The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, December 12, 1912, Image 2

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Hcp Former Lover and Brother-in-Law
Fires tho Shot That
Wounds Her.
l'lii' I'nl low inn sliirx of the ii 11 -fni
(tin. ilr love all, or r two .mhiii
women who were former residents
of this i ininl appears in Hie Ne
braska Cily .News of l;i (. evening,
'l'lii' 'inm ladies were horn near
Uniiiii, where 1 1 1 1 1- parents re
sided fur miiiic ears. .Miss Maude
Nirlutts. I lie victim of Hie .sliiinU
inn all'ray. lias heen leaching
school in Florida fur some lime,
ami while (here liei-ame i n k ;i k I
lo II. Perry Jones, an attorney, nf
Fort Myers. The story nf Ihe
false love ami Ihe shoolinn I hat
took place there is (old in ihe
following sieeial In Ihe .News:
"Fort Myers, Florida, Decem
lie.r II. Miss Maude Nicknls was
shot and fatally wounded this
moniiuK my her brother-in-law,
H. Percy Jones, u prominent at
torney of this city, after u quar
rel. From what can 1m learned
and from the slatcmen! of Miss
Nichols, who has lieen teaching
school here for some lime, she
was- to have married Jones, ami
hr sister, Miss Mahel Nichols,
came here, in company wilh Miss
Florence Wn'uht, from Nebraska
(lily to attend Ihe wedding. Junes
met the sister and was at once
infatuated with her and courted
her fast, ami furious, with Ihe re
sult that they were married a few
days since ami were on I heir
honey moon, when I lie sister,
Maude, informed Mabel of Ihe
true .situation of things and how
that Jones had jilted her. Jones,
on lieiiiR upbraided by his wife of
a few days, became furious and
churned Maude wilh having taken
his money and a wordy war fol
lowed, in which Ihe attorney pull
ed a revolver ami shot Maude, fa
tally wounding her. She was at
once taken to a hospital. There
is little hopes of her recovery.
Jones was arrested ami placed in
jail, where he is held without
The parents of Ihe young wom
en, J. W. Nichol ami wife, reside
in Nebraska CI i I v. where they are
very highly esteemed by all who
know I hem. The father is a re
tired farmer and has been an in
valid for a number of years, hav
ing been a 'sufferer from loco
motive ataxia.
W. K. Hosencrans, the luisllmn
real estate dealer, has just re
ceived Ihree very Hue large nr.
nnges that were grown near Faal
furris, Texas, where many Cass
county citizens own land, and the
oranges speak well for the soil
and cliiiiale there, as they are as
large as any California oranges.
They were sent lo Mr. Hosencrans
by William ii. Schul., who re
moved lo thai country a few
months ago and who is delighted
with his new home and the splen
did counlry in which he has locat
ed. The land on which the
orange grove is located is about
Iwo miles from the home nf Mr.
Schul. and Ihe trees from which
Iho oranges were picked are unlv
six years old ami the owner will
have about -(Ml bushels for this
year's crop. The land near Fal-
furris has been handled by Mi
Hosencrans and he is very much
pleased wilh lliese splendid
specimens of Ihe fruil that can
be grown in thai productive
country. The oranges are on ex
hibition in the window at Mr
Hosencrans' olllce and those de
siring to see some line fruit
should slop ami look at them.
llurlinglon train No. 1 J, which
is due to arrive here af t:ir. p. m.,
had a iimsl exciting trip last night
in its run from Lincoln In this
cily. The first accident to mar
the trip occurred near (iretua,
where the train struck a team
and wagon on a crossing and kill
ed the horses ami the driver of
flic, team was thrown out, break
ing his. arm, but fortunately
escaping with his life. When the
(rain reached Pappio they ran
into a railroad velocipede which
was on the track and completely
demolished it, but Ihe parties on
the. cur got. olT in lime, so there
was no lives lost in either ac
cident. The train was delayed so
that il did not arrive here until
10:30 last night, after its wild
Automobile Crippled.
Yesterday morning while tlhas.
Chrisw is-er was driving to this
city from his home near .Whawka,
in his louring ear lie had Ihe mis.
fortune lo break Ihe axle of one
of Ihe rear wheels and il was ne
cessary In have Ihe machine
brought lo I'lal I sinniil h, where it
was placed in Ihe Warn a v Cecil
garage for repairs. II is very for.
lunate for Mr. Olirisw isser thai
he was in if running fast, as he
might hac I u killed.
Frank Severin, father of Mrs.
