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Notice to Builders!; DEFEATS PALZEP.
Murray Department.
If any of the readers of tlu Journal hyjw of a t'cialei-eiil or uii item of interest w thin vicinity and mil mail savie to thin office it will appear under thi heading
Vemutt all item of inerext. Editor Jmir ial.
3 CHi5
Home Bank Owned by Home People
Murray Stat
e Bank
Capital $10,000 Surplus $5,000
CIIAS. C. PARMELE, President
F. L NUTZMAN, Vice-President
W. G. BOEDEKER, Cashier
We have every arrangement possible for the conven
ience of our patrons.
We write drafts and can save you money when de
siring to remit away.
Consult us freely on any financial business. Our ex
perience may be of some benefit to you.
Depositors in fhis bank are protected under the State
Guarantee Law.
Study Club Meets Tuesday.
Tin- Study Huh will meet Tues
day afternoon. January 7, al Hie
library room-. Following will be
I In- program rendered :
lloll Call.
"Quotations From l)irkcn."
Review of l)oinhv & Son
Fay Ohiham
ickens, the .Man and Author. .
Mrs. Hamilton
'arcels Post Mrs. E. Tult
I'oinls of Law a Woman Should
t'nderstand Mrs Smith
How Domestic Life in This
Country Differs From the
Same in Germany. .Mrs. pitman
Opinions of Recent Hooks Read
Dy All the Class
Parlimentary Drill.
All vistors welcome. Lessons
icgin at 2 o'clock sharp.
C. HenhiT, sr., has been very
sick for the past few days.
A. F. Nickels was a Plaits,
mouth visitor Friday afternoon.
Elbert Queen was I ransnct inn
business in Piatlsmouth Saturday.
Miss Aliee (iohleman, from
South Dakota, is visiting friends
and relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Davis are at
home to their friends in their new
home, moving Saturday.
John, the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Dick Chriswisser, has been quite
sick for the past few days.
Miss Winnie llutcheson ami
Will Oliver, jr., were guests of
Mr, and Mrs. Carl Cole Sunday.
Thurmaii and Exa Finns of
Union are visiting friends and
relatives in and near Murray this
Mr. and Mrs. Hoss Williams and
family spent Christmas week with
relatives and friends in Council
School district. No. NO, which
has been Hosed for the past three
weeks on account of diphtheria,
opened against Monday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Country
man and two children spent
, Christmas al the home of Mrs.
Countryman's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. William Oliver.
Mr. and Mrs. I'.. II. Dillchay were
shopping in Piatlsmouth Tuesday
afternoon, ami while there called
at the Journal ollice and enrolled
their name for the paper.
Miss Elizalii'ih Oliver spent
Saturd.iv and Sunday with friends
in ii ml, attending the party
Salon! . evening given at the
borne of Albert Welenkamp.
Horn To Mr. and Mrs. Steve
Copepbaver, on Dcrendier 'JH, a
line baby boy, Itotb mother and
little one are doing nicely and
Steve says the little fellow looks
just like bis dad.
Mr. and Mrs. (i. S. Hay enter
tained at dinner Sunday in honor
of D. C. Creamer and wife of Wood
River, Neb., and the following
guests were present: Robert
Wood and wife. Meek Davis and
wife and daughters, Marie and
Lena. M. R. Nickels and wife. Miss
IJe.rllir Nickels and Mr. and Mrs.
I). C. Crosser.
Thirty attended the meeting of
the Library association Friday
evening. The eVening was spent
with dominoes and tlnieb. Mes-
dames O. A. Davis, L. (lapen and
Hamilton were the committee on
refreshments. Fruit, coffee and
cake v ere served. The next meet
ing will be January 2L The sub
ject v iU be, "The Labor Ques
tion." Lee Kniss will have charge
of the paper.
Sieve Copenbaver was seen on
the streets of Murray Saturday
with " smile guaranteed not to
rip. r- el or run over at the heels
and npossible to wash off.
Steve's cause for such a smile is
the arrival of a t O-pound boy al
bis home early Saturday morning.
With careful consideration Sieve's
friends have hopes of bis recover''.
Nickels has been numbered
I lie sick for the past few
Lee Nickels was a I'lal I snioul b
visitor Saturday.
