must Ho in Ills
deception of them. If men knew that
they were being led captive Into sin at
the will m Satan and bis fallen hosts.
they would rebel against him. In or
der to hold humanity ns far as possible
his slaves, he realized that ho must se
duce them by fostering ignorance and
superstltitru. lie must alienate them
from God. Therefore he caused them
to think of God as n terrlblo being, un
worthy of their love and confidence,
one whom they might fear, but could
not worship in spirit and in truth. As
a basis for this great scheme of human
etistinreinent and obsession, Satan used
his original He. For now four thou
sand years he has sought by every
means in his power to Instil that He
Into tho minds of all humanity In ev
ery laud. lie has his demon host to co
operate with him In making light ap
pear darkness, and darkness appear
light, to deceive mankind.
How wonderfully bo hns succeeded
tho wholo world Is witness today. Not
withstanding the fact that man's five
senses tell him that the dead are dead,
the masses bollove to the contrary
that the dead are more alive than be
fore thoy died. Notwithstanding the
and yet there were sme there, and in
fluenced such us were not fully in har
mony with God. King Saul, we re
member, sought the witch of Eudor.
The demons made certain things ap
pear on the retina of the witch's eye
She described what she saw to King
Saul. He recognized it as a descrip
tion of the Prophet Samuel. The witch
also communicated to Saul what pur
ported to be the word of Samuel, and
what was really the word of demons.
-1 Chronicles 10:13.
Satan's He Is still potent in the world,
hindering millions from the kuow ledge
of God nnd the appreciation of His
Word. Frequently the spirits get such
control of the minds and bodies of
those who yield their wills, that they
not only suffer obsession, but some
times become absolutely possessed by
these demons. Under such circum
stances, they are generally considered
to bo Insane, although doctors know
that many of these have no mental dis
ease, but are controlled by outsldo In
fluence. Tho Pastor urged all to accept the
testimony of God's Word that death
Is the penalty for sin; that the death
of Jesus is the Itedemption-prlce from
the curse of death, and that the resur
rection of the dead, the raising up
again to perfection of life, is the salva
tion of the Bible. Not only would this
help us to come nearer to God, through
a better understanding of the Bible,
but It would help to free us from the
various snares of the Adversary.
Furthermore, he found In the Bible
intimations that in the very near fu
ture these evil spirits would be per
mitted to break over their restraints,
and that nil not properly fortified by
tho truth on the subject would be lia
ble to bo specially ensnared by Satan's
lie. He would not prophesy what
this trouble would be, nor just bow It
would come, but he did forewarn his
hearers. lie urged all to como out
from the influence of Satan and his
slanders of the Almighty and his mis
representations of facts, and to enlist
under the banner of Jesus as servants
of truth and righteousness.
Satan the Father of Lies.
Jesus declared Satan to be the Father
of lies. This corroborates the thought
that never until Satan started the
course of sin was there any need for
lies. All of God's dealing with the
angels and their dealings with each
other have been along the lines of sim
plicity, truth, purity, holiness. The
llrst use for a lie was when Satan de
termined to exalt himself as the god
of earth. It was to nlle e our first
parents from the Almighty that Satan
lied to them, assuring them that dis
obedience to God would not bring the
denth penalty that God had declared.
Ever since then, sin, abounding, hns
given temptation to misrepresentations,
bearing false witness, etc.
Selfishness was the foundation for
the first He. And selfishness continues
to invite falsehood, even amongst those
who see clearly how despicable false
hood is. And each falsehood seems to
call for another to help Justify It. nnd
to cover up the selfishness which
prompted It. No wonder tho Apostle
urges those who become Christians to
put nway lying, saying, "Lie not one
to another." As Satan stands ns tho
Father of Iks, so God. on the contrary,
stands ns the Father of Truth.
Our Lord not only snld that Satan Is
tho Father of lies, but Intimated that
tho lying spirit Is of Satan, saying to
some of those who opposed the Truth,
Ye are of your father, the Devil, If
his works ye do. "He was a murderer
from the beginning nnd abode not in
the Truth." (John 8:44.) On the con
trary, God, the Father of Lights and
the Father of the Truth, is the person
ification of Light, Truth, even us Satan
personifies darkness, error, falsehood.
The Children of the Light.
Tho conflict between light nnd dark
ness, truth nnd error, has progressed
for more than six thousand years.
God's Word is always the Truth. Jesus
Held at Seward on Three Sep
arate Counts.
Patrick Quinlan, I. W. W.
Leader, Addresses Great
Crowd After His Trial.
Former Inmate of Soldiers' Home
Waived Preliminary Examination
and Was Bound Over to District
Court Is Held in Jail.
