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Honor to ttie Son Cleans Honor
to the Father Also.
Pastor Ruttall at th Illinois Stat Fair
Said That th Work of Calvary la
Progressing, but Far From Finishad.
Tha Selection of the Elect Church ia
the Beginning, 'Not the Completion, of
the Divine Purpose Messiah's King
dom Will Accomplish His Triumph
Over Sin and Death by the Deliver
ance of Humanity.
Springfield, 111..
Oct. (S. P a s t o r
It u 8 a e 1 1 arrived
y e s t e r d a y, tbe
guest of the State
Board. His ad
dress thin after
noon at the fair
grouuds nuditorl
uin drew au Im
mense audience.
Ills topic was
tJKAVE." We re
I nut his evening
address from the text, "At the name
of Jesus every knee shall bow and
every tongue confess to the glory, of
God.'"-Iiiilippiuiis li. 10, 11.
The speaker referred to the Six Great
Days of a thousand years each, during
which the world is experiencing a
reigu of sin and death, sighing and cry
ing. Physicians physical and moral
have been unable to effect a cure. God
Himself alone Is able to roll away the
curse which He imposed and to give
mankind instead Ills blessing.
In the past we have been so -Intent j
on following our own sectarian schemes j
and theories that we have neglected
the proper study of the Bible. Indeed
not until our day has such a study
been possible for the masses. Only now
do they have the Word of God in their
possession in convenient form In every
family, and only now is education so
general as to permit all to read, all to
Btudy, nil to know the pood things of
the Divine promises.
The creeds of the "Dark Ages" did
Indeed din Into our ears the messnge
of the curse. Yea. they distorted It and
made It a message of eternal torture,
whereas the Scriptures declare that
"the wages of sin is death"-Hf eter
nal torment. In uur darkness we mis
translated and misinterpreted God's
' Word to our own confusion, swallow
ing also sonic Interpolations without
proper scrutiny. No wonder we wen !
nauseated by those creeds! No won- ,
der the intelligent portion of humanity
were In danger of all being driven Into
infidelity away from God and from
His Book, which Ave misunderstood and
A New Day Is Dawning.
Bible Students are arousing from their
Bleep and finding that they have long
Buffered from nocturnal hallucinations.
The true message of God's Word Is
spreading, and with It goes Increase of
faith, together with Joy. peace and god
liness. We have all noted the fact that ours
Is the most wonderful day of earth's his
tory. At this great State Fair our eyes
open widely as we note tbe contrast be
tween the blessings which surround
us and those enjoyed by our fathers.
Although we are viewing here the ex
hibits of but one State out of many,
we are nurely all amazed at what we
ee of progress, Invention and labor
saving machinery, of educational ar
rangements, of Improvement In the
breeding of cattle, sheep, swine, horses,
poultry, etc.
We are equally astonished at the
progress made In the culture of fruit
and vegetables. We say to ourselves.
Surely the fruits and flowers and ani
mal life of Paradise could not have
very greatly surpassed the prize-winners
of this exhibition! We cogitate
further that with the progress of In
vention, the necessity of arduous labor
and sweat of face for the dally bread
will soon be at an end and the neces
sary leisure and conveniences and
comforts which will permit every man
to le a nobleman will soon be avalla
bis to all. What do these things mean
Why have they come suddenly upon
us in one generation? yea, and give
no Indication of slacking, but rather
of progressing to still greater wonders!
What is the explanation of this?
The Bible alone gives the reply to
this query. It explains to us the
meaning of the reign of sin and death
which we and our forefathers have
shared. It tells us that our sorrows,
aches and pains, weaknesses mental,
moral and physlcnl. are all the results
of sin the sin of Father Adam entail
ed uiMn us by the laws of heredity for
the Six Great Days of a thousand
years each, already past.
