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Movement that Originated at Philadelphia in 1908 Ha Become
Nation-wide and Sunday Everyone Should Wear a White
Flower in Honor of Their Mother.
As next Sunday is Mothers' Day
a little something relative to its
origin cannot he declared alto
gether out of order at this time.
Mothers' lay broke out spor
adically all over the United States
in 1908. II took florists by sur
prise, for none had heard of It
before and many wrote to leading
newspapers throughout the land
for information. Hut the infor
mation then has been as nothing
compared to the questions and
suggestions that followed season
after season, until the present
time, when the day has become
one of great importance through
out the length and breadth of the
United States.
The llrst year, when it was un
dertaken to I race the origin of
Mothers' Day, and find the true
meaning of the occasion, it proved
no easy task. The Federation of
Woman's clubs, when appealed to
at thai, time, denied responsibility,
but acknowledged that it was a
"One idea." Olllcials of the
Congress of Mothers claimed they
had no record of the day, but
also agreed that it. was a good
idea, and gave great, attention to
the matter al, their next annua
meet ing.
Finally, the search for the
founder of Hie day led, through
the city editor of a Chicago daily,
to Miss Anna Jarvis, 2031 North
Twelfth street, Philadelphia, who
confessed to having conceived the
idea in the desire to commemor
ate the anniversary of her moth
er's death. It was not only the
on mother':) grave, but it occur
red to her that it would be a
beautiful tribute to all mothers,
the living as well as the dead, if
their children on a given day
would unite in the simple wearing
of white flowers. She wrote a let
ter about it to a Philadelphia
newspaper early In 1908, and it
was this that caused Mothers' Day
to break out all over the country,
and is so universally celebrated
at this time.
Miss Jarvis suggested the white
carnation as the Mothers' Day
flower par excellence: "It's white
ness stands for purity; its form,
beauty; its fragrance, love; its
wide Held of growth, charity; its
lasting qualities, faithfulness;
and all in all, a true mother's at
tributes." Hut the way the senti
merit appealed to the people was
too strong for the supply of white
carnations, as there were not
enough to supply the demand, and
someone suggested that "white
flowers be worn for mothers gone
before and bright flowers for
mothers living." Hut this did not
meet wilh the approval of Miss
Jarvis, who did not like to have
her ideas tinkered with, but it is
the only way that the develop
incut of Mothers' Day can be con.
tinned, as to limit its observ
ance by the supply of white car
nations would be the height of
folly. Hut, nevertheless, next
Canon Burgess.
Canon H. H. Hurgess, who has
been rector of St. Luke's Epis
copal church at Plattsmouth for
the past thirty-eight years, has
resigned his rectorship, which has
been with. much sorrow accepted
by the church. , Canon Hurgess
was ordained to the ministry over
fifty years ago and has been in
the active work ever since. Last
fall he had a severe siege of sick
ness, from which he has not at
this time regained his customary
robust health. His place has been
supplied by ministers from Oma
ha, and seeing that he was not
able to properly care for the
charge, he sent in his resignation,
asking that he be relieved from
the work. Nebraska City News.
Hrother Hurgess has been con
fined to his room for nearly one
year and being over 80 years of
age, his extreme age and condi
tion of health makes it almost an
impossibility for him to attend to
the duties of rector. Everyone
who knows this grand old man re
grets that his condition compelled
him to take this course. No. one
has more friends and he is high
ly esteemed and loved by all.
J. E. McKeen, 1301 Cleveland
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A Happy Birthday Party.
In response to invitations is
sued by Mrs. John Halt, jr., ;
number of little folks assembled
at the Halt home Tuesday after
noon for the purpose of assisting
Master Jack, who was just 4
thought of laying some flowers love you bear for her.
Sunday is Mothers' Day and by all years old that day, in properly
means, whether living or dead,
pay tribute to the memory of your
dear old mother by wearing the
proper emblem which signifies the
Most Enthusiastlo Meeting and
Representatives From This .
. City Much Delighted. .
The I'latlsmoulh Commercial
club delegation which attended
the Hastings meeting of the state
convention of Commercial clubs,
returned early this morning. The
duly elected delegates, Kmil Wurl
and John Halt, were accompanied
Jy Postmaster II. A. Schneider, J.
'P. Taller. Ilea Patterson and
Michael llild. .The Plaltsmouth
delegation was larger than from
any city in the state except, some
of Ihe nearby towns, which sent
delegations in automobiles, but
both Omaha and Lincoln were far
out numbered by our own men.
