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    Murray Department
If any of Uu mult is of tin. Journal know of a bixi-d twit or an Hon of interest n this vicinity and will mail same to this office it tall uppear under tliis Lending
Vtir.ant all item of inttrtsl. Editor Jmir ial.
-,y -
Murray State Bank y
nAn;iAi oin nnn
l'CiJHGl oiufuuu
CI IAS. C. PARMELE, President
F. L NUTZMAN, Vice-President
W. G. BOEDEKER, Cashier
Wc Solicit Your Banking
43T0ur Deposits are protected by the Depositor's Guaran
tee Fund of the State of Nebraska.
t '.".' -iN
'f ,v
w i
vv - i
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
3 C
Cuine to the chicken pie woe ial
Saturday evening al I he Christian
Hat supper with I lie Sunshine
hand Saturday evening, Novem
ber !Mh.
you like chicken pie? Yes.
Then come to I he church Saturday
Mrs. Baumeisler of near Plaits.
mouth has I n spending Hie week
Charles Philpot, from near
Weeping Water, spent, Wednesday
with friends in Murray.
Alter a day's corn . husking
what would he heller llian u
piece of chicken pie?
The girls will serve chicken pie
and many other good things al
the Christian church Saturday
The Presbxleriau Missionary
society will meet with Mrs.
Charles Spannler Friday al '2:'M
.lack Chall'anl met with the mis.
foil une last Wednesday to get his.
linger hadly mashed while pulling
('eorge Merger, an old-lime hoy
of West Rock IMiills, came up
from Kansas last Saturday to vote
and visit a short lime with home
I he Miuslnne hand will give a
chicken pie social at the Chris,
tiau church Saturday evening,
November '.Mh. Supper will be
served a I. p. in.
I nomas Ninth, who was .so
seriously injured a short linn
ago hy a threshing machine en.
gine, was a Murray visilor Tues
day. lie is gelling along nicely.
W. S. Sinilh came in from Kan
sas Tuesday, where he has been
traveling in the interests of a
match company. He came home
to visit anil nisi bis vole for the
right man.
Mrs. T. .1. Hrendel, Mrs. H. F
llrrndel and Mrs. J. F. Hrendel
will entertain the Ladies' Aid so
ciety at. the home of the latter on
Wednesday, November Every
body iu iled.
Charles Tinner and wife of Ore
gon came in Monday for a visit
with relatives. It has been
several years since they moved to
the Pacific coast, and we are glad
to see lliein in our midst once
Myron Read, who received an
injury to his left, thumb about one
week auo, has had ipiile a serious
time for the past few days. The
injury has developed a condition
verging on blood poisoning, and it
looks as though he might be com
pelled i loose his thumb to pre
vent such seriousness.
P. H. Smith, from near Wausa,
was visiting friends and relatives
at the tdd home a few days ago.
Veto says be has a good crop this
year and everything points to bis
prosperity in the new homo. He
is well pleased, but of course en
joys a visit a I. the old home near
Murray once in a while. His
father being quite sick and bis
brother getting injured was the
occasion for his visit at this time.
was in Omaha Wed.
Float Representative-Elect
I.. I). Hi:
Rev. Austin of Plallsnioutli was
calling on Messrs. llialt and Tult
Tuesday. j
Charles Carroll departed Tues
day morning for northern No.
Miss Ivan While has been con
fined to her homo this week from
John McDonald wcnl to Omaha
on the early train Wednesday
Dr. and Mrs. (lilmore auloed to
Plallsnioutli Monday, where they
listened to lion. W. J. Hryau.
Mrs. Charles King and daughter
of Waukeegan. Illinois, spent last,
week with Dr. (iilinore and family.
Miss Elizabeth Oliver returned
o her school work Tuesday, after
spending a few days with homo
Mr. ami Mrs. A. O. Rainge and
babe spent Sunday at the home of
their uncle, William Oliver and
Marry iiunion and his sisier,
from Mynard. attended the Pratt
.Jones' entertainment Monday
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rmage, jr.,
ami three children spent Sunday
Willi Mr. ami .Mrs. Charles
Mrs. Stover came Friday, and
as soon as the new residence o
Mrs. Dull is finished I hey will go
to housekeeping.
S, Prat I Jones of Syracuse, N
Y., gave a splendid entertainment
Monday evening. His impersona
tions were perfect and his per
sonality very pleasing.
Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Ramgo
entertained a few friends at their
home Monday evening. Those
present were: Elizabeth and Will
Oliver, Clara and Rex Young and
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Oliver.
