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Sure drop, variable edge drop, high wheel
Plattsmouth, Nebraska
In the County Court of Caaa Count-,
In the Matter of the Estate of William
M. Wiley, Deceased.
All persons Interested In said estate
will take notice that the administrator
has filed his flnal report and petition
for final settlement and allowance of
the same, and that a hearing will be
had upon said report and petition In
aid Court on the 17th day of May,
li13, at 10 o'clock a. m.
Dated this 2nd day of May, 1913.
County Judge.
D. O. DWYER, Attorney.
I n All iiuin ll May Concern:
Tin' llnanl (if County Cominis
iiiu'f."i nf Cass County hao found
itiat Ilic public i-'oiri requires Unit
a I'nail lie opened on Hie Section
line, commenein jr al a point
where Iload .No. Uii;!, Cass County,
Nebraska, crosses Hie Section
ine lielween Sections 8 and 17,
Township 10 North. Range 13,
Cass county, Nebraska, running
thence Cast on sa'.l Section lino
to lload No. 155 between Sections
ami 10, Township 10 North,
Range lt. ("ass County, Nebraska,
and all objections hereto, or
claims for damans, must be tiled
in the County Clerk's office on or
before noon on the. 15lh day of
July, A. D. l(.i:i, or such road will
be opened without reference
(Seall D. C. MOllCAN,
County Clerk.
l'lattsniouth, Nib., May Hth,
All persons Interested will take
notice that Margaret E. Manspeaker,
Kuardian of the person and estate of
Marv llavnar. Insane, In the County
Court of Cass County, Nebraska, has
liled her final report and petition for
final fii ttlpmpnt. and that hearing will
he had thereon upon the 10th duy of
May, 1913, at 10 o'clock a. m.
Dated this 2nd day of May, 1913.
County Judge.
In the lllnlrk-t Court In and for Own
County, Nebraska.
William L. Nickels, assignee of Gert
rude M. Wiley, and William llainey,
Charles Edward Wiley,
Notice to the Defendant, Charles Ed
ward Wiley: ..
You will take notice that on the 30th
day of April. A. D., 1913, William L.
Nickels, plaintiff herein, filed his peti
tion and affidavit In the District Court
of Cass Countv, Nebraska, against you,
the object and prayer of which is to
revive a certain judgment obtained
it gainst vou by Oertrude M. Wiley and
William Kalney on November 16, A. D.
1901, for .the sum of $628.00 with In
terest at the rate of Heven per cent
per annum from date and costs of suit
taxed In the sum of $24.60, which said
judgment on November 14, 1911, be
came dormant, mat no pun ui sum
judgment has ever been paid, and al
leging that during all of said period
of timo vou have been Insolvent, and
praying that an order be entered re
viving said judgment, and awarding
plaintiff execution thereon in the sum
of $628.00 with Interest at seven per
cent per annum from November 16,
1901, and all accrued costs.
You are required to answer said peti
tion and affidavit and show cause, if
any, on or before the 16th day of June,
A. P., 1913, why an order of the Dis
trict Court of Cass County, Nebraska,
should not be entered reviving said
ludgment In said sum, and awarding
plaintiff execution thereon.
If you fall to answer, appear or show
cause before said date, your default
will be duly entered therein, and said
order of revivor will be Issued, of all
of which vou will take due notice.
Dated this 3rd day of May. A. D. 1913.
Assignee of Oertrude M. Wiley,
and William Knlney, Plaintiff.
la the DlMtrlct Court In and for Cans
County, Mrbraska.
John W. Barr, Koy A. Uarr, et al.,
Josie C. Barr, et al., .
Notice is hereby given that under
and by virtue of a decree of the Dis
trict Court in and for Cass County, Ne
braska, entered In the above entitled
cause on the 3rd day of May, A. I).
1913, the undersigned sole referee will
on the 10th day of June at 11 o'clock
a. m. at the south front door of the
Court House In the City of Plattsmouth,
Cass Countv, Nebraska, sell at public
auction to the highest responsible bid
der for cash the following described
real estate, to-wlt: ,
The West half W) of the South
east quarter (SEVi) of Section three
(3); the Northeast quarter (NEU) of
.section ten (10); the South half (SH
of the Northwest quarter (NW14) of
Section ten (10), all in Township eleven
(11). Hange nine (9) East of the 6th
P. M., in Cass County, Nebraska, and
Lot four (4), In Block twenty (20),
Pack's Orove Addition to the City of
Llieoln, lAncaster County, Nebraska,
and Lots five hundred forty-seven (547)
anfl five hundred forty-eight (548), In
th Village of Oreenwood, Cass County,
Nebraska, which said last described
lota in the Village of Oreenwood will
be sold subject to the life estate there
in of Josle C. Barr.
Raid sale will be held open for one
'l(Da'ted at Plattsmouth, Nebraska, this
r.flk day of Mav, A. I). 1913.
y C. A. IIAWLS. Referee.
0. 8. POLK, Attorney.
erty of Joseph Elton Ryan and Archie
J. Rvan, minors, praying for a license
to sell the Interest of his said wards In
tim following " described real
estate to-wlt: East half of
northeast quarter N. E.