Horn To Mr, ami Mrs. Slagb
a sou, Saturday, December L'8.
Miss Isabella Young spent, Sun
day with Wall Sans and wife.
Charles Wiser of Omaha is visit
ing E. II. Queen and family this
Mrs. Nick Klaurem was looking
after business in Piatlsmouth Sat
Mrs. Kd Midcalf of Merlin spent
Thursday with Mrs. Frank
Miss Pearl Dugay spent a few
days with Miss Mae Lewis lb
past week.
Art bur Sullivan and family
sient Sunday with Will Wehrbein
and family
II. C. Creamer ami family wen
looking after business in Platts
mouth Thursday.
Mvs. mair roller or near
I nion has been on the sick lb
for I lie 'past few w eeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark While look
dinner with Mr. and Mrs. (ieorge
Hay New Year's day.
Mrs. E. (I. Levi is and daughter,
(Hive, are spending the holidays
willi Mrs. Lewis' sister in Omaha.
The Aid society of the Christian
church and the Missionary society
of the Presbyterian church met at
I lie Presbyterian church Tuesday
ami served for a benelil. fund. Din
ner was served in the kitchen of
the church.
Mr. and Mrs. S, ( I. Pit man in
vited a number of friends to a
watch meeting Tuesday evening.
Dinner was served al, 0:30 and the
evenintr was spent with cards. An
alarm Hock was bidden in the
dining room, and as the old year
went out and the new one was
ushered in the alarm sounded.
Covers were laid for Messrs. and
Mesdaines T. J. Hrendel. W. S.
Smith, James Holmes, O. A. Davis,
W. O. Hurdick, Dr. and Mrs. J. F.
Mrendel, Dr. and Mis. (ieorge Oil-
more, L. D. II ial I, Kd Tult. S. O.
Pitman, Misses Pauline and Fay
Oldham, Margie Walker and Mes
srs. Albeit Young and Dick Pit
The ladies of the K. N. K. met
with Mrs. A. F. Nickels Friday,
December 27, and a very enjoyable
time was bad. Mrs, Nickels served
an excellent dinner, assisted by
Miss Pert ha Nickels. The ladies
spent the day quilling and visit
ing. A business session and dec
tion of officers was held in the
afternoon. The following officers
were elected. Etta M. Nickels
president: Mrs. Nick Klaurens
vice president; Mrs. Minnie Mc
Vey, treasurer; Mrs. John Hend
ricks, secretary. Mrs. William
Oliver, Miss Elizabeth Oliver, Mrs
E. M. Codwin ami Miss Rober
Oood were secured as new mem
bers. The next regular meeting
will be held with Mrs. Joe Sans
February 8. All members are re
quested to be present.
Mrs. M. O. McQuinn has been
piite sick for the past few days.
Harmon Heck and family ate
Sunday dinner with Dr. J. F.
Ilrcndel and wife.
Mrs. Alva Long, who has been
(plite ill for the past few weeks, is
repruied some belter.
Mrs. Wes Hill has been suffer
ing lor I lie past lew days will! an
attack of asthma.
Horn To Mr. and Mrs. Will
lloinan, on December 27, a baby
girl. All are uomg niceiy.
Misses Mary and Orare Jame
son oi weeping water visiicu in
Murray last Saturday and Sunday.
Uncle Louis Hint of near Union,
who has been sick for the past few
weeks, is some better al this lime.
Horn To Mr. and Mrs. John
Eaton, residing southeast of
Union, on December 28, a baby
Dr. F. Hrendel and wife ate New-
Year's dinner at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. O. E. Young, near Ne-hawka.
" Mr. and Mrs. D. 0. Crosser, Mr.
and Mrs. O. S. Hay and Esther,
spent the day Tuesday with Mr.
and Mrs-. William fiilmour.
Dr. Will Hrendel and wife and
Mrs. Marquard! of Avoca auloed
to Murray Sunday afternoon for
a short visit with home folks.
Hev. Hubbel preached al I tie
Christian church last Sunday
morning and evening, while Hev.
Williams tilled the pulpit in Coun
cil Hluffs.
Edirar Lewis, while chopping
wood a few days ago, was struck
in the eye by a piece of I lie timber,
which was a very painful injury
for a few days, but nothing of a
serious nature.
