The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, July 18, 1912, Image 7

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The Constitutional Amendment aopt
ed by the people of this State gives the
State Railway Commission absolute power
to fix the telephone rates, subject only to
review by the courts upon appeals from
this order.
This Amendment supersedes all pro
visions in franchises or contracts affecting
rates, and it is the Supreme Law of the
No rate can be established or changed
until approved by the Commission. Notice
of proposed changes is given and all par
ties interested are accorded full hearings.
Lincoln Telephone and
Telegraph Company
J. K. POLLOCK, Local Manager
A. M. Nason, farming near Ca
naan, Me., was badly crippled with
siatic rheumatism due he says to
uric acid in his blood. Foley Kid
ney Pills entirely cured me and
also removed numerous black
specks that were continually be
You're especially fortu
nate right now in being able to get our
good clothes at greatly reduced prices. You know how
well these clothes wear; and know what they usually
cost. The prices we're quoting on these, and all other
goods for our Summer out-clearing are certainly worth
100 Hart, Schaffner & Marx Suits
including Worsteds in fancy Blue Serges, neat
gray, tan and brown effects, in sizes from 33 to
42 regular prices from $20 to $30. Divided
into two lots- now and $14
25 Society Brand Suits, includ
ing grays, tans, browns, and two-piece Blue ,
Serges regular prices from $20 to $30. Di
vided into three lots
Now $10, $14 and $18
25 Micheals, Stern & Co. Suits,
mostly grays and tans regular prices $15 to
$25. Divided into two lots
Now $10 and $14
High-Grade Shirts, made by Fer-
guson-McKinney and Wilson Bros., in sizes from
14 to 17 regular prices $1.25 and $1.50
Now 75c Each
Gordon and Everwear Sox in
. sizes from 9 to 1 1 regular prices 25 and 50c
Now 3 Pairs for 50c
This store will close at
and August. Open until 1 0 p.
the night following.
Sulfa VJiwwB
Manhattan Shirts
fore my eyes." Foley Kidney
Pills are a uric acid solcnt and
are effective, for the various forms
of rheumatism. For sale by F.
i. Fricke & Co.
Auction Bridge, 500 and Bridge
Pads at the Journal office.
6 p. m. during the rest of July
m. Saturday nights, pay day and
Stetson Hats
Roosevelt Supporters Seem to Be
In "Bad Row of Stumps" Re
garding State Ticket.
The provision relied on by the
president's supporters in section
5t03 of Cobbey's statues, under
the heading: "Division of Party."
It is part of the original primary
law enacted in 1907, but is under-;
stood as applying to general elec
tions. The section is herewith
"In case of a division of any
party, the secretary of state shall
give the preference of party name
to the convention held at the time
and place designated in the call of
the regularly constituted party
authorities, and if the other fac
tion or factions shall present no
other name, the secretary of state
shall select a name or title and
place the same on the ballots be
fore the list of candidates for such
faction. The action of the pre
ceding national convention of
such parly, regularly called, shall
determine the action of the sec
retary of slate, or the court in its
decisions. The secretary of state
may be compelled by peremptory
order of mandamus proceedings,
to perform his duty in this re
gard." It appears very plain that the
slalute recognizes the national
convention of a party as ils su
pre i ne authority, wherever the
right to use the party name is dis
puted. The logical sequence of
I his would be that any element in
the republican party that declines
lo accept Taft and Sherman as its
nominees cannot establish its
right to use the name.
This part of the law is evidently
intended to safeguard the rights
of every political organization and
compel ils members to respect I he
duly constituted authority of the
parly. - It apparently bars the
Teddyiles from having a voice in
g. o. p. affairs, because they have
bolted I he aclion of the national
I4J4 f?
The inter-county tournament
will be held this year on Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday, August
5, 6 and 7. Everybody boost. Let
this be the most successful tour
ney ever held in the city.
At the same time of the county
tournament a city tournament for
ladies will be in progress. There
will be about sixteen entries and
many good matches will be seen.
Anyone wishing lo see some
good practice matches can do so
at Patterson's court every even
ing, where good seats will soon be
ready. .
Watch Ibis column for results
and pick your favorite for the city,
county and girls' championships.
Returned Lrom Perkins County.
