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I It any of tht readers of the Journal kwno of vxial tnt or an item of interest
Vttrant all iUm of intertzt. Editor Jour mL
Home Bank Owned
ivmrray siain rank
r a
Capital $10,000
LI CHAS. C. PARMELE, President
F.L NUTZMAN, Vice-President
W. G. BOEDEKER. Cashier
We have every arrangement possible for the conven
ience of our patrons.
We write drafts and can save you money when de
siring to remit away.
Consult us freely on any financial business. Our ex
perience may be of some benefit to you.
Depositors in this bank are protected under the State
Guarantee Law.
Harmon Heck lias been num
bered with the sick this week.
Frank Wioden has been suffer
ing with tin; grippe for the past
Mr. ami Mrs. George McCouiiell
have been quite sick for the past
few days. .
Jkrn To Mr. and Mrs. Carl
Cross, on Wednesday, January 15,
a baby girl.
Mrs. (Men Vallrry has been
numbered with the. hick for the
pat week.
The family of I.loyd (iapen have
been suffering from illness for the
past few days.
H. (i. Todd shipped a car of
stock to the South Omaha market
Monday of Ibis week.
Grandma llhodcn and Mrs.
Galen Rboden have been on the
sick list for the past few days.
Peter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jos
eph Campbell, has been numbered
with the siek for the past few
The infant child of Mr. and
Mrs. Fred lliunge has been num.
bcred with the siek for the past
few days.
George Merger and (i. M. Min
ford shipped a ear of stock to the
South Omaha market Wednesday
of this week.
Mary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Creamer, has been suffer
ing with blood poisoning for the
past few days.
The little child of Mr. and Mrs.
Luther Mead, near Union, has been
numbered with the sick for the
past few days.
The lL'-vear-obl son of Mr. ami
Mr. William Shera fell on the ice
a few days ago and dislocated the
thumb on his right band.
Horn To Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Tigner, on January lit, a bounc
ing baby boy. Charley is doubly
happy because the mother is do
ing nicely and the boy looks just
like, bis dad.
Mrs. Aha Long and Mrs. Dave
Lloyd, both of whom have been
taking treatment in I ho hospital
at Omaha for Hie past two weeks,
returned home Tuesday of this
week. They are both feeling much
The doctors of Murray have
been very much busy men for tlio
past few weeks. There has been
a great deal of sickness and they
have almost lived in their con
veyances, traveling from one
patient to the other.
Wo are indeed sorry to learn
that our mighty good old friend,
C. Bcngcn, who ha9 been quite sick
for the past few weeks, is no hel
ler at this lime, and is still (on
llned to his home. Owing to his
advanced ago strength returns to
him vcrw slowly.
Alf. Nickels, who has been suf
fering more or less for the past
few years with rheumatism, is
again connnea 10 nis cea wiiu a
very severe altaek of tbo old
trouble. Alf. has never found
complete relief since the first nl
tnck several years ago.
Murray Department
by Home People
Surplus $5,000
Miss Esther II ice has been sick
for the past few days.
Diphtheria is still prevalent
over west of Murray.
James McCulloch was a I'latls
mouth visitor Wednesday evening.
W. S. Scott was taking in the
play at Plattsmouth Tuesday
Mrs. I. S. White has been suf
fering with the grippe for the past
few days.
Charles McReynolds was a
county seat visitor Wednesday
James Loughridge has been a
pretty busy man for the past few
days packing ice.
Sam Pitman was attending the
F.Iks' lodge in I'lallsinouth last
Friday evening.
A. L. Maker was looking after
some business matters in Omaha
Wednesday of this week.
Karl Lancaster is a new addi
tion to the Journal's large Murray
subscription list this week.
Ir. MeClannahau of Omaha was
in Murray last Sunday, called here
in consultation with Dr. fiilmore.
Mrs. A. L. Daker visited at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Torrance
Fleming, near Weeping Water, a
few das last week.
Miss May SI. John of Syracuse,
Neb., was isili ig a few das the
past week at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. John Farris.
(ieorge Nickels, who has been
visiting willi friends and relatives
in Leigh, Neb., for the past few
weeks, returned home Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Marry Massie, of
Pol win, Kansas, were visiting at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Oil
more last Friday and Saturday.
Mrs. Minnie Wood and two chil
dren, of Lincoln, were visiting a
few days last week with their
many Murray friends and rela
I ives.
