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makes possible a delightful Auto ride to Omaha only 19 miles
distant from Plattsmouth.
A drive over Omaha's 25 miles of beautiful paved boule
vards and park system will furnish a pleasant surprise and
Fort Crook's fine macadam drives and regular afternoon
and evening band concerts are very enjoyable and are ' free to
the public.
Take a little jaunt over the new Auto and Wagon Br;dge. o
Ml 1 ? t !i. J
Superintendent Smart Her.
Superintendent of the Burling
f ' 1 1 lint" v't, A. ".. Smart, of
Omaha, wax in the city Unlay,
! inking after business matters for
l!ie company. In a conversation
with Si:iennteii(lent of the Shops
William Haird, Mr. Smart stated
that tlie prospect of changing the
freight runs hack to the former
scln-dub; ami making the lay-over
for the Sioux City crews at Platts
mouth instead of at Sioux City, is
very good. The matter is being
worked out in the offices of the
superintendents of the divisions,
and the plan contemplates taking
olT No. 73 and restoring No. 71 to
the morning run, as formerly. Mr.
Haird is doing all that he can to
utl'ect the change, as it means an
addition of practically fifteen
families to the city's population.
R. F. Nickerson, superintendent
of piece work, with headquarters
in Chicago, was in the city today
on company business, as also was
Mr. Kepner of Lincoln, who was
picking up pointers in the local
shops calculated to facilitate work
in his own shops.
You will like it
Robert Hollis Jacks Given a Sur
prise at Home of His Parents
In Honor of Event.
From Saturday's Dally.
Hubert Hollis Jacks, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Asbury Jacks of this city,
reached his twenty-first birthday
and signed up a new Declaration
of Independence yesterday. Mr.
arid Mrs. Jacks planned and car
ried out a big surprise in honor
of the event and invited in a few
relatives and acquaintances to
join in the festivities.
When the llrst two or Hirer
teams arrived, about 8:30 last
evening, Hubert Mollis guessed
that it was a surprise on him. The
evening passed quickly away, en
livened by music and talk. De
licious ice cream and cake were
nerved during the evening.
Those, present were; Mr. and
Mrs. Jesse Klliott and family, Mr.
and Mrs. John Elliott and family,
Messrs. Hollis Wingate and Paul
Smith of Hamburg, Iowa; Misses
Mary and Maude Urower of Ham
burg, Iowa; Misses Kva and F.rma
Court and Messrs. Kverett Codd
ing and Jesse Perry. Hubert Hol
lis was the recipient of many use
ful and valuable presents, includ
ing a few dozen neckties, a ten
dollar willum and articles of apparel.
Resolutions of Condolence.
Da es dem Almaech't igen Gott
gefallen hat, die unverges liche
Ehfrau unseres Hruders John
Polaecek in eiu besscres Jenseits
ju sich ju nehmen.
Sei es beschlossen con der
Gormania lodge No. HI, A. 0. U.
W., das wir mil den Vebcrleben-
den llruder und (lessen familie den
Todesfall lief belrauern, und
denselben in Anhelracht dieses
Verlustos hierbei unser Heileid
nusdrueken. Beschlossen das
eine Anferl igung dieser Desch
Iusse den traiienden Hruder un-
eberreicbt, in die taelige Zeitung
inserirt, und in das Protokoll der
Luge eingetragen wuxde.
John Wichman,
Hans Seivers,
Joseph Droege,
In District Court.
From Friday' Dally.
A inundate irom tne supreme
court was filed in the office of the
clerk of the district court today
in the case of Jacob Hayles vs.
Adena liayies, in which a decree
of divorce to plaintiff was enter
ed by Judge Travis, in January,
1010, and alimony in the sum of
$1,000 awarded the defendant, but
appealed to the supreme court.
The decree was affirmed by the su
preme court and will now be car
ried out, on the mandate of that
cou rt.
Spring Wheat Is Good.
From Saturday's Dally.
John Meisinger, jr., and family
drove in from their home la
evening and visited his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Meisinger,
over night. Mr. Meisinger has
harvested his fall wheat, which
he thinks will average with that
of his neighbors. The spring
wheat will be the best in his
locality this year. Oats will be
good, too.
Wo Are Not to Blame.
A couple of months aj:o we
picked up an announcement from
the Plattsmouth Journal to the
effect that a girl baby had been
born to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hudig
of Haeuck. Iteing unable to find
Mr. Hudig at his place of business
lore our. reporter called to have
the announcement verified, we
ook it for granted that the an
nouncement was o. k. and publish
ed it. Now there seems to have
been some mistake about the mat
ter, as a little boy baby arrived at
Mr. Budig's home Tuesday, so we
hereby withdraw the first an
nouncement in favor of the latter,
and cheerfully accept a box of
those fine Denver Specials which
Mr. Hudig is turning out at his
cigar factory. Havelock Times.
