The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, October 31, 1912, Image 3

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Be on i ho alert, democrats.
Now or never fur victory. Re
member that.
Gird on your armor, demo
crats and be ready for the great
bat He next Tuesday.
Vole for Hon. John II. More
head for governor and we'll bet
our last dollar you will never re
gret, doing so.
The lime is drawing mar, boys.
Remember, next Tuesday is the
day. Don't fail in doing your duly.
Vou know what, it is.
When you east your vole for
Julius Pit, next Tuesday rest as
surred you have done one of the
best acts of your life.
"Win with Wilson?" You bet
we will, but we may need every
democratic vote to do it. Then
you ought to know your duty, Mr.
Do you want to see a democratic
United Stales senator elected next
Tuesday? Then go to the polls
next Tuesday and vote for ex-Gov-ernor
A. C. Shallenberger.
When you go to the polls next
Tuesday, be sure and vote for
John J. Gustin for representative.
He is a farmer, but is fully able
to look well to the interests of his
constituents in the legislature.
The regular republicans cannot
po.-sihly be induced to vole for
Aldrich and Paul Clark, after the
abuse they have heaped upon
President Tafl. It was awful the
manner in which these fellows
cursed and abused Taft af'er tie
was nominaied at Chicago, r.rd
republicans are not soon to for
got. -:o:-
Aldrich. Xorris and Paul Clark
have no more claim upon I he Taft
Mipporters than has Morehead,
Shajlenberger and Maguire. They
were not nominated by that party
and they have no claim upon the
voters of the republican party.
Taft supporters should remember
this when they go to the polls
next Tuesday.
Flip Hop Harrington spoke to a
small bunch of people at the dis
trict court room last night. Won
der if he told his audience how
many times he has changed his
politics in the past few years? A
man who changes front every full
of the moon actually does not
know where he is at. Not many
moons ago the writer heard him
make a great democratic speech
in the state convention at Fre
mont. :o:
When I he standpatters of
either the bull moose or the re
publican party begin to pi-ate
about such awful things that are
liable () occur, ask them about
the panics oT 1873 and 18!3. Both
under republican administrations.
And the third, which occurred
under the reign of that now bull
moose candidate for president,
Theodore Roosvoll, in 1!07. Yes,
the democrats are responsible for
the. panics in a horn!
We canol for t lit; life of us see
how any democrat can ever think
oT vol ins against Wilson and Mar
shall. There never was two abler,
cleaner men pul up for president
and vice president than Governor
Woodrow Wilson oT New Jersey
and Governor Tom It. Marshall of
Indiana. Throw aside that grouch,
if you have one on, and get in line
where you belong and let us all
march in one solid phalanx to the
tune, "We Are Marching on to
Victory." Don't you think that
would be the most sensible Ihing
you could do?
l'he gn al campaign of lit';' is
rapidly drawing lo a close and but
a vci-v few more davs now until
I he day of all davs elect ion day.
il should not lie ueeesary for the
Journal to call on the democratic
voters of Cas county to be up and
doing. Perhaps in many instances
it would not, bul as this is the
vear in which the grand hi demo
cratic party has the opportunity of
lis lite io win, we believe it is the
duly of every democrat who de
sires .success to perch upon Ihe
democratic banner to get in line
for the gn at cause for which the
parly has been striving to main
tain freedom from the grasp of
Ihe tru.-ts and nionied sharks of
I he east. It is the duty of every
democrat, not only to go to the
polls next Tuesday, hut it is his
duty to urge his democratic
neighbors also lo be sure and go
and vide. Don't think that your
vole is not needed this year, be
cause il is just as badly needed as
ever before, and maybe more so.
Don't get loo confident; remember
I here is no sure thing for any
party in any election, and too
much confidence has proven fatal
to many candidates whose friends
have failed to go out and vole.
