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Some of the Bargains
that can be found
1 A. G.BACH & CO.
V on Seasonable Necessities
16 pounds of granulated sugar for $1.00
IJ 48 pound sack Plainsifteror Diamond Patent flour $1.40
f Forest Rose, Jersey Cream or Premium Tatent. . , $1.50
Vf Fruit Jars, pints, per dozen 50c
12 Fruit Jars, quarts, per dozen 60c
2 Fruit Jars, half-gallon, per dozen 75c
if 3 cans of good sweet corn for .'. 25c
8 bars of Diamond "C" Lenox or White Russian
X$ Soap for 25c
j$ 6 Lars of good white Laundry Soap for 25c
ft at Main Street or South Park Stores
J Telephone orders receive
to Prompt Attention.
i-H-H H-MM-H-M -H-H
J. Courier. !
Talmagc Spcnce was ua Omaha
passenger Tuesday, where lie pur
chased repairs preparatory lo the
threshing season.
Fred Kchleifert and wife, An
drew Slohinian and Herman Dehn
ing drove to Omaha Wednesday
in the Sehli'ifei't car.
Miss Mahel Tracy of University
Place visited with friends here
over Sunday, reluming to her
home Monday evening.
Miss Margaret (ions and little
brother, (ieorgc, returned to
Plainview after spending a few
days wilh W. F. Krecklow and
Mrs. Louis F.ddie, who has heen
here on a visit In her parents,
Judge Wood and wife, has relum
ed to her home in Milford, Neb.
Mrs. A. L. Masters who has
been taking treatment at a sani
tarium at Lincoln for some time,
returned home Monday improved
in health.
Robert, McCarly, who conducts
a thirst-slacking establishment
here, has completed his new
building on Main street and moved
in. He now has one of the finest
places of the kind in the slate.
Messrs. Sieve .locliini, Fred
Wcgner, Ernest Pouch and Tom
Partnele have returned from the
western part of the stale, where
they went to visit Mr. Parmele's
ranch, making the trip in an
automobile driven by Mr. Parmele.
Mike Trilsch, deputy county
treasurer, spent Sunday in Louis
ville, a guest of friends, Mrs.
Tritsch ami children, who are
visiting in Light Mile drove pre
cinct, also came to town and
spent Sunday wilh Mrs. F. II.
The annual school meeting was
held Monday at Hie Louisville
High school building. P. C. Sland
er was re-elected a member of the
board and P. A. .Tacobson elected
to 111! vacancy. The other mem
bers of the board are Dr. Polk, Kd
Twiss, John Kopp and L. J. May
field. It was decided to hold nine
months of school for the ensuing
Tell Your Automobile Sup
ply Troubles to Us!
We are in a position to assist you in all your
needs, when it comes to the supply department.
We carry a limited number of tires, tubes and all
accessories, but are in a position to make prompt
delivery on most anything you need for all mer
chandise. Our goods are all in the fully guaran
teed lines.
Tell Us Your Needs and We Will
Sure Do the Rest.
- Kroehler Bros. -
! Beacon.
N. V. Hatch of Francitas, Texas,
arrived last week and will make
his home with his daughter, Mrs.
I. C. M linger.
(ieorge Oherle, Cliff Wright,
Ocorge Oiikcn and Fred Spahnlc
went, over lo Creenwood last Sat
urday on a fishing expedition, but
we have not had any olllical re
port as to I heir luck.
A. P. Purbaugh and Krnest
Trumble departed Wednesday for
Steele City, where (hey will pack
Hie former's household goods and
ship them to Eagle. Mr. Pur-1
baugh has rented a house in tin;
roi th part of town.
Miss Klla Peterson arrived
home last Friday afternoon from
Sickles, Mklahoina, where she had
spent several weeks visiting with
relatives and friends. She was
accompanied home by her cousin,
lene Seoul Mil, who will make a
visit with relatives here.
Eagle is to have a new fire
house, the work of tearing down
the old one having started last
week, and it is now settled that
a good building will be erected in
place of the old one. The founda
tion has been put in and is all
ready to commence building.
A deal was made on Thursday
of last, week whereby Dr. I. C.
Monger became owner of the
Frolilicli drug store, and on Fri
day morning he took possession.
U. McClarrin, a druggist of much
experience, will have charge of
the business as manager.
An item of more or less im
portance escaped us last week
and that was the fact that Mr.
and Mrs. II. L. Scatlergood arc
the proud parents of a new son,
which put in his appearance at
their home on June 15. We hope
the yonng man will excuse us for
not noting his arrival last week.
