The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, November 04, 1912, Image 8

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IreoIilGS" retbof8
A Largo Crowd Witnessed
Basket Ball Games at
Coates Hall.
of Ilic seniors.
After Hi! panics some of the
yoiniK people engaged in dancing
until a late hour. This was sep
arate from Hi' school part of the
From Saturday's Dally.
Although umlt'r th' pan-els
pot law, which goes into cll'i't't
January I, l'li cries will lit; made
lo the houses, those sending par
cels will have to post them, tak
ing I hem to th' postollice or to
I he stations which are to be
designated by the postmaster as
receiving stations for such mat
ter. However, persons living on
a rural route may give their par
cels to the carrier to In; mailed.
Another repiirement is that
special stamps will have to be
used on (he fourth-class mail
mailer after the law goes into ef
fect at the first of the year. Par
cels post packages mailed bearing
ordinary postage slumps will ho
held for postage, according to in
formation sent in a bulletin just
issued by the postmaster general.
This, it is believed, will probably
cause some delay and confusion
at first until the patrons become
familiar with Hie regulations.
Another requirement is that all
parcels must boar the return card
of the sender, otherwise they will
not be accepted for mailing.
Shortly before January 1 each
postmaster will be furnished with
one or more copies of the official
parcels post map of the United
States, showing the unit area in
which his postofflce is located, and
also the eight postal zones, in
dicating the distance on which the
rates are based. The special
parcels post stamps will lie placed
on sab; after January 1.
From Saturday's Dally.
Last evening the four classes
of tho High school came together
at Coatcs' hall for their annual
basket ball games and it resulted
in many surprises.
In tho opening game between
the juniors ami the freshmen, the
freshmen sprang a surprise on
their opponents ami hung a large,
sized defeat on them, winning by
a Hcore of 28 to 18. The young
sters had evidently practiced a
great deal more than the juniors,
as they lead the light all the way
"through the game.
Tho BcnloVs badly outclassed
the sophomores in their contest
and were able to throw baskets at
w'H, the sophs being unable lo
stop their clever plays. Arrios
ami luncan of the senior team
are very clever basket ball play
ers and had no trouble in gelling
the ball into Hie baskets at all
limes. The Until score of this
game w as 2 to 2 in favor of I he
In the championship gain' be
tween the seniors and the fresh
men there was considerable feel
ing displayed by the players on
the freshman side and the referee.
The game was hard fought, both
sides playing a good game. The
dual score was 48 lo no in favor
From Saturday's Dally.
The many friends of Miss Anna
Ilassler will ho greatly pleased to
learn that she has been appointed
deputy in the otllce of Miss Etta
Hrooks, grand recorder of the De
gree of Honor at Lincoln. Miss
Ilassler is well qualified for tho
position, having served in that
capacity in I he otllce of Miss Hem,
pie, and will make a most valuable
assilant lo Miss Brooks. It is a
matter of regret that Miss Ilas
sler will be compelled to reside in
Lincoln and that she will be great
ly missed by I he large circle of
friends in Ibis city, but all will
join in wishing her all the good
luck in. I he world in her new posi
mm :0mmmr
From Saturday's Dally.
Word has been received in this
city by relatives informing them
of an accident that befell Glen Ed
wards, formerly of this city. (lien
has always been troubled with
walking in his sleep and last week
while traveling on a train he drop
ped off to sleep, ami while in that
condition stepped off the traii at
Aburn, California, receiving a
very severe cut on the head and
numerous bruises, lie. was taken
to a hospital in Hint oily and
several stitches taken in his head
and will be forced to remain in
the hospital for about a week yet
before he can get out. This will
be sad news to Glen's friends
here, hut it was very fortunate he
was not killed in the fall, and he
should be careful to slay awake
hereafter while traveling.
As a result of early selling we were
obliged to express from New York City
a large shipment of men's and young
men's overcoats. They are beauties.
