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Promotes Diuonflwrfu!
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ADcrfrcl Rimcdv forConsfljn
Hon , Sour Stoniach.Dlarrtoea
FacSbilc Signature of
Guaranteed under tl rooJajl
Exct Copy of Wrapper.
Retail Grocers of Nebraska to
Launch Insurance Plan
Right Away.
Executive sessions of I he Ne
braska Federal ion of Retail
Groveis were ('(included in Omaha
Tuesday, after some plans wen?
outlined o make a tight against,
the. mail order houses. The eoin
millee reviewed I In; establishment
of Hie new co-opcrat ive insurance
organization, which is allied wild
the federation. II. was reported
that enough money has lieeu sub
scribed for (he insurance or
ganization In get its charier and
that co-operal ive insurance will
he put in ell'ecl. .soon.
Much of the business of the
committee was continued until Hip
next meeting, which is scheduled
to he held in Omaha July 0. Dur
ing their two days' slay in Omaha
the executive commit leemen visit
ed all the wholesale Kroner and
later reported they believed tho
retailers' federation will get the
co-operation of the wholesalers.
Incidentally the committeemen
plcdKed to work as individuals in
support, of Herman Diers for
lieutenant governor.
The members of Hie committee
who attended the sessions of
Tuesday and Wednesday were:
President C. E. Heinert of
Wymore, Vice President Ocorge
W. Downer of Overton, Fred Diers
of Madison, J. C. Schwcrer of
dreeley Center, Oenrge Harr of
Lincoln and C. E. Ilostettler.
For Infants and Children,
Tta Kind You Have Always Bo'igM
Bears the
Signature of
The entire scheme of summer vacation rates to Eastern cities, or the
mountains and Pacific Coast, becomes effective about June 1st. With liberal
reductions, with the luxury of modern travel, with the attractions of the sea
side, the mountains, the Pacific Coast, with everything combining to invito you
to break away from the grind and monotony of work, YOU OUGHT TO GO
SOMEWHERE. Hoarded money has no value. There is education, besides
health, in travel.
Your choice includes the Pacific Coast, the Yellowstone Park, ranch life In
the Big Horns, near Sheridan, Colorado's mountains and ozone, the Black
Hills, and Hot Springs, S. D., Glacier National Park, Lake Michigan and
Huron resorts, Muskoka region, Canada, Eastern tours to Portland, Boston,
New York, Atlantic City-every Summer locality In America has been included
in a system of through rates, convenient through tickets, and the comfort of
highest cluss through trains. Sea Your Country. There are no Buch rates
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears tho
For Over
Thirty Years
M. S. Briggs at Lincoln.
From Friday's Dally.
The assistant postmasters of
Nebraska met at the Lincidn hotel
yesterday for their annual con
vention. The session was for one
day ami was presided over by the
president of the association, J.
O. Ludlam, of Lincidn. The ad
dress of welcome was delivered
by Postmaster J. N. Ouard of Mc
Cook. Former Senator E...I. Itur
kell, addressed the convention in
the afternoon. Among other ad
dresses delivered was one by M.
S. Hriggs, assistant postmaster at.
Plaltsnioul h, on Hie subject, "Our
Registry System." Mr. Hriggs'
experience in the postal service
eminently titled him for discuss
ing tin's important phase of the
postal system, and we have no
doubt but his brother postmasters
were much benefited my his
elucidation of a knotty subject.
Declined Interview.
From Friday' Dally.
Oeorge Itrunhneber, Mrs. Van
Akern and her mother, Mrs.
Cooper, left for Lincoln on the
afternoon train yesterday. Mrs.
Van Akern sought to interview
her former husband, Henry Van
Akern, al the Hurlington station
before the train left, but Mr? Van
Akern declined to have anything
to say to his former wife. Henry
informed a bystander that the
woman had secured a divorce
from him in Oklahoma and that
he had just recovered a judgment
for $1,7(10 in the district court of
this county against the man she
expected to marry, and he did not
care lo talk to her, as he had
nothing: of interest to say to her,
Undergoes Operation.
From Friday' Dally.
Miss Ann llialt went to Im
tnanuel hospital, Omaha, yester
day lo undergo an operation at the
hands of Dr. Davis. Her sister,
Mrs. Frank Oobelnian, accom
panied Miss lliatl and will remain
with her through the ordeal.
mw a a m m a
and comiorta of travel In the World as American rail
roads provide.
R. W. CLEMENT, Ticket Agent
General Patsnfer Agent, Omaha, Neb.
It Is In Reality a Gem, and One
of Great Beauty and
Krom Saturday's Dall
The new theater building, just
completed, and to be occupied by
H. M. Shlaes with a moving picture
show, is certainly a gem, and Mr.
