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    Murray Department
There is Your
I any of t lie readers of tlm Journal know of a mcial emit or an item of interest in this vicinity and will mat I same to tkis office it will appear under tUis hemiin
1 e want all items of interest. Editor Jour uxl
Murray State Bank
Capital $10,000 Surplus $5,000
CHAS. C. PARMELE, President
F.L NUTZM AN, Vice-President
W. G. BOEDEKER, Cashier
Wc Solicit Your Banking
aTOur Deposits are protected by the Depositor's Guaran
tee Fund of the State of Nebraska.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
Ethyl Jlajnie was an Omaha
visitor Tuesday evening.
Atcnd the social at Kenosha
Saturday evening, July G, 1'J12.
Mrs. Nick Klaurens was a
Plultsmoulh visitor Monday.
I.. 1 . r itch and wife were guest
of J. I). Lewis and familv Sundav.
Mis El fan Nickels was a
Plattsmouth visitor Monday of
this week.
Albert Young is building a
garage tins week lor S. O. Pit
man's new car.
E. S. Tutt and W. II. Hamilton
were business visitors in Omaha
Tuesday evening.
Mrs. William LaRue and daugh
ter, Edith, were Plallsmouth
visitors Saturday.
Mrs. Grace Gapin of Mynard at
tended the Thimble Hee last Fri
day afternoon.
Miss Clare Copenhavcr and Ella
Harris attended the social at
Murray Saturday afternoon.
Mrs. Baumcister of Platts
niouth came down Wednesday to
pend a week with Mrs. W. E.
H. C. Creamer was a business
visitor in Plattsniouth Thursday.
Mr. Cal Suavely and family were
guests of Stee Copenhavcr Sunday.
Mrs. E. E. Leach was spending:
Friday with her mother, Mrs. Hat
lie Allison.
Fritz Tigner was visiting- with
friends in Plattsniouth Saturday
ami Sunday.
Etta M. Nickels was looking- af
ter the corset trade in Platts
niouth Friday.
John Hobschiedt and wife at
tended church at Plattsniouth
Sunday morning-.
Oliver and Oscar Lloyd were attending-
to matters of business in
Plaltsmoulb Friday.
JefT Lewis and his trio of sons
were taking in the sights at
Plattsniouth Thursday.
A. F. Nickels and wife, accom
panied by Miss Bertha Nickels,
motored to Omaha Thursday.
Leroy Allison was visiting- with
friends and looking- after business
in Plallsmouth Saturday.
The E. II. Queens family are
Mrs. O. A. Javis was visiting now relieved from quarlenine, af-
wilh her siler. Mrs. Perrv. south "'r having- scarlet fever
Nick I'riedrich was an Omaha
visitor last Saturday.
I). C. llboden was visiting
among I'latlsnioulh friends last
Herman Meek was visiting'
sinioug county seat friend last
Mr. and Mrs. Galen Ithoden
were visiting county seat friends
last Saturday.
Miss Ethyl Haynie was visiting
with home folks in Plattsmoulb
last Saturday evening.
August (lonler'H men, from
Plattsniouth, were here Monday
celling up a new hinder.
John Uriah was looking after
some county seat business in
Plattsniouth last Saturday.
Pete Campbell, from east of
Murray was a business visitor in
the county seat last Friday.
Jack Mi'Nalt, the boss chief of
police from Old Kenosha, was a
county seat visitor last Saturday.
Mrs. Bruce Stone was visiting
in Murray last Friday evening, a
guest at the home nf Mrs. William
Charles llerren was a county
xeat visitor last Saturday, driving
up to spend (he day with friends
and do some leading.
Miss Mae Lougbridge relumed
Irom Omaha Sunday, where she
had been visiting with her uncle,
W. K. Lougbridge.
There will be services at the
Presbyterian church next Sunday
morning and evening, conducted
by Rev. Finley of Iowa.
Mrs. James Allison departed
Monday for Tecuniseb, where she
will visit for a few days with her
daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Will Cline
burg. Mrs. Dr. B. A. Ilool or York, who
lias been hero for the past few
days vinitii)g at (he home of B. A.