Then to our astonishment the Bible
opens the door of the future and bids
us look abroad and see the Mter Day
which God nromses. It explains that
He has been giving us lessons respect
ing the exceeding sinfulness of sin. but
that nil the while He has sympathized
with and loved His creatures. It tells
us that as a beginning of the Divine
Intention to roll away the curse and b
give Instead Divine blessings. Jesus
cam Into the world and died for Adam
and Ms rnce. "the Just for the unjust."
to -iincel their Judicial obligations-
the death peualty upon them end
turn. t give them an, opportunity lu
God's dtie time to return to their for
mer estate, all that Adam lost to the
pewVctlon which was his when he was
In the Image of God. to all that was
his In his glorious estate Paradise.
When Will the Curse Roll Awayf
Chronologically we are already In the
Great Seventh Day or Thousand Year
Sabbath- we are already thlrfy-elght
years Into the great Seventh Day. This
explains the blesslugs which are ours
and which are coming to us Increasing
ly. This progress will continue
throughout the great Thousand-Year
Sabbath of Messiah's Kingdom. The
Bible promises that It shall bring bless
ings to every creature not only the
living, but the dead, "for all that are
In their graves must hear the voice of
the Son of God. and come forth." (John
t, 28. 29.) AU must be given a full
opportunity to come Into harmony with
the Creator and to come to perfection
and everlasting life. Only by iersonal.
wilful. Intelligent sin can anyone's
blessings be turned Into the second
curse of God. the Second Death, from
which there will be no redemption.
Incidentally let us note that the com
ing of those blessings Is, in one sense,
premature, in that they have come to
us before the establishment of the Mes.
slanlc Kingdom. Consequently. In
Btead of the world's being happier be
cause of these favors, It Is more unhap
py, more discontented than ever. The
Scriptures show that the dlnconteut
will culminate in a short, sharp period
of terrible anarchy, from which the
world will be rescued by the establish
ment of Messiah's Kingdom.
The permission of the light and bless
ings of our day, In advance of Mes
siah's Rule, the Creator Intends shall
teach humanity a great lesson respect
ing their own fallen condition and re
specting their need of the very help
which God Is providing In Christ. None
shall have the opportunity of errone
ously supposing that God's blessings,
coming to the unregenerate hearts, will
make them thankful and happy. The
new heart Is necessary to real happi
ness. We also Incidentally see that if God
had sent or permitted the light of our
day with its blessings a thousand
years sooner, then the discontent of
humanity would have culminated In
anarchy a thousand years sooner and
before the time Divinely arranged for the
establishment of Messiah and His
Bride, the Church, In heavenly glory
for the ruling, blessing and uplifting of
Truth Discerned Aide Faith.
As we gradually come to realize that
we are living In the dawning of the
time for the long-promised blessing,
this Sabbath Day of earth, when the
Curse shall roll away, It gives us a
fresh interest in all the affairs of the
present life,-as well- aa in those fea
tures of the Divine Plan which are yet
future! The knowledge makes life
worth living. Millions of people live
n treadmill existence, unworthy of
themselves and joyless, because they
have not come into the family of (Sod
and not been taught to understand the
deep things of Ills gracious purposes.
The first step is an acknowledgment
of the Creator and a consecration of
life to Him. and then an application of
our hearts to know His will, that we
may do It. One day of such living is
worth more than a year of the aimless,
meandering common to the masses.
All who have entered Into this blessing
should rejoice therein. All who have
not, should seek the Door, Christ, and
be glad to walk the narrow way, fol
lowing Ills footsteps Into grace and
peace Divine.
Stiff-necked and Stiff-kneed.
We may. Indeed, rejoice In the lessen
ing of the sweat of face coming to
mankind-ln the dawning of this New
Day. We may. Indeed, rejoice In the
greater spread of knowledge to every
class. We may. Indeed, rejoice In the
more comfortable housing, feeding and
clothing of our race. We may, Indeed,
praise the day which Is ushering In
these blessings and which, through Irri
gation canals and artesian wells, scien
tific study and teachers, Isuiks and
newspapers. Is making the wilderness
to blossom as the rose and many blades
of grass to grow where one alone grew
previously, bringing Increased fruit
fulness. But still much Is to be desired
much that we cannot accomplish for
ourselves. We need an outside Influ
ence, an outside power the very one
which (Sod's Word declares Is ubout to
take control Messiah's Kingdom.
