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    The Plattsmouth Journal
Published Semi-Weekly at
Entered at the PoBtolfice at Plattnmouth, Nebraska, as Becond-clas
IH"W!W!-!WI5HW Nothing .avcd by wailing, un-
J !!l"s you wait till alter Christmas.
K W ithout rourauc there can J
J nut be truth, and without J
J truth there can lie no other J
virtue. Sir Waller Scott.
H-H-i H-H-!- WW-I' HH
Now is the time lo hny it, early.
They arc talking of a new map
-of Europe with Turkey left off.
.Just as well.
Only nineteen more day till
Christinas. Have yon done that
"early shopping" yet?
II is douhlful if any ex. presi
dent starves lo death or dies from
exposure, even if he don't arcopl
(he of pension of Mr. Carnegie.
He fon beginning to stamp out
an evil some people ought to he
careful to wipe 1 1 j i i- own feel, he
fore taking a part in Ihe business.
The show windows of the
various store-, and shops catch
the eyes of the little ones, who
are all mlcroled in tin- advent of
Simla Clans. v
'llic ileciioii with refereuci' lo
Ihe waler rights in Nebraska looks
like I lis cull ing of a 1 1 1 1 1 1 . Ami
it appears lo In- a larne fiioiig li
speeimt-ii to eliiniiiale any ipiar
teltiig ahoiil it.
:o .-
i if penpie are watriiing Hie :
papers for Christmas bargains.!
The merchant-, who do not ad
vertise evidently expect no Christ
mas shoppers, or have no bar
gains to offer.
One thing certain, Coventor
Morehead is im . going into the
appointing business until he gels
good ami ready, ami he is not go
ing to stand any monkey business
with candidates, oilher.
An easier lilor speaks ofllte
elfoil of the presidenl-elcc! lo
lose himsel" by going lo lterinuda.
All a mistake. Like Covcrnnr
i .1 .i
Morehead, when he went down to
Fxcclsior Springs, he was simply
trying to lose the otlice-seekers.
Wisconsin, by the laws of its
statute 1 ks, ranks admittedly
llrst among t he progressive states.
Yet. it rejected eipial sullrage
overwhelmingly. From Wyoming
ami Colorado, where the women
vide, the political news consists
largely of graft ami scandal.
What's the unswer?
The League of hentneratio
Clubs, in session in Washington
this week, adopted resolutions
rcooiiitne tiding that the cere
monies of swearing in the presi
dent and the attendant pageant
should not be separated. This
means that both should occur on
I ho -i tli of March, blizzard or no
It will be a splendid charily act
if some of the Sunday schools of
IMallsinouth would some way pro
xide tin! poor children of Ihe city
with Christmas presents. Some
charity-inclined lady or gentle
man should take the lead in this
mailer in time to raise sulllcient
money to do thtv business. Then
a committee should be selected to
lind out Ihe really poor children
of the cily those whose father or
mother is dead, and t host who are
loo poor to buy Christmas pres
ents for their children. This is
the proper way to display the
Christmas epirit.
Plitlsmoutti, Nebraska
winter is already here ami vet
we have
we at her.
had no real winter
Coventor .Morehead declares he
will make no appointments until
January 7.
To do your Christmas shopping
early is no fake, if you will only
"take lime hy the forelock."
:o :
Congress and Christinas shop
ping will keep the average mind
pretly well occupied until after
the holidays.
W hile Ihe champion corn liusk
er serves a useful purpose, he
can't charge admission and make
money like other alhleles; he has
lo earn it.
:o :
Improvements still booming
not wit hslaiiding I his is the first
month of winler. There will he
work all winter if the weal her will
hold otf il.s icy blasts.
:o :
The children are hoping for a
while Christmas. What is
Christmas to the little ones with
out snow, anyway 7 The jingle of
Ihe slciyh lielU is music In their
:o :
:o: An lliio xvoimdi, who recently
died at the age of i f years, boast
ed she bad never been kissed by a
man. I'm! one that old could
hardly I xpected lo fully pos
sei her memory of trivial things.!
There are men in polil ics who
believe the federal constitution is
a fossilized instrument that does
more harm than good, but .lodge
W. II. Thompson of Kansas is not
one ni' them. M gives him Ihe
Sixty million packages of gar
den seed have been prepared to
send out early next spring. Of
course each congressman gels his
share. We'll ie a coonskin thai
but few of them will be as par
ticular in semlinu them next
spring as they were last spring.