Dr. (iilinore anil wife, Mrs.
Charles King of Waukegan, Il
linois, Mrs. Harry Long and Miss
Margie (Junior autoed out to
Smith Hend last Wednesday and
spent the evening at the Long
homo, returning home in the
The Study club was organized
Tuesday afternoon, with a nice
membership. Mrs. (Japeu was se
lected as president, Fay Oldham
as vice president, Mrs. S. O. Pit
man, secretary and treasurer. The
subject for the next meeting is,
"Spaniards in America."
"Mr. and Mrs. Frank Oliver of
Salida, Colorado, who have been
visiting at the homo of Mr.
Oliver's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Will Oliver, for the past two
months, left Wednesday for Ap
pleton, Wisconsin, where they ex
peel, to spend the most of the
Halloween Frolics.
At Hie linn and I,' la lleebner
home a number of friends gather
ed halloween to enjoy the frolics
that had been prepared fur them.
The evening was spent in molding
a picture of a witch out of gum.
Earl Cox won the prize fo'r the
best witch. The rest of the even
ing was spent in fortune telling,
following a siring (all over the
farm). At the proper hour a
dainty two-course luncheon waa
served. Those present were:
Misses Helen Hunter, Edna Stoll,
Florence Knabe, Clarissa Martin,
frina Stoll, Camel Martin, lino
lleebner, Ula lleebner, Messrs.
Earl Cox, Will Jorgensen, Arthur
Opp, Edwin Knaube, Adolpti Ross,
Mr. and Mrs. lleebner and Gran
ville lleebner.
One Who Was There.
Live Wire Wanted.
sWA.MHD A good, live man,
capable of earning !?ir(( to
per mouth, to represent an old
'stahlisbed Accident and Health
nsnrame Company for work in
lome territory, as Disl riet Mgr.
Must he well aciiuainted in
'oiinfy in which you live. Must
ie equipped. Wit ll ailloinolule or
horse and buggy. Reference with
tlrst letter. Whole time reiiuired
A good opportunity for the right,
man. Address Confident ial, Care
Pioneer Ins. Co., HI I O SI.. Lin
coln, Neb.
1 ' '
X '
...... f '
Our New County Commissioner
Miss Helen Spies Gets Quilt
Saturday evening the Royal
Neighbors of America of Murray
conducted a raffle of a very hand
some quilt and yesterday after
noon Miss Helen Spies of this city
was greatly surprised to receive
the quilt from the Murray ladies,
she having held the lucky num
ber No. I!. Miss Spies was de
lighted to 'receive the quilt, as it
is a very handsome one and has
required a great amount of work
to make it. The raffle netted the
ladies a neat sum of money.
4 1912
Plattsmouth. N'pti Wnif
lioai'll filet HUrsiltlllt til n ,! ir..,'f,,,7., .
Present: M. L. Kl'ieilllih i' I! I..-'
dan ami C. K. Heebner. Countv 'Com
missioners: I). C. Morgan. Countv riik
.Minutes of previous session reu.i u.i.i
approved, when the following business
as irausantii in regular form:
A reuuest from Pmintv i,wi,.n aii.. '
J. Heeson. request fnir that inasmuch ns
there Is a ease nendlnir before him an
action to probate on an Instrument pur-
. it. n in- me taxi win anu testa
ment of Mary Younif, deceased.
Tills proposed will was drawn bv
myself prior to mv election and 1 aril
therefore disqualified from acting in
said matter. 1 therefore remiest tl,o
Hoard of County Commissioners to ap
point some person to act In mv ..!,..
as County Judwe insofar as this' will Is
in compliance with the above tho
( ounty ( 'onuuissioncrs appointed Cul
vin II. Taylor as County Judge to sit
on tlie hearlriK of above matter.
The fill lowing claims were allowed on
the (ieneral fund:
C. H. Spohn. road work. Road
Histrict No. 13 . 149.01)
Hen lieckman, road work. Koad-
listrlc-t No. lu 267.20
J. M. Hoover, road work, Koad
lijstrlc-t No. 3 488.00
J.. J. Km bury, road work, Koad
Mstriot No. 9 5 00
C. H. Nold Lumber Co., lum
ber. Koad lusliiit No. 10 ....;
J. A. llennings, road work. Road
District No. 1 156.50
Russell Grader Mfg. Co., drag,
Koad District No. 3 14.50
Nebraska & Iowa Steel Tank
Co., culvert, Koad District No.
3.91 I
lii. UD
o . t 5
i No More Valuable !-
j Than a Life Size Portrait of !
One You Love.
Murray, Nob.