They embody the very latest ideas in
overcoat make and are brim full of style
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Uoscott's Son
Always the Home of Satisfaction
Or. Anderson Corroborates As
sertions Made by Partner.
Men Have Light Hair and Eyes, While
Some of the Women Have Fair Skin
and Rosy Cheeks, With Dark Hair.
Origin of Natives Uncertain,
there is fidelity as a trlfiuT character
"Stcffansson had seen about 2T.I
more of these people in hts sunimei
trip. He found the conditions aboul
the same as those I observed. Th(
people we discovered are extrenielj
primitive, having no modern Imple
merits of any kind and no modern
weapons. They hunt with a crude bow
and arrow and spear fish through holet
in the ice. ' They cook their food. In
kindling a fire they strike two crystal
ized stones together."
Dr. Anderson brings back hundreds
of specimens of animals, birds, fishes
and minerals.
Profitable Farming.
Irrigated land which produces
more than its cost in a single
year. Near railroad, which is no .'
being doulile-t racked in order to
handle the constantly increasing
farm business. Agreeable, health
fill climate. liny now while prices
are reasonable for they will sure,
ly increase four-fold in the next
live years. Local agents wanted
Tor further information call on,
telephone or write 0. I,, llochslet,.
ler, Nebraska City, Neb.
10-f t-81-wkly
Journal for fancy Stationery.
' Porto Rico's New Wonder.
From far away l'orlo Rico come
reports of a wonderful new dis
covery mat is iielievetl will vastly
beiietit the people. llanion T.
Marchan, of Harceloneta, writes:
"Dr. King's New Discovery is do
ing splendid work here. It cured
me about live times of terrible
coughs and colds, also my brother
of a severe cold in his chest and
more than 21) others, who used it
on ii i y advice. We hope this great
medicine will yet be sold in every
drug store in Porto Ilico." For
throat and lung troubles it has no
equal. A trial will convince you
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Fricke & Co.
Th Arctic Th Kenwood Tht Hyde Pork V Acodems The Strand The English
One thing certain, cold weather
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Manhattan Shirts
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San Francisco, N'ov. 2. Corroborat
Ing in every essential detail the story
of the discovery of blonde Kskimo
tribes recently given the world
n I... HM't. CtQT'jnit;r.n V.I
IIJ ,v I tn ja 1 1110 I 11 uuo.J'.'ii,
partner In Arctic-'exploration, Di. ItJ
dolph Martin Anderson of Forest City
la, arrived here on the whaler Helve
dere, aftei four and a half years lu
the north. He was accompanied by
l'rofessor R. !e Koven fjcRingwell ot
Pasadena, (,'al., who has spent three
and a half years making observations
in the vicinity of the Flaxman islands
"It w"s over in the Cape Hexley ter
ritory that Stcffansson first got In
touch with th blonde aborigines," said
Ui. Anderson. "In the spring of I'JIC
we lost most of our dogs while at Cape
Harry, where we had wintered. Stef
fansson and I parted company, hf
leaving with two Eskimos for the east
while I pushed on to the Mackenzie
delta for supplies. Wo met ugaln nt
!ington hay in the autumn of 191t
and he '.old me of the queer tribe be
had discovered.
Hard Journey Accomplished..
"In December we started out and
were thirty-one days crossing 300 mllet
of the worst strip of land we ever en
countered. We explored the little
known Morton river and made records
and compass calculations. This is one
ot the largeFt rivers flowing Into the
Arctic. We were going through the
bnrren grounds and putting In a sup
ply of caribou for our dash for Corona
tion hay in the spring. From Deast
river to the Dismal lake country and
to the Coppermine river and Corona
tion bay was our course, the last sev
enty-flve miles over the Ice, before we
found these strange people.
