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Amended Measure Is Reintro
duced by UnderwooJ.
Majority Leader Predicts Passage of
Measure in House by May 15 Oral
Hearings on Bill Will Not Be Grant
ed by Senate Finance Committee. .
Washington. April 21. The lino
rratic tariff levision hill, with it.
sweeping ledurtions, long free mm
and Its iMJine lux provision, was rs
introduced in the bono'; today hy .la
jority Leader I'mb rood
It will he reported favouibly hy th?
majority of the ways and moans torn
luitlce tomorrow and culled up for de
hate on Wednesday.
Chairman I'ndorwood predicted that
the hill would lie passed In the house
hy May 15. Two months, the admin
istration leaders helieve, is a generous
lime to allot to the senate for its con
sideration, and passage, and unless It
la decided to bring in a currency hill
thereafter, congress should he ready
to adjourn about July 15.
The hill np approved hy President
Wilson cauie through the caucus un
scratched. Democratic opponents to
free sugar In three yearn, and to free
wool, made the most vigorous fights
cm the president's suggestions adopted
hy the ways and means commit tee.
hut they were hopelessly outvoted
with little chancp to develop enough
opposition with Republican alliance
to do anything with their amendments
on the floor of the house.
Principal Changes Made.
The principal changes made in the
hill were: Shoe machinery, buck
wheat, rye, rnhhit fur and phosphoric
acid transferred from dutiahle to the
free list; onyx reduced from il.'i cents
In 50 cents a cubic foot, to put it on
the same basis as marble; diamonds,
uncut, are unchanged, but cut dia
monds, Increased from 15 to 20 per
cent; castor oil, reduced from 15 to
12 per cent; cod, seal and herring oil
reduced from 5 to 3 per cent; vanilla
beans, reduced from CO to 30 cent a
pound; salts and other compounds and
mixtures of which bismuth, gold, platl
tium, rhodium, silver, tin and uranium
constitute the chief value, cut from IE
to 10 per cent.
Representative Hard wick Insisted II
would be necessary to draw a line on
the offering of amendments. lie In
roduced a resolution, which was re
ferred for subsequent action, provhl
Ing the tailff bill shall be passed un
tier a special rule, restricting general
debate to eight legislative days, and
that the minority in the house shall be
limited In the offering of not morn
than two niiionduients ns substitutes
to each schedule of the bill.
The caucus adopted an amendment
fixing May 1, 1!M6, as the date when
raw sugar should go on the free list.
The time when the Income tax shall
become effeellve was left subject to
future disposition by the house,
j Minority Report Presented.
That ad valorem duties, such as pro
posed In the Democratic tariff bill, are
"a delusion arid a snare," that the rad
leal tariff revision submitted by the
Democrats Is Inexcusable And uncalled
for and that an accounting will come
lor Its enactment Into law are conten
tions of the Republican members of
the ways and means committee in a
minority report presented to the house
"There Is no excuse for the radical
change In our revenue system pro
posed by this Democratic bill," says
the report, which Is signed by Repre
sentatlves Payne, Forducy, Gardner,
Moore, Green and Anderson. "The
people have ot asked It. The party
proposing it Is In power, not by the
grace of a majority of the American
people, but by a division in the ranks
of the majority on other questions
than of protection. The adminlstra
tion has the power to enact the legis
lation. The accounting for the abuse
of that power will come later."
The report contends that the bill
has caused "Intense and widespread
alarm In business circles."
Asserting that the Democratic bill
"seems to meet with approval on the
other Bide of the Atlantic," the report
declares that the protective feature
Ins been entirely eliminated In the
framing of the bill.
Oral hearings on the tariff will not
bo granted by the senate finance com
mittee, according to the unofficial
opinion of Democrats of the commit
tee. Business men Interested will he
allowed to file briefs, but the commit
tee does not propose to spend several
montna in listening to arguments,
which Its members feel would be
largely n repetition of the testimony
already given before the house ways
and means committee.
Appeal Issued for Prayers for China,
New lork, April 21. The Chinese
government's request for the prayers
of Christian churches within Its bor
dprs Sunday, April 27, was made the
subject of an open appeal to clergy
men of all denominations throughout
America to Join In intercession for the
new republic. The appeal was made
by Dr. Arthur J. Drown, chairman of
the committee of reference and conn
el representing the foreign missions
conference of North America and by
the federal council of the churches of
Christ in A merit a.
