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Are YOUR Kidneys Weak?
HOW TO TELL First read tho testimony and learn what Doan's
Kidney Pills have done for others.
Then if your back achea, if sharp pains etrike you when stooping or
lifting; if you are lame in the morning, tire too easily; if you have dizzy
spells and are nervous, despondent and inclined to worry over trifles; if
the kidney eections are highly colored and full of sediment, if passages
are too frequent, scanty, painful or scalding, it is likely that your kid
neys need quick attention.
Take a sample of the urine and let it stand for 24 hours, if a sandy,
brick-dust like like Bediment Bettles to the bottom of the receptacle,
there is evidence enough to suspect the kidneys.
If Your Back Aches and Your Kidneys are Weak Get
the Kidney Remedy That Has Been Proved GOOD Again
and Again Right Here in Plattsmouth. ,
PSatfsmoyth People Tell its
William Gilviour, Farmer, four miles south of
Plattsmouth, Nebr., says:
"Doan's Kidney Pills have bren used with
the best results in my family. The patient
had been suffering intensely from lameness
in the back and could not get no lasting re
lief until she began using Doan's Kidney
Pills. They did more to check these trou
bles than anything else that had previously
been taken."
E. M. Buttkhy, Tenth and Walnut Sts. Platts
mouth, Nebr., says: "I still use Doan's Kidney
Pills occasionally and recommend them just as
highly as I did in 1908, when I gave a public state
ment endorsing them. I used Doan's Kidney
Pills for pain in my back and hips and other
symptoms of kidney tronble. The quick relief
they brought, warrants me in endorsing them."
Mrs. Adam Kurtz, one mile west of Platts
mouth, Nebr., says:
"I have found Doan's Kidney Pills good for
any trouble with the kidneys and back. I
was suffering intensely at the time I got
them and 1 could not stoop or stand erect.
There was a dull, nagging pain through my
back that robbed me of energy. My sight
became affected and dark spots appeared be
fore me. I got Doan's Kidney Pills from Ry
nott's drug store and in a short time they re
lieved all my troubles. Since then, I have
recommended this remedy to a number of
Mrs. F. S. Brinkman, Eleventh and Pearl Sts.,
Plattsmouth, Nebr., says:
"For several years I was bothered by my
kidneys. My back would often pain me in
tensely and I was inclined to think my trou
ble was in the form of biabetes. Headaches
and dizzy spells bothered me and by sight
became so badly affected that I could not
read. I also had trouble with my kidneys.
Doan's Kidney Pills were so highly recom
mended that 1 decided to try them and I got
a box at Rynott's drug store. In a short
time they helped me in every way. I am
never without a supply of this remedy on
0. H. Tower, Rock and Seventh Sts., Platts
mouth, Nebr., says:
"I think Doan's Kidney Pills are an excel
lent remedy. I had a dull, heavy pain in
the small of my back and it got so bad that
I had to get on my knees and straighten up
gradually after I stooped. The action of my
kidneys were irregular. Doctors told me I
had stone in the bladder. I was finally ad
vised to tryDoan's Kidney Pills. After I
took the contents of one box, I noticed my
trouble was beginning to disappear and in a
short time my health had improved in every
Benjamin Brooks, Main St.. Plattsmouth.Nebr.,
"As the result of a bad cold, I had a severe
attack of kidney complaint. At times the
pain extended from my back and hips into
my shoulders. I could not get about and
was laid up for two weeks. My head ached for
hours at a time. I had dizzy spells, during
which my sight became blurred. Doan's
Kiduey Pills checked these troubles and af
ter using two boxes, I regained my health. I
got Doan's Kidney Pills at Rynott's drug
store and can recommend them."
Herman Tiekoetter, Contractor, Ninth and
Day Sts., Plattsmouth, Nebr., says:
"I gave a public statement in praise of
Doan's Kidney Pills in 1906, after they had
given me great relief from backache and
lameness. I am glad to confirm all I then
said. My trouble has never returned. My
kidneys caused me much trouble and there
was a dull, tired feeling across my loins. If I
stooped or straightened, my back hurt me
and in the morning I was all tired out. I
heard so much said about Doan's Kidney
Pills that I finally got a box. They prompt
ly relieved every symptom of my complaint."
