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    HK-v .K-H-K-H-K
Osear (iapiMi ti an.sucleil busi
ness in (lie village Tlitir.ilay.
Charles l.ovcll transacted lui-i-licss
Willi cur merchants Woilne.
Rev. (imilil i holding revival
meetings at the Fight Mil H-oe
v Hoy ('.ili' lniiiaetoi business in
Omaha Friday and alxi tenl; in Ihe
auto sIm.w.
August Hi-ins ulii'lled and
livereil corn In Hit- (!illesie
valor Wednesday.
Cornelius Hongon of I ho pre
rind, visited in tin- village for a
few hours Friday.
Johnnie ller-Jtinan had a lar.ue
consignment of cream for the Lin
coln creamery Friday.
iMrs. Joe Burlon relurned to her
home Friday, a Tier visiting with
friends for a few days in town.
Frank Richardson and family of
South Omaha visited at Ihe home
of his lnolher, W. T. Richardson,
Cold and stormy weather has
somewhal retarded business and
everybody is try inn to pel on the
wa nil side of a hot, sl.ove.
V. F. (lillespic i.f receiviiiK t'iir
load after carload of hay. Farm
ers are eager to purchase and
store it away for .summer use.
James (irubcr has moved into
the Walker residence, east of
town, and will work on the farm
the coining season for F.lberl
Charles Shopp shelled corn for
Joe Tubbs, one mile west of town.
Joe, always takes time by (he fore
lock, and has his" work done at the
right tine.
(irandpa Mailer is slowly re
covering from a severe case of tin;
i-'rippe. Hopes are entertained that
be will soon be out and npniii en
joy his usual pood health.
Jacob Vallery received a car
load of lumber, which he is trau.-t-1'i-rring
to one of his frains west
of town. Mr. Vallery conleiiiplales
building a line residence thereon,
to be occupied by bis sou, John.
Dr. T. P. Livingston, who is
taking care of Mrs. K. K (ioodwiu,
in the home of It. I,. Roberts, call
ed Wednesday and reported
rirandma ' Iwin gelling along
very nicely, considerinn her ad
vanced ape.
The young people of Mynard
and vicinity look advantage of the
excellent hleighing and two bob
sleds loaded lo the full rapacity,
broke Ihe piilelude of the even
ing with soups and laughter, away
into Ihe small hours of the night.
A, C. Carey will occupy tin- farm
of Mr. Minford in Fighl Mile
Orov precinct. Mr. Carey recently
moved here from Kansas. Failure
in crops caused him lo dispose of
bis interests there and return to
Cass county, where be grow to
The Ladies' Aid society met at
the, home of Mrs. W. Ilichardson
Thursday afternoon. After the
routine business, visiting and
sewing occupied Ihe lime of the
members for several hours, alter
which n three-course luncheon
was served. All departed for I heir
respective homes realizing the
fact, that Mrs Uichard.-on was a
royal enlerlainer.
Our failhful mail carrier, Fnclc
.lap, had the misfortune Thursday
to drive loo close to Ihe edge of a
high elevation, trying to avoid a
snow drift, and conseipient ly his
mail wapon, Uncle Jap, mail and
snow were all mixed together. The
body oT the wapon was consider
ably broken. However the trip was
continued, and Jap is rejoicing
thai he is here in Ihe laud of Ihe
New Son at Adam Stoehr Home.
This morning about 5 o'clock a
new son niaile his appearance at
Ihe home of Mr. anil Mrs. Adam
Stoehr, alnnil four milts west of
this city, and the young man is
some hoy, weighing nine pounds,
and is doing' nicely, as is the
mother. That he will grow up to
lie ns worthy n as his par
enls is I lie wish of the many
friends of Hie family in this city
and vicinity.