A 1910 5 H.-P. Twin INDIAN
Motorcycle at a bargain. Will
sell dirt cheap if taken at once.
For further information call or
write H. E. Sleinhauer,
Plattsmouth, Neb.
Care Journal Office.
. H-H-I- fry-X-?' 'M-I-M-I 4 H1
v Special Correspondent.) 4
Kmile Harry of AIvo was in
, town Sunday evening.
I Jack Shank and wife of Lincoln
visited home folks here Sunday.
Charles Kisenhut and daughter,
Vera, were in Lincoln last Thurs
day. John Amgwerl and family spent
Sunday with his parents near
Moving pictures at the air dome
on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sat
urday evenings this week.
Miss Ktta Sorick returned to
Lincoln Sunday evening, after a
two weeks' vacation here.
Mail McDonald returned Sunday'
from Holt county, where he had
spent the past few months.
Mrs. Crawford Is having tier
bouse neatly repainted, with John
Amgwerl, behind the brush.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kuehn
were Sunday guests of Rudolph
Kuehn and family, south of Alvo.
Our base ball hoys went to
Louisville Saturday afternoon
and were defeated by a score of
10 to C.
Miss Martha flochry left last
Thursday for a three weeks' visit
in Denver and other Colorado
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cook and
little daughter of near Alvo spent
Sunday wilh Meorge Moomey and
Miss Rose Worth returned Sat
urday evening from a week's visit
at the Hcsaek home near Spring
field. Henry Westlake moved his
family here from Mauley one day
last week and they are again
citizens of Mnrdock.
Misses Opal and Wanda Besack
returned to (heir home near
Springfield on No. 18 Monday, af
ter a short visit with relatives
Messrs. Harry Millespie, Lacy
McDonald, Misses Leata McDon
ald, Helen Moomey and Sorick
composed a parly who enjoyed
last Thursday afternoon fishing in
Pawnee creek. They got well,
they got, back.
Insect Bite oCtss Leg.
A Boston man lost his leg from
Hie bile of an insect two years be
fore. To avert such calamities
from stings and biles of insects
use Bucklcn's Arnica Salve
promptly to kill the poison and
prevent inflammation, swelling
and pain. Heals burns, boils,
ulcers, idles, eczema, cuts,
bruises. Only 25 cents at F. 0.
Fricke & Co.
At present writing Joe Mullen
is able to be up and around the
house and out in the yard again.
William Hulllsh has been hired
by the school board to continue
his duties for another year as
Miss Bessie DelesDernicr re
turned Tuesday from a few days'
visit with friends at Plattsmouth
ami Omaha.
Mrs. J. F. Hoover was quite ill
the fore part of the week, but is
now rapidly improving under the
doctor's care. t
Sterling Merger of Farnam,
Neb., came in last week for a visit
with ihs grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. (1. L. Merger.
Charley Hart is having the
hotel neatly repainted. Dennis
Sharpies has been busy the past
week plying the brush.
ollie Ward, Cuy Shreve, Frank
Siege and Attorney DelesDernier
r.uloed to Louisville Friday,' where
the latter transacted legal busi
ness. The Misses draco and Myrtle
Dickinson of Lincoln visited Elm
wood relatives and friends Satur
day anil Sunday, being guests at
the (lillell home.
Mrs. Eni! Mornenieier and son,
Norman, ami Mrs. C. D. Kunz, jr.,
and daughter, Norma, went to
Milford Saturday for a visit over
Sunday with relatives.
Short wheat will necessitate the
use of headers in n good many
fields over this locality, drain is
ripening fast, and a good many
have started the harvest.
.1. T. Liston returned Monday
fro ma visit lo his brother at
Lane, Kansas. Mr. Liston says
his brother is improving in health
rapidly and has discarded the cane
lie found necessary to use while
Little Elizabeth Royer of Lin-
coin enjoyed a visit of u couple of
days last week at (ho homo of Mr.
and Mrs. O. L. Merger. She is one
of I lie children under the care of
Miss Anna Merger at the Royer
home in the capital city.
Cass County, ss.
In County Court.
In the Matter of the Estate of
William M. Wiley, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the
creditors of said deceased will
meet the Administrator of said
estate, before me, County Judge of
Cass County, Nebraska, at the
County Court room in Platts
mouth, in said County, on the 27th
day of July, 1912, and on the 27th
day of January, 1913, at 10 o'clock
a. m. each day, for the purpose of
presenting their claims for exam
ination, adjustment and allow
ance. Six months are allowed for the
creditors of said deceased to pre
sent their claims, and one year
for the Administrator to settle
said estate, from the 25th day of
July, 1912.