Chicago ha received this sea
son approximately 1J7,MM) west
ern range cattle, as compared
with ;t:i.u)0 in linil. With only
half as many grass cattle as live
years ago it is not dilllcult to
llgure out why beef is so high and
why the price is going to remain
The regular republicans don't
seem lo take very kindly to John
O. Yeiser's proposition to unite
Hie parly. As one Cass county
leader says, they will gladly ac
cept all those who "went olT after
stray gods" who desired lo re
turn to the fold, into full fellow
ship al any I hue,
A college for hoboes is the
latest thing contemplated for the
benellt of Wandering Willies by
.lames Fads Howe, the St. Louis
millionaire tramp. Here is an op
portunity for Andrew Carnegie to
dispose of some of his surplus
millions, instead of pensioning
Coventor ltaldwin of Connecti
cut favored the restoration of Ihe
whipping post at the meeting of
governors in Hichmond this week.
In many cases the whipping post
is the proper thing. One instance
in our mind's eye is Jack Johnson,
the nigger slugger, who has just
married another white girl.
Progressives should not xvorry
oxer the back-sliding of Flinn.
The Pennsylvania boss will be
fou nit standing at Armageddon
again if there i anything in it for
Flinn and his "children."
Fast week the Omaha World
lleiald, which is always doing
something for the poor of that
cily, started a fund to pay off a
mortgage of sjrin on the little
h"i f a poy widow in Omaha,
ami Ihe entire amount was raised
in a very short time. The mortg
age was lifted on Thanksgiving
day . Wasn't that a happy Thanks
giving in Dial little home?
The woman sufl'rageists are
meeting in Omaha this week to
devise ways and means of giving
the women of .Nebraska the right
to vote. The matter will come as
a question at the next election,
but there is no more show of car
rying woman's ' suffrage in Ne
braska than there was in carrying
Wisconsin in the late election,
ami it was defeated in that state
by an overwhelming majority.
Such has been the popularity!
of moving picture shows, accord
ing lo an article in McClure's, that
one of the promoters of these
enterprises lo lease the Metropoli
an! opera house in New York
Cily for their production, and of
fered a rental of $150,(11)0 a year;
this being refused, he is now
building a moving picture theater
in llarlam which will seal even
more people than the opera house.
Anyone who lias an unusued 13
cenl Fniletl States postage stamp
prinled on blue paper would do
well lo hold onlo il rather than
lo ue it tot a lellcr or package. A
.-lamp dealer who has heretofore
sold these stamps to colleclors
for sii.TiO each, announces Hint
I he price will be four thou
sand of these stamps were origin
ally printed, but fewer than a
hundred are known lo exist at
:o :
Coventor Aldrich has proclaim
ed the live amemlmetils lo the
cotistilulion voted on at the late
election adopted. The amend
ments are as follows: First, in
itiative ami referendum; second,
increasing legislative salaries ami!
limiting period for introduction
of bills lo the llrst twenty days of
the session; third, board of con
trol for stale institutions; fourth,
biennial elections; and lifth, giv-
ng cil ies of r,ono or more popula-
lion Hie right to make their own
President Fa ft ex idenlly intends
lo till all the vacancies of post
masters whose terms expire while
he remains as chief executive. He
reappointed one postmaster down
at Wichita, Kansas, the oilier day
for another term of four years,
ami from reports from Washing
ing he intends to make such ap
pointments right along, who will
ley to hold on under Hie civil
serv ice order. The democrats will
undoubtedly register a kick
against such work, by doing away
wilh the civil service altogether.
Postmaster Ceneral Hitchcock
has called attention to the extent
lo which Ihe postollice department
has to bear the expense of carry
ing the mails for other depart
ments by means of the franking
privilege. Twenty millions is the
annual cost of carrying the frank
ed mailer of the agricultural, war,
navy, interior and other depart
ments. Let the selfish penny-
postage seekers exercise their ef- i
forts toward remedying this abuse
before seeking to cut down half of
I lie receipts of the department,
ostensibly in order that the great
mass of people may send their let
lers for one cent instead of two
cents, but in reality in order that i
the benefits of postal service can
not for years to come be extended
lo other undertakings, such as
parcels post, etc.