U), Section slxteeen (16), township
ten (10), range nine (9) east, In Cass
county, Nebraska, In which real estate
the said wards own an undivided one
fifteenth (1-15) each, and lots thlrteeen
(13), fourteen (14) and fifteen (15), in
block four (4), Village of Alvo, Cass
county, Nebraska. In which said wards
own each an undivided one-fortieth
(1-40), or so much of said real estate
and of the interests of said wards
therein as it shall seem to the court to
be for the best interests of said wards.
Tt In bprehv ordered bv the court and
adjudged, that the next of kin, and all
persons Interested In said matter, ap
pear before me at chambers at the City
of Plattsmouth, Nebraska, at the hour
of 1:30 o'clock i. m., on the 20th day of
May, 1913, to show cause, If any there
be, why such license be not granted to
snlri npfltlnner.
It Is further ordered that a copy of
this order be published In the Platts
mouth Weekly Journal for three weeks
successively next Immediately before
ith flute of said hearing.
(Slven under mv hand at tne cuy oi
Plattsmouth, Nebraska, on this 4th day
of April, 1913.
Judge of the Distrct Court.
In the County Court In and for Cast
County, Nebraska.
Is He Kstatk or Walter t llflTICF
J. White, Deckased. I IWHUt
To all Persons Interested:
Vou are hereby not tried tliatnn the 10th day
of May. A. I)., 1KI3. Annie lona White, tiled her
petition In the lxve court alleging the death
testate of Walter J. White, on the 4th day of
May. A. !.. 1113, and presenting an Instrument
puntortiiiK to lie said last will and testament
for probate.
A hearing will be had on said petition on the
31st day of May. A. P.. WX at one o'clock p. m..
before which hour all objections thereto. If
any. must be tiled.
By the court
ALLEN J. BEESON. County Judge
Haw Is & Robertson, Attorneys.
In County Court.
Cass County, ss.
In the matter of She Estate of
Alice M. Tague, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given to the
creditors of said deceased that
hearings will be had upon claims
filed against said estate, before
me, County Judge of Cass County,
Nebraska, at the County Court
room in IMaltsm.iulh. in sail
County, on the .'list day oT May
1913, and on the 2nd day of De.
ceinber, 1913, at 10 o'clock a. m.
each day, fur examination, adjust
ment and allowance.
All claims must be filed in, said
coiir! on or before said last hour
of hearing.
Witness my hand and seal of
said County Court, at IMatts
inoulh, Nebraska, this 1st day of
May, 1913.
County Judge.
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Public Sale!
The undLTsigiu'd will soli at
Public Auction at his farm, two
miles northwest of l'lattsniouth,
one mile north from cemetery, on
Wednesday, May 14th, j
The following described prop-'
erty, to-wit: lwo black mares
with suckling colts, nine to
eleven years old, weight 1,200
pounds; one yearling mare colt;
three milk cows; three heifer
calves; six steer calves; one Here
ford hull; four brood sows, with
nineteen pigs; one male hog; one
new wagon; one I ruck wagon; one
two-sealed hugg ; one now
mower; one lister; one drill; one
plow; one cultivator; one harrow;
two sets of harness.
Terms of Sale All sums of $10
and under, cash in hand; over $10
credit of ton months will he given,
purchaser giving good bankable
paper bearing seven per cent from
dale. All properly must he set
tled for before being removed.
Sale boa-ins at 1 :0) p. in.
Robert Wilkinson, Auctioneer.
Fourteen Times as Many Trespas
sers Killed by Cars as
child without an arm or leg lost
by trespassing on the railroad, or
a grave of some little child who
was killed by "flipping" on the
cars. Fourteen injured each day
of the 3(i5 days in the year. There
are fourteen times as many tres
passers killed as (here are passengers.
The appalling number of 181,
."IT'.I trespassers have been killed
and injured on the railroads of
the country during the last twen
ty years, according to a bulletin
issued by the central safely com
mittee of the Chicago & North
western Railway company. This
bulletin is being sent to state,
counly, city and illage school
authorities in an effort to enlist
them in helping to prevent tres
passing. The report slates that
25,000 of this number were young
people under the age of 18 years,
and many of them under 10 years.
Wage earners and citizens of the
localities in which the accidents
occurred comprised 120,103 of the
total number and 20,270 were
tramps and hoboes.
The report goes on to say that
tin) young people killed and in
jured are enough to make a mile
pdsi for every mile of travel in
a (rip around tb" world and in
nearly everv town there is some
A Few Good Men On An Election
Ticket Cannot Pull Bad Ones
Into Office.
The ladies of St. Mary's liuild
of St. Luke's church, who sold
carnations Saturday for Mothers'
day were very successful in their
efforts, and as a result of their in
dustry will realize a neat sum for
their organization. The ladies
had ordered one thousand carna
tions for the day and although
handicapped by the weather, dis
posed of them all and could have
sold more in Hie evening if they
had been able to get them. This
organization is composed of
ladies w ho w hen I hey go after
anything generally make it a suc
cess and the flower day was no ex
ception to the ru! ;
In Connty Court.
