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4" LUUI JllhbU. (
J. Courier.
Charley Heini has a-iuiro.l a
line m.w aiiloinuliile and i giviny
it a KIM'l workout this week.
Sal unlay, May M, witnessed t In
amal of a liahy boy al. tin; home
(if Mi', ami Mrs. I.c-s TiMinanl.
A hahy irl arrived Thursday
limi'iimn al Hie home (if Mr. and
Mrs. C. J. I'ankonin. Charley
is wearing a hioad smile in enii
,'(ti nee.
A. L. Masters and (iuldie
KaKir vo-nt In Lincoln Saturday
evcni'i,"- In see Mrs. Mailers, who
is takiiiK treatment al I he (ireen
(iahl-i sanilariiuii.
HornMonday, May 111, In Mr.
and Mrs. Il my iai-liel, a Rirl.
Also to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ncii
rnan, Sunday, May 5, u k'irl.
The new store IniildinK lieiim
erected liy Holierl, MeCarly is
rapidly Hearing completion. The.
walls are ujt and Ihe interior work
will he done without, delay.
Whal's Hie mailer wilh Ihe
fans and base hall experts around
Louisville? There is plenty of
K'mmJ material here for a winning
team and plenty of support for
one. It's up t( you, hoys. Imr up
your regalia and start something.
Marshal Seyherl has Ihe streets
nicely cleaned up ami cvorylliing
looking as it should nliowl town,
so far as his uuLlionly as street
commissioner will permit. He
has set out, some young trees
armmd the town hall and neatly
soililed the space in front of the
Iniildiiig, a very noticeable im
provement. Large crowds am attending the
lliealrical performance by the
liars at Ihe opera Ibis week
and closing Saturday night. An
overlicnled gas engine, set lire lo a
small mianlily of oil on Ihe base
ment (loor Wednesday nielli, and
("in i d some excilenieni and I lie
temporary exil of the crowd, but
no damage, was done.
I'latlsniouth, May '!), ivi2.
W'.ei ea.s, On the, ,'jlilli of I his
month, commonly known as
Decoration Day, wo pay a tribute
to those bravo men who, in the
dire days of 1 8(10 and 1 80 1 rose in
the defense of liberty and the
Union, I am calling on tho
patriotic people of our city to
make Hie celebration this year
one that will not Boon bo forgot
ten. The Boldiers are passing lo
Iho Great Ileyontl al the rate of
100 a day. Let us show those
who remain with us that we are
truly appreciative of what the
republic owes them and their
To this end I urgently urge all
places of business lo remain
closed from the hour of U till
10:30 thai all of our citizens may
altcnd the public meeting and
listen to the address by our
townsman, Hev. Mr. tlade, and Ihe
other short exercises lhat will be
held. After the services nl the
church are concluded lei all whose
duties will permit, proceed lo the
cemetery and assist in Ihe
decoration of the graves. This
will lake but. a short lime, giving
all the afternoon to other pur
Huils, and f feel that it is both a
duty and a privilege in which all
good ciliens should lie interested.
John P. Saltier, Mayor.
Mr. and Mrs. Julius l'ngelke
ineier and two children were
Plattsiuouth visitors last Satur
day, driving up from their home,
west of Murray. This is Mr.
F.ngelkenieier's tlrst, visit to
Plait smooth for the nasi year.
They paid the Journal ollice a
brief call.
Made by Th Sherwio
Williams Co. I tough
und clastic. Doesn't scratch
or mar readily under foot
wear. Can hi ' walked on
text dav after application,
lias a lasting lustre. Easy
to apply.
We ifll It
F. G. Fricko & Co.
Ppfl j
Peter Kell Dangerously Injured.
Last Saturday afternoon while
rlrivinc his horse and buggy into
town I'nele l'eter Keil was thrown
from bis buggy and received in
juries which have placed him in
Ihe doctor's bands since. Tin; ac
cident occurred when his horse
became unmanageable, being
frightened al an approaching
automobile, and slatted to run,
oeiiurning Ihe biiKy and throw
ing Mr. Keil to the ground with
coniil'Table force. The right
side of bis face was badly bruised
and be was badly shaken up. John
McNurlin picked Mr. Keil up and
brought him lo Dr. Livingston's
ollice, where his injuries were
dressed and he was taken to his
borne, where be was made as com
fortable as possible under the
Fatally Injured at Junction.