John J. Toman nf Ibis city, pass
ed away Monday evening at the
home of his son, Frank Severin,
in Omaha, after a short illness
with pneumonia. The deceased
was very highly respected by all
who knew him ami his loss will
be greatly felt by his many
friends. The wife of Mr. Severin
died about two years ago and she
was buried in this city, where the
body of the husband will be
brought for interment. The de
ceased leaves six children to
mourn his loss, as fololws: Jos
eph Severin, Frank Severin and
Julius Severin, Omaha; Mrs. Mary
Toman, Plaltsmoulli; P. J. Se
verin, Fdminton, Canada; J. II.
Severin, Calgary, Canada. The
funeral will be held here either
Saturday or Sunday, the interment
being delayed until the two sons
can gel here from Canada.
A special from Nebraska Cily,
under date of December 11, con
tains the following account of Ihe
death of one nf Nebraska City's
must prominent citizens:
Kx-Mayor Otoe Clay Morton,
one of Ihe leading men of this
city, died at. his home here to
night after an ailment lasting
over nine months. lie was the
only son of the late Thomas Mor
ton, founder and publisher of the
Daily News of this cilv and for
many years was its manager and
one of its publishers. For a time
he published a stock paper in
Denver, ami reluming lo this city
he look over his father's in
terests in the News. lie was
presidenl of Ihe Cniuinercial club
for years, member of the cily
council and served one term as
mayor, lie was prominent in all
public alVairs.
Mr. Moilon was taken ill in
March and since thai lime has
been unable to do any work or at
tend to any of his affairs. lie is
survived by his widow and one
son. As yet no arrangement s have
been made for the funeral. lie
was a member of Ihe Masonic
lodge, the Woodmen of Ihe World,
ncjenl Order nf I'niled Workmen
and had been a tlreman sinci
manhood, lie was interested in
every public enlerprise in t lit
The news was received in this
cily Ibis morning of the death at
the Wise Memorial hospital in
Omaha last evening of Mrs
Charles Sullivan. The funeral will
be held here tomorrow from Ihe
I :l.r Murlington train and the in
terment made in the Fikenbary
cemetery, southwest of this city,
The deceased lady was Ihe wife ol
Charles Sullivan, who formerly
resided here, being Ihe son ol
Judge A. N. Sullivan. Mrs. Sul
livan was well known to many ol
the residents here ami during her
visits here had made many warm
friends, who will learn with great
regret of her death. She has been
sick for some lime ami gradually
grew worse until Ihe llual sum
uions came.
One bad cough can keen lb
whole family awake at night, Phil.
Disorneau. SchalTer, Mich., says:
"I could not sleep on account of
a bad cough, and I was very weak,
f used Foley's Honey and Tar
Compound, and soon Ihe cough
left and I slept soundly all night."
For sale by F. (i. Fricke A; Co.
V). M. (iodwin and son. Albert,
were in the city yesterday after
noon attending to business mat
ters, having driven up from the
farm near Murray.
Stoves of nil kinds at reduced
prices. Seo Eastwood.
C. A. Randall, Chief Deputy Fire
Commissioner, Warns People
in Penty of Time.
The following timely sugges
tions from Chief Deputy Randall
nf l be slate lire commission, if
heeded, will ae many disasters
which usually occur about
ChrislnuM time, in arranging
Christ mas trees at churches and
school houses, and also at the
homes of private families. Head
and closely observe the good ad
vice extended for your special
benelll :
Christinas will soon be cele
brated by the people of Ibis slate
ami Ihe Christinas tree and public
entertainments in crowded
churches and halls and home will
be used lo emblish Ihe occasion.
fn order that, nothing will oc
cur to mar the occasion and
cause a life-lime of regrets,,. I
earnestly urge those having these
matters in charge to observe the
following rules:
Do not decorate your Christmas
tree with paper, cotton, celluloid
or any other inflammable ma
terial. Use metallic tinsel and
other non-inflammable decora
lions only, ami set the tree se
curely so that il cannot lip over.
Do not use cotton to represent
snow; if you must have snow use
asbestos liber.
If I here is any oilier possible
way lo light Ihe tree do not use
candles. The tree ilself is very
inflammable and will burn when
the needles become dry. Where
electric, lights can be obtained
small bulbs of different colors
can be slrung around over the
ll'ee, bill Ibis work should only be
done by someone thoroughly un
derstanding electricity. Large
lamps with relleclors so arranged
as lo I brow Ihe light on the I ree
will give the tree a beautiful ap
pearance and will not endanger
the lives of I hose in t a I tendance.
Do not. permit Sanla Clans lo wear
an inflammable beard or wig.