Our standard-bearers, Woodrow
Wilson and Thus. R. Marshall, are
as good and true men as God ever
placed the breath of life into, and
will do just as they promise. The
stale democratic ticket, at the
head of which is printed the name
of Hon. John H. Morehead for
governor, is one of the cleanest
and ever in the state, and our
own count?- candidates who will
need your voles. Don't, Ve be
seech you, Mr. Democrat, remain
away from Ihe polls. You can
spare the time to go and vote, and
in doing so you may save the
election of some friend who you
desire to succeed. Prove faith
ful to your party and when the
smoke of bat He clears away on
Ihe morning after the election,
and Wilson and Marshall and the
entire democratic ticket is elected
you can rejoice with us all over
the great victory won. Go lo the
polls and vote on Tuesday,
November 5 ami don'l you for
get it.
Senator Banning willl be elect
ed because he has made good in
the legislature. You know it, and
you know you ought to vole for
him and will.
Vole for John A. Maguire?
Why, of course you will. You
couldn't do otherwise, knowing, as
you do, his excellent record in
You can't afford to vole against
that grand old farmer friend, W.
H. Hryan, for county assessor.
And we don't believe you will,
Charles II. Busch, candidate for
float representative, is well fitted
for the position, and his reputa
tion for honesty and integrity is
away above par. He is the man
for which you should cast your
While we are rejoicing in the
prospect of success in the elec
lion of Governor Wilson, il may
be well to pause lo recall that a
democratic president can do little
unless the congress is also demo
cratic in both branches.
:o :
The laws should be so rigidly
enforced I hat the life of every
man, high or low, rich or poor,
would be safe anywhere in the
land at any lime. Nothing short
of Ibis vill xullirc as Ihe years
go by.
These be prosperous times and
they will grow belter as the ad
ministration of President Wilson
develops. Once the people made
tip I heir minds that Wilson was
the right man lo be president of
the United Slates, every vestige of
the Rooseell-Tafl panic of 1907
The people of Nebraska have a
right to know all Ihe facts con
cerning the awful tragedy at the
Nebraska state prison early last
spring, and all the incidents lead
ing up thereto. Let it be borne in
mind that the constitution re
quires that the appointment of a
warden of the penitentiary must
he ratified by the senate. The
warden is the only appointive
stale oilicer whose appointment
must thus be ratified. Tom Smith
of York county was appointed
warden by Governor Shallenberg
er, and the appointment was
ratified by the senate. When Aid
rich was elected governor he
speedily announced his apopiut
mer.ts, but he made no mention
of warden. Warden Smith, know
ing that he would not be permit
ted to long remain at Ihe head of
the prison, made a request that
his successor be appointed at
once. No attention was paid to
his request. The senate adopted
a resolution calling upon the gov
ernor to announce an appoint
ment before the senate adjourned.
Aldrich ignored this request, for
reasons that will become evident
when further facts are made
Immediately after the adjourn
ment of the legislature, when it
was no longer possible to follow
the plain mandates of the con
stitution, Aldrich announced the
appointment of James Delahunty
as warden of the penitentiary.
The storm of protest that arose
over this appointment will not
soon be forgotten. Men and wom
en who have devoted their lives to
prison reform work, and who knew
something of the needs of Ihe
stale prison, protested vigorously
against Delahunly's appointment.
They did not question his honesty
nor his good Intent ; they protest
ed because Ihey knew he was not
the right man for the place, and
Ihey based Ibis knowledge upon
his record as a deputy warden
Hut Aldrich. who seemingly was
well aware that Deiahuuly s ap
pointment would not he ratified
and who had apparently already
bartered the appointment, per
sisted despite all protests, and
Deiahuuly assumed charge. Very
soon after Warden Deiahuuly as
sumed his duties open friction be
tween him ami Chaplain Johnson
broke out. Hut Mr. Johnson has
devoted manv vcars to the
scientific study of prison reform,
and his standing as a penologist
is admilledly high. Time and
again he protested against meth
ods in vogue at the prison, but
Aldrich, who knows nothing at all
of prikon reform, and who has
given penology no study what
ever, paid no attention to the ad
vice of Ibis student of that
science. At last conditions be
came unbearable for Chaplain
Johnson and he resigned.