Seward, Neb., May 19. Waiving
bis preliminary examination, George
Leonard, a member of former Govern
or Sheldon's company la the Spanish
American war and until a few days
ago an Inmate of the Milford soldiers
home, has been bound over to the dis
trict court on the charge of killing
Ja.mes Armehl, another Inmate of the
The crime occurred on April 13, at a
time when most of the inmates of the
home were attending the funeral of
one of their comrades. Armehl, who
was a devoted fisherman and who rare
ly went on the river without taking
along a jug or bottle of whisky, at that
time was sitting in his boat near the
junction of Coon freek and the Blue
river. During the day and previous to
the killing, he had been observed by a
farmer named Schweitzer to take sev
eral drinks from what appeared to be
a whisky flask, which he took from a
peculiarly constructed locker in one
end of his boat.
First knowledge of the death of
"Uncle Jimmy," as Armehl was called
at the home, came when Fred Heyen
and Charles Corneau saw Leonard
pulling Armehl's body out of the
water. To Conunu the Spanish-American
war veteran told the story that
he had come down to the bank and
had seen Jimmy's hat floating around
on top of the water and that he had
thereupon started an examination,
which led to the discovery of his body
In an almost erect position just under
the hat. He ventured the further in
formation that likely Armehl had been
slugged anil robbed. He declared that
he had taken n boat to go out and get
Arniehl'p body and that he bad consid
erable trouble in hauling it to shore.
Uiter, when a crowd began to gather
around 'he pleace, Leonard was seen
by Mrs. Rowden, wife of Commandant
Dave Rowden of the home, to slip
something under his cap. At the same
time Ur. Wirtmnn of the home dis
covered that the boat which Ieonard
said hp had used was not water
marked and that Ieonard's sleeves
were entirely dry, indicating that If
he had had a tussle getting Armehl's
body out ol the stream he did not get
very wet in the effort.
Sheriff Gillan, who was summoned
to the home a short time afterwards.
found a $10 bill In Leonard's cap.
While this discovery led to the belief
that I'ona-d had taken this money
from Jimmy's body, It was not the
only evidence that pointed to guilt.
There are other things which County
Attorney Vail is keeping to himself
Just now, but which it is expected will
be brought to light when the trial is
held. At the time I'onard offered to
give Sheriff Gillan the wet $10 which
he found upon him and another one of
fr ' rt. i
A ' f ' f 9
' ' t .i s vTS --7r
1uidl " " ---"
Photoa by American Press Association.
The personal magnetism of Patrick
Quinlan, one of the labor leaders in the
Paterson (N. J.) strike. Is shown In the
enormous crowds that Kreet him when
ever he speaks in public. The above
group Is a purt of the throng he ad
dressed after he hail been convicted of
"Inciting to riot." lie was out on ball
awaiting sentence when the protographer
snapped him.
Wilson's Firm Stand Puts Op
position to Rout.
L W, W, Leaders Protest Against
Quintan Conviction.
New York, May 19. Standing in a
drizzling rain in Union square, after
tramping fifteen miles from Paterson,
N. J., to a Hudson river ferry to reach
New York, several hundred silk mill
strikers, augmented by New York
members of the Industrial Workers of
the World, and strike sympathizers
cheered the declarations of their lead
ers that Paterson would come to an
industrial stop for forty-eight hours,
beginning Wednesday morning, in a
protest against the conviction of Pat
rick Quinlan.
"If necessary, we will call a general
strike throughout the United States
and will tie up the country to take
these men out of jail," declared Robert
Plunkett, broadening the scope of
threats made by other speakers, who
were Quinlan, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn,
Fred Iloyd and Adolph Lesslg.
Quinlan in his speech said: "We are
fighting an ostensibly American com
pany, but really controlled by the Jap-
anooa In at art A tt o rH n o- f rr fn 1 1 fnn.
w.ol !., It I,.. l.l .. .l,l... .w. V.UV.
... - nia. attention should be given to the
Japanese who are living on the blooa
nhout the find and if he would release
him from custody.
Three charges are included In the
Information against Leonard, man
slaughter, larceny from the person and
larceny. Tho second charge, it Is
thought, will bring out an interesting
prayed. "Sanctify them through Thy ,u,,a ol ulw ,n l,,e t,vl'ni uiai a con"
' I If L.I lull I . I ... .... .... x l . a A.
iicuim is iiui sccui cu upon ine in si
Truth: Thy Word is Truth." Satan's
falsehoods are always Injurious; hence
the promise Is that when Jesus, tho
Prince of Light, shall tnko Ills great
power and reign, He will bind Satan,
the Prince of Darkness, that he may
deceive tin nations no more.