Our blessings thus far are not draw
ing the masses nearer to God not mV-
, j lag them more thankful, more holy,
more reverential, more loving. On the
contrary, we are Incoming more strlfe
ful, more self-willed, than any previous
generation-less Inclined as a world
than ever before to worship and rev
erence the God of All Grace less In
rllned to believe that there Is such a
Being nt all. At the present rate of
growth of Irreverence It would seem as
though the time might soon come when
no knee would bow and no tongue con
fess ti God's glory.
"As I Live, Saith the Lord."
But here we look to God to see what
provision He has made for present
conditions. And as we look, our hearts
ate cheered. We have the Divinely
solemn declaration that the full end of
the reign of sin and death Is to come
And we have outlined In God's Word
proofs that we are now living In the
time when that new relgn of right
eousness shall be Inaugurated. We
have prnyed for It with more or less
of faith all our lives: "Thy Kingdom
come; Thy will be done on earth, even
as It Is done In heaven."
Permit not faith to let go her hold:
the Word of God cannot fall. As He
Is bringing f, us the temporal bless
ings promised In His Word r.ud appro
priate to this time the New Dispen
sation let us trut Him 'for every
other feature of His promised bless
ing, lie who has beguu the good work
la able to complete it. If lie has prom
ised, and tuor to this promise, that
all the families of the earth Khali be
blessed In Abraham's Seed, surely we
may rely upon It. If we ce at present
only the Spiritual Seed of AliVhuui In
full harmony with God through Christ,
and they not glorified, let us wait pa
tiently for the Urd, know ing that He
will fulfil His promises lu due time.
The Church, the Elect, are ludeed
the Spiritual Seed of Abraham. This
class, as the Bride of Christ, must 1
completed and must be united to their
Redeemer by the First Resurrection
change before they will be qualitied to
share with Him the great work of
blessing Abraham's Natural Seed. Ga
latlans ill, '."J.
The completion and glorification of
the Church will mark the time for the
establishment of the Kingdom. Then
will begin the pouring out of the Dl
vlue blessing and tbe removal of the
Curse. Satan will be bound for a
thousand years. The knowledge ff
God will gradually fill the whole earth.
The Natural Seed of Abraham will be
tbe first to receive the Restitution
blessings to return to the llkeuess of
God In the flesh and to have returned
to them Paradise condition and Dl
vine favor. The auVieut saintly oues
of the Jewish race, we are assured,
shall te made princes lu all the earth
for the correction of their brethren,
Natural Israel, and for the Instruction
and assistance, also, of the people of
every nation, kindred and tongue the
living and the dead.
Paradise Restored.
Rapidly the knowledge of the glory
of God will fill the whole earth. Cor
rections in righteousness will be meted
out to all not doiug their very best to
come Into harmony with the Divine
Law. Blessed rewards of Increasing
perfection of mind and body will
gradually come to the willing and
obedient In that day. The wilful evil
doers shall be cut off In the Second
Death. Theu as a result, before the
thousand years of Messiah's Kingdom
shall expire, every knee will bow to the
glory of God.
Meantime also the blessings of Para
dise will be coming to the earth us a
whole. "God will mnke the place of
His feet glorious." tlsaiah lx, 13; lxvl,
1.) Jesus will see of the travail of His
soul and be satisfied. (Isaiah 1111, 10,
11.) All those who have suffered for
righteousness' sake during the present
time of the relgn of sin and death will
bs more than compensated therefor In
the blessings and Joys of the New
Dispensation. The knowledge of the
glory of God shall fill the whole earth.
