The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, April 14, 1913, Image 3

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you that some other fence is just as good. If he doesn't tell it, write ui direct.
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burgh Perfect" Fencing. All mad of Opea
Hearth material
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Pittsburgh Steel Co.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Local Hews
From Friday's Dally,
Arthur leaker of Murray was in
the city lust evening for a few
hours attending to some matters
of business.
Charles Gerlach of near Manley
was in the city yesterday after
noon for a few hours attending to
business matters.
Hon. W. II. Puis of near Murray
was in the city today, driving in
with the election returns from Mt.
Pleasant precinct.
George A. Kaffenberger was in
the city yesterday for a few
liour.s attending to some trading
with the merchants.
Carter.Albin, one of the leading
farmers of Liberty precinct, was
in the city today doing some trad
ing with the merchants.
Chris Darkening, from west of
this city, was in town for a few
hours yesterday Jooking after
some business matters.
Peter Ilaimes, lrom west of the
city, drove in yesterday afternoon
for a short time to attend to some
trading with the merchants.
John Tighe came in this after
noon from his home at Manley to
assist in the canvassing of the
voles cast in the recent election,
Henry Utterback came in this
morning from Cedar Creek, where
he is employed, and he will visit
here with his friends for a short
Ed and Harry Meisinger of
Cedar Creek came in this morn
ing on No. 4 to attend to some
matters of business here for a
few hours,
Alfred Gansmer of Mt. Pleas
ant precinct was in the city this
morning for a few hours attend
ing to some trading wiih the
John Busche and wife came in
this morning from their home
near Cedar Creek and spent sev
eral hours here with their numer
ous friends.
John Niday of Union came up
this morning on the early Mis
souri Pacific train to attend to
some business matters at the
court house.
Max Adams arrived on the aft
ernoon train today from York and
will make a short visit here with
his parents. Will Adams and wife,
south of this city.
J. W. Ruhge. assessor for
Weeping Water precinct, acrom
panied by Jesse Davis, was in the
city Wednesday looking after
business eonnerted with assess
ing df his precinct this month.
Mrs. F. I,. Wilnieth and Miss
Winters of Lincoln, who have
been attending the Christian
church convention here, returned
this morning to their homes, go
ing on the early linrlington train.
C. K. Ileini, from .near Louis
ville, was in the city today, com
ing down for a few hours' visit
with county seat friends, and
while here he called at the Jour
nal otlice to renew the subscrip
tion of his father. Theo. Heim.
Mrs. II. J. Allrogee, who has
been here for several days visit
ing at the In uiio of Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. Johnson, departed this aft
ernoon for Waterloo, Iowa, from
where she will leave fur her future
home in Smith Dakota.
Mrs. W. II. Meisinger ami sis
ter, Miss Helen llennings, of the
vicinity of Cedar Creek were
isitors in this city today. They
were pleasant callers at this ofllce
and while here Mrs. Meisinger
uhscribed for the Semi-Weekly
Victor Sherwood and wife and
Miss Hazel Storey of Grand Island
arrived this afternoon and will
visit here lor a short time wiin
relatives and friends. Victor is
just out of the hospital, where he
was laid up with a severe injury
received at Valpariaso.
hours and look after some busi
ness matters.
Attorney C. K. Tent of Weeping
Water was in the city today for a
few hours al lending to some busi
ness matters in county court.
Fred Kehne and son, Will, were
passengers this morning on No.
1") for Lincoln, where they were
called on some matters of busi
Henry Horn, one of the worthy
farmers from I he precinct, was
in the city yesterday for a short
lime attending In some trading
with the merchants.
Mrs. V. I). LehnolT and daugh
ter, Miss Tillie, were passengers
this afternoon on the linrlington
for Omaha, where they will visit
for a time with relatives.
George Snyder of I he precinct
came in yesterday from his farm
home to look after some import
ant business matters at the dif
ferent, stores in this city.
L. A. Meisinger came in Ibis
morning from his farm, west of
Ibis cily, and visited for several
hours among Ihe merchants.
While here Mr." Meisinger renew
ed his subscription for the Jour
nal for anol her year.
Mi- Myrtle Hudson of Lin
coln, wli i lias been here for sev
eral days, jfuest of Mrs. W il
liam A. Robertson, departed Ibis
nioriiing fur her home, going on
Ihe early train oer the Durling-
.Henry lliner, wife and little
cmitl oi WaKhill. .Neb., who were
here al lending the funeral of Ilert
lliner. departed this morning for
their home. Mrs. Jesse Hiner ac
companied hem for a short isit.
George Thierolf, for the past
ten years a resident of Alberta,
Canada, came in this afternoon
and will visit here and at Cedar
Creek with relatives. He is a son
of Henry Thierolf, who was one.
of the prominent residents of
Cedar Creek.
TOUKST HOSK The best Hour
on Ihe market. Give it a trial.
Many Are the Voices
Plattsmouth People.
From Thursday's Dally.
J. M. Hoover of Lihiisville came
in this morning on No. i to attend
to some business matters at Ihe
court nouse. I
James Loughridge and Sam O.