$100 Reward, $100
Tb roadi-r ot thin pi'f will t tcio,l la
li'iirn tlmt tbi-rp In lit Ii'iiM Onn ilrt-HOi-d tllxfiow
11ml Krli'llro Inn m-n Mu In cure 111 nil lu
iri-'', Hinl tint i ininrih. null cninrrii cure
1 liic only iltlro I'liro Imw known to tin' Inert
1,-ul fruti-rnlly. Cnlnrrh Im-Iiib n cnimtltiilloiml
ilK'tiw, n-i)iiiri' ronxt tint IrHinl trcnliiii'iil.
Hull Cnl urrll Cuii- Ik In In-ii Inli-l null V. inline
iIIhtIIv iiiui tl"' M'll'll 1111(1 hmi'Klio mrfHivn hi
lln M'.li'iii. tlnTi'liy ili-mrnvlnif tho fiiuiiilKtH'ii
,,f il,.'. iIImii-i-, nml tilrlnx i lie uUint Miiii-tl
,v ImllclUiK i II"- i-itntlnitl"ii nml iikel-llue nil-Iiii-i.
In iliiliif II iTk. Tln iniii-!i'nr Inin
ii m il fi'liti In tl" runittvi Iowitm Hinl Hn-v
.-r iiiii- iliniilri-,1 liiillin-wf'ii- niiv raxi' Unit It
j i,, , tilc. Si nil fur IM n" rlliiiunliiN.
"-, ::,, r. j. ( hi:m:v & m , t..i.mI... o.
.-! In- nil luiiiu'l-' "'
'.:(. Ilnll'i. I .1 lull) I'lUi f'T '';,
President Elect is Cheered by
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Will Bo Received
In Blue Room After Family Re
union President Elect Will Attend
Princeton Alumni Smoker.
Washington, Maieh 3. -Woodrow
vVilnori, next president of the United
States, arrived here this atternoon
hnd every detail Is complete for the
lunuguiation ceremonies and the at
uiidant military mid civic d'-monstra
Hon tomorrow.
No president elect ever found the
cupital of the nation whose destinies
he is to guide more brilliantly arrayed
or more ubundant with enthusiasm
than Wood row Wilson found it to
day. Flags and streamers from evory
staff and building waved him wel
come and cheering thousands assein
bled in the spacious esplanade of the
Union station approach and the streets
through which he was driven to his
hotel stirred the patriotism of hit
To Call at White House.
One of Mr. Wilson's last acts on a
private citizen will be to call, witt
Mrs. Wilson, upon tho president of th
United States and Mrs. Tuft. Ar
rangements for this were made today
The president elect and Mrs. Wll
son, soon after their arrival, received
Colonol Spencer s. Cosby, chie!
aide to the president, who will escort
them to the White House In the presl
(louts automobile. President nnc
Mrs. Taft will receive them in th
Blue room. All the military and nava
aides to the president, In regalia o;
tlyoir office, will be present, but non
of the cabinet will attend. Th meet
Ing, as planned, will be brief, and the wire possibility turn women may ue re
president elect and Mrs. Wilson wll covered among the debris on the sec-
return to their hotel to a family din
Bryan Arrives.
William Jennings Itryan and Jose
pluis Daniels, generally accepted at
tho new secretary of state and secro
tiiry of the navy, respectively, reuchec
Washington this morning- A commit
tee met them at the train.
Hope for fair Inauguration weatbet
was extended by tho weather bureau
Cold and dear weather today In thlt
section will be followed tomorrow bj
higher temperature, the prediction Is
siid this brings relief from fears that
the blizzard which swept In the ad
ministration of four years ago might
be repeated.
Provisional Mexican Head Gains Mori
Mexico City, March 3. -The flrsi
week of Huerta's administration hat
seen notable improvements in the
general situation, hut It Is apparent
that many weeks must pass befon
complete order Is restored.
There Is little doubt that the old
Oiozro Hiiny will be mustered out oi
Incorporated In the regular establish
luent. The rebels in the south, th
Zapatistas, seem likely to furnish,
the administration with the sanu
problem as they did the Madero ad
ministration. A number of Zapatista
huve surrendered, but Kmlliano Zap
ata himself Is still in the field and
thousands of his men are continuing
the warfare as outlaws, burning
haciendas and raiding villages.