The glorious Divine character will be
made manifest, not only to angels, but
to men. The infinitude of God's Love,
Justice, Wisdom and Power may then
be seen by all; whereas today under
the reign of sin and death, with minds
beclouded by the error Instilled by the
Prince of Darkness, the opposite con
dition darkness covers the earth and
gross darkness the heathen.
What a glorious consummation Is
before us! What lengths and breadths
of human possibility In perfection we
see with the eye of faith! Man was
made In the Image of his Creator, and
the earth was provided to be bis ever
lasting home. The Curse that has rest
ed upon the earth and Its king has
brought both (o angels and to men val
uable lessons, which perhaps could not
have been learned under auy other
process of instruction.
The result will lie glorious, as de
scribed by the Master Himself. There
shall be no more sighing, no more
Curse there, nor sorrow, nor pain, nor
any more dying; for all the things of
sin and death will have passed away.
He who sits upon the Throne "will
make all 'things new." (Revelation
xxl. 4, fi.)
The: Prophet Isaiah declares that Je
hovah will do these things and (hat
every knee shall 1kw to Hlni nnd
every tongue confess. (Isaiah xlv, 23.)
St. Paul applies this Scripture aud de
clares that it will be fulfilled through
Jesus, and Incidentally It will be ful
filled by the Church through Jesus.
All things are of the Father and by
the Son. The thought, then, Is that
the world In acknowledging Christ
and the Church, and tawing to them,
will le liowlng to Jehovah, for the
Logos, Jesus, the Redeemer, forever
will be the Representative of the Fa
ther nnd His Power; hence all men
should honor the Son even as they
honor the Father also not honor nim
as the Father, but as the Son, the Fa
ther's direct Representative-Heir of
all thlngs.-John v, 23; Hebrews I, 2.
The Elect Church Already Bows the
The Elect Church of the present time
already bows to Jesus as the Repre
sentative of the Heavenly Father, and
already enjoys a great blessing through
this special relationship Into which she
has entered and which Is to be com
pleted In her resurrection change. Je
sus, as the great Klug of Glory, and
His P.rtde class as the great Queen of
Glory Mil be distinctly separate from
the world-sharers of an altogether dlf
ferent salvation. These, begotten of
the Holy Spirit, are promised a partlcl
patlon In the Divine nature, which is
far above that of angels, the Apostle
assures us.
For the same reason that the Heav
enly Father Is Invisible; to men Christ
and the Church will lie Invisible.
though all-powerrul. The blessings of
nutnnn Restitution that they vvlll bring
Pianklnd will be conveyed through
earthly channels, of whom Abraham.
Isaac aud Jacob aud all the prophets
and faithful ones of the past will be
the lenders, or Prlm-es, an God ha de
clared Psnlm ilv, 10.
Local Hews
C. C. Parmele was a business
visitor in hc metropolis, today,
going on No. 15.
'.M. K. Manspeaker was a visitor
in the metropolis today, going on
No. 15 this morning.
Clayton Rosenorans was an
over-Sunday visitor in Nehawka,
(he guest of friends.
F. W. Nollingr of I lie precinct
was in Ihe city today looking after
some business matters.
John Kelly of Cedar Creek is in
the city today looking after some
business at the court, house.
Hr. II. Thomson and family re
turned i his morning from Omaha,
where I hey spent Sunday with
John Cloidt relumed this morn,
inn' from Pacific Junction, where
he spent Sunday, t lit gue-4 of
Miss Helen Jess departed yes
terday afternoon for Lincoln to
resume her studies in the slate
Mrs. Mayme Clever, grand chief
of honor of Ihe Degree of Honor,
was in I lie city today looking after
some business mailers.
Rev. L. Y. dado was a pas
senger this morning on No. 15 for
Omaha to look after some busi
ness mailers for Ihe day.
Miss Hulda Spnhna, who has
been visiling her parents in litis
city, returned (his afternoon to
Omaha, where she is employed.
