The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, November 07, 1912, Image 2

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Tony Jannus, the Aviator, Ex
periences Some Trouble North
of Town.
Meet at H. C. VanHorn Home.
J The Helpers of Hi" Christian
church were enterlame in a inol
ightful manner at the pretty
oine or .Mrs. II. aniiorn in
South Park yesterilay afternoon.;
There was a large numlier in at-
tendance ami during the huisncss Miss Olga Sattler and Mr. Harley
Tony Jannus, the aviator, who
is traveling in his hydroplane
from Omaha to .New Orleans,
started from Omaha yesterday
afternoon on scheduled time and
passed this city about 1:05, sail
ing several hundred feet in the
air over the Missouri river, which
is to be his guide in his trip to
Kansas City. The. 'flight made a
beautiful appearance from this
city, flying high in the air like a
great bird and heading for the
southeast, he was soon lost from
sight in the distance'. A large
crowd gathered at. the Burlington
station to witness the passage of
the aviator and all were highly
pleased with the flight made.
The aviator met with a little
difficulty several miles north of
this city, when his engine did not
work in good shape and he was
compelled to float on the water for
about 15 minutes until he could
get the machine in working order.
While giving an exhibition at, Ne
braska City yesterday afternoon
be ran his hydroplane on a sand
bar and it was necessary to gel a
motor boat to pull it oil". He left,
there this morning for SI. Joseph,
his next slopping place.
Large Attendance and Nice Social
Time Will Give Minstrel
Show Soon.
session, which tin,' ladies held, it
was derided to hold an apron
bazaar on December I i. Follow
ing the business session a few
moments was then devoted to a
very pleasant social time and then
an excellent three-course lunch
eon was served by Mesdames M .S.
Briggs, (5. P. Kastwood, B. F.
('rook nnd Mrs Kastwood, which
was highly appreciated by the
large number present. At the
hour of 5 the ladies dispersed,
voting this occasion one of the
most splendid they had participat
ed in for some lime.
Eurdick United in Marriage
Yesterday in Omaha.
Another Great Musical Comedy at
the Parmele Theater Wed
nesday, November 13.
The Plattsmouth Players club
met last evening at the M. W. A.
hall and the meeting was largely
attended and the members were
treated to a jolly social gathering,
as well as the regular business ol
the club.
The membership of the clut
has grown so large that, it is im
possible to meet at any private
home, ho that it has become
necessary to secure the Woodman
hall for the llrst and third Wed
nesdays of each month for the
A most delightful program was
given last evening after the busi
ness session of the club, consist
ing of vocal solos by Miss Zelma
Tuey and Mrs. II. S. Austin, in a
most charming manner, as well as
two very pleasing readings by
Misses F.llen Windham and Ber
nice Newell, who are both pos
sessed of great talent along this
line. Following the program
three new members were initiated
into the mysteries of the club and
then a delightful informal social
lime was spent by the members of
the club.
The club is preparing for their
new minstrel show, to be given
soon, and have worked up an en
tire new second part entitled "The
(Colored Suffragette," and it prom
ises to be one of the best at trac
tions that has been produced in
this city since their successful
minstrel last season. New songs
will lie secured for I hi' tuneful
llrst, part, and with the talent late
ly added to the club, it, ought to
be an immense success.
This is one of the greatest
musical comedies on the road to
day, and having an open dale,
Manager Shlaes jumped at the op
portunity of getting the company
here on Wednesday night, Novem
ber 13. The company is com
posed of 'i people and every actor
is an artist, in his or her line.
This is said to be a greater
amusement attraction than "The
Prince of Tonight," which gave
such great, satisfaction to our
people a few nights since. The
Journal desires to congratulate
Manager Shlaes on bis good luck
in securing such a noted ocmpany
and feel almost assurred that bis
efforts will lie rewarded by the
presence of a large audience next
Wednesday night.
Having noticed in the papers
the grand satisfaction "The Man,
the flirl and the (lame" have been
giving in other cities, we can
truthfully recommend it in ad
vance to our people as fine of the
greatest musical comedies ever
presented in this city. This com
pany does not make a practice of
playing as small cities as Platts, and therefore our people
should appreciate Manager Shlaes
effort in getting the best, to
patronize them to the extent of
giving him a big house, that other
big shows may be induced to come
to Plattsmouth. Ilemember the
dale Wednesday, November 13
and don't fail to make your ar
rangements to atlend.