Ilool, departed for her home Mon
day evening.
Miss Ella Harris, Miss Clara
Copenhaver, Mr. and Mrs. A. L.
Haker and daughter Opha, took
Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs.
John Farris.
W. S. Scott, Robert Shrader and
John Campbell made a Hying trip
I . 1
io riausmouin Saturday evening
in the big Buick car of our genial
agent, "Scot tie."
Mrs. Frank Boedeker of Ne-
hawka was a Murray visitor last
Friday and Salurday, visiting at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer
lloedeker, south of Murray.
Mrs. Dooley and daughter de
parted Tuc.sday evening for Brady,
Kansas, where Ihey will spend
few days visiting with friends and
relatives at their old home.
Cards have been received from
V. D. Wheeler at Baltimore that
dve (he impression that Billy
would rather pitch alfalfa hay
Stian be an active delegate.
Mr. and Mrs. S. 0. Pitman and
Mr. and Mrs. L. I). Hiatt were
"Plallsmouth visitors Monday
evening, making the trip in the
line new auto of Mr. Pitman.
Charles Parmele of Plallsmouth
was a Murray visitor last Satur
Mrs. P. S. Hall has been num
bered with Ihe sick for the past
One of the most valuable rains
of the season visited this locality-
Monday evening.
Mrs. . S. Smith entertained
her Sunday school class on the
church lawn last Saturday even
ing. a very enjoyable time was
had by all.
A letter received from W. S,
Smilh, from western Oklahoma,
who was formerly a merchant of
Murray, but now is a traveling
salesman, reports pretty dry
weather in that locality. muss, who purchased a
Brush car for bis mail route, is
well salisllcd with the investment
lie can save 00 per cent of his
lime by using an automobile.
It. C. Bailey, the Eight Mile
Orove blacksmith, and brother, O
v. Bailey, from near Nehawka,
were county seat visitors last
isaiuriiay, driving up irom their
home to look after some business
W. (i. Boedeker, Dr. fiilmore,
Charles Boedeker and James
Holmes were attending the meet
ing of the Cass County Automobile
association in weeping water
Monday. The trip was made in
W. (J. Hoedeker's car.
Mr. and Mrs. George Ray and
daughter, Esther, drove to Plaits
mouth last Saturday, where Mrs.
Ray and Esther look the train for
Omaha to spend the day.
George visited with county seat
friends and returned with them
in the evening.
The annual school meeting was
held in Murray last Monday even
ing. C. C. Spangler was elected
moderator. Other business of the
meeting was transacted. The High
school proposition for Ibis and
Ihe surrounding district was de
feated, although unanimously
carried in this district. The out
side districts voted against it.
Hiatt & Tutt received many
answers to their small ad in Ihe
Journal last week, in regard to
the excavation of I heir 20x80-feet
deep cellar." The leading question
seem to be what the boys were go
ing to do with such a cellar. One
man even called to see about fur
nishing them with an elevator.
Well, they got the desired llgures
and the cellar will be dug, but will
not be eighty feet deep.
Postolilce Inspector Henry E.
Randall was in Murray last week
checking over the Murray posl
otllce. Be found everything to be
in the usual lip-top shape. This
is the manner in which Post
of I'latlsnioulh, Wednesdav of
Ibis week.
Carl West of Wyoming, Grove-
nor and Misses Morence and lone
Dovey of Plallsmouth were Mur
ray visitors Sunday.
Mrs. II. C. Long and daughter,
Mrs. Robert Shrader, were in
Omaha Monday. Mr. Long spent
Ihe day in Plallsmouth.
Remember the social at
Kenosha Saturday evening. July
bill, 11)12. Make arrangements
with your best girl to come.
Doc" Neal, Lush Cluberlson
ami John Pallerson. all from
Peru, were in town last Sunday,
en route to Auburn from Omaha.