There Is a most serious development
in the north, especially In Coahulla
wheie Venustiaao Carranza, the gov
ernor, far from recognizing tho Huerta
government, has grown stronger In hlsl
opposition endi day.
Hilles to Take Agency.
Witshlngton, March 3 Charles D
Hilles, secretary to President Taft
for tho last two years, will quit the
White lloirse tomorrow, to boconie o
partner of Kdmuntl Dwight, resident
nianag'er at New York of the Employ
ers' Liability Assuranco corporation
limited, of liomlon. Mr. Hilles will
retain tho chairmanship of the Repul
llcan national commlttoe, for which he
was chosen last summer.
Tveltmoe and Clancy Released on Bond
ljcavenworth. Kan., March 3. Olal
A. Tveltmoe and Eugene A. Clancy,
both of San Francisco, two of tho la
bor leaders convicted at Indianapolis
lust December upon tho charge by ths
government of conspiring In tho Me
gnl transportation of explosives, wore
released upon bonds from the federal
prison here.
Sackler Again Kidnaps Young Son,
St. Itula, March 3. Gordon Sack
ler, four years old, tho thrice kid
raped son of Springfield (Neb.) man,
was stolen for tho fourth time from
the hands of his mother whilo the
frantic woman fought desperately wltb
her husband and two other men or
the station platform at Valley park,
Tumulty's Salary Raised to $7,500,
Washington, March 3. A salary ol
$7, G00 a year for Joseph E. Tumulty,
who will be president ilsons secro
tary at the White House, was assured
when tho l'.oue agreed to accept the
senate amendment to the general do
flclency hill fixing that nmount instead
of the ffi'cj oiUlnnlly p'epoed.
Congressman W. 3. Wilson
of Pennsylvania May Be
First Secretary of Labor.
191, by Ammlean rrens Association.
Funerals of Three Victims of
Dewey Hotel Fire Held in Omaha,
Omaha, March 3. While the search
for more bodies of victims of the Dew
ey hotel lire was resumed this morn
ing It has been unrewarded and the
ollicluls have given up hope of un-
earthing any more bodies. There is a
onu uoor. mere, u is ussi-i ion, w
cral occupants of tho hotel were
caught like rats in a trap when the
fire broke out. The cause of the fire
Is still a mystery.
Funeral services for Miss - Alice
Bonnovie were held from tho chapel
of Coroner Crosby. The funeral of
Renfreo II. IUckard was held this aft
ernoon in Brower'B chapel, South Oma
ha. Charles Cummings, another vic
tim, will be burled tomorrow after
noon in Evergreen cemetery.
Measures Will Probably Be Reached
This Week.
Lincoln, March 3. The exemption
bills probably will be reached in the
house this week and If they are there
will be a lively scrap. IJollen of Knox,
head of the Judiciary committee, has
a measure, which Is being pushed, to
subject 25 per cent of the wages of a
laborer to attachment. McAllister of
Dakota has two measures, exempting
all the wages of the laboring man
and $2,000 to the heads of families
who own no real estate. The bills
may be discussed together.
Last of Troops Reach Galveston.
Texas City, Tex., March 3. The big
military machine which will be the
Second army division was poured Into
Galveston and Texas City by trains,
which at times choked tho various
lines of railway which converge here.
Soldiers marching, horses In troops
and great loads of equipment quickly
started from the railway terminals to
their appointed places In Camp
Crockett at Galveston and the head
quarters camp here,
Medical College Fights Association
Chicago, March 3. Legal test of the
right of the American Medical asso
elation and medical educators to make
war on schools they hold unfit to give
proper medical education will be made
hero In a suit filed by the Jenner Med
ical college against the association
and eleven physicians known as the
"council of medlcnl educators." The
complainants ask damage of $500,000.
Beatrice Man Missing,
Beatrice, Neb., March 3. Ira Lock,
for many years engaged in tho furnace
business here, is missing, leaving his
business affairs in bad shape. Ho
went to Omaha three weeks ago and
since which time nothing lias been
hoard from him. His place of business
Is closed and it Is alleged he has left
behind debts aggregating $2,000.