Another of Plattsmouth's
charming young lady has fallen a
captive of lan Cupid in the person
of Miss Olga Saltier, daughter of
Mayor and Mrs. J. P. Sattler of
this city. The llrst, definite news
of the wedding was the notice in
the Omaha papers of the marriage
license of Harley M. Hurdiek of
that city and Miss Sattler, al
though the family and friends
have been expecting the wedding
for some time, but, the young folks
succeeded in putting a surprise
over on their friends in this city.
The wedding occurred in the me
tropolis yesterday afternoon.
The bride is one of the most
popular young ladies in the city,
where she was born and reared to
womanhood, and their friends are
legion among the young people of
the city. The groom is quite well
known here, having been a fre
quent visitor here at the home of
his brother, Hoy Uurdick and
family. He has a very good posi
tion with one of the leading
wholesale houses of Omaha, and
it is expected that the young peo,
pie will make that city their future
home. The. newly wedded pair are
expected in the city this evening
on No. 2 for a short visit with
their relatives. The friends of the
young couple in this city will join
in wishing Ihem a wedded life full
of sunshine and happiness.
Yesterday W. A. Fight received
his line pacing mare, "Squaw,"
which has been out. on the racing
circuit. This mare was on some
of the best tracks in the country,
and in every event was able to se
cure some of the best prizes and
purses. Mr. Fight is justly proud
of this splendid specimen of
horseflesh and hopes to see her
carry oJT a great many more
purses during the next racing sea
son. The horso was taken to the
farm of Mr. Fight, near Mynard,
for the winter season.
Prominent and Woll Known Ne
braskan Is Named In Suit
' By His Wife.
Several days ago ('.. C. Cook,
who tries to observe the law in
regard to running his automobile,
win coming dowi, Chicago avenue
at, a slow rate of speed when i
couple of boys .jumped on Ihe
steps and proceeded o bend tin
guards mi thai it required con
siderable 'rouble t . fel them back
inlo shape. Anyone who will do
an act of (his kind mil: lit to be
taken in band and taught, to re
spect the properly of other per
sons. Mr. Cook is a very careful
driver nnd is inl in the habit of
speeding his machine and such
acls as these very naturally cause
him a great, deal of annoyance. If
such things are continued the
parlies ought to be turned over to
the ii'ilhorilies, ns they are not
only ininriivr the property of
others, but also are endangering:
their lives in jumping on these
machines when in motion.
William 11. Hayward of New
York, formerly of Nebraska City,
was made defendant, in a suit for
divorce at Omaha on Tuesday by
Mrs. Surah C. Hayward. The peti
tion alleges extreme cruelty ex
tending over a period of six years,
but does not specify the acts
which constituted it.
Mr. and Mrs. Hayward are well
known in I'lal tsnioul h. lie has
been prominent in stale politic
for a number of years, having
served as chairman of the re
publican slate committee twice,
and I wo years ago he was the re
publican nominee for congress in
the First district. In HHI8 be was
made secretary of the republican
national commit lee, which posi
tion he held up o a few months
Mr. Ilaward is a graduate ami
a former fool ball slur of the Uni
versity of Nebraska. He is lli
son of M 1.. Hayward of Nebraska
City, who was ejected United
Slates senator i'i Si!, but died
before taking his .veal.
Mrs. Hayward is staying in
Omaha with Mrs. Y. H. Wheeler.
Whether or not her husband will
conies: the cae is rol known.
