The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, April 28, 1913, Image 4

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    The Plattsmouth Journal
: Published Semi-Weekly at Plattsmouth, Neb.:
K. A. IIATKH, l'ul.llliop
"Entered at the Postoflice at Plattsmouth, Nebraska as second-class matter
J " I
J. Hi sure you give men the I
lies! of your wares though !
Ihey lie poor enough; ami I
f the nod will help you to lay !
.f liy a lii'tler store for the J
fr. future. Henry l. Thoreau. -J
In the Weather Bureau: Un
settled, with sudden changes indicated.
:o: v
California should keep a level
head. As a buffer slate it will
often have an Asiatic question on
its hands.
Present indict iors are lliat,
with prudent liiislnunLii-,' that last
ton of coai may he made to last
until May I.
When l.ongslrccl, wrote, "Dust
Ihoti art lo dust rel iirnel h," he
must have had reference lo Main
si reel in I 1 a 1 1 siimutli.
This is I he season w hen I he
High school graduates ni'cepl con
siderable hearsay teslimony as lo
w hat lies beyond I he Alps.
The Belgians are mixing a suf
frage ipieslion with a slrike, but
I hey show wisdom by pushing the
movement without violence.
Imprisonment for debt is sup
posed o have been abolished, but
it seems it will linger in the slate
of New York as long as Oenenx
Sickles survive.
Republican members of I ho
ways and means coinmillee of Ihe
house will oppose Ihe new larilT
bill. Why, of course. Not bin
else cotild be expected.
Tiii'!" lire troubled times for
the nine muses. Hagtimc lias at-
tncked music, oology Ihe dance
and now Ihe oubis'.s propose In
turn art inlo soiium b'ng else.
Of course il is in order for al
the slandpal republicans in eon
gress lo oppose anything in Ih
direction of larilT reform. They
are buill thai way. Hut there are
a few republicans, both in Hit
house and senale who will help
the democrats, but I hey are not
standpatters by a long shot.
Base ball is a great game, but
less wonderful than the base ball
It is hard for a sweet girl
graduate lo realize she has a good
deal lo learn.
The turners hav. not vet tie- Jne Mnroin correspondent ui
rided what they m!' do vilh the the Omaha liee couldn't see any
Mtrean Islands, bu' it is clear tl at crood in the late legislature. He
in. nation without u modern rnvy referred to the maneuvers as hav
will nave much lo a about U. jug been "too weak menially and
o: ' morally to withstand the influence
Ihe farmers should wear a ofllie loiuiy. miicc me passage
... .... . . -. t. i .
broad smile these days, with the of tlie mil protecting uinuna a
realesl amount of moisture in municipal water works system
.... . .
the ground that Nebraska has the Mee seems to ne unconsoiame
iiowu in u quarter of a century And il looks from this distance as
.I.,, 1 1-1 l . M..V. ....'II.
r.l Ibis season, and Ihe wheat if umana uiu mane a misuse wuu
fields looking like the imaginary reference to its water system
pictures of Ihe Canadian laud ad- in not purchasing the plant and
vertisers. Ihe average ctzen adopt nig municipal ownersuip
should be an optimist.
twenty or thirty years ago!
Dr. Friedmann of Berlin enter
tained Secretary of Slate Bryan
-:o: hind members ol the diplomatic
It is about sellled lhal fourth ' "l
r.hw. .wi,,,u..r u-iii to Washinglon hospital the other
oass co.nnetilive examinations for . I"'- Friedmann treated fifty
I i: i . ...:iv. I.:, i. ...11., TTn
'appointment. ....e.ns v,.u. ... tun.. 0,-.u.... -e
lo date, the Merlin specialist nas
made a heroic tight against the
At this season of lite year, as p0(! c,K,k fate that was pre
he listens to the warbling of the (j(.ed f0P him.