Some excellent talks were de
livered by Ihe orators on the reg
ular program, but when the time
came for the delegates to be heard
as to the progress made by their
borne city, it remained for our
esteemed townsman, Mr. E. Wurl,
to pluck a few of the feathers
from the American bird in re
counting the advancement made
by the beautiful city of Platts
inouth during the past twelve
months, and in calling to the at
tention of the slate convention the
enterprise and business thrift of
the Plaltsmouth Commercial club.
Mr. Wurl's address was well re
reived by Ihe convention and stir
red Ihe members to enthusiastic
applause when he resumed his
When the time came for the
nomination of stale olllcers Post
master Schneider, in a well-timed
speech of ten minutes, placed be
fore Ihe convention as a candidate
for president the name of II. E.
Wescnlt of Ibis city, and Ihe elec
tion was very close between Mr.
Wescott and Ihe gentleman who
was chosen, namely Mr. Wilson of
SI roinsburg. There is no doubt
among the members of the Plaits,
mouth delegation that Mr. Wcs-
of Ihe association for the ensuing
year had he been present when
Ihe names were voted upon. The
olllcers chosen were: Mr. Wil
son, president, and Mr. McFadden
of (Srand Island, secretary and
treasurer. II. E. Wescott was
elected chairman of the First dis.
Irict. .. . .. ,.' .
J he entire .delegation came
home bubbling over wilh rn-
celebrnlion the occasion. The
little folks spent a very happy aft
ernoon, participating in games
and amusements which children
delight in. At the proper time
they were ushered into the din
ing room, where a delicious birth
day supper awaited them, and. to
which they did ample justice. An
other romp, some more games am;
further examination of the pretty
gifts presented to Master Jack and
then the Utile guests dispersed
having most thoroughly enjoyed
themselves. Those in atenda'urp,
were: Dorothy (.owles, lheimii
Kreckler, Alice Mason, Dorothy
Hampton, Jennie Windham, Theo
dore McMaken, Chester. Haylor
lliiisiasin for the commercial
progress of the city the coming Cu,H.,.jne Schneider, Morris Eaton
year. 1 lie niercnams who auemi- smith. Laura Elizabeth Eaton
ed for the llrst time this year vow
they will not miss another con
vention. These are the men who
make the live town.
Helen Heeson,
haver, Charles
Paul White.
Mrs. Win. A. Allen, Chacon,
Jas. C. Dahlman, serving his New Mexico, had so severe a cough
third term as' mayor of Omaha, thai it nearly choked her to death.
Neb., again was successful in re- Mr. Allen says: "We tried many
ceiving the overwhelming support things without helping her, when,
of Ihe voters in the primary elec- by good luck, I got a bottle of
Residence of Frank Boetel Caught
Fire While the Family Was
Away From Home.
Atioul b o clock last evening
fire broke out at the dwelling of
Frank Hoetel on North Eleventh
street. The alarm was turned in
as soon as the blaze was discover
ed, anu aunougn u is almost a
mile from the hose house to the
Hoetel residence, the department
was soon on the ground and did
valiant service in extiiiKuishintr
the blaze.
The Hoetel family was not at
home at the time and had been
away ail day and the cause of the
fire and the way il got started is
much of a mystery. Neighbors
hurried in and removed nearly all
of the furniture so that the loss
in that direction will be small.
The residence is the property of
J. H. McMaken, and the loss is
fully covered by insurance.
The fire had apparently been
started from the outside of the
shed kitchen, and before the water
was turned on by the company
most of the shed was in ashes, the
main part of the building escap
ing with a scorching. The lire
company is deserving of much
praise for its prompt action in the
premises. The lire alarm had
hardly ceased its warning before
Ihe hose cart was out of the house
and on its way to the fire. A team
was secured near Wurl's store
and the cart, drawn behind the
wagon, was rapidly transported to
the place of the lire. Had not the
company acted promptly the fire
would have soon spread to near
by buildings and the damage and
loss would have been much
Mr. Hoetel is puzzled as to who
would set the blaze. At the lime
it was first discovered he was at
work on Ihe Parmele-Faller con
crete walk west of Ihe posloftiee.
Mr. Hurnie, superintendent of the
water company, caught a team
and wagon that was on the run
for the fire and was on hand to
assist Ihe fire company in case the
hydrants should not work proper
ly. Everyone connected wilh the
fire fighting apparatus of the city
did their full duly and il, is to
them the credit is due ,for pre
venting the flames from spread
Mrs. M. Hislmp, Columbus,
Kansas, suffered from a weak
back a good many years, as a re
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r I Kk i I
Tlie readings below are taken at tha
Burlington depot, wher the ther
mometer is olaced under conditions
similar to those lined by the United
States weather bureau:
T If 0'
v-lK-Kn X7
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m .
m. . .
in . . .