Here wo have another corroboration
of the fact that tho great deceiving
power amongst mankind for six thou
sand years has been a spiritual one
Satanic power. No wonder that under
this domination of Satan we have had
what St Paul calls a reign of sin and
death. No wonder the Bible declnres
that from the Divine standpoint the
world, has been In darkness! "Dark
ness covers the earth; gross darkness
the heathen." Jesus came, and brought
light Into tho world. But men loved
darkness rather than light because
their deeds are evil, because Bin baa
gained such a hold upon them, because
It is easier for them to remain under
the blinding Influence of Satan than to
cmn under the blessed light of the
consistency of God's Word, 'Thou shalt rnel of Christ In the present time,
surely die," and the inconsistency of It costa SOmethlng now to be a follow-
(Satan's He, "Ye shall not surely die,1
the whole world Is enslaved by Satan's
lie. The Pastor declared that the Book
of the Revelation pictures the condi
tion of the world, in declaring that all
nations will be made drunk with the
wine of false doctrine.
8plrMiam, Obeeeeion, Poaaaaaion.
While we must acknowledge that
some spirit mediums are merely frauds.
Bald the rastor, we have every reason
to believe that many of them are
very sincere, but deceived. Many of
them thoroughly believe that they com
munltfate with the dead. Only the Bi
ble can save any one from that delu
sion. It alone shows us that a demon
host ! cooperating with Satan, to
provo bis lie and to enslave mnnklnd
and ta separate them from tho truth of
Ood's Word.
Witches, wizards and necromaucers
r of the Prince of Light, an opposer
of the Prince of Darkness, whose
realm is world-wide.
now glad we are that the morning
of the new Day Is so near! As Jesus
explains (Matthew 13:43) 'Then shall
the righteous shine forth as the suu in
the Kingdom of their Father." Illm-
lelf and Ills elect Church, gathered
from every nation and denomination,
will constitute the glorious ruling Pow
er of tho New Dispensation. Jesus
Ukens His Kingdom to tho sun. As
tho sun scatters the darkness of earth
and drives away Us mist, eo will the
Bun of Righteousness arise with heal
ing in Its beams nnd scatter all tho
Ignorance, superstition, fnlsehood, nnd
bring to all mankind a true knowledge
of God. Tho light of the knowledge
of the glory of God shall fill the whole
earth as the water covers the great
count, as to whether or not the stat
utes contemplate stealing from the
body of a dead person ns coming under
the title "larceny from the person."
County Attorney Vail is of the opin
ion that the legislature did not intend
to make it any less a crime to steal
from tho dead than from a living body
and that the term "person" would In
clude one from whom the spark of life
had departed.
The day before the crime was com
mitted Leonard came to this city and
after borrowing a dollar from one of
his friends, proceeded to make the
rounds of the "bright spots." Before
he had gone very far h had become
well supplied with liquor, both on the
inside and outside. Part of the liquor
which he purchased he shipped down
to Jimmy Armehl and it was over this
that the men were heard to quarrel
the next day.
of the people of Paterson. We are go
ing to win this strike or Paterson will
bo wiped off the map. As an industrial
center, Paterson will bo a wilderness
unless we win. The people will move
out and leave the city. We don't need
dynamite. We have dynamite of in
telligence, of brain, of organization to
fight with. The beginning of an In
dustrial revolution Is about to take
place In Paterson and when that is
finished a political revolution will
start In that city."
were forbidden In the land of Israel; noopl-Isiilah 11 :S); ITabnkknk 2:U.
Board of Equalization Places Total at
Lincoln, May 19. The state board
of equalization completed Its assess
ment of railroads, making the total
Valuation $278,967,652.75, a raise of $3,
716,118. The main line of the Union
Pacific was raised $3,000 per mile.
Kearney branch extension was raised
from $25,000 to $32,900.
The new line of the Hastings and
Korthwestern, not yet in operation,
rontalnlng 15.24 miles, was assessed
at $:!0,000 a mile. Nebraska Traction
and Power company (new) at $30,000 1
a mile and all other roads are left the
tame as last year.
Department of Agriculture to Get Into
Touch With Farm Colleges.
Washington, May 19. Closer rela
tlons in the work of the department
of agriculture to that of agricultural
colleges and experiment stations was
assured at a conference here between
Sercetary Houston, Assistant Secre
tary Galloway and representatives of
the Association of American Agricul
tural Colleges and Experiment Sta
The department, It was said after
the conference, desires to co-operate
along many lines recognized that the
state colleges and the experiment sta
tlons should be the official agencies
through which most of the agrlcul
tural work of the country should be
Finance Committee to Leave House
Provisions for Free Wool and Sugar
Stand Underwood Soon to Call
Meeting of Committee.