Jacob Desbong and wife of Ne
braska City changed cars here
Ibis morning, going lo Pacific
Junction lo see Mrs. Deshong's
son, Krnest Harrington, whom
I bey supposed had fallen from the
midnight south-bound K. C. train
last night. Mr. Desbong received
a message about 4 a. m. today
felling him to come at once if he
wished to see his stepson alive.
The young man is L'O years of age,
a cigar maker by trade, and left
Nebraska City Saturday for Oma
ha, expecting to return this
morning and assist Mr. Desbong
operate his saw-mill for a few
days. The message gave no par
ticulars of how Ihe young man
was injured.
At the Presbyterian Church.
Tho morning .service al the
Presbylerian church yesterday
was of unusual inleresl. The
pastor, Hev. (lade, gave a si rung
discourse from the text, "As a
bird wanden lh from its nest, no
is a man that wanderclh from bis
place." Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Waugh and Miss Delia While
were received into (he church.
The special music, consisted of
an anthem sung by the choir,
'Jerusalem," by, and
contralto and soprano solo.s by
Miss Mathilda Vallery and Miss
Catherine Dovey, "lie Shall Feed
His Flocks" mid "Come Unlo Me,"
from Handel's "Messiah."
Tin rfiicllnirn below nre taken at the
llurllriKton depot, wlioro the ther
momiter In plitceri muter condition!
h I in 1 1 ii r to tlniMK iiHcrt by the United
SluttM wcntlinr bureou:
8 a. in. . . . CO 1 p. in 72
10 a., in. .... . 62 j 2 p. in. , . . 75
For Nebraska Showers and
cooler Monday. Tuesday, showers.
Entertained Last Evening.
F.dgar Sleinhauer entertained
a few of his friends at his home
last evening in honor of his guest,
Charles Hell, of Hurlington, Iowa,
who has been here on a visit, for
a few days. Vocal and iustru
mental music and talk furnished
the entertainment for his guests.
Al midnight a delicious luncheon
was served, and at 1:110 a. in. the
parly escorted Charles to the
Hurlington slalion, where he
boarded No. 10 for his home. Our
friend, Charles, holds a good posi
tion with the C It. & (,). in his
home city.
Decided for Plaintiff.
Judge Archer handed down a
decision Saturday in the case, of
J. L. Slull vs. Mrasek, giving the
idaiulilT the full amount for
which he had sued, namely $11!).
Ihe evidence of plaint ilT showed
that he had sold defendant the hay
at for ho had looked the slack
over: that he had other hay which
ho offered defendant fop .25 per
ton, or tho stack on Iho hut loin
for $17 per Ion, and Iho defendant
sclocled the latter, hut later re
fused to pay for il.
Long Needed.
Tho city council of l'lallsmoulh
has decided lo buy an old brick
livery stable for a citv hall. Hut
it. is a good building, in a gooi
location and when remodeled will
make a fine headquarters fur the
city government.. Plaltsmouth
has always needed n city building
and tho fact that they are now
proceeding to get it is prima
facie evidence lhat tho old burg
is prospering, Lincoln Herald
L. Q. Larson.
Carpenter and Huililer.
Kstablislied, Practical
Will Meet Any Competition.
'Phono 10 4. P. O. llox 318
Kred Slock, a prominent farm
er of near Murdoek, was a busi
ness visitor in tho county scat
From Monday's Iiaily.
Carter Albin and daughter of
I'n in wert! Plattsiuouth visitors
today, where Mr. Albin was called
on business.
James McOinni of South Hend
had business in Ihe county seat
Friday afternoon, and registered
al Ihe Perkins.
(Jeorge Laltue, assessor of
Liberty precinct, came to Platts
nioulh this tun ruing to make his
return of work completed.
Adam Schafer and George Ilild,
two of the enterprising voting
afrmers from west of Murray,
were county seal visitors last
Sal unlay.
W. T. Ilicbardson and Sam (iil
ntore of Mynard drove op Satur
day and boarded the fa I mail for
Omaha, where they were called on
business for a few hours.
Chris Mel.ger was a county
seat visitor Saturday, having
come down lo look after some im
portant business mailers and isit
wilh bis I'latlsniouth friends.