James Seivers and wife, who
were called to Perkins county a
coupel of weeks ago on account of
the sickness of a relative, return
ed Monday morning on No. 10.
James was pleased at the wheat
yield in lhal, county and for a long
distance on this side. On the
Holdridge ranch, where his son
lives, the wheal will be good for
20 bushels per acre, and many
places it will go more. The farm
ers are having (rouble to get men
lo care for the wheal already cut.
lie saw a great many acres cut
and lying in the swalh, it being
loo short to bind. At many of the
stations fanners met the Irain,
offering .f.'J per day for wheat
Mow the Weeds.
According to the new law all
farmers are compelled to cut the
weeds along their line of road or
the same will he cut, by the road
........ i t
overseer ami cnargeq up m taxes
lo land adjacent. Thereofre, it
is my duty to nolify all farmers
residing in Fight Mile drove pre
cinct to cut tin- weeds on or be
fore the l!jh day of August, or I
will be compelled to comply with
I he law. Frank PJatzer,
lload Overseer.
Keys Found.
d. II. Meisinger found a bunch
of keys on Hie public highway
near the home of Hoy Howard yes
lerday, which the owner may
have by calling at I his ollice and
paying for I his not ice.
Itching, bleeding, protruding or
blind piles have yielded to Doan's
Ointment. Tide at all stores.
From Tuesday's Dally.
Mrs. James llerold of Lincoln
arrived today and will visit rela
tives for a time.
Mrs. Joseph livers went to
dlenwood on the morning train
today to visit her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Schwartz, for a time.
John Tighe of Mauley motored
to Plaltsnioulh this morning
with Mr. and Mrs. Lanuhorst and
looked after important business
matters in the countv seat.
Miss Angie MeCarrotl of Union
pent Sunday in this city, the
guest of Miss Mallie Larson, re
turning to her home yesterday
Ir. J. M. Xeely and Attorney C.
S. Aldrich of Klmwood visited the
metropolis of Cass county today,
having somei niportant business
matters which demanded their at
tention. . II. Manners, with his auto,
met Van Hrunt's man at the Bur
lington station when No. I ar
rived this morning and whisked
him off to Murray and was back
in I he garage by 1 1 o'clock.
Mrs. John Wiles, who has been
visiting her sister, Mrs. Robert
Knight, at Malvern, Iowa, since
last Thursday, returned homo
yesterday aflernoon. Mrs. Knight
accompanied her home for a visit.
Will Countryman of near Mur
ray came in this morning and
boarded the early train for Oma
ha, going to consult an eye
specialist concerning an abeess or
something of the sort growing on
his right eyelid.
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Wurl and
babe arrived from Ouinry, Illinois,
Sunday morning and will be tin
guests of lMattsmoulli relatives
for a time. Olio and Mrs. Wurl
(formerly Miss Mable Hayes) are
former residents of l'lallsmoulh,
where their friends are legion.
Miss Clara Domingo and Miss
Anna Chrislenson of near Weep
ing Water, came in last evening
on Hie M. P. and visited Mrs. S.
Hay Smith overnight. Mrs. Smith
and her guests spent the day in
Omaha, going on the early train
this morning.
Mrs. Fred Jones, nee Miss Flor
ence liaird, departed Saturday
aflernoon for Norton, Kansas
where Mr. and Mrs. Jones will
make their future home. Mr.
Jones has been located in Norton
for the past three weeks and his
wife has visited her mother and
sisters here while be has been be
coming settled.
From Wednesday's Dally.
C. A. (lullion of Lincoln Irans
icled business in l'laltsmouth to
II. II. Swaslwood of Union was a
Piatt sinoulli visitor yesterday and
dined at the l'laltsmouth hotel.
Meek Davis of near Murray
drove in this morning to look af
ter business mailers lor a few
Robert dood and wife of near
Murray drove in this morning to
look after business mailers at the
county seal.
deorge Meisinger was an Oma
ha visitor Ibis afternoon, when!
business matters demanded his
personal attention.
Mrs. Will Yallery of Havelock
arrived today and will visit her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. John
Warga, for a few days.
W. A. Clcghorn of Louisville
was a l'laltsmouth visitor today
and registered at I he Perkins
house at Hie dinner hour.
Mrs. T. N. Julyan of Thomas,
Oklahoma, returned lo her home
this morning, after' a month's
visit with her parents, J. W. liar
wick and wife.