Washington, .May 19. The effect of
President Wilson's public declaration
that there would b3 no compromise on
free wool and free sugar In three
years in the new tariff bill has been
the subject of constant discussion
since the chief executive made his
pronunciamento last week.
Administration leaders declare that
the president's vigorous-assertion ha3
served to strengthen the party lineup
in the senate.
Before the president came out so
strongly in the face of the tremen
dous lobby influence that completely
surrounds the capitol, the legislative
air was surcharged with uncertainty.
On every hand was heard the report
that the finance committee was plan
ning to put a duty on wool or to cut
out the three-year free sugar provision
and to leave sugar at the end of a
three-year period with a small tariff.
Only Two Break Away.
But when the president reaffirmed
his determination to stand by the
schedules, which ho virtually dictated
Into the tariff bill, only Senators Rans
dell and Thornton of Louisiana broke
through the party lines to remain out
sid9 until the end.
The interpretation of the Democrat
ic platform as relating to free sugar,
given by Senator Ollie James of Ken
tucky, as spokesman for the adminis
tration, gave a further Indication of
the exact situation.
Senator James declared that the
party did favor free sugar; that It
campaigned on that issue, and, with
the knowledge of the president, he
challenged anyone to find a man who
could truthfully assert that Woodrow
Wilson ever said he opposed free
sugar Again the administration scored.
For two or perhaps three weeks the
bill will be-ijfctej2ands of the finance
committee p.nti, whatever other "sche3
ules may be altered, the assurance has
gone out that no change in wool or
sugar. Again the administration scored,
bill reaches the party caucus. There,
behind closed doors, the Democratic .
senators will have their final confer
ence on the bill. The caucus, it is un
derstood, will be a binding one.
To Senate in June.
The bill will get to the senate as
soon after June 1 as the leaders possi
bly can get It there. Conslderabls
changes In the metal, cotton and
chemical schedules are anticipated.
This will necessitate a conference
after the senate passes the bill.
The organization of committees la
the principal business confronting
the houne leaders. Majority Leader
Underwood has nearly completed his
preliminary slate of committeo assign
ments, and he expects to call a meet
ing of the Democrats of the ways and
means committee Wednesday to go
over his slate.
The currency question will be taken
up by the house leaders this week.
Fifteen Thousand Women Ply Treii
Trade in Gotham.
New York, May 19. Fifteen thou
sind women of the underworld a
scarlet army no census has heretofore
enumerated ply their trade in one
borough of Greater New York alone.
This is the estimate of the bureau of
which John D. Rockefeller, Jr., la
which John D. Rockafeller, Jr., la
chairman, as made public in an ab
stract of a forthcoming report by
George J. Kneeland, a special investi
gator, after a painstaking inquiry into
commercialized vice conditions in
Manhattan, extending over a period
of nearly ten months.
The report suggests no remedies,
fixes no responsibility. That phase
is to be dealt with later on.
Aside from a series of chapters deal
ing in minute frankness with the oper
ation of notorious resorts throughout
the city, the report treats of the dance
hall evil and of the alarming spreait
of the so called massage parlors.
Travelers Win Meet In Holdrege.
Fremont, Neb., May 19. Tho grand
corfcil of the United Commercial
Travelers In Fremont voted to meet
in lloldvpgo In 1914. George II. Spenr
of Norfolk won his fight for grand
Missouri University Co-ed Injured
While Catching in Practice Game.
Columbia, Mo., May 19. Miss Geor
gian Clark of Rolla, Mo., a student in
the University of Missouri, suffered a
facture of the jaw while playing ball
The Missouri co-eds who take gym
naslum work organized baseball teams
this spring. Miss Clark is captain of
the sophomore team and is catcher,
She was playing in a practice game
when a foul ball struck her.
Killed as Trolley Hits Light Pole
San Francisco, May 19. Raymond
Wilson of Sparta, 111., was killed and
three local men were badly hurt when
a street car jumped the tracit ana
ran Into a. metal light pole.
I f ! I t M
Panama, May 19. The waters T
the Panama canal. A giant blast
jof 32,500 pounds of dynamite was
-shot, demolishing the dike to the ;
', Isouth of the Mlraflores locks and
Sallowing the water to flow into an '
extension section, in which exca-J
vatlon has been completed. J
Police Protect Umpire From Mot).
Newark, N. J., May 19. A decision
by Umpire Hayes of the International
league that a hall knocked over tin?
right field fence was fair led to a play
er being taken from the field by tli.'
police, nnd later otllcers were force)
to escort the umpire from the qroitml.
to a tiain, amid a hall of bottles,
stones, cushions and oihT missiles.