Noted Financier Who
Is Reported Very III
At Palm Beach, Fla.
Mr. PlaKlrr. wli'i la eighty-throe yrm
old, hua ucn i ,.uii(ii near death for the
Ih.iI few Wei'kn ill Whltehull, Ill I'alm
Hi!Hi'h home I lis connection w ith the
Hlitndurd Oil coinpoiy him niil,. him one
of the niOHt prominent capltnllstii In t lie
Japanese Ire,
Sacramento, C'nl.. April 21. In
absence of in w developments iu
(inti alien hind situation, interest cen
tered In the amendments to be offered
to the senate measure today by Sena
tor Hirdsall, if the bill comes up.
There Is some doubt as to Its being
reached, as it Is far down the list.
Itirdsall's amendments are designed
to make the bill more particularly
art i-Japanese hy framing It so as not
to affect corporations composed of
European capitalists.
Other amendments may be offered
Some members have been hi favor of
lriking out the restrictions on cor
iiorat!ons alt;iM-iher, but general opin
ion has been that such a method would
ho so easy of evasion as to make the
act Inoperative.
Tokyo, Apiil 21 The announce
ment that Piesident Wood row Wilson
and Secretary of State. Bryan are malt
ins efforts lo bring about a compro
mise In the proposed California legis
hit inn w ith respect to the alien land
ownership bill and that Governoi
Hiram Johnson Is opposing the bill
has softened Japanese Ire and public
opinion has now become more optl
Rambling Attack Is Made on Huerti
Garrison at Guaymas
Nogales, Ariz., April 21 Desultory
tiring continued between constitution-
ellsts. holding Htiipaltne, and the
1 1 not ta garrison entrenched at duay
mas. The exchange of shots was at
long range, across the bay. The eon
((titrated attack is not expected foi
several days. The state troops will
he delayed in any general attack by
necessury repairs on the artillery cm
ployed in the recent attack on Nnc.o
and the repairing of pieces captured
I mm the federals at Naco.
Federal and state troops taken prl
oners Incident to the battles at No
pales and Naco. remain held by Pnit
ed States troops of the border patrol
Veteran Diet Suddenly.
Hoone. la., 21 Ixiuis Young, who
served through the civil war with dis
Unction, arose after lying down and
walked over to a chair, apparently In
good health His wife looked at ltlm
moment later and found him dying
Ex-King Manuel to Marry a Princess.
nerlin, April 21. It was announced
that cxKlng Manuel of Portugal Is
engaged to marry Princess Augustine
Victoria, daughter of Prince Wilhelm
of llohenzollern.
Seventy-nve federal soldiers were
killed outright when Mexican lusur
gents dynamited a troop train a few
miles below Chihuahua City.
Ray Pfans( htnidt was fouud guilty
of the murder of his father, mother,
sister and Miss Emma Kaempen at
Qnincy, III. The penalty Is death.
A premature explosion of dynamite
occurred between the Pedro Miguel
locks and the Mlrnftores lock of the
Panama canal. Three men were killed
and twenty threo wounded.
The lower house of the Minnesota
legislature repassed over the govern
or's veto the teleprone control bill
and the bill providing for the inutile
Ipnl control of public utilities.
A triple automobile fatality, In
which the 'wo children of Isadora
Puncan, the American dancer, and
their governess were killed, occurred
l".V"ls I'errt-H Hiiliiirli if Vnrl
,-.' 4S
v Wf-W
ft' '-,' '''. i '.
We Have All Erred Seriously In
the Past, Said Pastor Russell.
The Penalty For Sin According to the
Bible Contradicts Our Creeds The
Bible Thoory Reasonable How It
Could Have Been Different Had God
Pleased How Jesus Suffered the
Penalty of the Sinner He Redeemed
Not Only the Church, but Also the
World How A" For Whom He Died
Must Ultimately Be Profited Divine
Justice 89 Well as Divine Love In
volved The Glorious Outcome.
Brooklyn. N. Y.,
April 20. - Pastor
RusbcII'b topic iu
the Itrooklyn Acad
emy of Music here
today was, "The
Necessity for Je
ans' Death." His
text was: "In due
time Christ died
for the ungodly."