Sold at all druggists and general stores, 50c a box, or mailed on receipt of price by FOSTER-MILBURN CO., Buffalo, N. Y.
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slic is well tilled in every way lu
lill ;i!iy n-.itiim in Hie selmol llial
she may be assigned n, ami she
has a ;Tea! inlluence over the
I : i ils, which will nive her a Rreat
(M'nrl unity In impruve I lie pupils
in I heir schnnl work.
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nnrnTJMiTn rnnm mr nnr
:- bnnii'iun rriuhi tr nt
from Thursday's Dally.
Thi.-i iiiorniiiK tho Ilifih school
received a new teacher in the per
son of Miss Moore of Lincoln, who
conies to lill the vacancy caused
by fhe resignation of Miss Lillian
Cole. Miss Moore comes to this
city with the highest recom
mendations and is 11 young lady
eminently qualified to III the posi
tion of teacher in the science de
partment of the High school, as
she has received special training
along this line.
Miss Lucille Oass, who is
studying at I he Peru normal, tit
ling herself for High school work,
has been selected to take tho posi
tion in tho grade school which
will ho made vacant March 21 by
the resignation of Miss Ethel Ual
lanco. Miss Gass is a Platts
mouth girl ami her many friends
will ho more than pleased to learn
that she is to take up teaching in
I h is city, where her ability along
Mrs line is so well known, and
Visit "Old Folks at Home."
0. J. Meisiuger, one of the re
liable and worthy farmers of near
doilar Creek, accompanied by his
wife and child, was in the city
esloi'day visiting at the home of
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacoh
.Moisingor. This is the lirst lime
this worthy family has boon in
I he city for four months, and I hey
look advantage of the occasion to
renew their subscription to tho
OM Reliable for another year.
Miss Josls Ruehland Better.
Miss .Tosip Ruhland, who has
been quite sick for tho past week,
is reported as being slightly im
proved, although tho rheumatism
from which she is suffering has
settled in her hands and she is
unable to use them. Tho case is
a very painful one and tho suffer
ing she has endured has boon very
l'nmi Tliur.sday'H Dally.
S. Krali hie, who is emploxod in
the Miirlinglon freight car repair j
department,, this morning received
a very severe wound on his chin
as a result of an accident that
happened to him while engaged in
his daily task. He, in company
with his partner, was engaged in
taking off the heads of some bolts
on a car, and he was holding the
chisel while his partner was using
a sledge to knock off the bolt
heads, when a small part of the
sledge broke off and struck the
unfortunate man on tho chin, in
flicting a very painful wound, and
ho was af once hurried to the sur
geon's nflice, where the wound
was dressed and, he will tako a
short vacation until tho injury
heals up, which will lake several
days nl least.
Journal for fancy Stationery.
Great Opportunity for Profit
On Increased Value of
Government Irrigated Lands
Time after time we have seen land jump into value with the build
ing of a new railroad, and history is sure to repeat itself in the BIG HORN
BASIN, where you can now file on an 80 acre Government irrigated
homestead at no cost except the actual cost of water right, and you are
fjiven twelve years to repay that without interest light payments the
first five years. No taxes for three years.
ntn ruiuttl JU5I UUI. Write quickly for the new Government
folder with map and full particulars. :- March, 1913, issue.
l004Farnam St., Omaha, Neb. Immigration Agent
Robert Shrader Returns.
Robert Shrader and family, who
for the past several years have
been residing out near Homily,
Nob., have returned to Cass coun
ty, and will make their homo near
Murray. 1 hoy nave taken up
their homo at the obi homestead
of Mrs. Shrader's parents, Mr.
md Mrs. H. C Long. Mr. and
Mrs. Long will soon move to Mur
ray. where they will erect a line
residence. The Journal is pleased
to note the return of Mr. and. Mrs
Shrader to Cass county, where
they will no doubt make I heir
homo for years to I'omc
Mr. Becker Doing Nicely.