"First we came on a deserted sno
!tt.A t.n.l flnallv fnnni nn I nh a lit ( orl !
village with a population of forty souls
"Many of the men had light mus
tnehes and benrds and light hair cov
ering their heads. The eyebrows ol
these men were light and their eyes
were lUht. Some of tho women not
rtll had fair skin and rosy chocks, bul
their hair was dark, oily and tangled
"There were none of the flat nosed
Eskimos of the true Mongolian typt
among these people. Their features
bore the characteristics of the Cnu
caslan rnce. They do not know when
they enrnn from and no one else known
Tribes Keeps No Records.
"They have no records, no history
no legends and their langungo, a p
cullar trlbnl dialect, was extrenielj
hard to understand. As to their origin
there can he only a guess. They mnj
be survivors of tho expedition of SIi
John rrnnkl!n, Inst to the east of their
present locality In 1840 or thereabouts
or they mav he descendants of the In
habitants of nn early Icelandic colony
"Amcng these people there Is n
hope, no thought worth registering, nc
ideals, no rtnrtlrular purpose In life
otj Nebraska Supreme Court Sub
mits Formal Opinion.
In County Court.
Cbhs County, ss.
In the Matter of tho Estate of Nicholas
Halmes, Deceased.
Notice Is hereby Riven that the
creditors of said deceased will meet
the Executor of said estate, before me.
County JudKe of Cass County Ne
braska, at the County Court room In
rlattsmouth, In said County, on the Cth
day of November, 1912, and on the 6th
day of May, 113, at 10 o'clock a. m.
each day, for the purpose of present
In their claims for examination, ad
justment and allowance.
Six months are allowed for the
creditors of said deceased to present
their claims, and one year for the
Executor to settle said estate, from the
5th clay of November, 1912.
Witness my hand and seal of said
County Court, at 1'lattsmouth Ne
braska, this 10th day of October," 1912.
County Judge.
D. O. DWYER, Attorney.
. : . . r . ,
Holds Thtt Presidential Electors An
Nominated at Primaries to Vote foi
Candidate Whom Party's Conventior
May Name.
Lincoln, J3V. 2. The Nebraska su
pretne court Interpeted the state prim
a.y law in various decisions for in all)
rendered. An opinion was handed
down in the suit denying the right o,
the Roosevelt electors to preferential
place on the ballot; also in the case
of A. M. Morrissey, who sought ii
vain to prevent the Progressives fron
going on the ballot at all.
The syllabus in the ease won by th(
Taft electors Is as follows:
"Persons nominated by a political
party al a primary election as candi
dates for presidential electors, are
nominated, not as electors to vote foi
any particular candidate then known
but to vote, if elected, for the persons
who may subsequently be nomlnatec
by the national convention of suet,
party as candidates for the offices ol
president and vice president.
"It Is a well settled rule at coinmor
law that if a person, while occupying
one otllce, accepts another Incompati
ble with the first, he Ipso facto vacates
the first otllce. and his title thereto is
thereby terminated without any other
act or proceeding. .
"In such a case one of the tests ol
lncompatibllltv Is whether the nature!
and duties of the two offices are such
as to render it Improper, from consid
erations of public policy, for the In
cumbent to retain both.
"Where It appears that acts or
events have occurred rendering an of
fice vacnnt, the authority having the
power to fill such vacancy may treat
the ofllco as vacant and proceed to
elect or appoint, according to the form
of law. another to fill It.
"Dy tho sfcittttes of this state every
voter has the right by a single cross,
or by one manipulation of the lever ol
a voting machine, to vote a straight
ticket for the candidates of his party.
And It Is the right of the governing
body or committee of a political party
to appeal to the court to enforce such
"Under the statutes of Nebraska.
the national convention of a political
party, or, when the convention Is not
in session, its national central com
mittee Is the supremo governing body
of such pnrty, as to national affairs,
FVr six mont!s of the yenr they slmplj nd hns full authority to decide which
exist, living In snow houses and eatlnn of rival conventions or committees In
seal men. In the summer time thej the state Is the regular and duly au
niovo to the main lnnd and subsist otijthorlzed convention or committee of
caribou meat. They have no rcllglor such party.- .
and no marriage ceremony, although
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