Dow Critchlleld and wife of
near Weeping Water drove over
to the county seat Friday and
visited friends for the day and
looked after some business mat
ters. Phil Decker and wife came in
Saturday in Phil's new .'i0-horse
power, live-passenger Hudson
car, which Mr. Decker purchased
some months ago, but has not
used until recently.
Mr. Frwin and bis hrolher, O.
Frwin, of near Kenosha, were
over night guesi.s of the Perkins
house last night. This afternoon
Mr. Frwin went, lo Omaha on a
mailer of important business.
F. If. Oorder, mayor of Weep
in:? Waler, was an over nigh!
guest of his hrolher. August and
family, bi.s wife and children hav
ing1 arrived Friday, and visited
over Sunday, returning home to
day. W. II. Seyberi and son. Jen
nings, from near Cullont. were in
the cilv last. Saturday, driving in
from their home. Mr. Peyberl has
just finished planting corn and
reports all farm work in his
locality moving along nicely.
W. II. Wehrbein and J. II.
Wehrbein each have a line new
Overland, 30-horse power, llve
passenger automobile, which they
recently purchased through Hauer
& Manning, who are sales agenls
for this popular machine in east
ern Cass.
Charles Kngelkemeier and son,
Krnest, from near Weeping Wa
ler, were in the city last Saturday,
driving up in the auto to visit wilh
county seat friends and look after
business matters. While here
I hey paid the Journal office a brief
Mr. and Mrs. William Spangter
and family and Mr. and Mrs.
rank Spangler and family of
Weeping Water motored to this
vicinity Saturday morning and
pent Ihe day wilh Mrs. Stephen
Wiles. Mr. William Spangler was
i pleasant caller at this ofllce
luring the afternoon and ordered
a copy of the Old Reliable sent to
his address for a year. We are
very much pleased lo place Mr.
Spangler's name on our large list.
Notice is hereby given to all
persons interested and to Ihe
public, that the undersigned, (1.
(i. Williamson, has tiled his peti
tion and application with the vil
lage clerk of the village of Mur-
doek, County of ('ass, nnd Slate of
Nebraska, as required by law,
signed by the required number of
resident freeholders of the said
Mage, setting forth that the ap
plicant is a man of respectable
character and standing and a
resident of the Slate of Nebraska,
and praying that a license may bo
issued to the said (5. (i. William
son for tho sale of malt, spiritu
ous and vinous liquors for the
municipal year, at his place of
business, situated on lots 2 and
:i, block 18, in said Village of
Murdoek. (1. (1. Williamson,
May 20, 111 12. Applicant.
Herman Greeder,
Graduate Vetincary Surgeon
(Formerly with U. S. Department
Licensed by Nebraska Staie
Calls Answered Promptly
Thone 878 White, Plattsmouth
In County Court.
County of Cass, ss.
In Ihe Mailer of the Kstate of
William F,. Dull, Deceased.
To All Persons Interested :
You are hereby notified that
there has been tiled in Ibis court
an instrument, purporting to bo
the last will and testament, of the
said William K. Dull, deceased,
together with the petition of Mary
F. Dull, widow of said deceased,
allesintr therein that the said WiL
I 'a in F. Dull has departed this
life, leaving said will, and pray
ing that said instrument be al
lowed and probated as the last
will and testament of said de
ceased and (hat letters testa
mentary be issued.
That a hearing will be had on
aid petition and will before this
court al the court bouse in the
City of Plat I sinoul h, in said Coun
ty, on the C.lh day of June, 11)12, at
o'clock a. in.
All objections thereto, if any,
must be filed on or. before said
day arid hour of bearing.
Witness my hand and the seal
of the County Court of said Conn.
y. this 1 51 li day of May, 11)12.
County Judge.
To All Persons Whomsoever:
Notice is hereby Riven that a peti
tion has been tiled In the County Court
of Cass County, Nebraska, entitled
In the Matter of tho Kstate of Thomas
J. I'liuntulii. Deceased.
I tiiut said deceased died leaviiiK no last
win ana tesiument and praying for ad
ministration upon his estate.
A hearing will be had upon said
petition on the 18th day of May, 11112,
ut the County Court lloom at I'latts
mrnitli, Nebraska, at 10 o'clock A. M.,
when any mid all objections to such
petition will be heard, and letters of
administration be granted to Isabello
A. iUclrlnniss or some other suitable
person to proceed to the settlement of
hi est ute.