Usually Ihe presents that are
placed upon Christmas trees are
done up in tissue paper that is
very inflammable, ami llaxen-
haired dolls and Teddy bears ami
such presents an1 inflammable
and a spark from one of the little
amlles is liable lo start a tire
and I here is alw ays someone
present, ready lo scream ami yell
"Fire," and then the trouble
lakes place; a rush is made for
Ihe door and there are enough
grown people in Ihe audience lo
trample Ihe life out of the lillle
children who are present ami
who are tilled with expectancy at
receiving the gifts that ar i the
tree, but instead of receiving
a presenl I hey are liable to re
reive either painful or fatal in
juries and an occasion of merri
iiieiil will he turned into mourn
ing. All aisles and evils should
be kepi absolutely clear, so I bat
if an accident should happen all
of Ihe occupants can retire from
the building ipiickly and miin
I hope Ihe bulletins I have is
sued has implanted in Ihe minds
nf those who will have thesi
enlcrlaininenls in charge a de
termination lo prevent injury and
loss nf life of nil I hose who al lend
Ihese Christmas entertainments
Prompt and Certain.
The main demand of a sick
person on a medicine is. to act
promptly and certainly, lie ex
perts also I hat the lasle w ill be
agreeable (hat the remedy will not
cause any pain or any habit. A
remedy combining all these xir
lues is Triner's American Flixir
of Killer Wine. Yon can alwavs
rely upon prompt and certain re.
lief when using this agreeably
biller lasting remedy. II is a safe
pleasant medicine for a thorough
cleaning-out of the system and for
strengthening all organs through
which food on its journey
through the body must pass. This
explains why it is of such great
help in many seemingly very dif
ferent diseases, which may prove,
upon thorough invest igal ion. to
bave Ihe same origin or the same
symptoms. If these symptoms
are ons ipal inn. poor appetite or
weakness, use Triner's American
F.lixir of Miller Wine. At drug
stores. Jos. Triner, I ;t So.
Ashland Ave., Chicago. 111.
John Meisinger and wife xvere
lifought in (his morning by their
son. (i. I Meisinger, jr., from his
farm, where they had been visit,
ing for several days.
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! Ledger. .J
Will Clark of Kansas City came
yesterday to make a visit with his
brothers, Wes and Fred, and his
numerous friends here.
Attorney Thaddeus S. Meeker of
Mancrofl,, Idaho, has been here
the past week visiting his mother
and other relatives and friends.
Mrs. Kate Smith spent a few-
days here with her sister, Mrs. M.
II. Shoemaker, and went to Omaha
on the Tuesday evening train.
.J. I). Cross arrived home Wed
nesday from Akron. Colo., where
he spent several days visiting and
al lending lo business affairs. Karris departed Tuesday
for Oklahoma Cily to spend a few
das visiting ami looking after the
farm he owns near thai city.
Miss Kiunia Wiseman returned
home Sunday from Omaha, where
she made a Thanksgiving visit
wilh her mother, Mrs. A. Wise
man. W. A. Wains ley ami wife of
Kails Cily spent several days wilh
John K. Iloback ami family north
east of town, and returned home
on Monday.
Mrs. M. I,. Thomas oT Palmyra
came last Friday for a few days'
visit with her son. Harry. Thomas
and family and oilier relatives and
friends here.
Mrs. John H. llliodd.v, south
west of town, has been very
seriously ill for several days, but
we are pleased to report that
there is some improvement in her
Miles Slandish, a former citizen
of the Murray neighborhood, went
through here on Ihe Saturday
noon liver, returning lo his home
al (larnetl, Kansas, having been
here for a visit with his Cass
county relatives and friends.
King Clark, who has been
working as night operator in the
Missouri Pacific olllce at Plaits
mouth, has been transferred to
ltaker, Kansas, lie was here Sat
urday to x isit his parents, and left
Sunday to begin work at his new
Mrs. Alex Kalon, residing ea.-l
of town, was painfullv injured in
a peculiar manner last Saturday
afternoon. She was carrying a
large jar, and the bursting of the
jar resulted in Hie sharp edge
coming in contact with her loft
arm and severed an artery. Mrs.
K.atou was rendered very weak
from loss of Mood, and will have
the care of a very lame arm for
T. N. Mobbitt of the vicinity of
Alvo was attending to some busi
neri mailers in this city today and
was a pleasant cnller nt this
olllce. He returned to his home
this afternoon.
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Oeorge J. Meisinger and Her
man Crahani of Mynard were
passengers this morning on No.
15 for Omaha lo look after some
business matters.
Do your Xmas shopping early.
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Isaac and I.. W. Nelson, two of
the prosperous farmers from
south of this cily, were in town
today attending to some trading
with Ihe merchants.
- mi a mm a nuTiington tram.
R. W. CLEMENT, Agent,
General Passenger Agent, Omaha, Neb.