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1 any of tlie readers of the Journal know of a w.vil vent or an item of interest
'e want all Hons of interest. Editor Jour ml.
Murray State Bank
Capital SI0.000 Surplus $5,000
CHAS. C. PARMELE, President
F.L NUTZMAN, Vice-President
W. G. BOEDEKER, Cashier
Wc Solicit Your Banking
taTOur Deposits are protected by the Depositor's Guaran
tee Fund of the State of Nebraska.
Interest Paid on
'I'll r" -li i ami ram i mil. mix
much heller l hail nil ami water.
Mis Kli.alicl h Oliver .spent
Sunday with friends at Mynard.
1 Frank ami Levi Single were
J'lall.xiiinnlli visitors Wednesday.
II. C. dreamer was InokiiiK afler
business in Hie county seat Mon
day. Miss Hose Mac dreamer was a
fniest of Miss Mae Lewis this
Mrs. K. . Oiieen was transael
iiiK business in I'lattsiuout li
Mrs. V. V. Monro was looking
afler business in l'laltsinoulli
L. V. Filch and wife spent Sun-
lay with Hubert Filch and family
Jit Kenosha
James Tinner was taking in the
carnival at Plallsmouth Thurs
day evening.
Mrs. Mary Carroll .spent Sunday
with her mother, Mrs. John Camp
bell, at Murray.
Dr. J. W. Mrendel and L. J.,
Marquardt of Avoca were Mur
ray visitors Sunday.
A. F. Nickels and family and
Miss Merllia Nickels motored to
Nebraska City Thursday.
William Nickels ami daughter,
Miss F.I I a, made a business trip lo
Plattsmouth Friday morning.
Dave Slanle, who has been hero
from Monlana settling the estate
of Thomas Slagle, left for his
homo Friday.
Lee ami Oeorgo Nickels drove
lo I'lallsnioulli Saturday after
noon and transacted important
John Smith, living live miles
Southwest of Murray, is the proud
possessor of a now Ford car.
Mrs. Philip Kiel and children
were spending Saturday and Sun
'day with relatives at Cedar Creek.
Misses Lena and Clara Young
were guests of Misses Mary and
Wella Monro Saturday and Sun
day. Mrs. A. SchafTer and daughter,
Rosa, were Sunday visitors at the
homo of Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas,
A. P. Chriswisser drove a now
Flanders' car through Murray
Monday. Park is agent for this
car and it looks good.
Several of ,nur republican
friends journeyed to Weeping
Water' Wednesday In attend the
republican county convention.
Mr. Everett Yost, son of Dave
Yost, an old-lime Cass county
boy, is working hero in the in
terest of an pastern nursery.
WANTED A span of mares i
or 5 years old; gentle, well broke,
good pullers and weight 1,000 to
1,150 pounds. Win. Nickels.
Hay-making, corn-plowing,
grain-cutting and threshing and
few hands for the work niako it
exasperating for the farmer with
H. R. Nickels and family drove
lo Plattsmouth Friday, where Mr
Nickels bought a fine gasoline en
gine, which ho will use for fur
nishing ' water in the now bath
room recently built.
array Department
Time Deposits.
3 C
M3 CmUmMiuI
Lloyd ami Wayne Lewis were
Sunday evening callers at Murray.
Mrs. Allison ami Mrs. Duell
were I'lallsnioulli visitors Tues
day. Will Wherliein and family were
Kui'sls of Waller Sans ami family
Joe Campbell and family were
railing on Murray merchants
Robert Shrader of west of Mur
ray was visiting relatives in (his
vicinity Sunday.
Mrs. A. I,. Maker went to Oma
ha this morning, returning via
Plallsmouth in the evening.
liomer Yardley was calling on
friends and looking after busi-
rtess in Union Saturday evening.
Postmaster A. L. Maker and Or.
M. F. Mrendel were business visit
ors in the metropolis Wednesday.
John llohschiedt and Miss
Klhel Sherwood were visiting w ith
friends jit Union Sunday evening.
Mrs. Henry Ost of Nehawka was
visiting friends and looking after
business mailers in Murray Sat
urday. Mrs. Amy Oliver Craves and
little son of Rock Springs, Wyo.,
are visiting at the home of their
uncle, Will Oliver.
Dave Amick and wife of Platts
mouth visited at the homo of
Theodore,, three miles northwest
of Murray, this week.