Men and women who cheerfully
give their time and means to help
Ihe convicts to better things were
given scant courtesy. Naturally
Ihe stories of hrulal treatment,
told by the convicts themselves,
received scant attention. Hut it
gradually became apparent that
all was not moving as smoothly
under Ihe Aldrich-Delahunty
management as well as under the
Shallenherger-Sinilh manage
ment. The "dope" tralllc after
Smith took hold was wiped out,
but is common knowledge now
that when Smith left the traffic
was resumed with greater volume
than ever before. Thus things
went from bad to worse until that
fateful day of the escape of three
desperate men. Pause just long
enough lo ask yourselves what
kind of prison management was
il that permitted Hie smuggling of
arms, ammunition and dynamite
into three separate cells. What
sort of prison supervision is it
that permitted three men to
slimultaneously blow the locks
from their cell doors, rush out
and spread death on every band?
As a result of Aldrich's evasion
of Ihe constitution and it was
simply that and the reasons for
that evasion will be left to the
sober judgment of those whose
minds are no biased by political
prejudice, eight human lives have
been snuffed out. In addition to
is terrible loll of human life
there is the toll of taxation, for all
is has resulted in piling up an
expense of thousands of dollars
for the taxpayers to pay.
What bargain was made prior
to Aldrich's inauguration that
compelled him to evade the con
stitution and withhold the ap
pointment of a warden until after
Hie legislature had adjourned?
W ho is primarily responsible, in
the light of thes,. facts, for the
sacrifice of eight human lives and
the addition of thousands of dol
lars of needless expense to Ihe
faxpayers of Nebraska? The
olers of Nebraska owe it to them
selves to locale, if possible, the
responsibility for this needless
sacrifice ami expense, and having
located it lo hold Ihe responsible
parly slriclly to account.
:o: .
John A. Maguire for congress.
He has been faithful and true.
Keep a good man while you have
him. Vote for him Tuesday. ,
Howe's Great Moving Pictures at
the Parmele Theater Monday
Night, November 4.
Paris, Ihe city of magical
beauty, and Ihe greatest of the
world's great capitals, furnishes
one of the biggest features which
I.yman II. Howe claims has ever
been presented by him. Among
a host of notable places lo be
isiled during Ihe trip at (he Par
mele theater on Monday night,
November i, is thai priceless art
niuseii'i of Ihe whole world Ihe
l.ouvre, the majestic Arc do
Triiuple, the spacious Peter
de la Concorde, Ihe C.hurch of Ihe
Madeleine, the Itourse, or Slock
Kxchange, thai splendid gem of
nrchilei lure, Ihe i ra ml Opera
house, the Hotel de Ville or Citj
Hall. Ihe I'anll n, the Hotel de
("limy. Ihe F.iffel Tower and
Ti'ocadero, the Pelil Palais, Me
tropolitan Ilaily and Viaduct at
l'assy, Ihe busy boulevards, Hotel
des Invaldies, Noire Dame, with
its fantastic sculptors on I be
parallels silhoutted against' the
sky, gorgeous Versailles with its
beautiful fountains, and Ihe tomb
of Napoleon.
A thriling hydroplane race wit h
an 800 horse power motor boat at
Monte Carlo; (he whaling in
duslry; "our friends, the bees;" a
ferocious attack on a horse by an
enraged lion, during which Ihe
etiiine is saver only by Ihe dead
sure aim of a hunler at the
crucial moment, when the lion is
making a terrible leap at his in
tended victim, and the burial of
Ihe Maine are only a few of the
many other features included in
Ihe program.
Judge Travis Down Town.
Judge II. D .Travis was down
town this ariernoon for the first
time in several weeks. It was a
most pleasing sight for the
judge's many friends to see him
around again, and although still
sick, it is to he hoped he will be
himself again in a short time and
he able to resume his duties.
Annual Meeting.
The annual meeting of the
Farmers' Mutual Tire and Live
Stock Insurance Company of Cass
county, Nebraska, will be held at
Ihe Ileil school house (District
No. 88), in Eight Mile Grove pre
cinct, on Saturday, November 2,
1012, at 1:30 p. m , for the pur
pose of electing officers for the
ensuing year and transacting such
oilier business that may come be
fore Ihe meeting.
Jacob Trilsch, President.
