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ill 8tre for yy-
is the store where you can get what you want, when you want it and at
the price you want to pay. In Clothing this is the place. We have tried
to make this a store for all the people. Not only will you find here the
the finest clothing and furnishings to be had anywhere, but you will also
find the medium and the lower priced goods to fit the more meagre pocket
book' No matter what grade you buy you will always find here your
moneys worth, and the latest most up-to-date styles. Just now our semi
annual clearance sale affords exceptional opportunity for you to save
money and cut down the high cost of living. Witness these prices: Men s
c;t a nnri nvprmnts 557.95. $10. $15 and $18-values up to $30. Men s odd
ei as t9 on
w qo Mon'c fur
suspenders 19c.
Several Hundred Dollars Being
Expended In Improvements and
in Renovation in General.
From Saturday's Pally.
The Presbyterian church in this
city is hi'iiiK renovated ami re
modeled in several ways in order
to more fully carry out the plans
made for handling I he increasing
meniberr-hip of I lie, church and the
new departments that have heen
cheated. A stairway has heen
constrneU'd in the church leading
fmin litis basement lo Hie
auditorium that will he used hy
I In. iliiT.M-eiil classes of the Sun
day school, which will meet in tin
main hoily of the church.
The mi slur, llev. M. W. Lorimcr
ha spe'rfecled.lhe plans for the
orcaniztttion of a Men's Drother-
hood ill the church I hat will fake
in all t lie adult male memhers of
the con.gregalion. ami this depart
ment rill hold their meeting in
the iiK'iiu room of Ihe church, as
will the adult ladies' class. The
hoard nf the church has had new
platform huill leadinn- to the west
doors of Ihe basement room
which will he used hy Ihe children
attend i ng I lie Sunday school, while
the oh I enCwnre to Hie haseiiienl
will he. used hy the adult classes.
The church Inn reeenlly had
two ne iv furnaces installed lo fur
nish ln-al in,- the huilding, and
this oiitla has cof them in ihe
neighl mrhond of si'iiin, ami I lie
other improvement s ronlenipliiled
will hiring Hie cost up to unite an
amount of iuone. The niemhers
of flu i rhiirch epoc I to have I he
audit M'ium of I lie huilding redeem-tiled
in the spring ami Ihe
chumh will p'TM-nt, a very hand
some appearance when Ihe entire
progiMin of i'nproveinenl s has
a Q
mwm church
V 1
entire stock of this season's suits and overcoats now
marked down.
$15 suiis and
overcoats, now
$18 suits and
overcoats, now
$20 suits and
overcoats, now
$22.50 suits
and overcoats,
Manhattan Shirts
.i QS-vnlnes nn to $5 and $6.
HnPfl mns 30c. Men s heavy
Men's fine dress shirts 79c.
Vtf escort's
Always the Home of Satisfaction
heen carried out.
The pastor of the church, llev.
Lorimer, has done a great deal for
the upbuilding oT the church dur
ing the time ho has heen in
charge of the congregation, and
he has been greeted by a large
attendance at most of the church
services, and ho is one of the
most talented ministers that has
had charge of the church here
and a much larger membership
may be looked forward to under
the plans he has outlined for the
year's work, especially as he has
placed the Sunday school on a'
graded basis, which will aid
greatly in stimulating the interest
of the scholars in the church work
ami as I lie Sunday school is the
future of the. church a very
bright outlook for the growth of
(he society is evident.
Card of Thanks.
We desire to express our heart
felt thanks lo the neighbors and
friends for their kindness to us in
our recent bereavement in the ill
ness and death of our brother and
uncle. Also, do we wish to thank
you for the beautiful floral offer
ings. We especially thank Mr.
Frank Moore and all the old
neighbors of the late William
O'Hrien, and Ihe Woodmen Circle
for their lloral offerings and sym
pathy. David O'Hrien and Family.
William Morloy an.l Family.
To Sleek Up the Old Town.
Frmn Saturday's Dnllv.
lMatlMiioul li is contemplating
narrowing her residence sheets
and devoting a portion of either
side for parking purposes. !MaM
mouth is one of nature's heauly
spots, hut there is need of the
touch of Ihe arlisan lo make '.his
fact more noticeable to visitors.