Horn To Mr. and Mrs. Corne
lius Hengen, jr., on December 30,
a nine-pound baby boy. Mother
ami little one are doing nicely,
ami Cornelius ami Oramlpa Hen
gen are well pleased with their
New Year's present.
W. K. Shepardsou was looking
liter some business matters in
the county eal Thursday of Ibis
week. Mr. Shepardsou is prepar
ing for a public sale in the near
future and will soon leave Cass
i i i i
couniy, taking up nis iuiure nonie
in I he Rig Horn Hasin, in Wyoming.
Mr. and Mrs. (i. S. Hay and
daughter entertained at dinner
Sunday, January 20, in honor of
Mrs. Hay's sister and husband, Mr
iml Mrs. D. C. Crosser, of Wood
River, Neb. Those present were:
Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Davis and
daughters, Marie and Leona; Miss
Alice (iobelman of St. Lawrence,
S. D Mr. and Mrs. Crosser. Mr
and Mrs. R. R. Nickels, Mr. and
Mrs. W. R. Oond and Miss Bertha
Runaway Near Mynard.
Wednesday evening while Ohm
Perry was driving along the road
with a load of wood near bis
home, west of Mynard, his team
became frightened and ran away,
willi the result thai be was thrown
off Hie wagon and received several
severe concussions and remained
in an unconscious condition until
!) o'clock this morning, when he
regained consciousness, greatly
to the relief of the doctors, who
greally feared that be had sus
tained some severe injury. The
team was found later in the pas
ture of Mr. Perry with only the
two front wheels of the wagon
left, the rest of it and the wood
being scattered along the route
taken by the horses in Iheir iwld
run. Mr. Perry is feelin slightly
improved today, although very-
sore ami unused up.
We now have an expert drafts-j GOnqUSfS IQW2U
tliUil All IS 111 tllllWJ , U11U U1IJUI1V. V.V11 I
templating building will do well to
see us first. We are prepared to!
furnish plans and specifications for,
any kind of a building on very short
in Eighteen Rounds.
Peters & Richards,
Mrs. Thomas Slagfe.
Mrs. Thomas Slagle passed
away al her home near Murray
December 1 i, 11)12. Nancy Staple
was born in Wisconsin April 30,
lH.'ll), and died December 1 i, 11)12.
at 2 o'clock a. in., aged 73 years,
7 months and 13 days. Nancy
Hurnelt was raised in Ohio and
was married to Thomas Slagle on
January t i, t8i2, coining to Ne
braska in tHiil), where she has
since resided till the time of her
(team. Mie. leaves one nroim
Lewis' Reiunion.
Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis and
daughters, Thelma and Elsie, oi
Craig; Mrs. Will Kellison, daugh
ter and son, Ruth and Raymond,
of Mynard; Miss Alice Lewis of
Craig, and Mr. and Mrs. Edgar
Lewis of Mound City, Mo., spent
Christmas with their parents,
Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Lewis and famJ
ily, residing west of this city. A
tine time was reported Mrs. Anna; 5 places hlm at the
Cowles of Hrainard, Minn., could heavyweights.
not be present, which was much
regretted by all, she being the
only one of the family absent.
Man Who Conquered Jim Flynn Three
Weeks Ago Clinche Title to White
Heavyweight Championship Loser
Game Under Punishment.
Los Angeles, Jan. 2. Luther Mc
Carty, ths Nebraska cowboy, shattered
the heavyweight championship am1
bition of Al Palzer, the Iowa glantl
at the Vernon arena. For nearly eight
een rounds he used tho huge frame of
the Iowan as a punching box.
When the middle of the eighteenth
round found Palzer staggering blindly
about under a volley of lefts to his
battered face and when Referee
Charles Eyton walked between them
and hoisted the right hand of the
smiling cowboy pugilist, the decision
was received with cheers.
Mccarty's victory, following his de
cisive defeal tRreo weeks ago of Jim
top of white
Riley Contest.
Mesdaines Mira McDonald.
Floyd (iapen. William Seybolt.
Thomas Tilson, Will iain Troop
and E. P. Main will be the con
testants in the Riley contest Sat
urday evening, January 18.