bluebirds, it is hard for some boys
appreciate Ihe value
nf :in
I he sullrageucs ol ixmuon arc
evnienuy trying to prove me ueeu
of their assistance in making i;,,,,,,, in naturalization laws. This
(iovetnor Johnson of California i. ...... iiv vini iiin" nil th laws i v i i i
laws U Moiaiin,, an tut issue never has been conies led in
tells Ihe president lhal it is the ,,.,,, an, hl KllRiand. And they lll( UmU(1 Slates .s(ipmile court
stale s purpose io co-operaiewiinh,,.,.,,, i(, iM, fairly successful in ti. inn nnlnnA i,.,v r M.
I i i ur jiiji.-' i unit mi i in i i. v
vi..lnino- Hie slnlnles :t nresellt . i . :.. i: .1
. ......... .... i i t L 1 1 iiiiu ;rjiiii in iinei.e .too
Japanese question. .,,n,l., o.wl i,l,l Alreiulv Inn i.. ..i..:...
I V 1IH III 1,1 Hill' j;i "j.i I , .... i
. I .... 1 ... M . 11 It II 1 I .
'J we iae nils. V .1 . u. ki-imiuiii. ,. ... ,, ..,..., i.t i no ne if! v :
r "
Now, reallv, wouldn't you rather advocating the same tactics '"r while persons described in the
have the spring fever than the this country. naturalization art. The question
:o: naturally arises: Is tins an issue
You may be interested 1,1 know- lo lie iiecnieii ny lineage or optics:
The Japanese cabinet has re
ported to the emperor I hat Presi
dent Wilson's decision not to
interfere with the California land
ownerstirp legislation makes ii
necessary for Japan lo submit a
lest case to the supreme court of
the United Stales lo delerinine the
color of their race. So far, all de
cisions of record, mostly in west
ern courts, have held that the
Japanese were not eligible to
citizenship because they are not
such white persons as are men
Mayor Saltier will appoint a
chief of police and night police
next Monday night.
A town row affords amusement
for outsiders, but it is the most
expensive form of entertainment.
It has about reached that stage
wilh Teddy lloosevelt that he gets
in print only on the dull news
da s.
ie spring
grippe? We've had both, and our
oiee p'es up I'm- spring fever.
i,d so does jours, if you are
iiig that the proposed national in
come tax law exempts the salaries
of all ollicials from the president
A ilemaml is made lor an in-
estigiilion of Ihe base ball Irusl.
"Keep il out of Ihe paper" is
down lo county ollicials whose ,,-v "lli('h "'" '"'paper
salaries are more than 1,000. In publisher daily hears. To oblige
If. I !! 1 I. I.
Vell, il is no better than any olher words, Ihe men who are -"s eonsiuet ame, 111001.
rust and should be dissolved making the law are seeing to it Prl.v uh" makes the request
I lil I II. I., ...... I I .
thing Willi Ihe balance of the that their salary incomes are noil'""" ' g 1 him mik. m a n e i wnun
1 I11 1 : i 1 . ; . ..
Iiusls. louehed. The politicians, a immM'o5 00. . imi-
.riiinLr -iwiiv wilh peculiar thing in Ihe public's eye.
' ' r ' ' 'n ........ ........
I'he newsgalherer is stormed al
nd now it is declared by h'"'"'1""-
scicnlilic mon I hat barbed wire
auses the spread of germs among Some newspapers are disposed
ive slock. II is urged that where to treat the recent legislature as
aluablu live, slock, is: kepi there a joke. Hut. that won't hurt any
should be no barbed wire fences, of Ihe boys who were there as
members. This has been IIh same
A man can knock and knock and
still not make a hit. The fact is,
the people have no respect, for a
The orange growers of Cali
fornia and Florida are among
those who protest that the new
tariff hands them a lemon.
The National (iuard, under the
command of Adjutant General P.