Romans 5:0.
The speaker stat
fPASlOMUSSFlUj ed that while the
Bible everywhere
declares tho Importance of the death
of Jesus, Christ lit u people In recent
times seem to be perplexed upon the
subject. Seine dispute the Bible state
ment of the necessity for Jesus' death.
ntul claim that His life was uo differ
ent from that of other men, and His
death was no different from that of
others. Some claim that Jesus came
Into the world, nnd passed through va
rious trying experiences, not In order
to redeem mankind from anything, but
in order to show Ills followers how
they should live ninl die for a good
cause. Others In bewilderment de
clare that they see no relationship be
tween Jesus' death ami what they have
been taught Is the penalty for sin:
namely, eternal torment.
In general, said the Pastor, there Is
confusion upon the subject, and only
those who get the proper Scriptural
focus on the question of why Christ
died can be mentally nt rest, nnd able
to enter sympathetically into the vari
ous, features of the great Plan of Ood.
of which the death of Jesus for unman
redemption Is a part.
The Pnstor protested against the too
common practise of accepting a portion
of the P.lble. and rejecting the remain
der. He declared that any man wise
enough to criticise the Inspired Word
should be accepted as an Inspired au
thority capnblo of writing a better
statement of the Divine Plan. For his
part, he believed that the Holy Scrip
hires, as St. Paul declares, were writ
ten aforetlnio by. holy men for the ad
monition of the Church. He believed
that this was done because God wish
ed Ills people to understand His Divine
purposes and arrangements, and sym
pathetically to enjoy them and cooper
erate In their fulfilment. We should
hold fast "the faith onco delivered to
the saints," and should not allow our
own wisdom or the wisdom of other
men to make the Word of God of none
effect. He reminded his hearers of
how Jesus had reproved the Pharisees
for their neglect of God's Word and
for taking Instead of It the traditions
of men. Mark 7:0, 7.
However, the Pastor declared that
our English Illble docs not profess to
bo the Word of God, but merely a
translation of It. If, therefore, we find
some passages of Scripture which
have been mistranslated, and thus mis
represent the original Scriptures, we
should make haste to correct these, and
to admit that the translations were not
Inspired. Additionally, ho reminded
us that all old Manuscripts show that
during the long period of eighteen cen
turlcs errors bad crept In additions to
the words of Jesus nnd the Apostles,
Ho stated that nt the time of the pres
entation of our Common Version Eng
lish Itible the number of Greek manu
scripts was only seven, whereas now
thero ure several hundreds. Three of
them In particular nre very old the
Slnnltie, the Yatleau 1209, and the Alex
andrlan Manuscript.
The people of God are to so hunger
and thirst for their Heavenly Father's
words that they will spare uo pains to
know exactly what He said to them
and what He did not Bay, nnd to base
their faith upon the living Word
which surely will nbldo forever. So
doing, the Pastor declared, the Bible
becomes more beautiful nnd more rev
ereuced by Illble Students every day.
Jesus Died, to Meet Man's Penalty.
Thero Is no dispute among the va
rlous orthodox creeds that there wus
a penalty against mankind which need
ed to be met. before the Divine bless
lng could como to any of our race
These creeds all agreed, he said, that
Adam, the father of the race, was ere
ated perfect, in the image. In Un
moral likeness, of bis Maker, but that
he had sinned, and come under a pen
alty, or curse, on account of sin
Ilenco all of his race Inherited life
from him, shining his weaknesses and
bis condemnation to death.
God, having sentenced man to death
as unworthy of life, could not con
Istently have any dealings with him
whllo still condeniucd. Hence God'
provision that Jesua as tho Son of God
should recover Adam nnd his race
from the sentenco of death in order
' "'' ':' I
that all might have uu opportunity to
return to harmony with God. and thus
to everlasting life.
This, said the Pastor. Is clearly set
forth In both iJte Old Testament and
the New. If we would forget our
creeds and rid our minds of the false
theories whielt they inculcate, these
Scriptures would now guide us with
out dillieulty. Christendom is haudi
capped by the creeds of the Dark
Ages, which confuse us. On this sub
ject. for iustaucv. of Christ's redeem
ing work, we are met with the propo
sition of the creeds that the curse of
God against our race is eternal torture
in some far-off place, we know not
where possibly within tho eartti.