Mrs. Mary It. Allison, who has
been af the homo of her brother,
A. H. Iteckor, near Union, for the
past two weeks, returned to her
homo in Plattsmouth Thursday
evening. Mr. llecker, who was sr
seriouslv injured in an nulmun
bile accident a lew weeks ago, is
gelling along nicely, with favor
able conditions for a speedy and
permanent recovery. While tho
injury was very serious, Mr.
Iteckor was confined to his bod
but a few days, and his recovery
has been very rapid.
Mrs. Jake .Miller is renorte.
I he sick list this week.
Alex Miller will move his family
into the hotel as soon us il is
M. C. Walker was in town Sat
urday at the Farmers' elevator on
O. A. Coon and George Coon
made a trip to Gretna last Tues
day on a land deal.
For coal, feed and grain call on
Keekler it Schafer. Just received
a new load of Updike's flour.
Charles Gcrlach, our genial
stock buyer, shipped a ear of bogs
to the Omaha market Monday.
Aaron Jenkins is busy these
days getting his house repaired
preparatory to leaving the hotel.
Daniel Rockwell and Howard
Johnson are moving out on the
farm southeast of town this week.
The meeting at Weeping Water
last Friday was largely attended.
Someone said court house re
William Houton was in town
Monday and from here ventured
over I ho rough roads to Weeping
The Yates Lumber and Coal Co.
received a car of lumber Satur
day and they are making some
changes in the yard.
Moving and house cleaning will
soon begin, so you had better go
to C. M. Jenkins and order thai
wall paper and paint.
Breaking bronchoes and mules
seems lo bo the new stunt around
Mauley lately. Must be the farm
ers think spring is coming.
Tho prospects for autoing is
gelling bolter and will bo better
still if old Sol gets in his work
for one or two more days. "Oh,
you Jackson."'
The section foreman. Mr. Russ,
has been busy the past week pul
ling the side-track in good shape
to the Farmers' elevator for tho
spring rush of grain.
Mass meetings are being held
in I he central part of the county
and Hie agitation looking to the
re-location of the county seat is
being stirred constant ly. Of
course the little towns thai hope
lo benefit thereby are not lo be
blamed, but we cannot see what
good it will do the people of Ne
hawka and vicinity to help them
that must in the eml amount to
many, many times that amount.
We hold no brief in the defence of
Plattsmouth, but it certainly does
look foolish to us to see people
fall Ttvcr themselves in an ecort
to help some other town, and then
pay for the fun in the end in in
creased taxes. Our advice may
pull their chestnuts from the tfro.
It would be much better for us I,
swing in and vole tVr the jul
proposition, llius .-addling our
selves with a tax amoiintiim le
about 30 cents m the tliousasa
dollar valuation, than lo give auj
encouragement to a proposil io
not be worth much. The example
we set may he worth less, bat'
personally we shall vote fur tan
$12,000 jail proposition in tbi
hope that it will stop the removal
agitation and save the taxpayer
spending several hundred thou
sand dollars later. Nehawfca.
Lighting Company Move9.
On and after March G the Ne
braska Lighting Company will be
located in their new quarters oti
North Sixth street, between Main
and Vine.
Incubator for Sale.
Latest improved Rayo. Best
on the market.. Can show sample
at Hall's store. Oscar Wilson.
-The Joy of Home!-
' The entire household re
volves around the Telephone.
Neighbors, friends, market,
doctor and store can be
reached in an instant by the
home having Telephone ser
vice. The Rural Telephone
provides this home necessity
and pleasure at very low cost
to people who live in the
Apply to our nearest manager.
Lincoln Telephone and
Telegraph Company
J. K. POLLOCK, Local Manager
If you have a house for rent try
a Journal Want Ad.
Week of March 9 and 23