Witness my hand and the seal of said
Court ut I'liittsmoutli, Nebrasku, this
IT i r I day of April, 11112.
County Juilre. I
i. w. inni'.ii, Attorney lor -.slate
noth r. v si it.
Cora I.. Miny, Sarah M. Hess. Wullnce
Mi m;. Franklin W. Creamer, Ada May
eiu.iev. .lolm A. Wilnlit, Kthel
Wii vl.t, John (irod', sr., Phoebe (iroff,
i'i::nieM ,1, (JrolT, Ira C. C.roff, Mary A.
' : i olf. Clara .1. CrofY and Hellce K.
OmlT defendants, will take notice that
"i li e :Mtli day of April. (saluli U
iV.amcr, plaintiff herein, tiled 'bis
l"iiil'.n, In the District Court of Coss
County, Nebraska, nualnst. said de
li tiuantii anil others, the object and
prayer of which are to determine the
rights of all of said parties in and to
the west half of the north east quarter
of Section 13. Township 111,. North.
I iume !), I'.ast of the lirh I. SI.. In Cas'i
County, Nebraska, and to partition tho
Mtme according lo the respective rights
of the nartles to said action und If the
same cannot be equitably divided that
said premises will hu. sold and the pro
ceeds thereof be divided between the
parties according to tneir rcBpectlvc
'ou and each of you are required to
answer said petition on or before the
Hrd day of June, 1912.
Haled this I'Uh dav of April. 1912.
It' I. O. D .tOK, His Attorney.
Glucose Concerns Attack Fates
on Corn Products.
Washington, May 18. Argument!
were presented before the Interstate
commerce commission In two cases ol
Importance to Iowa.
One of thm la the case of the traf
fic bureau of the Sioux City Compter
clal cinb vs. Anderson and Sitlino Riv
er Railway company. This involve
an attack by the traffic bureau of the
lumber rates from the south and
southwestern points to Sioux City,
which ire declared to be unreason
able. Sioux City people are seeking
the Dos Moines and Omaha lumber
rate of V (cuts, against a present
rate of 30 e nts.
The other case is the state of Iowa,
the Clinton Sugar Refining company
and J. C. Uuhlnger Brothers' company
of Keokuk vs. the Atlantic Coast line
and a large number of eastern roads.
In this case the state and the com
panies named are attacking rates on
corn products, more especially glucose.
It Is alleged that Iowa concerns are
compelled to pay exorbitant rates In
comparison with rates charged eastern
concerns, particularly the Corn Prod
ucts Refining company, which has
Standard Oil affiliations and which has
numerous plants In different parts of
the country.
George T. Roll of Sioux City Is here
representing the traffic club. In the
glucose case Judge Henderson and C
A. Robbins "re here for the state, A.
H. Kierstlnir and .1. O. Holloson for
the Clinton company and Hugh W
'.irecn of Keokuk for Hubingor Rroth
Homestead Bill Still In Conference
Washington. May 20. The Rorah
bill Is still In conference awaiting an
agreement by the senate conferees, If
such agreement can be reached. It la
not all unlikely that the conference
committee will disagree. Representa
tive Mondoll of the house conferees
said concerning the measure: "If the
people of the west will stand by theii
conferees, a three-year homestead bill
can be eventually obtained without
surrendering to the impossible demand
of those whose real purposes are to
retain so far as Is possible, all land
titles in the federal government."
If a man doesn't know when to stop
be acquires a wife who will toll him.
Tfoitie Amang Cadets Caused
by Early Morning Hike.
Confusio-i Among Two Compan!e3
Arouses Cc.iiu';rable Coubt as to omcers utscipliecd Were
Gunty Oili-il Liviios School Fund.
Liiuo.ii. ...y 20. With the
to tuo c.i.i u. ine un.vorMty
ir.e ia( is clou 1..1..11
e evetas wiidi
icd up to tat.- court and re tor Hie sv.oiUd oi Captain Van
t,i.siji aim iu. nints Wood and Ken-
ihl i.;o j out and much sym-
lor the three
eis and a movuneut is already on
lV Jt to obtain their reinstatement.