Grand Army Wins Home Battle
Washington, March 3. The house
struck from the army appropriation
bill tho provision placing the San
Monica (Cal.) Boldlers' home under
tho supervision of the war department,
This Insures General P. H. Barry ac
cepting the governorship of the Cali
fornia home.
Banks Show Improvement.
Washington, March 3. Reserves of
tho 7,245 national banks showed a ma
terial Improvement on Feb. 3, ns com
pared with the stringent period of
November, but were not as great,
however, ns In February of last year,
according to returns to the romptroller
of the currency.
Chestre Church Damaged by Fire.
Chester, Neh., March 3.--The Metho
dist church here was latdly damaged
Pastor Russell, Returning From
Panama, Visits Cuba.
Modern Application of a Familiar Text.
What the Bible Means by "Restitu
tion Times" The Pastor Claims Each
"Time a Year, a Thousand Alto
gether and a Beginning Made.
Earth's Happy Day Nearing A Lit
tle While, a Dark Hour May Intervene.
Ilavaua, Cuba,
March 2. rastor
llussell is delight
ed with Cuba, nud
does not fall to
call attention to
the wide contrast
between present
sanitary condi
tions and those
which prevailed so
short n time ago,
when this fair
In ml suffered con
tinually from yel
low fever and other tropical nilments.
The Pastor referred to General Wood
as the one through whose energy and
skill Cuba's restitution 'hud rejuvena
tion cauie about. "Honor to whom
honor is due" appears to be one of
Pastor Itussell's mottoes. The Pas
tor's text was Acts 3:19-21: "Times of
Restitution of all things, which Jod
hath spoken by the mouth of all Ills
Holy Prophets since the world began."
He sa'nl:-
! Panama a week ago I saw one of
the stupendous works of man In sub
duing, or conquering, tho earth and
making it suitable for his purposes. I
testified to the people there, and to tho
millions who read my sermons, re
specting tho increased education of hu
muultv through modern inventions.
which speak to us of the dawning of
the New Era long foretold In the Bible
Today I point you to man's lncreas
inc skill along other lines. The laws
of health and of disease me much hot
ter understood than ever In the past
The laws of chemistry applicable to
nearlv everything in life." are marvel-
ously clear and greatly extended be
yond anything of previous times. Tills
Increased knowledge lies close to the
work of sniiiliition. which is so gener
ally approved and so widely extended.
All this sudden liillux of knowledge,
not only upon the few learned, but
upon the masses of mankind also. Is
a sign of tiie dawning of the New Day
of Clod's blessing- Restitution.
Millennial Work In Cuba.
The Pastor urged his congregation to
consider this wonderful transformation
of conditions in their fair Islund an
exemplification of the great work
which will prevail throughout tho
whole world very shortly. It properly
raises our estimation of human Intelli
gence, and of the henefleence of the
United States Government, whose
agent In this transforming work was
General Wood. What has taken place
so markedly In Cuba under sanitary
regulation is gradually being nccom
pUshcd all over the world. It marks
the dawning of the New Day referred
to in his text as "Times of Restitution
of nil things." which God has prom
ised from the beginning.
Everywhere In the Scriptures the
glorious work of human uplift is di
rectly associated with Messiah's King
dom. Perhaps many linvo expected
tho blessings to come In another way;
nevertheless, now that they nre com-
Ing. all should he ablo to see the facts
nmi to acknowledge prophetical fulfil-
ments. Is it anv less true that the wll-
dcrness Is coming to blossom as the
rose bocause this Is resulting from hu-
man eiiergy well-drilling and other Ir
rigating projects? Surely not!
The poet sang.
"God moves In n myterlous way,
His wonders to perform."