Mrs. Fred Ranigo, sc., and
daughter, Edith, of Plallsmouth,
spent the week at the homos of
Will Oliver and A. O. Itaingo.
Miss Oraco Jameson came over
from Weeping Water Friday to
spend a week or ten days with her
sister, Mrs. Dr. J. F. Mrendel.
Misses Edith and Eva LaRue
departed Monday for Trainor,
Iowa, where they will visit rela
tives and friends for a week or
ten days.
Charles Countryman and Utile
daughter, Dorothy Elizabeth
and Miss Oraco Countryman of
Weeping Water visited Sunday at
. the h oino of William Oliver.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Maker
entertained the following guests
at dinner Sunday: Mrs. Minnie
Wood and two children of Lincoln,
Mrs. Mary McDaniol and two chil
dren and Miss draco Jameson of
Weeping Water.
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Rainge
entertained the following at din
nor Sunday: Mrs. Amy Craves
and little son of Rock Springs
Wyo.; Kliabeth and Will Oliver
and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rainge am
daughter, Edith, of Plattsmouth
Mr. and Mrs. James Lough.
ridge, accompanied by their
daughter, Mae, were Omaha
visitors the first of the week. Mae
remained in Omaha, where she
will undergo an operation on one
of her eyes for granulation.
A party of young folks drove
to King Hill Sunday and had a
picnic supper at Rivorview park
Those in the party wore; Misses
Lena and Clare Young, Mary and
Nellie Moore, Pearl Dugay, Mar
garot, Vera and Francis Moore
Harry Medlor and Walter Sauls
berry of Cedar Creek.
in this vicinity and will mail same to this
Colonel, Earl and John Jenkins
.pent Sunday in Omaha.
Dick Pitman and Bent Root
were Sunday visitors in Omaha.
Dr. ;. II. dilmore and family
spent Sunday at the homo of F.
M. Massie of ML Pleasant pre
cinct. S. O. Pit man trained dow n to No
hraska dity Monday morning, re
turning with Troy Davis in his
auto in I lit? evening.
J. D. Mramblet and daughter,
Nellie, of Union, and Mr. and Mrs.
S. O. Pitman were guests at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. I). J. Pit
man Sunday.
Harry Todd aul.oed to Platts
mouth Tuesday on a business
trip. lie was accompanied by Mr.
and Mrs. W. A. Brown ami their
guest, Mrs. Hammond.
Ora Davis was a business
visitor in Omaha Wednesday,
driving to Plattsmouth to catch
the early morning train, return
ing on the noon train and driving
Mrs. Minnie Woods, who has
been visiting her sister, Mrs.
Mary McDaniol, for a week, re
turned to her home in Lincoln
Wednesday morning.
Misses Hazel and Clare Dovey
uid .Miss Tillie Valb-ry of Plaits.
mouth were guests of Miss Mar
gie alKer and -Mrs. Dr. (i. II.
dilmore this week.
Frank Yallory was in town
Monday on his way from Union.
where he had sold his threshing
machine to Wos Clark, taking an
lutouiohilu as part payment.
At the democratic precinct pri
mary Saturday evening All Nick-
was nominated for assessor
and Men Meckman was renoniin-
iled for road overseer.
Morn, to Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Tignor, four miles south of Mur
ray, Wednesday morning, July 2 5,
a line baby girl. The parents are
very proud of their new arrival."
Mr. McDonald, father of John
McDonald, the stock buyer, is here
visiting his son this week. He is
a very pleasant gentleman and wo
hope his trips to Murray will be
William Maldwin, while at work
or Alex Rhoden at pulling up hay
had his thumb badly injured in
the pully of the hay-fork. Dr.
dilmore dressed the injured mem
ber as soon as possible and it is
gelling along nicely.
Delegates to the county demo
crat ic convention at Plattsmouth
from West Rock Mind's precinct
are as follows: T. W. Vallery,
Men Meckman. Ed Tutt, D. C.
Rhoden. H. L. Oldham, J. R. Yal-
ery, Lee Allison, Oeorgo Mutz and
Dr. (i. H. dilmore.
Wo visited the new home of
Mrs. and Dr. J. F. Mrendel Wed
nesday and John Kinsor was busv
plastering. When I he house is
finished I ho doctor and his
estimable lady can have I ho com
fort of their lives, if a line, mod
ern house will give them the
pleasure. We candidly believe t ho
arrangemeits of the rooms is
about as near perfection as any
new house erected in this section
of Cass county in recent days.