Dal Young of South Dakota,
who has 1 n isiling for I ha past
fewdas with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. I). A. Young, departed Wed
nesday for his home.
Notice There were a few extra
dishes and pans left at Kenosha
at the Thanksgiving dinner. Any
one missing those articles please
call Mrs. John Hendricks or Etta
M. Nickels.
Our excellent friend, J. A.
Walker, has not been enjoying
very good health for the past few
weeks. While in Murary Wed
nesday we enjoyed our usual chat
with him, hut wero indeed grieved
to learn that his health has been
much poorer than usual for the
past few months.
While in Murray Wednesday we
met our excellent friend, J. T.
Hoyer, and in conversation with
him ho tells us that ho will go to
Memphis, Missouri, next week for
a few days' visit with his father
and also with Mrs. Royer's father.
The trip will be mado for tho pur
pose of returning with his broth
er, Amos, who is shipping to
Murray, where ho will make his
future home. Wo are glad to
welcome, the serond Mr. Royer to
C:iss county.
n this vicinity and will mail game to thin
Mrs. W. K. Dull returned from
Omaha Tuesday.
F. It. (Jueen was a Plattsmouth
isilor Thursday.
John Hobscheidl, sr., is among
I he sick this week.
Wayne Lewis is reported on the
sick list this week.
J. D. Shrader made a business
trip to Klmwood Monday.
Charles Heed has moved to the
Major Hall place the last week.
Frank Dugay was a Platts
mouth visitor Tuesday evening.
Miss Pearl Dugay is home a few
days this week ow ing to sickness.
J. D. Pelwein is putting up ice
this week off the Meek Davis pond.
A. F. Nickels is reported im
proving very slowly at this writ
ing. O. V. Virgin and sister, Ella,
were Plattsmouth visitors Wed
nesday. Mr. and Mrs. William Royal
spent Wednesday with Frank
Owing to inclement weather
services were postponed at Keno
sha Sunday.
Mrs. Kennedy is able to be out
among her friends again, after a
week's illness.
Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Davis enter
tained Misses Mieknell and Adams
at supper Tuesday.
Miss Rose Mae Creamer return
ed to school at I'lallsinouth after
a few days' illness at home.
Mr. and Mrs. William RoaI (if
Plainview were the guests of Lee
Oldham and family Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ozro Virgin will
leave next week for their new
home in the northern part of the
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Tigner are
the proud parents of a tine little
son, who arrived at their home
Cards were received announc
ing the marriage of Miss Ethel
Sherwood to Mr. John llobsehiedt
on January 22.
0. I). Nickels arrived home
Tuesday, after an extended visit
with his sister, Mrs. J. D. Wnrde
man, of Leigh. Neb.
Miss Margie Walker returned
from Plaltsmoulh Sunday morn
ing, where she was a guest at the
Dovey-West wedding.
Charles Dill of Rosalie has been
visiting with friends and relatives
at the old home in and near Murr
ray for a few days this week.
F. L. Rhoden was looking after
some business mailers in the
county seat Thursday. While
there he paid the Journal ollice a
brief isit.
Lloyd (Japen and Oliver were
numbered with the sick for a week
or ten days, but I hey are belter
now; in fact are able to be out
of the house.
There has been considerable
sickness in the family of Mr. and
Mrs. James McCulloch for the past
few weeks. All are gelling along
nicely at this time.
Dallas Young of Meach. N. D.,
spent a few days at his old home,
leaving Wednesday morning for
Moorehead, Iowa, where his
mother and Rex Young were visit
ing Mrs. Young's parents.
Mrs. O. A. Davis entertained a
few friends and relatives at a de
licious 0 o'clock dinner Wednes
day evening at their beautiful new
home. Plates were laid for Miss
Harriet Adams, Miss Bicknell,
Vance Pitman, Mr. and Mrs. S. O.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Royal of
Plainview, Neb., arc in Murray
this week visiting w ith their many
friends and relatives at tho old
home. Mrs. Royal is a sister of
Mrs. V. A. Kennedy, at whose
home they were guest9 during
their visit. The many friends of
Mr. and Mrs. Royal are always
glad to weleomo them hack to the
old home.
HIM 'M-l-H l-H-H M-M'
Dr. H. Thomson, dentist,
of Plattsmouth, will make
Murray one day of each
week for the purpose of
looking after the dental
work of this community. He
will be In Murray on Thurs
day of each week, beginning
January 2, 1913, until fur
ther notice
office it will appear under Hits luadimj
Buys Steam Engine.