The Journal is boosting Ihe pro
ject and the Courier hopes it will
succeed. Louisville Courier.
Sell your property by an ad In
the Journal.
"mark-down sales"
you'll see plenty of prices more
sensational than our's.but remem
ber that oar reductions are from
our former low selling prices
not from so-called "values" and
represent big and real savings of
good, hard money to every man
who takes advantage of this sale.
You may come today or tomorrow
or whenever it best suits your
convenience. Hue serges and
fur overcoats included, with our
$25 suits and
overcoats, now
$27.50 suits
and overcoats,! (J? O H ft ft
now .1
$30 suits and
overcoats, now
Stetson Hats
Men's and boy's sweat-
Jersey shirts 50c. Men s
Those Who Attended From This
City Highly Elated Over the
Work of the Order.
From Saturday's Dally.
The grand lodge of the Im
proved Order of Jted Men of the
state closed its session yesterday
at Omaha, and Ihe delegates from
the local lodge, J. C. York ana
Fmil Wallers, returned last even
ing and stated that they had en
joyed the meeting of the lodge lo
the utmost and were more en
thusiast ie lied Men than ever. The
lodge at its session yesterday
voted r,l)(l(l to he distributed by
the courts of Ihe different counties
in the stale to the orphans of the
deceased meinbrs of Ihe order
and this one act is worthy of 1 his
great fraternal order, showing the
true, spirit of brotherly love and
Christian charity. The new
Crand Sachem also honored k
lodge in this city by select in
John Cory of this city to be grand
keeper of the wigwam, which is
deserved recognition, as Mr. Cory
I I V I i . I II
uas neen one 01 me wneci norses
in Ihe order in this city since tin
lodgowas instituted. The oll'iccrs
elec led were:
(real Saeliem .1. . lcisley,
Ureal Senior Sagamore Senal.
or C. L. Saunders.
(ileal, Junior Sagamore L. II
.Milieu, Beatrice.
Ureal J'rophel, Judge A. L.
Sut I mi , South Omaha.
Ureal Chief of Records S. J.
I lennis, Lincoln.
(ireaf Keeper of Wampum J.
I lonahue, Fremont.
Representatives to the great
council of the United Slates at
Washington, I). C, next Septem
ber, were elected as follows: W.
1). Wood, Omaha; J. 11. Urosvenor,
Aurora; Dan W. McLane, South
Ureal Sachem Yeiser, who came
to Omaha recently from Penn
sylvania as an organizer, and who
made the "Sutton 500 Doom
Class" a success, upon election
immediately named these o Ulcers
and committees:
Committee on Finance M. W,
N'eihart, Nebraska City; I. A.
Krickson, Stroinsburg; J. II.
Spacknian, Itradshaw.
Judiciary fi. II. Fallstcad,
Fulls City; A. (1. Ililpert, Phillips;
C. I,. Wideinan, Fremont.
(ireat Hoard of Appeals Elmer
Olson, Aurora; Jesse A. Pound,
Lincoln; C. C. Keliin, Omaha.
Creat San nap Kzra Fields,
Ureal Mishinewa Y. A.
Hackney, Lincoln.
(Ireat (iuard of Wigwam J. K.
Corey, IMatlsnioulh.
(ireat (luard of the Forest R.
O. Allen, York.
Hoard of Control, Orphans'
Fund Judge Lee Estelle, Omaha;
Dr. L. A. Merriam, Omaha; S. J.
Dennis, Lincoln.
Afternoon Coffee.
From .Suturrtay'B Dally.
The pleasant home of Mrs. An
lonia 1'lak was tho scene of an
other delightful occasion yester
day afternoon, at, which lime Mrs.
C. NelV and Mrs. Plak entertained
the hulies and friends of the St.
John's Altar society. There was
a very large number in attendance
and i no Hours were wluted away
in social conversation, games and
other amusements. During the
course of the afternoon excellent
refreshments were served by the
hosless, after which the guests
dispersed, voting inis occasion a
most successful one, and the bos
(esses splendid entertainers.
Plattsmouth Tries Their Skill
With Glenwood and and Win
by a Score of 28 to 19.
From Saturday a Dally.