Serious Runaway.
Last Wednesday Mrs. Phillip
11 ild, living seven miles northwest
of Murray, received nuile a
serious injury in a runaway near
J. R. Yallery's farm. Her little
son was driving the team, when
they became frightened and ran,
upsetting the buggy, throwing
them out and dragging Mrs. Ilild
several rods. Mesidos serious in
jury lo the. muscles of the right
arm, she was otherwise badly
bruised. The last report from the
11 ild homo was that she was able
to sit up and getting along as well
as could bo expected. The little
son was uninjured.
A Genuine Surprise.
Mrs. Margaret Mrendel, wife of
Dr. J. F. Mrendel, was most hap
pily surprised at the home of the
parents of Dr. Mrendel on Satur
day afternoon last. The Ladies
Aid society and the Sunshine band
of the Christian church treated
Mrs. Mrendel to a tin shower.
Mrs. Mrendel was taken complete
ly by surprise when the ladies un
cernioniously entered the house,
loaded down with packages of all
sorts and sizes of tinware, from a
tin cup to a dish pan, just what
Mrs. Mrendel will need when she
gets into her now home. A large
number of lady friends were there
and many remained away on ac
count of.the rain. It is unneces-
oice it Kill appear under this lieadin
sary to remark that Mrs. Uremic
was very happy to receive her
friends ami also delighted to re
ceive the many presents they left.
The surprise was genuine and all
-pent a pleasant afternoon.
Food and Health.
That food has much to do with
our health is a well known fact,
but We must keep in mind that the
same food acts dill'erently on dif
ferent people. Some food is a
delicacy to one person, while it is
repulsive to the other. A sound
minded man will naturally refuse
lo eat food which does not agree
with him and will, even in the
slightest discomfort after meals,
employ Triner's American Elixir
of Milter Wine to regulate the di
gestion. This remedy has a very
energetic efTeot on the digestive
organs and is a valuable remedy
in troubles of the stomach and of
the intestines, as also in
nervousness and weakness, in
pains and colics, in sudden at
tacks of rheumatism and
neuralgia. II contains no in
jurious ingredients, consisting
only of bitter herbs and red wine.
At drug stores. Jos. Triner, 1 333
l: TM So. Ashland Ave., Chicago,
Taken Up.
On my farm, four miles south
of I'lallsinoulh, a dark bay mule.
Owner can have same by calling,
proving property and paying for
this notice. Julius Pilz.
If you are a Housewife you can
not reasonably hope to ho healthy
or beautiful by washing dishes,
sweeping and doing housework
all day, and crawling into bed
dead tired at night.' You must
got out into the open air and sun
light. If you do this every day
and keep your stomach and bowels
in good order by taking Cham
berlain's Tablets when needed,
you should become both healthy
and beautiful. For sale by F. 0.
Fricke & Col
Good Farm for Sale.
Eighty acres in same Section in
which Murray is located; good
improvements; 20 acres in native
pasture, with plenty of water;
some alfalfa, and balance under
cultivation. Known as the Mor
row place. For particulars ad
dress Mrs. A. Morrow, Seward, Neb.
For Sale.
lfifl acres improved land be
tween Murray and Nehawka.
Write Miss fieri io M. Pittman,
Fort Klamath, Oregon.
To Those Interested.
The notes and accounts due
the late llrm of Edmunds &, Brown
are left at the State Pnk of Mur
ray tor the convenience of those
who may desire to settle. This is
done because I will not bo in
Murray all the time, having busi
ness on my farm.
J. W. Edmunds.
J See the Kiniona at 69c in
our Summer Clearance Sale.
The Cass County Teachers' In
stitute will be held in this city at
the High school building, August
5-10. County Superintendent Miss
Foster is arranging an excellent
After a hearty meal, take Doan's
Regulets and assist your stomach,
liver and bowels. Regulets are a
mild laxative. 25c al all stores.
Everybody's friend Dr. Thom
as' Eclectric Oil, the great house
hold remedy for toothache, ear
ache, sore throat, cuts, bruises,
scalds. Sold at all drug stores.
25c and 50c.
Dysentery is always serious and
often a dangerous disease, but it
can be cured. Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoe Rem
edy has cure It even wnen mali
gnant and epidemic. For sale by
F. O. Fricke & Co.
Muy i now. Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoe Rem
edy is almost certain to be needed
before the summer is over. Buy
it now and be praperad for such
an emergency. For sale by F. O.