The misconceptions of our forefa
thers on the subject of punishment for
sin were built upon' mistranslation or
figurative statements meant to be un
derstood symbolically. For instance,
we read of our Lord. "He ojiened His
mouth In parables .and dark sayings."
When our Lord illustrated the utter
destruction of the finally Incorrigible
by the destruction of the offal of Je
rusalem, cast into the Gehenna fire
outside of the city wall, it was not tor
ment that lie taught, but annihilation.
Nothing was tormented in the lire of
the valley of Ilinnont. In the Book
of Revelation, wholly symbolical, the
plain (statement is made that the lake
of fire represents the Second Death.
"The Wages of Sin Is Death."
Most emphatically the P.iblo declares
the wages of sin to be death not tor
ment. And lest any one should think
of this us merely meaning tho death of
the body, while the soul continues to
live, tho Scriptures - expressly state
more than once that the death of the
soul is meant. "The soul that slnncth
It shall die." "God Is able to destroy
both soul nnd body" In Gehenna . the
Second Death. The penalty against
Adam, "Dying, thou shall die," si;,'nl
fies the death of his soul, his entire
being. Under that sentence, unless re
deemed. Adam and his race would
have had no future life.
But God from the very beginning
purposed to redeem man from this
death sentence. In due time He sent
forth His Son to pay man's redemp
tion price Jesus' redemptive work
will restore man's soul from the power
of the tmnb, by a resurrection of the
dead. Therefore, even before Jesus
had died for our sins, lie said to some
of the people. "Fear not them which
can kill the body," and thus take from
you all that remains of the present
Adatnle life. Fear God. with whom
nre the issues of the future life, for
lie Is able to destroy not merely the
temporary life of Hie present time, but
also your prospective life, which lie
purposes to sci ure for you through the
Redeemer's sacrili e. and by lite resur
rection from the dead.
We see, then, that God rested every
feature of Ills Plan for mankind upon
the gront work which from t!i.- begin
ning He Intended Jesus should accom
plish for our v.uv St. Paul, s-iid tin
Pastor, expresses this in a few words
saying. "As by a man came death not
eternal torment . by a man also comes
the resurrection of the dead. For as
all In Adam die, even so all in Christ
shall be made alive, every man in his
own order." The first order, or resur
rection, is that of The Christ. Head and
Body, to glory, honor. Immortality, on
the Divine plane of being. Search
carefully the Old Testament Scriptures
every word of God through Moses
and the Prophets-nnd we find not a
hint of any other penalty for sin than
this death penalty.
What the Death Penalty Includes.
The Pastor declared that many fall
to grasp tho full Import of the death
penalty. It Includes not only the final
net of dying, but all the steps leading
thereto. Had there been no sin nnd no
sin penalty, thero would have been no
dying process no aches, no pain, no
sighing nor crying, nor dying.
Man lived in Eden as happily us an
gels live In their Heavenly homo on
the spirit plane, for he Is au enrthly
being, adapted only to earthly condi
tions. Besides, had It not been for sin.
God would iiot have permitted the
curse, nor brought thorns, thistles,
storms, cyclones, drouth and deluges,
whleh In death-dealing power have
been permitted to come to man. be
cause he Is a convict. He Is already
under eentenco of denth, nnd not en
titled to any consideration.
The favors that God has promised to
him through Christ will come in their
due season. They will make earth a
Paradise garden, with nothing to hurl
or destroy. The Divine blessing will
bring to all mankind the opportunity
to return to the lmngo and likeness of
God, and to everlasting life, under the
New Covenant.
Another of Our Difficulties.
An additional difficulty under which
we labored as Bible students In the
past, said the Postor, Is that we con
fused the special work of this Gospel
Age w 1th the general work of the next
Age. God's provision, through the
death of Christ, for rolling away the
curse of sin nnd denth from mankind
applies to the next Ago, nnd not to the
present Age. When Ills duo time shall
arrive, everything will bo In readiness
for the great work which He has
promised shall be satisfactorily con
summated. Divine Wisdom, backed
by Divine Power, will establish Mes
siah's Kingdom in power and great
glory, bind Satan, brenk tho shackles
of Ignorance, error and sin, and set
humanity free from tho slavery of sin
and death, under which It has rested
for six thousand years.