Shlaes has appropriately christ
ened the new playhouse the "(iein
The interior of the building, as
well as the entrance, is a marvel
of beauty. Tin? walls and ceiling
have been decorated by the artistic
hand of Frank Oobelnian, and the
frescoing on the walls is indeed
biautiful. The panneling in the
vestibule and the wooden seats in
front have been painted by J. II.
Ilummerfield, and also exhibit
skill and beauty. The interior of
the theater is lighted by an in
direct lighting system, the fixtures
of which are oxidized brass hung
with chain fittings. There are
two (lower-shaped exit lights, one
on either side of the hall in the
rear. The vestibule will be bril
liantly lighted with cluster lights
and these will extend across the
arch in front, all installed by
Warga & Cecil.
On either side of the vestibule
will be a large mirror, 22x4 4
inches in size, so that, the ladies
can arrange their hats either on
entering or leaving the theater.
A number of electric fans will
keep the room cool during the
warm summer evenings. Com
fortable opera chairs have been
provided for 30n spectators and
everything will be as sanitary and
up-to-date as possible. The new
screen, on which will he thrown
the pictures from the "licensed
lilms," which will be shown only
at the Oem, will be completed by
Frank Oobelnian today.
The I healer-going public of
Plallsmouth will enjoy going to
as line a theater as there is in the
stale and will have the same
facilities for being made comfort
able that any of the playhouses
have. Monday night Mr. Shlaes
expects to open with the tlrst, show
in the new theater, and he feels
jusl pride in being able lo present
to the public Ibis splendid, new,
modern theater.
Fine Boom Edition.
A few days since the Journal
received a copy of the boom edi
tion of the Clinton (111.) Daily
Journal. We have been receiving
this excellent paper regularly
every day, and without saying a
word of praise regarding the
special edition, we can say that
each issue of the Journal is a
1 mer for Clinton within itself.
The special edition, however, is
somewhat, of an exception in many
respects lo the general run of
boom editions, in that it was a
home production throughout, and
a general view of the business in
dustries of the wide-awake little
city of Clinton, which reflects
great credit, not only to Hen
Peltz, the editor and publisher,
but to the enterprising business
men, who are always alive to their
interests, which is very readily
denoted by the columns of the
Journal every day in the week.
Long live Hen Peltz and his ex
cellent paper.
A Delightful Picnic.
From Friday s Dally.
A number of little folks gather
ed at the home of Heata Holly
yesterday afternoon and then
proceeded to the pasture on North
Maiden Lane for a picnic. Tho
afternoon was very pleasantly
spent in various school games,
racing, singing and the like. After
this they enjoyed a luncheon,
consisting of sandwiches, pickles,
lemonade, cake, cookies, candy
and fruit. All went home feel
ing that they had had a jolly good
lime. The only regret was that
they had to leave the woods all
too soon. Those present were:
Lillian Kalacek, Heata Holly, Mary
Hurbank, Anna Hiber, Florence
Cecil, Catherine Novotny, Agnes
and Helen Slavirek, Helen Liber
shal, llosa and Lucille Schounial
and Hcalrice Jirousek.
Goes to Clarkson Hospital.
From Saturday's Dally.
Raymond Travis and father,
Judge Harvey D. Travis, left Ibis
afternoon for Omaha, where Ray
mond will enter Clarkson hos
pital with the probability of un
dergoing an operation next Mon
day for appendicitis. The trouble
has been bothering Raymond for
a couple of weeks and he is tak
ing the advico of his physician lo
have the. operation while his
strength is equal to tho em
ergency. The Journal office carries all
kinds of typewriter supplies.
June Wedding.
Miss Lillie Tucker and John
Fhresnian were married at the
home of the bride Tuesday at 3
p. in. Only immediate members
of the family and the pastor's
family were present to witness the
ceremony, which was performed
by Rev. J. F. Hedges. The Tucker
and Khresman families are old
acquaintances, having resided in
the same locality in Indiana. The
bride and groom have known each
other from childhood. The bride
is well and favorably known in
Nehawka and is held in the high
est esteem by all who know her.
The groom is a stranger to all but
the Tucker family, but is spoken
of as a man above the average,
is a Christian man and highly re
spected by those that know him.
They left Tuesday evening for the
east, going by way of Chicago, and
from there will go to Fort Wayne,
thence to LaFavette and visit the
scenes of their childhood. They
will return to Nehawka about the
first of July and will make their
home with the bride's father, Wil
liam Tucker. Nehawka News.
Newspaper Announcement.
