The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, February 24, 1913, Image 8

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Catholic Workman, assembled in
its convention at Plallsinouth,
That we, ollicers ami delegates,
deeply appreciate the interest
taken in cur behalf and in tin'
wdfaro of our society by the
worthy Commercial club and the
citizens in general of the splendid '
and romantic city of I'lallsmouth,
and thank you and all for their
open hospitality extended us dur
ing our stay, and the exemplary
friendship to us.
Indeed, your beautiful city
proved true to the good words
spoken by your honorable mayor,
who pleased to welcome us at the
icninning of our convention, and
tended the delegates all cordi
v and welcome, on behalf of
hole city.
rnin thank you and all the
Iheir exemplary good
and our society,
abundance of
Lynnd i ll-
projiosed was the same as t lie
"nii'i iy-o-round" which was in
service several years ago, reach
ing here about 10 o'clock and re
turning south about 3 o'clock,
which would give every town
along the line good service into
In regard to the proposed im
provements in the light plant,
Mr. P.aird stated be had talked
with Mr. Abbott, the owner of the
plant of the Nebraska Lighting
company also desired to install a
of the plans they had outlined,
but the matter depended largely
on I he amount of current I hey
could dispose of in different
localities. In Louisville and Cedai
Creek they had found a very good
prospect in the quarries at those
places, while here the demand for
the electric, current had not been
so strong. The new owners did
not intend to install new ma
chinery in the old plant here, but
intended, if the prospects were
ood, to erect a new building
c'ross on the other side of the
Si'lington tracks or on lower
afreet, where a new build-
ected and new ma-
and that the
install a
Go Ahead of the Railroad
Public announcement has been made of the early completion of the Bur
lington's new mainline through the BIG HORN BASIN that will give a direct
outlet for the splendid farm products growing in that new farming country.
Government Irrigated Homesteads
Here you can tile upon an &t) acre Government irrigated homestead at actual
cost for the water right, no profit to anyone, no taxes the first three years, and
have twelve years without interest in which to repay the Government for the
actual cost of the water right. The fact that the Government has made the
payments very light the first five years, giving an opportunity to improve your
farm and get it under cultivation before having to meet further payments, is
important to the man desiring to establish himself upon a farm.
Location Near Railroad Towns
You can locate now within from three to four miles ef Powell, nearby 4f
farmers who are already making a success.
If you do not get a home there it i3 your fault.
Write quickly for maps and full particulars.
1004 Farnani St., Omaha, Neb. Immigration Agent.
Week of February 9 and 23
I w !
From Friday's Daily.
Yesterday morning at 2:30
X McCartney died
t of here.