At. the time the announcement
was made in trie Jurnal it came
through one of the Hudig family
and one that ought to have known.
So it really was no mistake of the
Journal, but a misstatement on
the part of the other fellow. And
there you are.
Married at the Perkins.
Thursday afernoon H. Lavery
and Miss Frances Henak of Oma
na arrived on io. z and im
mediately sought Judge Heeson's
office with a view of obtaining
marriage license. They had all
of the data required by statute ex
cept, the maiden name of the
bride's mother, and of this only
the given name, "Mary," could be
recalled. On occasions of this
sort technicalities should never be
allowed to thwart the course of
true love, and the small defect
was passed over. The judge was
invited to perforin the ceremony
which occurred at the Perkins
hotel parlor at C o'clock. Mi
Lavery is the traveling jeweler
for the Burilngton, with bead
quarters in Omaha. He was for
merly a resident, of Plattsmouth
Mr. and Mrs. Lavery arc guests of
the Perkins hotel. The Journal
joins witn their many lriends in
wishing them prosperity and hap
piness on their journey through
Delightfully Entertained.
From Saturday' Dall.
The Ladies' Aid suciety of
Swedish Missiun church was
entertained at, the home of Mrs.
August Johnson yesterday in a
most delightful manner. There
was a large number in attend
ance, who Very pleasantly whiled
away the time in music, inter
spersed with conversation and
amusements. No business ses
sion was held, the entire after
noon being devoted to a social
time. At, the proper time a de
licious luncheon was served by
the hostess.
Grasshoppers Destroying Corn.
A special from Greenwood, un-
dear date of July 11,- says:
Grasshoppers are beginning to
work on the. corn and farmers fear
I hey will devastate their fields.
The hoppers are leaving the wheat
as soon as it is cut and going into
the corn fields.
Tell Your Automobile Sup
ply Troubles to Us!
We are in a position to assist you in all your
needs, when it comes to the supply department.
We carry a limited number of tires, tubes and all
accessories, but are in a position to make prompt
delivery on most anything you need for all mer
chandise. Our goods are all in the fully guaran
teed lines.
Tell Us Your Needs and We Will
Sure Do the Rest.
- Kroehler Bros. -
Statement of the Condition
First mortiraire loans
Stuck loans ....
Iit-llimuent Interest, premiums and
tines 0.3.T7 M)
Insurance and taxes iald and ad
...$105,000 23
l,3fo :i
Heal estate oontraiHs.
Kent account
1,714 10
3,:.;.:i 74
M K!
Cnpital Stock paid up
Kesorve fund
Dividends declared
...it47,3j0 NJ
.tl06.O;2 00
. (i.270 5
. 34.45S &
Total , i 147,350 M)
Meet With Mrs. Van Horn.
From Saturday'! tal!y.
The Helpers of the Christian
church met with Mrs. 11. (i. Van
Horn yesterday afternoon, where
they found the. pleasant home
beautifully decorated with garden
flowers and house plants. Not
withstanding the threatening
Clouds and rain, a large number
of the membership were in at
tendance. After the business ses
sion was over the ladies were in
vited to the dining room, where a
dainty lunch was served. The
afternoon sped quickly away, the
ladies employing the time in
social conversation and music. It
was a most enjoyable occasion
and everyone present was glad for
having been present.
.1. N. Nyden and wife boarded
the early train for Omaha this
morning, where they spent the
day with friends.
Mrs. McKay Improving.
Mrs. Homer McKay, who has
been suffering from the effects of
heat prostration since last Sun
day, is considerably improved.
She is now able to sit up, and al
though she has been a very sick
woman, her triends are en
couraged very much at her im
proved condition. Her sister, Mrs.
K. A. Peel, and little granddaugh
ter returned to their homo at Hur-
lington this morning.
Will Gel Increase In Pay.
Seven of the Greek laborers em
ployed by the Burlington, and the
last or the lot which have been
working here, resigned their posi
t hunt and went to Omaha to work
for the "Rig Four" road. The rea
son for the move, they claimed,
was 25 cents per day more pay
wilh their new employer. The
(ireeks have been in this vicinity
for live months and in America
the years.
Special Elates for
Summer Tours
TO THE EAST. Excursion rates to New York and Iioston. via all routes co-
ing ono way, returning nnother. A most attractive tour of the East may
be made at theso rates.
TO THE PACIFIC COAST. Iajw excursion rates everv (lav: Bsill lower rate
to tours on npecial dates; the greatest railroad journey in the world and at
very row raies.
YELLOWSTONE PARK. Snedal rates for unv kind of tour desired! cm in
via Cody, the Scenic rntrnnce, come out via Gardiner; personally conducted
camping tours; mo wyno camp tours. Ask agent for Park literature.