Pitman of Murray came up last
evening to attend the meeting of
the Masonic lodge.
W. II. .Seyberl of Culloin was in
the city today, bringing in the re
turns from Eight Mile Grove pre-'
cinct on the jail tpieslion.
Oscar Zarr. one of Ihe genial
farmers from South Hend, came
in this morning on No. i to attend
to some business matters for the
Frank Tinkle of Union came up
this morning on the early Mis
souri Pacific to deliver the elec
tion returns al the ollicc of I lie
county clerk.
Mrs. G. H. llennings of Omaha,
who was here last evening at
tending Ihe session of the Wood
man Circle, departed this morn
ing for her home.
V. L. Taylor and Mrs. A. r",.
Taylor of Union were in Ihe city
this morning looking after some
business matters al Ihe court
Fred Spangler and wife depart
ed this afternoon for Omaha,
where they will visit for a few
!!v;f .-
The CelebratedTPercheron
Jaloux is a beautiful black
rcheron, wei ghing 19 5 0
pounds, foaled March 5, 1909
bred by M. Durand, Depart
ment of Orne, and imported
by E. J. Ileisel, Fremont,
Inwn in Orrnher. 1911. nnrl ia
recorded in the Percheron So
ciety of America, No. 81875. Jaloux has a splendid record, a strong
pedigree, and is an excellent foal getter.
Jaloux will make the season of l'J13asl follows: Monday, Tuesday
and Wednesday of each week at the barn of Henry Ragoos, five miles
southeast of Louisville; Thursday Friday and.Saturday at Wm. Wctten
kams.ptwo miles west of Mynard.
TERMS-$13.09 to insure colt to stand and suck. Care will be taken
to prevent nccider.U. but will not be held responsible should any occur.
August Klemm
From Suturdayt Dally.
J. M. Holmes of Murray was in
the city today for a few hours at
tending If) some matters of busi
ness. C. II. Vallery was in Ihe city to
day for-a few hours visiting wilh
.1 . .... 1 I 1. I", ..I.."
i irieuos ami innMiig uiicr nuniess
, mailers.
j John KalVenberger drove in I his
I afternoon from his home lo at
jtend to sonw trading with Ihe
1 merchant s.
j Misses Kdna and Mayola Props!
came down Ibis morning from
Omaha to spend Sunday with their
parents at Mynard.
S. L. Furlong of near Rock
Muffs came up this morning to
transact, some business matters
wilh Ihe merchants.
George M. Hild of near Mynard
was in the city today for a few
hours looking after some business
mailers with the merchants.
Waller Sans came up Ibis aft
ernoon from his home near Rock
Minns lo look aiicr some mismess
mallei's for a short time.
G. G. Meisinger was in town to
day from his home near Cedar
Creek lo attend to some business
mailers with the merchants.
Frank Hiber came down this
afternoon from Omaha, where he
is attending Ihe Creighton School
of Pharmacy, to spend Sunday
wilh his parents. .
(rover Wills came in this
morning from his home near My
nard and was a passenger for the
metropolis to attend lo business
matters for a short time.
P. H. Meisinger was attending
to business matters in this cily
today and took time lo call at this
ollicc and have bis subscription
extended for another year.
Fred Kruger, who has been here
for a few days visiting with
friends, departed on No. 23 yes
terday for Madison, Neb., where
he is employed on n farm near
that dace.
Attorney W. C. Ramsey was in
the city over night visiting his
parents and attending to somo
legal business, returning to his
home in Omaha this morning on
No. 15.
Mrs. Georgia Creamer and sis
ter, Mrs. J. W. Yardly, from near
Murray, were passengers this
morning' for Omaha, where they
will attend to some business mai
lers for the day.
W. G. Meisintrcr drove in yes
terday from his home, west of the
city to attend to some trading
with the merchants. He reports
Ihe roads as being in bad shape
in the locality in which he resides.
Thirty thousand voices What
a grand chorus I And that's the
number of American men and
women who arc publicly praising
Doan's Kidney Pills for relief
from backache, kidney and blad
der ills. They say it to friends.
They tell it in the home papers,
Platlsmouth people are in this
chorus. Here's a Plattsmouth
Mrs. Adam Kurtz, one mile west
of Plattsmouth, Neb., says: "I
have found Doan's Kidney Pills
good for any trouble with the kid
neys and back. I was suffering
intensely at Ihe time I got them
and I could not sloop or stand
erect. There was a dull, nagging
pain IhnTugh my back that robbed
me of energy. My sight became
afTected ami dark spots appeared
tefore me. I got Doan's Kidney
Pills from Rynott's Drug Store
and in a short time they relieved
ill my troubles. Since then I have
recommended Ibis remedy to a
number of friends."
For sale by all dealers. Price
50 cents. Fosler-Milburn Co.,
Huff a In, New York, sole agents for
ie United States.
Remember the name Doan's
and take no other.