Fricke & Co.
Omaha Man Rfuses to Act on Tafi
Notification Committee.
Omaha, July 25. Nathan Merrian
of Omaha, one of the delegates at
large at the Republican convention al
Chicago, has been notified by the sec
retary of the convention that he was
designated as the man to represent
Nebraska on the committee appointee
to notify President Taft of hisrenomi
nation. Mr. Merriam has declined tc
serve on the committee. ' In a lettei
to Secretary Cb ason of the Republic
an national convention, Mr. Merriam
said, in part: "I was elected a dele
gate at large by the people of Ne
braska to the national convention on
account of the strong position I took
against Canadian reciprocity, Mr
Taft's favorite policy. I was elected
a Roosevelt delegate. I was one ol
the large number of delegates who re
fused to vote for the president at the
Chicago national convention on account
of existing conditions. I participated
In the Orchestra hall convention at
that time, which nominated Theodore
Roosevelt for president. I was strong
or Mr. RoospvoH then, and have not
since charged my mind for one ma
ment. My actions at Chicago met the
hearty approval of the people of Ne
braska. I have fully appreciated the
bigh honor of being elected by the Re
publican nationnl convention as a
member of your honorable committee;
and in declining to serve I fully real
ize that T am foregoing what other
wise might have been a great pleas
ure to me."
Fighting Minister Must Face
Charges at September Meeting.
Kearney, Neb., July 23. Rev. J. W.
Hill, clerk of the Kearney presbytery
of the Presbyterian church, returned
to the city from Grand Island bearing
the official proceedings of the investi
gation of Rev. F. R. Wedge, the Genoa
minister, whose hearing was com
pleted concerning a fistic encounter
In which ha recently participated. The
following resolutions were adopted:
"That for good and sufficient rea
sons the pastoral relation existing be
tween the Rev. F. R. Wedge and the
Genoa church be dissolved, to take ef
fect immediately. Owing to the seri
ousness of the situation, to his ac
knowledged guilt of conduct unbecom
ing a minister and on account of his
renunciation of all allegiance to the
presbytery at the meeting and In pub
lic utterance, therefore, be it
"Resolved, That formal charges be
presented against him at the Septem
ber meeting of the body and In the In
terim that the presbytery require him
to refrain from exercising the duties
and functions of his office as a minis
ter in the Presbyterian church pend
ing the outcome."
Rev. N. IV Johnson was appointed
to see that the foregoing resolutions
were carried Into effect
Humphrey Man Killed by Can.
Columbus, Neb., July 25. Just as
the Norfolk passenger on the Union
Pacific road was starting to leave
Platte Center I. W. Zavadll of Humph
rey, a passenger on the train, fell be
tween the two passenger cars and was
cut In two. Several who witnessed
the accident were unable to say
whether he slipped or was overcome
with the heat. Zavadil was about fif
ty years of age and leaves a family.
Hog Cholera Epidemic at Stella.
Stella, Neb., July 25. Genuine hog
cholera has made Its appearance In
this locality and Is pronounced by an
expert In this matter to, be entirely
different from the disease so disas
trous to hogs In this locality last sum
mer, the disease then being diagnosed
as of a lung affection. W. E. Pitts has
been one of the heaviest losers at the
present time, loosing over 100 head.
Georgia Father's Vengeance Falli
Heavily on Hit Son's Sweetheart.
Mason, Ga,, July 25. Essie Carter,
a young white girl, was whipped at
Dawson, Ga by a party of prominent
men, headed by W. S. Cozier, clerk of
the superior court.
She Is in a Macon hospital and Is
believed to be near death. The at
tending physicians express little hope
of her recovery.
The girl's body Is so swollen that
she Is in constant agony. There Is
hardly an inch of flesh on her body
that Is not cut or discolored.
Two Macon lawyers have been en
gaged to piosecute W. 3. Dozier, Clyde
Dozier and Pope McClung, whom the
girl and her sister, Mary Carter,
charge with the whipping. The pro
ceedings will implicate' a dozen other
Essie Carter was whipped because
W. S. Dozier's twenty-one-year-old son
was Infatuated with her, and because
she refused to swear she would never
meet the young man again.
Belgium to Have Big Strike.
Brussels, July 25. A general strike
in favor of electoral reform has been
fixed for the spring. It is calculated
that the men will be able to hold out
for six weeks.
Forbids Saloon Free Lunch.