Some Corn Looks Good.
Philip Keil and Alf Nickels, two
of the rustling fanners from east
nf Murray, left a few sample ears
of corn at I lie Journal olllee a few
days ago. These few ears look
mighty good, and if they are
samples of entire fields, there will
sure he some corn here this fall.
(If course wo know it is not all
like this, hut it is a good sample
from the Ileitis of both these gen
I lemon.
Has New Horse.
f.laus Mootol, the drayman, is
boasting of a fine new untamed
slepd which ho has just secured
from Ailain Kurtz and which he
will use on his dray wagon in tho
future. The horse that Glaus for
merly used was not fast enough
for the business, but with the new
one lie ought to lie able to make
some speed records.
Tho Mirror of Health.
Tlu face can he nronounecd as
tin- mirror of health. Seeing a
man of a (dear, white complexion,
with a liglil pink hue, of bright
eyes, red lips and sound teeth, you
will say, without hesitating, that
he is healthy. If his complexion
is yellowish, the face full of
eruption, the eyes dull, the lips
pale, the teeth bad, you will at
once say that be is not well. His
trouble is usually to be found in
the digestive organs, and we
should recommend him to use
Triner's American Klixir of IJittor
Wine, as the best remedy. When
ever it is necessary to bring the
stomach, the liver or the intest
ines to a better performance of
their duty, and to increase the
strength of the nerves, Triner's
111eriean Klixir of Hitter Wine
will do it. In poor appetite and
in sluggishness of the bowels, in
disorders of Hie digestion, this
remedy will give you satisfaction.
At drug stores. Jos. Triner, 1333-
31) So. Ashland Ave., Chicago, 111
A. (i. dole and Fred Weidman
came in last evening in an auto
from Plainview to visit relatives
for a few days. Mrs. Hole has
been hero for several weeks visit
ing her parents, Judge and Mrs.
II. I). Travis, and Mr. Cole camo
down to visit for a short time at
tho Travis homo.
If you have anything to sell an
ad In the Journal will sell It.
Wo are in receipt of a com
munication from C. W. Pit t man
of Mod ford, Oklahoma, in which
ho encloses $1.50 subscription
money and says that all are well
and everylhing looks fine. He
also states that the fall wheat al
most covers the ground, and that
ho has his mules and cows on
feeding it down and that ho is very
well satisfied.
The Journal Want Ads for re
We have 3 used motorcycles, In
good running order, for sale cheap
If sold at once.
H. Stelnhauer & Son,
Plattsmouth, Neb.
General Blachsmilhing
and Wagon Work
Horseshoeing is Our Specialty
All Work Guaranteed
Murray, Nebraska
. ; ve.v v. V
: i ' t
. .- '.'I'wv.v
X..... .7.
,r: ' ; .- .
v' t ' V
V: '
Re-Elected to Congress by an in
creased majority.
' i"'. pustase nrnl stamps..?
I'niuni, Huiurv and ex-
W-n" 34.50
. U. .loidaii, y;ilnrv j;, i;)
'I'lif I'nidii J.iilKi-r, priii li ii;- de-
i i n ) ' i) t tux list n::.;!o
In y IJio.s., luiiilici tu court
li'Misp j,) 25
I.liicciln Teli'plmni' unci Telegraph
'"., rent i;nd tull.s 9 3
('. II. Taylor, salary nrul expense 1 1 1 . 0 It
Mary I-:. Foster salary and ex-
l-imt .' 155.33
Neliraska l.inhtlnt,- Co., Kas to
eotirt houv. Jail anil street
Kreil ratterson. olllee work!!"!