MOUNTAIN TOURS. Ask agent for handbook of Colorado resorts. Look up
Hot Springs, S. !., ank ask for lilaek Hills booklet. You might like the
Big Horn Mountains at the Sheridan and Kanehester resorts: ask for leaf
let. Oet In touch with us. Ask for rates and publications for any kind of
a vacation tour.
R. W. CLEMENT, Agent.
W. L. WAKEIY, General Passenger Agent, Omaha, Neb.
Threshing Machine for Sale.
Gaar-Seott 13 h.-p. engine, J. I.
Case Seperator, 32, 50 rear. In
running order and under shed.
Will sell or trade for stock or
tow n property. See T. W. Vallery,
Murray, Neb., or write me at
Ogallala, Neb. Frank Vallery.
Cass County, ss.
In County Court.
In the Matter of the Estate of
William M. Wiley, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the
creditors of said deceased will
meet the Administrator of said
estate, before inc, County Judge of
Cass County, Nebraska, at the
County Court room in Platts
mouth, in said County, on tho 27th
day of July, 1912, and on the 27th
day of January, 1913, at 10 o'clock
a. m. each day, for tho purpose of
presenting their claims for exam
ination, adjustment and allow
ance. .
Six months arc allowed for the
creditors of said deceased to pre
sent their claims, and one year
for the Administrator to settle
said estate, from tho 25th day of
July, 1912.
Witness my hand and seal of
said County Court at Plattsmouth,
Nebraska, this first day of July,
County Judge.
I). O. DWYER, Attorney.
Will Erect Concrete Laundry.
J. C. Peterson closed a deal
yesterday whereby he transfer
title to Mr. Enger of the steam
laundry to the half block with
brick residences, situated on
Fourth between Main and Pear
Mr. Enger expects to build a laun
dry building of concrete blocks on
the GO feet of vacant space next t
the alley, and to begin very soon.
This will give him much better
quarters than where be now is,
and will locale the laundry nearer
the center of business. Mr. Enger
has been giving the best of satis
faction with the quality of work
done, which has been superior to
any previously done in the city.
His trade has been constantly
picking up and the family wash
ings increasing steadily, and with
a suitable building he will be en
abled to do a much better busi
ness than before.
Enoino June:, Nii2.
Hulnnce on hand July 1. 1W1 1 12.905 15
Interests, premiums and lines....
Ixjuns repaid
24,d!T (X)
MOT 39
24 ,15 30
Total I 70,542 M
I.oiins t I6.W2 00
KxiMMises 1.4(11 W4
Stock redeemed 32,K3 5:
Cash on hand 1.&m ah
Carl (i. Klicke, secretary of the alxive
named association, do solemnly swear that the
oi-eiroliiirstatcnieiiior the comlUlonot said as-
socIhiIoii. Is true and correct to the Ix-st of my
knowledge and liellel.
V. U. 1-KlChK.
Approved: Secretary.
A. MAKSIIAM. f Directors.
(i. KOKN KKlUiF.K, i
Subscribed and sworn to before me thtsClh
day of July 1MI2. A. I TII1).
Iskai.I isotary ruonc
My commission expires Oct. 5, 1;U5.
Buys New Binder.
From Saturday's Dally.
Adam KalTenberger and son,
John, came in yesterday and took
out a new binder. They already
have one on the farm, but with
over 100 acres of small grain to
cut, one machine was not enough.
Mr. KalTenberger has just heard
from bis renter, who tills bis
South Dakota farm, informing
him of a wind und hail storm
which damaged the corn and other
crops pretty badly. The storm, oc
curred last Monday, July 8. Be
fore it came a fine prospect for
all kinds of crops appeared, but
after the storm the fields looked
like half a crop would be all that
could be expected. Two miles
south of the strip the storm did
no particular damage. A largo
barn was blown down on the ten
ant's own land and scattered
An Enjoyable Picnic.
A most enjoyable picnic supper
was served ihursday evening on
the lawn at the home of Judge
Travis, the occasion being a fare
well to Mr. and Mrs. Waugh and
family, who are about to leave for
a new home in Lincoln, and also a
welcome to Mrs. Helen Travis
Cole, who is in the city for a brief
isit with her parents. The par
ticipants in the event were the
members of the T. W. M. club,
who regret to lose these members,
but for this occasion forgot their
loss in the usual merriment that
a picnic affords.