There never was such a time in
the history of this country for
newspaper reading, and it is im
portant to read a paper of im
partial views one that is free
from any ofllce-scc king or olllce
hobling influences. The import
ant thing to a great newspaper
like the Lincidn Stale Journal is
to get trial reader's, as it has no
trouble holding them by its qual
ity. The cheapest way to gel new
readers is to make a special price,
which we now do only i for the
daily and Sunday paper until Jan
uary t, 1913 much less than the
regular price. At that lime the
paper will stop coming unless you
order it continued and pay in ad
vance for it. You really cannot
a (To rd lo be without this capital
city paper when you can secure it
at such a price. Semi -S2 to the
Lincidn State Journal today and
I he paper will come to you regu
larly the remainder. of this year.
It will be a lively year, too.
(1-8-1 Id.
O. C. Hudson Accepts Position.
Virgil Mollis, who has been the
very elllcient janitor of the Cen
tral school building during the
past eleven years, was not an ap
plicant for the position this year.
At a recent meeting of the board
O. C. Hudson was elected to the
position. Mr. Hudson has filled
the responsible position of keeper
of the sub-store for the Hurling
loii in the local shops for several
ears. lie is a capable and ener
getic man and the school board
has been forlhnale in securing his
services. The position of janitor
at. the Central building is a very
important one, and requires a man
of sound judgment, and good ex
ecutive ability, both of which
characteristics Mr. Hudson pos
sesses to a well marked degree,
lie assumes his new duties at the
beginning of the school year,
July 1.
In Judge Archer's Court.
From Friday's Dally.
Ill Judge Archer's court recent
ly J. Lawrence Stull recovered a
judgment against James Mrasek
for $119 and costs of suit for hay
which the defendant purchased of
plaintiff. To satisfy the judg
ment an execution was issued at
request of plaintiff and a team of
horses belonging to Mrs. Anna
Goos were levied upon. t In con
sequence Mrs. Coos at once had a
replevin issued and with the writ
repossessed the team. The hear
ing on the replevin will be had
before Judge Archer tomorrow.
The title of the replevin suit is
Anna Goos vs. J. R. Denson and J.
Lawrence Stull. It is reported
that Mrasek is now willing to pay
the judgment, so that the only
controversy in the replevin suit
will be a matter of costs and
Get In Old Channel.
The following from the Glen
wood Tribune would indicate that
tho "Old Missouri" may eventual
ly get back into the old channel
and spoil our splendid ball park:
Despite the present discourag
ing aspect of the situation at Fol
soin, the railroad company is
finding signs of a complete victory
in the cutting away of the big bar
across from Folsom that has been
causing trouble on the Iowa side
by changing the channel. The
river has commenced cutting
away the bar far above the point
and is rapidly eating away the
shifting sand to make a clean
channel straight down the Ne
braska shore. Old river men pre
dict that the riprapping works al
Folsom will be on a dry sandbar
in a few more months.
Mrs. W. II. Seybert of Cultom
arrived on No. 4 this morning and
spent the day with Plattsmouth
SO ST The Season ,or Cyclones and de
1 1 structive wind storms Is at hand!
. ' t that you can carry $1,000 insurance for
$1.50 per year. It is not wise for you to take the risk when others will
take it for you at such a low rate.
Fire Insurance at lowest rates on stocks and dwellings. Special rates
for long term policies. Block J. p. FALTER, Lffl5s.
Close Call for Baby.
The following from the St. Jos
eph Daily News-Press will be read
with considerable interest by
those who know Guy Kirkpatrick,
a former Cass county boy:
Mr. and .Mrs. Guy Kirkpatrick's
1 -year-old son was sleeping in its
buggy out of doors at their home,
1021 Sylvanie street, this fore
noon, when the mother stepped in
to the house for a moment. Just
then a gust of wind drove the per
ambulator down the walk and it
ran ofT the seven-foot retaining
wall,, dropping on the cement
sidewalk. Mrs. Kirkpatrick hur
ried to the street and was over
joyed to find that the baby had not
been thrown from the buggy, still
upright, and about the only in
jury it sustained was a slight
bruise in the face.
A Slumber Party.
From Saturday's Dally
A number of young people were
very pleasantly entertained by
Miss Ruth Chapman at a slumber
parly last evening. The occasion
was in honor of Miss Pearl Evans
of Loveland, Colorado, who is
visiting her many friends in this
city, she having formerly resided
here. This delightful event was
also in the nature of a farewell
for Miss Mildred Johnson, who
will go to Davenport, Iowa, very
soon to spend the .summer months
with relatives and friends. The
hours were most enjoyably whiled
away in games and amusements,
which the hostess had planned
for the entertainment of her
guests, interspersed with con
versation and music. Dainty re
freshments were served.
Paul Staddleman Is Second.