1). C. Morgan and wife returned
last evening from Lincoln, where
they were ill attendance at. the
Degree of Honor grand lodge
meet ing.
Miss Rose Barnes of Omaha,
who has been Ihe guest of Miss
Mary Nonielz for a few weeks, re
turner! to her home yesterday aft
ernoon. Miss Mary Ofe of Oakdalo, Neb.,
who lias been here visiting at Ihe
home of Henry Ofe and family,
departed this morning on No. 15
for- her home. -
NO'l'ICI' -Cnl I age
monthly payments,
homes at a bargain,
rent. Small acreage
for sale on
Several linn
Collage for
for sale.
Windham Invest nient &
Loan Co.
1 0-5-1 fd.
Judge lieeson Saturday after.
n ii in was called upon to unite in
marriage deorgc Henderson, aped
25, of I'ort Crook, Neb., and Miss
Lilly J.ockwood, aged I!', of Ihis
Herman Smith motored in this
morning from Ins larm, near
Nehawka, and was a passenger on
No. 15 for Omaha, where he spent
e dav looking after business
mat tors.
Mrs. Fred Oldenhausen, sr., and
daughter, Mrs. James McCullough,
of Murray, wore Omaha passeng
ers Ihis afternoon, from where
they go to various points in Iowa
to visit friends.
Mrs. Addie Shoehan and little
daughter of Oalosburg, Illinois,
arrived this morning on No. 15
and will visit at the homo of Mrs.
Shoehan's parents, C. II. Smith
and wife, for a time.
Josso Stenner departed yesler
day aflernoon for Omaha, where
ho will be employed as an elec
trician.' Mr. Stenner served in
this capacity in the navy and is
quite nn export in this line of
("ieorge Klinger came in from
Olriehs, S I)., whore In; is engaged
in business, and will visit for a
short time with relatives and
friends in this city. Mr. Klinger
is looking well and is much pleas
ed wilh his new home. ,
' Mrs. Jteii of Havelock,
who has been hen; visiting at the
C. L. Martin home, departed for
her homo ' yesterday on No. 23;
Mrs. R. 1. McNuiiin of Weeping
Water, who has boon visiting at
the Martin home for a few days,
nlso departed yesterday for her
Nicholas llalmes of Weeping
Water, one of Ihe genial pro
prietor., of Ihe Weeping Water
mills, was a visitor in the counly
scat lat Saturday, coming up for
Ihe hearing in Ihe estate of his
father in counly court. The. trip
was made in his auto, reluming
in Ihe afternoon.
0U take no risk at all in buying goods
here; we assume all responsibility not only for the
goods but for your satisfaction with the goods. We
let you say what satisfaction means.
Many new things in Overcoats some full silk lined,
others in the new plaid back, "warmth without weight"
cloths, satin lined over the shoulders; a great many made
belted back style.
The prices on Overcoats range from $12.50 to $30.00.
Lines especially strong at $15, $18, $20 and $25.
Manhattan Shirts
Con and Jake llengen of My-
nard were in Saturday Iransacting
some business mailers with the
Fred Schleifert and family
motored in from their home near
Louisville Saturday and attended
the cclebral ion.
T. M. Soarbrnugh was a pas
senger for Omaha yesterday,
where he was called on some
business mailers.
Miss Emma, Kaufman was a
passenger Ihis morning for Oma
ha, where she will visit during Ihe
day with friends.
Knoch Moreland, wife and chil
dren came in from their farm,
south of this oily, Saturday ami
looked ail or business mailers.
L. D. Hiatl and wife of Murray
came up Sunday morning ami
spent the day at I lie home of Mrs.
Iliad's parents, Freil Heinrich and
John Kall'enherger, one of the
good, reliable farmers of Light
Mile drove, was in Ihe city Sat
urday looking after some business
Mr. and Mrs. L. 0. Larson were
passengers to Union yesterday
morning, where they spent the
day with their daughter, Mrs. R.