Witness my hand and seal of
said County Court at Plattsmouth,
Nebraska, this first day of July,
County Judge.
D. 0. DWYER, Attorney.
Notice is hereby given that an
application has been made to the
Movernor and the Advisory Hoard
of Pardons for a pardon of the
sentence of Charles Allen Whit
ing, who was, on the 2d day of
April, 1912, sentenced by the dis
trict court within and for Cass
County, lo serve a term of one to
seven years in the state peniten
tiary for the crime of bigamy.
Said application will be heard
before the Advisory Hoard of
Pardons on the 8th day of July,
11)12, at 10 o'clock a. m.
Dated this 1 ilh day of June,
Signed :
Charles Allen Whiting.
MiiKK ok iii:ki:iii.i:'s sai.i:.
Notice Is hereby Klven that by virtue
of an order of Court made by the Hon.
llurvey I). Travis, sole jiNltfe of the
llHtrU-t Court In and for Cass County,
State of Nebraska, In a suit pendiiiK
therein, wherelnn Jeremiah L. Cream
er is plaintiff and Sarah M. Hess, et
al., are defendants, which order was
sinned and entered on the 11th day of
June, 1K12, contlrmlnR the report of
tlx- referee that a division of the
property could not be made without
Kreat loss in value to t he parties in
terested, and In said order of Court
the undersigned referee was directed
to make sale of the land Involved In
said action without unnecessary delay
and In manner and form as If the same
was sold by the Sheriff upon execu
tion. In pursuance to such order. I, the
underslKned referee, will sell at public
auction to the highest bidder for cash
at the South front door or the Court
House, In the City of I'lattsmouth, In
said County, on the 16th day of July,
1912, at 1 o'clock p. m. of said day, tlie
following described real estate to-wlt:
The West half of the Northeast
quarter of Section 13, Township 10,
North, Ilanjte . Kast of the tith 1'. M.,
situated in Cass County, Nebraska, con
taining K0 acres more or less. Said
sale shall be held open one hour and
ut the time of declaring the bid 20 per
cent of the purchase price must 'be paid
and the balance of such purchase
money shall be paid upon the con
tinuation or t lie sale dy the Court, and
the making of the deed.
Dated this 15th rtiiv of .Tunc. 1012.
C. S. Al.DKK'H, Keferee.
It. O. DVVVKK, Attorney.
Cass county, ss.
In County Court.
In the Matter of the Estate of Thomas
J. fountain, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the
creditors of said deceased will meet
the Administratrix of said estate, be
fore me. County Judge of Cass County,
Nebraska, at the County Court room in
riattsmouth. In said County, on the
lllitli day of June, 1912 and on the 2tith
day of December, 1912', at 10 o'clock a.
in., each day, for the purpose of pre
senting their claims for examination,
adjustment and allowance.
Six months are allowed for the
creditor of said deceased to iiresent
their claims, and one year for the
Administratrix to settle said estate,
from the 23rd day of June, 1912.
Witness my hand and seal of said
County Court at I'lattsmouth, Ne
braska, this 24fh day of May, 1912.
County Judge.
D. O. Dwyer, Attorney for Estate.
Cass County, ss.
In County Court.
In the Matter of the Estate of William
E. Dull, Deceased.
Notice is hereby Riven that the
creditors of said deceased will meet
the Executrix, Mary K. Dull, of said
estate, before me, County Judge of
Cass County Nebraska, at the County
Court room ' In I'lattsmouth, In said
County, on the Bth day of July, 1912,
and on the 10th day of January, 1913.
at 9 o'clock a. m., each day, for the
purpose of presenting their claims for
examination, adjustment and allow
ance. ,
Six me-nths ore allowed for the
creditors of sold deceased to present
their claims, and one year for the
Executrix to settle said, estate from
the th day of July, 1912.
Witness my hand and seal of said
County Court at I'lattsmouth, Ne
braska, this 6 tl'i dny of June, 1912.
County Judge.
Mall Carriers Will Fly.
This is an age of great dis
cover ies. Progress rides on the
air. Soon we may see Uncle Sam's
mail carriers living in all direc
tions, transporting mail. People
take a wonderful interest in a
discovery that benefits them.
That's why Dr. King's New Dis
covery for Coughs, Colds and
oilier throat and lung diseases is
the most popular medicine in
America. 'It cured me of a dread
ful cough." writes Mrs. J. F.