From Saturday's Dally. (
The funeral of Pert lliner, who
died Tuesday in Omaha, a held
M'.slerday afternoon at the home
of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse
lliner, on North Eighth street, and
was attended by iiuite a larue
number of sorrowing friends and
relatives, who uathered lo nav
their last respects lo their de
ceased friend. Ihe sen ices were
in charge of Rev. W. L. Auliu of
the First Methodist, church, who
spoke consoling words to the
family and friends who
gathered at the home. Tin
termeni was made in Oak
Pert lliner was born in Mar
shall county, Kansas, in 1877 and
in 1879 his parents removed to
Osbourn county, where they lived
until Hert had reached the age of
G years, when they came to Mills
county, Iowa, where he resided
until about nine years ago, when
ho came to this city, where his
parents had made their home. He
resided here until being taken to
the hospital in Omaha, where he
passed away.
No. 19H
(' THE
At Plattsmouth, in the State of Ne
braska, at the close of business
April 4th, 1913.
Ixians and discounts JriV4..Y!.2!
Overdrafts, oecured and iiiiwuivd . o.fC'4.0S
I'. S. Iionds toserure i-ln-nlat Ion i0,l)oo.0l
Other lunula to ipcurf I'iMal Sav-
Iiun ....
'miliums on V. S. Ixnids CHU
Itonds, jeouritles. etc 00
Itiinklnir house, furniture. liMuivs. .. 14.oo0.00
Other real estate owned T,rio7.M8
Hue from national banks (not re
serve nt.'eiitM) an.oi
Due from approved reset ve airentN . :t.',l!i7.02
Checks and other cash Items l.5:kvlW
Notes of other national hanks 4.000.00
fractional liaiier currency, nickels
and cents I47.4S
Lawful money reserve In hank, viz:
Specie.. $..'l.l.')!i.iH)
I-eual-tender notes ii.n4:J.U0 i'.Ool.OO
licdrtnpt Ion fund fmm I'.S. Treas
urer (." percent of circulation) . 2.500.00
Card of Thanks.
To the friends who have shown
I heir kindness to us during the
death and funeral of our beloved
son and brother we are taking this
method of returning our most
heartfelt Ihanks and trust that
the shadow of sorrow will never
fall on them.
Mr. and Mrs. Jessie lliner and
Capital stock paid in I "i0.0no.0O
Surplus fund Ji.OOO.OO
I'ndlvlded prollts, less exiKMises and
taxes paid 4,lS2.0!t
National hank notes outstanding.... fiO.otW.Oo
Individual deposit aubject to check 87,lW.tW
Heinand certilicates of deinwit 7,411. 25
Time certificates of deposit lsj,mui
DeiKwIts of Postal Savlnirs !!,M3.45
Total Hl2,9:a3
St ate of Nebraska I
County of Cass 1 88 I, II. N. IKivey, cashier
of the aliove-nanied bank, do solemnly swear
that the above statement is true to the best of
my knowledire and belief.
11. N. Povt, Cashier.
Correct-Attest: (ico. E. IIovkt,
K. K. Hchi.atkii,
E. W.Cook. Director.
SiiliscrlNul and sworn to before me this
10th day of April, l'.'Kt. Ilessle Shea
tSeall Notary Public.
My commission expires June 3. lti,.
"My little son had a very severe
cold. I was recommended to try
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, and
before a small bottle was finished
he was as well as ever," writes
Mrs. II. Silks, 20 Dowling Street.
Sydney, Australia. This remedy
is for sale by F. G. Fricko & Co.
Money to loan on city real
estate on good terms and at
moderate rates. Buy or build a
home on the easy payment plan.
See T. M. Patterson, Secretary
Plattsmouth Loan and Building
Ho-Ha Being Fitted Out.
The crew of tin? llo-Ha this
afternoon were engaged in equip
ping the vessel for service on tlio
river the coming season and in
stalling the gasoline engine, as
well as a new reverse gear, under
Ihe supervising eye of the skip
per. This is one id" Ihe neatest
motor boats on the river and also
one of the most speedy.
Stud" .f nlil.i, cily of Toledo, Luonn County, .
trunk J, ( henry Iiiiiken nuth Unit he Is neiilor
partner of the thru of b J. Cheney & Co., do
ing lmliioim in the City of Toledo, County and
NUto nforesRliI, nnd Unit ftalil linn will aj
the (11111 of (INK lU'NIIItKI) lllllXAKS for
each ami every ease of Catarrh that rnnnot h
rureil by tho use of Uall'a 1'aturrh Cure.
Sworn lo before me ami mihcril,' In my
preenn, thU (lib day of Ueceiuhcr, A. 1).. IHHtt.
Heul. A. W. m.EARON,
Notary Public.
Mall' Catarrh Cure la taken Internally and
art directly uihiii the IiIimmI and mucous ur
furen of tho tysteni. Send for testimonial,
I'. J. CHENEY k CO., Tulido, O.
Sold by all Drurnlits, 7.V.
"Taka Hull' Family rills for couitlpatloa.
100 Me
&,d of
From 4 to 15 Years Old
and weighing from 1200 to 1800 pounds,
and fat.
Wo will be in
atuirday, Apri
at Manspcaker's Darn, and will buy all the horses that arc for sale.
L 4 -
I w
if ff 1 w