And that mysterious way i3 usually
throueh human Instrumentality, as
Improved conditions here in Cuba nbun
dantlv witness. Instead of being dls-
'A f
appointed that God Is using humanity Character Is shining out as it wos never
for the fulfilment of nis glorious prom- seen before! Divine Love and Mercy
ises. we should nil rejoice that man- nre conspicuous. Divine Justice Is
kind may bo associated with the mar- seen in its true light. Proportionately
rels of Dlrlne Wisdom. Nevertheless, ns we see these things, our souls mag-
tbo best that has been attained here or nlfy nud glorify the Lord, who Is good,
anywhere Is evidently far below the nnd whose Mercy eudureth forever,
glorious standard of perfection wblch Gatherina of th. E,eet Now.
God dec ares to lie tho ultimate result. , ' .. . . .
The work of this present Age is tin
Best of All-Human Rest.tution. questionably tho gathering of God's
As man fell from tho image nnd like- Eect- jt j equally unquestionable
ness of God. Restitution would mean tlint tlie sajntiy nre the Elect. St. Paul
to him a return to that image and like- points out to us tlmt this Is God's fore
ness. Of all the Restitution wonders, ordination; namely, that nil who will
this will be the grandest. Were "even' bo elected In this present Ago must be
prospect pleasing," and humanity were eopie, 0f God's dear Son. This Is what
still vile, sinful, Imperfcct-meutally, i8 j,rcdestinated-the terms nnd condl
morally and pbyslcally-thc curse would tj0I1Si tne requirements and quslifica
still rest upon the earth. The evidences t0nS( 0f the Elect. (Romans 8:W
of the beginning of Restitution In the 30) q0$ Wni permit none othm to
lifting of some of man's Ignorance and
superstition nro by no means the ro
allzatlon of what Is to bo expected.
If a taste of Divino goodness Is so re
freshing and hupplfylng, what will the
full draft mean to our poor race!
My message Is meaningless to those
who have left the teachings of the
Word of God, and who believe In hu
man evolution. Disbelieving In the
fall of our nice from the Divine linage
in the flesh, these must logically deny
also the redemption, and nil necessity
for a Savior to die for our sins. Surely
they could tot count It sin to experl
eneo evelutlon, os they claim: nnd
j uln has not -een committed, then there
cenn Ti't r? a rrcrr iroin rm.
nor a icstituiion t" a condition enjoyed
licfuif sin entered the world.
All h thcM-ie-. therefore, are un
scriptural. l"'-r ilii reason they are
la antagonism to the l'.ible view, that
man fell fr-.'in God's Image six tLou
sand years ago: that be has passed
through six great Pays in which has
prevailed a rt-ig i of sin and death, in-
duced by Satan at the beginning, and
still, to some extent, inlluenced by him.
Under this reign of sin and death, mau
has lost much of the Divine image, and
has become brutal -more or less.
The redemptive work of Jesus is not
to be understood as a change of the
Divine Plitu and an abandonment of
the earth as a Paradise, populated by
humans in the mental and moral like
ness of the Creator. God changes not.
The mistake was merely one of ours,
not authorized by the Bible.
The time for Restitution was not due
wheu Jesus gave I lis life as man's
Redemption-price; but those "times,"
or years, of Restitution are due now;
for we are living lu the dawning time
of the great Seventh Day (a Thousand
i'ear Day). Messiah's first work as
the great King of earth Is about to be
Inaugurated. He Is about to bind
Satan "that old serpent, the Devil."
He Is about to bless, not only the earth,
but also humanity, by rolling away the
original curse.
Messiah's Kingdom Is pictured as a
Day ushered In by a glorious sunrise
of truth and grace. In contrast with
Its light and knowledge, all tho past
six thousand years nro figuratively
spoken of ns darkness, ilsnlah 00:2.)
But tho Sun of Righteousness uow
arises with healing in His beams.
Gradually, not suddenly, the sun arises;
and so the Restitution blessings are
coming In gradually, not suddenly.
Sometimes In the early morning
there is a thunder storm, which for a
brief space hinders tho dawning of
the day. Rut it results in the drench
lug of the earth with a refreshing
shower. So, according to the Bible,
will this New Day of Messiah's King
dom be ushered In, by a terrific storm
of trouble. Rut It will be short; and
Its effects upon the earth will be re
freshing. The great contrast between
the righteousness of the future and
the sin of the present will bo so con
spicuous that all will enjoy the new
condition: "The desire of all nations
shall come."-IIaggai 2:7.