Fred Newell, owner of the Can
ton, Pa., Sentinel, pokes fun at
the new postal law in his state
ment sent to the postolllce
authorit ies at Washington. After
giving the information that he is
the owner, managing editor, busi
ness manager and publisher of the
Sentinel, Mr. Newell says: "It is
not required by the act of con
gress, but we do not mind telling
the postmaster general that we
also own a lawn mower, and have
a limited amount of stock in two
different telephone companies. A
dog, locally known as Niggar,
takes us around sometimes, but
we disclaim all ownership or re
sponsibility for him. Said dog
sleeps on the mat by our front
door w hen he doesn't sleep some
where else, lie conies to our
house when we have chicken for
dinner, and he climbs up and licks
our hands and face when he wants
a favor. At other times he don't
know us. Said dog is a pretty
gooi) politician. We don't know
what he is running for, but the
last we saw of him he was running
from a chunk .of wood which we
threw al him because he played
lag with our undershirt hanging
on the clothesline. We are a Taft
man and we wear false teeth. We
used to go to Sunday school. If
there is any further information
that, the postmaster general wants
in regard lo us or the Canton Sen
tinel, he is respectfully referred
to (he police."
I 0
;:.;)c:. lies
TT A T7 n U
A A-
' Hlncbrukair
Black Silk Petticoats
Regular Price $3.75, $5, $6 and $7.50
c U
L fl
$3.75 grade goes at $2.98
5.00 $3.48
6.00 " " " $3.98
7.50 ' $4.98
ISTPIease remember these prices are for Saturday Evening from
7 o'clock until closing time not before or after that time.
406 Majority Against Jail.
The canvassing board, com
posed of George L. Farley and
Frank Bestor, are engaged today
in making the official canvass of
the vote cast in this county Tues
day. The jail proposition was de
feated by a majority of 406.
Plattsmouth cily. Plattsmouth
precinct. F.ight Mile Grove, East
Hock Muffs and South Bend voted
favorably, but the remaining pre
cincts were against it, by large
majoril ies.
J. P. Falter was a passenirer
yesterday afternoon for Omaha,
where lie looked after business
matters for the dav.
Wedding at Court Hou3e.
County Judge lleeson esenlay
afternoon was called upon to unite
in Ihe bonds of holv wedlock
Shirley Maherry, aged l'J, and Finally worried over her cndil ion.
Miss Fthel loran." aged 18. both of h111'1 '", llMP'd that she will
Mrs. Bllsh Operated Upon.
Yesterday Mrs. Karl It. Hlish
was operated on in one of the
Omaha hospitals, and although
the operation was a severe one,
she stood it nicely and came out
from under the inlhience of the
drugs in splendid shape. This will
be pleasing news to Mrs. Wish's
manv friends here, who have been
Allan (1. Wilson, rector of St.
Luke's parish, was a passenger
Ibis morning for Omaha, where
he will meet his wife, who has
been visiting her parents at Clay
Center. Kansas, for some time.
Teachers in Omaha.
The teaching force of the
Plattsmouth schools were pas
sengers for Omaha this morning
to attend the session of the Stale
Teachers' association meeting and
the city schools will be closed for
the rest of the week to allow the
teachers to attend the sessions of
the association. Tonight Hon.
William J. Bryan will address the
meeting and a splendid speech is
anticipated by the teachers.
Miss Myra F.d wards departed
this morning for Florida, where
she will spend Ihe winter. Miss
Kdwards has been making her
home here with her sister, Mrs.
Charles Duncan, but concluded to
seek a milder clrmate for the
Getting Along Nicely.
N. W. Crissinger, one of the
swilchmen in the local yards, re
turned this morning from Omaha,
where he had been paying a short
visit to Fred Denson at Immanuel
hospital. Fred is feeling fine and
is looking well, having stood his
injuries in splendid shape, and is
looking forward to the time he can
leave the hospital. He asked to
be remembered to his friends in
(his city, who will rejoice that he
is getting along so nicely.
Frank Nestor was in Omaha
yesterday afternoon visiting with
his wife at the hospital. Mrs.
Hestor is now on the road to re
covery from the etTects of the
operation she underwent last
-u ; . y
Cleuwood, Iowa. The ceremony
was witnessed by the mother of
the bride and Miss Gertrude llee
son. The wedding party returned
to Glenwood last evening on No.
L w here I hey w ill make I heir
future home.
be able lo return home in a short
Mrs. A. W. White and Mrs. .1. A.
lionelan were in Omaha today, be
ing passengers for that cily on
No. I ." Ibis morning.
(Successor to John Bauer)
is CaosBig to foasnge His
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