Henry Schwartz has purchased
the steam engine that Mr. Royer
bus been advertising for sale in
the Journal for the past few
weeks. The engine w ill be taken to
the farm home of Mr. Schwartz
this week. The saw was sold to
Delhert Switzer. Mr. Royer had
become tired of operating the en
gine and saw, and the little ad in
the Journal found him a buyer.
Others should profit by the ex
perience of Mr. Royer and should
they have some property that they
do not need, try the little ad sys
tem. There is somebody that will
want it and a buyer is often easily
found in this way.
Surprise on Miss Vera Moore.
A company of young friends
surprised Miss Vera Moore last
Saturday evening, the occasion
being Miss Moore's sixteenth
birthday. A very pleasant and en
joyable evening was spent in
games, music and social con
versation. Mr. F. L. Rhoden was
a guest of honor, this being his
birthday also, at personal re
quest. Frank pleads mercy, by
way not exposing his age. Covers
were laid for twenty-live. The
guests departed for their arious
homes wishing Miss Moore and
Mr. Rhoden many happy returns.
Gasoline Engine Cheap.
In buying the News-Herald
plant, the Journal now has a
three horse-power International
gasoline engine for sale cheap.
The engine has been used but very
lillle and cost in ihe neighbor
hood or 150.00. The llrsl man
that offers us :. 00 for the en
gine gets it. It is really heller
than new. Call or telephone the
I'lallsmoutli Journal.
Riley Contest.
Following is the program for
the Rjr Coiilesl. lo !. held Sat
urday evening, January 18, at 8
(JuarlH Selected
Mrs. J. Holme,. Mi.-. K. 'hill. Mrs.
.1. Loughridge, Mrs. V. A.
Solo ........ Miss Harriet Adam
Reading ....Mrs. Mini McDonald
Reading Mrs. Llo (iapen
Solo Rev. Ross Williams
Reading Mrs. P. K. Main
Reading ........ Mrs. Win. Troop
Sol Miss Harriett Adams
Reading Mrs. Win, Seybert
Reading . . . .Mrs. Thomas Tilson
So, Rev. Ross Williams
Ladies' Quartet.
The Riley Contest is given for
the benefit of the library. Admis
sion 25e and 35c.
For Sale.
House and eight lots, all front
ing on Main street, in Murray.
Call or address Nellie Connally,
Mox 138, Murray.
Seed Potatoes for Sale.
King of the Earliest seed pota
toes for sale. F. L. Rhoden, Mur
ray. Neb. 'Phone 8-J.
For Sale or Trade.
One vacant lot . between D and
E, on 2Uh si reel, in South Omaha.
Address Nellie Connally, Hox 138,
Murray, Neb.
Seed Corn for Sale.
Extra good, hand-picked yellow
seed corn for sale. E. L. Rhoden,
Murray, Neb. 'Phone 8-.T.
General B'ackvmilhing
and Wagon Work
Horseshoeing is Our Specialty
All Work Guaranteed
Hurray, Nebraska
Public Sale!
Wednesday, January 22
Commencing at 10 O'Clock
in the Forenoon
at the "Old Crosser Place" 4 miles
southeast of Murray and 7 miles
northeast of Union, the following
stock to-wit:
9 head of horses
4 head of cows
2 heifers
13 head of hogs
Henry Sands-
Ruling of the Library.
There has been a number of
inquiries made as regards the
ruling of the library, so the fol
lowing is printed for their benefit:
The membership fee is ?1 a year;
this gives each member of the
family a card, so all the family
can have a book to read at the
same time. If you do not care to
bo a member you can read for 10
cents a month. You can keep the
books for two weeks and renew
for one week. Mrs. Tutt and Mrs.
Hiatt will exchange books for
those who live out of Murray and
you can renew the books by call
ing 10 over Ihe telephone. The
library is ripen Wednesday and
Saturday afternoon's from 2 to (5
and Saturday evening from 7 to 9.
There are over 300 books and a
large number of magazines to
Library Association Program.
Tin' Library association will
meet Wednesday evening, Jan
uary :2, at the library rooms at
7:30. Following will be the pro
gram rendered :
Business session at 7:30.
Paper, "Labor Quest ion," Lee
Discussion, led by O. A. Davis.