Miss Harriett Adams, Rev. Ross
Williams and the ladies' quartet
will have charge of the music.
two sister and eight children to
mourn her loss. , '
I (ear I ired heart
lias tlown to the shelter of (iod's
What can hurl thee or alarm
Within the circle of His arm?
We only know thai thou has gone
Where sorrow 'never comes
Hey ond the darkness of the tomb,
She is al home.
'jTliis entertainment is being look.
We give our most heartfelt
thanks to the kind friends and
neighbors who assisted us dur
ing the sickness and death of our
dear mother. We also thank the
K. X. K. and Royal Xeighbors for
I heir kindness in sending flowers.
Mrs. J. 1. Filch.
Mrs. W. H. (iood.
A. W. Slagle
Andy Slagle
? A. H. Slagle.'
D. E. Slagle.
Frank Slagle.
Levi Slagle
Card of Thanks.
We wish to thank I tie many
friends and neighbors who so
kindly assisted us in the sickness
and death of our dear boy, Wash
ington Dillchay. The many kind
nesses shall never he forgotten
y us. '
E. J. Dillchay.
E. H. Dillehay and Wire.
Jake Dillehay.
11 I I!t'I
Dr. H. Thomson, dentist,
of Plattsmouth, will make
Murray one day of each
week for the purpose of
looking after the dental
work of this community. He
will be In Murray on Thurs
day of each week, beginning
January 2, 1913, until fur
ther notice.
FOR SALE Thoroughbred
H. P. R. Cockerels, $1.00
each. Eggs 75c per setting
season. Mrs. J. W. Hendricks
Plattsmouth, Nob., Route
'Phone 3-L, Murray.
A Want Ad In the Journal will
bring what you want.
ed forward to will) a great amount,
of interest. Jas. Wbilcomb Riley,
the Roosier poet, is loved by all;
children find entertainment in his
verses and the grown-ups con-1
sola! ion and contentment. Today
lie stands at the head of American
poels and to have an evening's
entertainment with his poems
can't help bill have beneficial ef
fect upon the public. Those ladies
who will recite Riley's best
thoughts to you January 18 rep
resent our best speaking talent,
and I bey are putting forth every
effort to make the entire program
a success.
The haunting fear of sickness
and helplessness is the secret ter
ror of the working man. Health
is his capital. Kidney diseases
sap a man's strength and vitality.
They lessen his earning capacity.
Foley Kidney Pills bring back
health and strength by healfng the
disease. They are the best medi
cine made for kidney and bladder
troubles. The genuine are in the j vlrtlm. t,,e veteran Flynn
yellow package. Refuse any sub
stitute. For sale by F. C Fricke
& Co.
McCarty ha3 announced and reiter
ated the statement that he would
never fight a negro.
Palzer, in spite of his superior
height, weight and reach, was no
match for the cool-headed, agile
youngster. He literally stumbled
through the fight, assimilating awful
punishment, and his rushes were whol
ly ineffective. Ho scarcely landed a
clean blow throughout the fight.
Palzer began the fight with an ag
gressiveness that indicated a desire to
finish Iiis man in short order, but Mc
Carty had little difficulty in eluding
Only enca Palzer appeared to have
an advantage. In one of the early
rounds McCarty slipped to tho mat.
Palzer rushed in, launching a right
uppercut to catch the rising man, but
McCarty ducked out of danger.
Nebraskan Clever Fighter.
McCarty fought cleverly throughout,
taking his time and beating down his
man systematically. He seldom wast
ed a blow and hit with deadly pre
cision. Palzer had practically no de
fense against the Nebraskan's whip
like left, delivered straight from the
shoulder, and seldom was he able to
block the right swing or uppercut,
which Invariably followed a series ot
straight lefts.
McCarty landed at will and with ar.
accuracy that became monotonous.
Palzer'a eyes were kept almost con
tinually on his manager, the veteran
Tom O'Rourke, who shouted instruc
tions to him through a megaphone.
He appeared to have no initiative
whatever. O'Rourke's instructions"
were as audible to McCarty as to Pal
zer and every move of the Iowan was
anticipated by his foe.
Palzer'a face was badly disfigured (
and ho showed the effects of his beat
Ing even more than did McCarty's last
Auctioneer, Murray, Neb.