I,. Hall, will spend four or the
days at the rifle range, near
Plaltsinoulh, about August first
The will of J. Pierpont Morgan
discloses the fact that he didn't
plan on taking any of his mil
ions of money or art treasures
wilh him.
:o- .
One swat now will prove equal
o. three million swats in July.
Remember that, and have your
swatler ready for the first fly that
makes its appearance.
Anyway, the democrats rejoice
1 see W. J. Bryan and Champ
1.1. irk liury the halchel. Repub
lican newspapers are Ihe only op-
loneuls to this happy event,
lion. William J. Bryan, sec
retary 01 stale, is going to Cali
fornia to endeavor lo straighten
ill Ihe Jap question. Well, he
an do il if anyone can.
:o: r
The people will have a chain
to vole on Ihe proposition of r
moving the slate university lo Ihe
slate farm. The Journal proposed
this manner of sellling the ques
tion when the agitaliou llrsl be
gan in Iht' legislature. The entire
stale is interested in the matter,
and Ibis paper always believed in
lei ling Ihe people rule.
Readers who would consult
their pecuniary interests should
not fail to closely examine the
advert Isemenh of merchant a who
advertise bargains in this paper
They mean business in every word
they advertise and propose- lo
make business by the bargains
they are advertising. Peruse these
advertisements carefully and cal
on these merchants for I ho bar.
gains Ihey are offering.
We are now ready lo believe
that Plaltsinoulh is progressing
The Commercial club of lliat town
has begun making preparation
for the celebration of July ith.
Nebraska City News. You be I
And when our Commercial club
takes Iho aniller in hand we al
ways have a celebration wort
oming many miles In se,
You can bet your bottom dollar
Ihe stale university will never be
removed, if the people decide the
question. They are not so anxious
lo burden themselves with taxes
unnecessarily to uratifv a lot of
real estate sharks. That's all
there is in it.
Beware of traveling peddlers
wilh sample articles Ihey are sell
ing from, ami demand an advance
before you receive what y.u have
purchased. You are very liable to
gel "bil." Several, people in
Plaltsinoulh have gotten bit on
this scheme in Ihe pa-d few
Plattsmouth is not the only
town where Ihe people gel aroused
on mailers out of Ihe ordinary.
wilh these newspapers for the
past live sessions. I hat we know
of. Probably Ihey each bad an
axe to urind. and could find no
member of either house or sen
ale who was willing to (urn the
grindstone for Ihem. It wa ever
No man is a patriotic citizen
unless he believes in the prosper-
because he gels hold ot one Hem
and is abused because he does not
get another. Young men ari
often voting women as v ei'
older persons, perform nets which
become legitimate for publication
and then rush to Ihe newspain'r
ollice and beg the editor not to
notice their escapades. The next
day Ihey condemn the same paper
for not having published another
parly doing the same tniirg they
were guilty of. forgetting appar
enlly their lale visit to the ullice
of the newspaper
The mania for probing things
is growing. It is a very gooi
thing lo use the 1 robe occasional
i!y of Ihe town in which he lives , j(l inatltTS j which the peo-
und is willing lo work and givo
liberally of bis means to hep
make il prosper. Plaltsinoulh
has many citizens who are built
light and are always on the move
pie are interested. There is no
Micial, no matter how ellicienl he
inav think he is, 'nut will bear a
investigation occasionally
ami he has no right to complain so
After enjoying a day's steady
downpour, and everyone and
t-s er tiling has a booming appear
ance, let ever body get a move on
them and clean up. What say
you all? Don't wait for the spirit
to move you.
State rights and national
obligations are sometimes non-
concurrent. The present situa
tion with reference to the state of
California ami Japan furnish a
close question.
Tht Journal is not responsible
for utterances of contributors to
its columns, notwithstanding
many articles are printed in
which we do not coincide in the
least. If a writer is a good citizen,
and writes upon mailers of a
local nalure and gives his name
lo refer lo, he alone is the one
responsible not the editor or
The fellows who are now bleat
ing about the wool tariff can't
even tell you how much wool we
produce, how much we import,
how much manufactured woolens
we import, the rates of duty
levied on the raw and the finished
products. Bui Ihey can tell all
about the direful results that will
follow in the wake of free wool.