The IMatlsnioulh basket ball
team last evoning journeyed over
to our neighboring city of Glen
wood and proceeded to take the
basket ball tea m down the line to
the tune of 28 to 19. The (Jlen
wood team was; clearly outclassed
by the whirlwind performance of
our boys, as thoy started right af
ter the Iowa team and the score
at the end of the first half stood
10 to 5, and in the second they ad-
d to the score already piled up.
Don Arries, captain of the local
team, was the chief scoremaker
for Platt.smoulli, and the Glen
wood boyrt were simply unabje to
stop his throwing baskets when
ever the opportunity presented it
self f. The w hole team was in good
form, there never being a minute
when the game seemed in doubt
and the bows deserve great credit
for the splendid manner in which
they rcpresent'.ed the city school.
The boys returned home this
morning on A'o. 15, feeling very
much clalcd ovor the result of the
game, and they have good cause
to, as the Glenwood team is a
good, fast one and it was only the
uperior playing of the local boys
ami their hard (work that won
hem the contest.
The basket ball team this year
is one ot tne nest mat nas rep
resented the school in late years,
and they have made a great show
ing, having played some of Ihe
strongest teams in Ibis part of the
country, and then record is one
that I hey may he proud of and the
citizens should tako great pride m
their basket ball team and when
ever Ihe opportunity is offer
give it their heart iet support.
Last evening al'ler Ihe rehearsal
of the senior choir of the Method
ist church the members enjojed a
most delightful social evening,
given in honor of some id' Ihe.
members of Ihe choir who have
reeenlly returned to this ciiy lo
make I heir home, and the oeeasion
will he one long remembered lor
the delightful lime en.ioed by all
Ihe merrv party. The truest s of
honor for Ihe event were: V. (1.
Hrooks and wife, W. D. Cluck and
wife, Henry llowiler and wife. K.
J. Tuey and wife and 11. K. An
drews and wife. The company
s-pent the time in music and social
conversation and Ihe members,
having come well prepared with
popcorn and candy, they added
greatly lo Ihe enjoyment of Ihe
evening and at a late hour depart.
ei. for their homes, feeling thai
this was one of the most pleasant
occasions they have
plcasuro of attending.
had the
From Saturdays T)all.
This morning Judge lleeson
again resumed his duty as the
assislant of Dan Cupid, being
called upon to mail out two per
mits to wed, one of the parlies be
ing Levi T. Waldradt, aged 28, of
near (llenwood, and Miss Crace
U rve n of near Louisville, both
prominent young people of Iheir
localities. The second couple lo
get the much valued Utile docu
ment were Lorenz William Albers,
aged of Syracuse, Otoe coun
ty, and Miss Adelheid Anna Dank
lelT, aged 20, of near Avoca. These
young people are well known and
very popular in the southern part
of Ibis county, where Ihe bride
resides, and their friends will ex-
lend lo them many wishes tor
their happiness in their married
splendid piano which I wish to
sell to someone in tho vicinity of
Plattsmouth. It is a big bargain
for someone. Terms, either cash
or easy payments, as low as five
dollars per month. Address K. M.
Wallace, care Smith & Barnes
Piano Co., Chicago, III.
Forest. Rose Flour guaranteed
to be n good as any flour on the
market. Sold by all leading deal
ers. Try it.
Has He Bought Violin?
From Friday's Dally.
It is reported on the street to
day that while in Omaha yesterday
F. G. Egenberger purchased a fine
violin and expects to get into the
Fiddlers' contest to be given next
Tuesday. If this is true the other
contestants had better begin to get
a move on themselves if they ex
pect to finish in the same class.
The grand opening of tho sea
son is announced by James Sochor
& Co., the popular tailoring firm
of f this city, who havev announced
some unusual bargains in hand
made suits and pants at prices
never before equalled in the city
of Plattsmouth. The prices have
all been shot to pieces and this is
the opportunity to secure a hand
made suit at the lowest possible
$25.00 Suits, now $18.00
$30.00 Suits, now $22.00
$35.00 Suits, now $25.00
$10.00 Pants, now $ 8.00
$ 8.00 Pants, now $ 6.00
The latest styles in spring and
summer goods on display.
Mr. Sochor makes a specially of
cleaning and pressing at the
lowest of prices.