Iiie troiiu.i- nil appears to have
btait'.U ovtr a hike ordered by Cora
inaiiu. nt Yules. The evening before
the cutlets tiad danced until a late
hour, the o. cp.s.on being the hop which
was the closing nnd prime social fet;t
ure of the encampment. This follow
li)S a strenuous time In camp, at
which tue regulations had been much
more Btilct than common, found the
embryo soldiors both tired and in a
somewhat ruffled frame of mind.
When the slsnal was unexpectedly giv
en tor a nike at 2 a. in. there were
inutterinrcs of di.content, which crew
ioudcr as the march progressed.
Two Companies Mixtd Up.
Tho company over which the ac-
cti.ii d 'flitxii and command became
iinxcJ up with another through the
mi diiini of th'; d tiiincss and a barbcJ
wiie fence, n:;;! jnt about tins time
i i'o::ii;ki'h!; r.t Yates walked back down
tho lino. . If? heard soaic decidedly
in: i CKipMnicK'. iry remarks ccnteiuin
himself and n'.sa roliccd Iho disorder
ipci'.'ert to tho entanglement with thi
wire force, lie called the officers tc
(no iiio and was talldn:; to thcni
wlici some or the privates heaved a
few th d" in his direction, one of them
sirikjit; the- commandant. It was lot
this rlu-ordir that the officers were
rroi:;;h-t. to book on n charge of failure
'.o maintain order in their company
Tho students nay it is by no means
.ertain that the uncomplimentary r&
marks or the clods were hurled by
members of tho company of the ac
cased, but that ths members of anoth
er company took occasion of tho mix
up to turn toe trick from. Iho rank?
of thft accuser1, company.
Liquidation Favored.
Auditor Tiurton has made pome fig
ures couipanng the relative advaa
tues of liquidation as opposed to re
ccive-rahips. In the caso of the Ger
man Fire Insurance company of Onia
ha the examination 0r Feb. 22, 1912
showed the stock Impaired 67, 440,33
end somu of the reserve Investment
In second rate securities. Instead ol
r lacing the company In the hands Oi
a iccciver th.. department and the dl
lectors entered into an agreement
with tho National of Hartford that all
new business written by the Germar
would automatically he reinsured lr
the National, but all the salaries and
rent of tha German should be eliml
bated, the National taking care of th.
business for tho plant. The results l
far have been encouraging. The com
pany has Itr natural restive and, witt
no expanse for a receiver, If normal
conditions prevail In the fire loss, nol
enly will tha policyholders be protect
ed, but tho stockholders will recelv
from 50 to 75 per cent of their stock
If the final results ara as satisfactory
an promised It Is llkt'ly the legislature
will be asked to pass a law providlnj
this method of winding r.p concerns
If in the Judgment of the Insurance
department it Is preferable to a re
Delzell Divides State School Money
State Superintendent Delzell hat
made the apportionment of the tem
porary school fund to the varloui
counties of the state. The total dls
tributed Is 342,015.56 and amounts tc
y0.8 cents per scholar, the school cen
mis showing 27fi,667 of school age lr
the state. For the first time fish and
game licenses show as a considerable
Item In the school fund, amounting to
Woman Suffers Attack.
Hartford Reed, who was released
from the penitentiary since the klllln,
of Deputy Warden Davis In February
bids fair to return. He was brought 4r
from Valparaiso and lodged in Jail by
Sheriff Hyers, charged with attacklnj
Mrs. t Maud Yost, a widow residing
near Raymond, this county. Mrs
Yost, according to the story, was left
unconscious hy her assailant.
Jesse L. Ertel Wins Debate.
The fifth annual state champion
ship debate of the Nebraska Hlgb
School Debating league, held In Lin
coin, was won by Jesse L. Ertel of th(
Geneva high school, representative oi
tho central district. Second honor
were awarded to Augustus Helmig ol
the Wymore high school and third
honors to Arthur Ackcrmnn of tlu
Lincoln high school.
$5,000 Lots Caused by Incendiary Fire
Omaha, May 20. The work of a fire
bug la believed to have caused a $5,
000 fire at Eighteenth and Cass streeU
when the two-story building occupied
by the Flanagan blacksmith shop ant
the Duffy tin works burned.