One of Ihe things that will follow
if we get free wool is lhal, your
woolen clothing, flannels, yarns
and other fabrics will cost you
very much less. Relatively the
price of-raw wool will be the
incoln is just now enjoying a
llghl made upon the oily by a
raveling evangelist, and which
.as aroused Ihe business men to
action in (letense ol ihe insults
thrown out by him.
... ... 11 1
in aiding I lie town ouwaru ami up-n as ,,e js ,i(inu husiness for
ward, while some sit around and , n.,,,ni.n
...... , . . ,
reap Ihe benefit, without donating
lollnr to aid the good cause
Dear reader, wouldn't you hate to Kvidenlly President Wilsons
be numbered with the latter Lnjiudo 011 the Jap question will
bunch? . Mke President Harrison's on
:o:- the issue raised by Italy on ac-
I'ostmaslers of the presidential lotint of Ihe murder of many
cla-s must hereafter work al least members of Ihe Maha by the New
eight hours a day and give their Orleans mob twenty-four years
undivided lime to their ollice and ago. It brings up the dual form
not lo private business. . This of our government in a new shape.
order was issued by Postmaster In certain spheres slate authority
General Burleson, lie staled post- is supreme in the United States.
masters of this class would be For a week or two the atmosphere
The hen can't plow, hoe corn or
split wood, but she gets there just
the same. She doesn't cost more
than a drink of whisky and a plug
of tobacco, but she can earn 8 per
cent interest on f?J5 a year and
pay her board besides. The fel
low who doesn't Ihink she can
The appropriation of S!-n,(iO0 make more money than a grocery
for an armory at Nebraska City store loafer doesn't know much
liable to be contested by some about her. Take an old speckled
dissatisfied people, of Ihe slate, hen that has had no raising at
notwilhsUuMlrng Governor More- all, one which has been thrown
head has signed the bill. We out of a corn crib, kicked off n
l.uft know how Ihey can submit Lorch and chased out of the gar-
a proiMisition to a vote of the den by a worthless pup; just take
people after the appropriation has that sort of a hen; she will pay
been approved by the governor. expenses and make 52 ner cent a
:o: year, and that is more than can
It is up to the voters of Ne- be said about a lot of cracker
braska as to whether the state barrel statesmen in this country
university shall be removed or who will not stoop to do anything
not. If the taxpayers look at the short of running the government.
mailer in a proper light il will
never be removed. They are not
so anxious to spend money to
gratify the desires of a lot of land!
speculators who have bought up
all Ihe available land near the
slate farm. That's where all Ihe
trouble lies.
Henry Wallace, editor of Wal
ace's Farmer, is one of the best-
posted and ablest writers extant,
:n :-
Hun. W. II. Thompson, chair
man of the state democratic com
mittee, has turned down several
very honorable and lucrative posi- h(,,(, ,(( s(riol accountability in was warlike between' our govern
lions tendered him by the admin- ,,, iim. n.i nnrennal nienl. and Italy, and gave oonor-
1 1 ui' in miii i'i m"" - . - - -
slratlon. Billy Thompson is ono npn,on thal hoy give to their tunity for some vigorous expres
of Iho most eminent attorneys in onlc0t F,.om information received sions by Secretary Blaine, show-
Nebraska and is well fitted for any k him it appears that in some ing that he would not be in
position President Wilson might qunrer9 a practice has crept in of lluenced by threats in that
lender him. :., nnninimni n nrwi. ovitrencv. An accommodation was
PIT 111 lltp Mil H''Vi"umi'i v..- . . -r- .