"God Moves In a Mysterious Way."
God has withheld tho knowledge of
certain features of His Divine Pro
gramfor our good, we may be sure.
The supposition upon whicli many of
us went in times past is untenable.
We supposed that God in the Bible
had set forth in plain terms every
thing respecting His Plan. When we
could not find it, we tried to manufac
ture it. It is good to study the Word,
even If we do not understand. And
if our forefathers got themselves into
tlitliciilties through errors of judgment
in studying God's Word, wo may be
sure that they were not especially dls
advantaged thereby. Not seeing the
Divino purpose, they were required to
exercise more faith. But that greater
amount of faith was not then more
difficult, probably, than the less
amount now necessary.
Christian theologians become so in
tent in their reasoning upon the Heav
enly things appertaining to the Church
that they forget all about the world.
As cruelty became more pronounced
the Word of God was less studied. It Is
not strange that our forefathers con
cluded that nil except the Church
would bo eternally tormented. And
when they concluded this to bo God s
Plan, it is not surprising that they con
eluded to join In the persecution them
selves. Thus it comes that the pages
of history nre the records of bloody
persecutions sometimes directly from
Christians, and sometimes Indirectly
from Christians tnrougu enriiiiy gov
Thus tho entire civilized world has
become Intoxicated with the wiue of
false doctrine from tho cup of the wo-
man who sat upon the beast, falsely
representing herself as the Bride of
Christ, but riving In llgurativo harlotry
with the kingdoms of this world
(Revelation 17:K"; 18:3.) As we get
over tho stupefaction of our intoxlen-
tlon of error, reason begins to return
to us. Tho Apostle calls this "the spir
it of n sound mind."
We must not boast. There is still
considerable darkness. But we are
nearing the glorious light! The Divine
be of that number. But not a word Is
sold In the Scriptures about God's hav
ing predestinated the non elect to tor
ment. Quite to the contrary, His pre
destination for tho non-elect Is that
they shall be blessed by the Elect after
the Elect Church Is completed, after
the Church, tho Bride, shall have en
tered with her Bridegroom Lord Into
the glories of Messiah's Kingdom.
The Elect are the Seed of Abraham.
First of all, the natural seed were elect
ed, or chosen, of God to special prlvl
lepes and opportunities under the Law
Covenant; vwille the remainder of ttm
If' world, 'called Gentiles, were allowed
for coriiutv after century to go down
r a?.irn wrrGrint noi, n.triug no nope
in the world. Then- was a hope for
them, but they knew not of it, bocause
God's time f"r revealing it to them had
not jet conn-. If t!io Jews told tho out
siders that they would ultimately blesa
all nations, the others laughed at such
a suggestion, feeling that they were as
competent to bless the world as were
the Jews.
This, indeed, was what the Babylo
nians tried. Next after them came the
Medos and Persians; after them the
Grecians; ami still later came the Ro
mans. Each of these stamped their
Mens upon tho world to the best of
their ability, and gave their laws. Each
attempted to show how much more
competent than the others it was for
earthly rulership. But, alas! noue of
them ruled satisfactorily or brought In
"the desire of all nations." Meantime,
also, the Jews waited for tho fulfilment
of their promises. Meantime, also,
God renewed the promises, and assur
ed them that Ho would send tho Mcb
slab to lo their Deliverer shortly.
When Jesus came. lie came not as a
warrior, like Alexander the Great or
Napoleon. lie was meek and lowly of
heart; and He called the poor, tho
maimed, the halt mentally, morally
and physically to nis standard. Not
unnaturally the Jewish leaders repu
diated nim and crucified Him, declar
ing that IIo did not represent their
Ideals and must be a deceiver. I Cor
inthians 2:7. 8.
Similarly they treated nis followers.