Notice In hereby riven that by virtue
of an order of Court mitdo by the Hon.
llnrvev . Trims. Hole Judire of the
1'lstrlct Court In and for Cass County,
State of Nebraska, In a suit pendinx
therein, wberelnir Jeremiah Ij. Cream
er Is plaint Iff and Sarah M. Hess, "t
al.. are defendants, which order wns
stoned and entered on the 11th day of
June, 1912, eonnrmlior tne report ol
the referee that a division of the
property could not be made without
urent loss In value fo the parties In
terested, and In said order of Court
the undeislnned referee was directed
to make sale of the land Involved In
Kuld action without unnecessary delay
and In manner and form us if the same
whs sold by the Mien IT upon execu
In Pursuance to utten oroer, I. tne
undersigned referee, will sell nt public
auction to the blithest bidder for cash
nt the South front door of the Court
House, In tho Cltv of I'lat mnotit h. In
said Countv. on tho 16th duv of July
11112. at 1 o dock n. m, of said day, the
following descrlhed real estate to-wit:
The West half of tlie .Northeast
Otinrter of Section 13. Township 10,
North, liamre . i-.nst or tne mii r. i
situated In Cass County. Nebraska, eon
tainlntf SO HOies more or less. Said
sale shall be held open one hour and
nt the time of declarlnur the bid. 20 per
cent of the tuirchnse price must be paid
and the balance or such purcnase
moiiev shall ho Paid upon the con
Urination of the sale by the Court, and
the making of the deed.
Iuited this Uth dav of June, 1312.
S. AUUilCH, Keferee.
li (i HWVIil!. Attorney.
Just received on track, car of
extra choice Midland Hay from
the Loup river country, and while
It lasts we will sell It at $16.00 per
ton. This Is a hay of excellent
color, fine quality, at the very low
price of $16.00 per ton from our
hay shed. Come and supply your
wants before It Is all gone.
Cedar Creek Lumber Co.,
Cedar Creek, Neb.
Injured at Shops.
Joseph Svobixla of the freight
car repair track, bad the misfor
tune this morning to have th
knuckles of his right band badly
smashed, resulting in taking the
skin from three of his knuckles
The doctor dressed the injury am
Mr. Svoboda will have to lay o
for a few davs until his ham
gets well.
Go to Henry's Notion Store for
Candles, Post Cards, Ico Cream
and 10o Sheet Music Riley Block
on North Sixth StrecL
. .$ 70,54a H
Big Wheat Crop.
The following item is taken
from- the Manley department of
the Louisville Courier: John
Tighe has a force of men at work
cutting his 200 acres of winter
wheat. To see the men at work is
rather a novel sight, since a head
er is being used in place of a
binder. . The change was made
necessary by the unusual short
ness of the straw. The wheat is
of good quality and promises to
turn out well. Frank and Gust
Slander, Charles and John Murphy
also have heading outfits at work.
Several farmers cut their wheat
wilh mowers and then raked and
threshed it. Others used binders,
but the straw is too short to bind.
Don-is for Hot Weather.
Dr. Harvey W. Wiley, the pure
food expert, at Washington, D.
C, has issued a list of "don'ts"
for the relief of sweltering hu
manity from the heat. Here is
the formula:
Don't worry.
Don't think of the heat.
Don't drink ice-cold beverages.
Keep busy al some useful oc
cupation. Don't run.
Don't eat too much.
Dr. Wiley is one of the best
posted men in the world on both
health and foods that are nutri
tious. His warning is well worth
Wheat Turning Out Good.
W. T. Smith, who runs a West
ington threshing machine, came
in this morning because it was too
wet, to thresh today. He had
threshed for George Smith and for
Arthur Sullivan Thursday and
Friday. The yield is in excess of
what the men cxpveted to realize,
some of it exceeding the farmer's
guess almost five bushels per
acre. Tho quailty of the wheat
is excellent and will weigh out
about four pounds above the legal
County Officers to Elmwood.
From Friday' Dally.
Judge A. J. Heeson, Coumy At
torney C. H. Taylor and SheritT
C. D. (juinton motored to Elm
wood this morning to sell the real
estate in (he Uaker guardianship
matter. The sale was advertised
for this place and to have oc
curred a month ago, but for lack
of bidders the sale was continued
for thirty days and to be held at
Elmwood today.
A Clabaugh was called to Oma
ha this morning to look after
business matters for the light
Overhauls Barber Shop.
Perry Thackston is having his
barber shop re-papered and when
completed Perry will have one of
the swellest places in the city. II.
II. Cotton is spreading the paste
and hanging the paper, which is a
sufficient guaranty that it will b?
done in the finest style.
Julius Kalaseck departed for
Pocalello, Idaho, on the inorning'
t rain today, where he w ill visit his
sister, Mrs. Frank Haveonek, for
three or four weeks. He was ac
companied by Anton Toman, who
will also visit friends during their
E. W. Hamm returned from Des
Moines this morning, where he
and Will Hetherington of Omaha
have visited friends for a few
...... i
on our entire stock of Ready-to-Wear Dresses and
The Dress that formerly sold at $3.00 will now goat. .
" Shirtwaist 3.00 "
" " 2.50 "
' 2.G0 "
it ii " " ' J JJQ "
ii ii ii a 1 2 M
ll ll " QQ "
" " " 1.39
' 98
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