Dan Burke of Mauley and
Michael Simlli of Klmwood were
l'laltsmouth visitors yesterday,
having motored over to the coun
ty seat with L. F. Langhorst. and
Samuel Cashner, the Alvo mer
chant, has just ordered a line job
of letter-heads from the Journal
job department. - Mr. Cashner
carries an excellent) line of hard
ware, implements, queensware
and cream separators.
From Thursday's Dally
John Seagrave was a pas
senger to Omaha this afternoon
on the fast mail.
Charles Shoop transacted busi
ness in Omaha Ibis morning, go
ing on the first train.
William DellesDernier,. the
Klmwood lawyer, departed for his
home veslerdav afternoon on
No. 3.').
Andy Thompson of Cedar
Creek was a Plaltsnioulh visitor
lodav. having run down on No.
for a few hours.
William C. Ncwkirk and May
bella P. Rouse, both of Oreen
wood, were licenced t marry in
Lincoln yesterdav.
A. Dowers of Cedar Creek came
town on No. i this morning and
rough! with him a line basket of
apricots for the market.
James Terr berry of Kighti
Mile drove came down on No. i
this morning to transact business
in the register of deeds' ollice.
Fred Kehne, sr., was a caller at
this ollice yesterday, renewing the
subscription of the paper going to
ius Heideman at Creighton, Neb.
Loin Noel of Weeping Water
slopped in Plattsmoutli for a few
hours I bus morning, en route lo
Pacific Junction, where he will
work for a time.
J. D. Winkler, the dlenwood
real estate man, was in Hie citv
today, looking after business mat
ters in his line. He was accom
panied by his wife, who was en-
route to Auburn to visit relatives.
A. V. Smith and wife departed
for York, Neb., this morning, go
ing by automobile, to visit their
daughter, Mrs. drace Simpson.
The distance is 120 miles and will
make a fine trip Ibis season of the
Joseph Fleck and son and Mr.
llomola of Omaha were in lite city
yesterday for a time and visited
Kd Donat. They purchased 125
cords of wood from Charles F.
Morion of near Union, to be ship
ped soon.
Miss Nellie Terr berry depart
ed for Whiting, Iowa, on the aft
ernoon train today, where she
will visit relatives for a time. She
was accompanied to Omaha bv
Mrs. Henry Kaufmann and Mrs.
Mary Kvers.
James DellesDernier of Murray
was a Plaltsnioulh visitor today,
looking afler business matters
for a short time. Mr. Delles
Dernier was of the opinion that
more rain fell here than in the
vicinity of Murray last night.
Thomas Roope oT Lincoln
superintendent of mot ive power of
Hie Burlington lines west, arrived
in his private car attached lo No.
21 today. He was accompanied by
Master Mechanic J. C. Morrison of
Omaha. Holh gentlemen visited
Superintendent liaird at the
Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Pitman and
Mr. Pitman's sister, Mrs. (). A.
Davis, autoed up from Murray
last evening lo look nfler some
matters of business. The Jour
nal reporter, who was in Murray
yesterday, had the pleasure of
returning to Platlsmouth in Iheir
James Hatched and family of
Murray were in the city a short
lime last evening. Jim took Iheni
to Omaha in his auto in the early
morning and they were on their
return journey home. Mr. Hat
chet! says the roads on the oilier
sidetf the Plalle river bridge are
not in very good condition for joy
Little Babe Passes Away.
- Minnie, the infant daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Frank K. Warren,
died flu's morning, after a brief
illness, with cholera infinitum,
and interment look place this aft
ernoon. Margaret, the twin sisler
of I lie little babe, died Monday
and was buried Tuesday. The
babes were five weeks old, but
have not been perfectly well al any
lime. Mr. and Mrs. Warren have
the sympathy of the community
in their sad bereavement.
Great Opportunity
to Secure Land in Famous
Beaver Valley, Colorado
Raises good wheal and alfalfa.
Plenty of water can be secured by
wells from eight to thirty feet
The land is about twenty miles
from town, but a railroad survey
has been made through it.
These lands can be purchased
for $ 1 0.00 per acre, one-half cash,
balance at (5 per cent interest.