The most useful gifts in the
world nt Eastwood's.
Hurry up, girls, leap year is
rushing to the jumping-ofT place.
Oct busy and secure the trade
of Ihe early shoppers. Advertis
ing will do the business.
-:o: '
From a financial standpoint,
Mr. liryan would make more
inone out of the cabinet than in it.
:o :
Fven the ministers of Omaha
will urge in their sermons the ad
visability of doing your Christmas
shopping early.
The Aldrich currency scheme is
coming to Ihe front in congress
again, and the members ferninst
it will have to be on I heir guard.
The prospects are most excel
lent for this holiday season to
break all records in the volume of
trade. The business of the coun
try is getting under tremendous
A man down in Missouri got
religion recently and straightway
fed three carloads of Ben Davis
apples lo the hops rather than sell
them. He felt they were unlit n.r
human food.
"The war cloud still hangs over
Furope," according to reports.
Well, let her hang. The United
SI all's has plenty lo supply their
demands, as long as I hey have the
money to foot the bills.
:o :
Our republican friends need not
worry Mr. liryan can have any
position in President Wilson's
cabinet he may desire, and the
beauty of it is lie is abundantly
able to till any of them.
:o :
President Wilson has already
indicated hat so far as lie is id be
concerned ihe pledges made Ihe
people in I he dentoeral ic plat form
of IIU- are to be kepi, and legis
lal ion along I hal line will be in
sisted upon.
Men who want to do I lie house
work and lake care of Hie children
while I heir wives go o Ihe polls
on election day are Hie only ones
who will vote for woman suffrage.
And there are precious few men
who will consent to this.
I'he next congress that meets,
llie official message directing that
body what to do will be written
by Hon. Woodroxv Wilson, presi
dent of the Fnil.ed Slates. A
dentoeral ic message to congress
is "'"'Hiing new of late years
(iraml Island is to have a new
brewery, costing $100,000. It
is also fair to state that that city
raised $75,000 in three days for
Ihe erection of a Y. M. C. A. build
ing. Fvidently there is nothing
too good for Oram! Island.
:o :
In New York last week a loan
shark was lined !?2.r)0 and sent to
jail for sixty days. The specific
offense was making a loan of $15
for one month at $15 interest, or
ioo per cent a year. It seems
Hial the loan shark can be har
pooned if the local disposition is
sulllcienlly pronounced.
Sixty-live thousand two hun
dred and ninety-nine automobile
licenses were issued in the state
of Illinois from January 1 to Sep
tember 30, inclusive. That is quite
a large number of whiz cars for
one slate to buy In seven months,
but it seems all people who can
raise the money are bound to have
"Send no money." This is a
favorite way the mail order
houses have of heading their ad
vertising of so-called bargain of
fers, although they are always
i careful to get the money before
the buyer gels possession of Ihe
goods. The consumer who wants
to be loyal to the community of
which he is a part, will make that
read, "spend no money" wilh
those fellows. That's the way it
should be read.
You citizens who imagine a
great country like this can be
ruined by some little reduction?
in the cost of sugar, clothing,
shoes and implements should take
notice and govern yourself ac
cordingly. With the biggest crops
on record and the factories
months behind with their orders.
Mr. Panic cannot get within a
thousand miles of us if we will let
nature take its course.
The new postal law becomes ef
fective January 1, till;. You can
then send by the rural route car
riers butler, eggs, potatoes, cab
bages, turnips, onions, beets
(dead beats excepted;, apples,
poultry of all kinds, "pigs in a
poks," besides numerous other
things. If a man kill a skunk and
hasn't time to bring the hide to
town he may wrap it in a news
paper and send it by the carrier.
Of course the smell goes with the
hide, but the carrier cannot object
because that is part of the skunk.
In the good old summer time when
hens leave their nests with their
brood the eggs that did not hatch,
but upon breaking will put to
shame a glue factory in the matter
of smell, the housewife may send
this diseased hen fruit to the
grocer by the carrier and in return
lake limhurger cheese, which he
must take back to the lady who
sent the eggs. Hut should the
eggs break in the transit oh,
should they break the carrier
won't do a thing but break for the
brambles in Ihe brakes and swear
in blue volleys at congress for
making chambermaids of rural
-. 'Gi
There doesn't seem to be any
good reason for anyone getting
antrry and vituperative over An
drew Carnegie's oiler lo pension
i x-presiib'iils oul of his $125,-
ooo, (inn philanthropy found. It. is
a matter that concerns Ihe public
If Mr. Carnegie wants o give
an ex-president $25,000 after the
latter has retired from Ihe ollice,
Mini is a personal mailer between
Mr. Carnegie and the ex-president,
whoever I lie latter may be.