Mrs. Henry Tbiele and Mr. and
Mrs. F. M. Massie were Murray
visnors last, Saturday, coming
over in Ihe new auto of Mr. and
Mrs. Tbiele.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Cross and
Mr. and Mrs. Jen Cross of Union
attended church services at the
Presbyterian church last Sundav
The many friends of Miss Pearl
Dugan will be glad to learn of
her convelesence, which is very-
slow, but we hope to see her out
soon good as new.
July 13, 1912, will be Spirella
lay. With Miss Myers. Make
appointments early, by telephone
or drop me a card.
Etta M. Nickels
Miss Svoboda and Miss Rist of
Plallsmouth were guests of Mrs
Charles Creamer Tuesday. Miss
Rist has secured the Kenosha
school for Ihe present term.
Daily the Newspapers Report Some
Incident Vhere a Telephone
Has Saved Life or Property.
It may be a fire that was reported before it was
beyonu control, a burglar frightened away or medi
cal aid summoned in the nick of time but what
ever it may have been, the necessity of a telephone
has been demonstrated.
A telephone means p;otection to the home,
cannot afford to be without one.
Lincoln Telephone and
Telegraph Company
J. K. POLLOCK, Local Manager
J. F. Brendel was looking after
business in Plal Ismiiiohl. Fridav
business in Platlsmoiilh Fridav
Mrs. Frank llboden drove to
Plallsnioiilli Saturday, where she
look to market some mighlv line
spring fries.
Mrs. Grace Mellinger left Wed
nesday morning for Kansas City,
where she will be with her hus
band, who has gone to Kansas City
for medical treatment.
The social for the benefit of the
Lewislon church will be held at
Ihe home of JanTes Tigner Sat
urday evening, July 20, 1J12. The
ladies hope to entertain a large
crowd on the beautiful lawn
Plan to come; you will be glad you
were I here.
The Democrats Will Have No Trouble in
Winning the Battle in November
Serve Plate Supper.
On Wednesday evening of last
week the teachers of the Presbv-
lerian church served a plate sup
per on Hie beautiful lawn of Dr.
G. II. Gi more. The siinoer was
all that one could ask for. Late
in the evening Mrs. Gilmore
moved her piano out on the porch
and a great many musical num
bers were rendered, nrincinallv bv
the children. Miss Anna Keenan
of Omaha. Ogla Minford and
Ralph Kennedy favored the crowd
with a great many numbers. Mas
ter Rudolph Keenan made quite a
hit with his one-string Ilddle of
his own make. Madeline Dooly
sang, which was much appreciat
ed. This pleasant event will be
remembered as one of the most
pleasant entertainments given in
Murray for a long time.
Harvey E. Newbrancb, editor of
the Omaha World-Herald, who
has been engaged as correspond
ing editor of that paper since the
first day of the Baltimore conven
tion, winds up his last article
from that city as follows: .
"The next president of the
United States, a democratic house
and a democratic senate, together
with democratic administrations
in most of the states of the union,
were elected in Baltimore this
afternoon when Woodrow Wilson
was chosen to lead the hosts of
a united democracy.
'This is the sentiment express
ed and confidently believed by the
democrats from all sections and
of all previous conditions of
presidential preference. After
the longest and most exciting and
determined struggle for the
presidency ever witnessed, with
one exception, in a national con
vention, the dove of peace and
harmony miraculously appeared
above the grimly contending
"Woodrow Wilson's nomination
was brought about in an inspir
ing outburst of good feeling. Ir
resistibly it swept everything be
fore it.
"Whatever of harsh and em-
Funeral of F. M. Young.
The funeral of the late F. M
Young was held in Murray Wed
nesday morning at 11 o'clock.
from the Presbyterian church
Rev. Gade of the First Presby-
Bert Root departed Wednesday tcrian church of Plattsniouth con-
Miss Ethel Sherwood, who has
been with the family of John
llobscheidt Ihe past month, re
turned to her home at Union
evening for Big Springs, Neb.,
where he will spend a couple of
weeks vxisiling with friends and
lenitives at bis old home
the Humble Bee was enter
tained last Friday afternoon by
Mesdames Elmer and (Hen
Boedeker and Alex and Miss
Boedeker. It was a very enjovablo
afternoon for those present.