In a contest, for May and June I
in selling Saturday Evening Posts,
with between thirty and forty
oiiiers, rain Maiiiiieman, on June
first stood second in the list of
contestants. Paul is in receipt of
a letter from the house under date
of June I, 1912, which places him
second. The prize is a pony, cart J
and harness for llrst place audi
St 00 in cash for second place.
Paul sells nearly DID copies per
week. The contestants are scat
tered throughout the United
States and Canada. Remember, if
you buy your Post from Paul you
will be assisting him to either
first or second place in the con
test. Rainfall Light for May.
W. L. Furlong, the Rock HlutTs
weather record-keeper, reports
but one and an eighth inches of
rainfall for the month of May, the
lightest he has ever known. Thus
far in June, Mr. Furlong reports
but an inch of rain in his locality,
three-fourths of an inch a week
ago and one-fourth of an inch
last night. The record for June,
as kent hv the HiirlinLrlon men
here, has been, June 1, 1.33 inches'
and last night .21 of an inch.
Grand Colony Excursion
For Ladies and Gentlemen
Will be Given Through the Auspices of the American
Townsite Co., of San Antonio, from Missouri, Kansas,
Oklahoman and Nebraska to Texas.
A town lot and five acre tracts will be sold for fruit and truck farms,
summer and winter homes, for three hundred dollars; ten dollars down
and ten dollars per month, no interest or taxes until paid for.
Special cars will be in service, a banquet will be given at Hotel La
Salle, a free oyster and clam bake will be served in grove near Beach.
Fishing and sailing will be at your pleasure at Seadrift and Port
This trip will be the event of your life. Everybody come and bring;
your friends. Trains will leave Omaha and other points in Nebraska,
June 18th, Kansas City, June 19th, at 9 a. m. Oklahoma City and Mus
kogee, June 19th, and intermediate points.
Route and tickets on the Frisco to Port 0'Conner. Under all cir
cumstances connect with the rrisca
Remember this, its gold to you.
For further information address,
Savoy Hotel,
(Mention my name at our office.) Kansas City, Mo.
Are you protected? I will write cy
clone insurance for 75 cents per hundred
for a term of five years. That means
In County Court.
County of Cans, ss.
In the Matter of the Estate of William
h. Dull, Deceased.
To All Persona Interested:
You are herehy notified that there
has been filed In this court an In
strument, purporting to be the last will
and testament of the said William K.
Dull, deceased, together with the peti
tion of Mary K. Dull, widow of said
deceased, alleging therein that the
said William E. Dull has departed this
life leaving said will, and praying that
said Instrument be allowed and pro
bated as the last will and testament of
said deceased and that letters testa
mentary be issued.
That a hearing will be had on said
petition and will before this court at
the court house In the City of Platts
mouth, In said County, on the 6th day
of June, 1912, at 9 o'clock a. m.
All objections thereto. If any, must
be filed on or before said day and hour
of hearing-.
Witness my hand and the seal of
the County Court of said County, this
15th day of May, 1912.
5-16-3wks. County Judge.
All persons Interested In the estate
of William M. Wiley, deceased, are
hereby notified that a petition lias been
filed in the County Court of Cass Coun
ty, Nebraska alleging- that said de
ceased died leaving no last will and
praying for administration upon said
estate. A hearing will be had upon
said petition on the 15th day of June,
A. D., 1912, at the County Court office
at I'luttsmouth, Nebraska, at 10
o'clock a. m. of said day, and at sai(fc
time the Court may grant administra
tion of said estate to Mary L. Wiley,
the widow, and proceed to the settle
ment of the estate.
Dated this 20th dav of May, 1912.
County Judge.
Cass County, ss.
In County Court.
In the Matter of the Estate of
Thomas J. Fountain, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the
creditors of said deceased will
meet the Administratrix of said
estate, before me, County Judge of
Cass County, Nebraska, at the
County Court room in Platts
mouth, iii said County, on the 2GHv
day of June, 1912, and on the 2Gth
day of December, 1912, at 10
o'clock a. m. each day, for the
purpose 'of presenting their
claiins for examination, adjust
ment and allowance.
. Six months arr allowed for the
creditors of said deceased to pre
sent their claims, and one year
for the Administratrix to settle
said estate, from the 23rd day of
June, 1912.
Witness my hand and seal of
said County Court, at Platts
mouth, Nebraska, this 2ith day of
May, 1912.
County Judge.
Attorney for Estate.
Injured at the Shops.
From Saturday's Dally.
John Hrady, night watchman at
the Hurlinglon shops, received a
slight injury last evening, just
after entering upon his duties fop
the night. A ladder fell and
struck him in the back of the
head, inflicting a slight scalp,
wound that caused the blood to
flow quite freely. While the in
jury was not a serious one it will
necessitate his laying oft" for a
few nights.