This grent work Is spoken of in two
different ways: (1) It will be n time
for overthrowing and breaking down
the powers of sin, darkness and evil.
(2) It will be a time for uplifting man
kind to tho original Divine Image In
which Adam whs created.
Aa the entire reign of sin ajid death
cam, through Adam's disobedience,
upon the whole world, so the entire re
lease from the curse will come to every
member of the race, through Jesus.
The broad basis for this work has al
ready been laid in the death of Jesus
Christ died for our sins, according to
the Scriptures." d Corinthians 15:3.)
Jesus Christ, by the grace of GoiJ,
tasted death for every man. "He is
the propitiation for our sins: and not
for ours only, but also for the sins of
the whole world." 1 John 2:2.
As till the race were Involved in the
death sentence, the one redemptive
work was necessary for the releasing
of nil. In God's arrangement He has
divided the redeemed into two great
classes, both of which will attain ever
lasting life. But one class will receive
it on the spiritual, or Heavenly, plane,
while the other will get It on the enrth
ly plane. This docs not signify unl
versalism. for while these two classes
nre to be saved, the Bible distinctly
tells of some who will receive the grace
of God In vain, and die the Second
Death.-Revelatlon 21
From this viewpoint, note the force
of the Apostle's words: "The wages of
sin Is death, but the gift nf God Is eter
nal life, through Jesus Christ our
Lord." (Romans 0:23.) The death sen
tence passed upon all through one
man. Adam. The gift of God is to
come to all humanity through the sec
ond Adam, the Lord.
The Riches of God's Grace,
Our Great Creator is rich in grace,
the Apostle tells us. He not only pur
posed to recover mankind from tho dis
advantages of the fall, but additionally
took advantage of the circumstances
connected with the permission of sin
to give au especial opportunity to any
of the sinners to manifest. If they
would, special loyalty to Himself. God
might have placed a different penalty
against slii. lie might have excluded
our first parents from Eden for u year
nnd then have returned them, or He
might have simply banished the race
from Eden, and have allowed all to
live without sentence of death against
us. Had He done so, Jesus would not
have needed to die for man's redemp
tion Because the sentence of death
had been Imposed, however. It must be
canceled before the race could be re
stored to perfection and to God's fa
vor. It Is evident, then, that God wished
to have the death penalty upon our
race, so as to make necessary the death
of His Son. This, in turn, meaiit that
the Father invited the Son to become
man's Redeemer, and that the Sou nc
ccpted the offer, and came Into this
world for that very purpose, litis Im
plied that the Fit titer would reward
Him with a high exaltation, in recog
nition of His loyalty and obedience un
to death, even of the cross. Thus Je
sus suffered for our sins, and entered
into His glory.
But God had a further Plan. Hence
He sent Jesus to die for the world
nearly two thousand years before He
was readv to deal with the world. And
that long period of nearly two thou
sand years litis siuce been devoted to
the calllug out of the Church, to be the
Rrido nf Christ, and Joint-heir in His
Kingdom. This Church Is described
as a Little Flock, a saintly few, who
through much tribulation are walking
in the footsteps of tho Redeemer, nnd
ultimately will be accounted therefore
as worthy to share with Him In nis
glories on the spirit plane.
This election of the Church In no
sense or degree hinders the grent work
of God for tho world. On the con
trary, God In His Wisdom has made
the election of the Church to be a help
ful nnd connective link iu His grent
Plnu for blessing and restoring man
kind to human perfection and earthly
Eden.-Acts 3:19 21.
The Bible Triumphant.
We are all witnesses to the coufu
sion which has prevailed amongst us
ns the people of God. Our difficulties
have been connected with this prob
lem of eternal torture, and a redemp
tion and recovery therefrom. How
glnd we are, ns children of God and
students of Ills Word, for the light
that Is now shining upon us! This
does not menn that we have made the
light, nnd may therefore boast of It.
It means that as in the dawning of
the natural day . the darkness flees
gradually, so now In the dawning of
the New Dispensation, Messiah's Day
a thousand years long, the light of
Divine Truth is shining more and
more clearly. It Is scattering our dark
ness nnd our fears, nnd ennbling us
as people of God, more and more to
love the great Fountain of blessing
from whom comet h every good nnd
every perfect gift.