S. O. Pitman and wife and D. J
Pitman and wife were Elmwood
visitors last Sunday, guests at the
home of Mrs. Willet, sister of
Mrs. Pitman. The trip was made
in the car of S. O. Pitman.
W. C. Brown writes to Murray
friends this week, and in telling
them of the country, he says he
was compelled lo buy an auto
mobile in order lo keep up with
Ik . a i ; t
me traveling puunc, and lie is
now driving a new Ford. He says
mat gasoline costs more than
double the amount of this country
He reports crops looking good
and Ibat they are doing well.
With well filled baskets Sunday
morning Ihe relalibves of Mrs.
Alex Rhoden and Robert Shrader
arrived and look possession of the
ducted tne services. interment
was made in the Young cemetery,
northeast of Murray. The services
were largely attended, many
friends and relatives following
the remains lo the last resting
To Those Interested.
The notes and accounts due
the late firm of Edmunds & Brown
are left at the Slate Bank of Mur
ray for Ihe convenience of those
who may desire lo settle. This is
done because I will not be in
Murray all the time, having busi
ness on my farm.
J. W. Edmunds.
Wurl Brothers Cigars In Omaha,
"Gut Heil," "Keno" and "La-
Flor-do-Fama" cigars may now
be lound in the "Smoke House"
pool room opposite the Burling
ton depot in Omaha. Please cal
for I hem when in the city.
master Baker conducts the busi- home for Ihe day, and a delicious
ness or Uncle Sam, and Ihey will picnic dinner was spread and en
never iimi n oinerwise. vvunine Joyed by all. Those present
establishing of Ihe postal savings were: Charles Creamer and wife,
bank in Murray more work and a Homer Shrader and family,
separate account is added to (he Charles Wolfe and wife of Union,
business. This department was John Yardly and family, J. p.
added July 1st, the first account Shrader and family and Mr. and
having not yel been opened. I Mrs. George Shrader.
Bids Wanted.
Bids are wanted at once on eel
lar excavation. 25x80 feet deen
Hiatt & Tutt, Murray.
AiMKD-urn nead or cows
and heifers. John McDonald
I. B. Green arrived from Tabor
Iowa, on (he morning train today
where he had been for a time on
bittered sentiment may have been
involved through the long strug
gle was not inherited by the
militant executive of New Jersey.
Neither he nor any of his spokes
men or representatives had in
volved themselves in the war of
prsonalities nor had they in any
wise encouraged it. By universal
consent they had fought as clear
and fair a fight as they had
fought a hard and successful one.
"By the splendid and Incom
parable management of their
forces they had won the admiring
respect of the convention, and
by their moderation and wise
discretion in every critical mom
ent they had earned its esteem
and confidence. They had shown
that they were fighting no fac
tional battles, that they were in
spired by no proscriptive spirit
and that their dominant wish and
purpose will be to advance the
standard of the whole democratic
party and insure its certain vic
tor'. That was why, (hough
there was not whit of an abate
ment of Governor Wilson's milit
ant ideals, (hough no compromis
ing deals were offered or consid
ered by his managers, (he entire
convention came at last gladly lo
enroll itself under his banner."
This splendid Goupo $1700
protection in any weather!
An ideal car for physicians, ladies and others who want per
fect protection from all kinds of weather.
With the self starter absolutely no exposure is necessary
car is controlled entirely from the seat.
The luxurious design makes easy riding the friction trans
mission makes easy driving. It is controlled with one lever.
Certercars will go through muddy and sandy roads where
other cars cannot travel. They will even climb a 50 per cent grade
easily. They are in fact the "all year around" motor cars.
Chain-In-Oil Drive, full floating near axlo, three strong brakes, and
many other features with the Friction Transmission and Self-Starter,
combine to make the Cartercar ideal.
Five good models-touring cars, coupes, roadsters, f 1200 to $2100.
Let us send you complete information.
Plattsmouth, Nebraska