C V. IJaylor & Co., coal to
eounty anil paupers
John Hauer ti Co., repair work to
l'lattsniouth Water Co., water
to court house
I). C. Mortran. exoense ilelivei-ln'ir
election supplies 20.00
K Manspeaker, salary deputy
Phc-rift 43.00
Mans Sievers, salary anil laundry 79.00
I. c:. Morgan, salary and expense 221.52
Joseph 11. Smith, helping County
Surveyor, road No. 307 1.00
J. 1. Ilolcotnl) MfK. Co., brushes.. 2.55
(.. W. Klioden helping County
Surveyor, road No. 307 '. 2 00
Krnest Smith, helping Countv
Surveyor, road No. 307 . 11.00
v ren I'atterson, surveying, road
N. 307 44.25
Tom Troop, helping County
Surveyor, road No. 307 2.00
J. W. Black, helping County Sur
veyor, road No. 307 10.00
Wm. Molly, mdse. to county.... 11.20
C. 1). Qulnton, posting election
proclamation 23.10
C. I). Quinton, hoarding county
prisoners, salary and Jailer
fees 236.80
O. D. Qulnton boarding city
prisoners anil committments.'. 2.70
Chas. Wamsat, wood to court
house 4.50
H. 1. Clements, report of births
and deaths 4. 00
A. K. Stander, Teport of births
and deaths 3.25
S. Muir, report of births
and deaths 2.23
Wm. M. I.yman, report of births
and deaths G.20
W. K. Hand, report of births and
deaths 2.50
(!. I). Maseman, report of births
and deaths 1.30
Mrs. 1. I. Jones, report of births
and deaths 2.25
I. eo. iji'itter, Jr., report or births I
and deaths 5.00
M. M. Soennichsen, report of
births and deaths 1.05
II. K. Kropp, report of births and
deaths .30
A. Kurtz, report of births and
deaths .20
S. l' (ilrardet milse. to Mo.
C.lnnis 15.00
John Hit", fence posts to farm.. 1.00
Ambler Hios., mdse. to Mrs.
Wlnchel 2.75
M. M. Young, helping County
Surveyor 011 road No. :!07 12.00
J. II. Tarns, salary 75.00
M. M. Soennichsen, mdse 51.00
S. II. Shumaker, repairing pump
at farm , 1.50
l)r. K. I). Cummins, insane Vernle
Klser 8.00
.1. M. Leyda, insane Vernle Klser 3.00
James Kobertson, Insane Vernle
Kelser 5.50
C. I). Qulnton, insane, Vernle
Klser 34.27
Weeping Water Republican,
printing notice to vote bonds
for Jail 22.50
A. ,F. Heeson expense and atlas.. 12.50
I'lattsmouth' Journal, printing
ballots, election proclamation,
etc 229.98
Warga & Cecil, repair work at
Jail 7.35
The following claims were allowed on
the road funds:
John Sutton, road work, Road
District No. 6 ( 5.40
Art Clvmer, road work. Road
District No. 16 24.00
Will llofman, road work. Road
District No. Hi 20.00
Fred Dlekman, roud work Road
District No. 6 .' 16.00
Roht. Hamilton, road work, Road
District No. 16 7.40
Jesse Stone, road work, Road
District No. 6 13.20
Henry Miller, road work. Road
District No. 6. 12.80
Chas. Ayres, road work. Road
District No. 6 22.00
Henry Renka. road work. Road
District No. 6 21.20
l li. Standlev, road work
Road District No. 16 .' 31.60
W. M. Althouse, road work,
Road District No. 6 23.40
Sam Johnson, road work. Road
District No. 6 14.00
V. W. Wllken, road work, Road
District No. 6 58.00
M. H. Tyson, road work Road
District No. 15 ". 46.80
Union Lumber Co., lumber, Road
District No. 15 2SS.72
Walter Myers, road work. Road
District No. 27 143.15
II. (). Miller, road work, Road
District No. 15 64.40
Mike Lutz, road work. Road Dis
trict No. 1 311.10
Jacob Schlanker, road work.
Road District No. 15 24.00
Joseph Huffman, road work,
Road District No. 15 12.00
James C. Nldav road work, Road
District No. ll 103.07
Rav Rboilen, road work, Road
District No. 15 52.00
J. A. Whitetnan. road work, Road
District No. 12 102.85
Lewis Hollenbeck, road work. .
Kond District No. 15 10.10
Frank 1'latzer, rood work, Road
District No. 2 326.25
V.. K. Miller, road work Road
District No. 15 ". 25.30
I'eter Nickel, road work. Road
District No. 15 13.70
D. K. Ingwerson, road work,
Road District No. 15 56.00
W. L. Clltes, road work, Road
District No. 15 29.80
Wm. 11. Rush, road work, Road
District No. 7 1 110.00
Cieo. Hess, road work. Koad Dis
trict No. 7 4 5.SO
Clarence Curvea. Alvo propor
tion. Koad District No. 2N 75.00
John M. Creamer, road work,
Koad District No, 7. 23.00
Rutts lleniltlx, nails. Road
I M rlct No. ii 1.75
A.- M. Rover, road work, Rond
District No. 15 4.00
John Hauer it Son. material,
Koad District No. 1 65
(5. 1'. Eastwood, material, Road
District No. 1 1.30
Kdmitnd Dorr, road work, Road
District No. 7 12.00
Farmers' Lumber, Coal & Imple
ment Co., material. Road Dis
trict No. 5 18.40
Walter C. Nerval, road work,
Koad District No. 14 168.25
Christ Tschlrren, road work,
Koad District No. 1 54.60
W. K. Fox, poll taxi Road Dis
trict No. 1 300
W. K. Fox. poll tax, Road Dis
trict No. 18 3.00
Waterman Lumber Co., lumber,
Road District No. 1 6.15
C. T. Rlchnrds. road work, Road
District No. 4 256 .00
Nebraska & Iowa Steel Tank
Co., culvert, Road District No.