Suits cleaned and pressed ..$ 1. 00
Pauls cleaned and pressed. . 50c
Mackintosh or Overcoat
cleaned and pressed $1.00
Also dry cleaning and steaming
in most up-to-date met hods. Re
member he place.
Upstairs, Morgan Huilding.
She Says Husband Cut Her Gowns to
Keep Her In.
"You are so pretty I shall keep you
at home."
This was the compliment her hus
band paid her, Mrs. Ella T. Fryer told
tho court of chancery in Jersey City
recently. But, she added, to keep her
at home Fryer
Slashed her best gowns so that she
could not look even prettier.
Slashed her old dresses so her friends
might see how shabby she was.
Smashed tho furniture so she could
hot receive visitors.
Cut her corset laces that is, spoiled
her figure.
Cut her shoestrings so that they
could not be used as corset luces.
Mrs. Fryer is the mother of six chil
dren. She was suing for divorce. She
borrowed some clothes from the butch
er's wife some lime ago and went be
fore the first criminal court Judge
"Sutler ordered Fryer to pay her $10 n
eek. He is worth $."0,000 and earns
from $3,000 to $7,000 a year, the wife
Judge Admits Evidence After Test
Is Made.
The reliability of a dictograph was
tested before Judge Malono In a New
York court recently. The invention
was tried out in the trial of Mrs. Fan
nie Dio, n chairvoyant, who is accus
ed of having attempted to extort $1,000
from Dr. Samuel Tandlick of East Fifty-third
An important fenture of the trial is a
conversation which an alleged agent of
Mrs. Dlo is said to have had with Dr.
Tandlick when the agent attempted to
get the money from tho physician and
which was recorded on a dictograph.
The instrument was installed in tho
courtroom, and after it was tested
Judge Malone admitted the evidence.
Highest Market Price
and CREAM!
Former Speaker Say Posterity
Not Cherish His Name.
Appealing to the house recently to
pass the senate bill for a $2,000,000 Lin
coln memorial structure in Washing
ton,' former Speaker Cannon declared
that It was a profanation of Lineola'H
name to line it in connection with the
promotion of a road project.
"There are certain great character
that will dwell in the history of the
country," said Mr. Cannon. "Washing
ton, Lincoln, Lee a great general who
did Ids duty from his patriotic standr
point, and Jefferson Davis, a great maa
performing a great service for the re
public as he saw hla duty.
"A hundred years from now the or
dinary reader wll! recall this period
and these names will be in the mouths
of the school children. But you wilt
have to search the encyclopedias ro
und out about the balance of us. Take.
Mr. Cannon for instance.
"I have been speaker for eight yearn.
They will sny, 'It does appear then
was a man from Illinois named Can
non, but I don't know much about him;
there was another Cannon in congre$
from Utah, and it was said ho had sev
enteen wives "
Smart New York Women Taking
Original New Fad.
The "tea dance" is here. It s not
like the turkey trot and tango; not at
all It's a dance-at tea time, and Rel
senweber's Is the first of New York
restaurants to introduce this innova
tion from abroad.
The "four to six," as they call it la
Tarls, Is the sensation of the hour at
the beautiful Salle Washington, in Rn
Washington in the French Capital.
So the big room used for the cabaret
evening dances on the second floor ot
Kelson weber's was utilized recently for
the initial "tea dance." It was an ex
clusive function, only society f6Ik
known to the management being pres
ent Fashionable women who are learning
the tango and the one step (a new.
dance that is taking the place of th
turkey trot) in the hall on Ihe third
floor enmo down ami enjoyed the new
feature after a cup of tea.
Mrs. louis Craig Ilavemeyer, Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Could, Mr. and Mrs.
Theodore Rlngham, Mrs. Truxtwt
Reide and Frederick Townsend Mar
tin are amoug those who approve of
the new "tea dauce."
Most Pleasant Caller.
Frmn Saturday's Daily.
Charles Peacock, one of th'5
successful farmers from west of
this city, was in today looking af
ter some trading, and while here
called at the Journal otllce and
renewed bis subscription to th.?
Daily Journal, which is being
taken by a great many farmers ori
the rural routes.
Thomson, Dentist, 'nVcscctt "ik.
Forest Rose Floor
Guaranteed to Be the Best on
the Market