Public Sales a specialty, fr
aud care taken to get the
high dollar for your goods '?
and stock. Yoir business. !
solicited. Telephone r-N. J
frfr I!!!'!
For Sale.
A 3-year-old registered Perchon
stallion. For particulars call on
or address (.lias, countryman,
Nehawka, Neb., or telephone 7-D,
Social Gathering.
A social gathering was held at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. T.
Porter last Friday evening, De
cember 27, IIM2. in honor of Mr.
and Mrs. ('barley Cole of Weep
ing Water. A number of the
neighbors and friends were invil
ed in to spend the evening. The
evening was spent in social con
versation, after the excellent
oyster supper Mrs. Porter had
prepared for I he visitors. We are
informed thai Heorge Lloyd'
captured lirst prize for eating the
largestnumber of bowls of oyster
' soup. Alter supper .Miss ivsinor
Lloyd, Mr. Cole. Mr. Lloyd and Mr.
Lancaster furnished some excel
lent music. Those present to en
joy the evening were: Messrs. and
Mesdaines fieorge Lloyd, Charley-
Cole of Weeping Water, Hert
Lloyd, Earl Lancaster, Jake Smith.
Tom Smith. Esther, Aggie and
Frank Lloyd, firace Porter, Halliei
Rover, Rlanrh Smith, Frank Mc
Vey, Efllie Smith, Roy (Iregg,
Frank Morley, Anderson Lloyd,
(ireen Picket I, Howard Hoyer,
Waller Rover and (irandma Mc-Vey.
In the eighteenth round Palzer
walked unsteadily to the center of
the ring and literally fell into a left
hook that dazed him. He clung tn
McCarty's shoulders and when they
8fparntd. McCarty shot two lefts tn
the jaw. McCarty, apparently unwill
ing to administer the finishing punch,
backed nwny and the referee stopped
the fight.
McCarty's only mark was a slight
cut under the right eye.
General Dlacksmilhing
and Wagon Work
Ferns Gets Decision Over Brewer.
Kansas City, Jan. 2. Clareno
("Wilicat") Kerns of Kansas City,
claimant of the welterweight chain
plonship of the world, was awarded
the decision over Harry Brewer of
Kansas City after ten rounds of furi
ous fighting here.
Kilbane Beats Kirk.
l)uis, Jan. 2. Johnny Kilbane
Journal for fancy Stationery.
Horseshoeing is Our Specialty
All Work Guaranteed
Murray, Nebraska
Mark While and wife of Rock
Hluffs drove up this morning to
attend to some trading with the
merchants for t tie day.
Mrs. Hattie Davis of Virginia
I)ale. Colorado, arrived in this
city this morning and will make
an extended visit with her par
ents. Mr. and Mrs. A. Dill, and
other relatives in this vicinity.
Can't look well, eat well, or feel
well will) impure blood. Keep the
blood pure willi Hurdock Rlood
Hitters. Eat simply, take exercise,
keep clean, and good health is
pretty sure to follow. -SI. 00 a
featherweight champion of the world,
rendered Ollie Kirk helpless in les?
tnau two rounas, ana uereree Harry
Sharp stopped the fight, giving tho
decision to Kilbano. j
New Governor of New York Walks te
Albany, N. Y., Jan. 2. William Sul was Inaugurated forty-second gov
ernor of New York. He cut out all
the usual display. His only conces
sion was an address from the cap
itol Bteps to thousands who could not
get into the big building.
With the declaration that he was
free from ulterior influences and de
termincd to serve the will of the peo
ple, Governor Sulzer practical
served notice on Tammany Hall that
he is not its figurehead.
Soon after 11 o'clock, Governor
elect Sulzer nnd Governor Dix left
the executive mansion with theii
staffs and walked to the capltol.
The marching suffragettes, headed
by "General" Rosalie Jones, clapped
their hands enthusiastically, anc
shouted "Hurrah for our governor."
Governor Sulzer's address pledged
him to carry out reforms demanded
by the people.
Agreement Made for Loan.
Peking, Jan. 2. A preliminary
agreement was arranged settling the
details of th" proposed six power loat
of $125,000,000 to China. '