Davis, Stickney Corner, Me., "af
ter doctor's treatment and all
other remedies had afiled." Tor
coughs, colds or any bronchial
alTection it's unequaled. Price
fine and $1.00. Trial bottle free
at. F. fi. Fricke & Co.
Carl Sergum was a passenger
to Council Bluffs on the after
noon train today.
Men'i Suits qj
afewleftat pliUU
Men's Blue Serge 0 I fl flfl
gray or brown suits v I UiUU
Men's Suits C I K flfl
including Mohairs, extra fine, for V O'UU
Ifyou will "Try Plattsmouth First" on these
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absolutely dependable. You save money and time
by buying here.
Boy's Knickerbocker Suits, extra good, $2.35; Men's
Dress Shirts 50c to $3; Elegant New Neckwear 25 and 50c; Straw
Hats 50c to $10.
G. E. Uoscoii's Sons
. Always the Home of Satisfaction
Plattsmouth Citizens' Experiences
Furnish Topic for Platts
mouth Discussion.
The following experience oc
curred in Plattsmouth. A Plat ts
inoulh citizen relates it.
Similar experiences areo ccur
ring daily.
Plattsmouth people are being
Celling rid of distressing kid
ney ills.
Try Doan's Kidney Pills, the
tested Quaker remedy.
Platlsiiioulh people testify,
Plattsniouth people profit.
The evidence is home evidence
the proof convincing.
Plaltsuioulh testimony is
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Plaltsmoiilh sufferers should
heed it.
J. L. McKinney, Lincoln avenue,
Plattsmouth, Neb.; says: "Doan's
Kidney Pills are the best remedy
I ever used for disordered kidneys.
Whenever I have had occasion to
take them, they have given the
best results. In 1906 I publicly
endorsed this preparation and I
gladly confirm what I said then."
For sale by all dealers. Price
50 cents. Foster-Milburn Co.,
Buffalo, New York, sole agents for
the United States.
Ilemenmer the name Doan's
and take no other.
The Choice of a Husband
is too important a matter for a
woman to he handicapped by
weakness, bad blood or foul
breath. Avoid these kill-hopes by
taking Dr. King's Life Pills. New
strength, tine complexion, pure
breath, cheerful spirits things
that win men-follow their use.
Kasy, safe, sure, 25c at F. G.
Fricke & Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Upjohn of La
Platte were in the city today for a
short lime between trains.
I Hot Weather Materials i!
We have placed on sale a lot of Batista, which usually sold at ; ;
12 J.', 15 and 18c, to close at 10c per yard. See them in window. ; ;
urn wO Wb
these we offer as long as they
Zuckweiler & Lutz i
Warning Signs to Go Up.
The city has had live sign
boards painted and lettered, each
one 2x0 feet, warning automobile
owners and others that a fine of
from -$5 to $50 will be imposed on
those found exceeding the speed
limit of 8 miles per hour in the
city limits. These boards were
painted and lettered by Frank
(iohelman, and will be placed at
the live principal entrances to the
city, with the hope that, the auto
ists may see the warning and re
frain from speeding within the
A Welcome Visit.
A prominent business man
visited, several days ago, the large
establishment where the well
known Triner's American Elixir of
Bitter Wine is being manufactur
ed. He paid great, attention to all
details and upon leaving said: "1
wish, Mr. Triner, that every one
of our' citizens pays a visit to
your plant and you will need no
other advertisement. I never saw
such cleanliness and politeness."
The manufacturer believes in the
utmost cleanliness in I he prepara
lion of medicines and in using the
best material and help. This ex
plains why Triner's American
Elixir of Bitter Wine grows in'
popularity from year lo year. It
has a decidedly beneficial effect in
diseases of Hie digestive organs,
ft improves the appetite, promotes
digestion, allays pain, relieves
constipation, distress after meals,
nervousness and headache. At
drug stores. Jos. Triner, 1333
1339 S. Ashland Ave., Chicago, Ill-
Enjoys Two Weeks' Vacation.
Mrs. Funk and Miss Crace
Perry visited friends in the me
tropolis yesterday. Miss Perry is
enjoying a two weeks' vacation
from her duties at the Independ
ent Telephone company's ofilce.
She has been with the company
eight years and is an expert oper
ator and has earned her vacation
by faithful service.
Trie Journal office cames all
kinds of typewriter supplies.
We have procured a line in White, t
TanandBIack an exceptional value T
last at per pair 50c.