Ihe ten best sellin? books rinr
i ig the mouth of December by-
Waller H. Barker Publishing Co..
Ilulh Hamilton.
lto call. Heloful susrorest.ions
i hat will promote the growth of
Ihe library.
All interested in the library are
invited to be present.
Study Club to Meet Tuesday.
The Study club will meet Tues
day afternoon, January 21, at the
library. The following program
will be rendered:
. Roll call.
Quotations from Dickens.
Dickens, the Man and Author,
Mrs. Hamilton.
Review of Dornby and Son, Fay
Points of Law a Woman Should
Fnderstand, Mrs. Smith.
How Domestic Life in Germany
Differs from the Same in This
Country, Mrs. S. O. Pitman.
Opinion of Recent Books Re
ceived, by Class.
Parlimenlary Drill,
Visitors invited.
FOR SALE Thoroughbred
B. P. R. Cockerels, $1.00
each. Eggs 75c per selling in
season. Mrs. J. W. Hendricks,
Plattsmouth. Neb., Route 1
'Phone 3-L, Murray.
12-30-1 mo-wklv
For Sale.
A 3-year-old registered Perchon
stallion. For particulars call on
or address Chas. Countryman,
Nebawka, Neb., or telephone 7-D,
Mrs. John Hall was a passenger
this morning for Omaha to look
after some business matters con
nected With tho store.
Mrs. Jacob Henrich was a nas
senger this morning for Omaha to
look after some matters of busi
ness for a few hours.
George A. Kaffenberger was in
the city from his farm yesterday
looking after some business mat
ters with the merchants.
J- Dr. H. Thomson, dentist,
j of Plattsmouth, will make
j Union one day of each
j week fop the purpose of
! looking aftor the dental
work of this community. He
will be In Union on Satur
day of each week, beginning
j January 4, 1913, until fur
ther notice.
( III M 1, m:iiu SK A.
TI.e Lving.-ton Loan ani Building As
sociation, Plaintiffs,
Adelaide Hates and John T. Hates, her
husband, Defendants.
T Adlaide Hate ar.d John T. Bates.
l. r Mitiar.d, non-resident defendant
in ti e above entitled action:
ou and each of you are hereby
notified that the plaintiff has com
menced an action against you in the
District Court of Cass County. Ne
braska, for the purpose of foreclosing
a mortgage given tiy you to the Living
ston Loan and Building Association OH
the ifith day of January, 190 s, covering
t'.e foUii'vinK described real estate In
Cass County, N.'hraska, to-wit: Com
meniing at a point in the renter of
Rruut street, said point lining 15
feet west and 13 feet north of a stone
at ti e southeast corner of the NK4 of
Section 24. Township 12 north, Kange
l:, east of the fith p. ni , theii'-e north
:'17.S feet to a stake, th'tic" west 2ei
ft it, thence south 217. S f-.-ei to u st:ik ,
tl ei'ce east 2'bl feet to lti, pl:;c of
o vinning. containing one iiciv, ho thj
.-ime tuo:e or less hii-1 I nov. n ;is nib
l.t 1 of lot 4ti, in the SK'4 of the NB1
of Section ;t, Township 11' north. Range
13 east, of the tith p. m., in Cass .County,
Nebraska, which moiliriie appears of
record in P.ook in of Heal Kstate
Mortgages at pae ;75, In the olilce of
the Kt-Klster of 1 n-eds of Cass County,
Nebraska, and to recover $10.70 for In
surance which plaintiff has been com
pelled to pay, and to recover taxes for
the years 1U0S-1911 Inclusive In the Bum
of $14. 4S. with Interest thereon from the
12th riav of November, 1912, and for
equitable relief.
You anl each of you are required to
answer said petition on or before the
17th day of February. A. D. 1913, and
In falling so to do your default will be
duly entered therein and judgment
taken as prayed for in plaintiff's peti
tion. The Livingston Loan and Building As
sociation, I'lalntlff.
I!y A. L. TIDD, It's Attorney.
The Lvlngston Loan and liulldinu As
sociation, Plaintiffs,
PeWItt Ptanlev and Anna Stanley, his
w iic, dciuiiuuius.