Santona Held for Carrying Artrta Con
trary to Proclamation,
'New Orleans, May 20. The Montes
line steamship Santona was seized in
the harbor here by the United Stales
revenue cutter Davey, charyd with
vlo!at;ng the terms of PresldiTit Taft'a
proclamation of March 14,"prohibiting
the shipment of arms and ammunition
to Mexico. The Santona, which had
cleared and sailed for Progeso, Mex
ico, had on board 110,000 rounds of
rifle ammunition and ten cases of car
bines. Asents of the steamship company
produced conies of the consular bills
of ladhig showing that the war ran
tions aboard the Santona were con
signed to the governor of the state of
Campeche, Mexico. Tho ship's mani
fest filed nt the custom house did not
Include these munitions.
Cpptain Mansion of the cutter Davey
placed a cr"w aboard the Santona and
the steamer will be dc'nlned pending
rero'pt of Instructions from Washing
Move Postpones Expected En
gagement at liellano.
El Paso, May 20. A northward re
trea't of the Mexican rebels in the faco
of tho slowly advancing federal army
removed by at least two days tho ex
ported engagement In the vicinty of
liellano. Advices from the rebel front
nt Escalon said insurrectos were fall
ing hack on their Etronchold at Rclla
po, eleven miles north, burning bridges
and ot'icrwiFp hliulerlns an advance
cf the federals.
Tho main column of tho fedcrah
moved ut c'oicr to it3 vanguard at
Zavalr.i. Juarez garrison i3 rapidly to
ing reinforced hy troops frcra tho
nouth. Fodcral columns which arc sup
posed to bo threatening Juarez have
advanced no closer. Major Eanchcz.
who command? Ukj fivlorals near thcro.
sent out rcout!n parties to within
twenty miles cf Juarez, oppoait3 Clint,
Tex. Anticipating possible activity
n'ong tho border, such as tho crossing
of armed bands of Mexicans from the
American side to head off tho advanc
ing federals, orders were given tha
American border patrol to let no
crmcd men pass from either side.
Irrigation Board Convenes and De
cides Interests Are Jockeying.
. Lincoln, May 20. The Irrigation
board convened to hear the contest
between Koenig and Babcock over
water rights on the Loup river. From
Indications there Is considerable
jockeying going on In these power
rlsht propositions and while tho board
is perfectly willing to have them set
tie differences which are private It
does not like the Idea of the Interests
of the public being held up while in
terested parties are maneuvering for
Little Boy Saves Life of Another.
Broken Bow, Neb., May 20.
Through the heroism of a nine-year
old boy, the email son of C. H. Har
baugh of this city was saved from
drowning. It appears that three llttla
boys, one of them being the son of A
L. Ford, went to the Swope ice pond
to fish; Becoming tired of the sport,
the three-year-old Harbaugh boy
climbed to the top of the ice chuta
and, losing hia balance, slid down the
incline into deep water. Without hesi
tation the Ford boy Jumped into the
water and with great difficulty succeed
ed In getting his little companion to
Enraged Boarder Attacks Aged Clerk.
Omaha, May 20. While Henry Fues
ter, the aged day clerk of the Burling
ton hotel, lay sleeping on a bench
In the hotel office, Charles Isler, a
mechanic employed by the Union Pa
cific, crept up behind and struck him
a blow on the forehead with a gas
pipe, fracturing his skull so badly that
he died. Immediately following Islei
took his grip, which was being held
as security for a board bill, and which
was the motive for the attack, and
boarded a train for Cheyenne. Isler
was arrested at Grand Island.
Flege Denied New Trial.
Pender, Neb., May 20. Judge Graves
Overruled the motion of attorneys for
William Flege for a new trial and sen
tenced the man, who was convicted of
killing his sister, Louise Flege, to a
term of from one to ten years In th
state penitentiary. Flege will be
taken to Lincoln today. Ills attorneys
announced that the case will be taken
to the supreme court on a writ of error.
Auto Accident Kills Farmer.
Hartington, Neb., May 20. Joseph
Bruenlng of St. James, a well-to-do
farmer, was Instantly killed by being
thrown from an automobile while driv
ing down a hill near St. James.
Bloomfield Priest Will Visit Europe.
Bloomfield, Neb., May 20. Rev.
Father J. G. McNamara, pastor of St.
Andrew's Catholic church here for
the past twelve years, left for a three
months' trip through Europpe.
Automobile Driver KIHed In Accident.
Yankton, S. D., May 20. James
Hamilton, an automobile dealer, was
Instantly killed In an accident caused
by the breaking of a wheel. Hamil
ton's neck wag broken. He leaves a
wife and . ten children.