In the Matter of the Estate of Cor-
ellUH Hengen, Deceased.
Notice i hereby plven to the credit
ors of said deceased that hearings will
he had upon claims (lied aKalnst Bald
.state, before me, County JuclKe pf
('an Countv, Nebraska, at the County
Court room In 1'lattnmouth. In said
County, on the 31st day of May, 1913,
nnd on tho lind day of Ilecember. 1813.
at 8 o'clock a. m., each day for exam
ination, adjustment and allowance.
All claims must he Hied In said court
on or before said last hour of hearing.
Witness mv hand nntl seal of said
County Court, at lMattsmnuth. Ne
rou this 2!tth dnv of April. 1913.
County JudKe.
oiinr.u to snow cavsp..
Ia the District Court of f'nsn CinnHy.
In the Mutter of the Application of
OniKf K. Hvan, (iunnllun of Joseph
Ulton Ilyuri Bnd Archie J. Kyan,
Minora, to Sell Heal Kstate.
Now on this 4th day of April. 1913.
this cause came on for hcHrltiK upon
tSe petition of (leorife K. Kyan,
Ruurdinn of the persons and the prop-
To All Whom It Mav Concern:
The Commissioners appointed
to view and VACA'l H a road com
mencing at half section line on
south side of Section 28, Town
ship 10, Hange 12, running thence
north one mile on half section
line thorugh center of said Section
28, and terminating at north side
of Section 28, on said half section
line, (said road referred to is
known as a part of Road No. 1G5)
has reported in favor of the vaca
tion thereof; and all objections
hereto, or claims for damages,
must he filed in the County Clerk's
Ofllce on or before noon on the 5th
day of July, A. !., 1913, or such
road will be vacated without
reference thereto.
(Seal, D. C. MORGAN,
County Clerk.
IMattsmouth, Neb., May 1st,
Counly of Cass, ss.
In the Matter of the Estate of
Rachel Adams, Deceased.
To All Persons Interested:
You are hereby notified that
there has been filed in this court
petition for the appointment of
an administrator of above estate.
That a hearing will be had upon
said petition before this court in
the Court House at Plattsmouth,
Nebraska, on the 31st day of May,
1913, al 2 o'clock p. m. of said
day. All object ions thereto, if
any. must be filed on or before
said day and hour of hearing.
Witness my hand and I he seal
of the Counly Court of said Coun
ly this 12th day or May. 1913.
(Seal) AI.l.KN J. HEESON.
Counly Judge.
The Ladies' Aid of the Gorman
St. Paul's church was held Thurs
day aflcrnoon at '.lie church and
was attended by n large number
of I he ladies of I no church ami
much inlerosl was displayed in
the session as well as the election
of officers for lb" ensuing year,
which . resulted in Hie selection
of the following ladies: Presi
dent, Mrs. E. Horn; '. ice-president,
Mrs. William Hassler; secretary,
Mrs. John Albert; hcasurer, Mrs.
John Wichniann.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
That Contain Mercury
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entering It through the niucoui nurfucon. Hn.
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tions from reputable physicians, as the Uitiuiifcx
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slbly derlvo from them. Hall's Catnrru Cure,
manufactured by K. J. Cheuey & Co., Toledo, .,
rontliin no mercury, and la taken Internally,
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Tuke Hull's Family rills for comttlpotlon.
We have just received a few Ty
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Best Medicine for Colds.
When a druggist recommends a
remedy for colds, throat and lung
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knows what ho is talking about.
C. Lower, Druggist, of Marion,
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LOST A Si-oteh Collie bitch,
bred to whelp about Juno 8th;
while and sablo color, long head
and pointed nose. Had a small
leather collar on when left homo,
the 21th of April. She was ship
ped from southeastern Iowa and
may be trying to find tho way
back. A liberal reward for her
recovery. Dr. J. H. Hall,
Wo have believed that a Ions
time, and every now and then we
pick up some new point in con
firmation of our opinion, which
tnake., us feel good and be more
opt itnislie than ever.
Just now we have been looking
over the election returns in mu
nicipal elections all over the
country. With a good deal of sat
isfaction we note that even in the
cities where the commission form
of government has not eliminated
political party lines, these lines
are being forgotten and the men
elected are about half and half
democrat and republican, with
every now and then a man who
does not claim close affiliation
with either party.
In these reports we see the ad
vance of the city voters to the
point where a few good men on a
ticket cannot carry. a lot of bad
men into office with them. The
voters are doing their own choos
ing, and picking tho men, not their
It will bo some lime yet, per
haps, but the day will come when
Ibis same system will reach out
to county, slate and even national
politics. We arc not arguing that
political principles should bo for
gotten, or that it is not right to
consider what a man is going to
stand for in Iho way of principles
when ho gets in office. This
knowledge is necessary to judge
of the fitness of the man to rep
resent Iho ideas and interests of
the voters. Hut we do not believe
that when tho American people
begin to demand something more
of a man than agreement on po
litical ideas bettor men will be
sent into office, from the White
House clear down Jo the township
road overseer or tho city dog
pelt or.
Remember the Regalia Habana
Cigar. Always the best. Robert
Richter, manufacturer.
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