To DeWitt Stanley and Anna Stanley.
nise wite, non-resident defendants In
the above entitled action: ,
You and each of you are hereby
notified that the plaintiff has com
menced an action against you in the
District Court of Cass County, Ne
braska, for the purpose of foreclosing
a mortgage given by you to the Living
ston Loan and Building Association on
the 10th day of September, 1906, cover
ing the following described real estate
to-wit: Lots 3 and 4. in Block 18. in
Thompson's Addition to the City of
I'lattsmoutn, Cass county Nebraska,
which mortgage appears of record in
Book 32 of Keal Kstate Mortgages, at
page 136, in the office of the Register
of Deeds of Cass County, Nebraska; and
to recover me sum oi insurance,
which plaintiff has been compelled to
pay, and the sum of $77.15 taxes, In
terest and costs for the years 1907-1911
inclusive, with Interest thereon from
the 12th day of November. 1912. and for
eipiltable relief.
lou and each or you are required to
answer said petition on or before the
lith day or February. A. I). 1913. and
In failing so to do your default will be
duly entered therein and judgment
taken as prayed lor in plalntlll s peti
tion. The Livingston Loin and Building As
sociation, I'lalntlff
By A. L. TiOD, It's Attorney.
la Ihe District Court In and for C
County Nrbranka.
Louisa Bay and Albert M. Bay,
Nancy J. Dysart, Elizabeth Wolfe,
Henry woire, Kllen Krelger, Adolph
Kreiger, Ida Cline, Brunson Cllne,
James A. Dysnrt, Frank P. Sheldon,
Kmma Sheldon, Thomas P. Uysart,
Louise Dysart, Jessie K. Dysart, Clara
Dysart, Charles H. Pvsart and
Ogaretta Dysart. Defendants.
To the Defendants, Kllen Krelger,
Adolph Krelger, Thomas P. Dysart
and Louise Dysart: ,
You are hereby notified that on the
24th day of December.-1912, plaintiffs
filed their petition against the above
named defendants In the District Court
of the County of Cass. Nebraska, pray
ing partition of the following described
real estate situated in the county oi
Cass Nebraska: ,
The Southeast Quarter (SE'i) or the
Southeast Quarter (SK'il of Section
twenty-seven (27), the Northeast,,
Quarter (MS'i) of the Northeast Quar
ter (isi'j'i or section thirty-rour ui),
the North half of the Northwest Quar
ter (NW'J) of the Northeast Quarter
(NKV4) of Section thirty-four (34), all
In Township ten (10), Range 13 East
of the 6th p. m. and setting forth the
Interest of plaintiffs and defendants
therein. ,
This notice Is given pursuant to an
order of the court and each of you are
required to answer said petition on or
before Monday, the 10th day of Feb
ruary, A. D. 1913, or your default will
be duly entered of record, and partition
of said lands made In accordance with
the findings and orders of the court
It AWLS & ROBERTSON, Attorneys.
J. J. Thomas, Attorney.
In the District Court of Seward County,
Nebraska. In the Matter of the Kstate
of Thomas A. llealey. Deceased.
Notice Is hereby given that In pursu
ance of an order of the Honorable
(Ieorge F. Corcoran, one of the Judges
of the District Court In and for Seward
County, Nebraska, made on the 2nd day
of July, 1912, at Chambers, at the Court
House In the City of Y'ork, York
County, Nebraska, for the sale of the
real estate hereinafter described. I will
sell at the front door of the Court House
In the City of Plattsmouth, Cass County,
Nebraska, on the 1st day of February,
1913, at one o'clock p. in., for cash, the
following described reii estate, to-wit:
Lots seven (7) and eight (8), in block
ten (10), of Carter s Addition to Weep
ing Water, Cass County, Nebraska.
Snld sale will reninln open one hour.
HENRY J. MATZKE, Administrator,
with the will annexed of the
estate of Thomas A. llealey, de
MENT. All persons interested in the
estate of Thomas J. Fountain, de
ceased, now pending in the Coun
ty Court of Chs County, Nebraska,
will take notice that the ad
ministratrix has filed her final ac
count and petition for final stlle
menl in said estate. A hearing
will be had upon said account and
petition at the' office of said
County Court on the 18th day of
January, 1913, at the hour of ten
o'clock a. in., at which time any
and all persons interested in said
estate may appear and contest
said account and petition.
Dated this 26th day of Decem
ber, 1912.
County Judge.
Auctioneer, Murray, Neb.
Public Sales a specially,
and care taken to get the
high dollar for your goods
end fdork. Your business
solicited. Telephone 5-N.
v 'H-H-M-M-i-M-H