K. Foster and family.
Henry Kauble departed yester
day afternoon for Omaha, where
lie will bo employed in one of the
largo laundries in lhat city.
Mrs. Harriett Purcoll of (iretna.
wlio has been here visiting Mrs.
C. Tyler for several days, depart
ed this afternoon for her home.
L. C. V. Murray returned Ihis
afternoon on Nn. 23 from Monti
cello, Arkansas, whore ho has
boon looking after some business
Paul Wurl, wife and child of
llyron, Neb., who are hero visit
ing Mr. Wurl's relatives in this
city, were passengers lo Omaha
this afternoon.
Mrs. M. R. Duke of North Platte,
Nob., who has been here making
a short visit with Sam (i. Smith
and wife, departed Ihis aflernoon
on Nol 23 for her home.
Mrs. John Sehiappaeasso and
daughter, Miss Cecil, were pas
sengers Ihis aflernoon for Oma
ha, where Mrs. Sehiappaeasso will
visit for Iho day, while Miss Cecil
will go on to Lincoln lo visit wilh
relal ivos.
Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Leh
inann of Omaha, who wore here
last evening with Iho Reese Con
cert company, remained over for
a visit wilh Mrs. Lehmann's cou
sin, Mrs. Henry Schlunlz, in this
city. Mr. and Mrs Lohmann are
greatly pleased with Ihe city and
look Ihe opportunity lo make a
short viil liere.
Stetson Hats
Mrs. Kinmons Plak was
sengcr this afternoon lo
to have her eyes treated.
a pas
Omaha II. C. Long and wife of Murray
was in the city Saturday looking
after some business matters.
J. W. Low! her of near Murray
was among Ihe (iortnan Day
visitors in I'lallsmoiilh Saturday.
Henry R. (iering of Omaha came
down Saturday afternoon from
Omaha and spent Sunday with
home folks.
"Howling Hank" is a funny
western character in tonight's
play at Ihe Parmele theater. Don't
fail lo see him.
Miss Mary Fosler motored Id
I'liion Saturday evening ami spent,
Sunday with her parents, return
ing lo this oily Ihis morning.
Special vaudeville features be
tween acts at Hie al'f'inele theater
tonight. "The tiiii From Lara
mie" is n winner. Come and see.
IF. II. Marl ling of Nebraska City,
republican candidate for .stale
senator, was in the oily Saturday
attending Ihe dermaii Day cele
bration. The Reynolds & Ross players
open a three nights' engagement,
at the Parmele theater tonight in
I ho four-ad comedy drama, "Tim
(liti From Laramie."
Mrs. J. A. Crouso ami daughter,
Miss Dolly, of Lincoln, who were;
over-Sunday visilors at Ihe Henry
Stoinhauer home, relumed to
their home Ihis morning.
Kicks on Umpire.
The Sunny Side ball team wont
down lo Cedar Creek Sunday, Sep
tember 22, lo play nn honest
game, bill could no) do so on ac
count of Ihe grand umpire they
had. After playing a few in
nings Sunny Side saw lhat Cedar
Crook would not bo fair about it,
so rather than play lhat way they
bid Cedar Creek good-live, only i
coiiie back again when I hey could
choose a better umpire than Iho
one lhat (hoy had. Wishing many
more years of happy umpiring to
that one and hoping he will im
prove as Iho ears roll bv.
One of Ihe Journal Readers.
Suffers From Appendicitis.
I'. K. Trilsch, residing west of
Iho city, and who has been suf
fering from nn attack of ap
pendicitis for about a week, is re
ported to lie doing nicely and it
may not be necessary lo take the
patienl to Ihe hospital for an
operation. II is lii bo Imped Hint
il will nol be necessary for Mr.
Trilsch lo have lo undergo an
operal ion.
Sweatee Found.
A largo size gentleman's sweat
er found on Iho road between my
homo and Murray. The owner
may have same by eallinir nt my
liomo and paying for Ihis adver
tisement. Win. Oliver.