Now we see that the faults which
have been found with the Rlble belong
not to It It Is consistent It contains
Ihe Divine Plan, or Program, so com
prehenslve and so beautiful as to be
heart-nssurlng thnt It Is of God nnd
not of mnn. No human mind could
possibly devise the glorious features
of God's PInn. providing a place on
the Heavenly plane, for the elect
Church, and a place on the earthly
plane for Adam and nil his race as
many of them ns will accept the offer,
when clearly and distinctly presented
to them, when the blind eyes shall be
opened nnd all the deaf ears shall be
unstopped. Isaiah 35:5. 0.
Wo sec. theu. my dear brethren, that
the dtath of Christ is, by God's ar
rongentent. the most important fact
In the whole world's history. The one
next In Importance Is His resurrection
from the dead nnd ascension to glory
Ills work for mnn will be at His Second
Coming: He will establish His Heaven
Iv Kingdom, nnd rule, bless and uplift
tho world to all that was lost In Adam
and redeemed at Calvory-the Bride of
Christ sharing with her Lord In all
thnt great and wonderful work, being
qualified thereto by her share with
Him In the Flint Resurrection. Rt-
latlon 20.4.
Humor and I
' ' That over with!
The country's saved
Once more
The last debater has debate!.
The Inst silver tnnsued orator
Has oi a led.
And pence settles dow
Like a wet blanket
Over a bonfire
Of yellow uuiuniit leaves.
And, shanks to t?li,
All Is well. ,
You might have thought
As you caught
The last relraln
Of the grand campaign
That It was bound to make
A whole lot of difference
Each side was forced to win
Or the world would come to an ent
And send
Shivers along the spine
Of tho universe
Or maybe something worse.
Wrought to a frenzy
By the spell
Of their own oratory,
The knell
Was sounded unless
The voters made their guess
The Bams way
As did the speaker of the day.
But now we s?e It In quits
A different light.
The jig
Is never op In this bt
Country, no mailer who
Comes through.
The ship of stats
Sails on
With any captain
The peopla see tit to pick.
How to Thrive.
My doctor says 1 must gt out of
'Yes. So I nin going on a farm. I
wish I knew some farmer who could
glvo me practical advice."
"Nix ou the farmer."
"If you really want to kuow how to
run a farm get a high priced lawyer
who has read a sciie-J of magazine ar
ticles on agriculture."
Some Entertainment.
did you enjoy the play
"Good, was it?"
"The play? Oh. I don't know. But
two women Just behind me went over
the latest developments In the Classes'
divorce case, and two men to front of
me told all about tho poker games my
husband played the night before."
"I wonder why Brlggs married so
"He lost his job."
"But his wife can't support him. She
can't even support herself."
"He figures he can spend the winter
visiting among her relatives."
Easy to Afford.
"That mnn talks as If new motor
cars were an every aay occurrence
with him."
"Why shouldn't he? He Is a mem
ber of one of the major leagues."
Never Again.
"Do you like cold weather?"
"1 used to, but not any more."
'It Is stylish to go south In the winter
"Hosklns has a dandy new type
"Machlno or perfect lady?"
Modern Palace.
I dreamed I dwelt In marble halls.
Or that was my Intent.
When I awoke I found the walls
Were inudo of hard cement
Occasionally a self respecting auto
mobile ditches from pure shame at be
lng caught out nt 2 o'clock In the
Sometimes a man's watch get a
habit of stopping Just before it Is time
for him to go home.
Nothing makes somo persons happier
tbnn to find a new old sign to be
lieve In.
Dnd always gets tho chair with the
soft cushions.
What would tho habitual moralist
jo If It were not for women?
Some women wish that they had
been born men so they wouldn't have
to do their hnlr np in curl papers.
Tou can't make every one believe
that an old maid can possibly be
Tho mnn who Insists upon running
risks and motorcars at the same time
is bound eventually to come to grief
In oldon times when a roan thirsted
for gore he went to war. Now he tries
to qualify ns an aeronaut
The porch swing has taken the place
In courtship of the old tlmo front gate.
No man enn tell what the future
may bring forth If you must know,
ask a woman
A woman's Idea of a model man Is
one who, when he has finished rending
It, carefully folds the Sunday paper
od places It In the paper rack.