Pumping plains nave ncen
eslablUhed for irrigation pur
poses on similar lands which are
now worth $100 per acre and up
There is only a limited amount of
this land, so inquire al once.
00 acres in Loup Counly, Ni
braska, fenced and cross-fenced,
Iwo-room house, stable and catlli
shed, well and wind-mill; lays
rolling lo roug band is bay and
grazing land. Price $10.00 per
acre. This can be exchanged for
other property of equal value.
Investment and Loan Co.
punn con
Peters & Richards Secure Big Job
From State of Iowa and Signed
Contract Yesterday.
The contract for the llrt story
and basement of the "dills' build
ing" at dlenwood, Iowa, was sign
ed up yesterday by Peters & Rich
ards. The building is to be five
stories, costing between $80,000
and $1)0,000. The contract of
Pelers & Richards, for which tho
appropriation is already available,
is $1 D.OOO. This portion, base
ment and first story, are lo be
constructed this fall, work to bo
commenced as soon as material
can be gollen on the ground.
Five bidders contested for the
job and blue prints were furnish
ed the contractors for their in
spection before the bids were
made. The building is to be con
structed of reinforcde concrete,
brick and steel. The contract for
tho reinforced concrete founda
tion will be sublet to H. C. Mc
Maken & Son company. Pelers &
Richards will take many of tho
skilled workmen for the carpenter
work and brick laying from this
city and the job will give employ
ment to a large number of men
until the summer is over.
Next spring new bids will be let
lo finish the structure from ap
propriations made this winter,
and Peters & Richards will stand
a very good chance o gel, Ibis
contract also. The Journal is
glad to see Platlsmoulli contract
ors el the big conl racls ' in tho
surrounding cities. This all helps
lo attract people to Plaltsnioulh.
Republican Nominate Assessors.
After Iheir caucuses in the dif
ferent wards last night, Hie re
publicans of I he city held their
city convention at the county
judge's ollice. Dr. K. W. Cook
was elected chairman and A. J.
Iteeson, secretary. When tho
call was taken up it was found
that justices of the peace and
constables were not up for elec
tion Ibis fall, and the convention
then proceeded to nominate as
sessors for the city. M. M. Deal
of I he Third ward and John C.
Lindemann of the First ward were
placed in nominal ion. The cen
tral commit lee was given author
ity to llll any vacancy that might
Marketing Wheat.
A large amount of the wheat
crop is being marketed and Iho
yield is about 20 bushels per acre.
Monday the Day elevator was re
ceiving grain from John Burke,
who sells 2,000 bushels, Charles
Meyer 1,250 bushels, deorgo
Tow le is selling at dill'ereiil places
in town 2,000 bushels and Henry
Meyer has delivered a portion of
his crop. Ilert Jameson is one of
e largest wheat growers in tho
county, having an acreage of 2.10.
Many of the farmers were not
prepared lo care for Iheir crop
and haul it lo the elevator for
storage. Weeping Water Repub
lican. Ward Caucuses.
The democratic ward primaries,
for the purpose of selecting dele
gates to the counly convention,
will be hebl at the following
places: First ward, at the court
bouse; Second ward, Turner hall:
Third ward, Manspeaker's livery
barn; Fourlh ward, council cham
ber; Fifth ward, liach's store. Tho
hour is 8 o'clock. Remember Iho
dale and Ihe hour and be sure you
allend. Afler Ihe ward nieelings
Ihe democrats are requested to
assemble al the council chamber
and nominate two candidates for
assessor of Ihe citv of Plalts-
moul h.
Mr. Leepor Promoted.
D. A. Keeper, who has been
second rick man at Ihe dispatch
er's desk at the Burlington station
here for the past six months, has
been transferred to Denver, where
be will have charge of the city
ticket ollice. Mr. Keeper is a
capable young man and niado
many friends while in Plalts
nioulh, who will be pleased to
know of bis promol ion. His place
will be filled for the present by
Mr. Davis, who comes from
Waverly, Nidi.
Died at Franklin.
Mrs. Mary Busier, formerly a
resident on the farm where Mur
ray now stands, died a few days
ago al her homo at Franklin, Neb.
Mrs. Buster, with her husband,
resided in this counly before tho
war, and for some time afterward.
She was an aunt lo Jap Young,
and many of the pioneer citizens
of the city will remember her. Her
husband died several years ago.