-:o: niaster and then having subordin- at length arrived at under wnicn
If the Nebraska suffragettes ales do the work. Clerks and car- we granted indemnity to the heirs
want to hear from the people on riers are required by law to serve of the slain men, but in doing this
Ihe suffrage question, why not eight hours daily and Burleson the secretary plainly said that this
submit it lo the women voters of says he sees no reason why post- was a matter of comity, and dis
the state only? The male voters masters should not give al least claimed any legal right by Italy
will willingly acquesce in what the an equivalent in time and effort, to insist on such a demand
majority of their sect decide. But This order is sent to all post- President Wilson will refuse lo
Ihe most ronsoieiioos movers in masters of second and third clas- interfere with the action Of Ihft
the suffragette ranks will not con- ses to take effect at or,ce. In- California legislature, but he will
sent lo Ibis, simply because they speclors will be required to see endeavor lo influence California
know that a majority of (heir sect that postmasters spend at least congressmen to induce Iheir com
do not want the right to vole, and eight hours in the office and take patriots at Sacramento to make
wouldn't vole if thev had the personal charge of the work or be no assault on compacts between
riirht. 'dismissed. Ihe two counlriea.
It luis come to a pretty pass
when a mayor of a city has to
send out of his own town to have
a paper printed in his own de
fense. Mayor Huston and Sheriff
Fischer of Nebraska City arc into
it over a matter of charges for
feeding prisoners Iho major ac
cusing Ihe sheriff of paying one
price for meals and charging the
county another. Jesse Blunt, for-
ui.l while he believes in a re- um.y f Plaltsinoulh, who runs
.. 1 : 1 i 1 l. . 1 .. : iv 1 . . 1. . 1
ii.ijusiuie... 01 1 ne litr.u, ne ne- restaurant in Nebraska Citv.
lieves in re-adjusling Ihem equal- and who had Ihe contract for
ly among all concerned, lie uses feeding the prisoners, is the one
an excellent argument 111 a long sponsible for all Ihe fuss.. The
article and does not believe in sheriff w nim.i .nn.i,, i.i i,,ii
protecting eastern manufacturer er" because he wasn't half feed-
10 tne detriment 01 tne agri- ing thp rrjson(.ri, nn(1 j,e cancet-
cullural slates. This paper does UViX Uie contract. Sheriff Fischer
not believe in "robbing Peter to serving his sixth term, and his
pay Paul," as some politicians arc 0flicial mi(i(19 has never been in
working lo do. The following ,jsniIi0 hnfore nn,i it) fa nf,n,.
taken from Ihe Farmer's editorial Ulandeier win, Ki,M ci;,.i-
hits our idea on the tariff ques
tion exactly: "The farmer can
live under high tariffs or low
tariffs. After some trouble
and loss, he will adapt himself to
either one; bul if we have free
trade in meats, we have a right
to demanii ireo traue in iron and Snankin win nnf mn .K;Mn t
I r aiw v w all 1V4 wil v
wetting: the bed, because it is not a
we need is a fair tariff; and babit but a dangerous disease. The C.
whether it is high or low is a "Rowa" Co" B 1063
Better than
fMrntrrt Ttl hflVA f-)iatir avai4 a afaisif lit
matter of minor consideration, harme,8 fop thi di8tres8ing
proviueu 11 is just anu even, disease and to make known its merits
President Wilson's administration they will send a Sc package securel
is starting out well. He has done "fepped nd prepaid Absolutely Frey
many things that please the peo- 0 ani r?dy of th, Journa,j This'
,,. , ..... , remedy also cures frequent desire to
pie, although the politicians make urinato and inabiUty to contro, uyine
wry faces; but the farming in- during the night or day In old or young
teresl? should give fair and lime- The C. II. Rowan Drug Co. is an Old
Iv notice to congress that they Re,iabI Write to them today
will not stand for any unjust or fr fr mf Cu the 'afctcd
unrair Irealmenl.' nhhnranA tunAa