Hut it does seem as if be only
ought lo give his pensions lo re
publican ex-presidents. It was
governmental favoritism in the
form of an outrageous tariff on
steel manufactures that gave An
drew Carnegie his burdensome
hundreds oT millions. He owes
much to that party. To such
presidents and ex-presidents as
still contend for the continuance
of the special favors that made
hint the world's steel king he is
necessarily under some obliga
tions, for they are aiding him in
covering his tracks.
llesides, Mr. Carnegie is just
Ihe kind of a man lo propose a
pension of some kind. Fvery
proposition for a pension is born
of callousness toward all the mil
lions who toil. The man who
really earns his bread through the
sweat of his brow is seldom found
contending that some particularly
fortunate person shall be' pen
sioned. There is not a humane con
sideration to prompt the pension
ing of an ex-president. It is not
essential as a matter of morality
that one who has enjoyed the
great distinction of having been
president should live ever after in
affluence, at the expense of Ihe
man who has never enjoyed such
distinction, but has had to toil in
cessantly at small pay to help
meet the expense of government.
Mr. Carnegie's great wealth was
taken from the toiling masses by
the government and bestowed up
on him. If he wants to give some
of it back lo individuals who have
never known what real toil is, that
is his own private affair ami
theirs. No resentment against his
doing so should be allowed to
serve as an excuse for congress
pensioning anybody for anything.
Lincoln Star.
Cabbage, apples and cider for
sale by S. O. Cole.
The tir.t bill introduced in con
gress last Monday was to pen
sion former presidents, and was
introduced by Ie Forest of New
York. 1 1 provides for a pension
of :.OiiO a month for an ex
president and SI. 000 a month for
the widow of an ex-president. 'Ike
pension business has gone tur
enough, and if it doesn't stop
pretty soon they will be xvantiig
lo pension ex-congressmen aid
senators. Then- is just as rnuuli
seiw in pensioning these as pen
sioning fX-picsidents.
Attention, Farmers!
My I iear Farmer Have you your
own farm or are you renting? I
have land in Minnesota, cut over
timber, from $10 to $15 per acre.
One-third cash, balance at 6 per
cenf.- I have good, smooth land
in Stevens county, Minnesota,
from $55 to ?65 per acre. This
land is sold direct from the own
er of the land. No land eornpany
in this deal. I also handle the
best land in eastern Oklahoma.
Corn runs from sixty to- seventy
bushels to the acre. Now if you
want land try me and see. I deal
with no agent. If you come with
an azent you must pay him your
self. Write or call,
Henry Huniinels,
1 121 North 2Gth St.,
Lincoln, Neb.
We wish to call your attention
to the fact that jnost infectious
diseases, such as w hooping cough,
diphtheria and scare) fever, are
contracted when the child has a
cold. Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy will quickly cure a cold and
greatly lessen the danger of con
tracting these diseases. This
remedy is famous for its cures of
colds. It contains no opium or
other narcotic and may be given
to a child with implicit confidence.
Sold by F. C. Hricke & Co.
Do Not Delay
In placing your Xmas orders for
Photographs. About the last week
before Christinas we hear wails
front lost souls "procrastinating
parties' who failed lo lake time
by the marcel wave. Order now
and save your tears, fears, doubts,
goosellesh and heartburn. Old
pictures copied and enlarged.
Booster's Shining Parlor.
The new Booster's Shining Par
lor, in Hie new Leonard building,
is now open. Here you can get
Ihe best shine at any time. Nice
line of cigars and tobaccos. See
Tom. be will treat you right.
Attention, Ladies!
Oct your tailor-made suit al
home, one that will be- satis
factory; any style, and made, by
experienced tailors, from $.'10 up.
Yejvoda & Kalcek,
Leonard New Building.
Forest Rose Flour guaranteed
to be as good as any flour on the
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ers. Try it.
Real Estate
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Farm Loans and Rental Agency
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The holding of successful sales is
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