J. P. Falter, Secretary.
J. (i. Criswell, a painter, living
at 510 North Mulberry St., Hag
erslown, Md., states: "I bad
kidney trouble with a severe pain
across my back, and could hard
ly get up after sitting down. I
look Foley Kidney Pills and soon
found the pain left my back. I
could get up and down with ease,
and the bladder action was moro
regular and normal." Try them.
For snel by F. 0. Fricke & Co.
Auction Bridge, 500 and Bridge
Pads at tho Journal odlco.
4 4
This is notice to the people of Plattsmouth,
customers of Kunsman & Ramgc:
We have come to the conclusion
and completely convinced that on
account of the high prices of meats,
we can make it an object for you
and everyone to come for your pro
duct. We have fully decided to quit
delivering meat to anyone after No
vember 2nd. We are satisfied you
will bo more pleased to select your
meats and save yourself from 3 to
5c per pound on most of the cuts.
The high price of stock and meat
and the expense of delivering has
compelled us to discontinue the de
livery business after Nov. 2.
Kunsman 4 Ramge
Policital Advertisement
Lieutenant Governor
of Nebraska
The motto of Herman Diers is:
"Less Politics and More Business
in Stale Affairs."
Mr. Diers is a brother of V. F.
Diers of Louisville and one of
the successful business men of
the stale. He solicits the voles of
the people of Cass county.
If elected he promises' to give
as careful attention to slate af
fairs as comes under his super
vision as he gives to his own busi
ness affairs. He promises to
safeguard the interests of tho
people in every particular.
His record as representative of
York county, and as state senator
from York ami Filinore counties
is a matter of public record and
as such is open for inspection.
For State Senator.
Having served the people of
Cass county in the state senate,
and believing that I have done
my duly to my constituents, I am
a candidate again for Jhe same
position from Otoe and Cass
counties, and solicit the voles of
everyone who believes in a
"square deal" to all.
W. B. Banning.
Candidate for Assessor.
William R. Bryan has farmed
for 23 years in Cass county and
is offering to serve the people in
Ihe capacity of county assessor,
and believes he is well qualilled
to fill the position lo the satisfac
tion of Ihe taxpayers of Cass
Candidate for the legislature on
the republican ticket. Reared in
Cass county, and for many years
a resident of Louisville, Neb.
Your support is solicited.
For Assessor.
Ii. A. Tyson, republican can
didate for ciMinty assessor. Re
sided in Cass county 40 years.
County clerk of Cass county 4
years. Your votes solicited.
FX. i
Is" A1
For Representative.
Joim J. Gustin is a candidate
for representative from Cass
county in the legislature. Having
been reared on a farm, and hav
ing received a very fair educa
tion, I feel that if elected I can
serve the people honestly and to
their satisfaction. I will endeavor
to do my best for the people I
represent. I therefore solicit the
votes of all who believe "in equal
and exact, justice to all."
John J. Gustin.
Republican candidate for State
Senator, candidate for re-election,
Cass and Otoe counties. Resident
of Nebraska City. Promises to
vote for people's choice for Unit
ed Slates Senator.
Thirty-five years a resident of
Cass county. Republican candidate
for the ofllce of County Commis
sioner, First Commissioner Dis
trict. Resident of the City of
Plattsmouth. Solicits the support
of the voters of the county.
Democratic candidate for tho
ofllce of County Commissioner,
First Commissioner District. Has
been n Cass county farmer and
fruit grower for many years. The
support of the voters at the No
vember election will bo greatly
For Float Representative.
I hereby announce myself as a
candidate for the ofllce of float
representative. If elected I will
vole for the people's choice for
United Slates senator and prom
ise to give my constituents the
very best servico within my
ability. I stand for tho strictest
economy in all matters of ap
propriation consistent with good
government. Your support is
most earneslly solicited.
- Chas. II. Busch.
"Suffered day and night the
torment of itching piles. Noth
ing helped me until used Doan's
Ointment. The result was last
ing." Hon. John R. Garrett,
Mayor, Girard, Ala.
We are now handling a complete
line of coal. Call and let us quote you
prices for your fall and winter coal.
We handle wheat, oats, corn and
chop of all kinds.
Ind. Telephone 297
Nelson Jean & Co.