Los Angeles, July 25. Free lunches
were formally abolished from saloons
In Los AnReles by the city council.
The law will take effect In thirty days.
Proposes to Build from Hastings
to Gibbon, Thirty Miles,
Promoters of the Proposed Line Ari
AH Officers of the Union Pacific
Railroad Company Pardon for
Charles Allen Whitney.
Lincoln, July 23. Articles of incor
poration of a new railroad, to be
known us the Hastings and North
western Railway company, were filed
in the office of the secretary of state.
The roud will run from Hastings to
Gibbon, about thirty miles, and will
cenii'Mt at the latter place with the
1'nion Pacific.
The Union Pacific Is supposed to be
back of the move. The capital stock
of the company is $100,000 ad the in
corporators are A. L. Mohler, presl
(ient of the Union Pacific; V. B. Scott,
general manager; R. L. Huntley, chief
engineer; N. H. Loomis, general attor
ney; II. J. Sterling, auditor; W. H.
Sanford and Edson Rich, attorneys.
The survey was made some years ago.
The state received $51 for the filing.
Pardon for Whitney.
Charles Allen Whitney, sent to the
penitentiary on a charge of bigamy
committed in Plattsmouth and other
places, and Who had his trial before
Judge Travis, has been granted a par
don by Governor Aldrlch on recom
mendation of the judge who sentenced
him. Whitney deserted his wife and
two children and went to Nebraska
City, where he married a Mrs. Backu3.
He lived with wife No. 2 at different
places until his arrest. The applica
tion for a pardon was made by wife
No. 1, she claiming that the family
needed his assistance and that If a
pardon were granted Whitney would
come back and sin no more.
Would Leave Cipso Ward.
Albert Paulson of Pierce and W. A.
Simmons of Cass county were before
the county judge of this county on an
applieation to be released from the
asylum. Both men are serving short
terms in the dlpso ward and claim
that they have been obliged to occupy
the same ward with Insane patients.
It was shown that the dipso ward was
used to put some of the harmless pa
tients In during the crowded condition
of the hospital and that the members
of the dipso family were not in danger
therefrom. The application of the men
for release was denied by Judge Ris
er. Highlanders Appeal.
The Ryal Highlanders hare ap
pealed to the supreme court against a
decision cf the district court of
Webster county, which gave judgment
against the order in favor of Sarah A.
Smith, wife of Rufus E. Smith, who
held a policy in that organization and
afterward died. The judgment was .
for $1,500. but the organization claims
that Smith committed suicide and
therefore the policy was void. The
Jury decided that there was no e?i
dence that Smith committed suicide
and rendered its verdict according to
the terms of the certificate.
Papers Print Amendments.
The governor gave out the balance
of the printing of the county amend
ments for the four counties taken un
der advisement when the list was giv
en out the first of the week. The pa
pers alerted ar as follows: Boone
county, Albion News and St. Edward
Sun; Uincaster county, State Journal
and Trade Review; Lincoln county,
North Platte Journal; Dixon county,
Ponca Journal.
Custer county reported to the board
of assessment, leaving but one county
now to complete the state. Custer
shows a falling off from last year of
$17,765 The assessment for this year
was $7,295,484, against $7,313,249 last
Control Delegation From Lancaster to
State Convention.
Llnco'n, July 25. The Lancaster
county Republican convention adopted
resolutions indorsing the state, con
gressional, senatorial and county tick
ets, leaving off mention of the national
The fight began on the selection of
a permanent chairman, George A.
Adams representing the progressives,
and W. A. Selleck being the the candl
date of the Taft delegates. Confusion
reigned throughout the taking of the
ballot, which resulted in the selection
of Adams by a vote of 329 to 236.
When the convention adjourned the
Taft delegates organized another,
electing Judge Holmes chairman. A
committee was appointed to select
fifty delegates to the state convention.
Bcyd County for Taft.
Butte. Neb.. July 25. The Boyd
county Republican convention In
structed Its delegates to the state con
vention to support President Taft. The
Roosevelt men were unable to securu
control of the convention and held a
separate meeting and elected a con
testing set of delegates to the state
Wheat Movement to Omaha Heavy.
Omahn, July 25. The movement of
Nebraska wheat Is becoming very
heavy and that received to date Is of
excellent quality. The Union Pacific
handled sixty-nine cars of wheat into
Omaha, as against twenty-one carlonds
on the corresponding date of last year.