City of I'lattsmouth. district
tax Koad District No. 17 600.00
Mrs. Hanna Hansen, road work,
Koad District No. 2, Com
missioners' Road Fund 24.80
The following claims were allowed on
the Hiiilge fund:
Nebraska Construction Co.,
bridge work 12,500.00
Farmers' Lumber, Coal and
Implehment Co., bridge ma
terial 77.31
Rlchey Rros.,' bridge material. . . . 57J0
.1. C. Niday, bridge work 6.00
.1. A. Whiteman, bridge work.... 11.75
Mike Lutz, bridge work 20.00
.1. M. Hoover, bridge work 10.00
John Hauer, bridge material.... 12.75
Win. H. Rush, bridge work 23.50
C. II. Nold Lumber Co., bridge
material 161. 9S
Hoard adjourned to meet Tuesday,
November 19, 1 HI 2.
D. C. MoKC.AN. County Clerk.
Mi. Majurii' Carr was in Uii
In Saturday.
Andrew Chris) onsoii was in
(''ln last Thursday.
I'.d Casoy was a capital city
visitor Saturday.
Mrs. W. K. Casey was shopping
in Lincoln last Friday.
William Upteprove loft Tuesday
iiinrninp for Peru, Nelt.
Mrs. John Murtcy was a capital
city visitor last Friday.
Mrs. Goorpro Praun went to
Lincoln last Wednesday.
Mrs. Mart Nickel and children
were in Lincoln Saturday.
Miss Grayce Bailey was shop
ping in Lincoln Saturday.
Able. Prouty returned from
Lincoln Saturday on No. 14.
Charles II. Jordan went to Lin
coln on business Wednesday.
Kd Casey and Joe Flyons went to
Omaha on business Tuesday.
Lafe Mullen, wife and daughter
were in Lincoln last Saturday.
Miss Marie StrotMiier was visit
ing friends in Lincoln Wednesday.
Harry Applernan came down
from Lincoln Wednesday on No.
Glen Lewis purchased the
restaurant of Earl liennett last
The Ladies' Aid society met
Wednesday with Mrs. John
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Skiles spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Sam
James Foreman and daughter,
Miss Ilelle, were Lincoln visitors
Sam Cashner went to Omaha
Sunday on No. t i, returning on
No. IT Monday.
Mrs. F. M. l'rouly and daughter,
Miss Vera, were visiting in Lin
coln last Thursday.
Charles Strong took the elec
tion returns from this place to
Plattsmouth Wednesday.
Mrs. George Bobbin and son
siient Wednesday with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. James Rouse.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Skiles went to
Lincoln Wednesday to visit their
daughter, Mrs. Joe Prouty and
Mrs. J. A. Shaffer went to South
Mend on No. 14 Saturday, visiting
her cousin, Miss Ella Weaver, un
til Sunday evening.
Mrs. A. I. Bird was called to
Waverly Saturday to see her
mother, who is very ill. Mr. Bird
went over Monday morning.
Miss Amelia Kamn returned
from Lincoln Friday, where she
had accompanied her sister, from
Bennett, who has been visiting
Miss Aletha House came home
from school at Elmwood Wednes
day, lie teachers having been
granted permission to attend the
State Teachers' association meet
ing at Omaha this week.
Joe Prouty of University Place,
is very ill with creeping paralysis,
having become much worse last .
Saturday. His sister, Mrs. George
Foreman, sr., and brother, F. M.
Prouty, are with him at this writ
ing. Mrs. Maude Kendall-Maloy of
Lincoln visited Saturday with Mrs.
Orville Quilhorsl and Sunday with
Mrs. James House. Mrs. Maley
sang at the morning services at
(lie M. F. church, returning home
on No. 17 Sunday evening.
The Mothers' Council met on
halloween at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Davis, giving a sur
prise party in honor of Mr. and
Mrs. Curtis Ogle, who will leave
fur their new home at Seward in
about a month. The Council had
their ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, etc.,
and a very jolly evening was
spent. Light refreshments were
served and later Mr. and Mrs.
Ogle were presented with a nice,