As St. Paul declared, "As deceivers
and yet true," the early Christians suf
fered reproach. The Jews understood
not God's Message. They saw not
that it was necessary for Jesus to dler
"the Just for the unjust," to be a Ile-demptlon-prlce
for tho sins of tho
world. They saw not that such a
death was necessary to nim, in order
that He might attain the glory, honor
and Immortality of the future. They
saw not that the disciples that Jesus
called wero saints. However weak
these were, mentally and morally, their
hearts wero loyal, and they Btrove to
walk in tho footsteps of Jesus.'
People have not realized that, dur
ing this Gospel Ago, God has been ac
cepting the saintly ones who come unto
the Father through the Savior. They
have not seen that the suffering of
these wns necessary for their testing
and proving, and for their instruction
in righteousness, that they mighty be
fully qualified for glory, honor and im
mortality and Joint-helrship with Christ
their Redeemer.
St. Paul speaks of the Church as a
Mystery class. It is a Mystery to the
world: first, it is the selecting of a class
the world would never think of choosing
a humble, meek class; second, neither
the Jews nor tho world realize that this
class constitutes the Spiritual Seed of
Abraham, to bless nil the families of
tho earth.
Nevertheless God's great Plan goes
on, whether they know or do not know.
Ultimately it will work out a glorious
result. Then Natural Israel and all
nations will know. Then the Church,
the Elect, the Seed, the Bride, the
Lamb's Wife, will be Joined to ITim
in bonds of perpetual love, zeal and
faithfulness. Then will begin the very
blessing God so long ago declared, say
ing to Abraham, "In thee and In thy
Seed shall all thefamilies of the earth be
blessed."-Gen. 12:3; 18:18; 22:13; 20:4.
Abraham's Spiritual Seed.
God has nof changed His purposes.
(Malachi 3:C.) He created man an
earthly being. He permitted him to
fall. He purposed his redemption
through Jesus. IIo purposed the call
ing of the Church of Christ, to bo His
associates in tho Kingdom. He pur
posed that this Kingdom should be a
Spiritual one: "Flesh nnd blood cannot
inherit the Kingdom of God." (1 Cor
inthlaus 13:30.) He purposed that this
Spiritual Kingdom should bless tho
world with Restitution blessings
bringing back to perfection nil the will
ing nnd obedient of Adam's race.
This Is the Piogrgam still. We mere
ly got a wrong impression when we
thought thnt God's purpose was tho
bringing of nil mankind to Heavenly
conditions and nature. No. no! that
blessed experience Is only for the
Church class. God still purposes Res
titution for the world of mankind. In
Abraham's Seed all the families of
I the earth will be blessed.
If we see signs of these great bless
! ings beginning now, It is a sure Indl
! cntiou that tho Elect must bo nlmost
complete. And if that be true, all of
ii4 xvhn hnvo vowed consecration to
the Lord and His service should be
thoroughly nwako to our blessings and
privileges, and to the fact thnt the
time of most crucial testing is even now
at tho door. If we nre to mnkc our
calling nnd our election sure, we most
lose no opportunity for demonstrating
thnt we are loyal to God nnd His
Word, nnd to the brethren. Along
these very lines wo must expect tests,
too. How else could we be proved?
Moreover, now Is the timo to expect
light on tho Divine Word and Plan;
and we nre getting it. Wo are seeing
the difference between human nntilre
and Divine nature, between the earth
ly blessing that is to come to mankind
and the "high calling" which Is the por
tion of tbo Elect. God declares that
the Mystery hidden from the post
Ages nnd Disiensatlons. which He
kept secret from tho beginning of the
world. Is to cease to bo n mystery.
Tho Mystery ltecomcs dully, yen, hour
ly, less pronounced, as wo come Into
that condition of mind In which God
will revenl to us Ills nrrnngements.
Truly ours Is a glorious time! Lot
us avail ourselves of the present
glorious opportunities for Bible study
and growth In knowledge, grace nnd
love. Let in walk worthy of the light;
and rejoicingly let us note that Jesus
is jet to be "the lA'M of the world"
"which lLiitcth every man that cometh
Is -o Die uorld."-.lolni 1:.