CG 1 p.
74 1 2 p.
Forte as t.
For Nebraska Generally fair;
not much change in temperature.
A Birthday Surprise.
Miss Anna Sebatka was made
the recipient of a delightful sur
prise party last evening by a large
number of her friends, in honor
of her 20th birthday anniversary.
When the victim had fully re
covered from the shock various
games were indulged in by the
jolly company. These games
were pleasantly interspersed with
music. The invaders had come
armed with the necessary fixings
for a splendid luncheon, and dur
ing the evening this luncheon was
prepared and served at a very ap
propriate hour. There were
fourteen couples present and all
wished Miss Sebatka many happy
returns of the day.
lion. He also successfully rid
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Very Pleasant Surprise.
A most enjoyable surprise
parly occurred at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Hubert Hichter last even
ing. This occasion had been
planned by Miss Tillie Ilenner and
was in honor of the sixth birthday nal man, who knew nothing about
anniversary of Nellie Hichter. il until after it all had happened,
The Case of Jesse Blunt.
The case of Jesse Hlunt against
the Chicago, Hurlinglon & Quincy
Hailroad company occupied the
bothered wilh backache, rheunia- attention of Judge T. C. Munger
lism, or any other form of kidney of the federal court yesterday,
or bladder trouble. Just try them The entire day was devoted lo the
for quick and permanent results, taking of testimony, much of
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Buys New Qas Tractor.
Pete Campbell, the Hock Hluffs
industrious threshing machine
man, is the happy possessor of a
tine new 25-horse power gas
tractor engine, purchased of the
International Harvester company,
through August 'order, the local
implement dealer. the engine
was unloaded here two days ago.
Heavy, impure blood ma'KCs a
muddy, pimly complexion, head
dies, nausea, indigestion. This
blood makes you weak, pale and
siegly. For pure blood, sound
digestion, vise Hurdock Hlood Hit
lers. $1.00 at all stores.
which was given by medical ex
perts relative to the nature of the
injuries sustained by the defend
ant. Hlunt was a fireman for the
railroad company and fell from
his engine, injuring his left knee.
He claims thai the knee joint has
been permanently injured and
asks .$15,000 damages and costs
of Ihe suit. The taking of testi
mony will be continued today, and
it is probable that the case w
not be comncluded before late to-
dav or Friday. Lincoln Journal
Mrs. W. A. Hobei'lson returned
coll would have been the president today from Fremolt.
The Season for Cyclones and de
structive wind storms is at hand!
Henry terns. Hadar. Neh is
the father of ten children and for
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Competition in Cereals.
The Nebraska Experiment Sta
tion has just issued Hulletin No
127, on "Competition in Cereals
Are you protected? I will write cy
clone insurance for 75 cents per hundred
for a term of five years, lhat means
t tint vnn rnn rnrrv $1,000 insurance for
1 nn ,wr v,.or Ir to nnt u;i fnr von tn tnke the risk when others will lakes P,1U,,' "('tween plants of
7-1, :. r . t ,.i. i cereal crops under field condi
ItlltC il iui juu ai a ivjt luit. i j - n 11 i 11
FiroTnoiirmw-P nt lnwpsr rnfpa on fit rM-ksnnl dwellings. SoOCial rntPS liioiiM, oninauiiH iikil una
A Jft V iuwu .v w u. . VKi uvw wa w w - O I - I . , m 1 .
lor long term policies. ' ? 1 " 1", . ,
11 111 UI!U Mi'i. I lll.t uuuri III mi...
be had free of cost by residents o
Nebraska upon application to the
Agricultural Experiment Station
Lincoln, Nebraska.
This bulletin discusses the elTei
of natural competition which
Coates' Blocks J. PB FALTER, EiRsuSo.
The Way Some Farmers Feel.
The farmers of this vicinity
(Kenosha) wish to extend to the
city of Plaltsniouth and its
ollicials their heartfelt thanks for
e courteous treatment received
in their city on circus day. II was
a pleasant thing lo drive up to an
empty tank to water your Ihirsty
team after driving ten or twelve
miles to "trade at home." Man
and beast were forced lo suffer or
patronize livery barns or the
saloons for "wetness." The
farmers are now wondering if
they will not soon be compelled to
go to Omaha lo get water while
in Plattsmouth. The city will
soon go to "seed" in place of
"succeed," wilh many more such
tricks as were perpetrated on the
large crowd of victims last Sat
urday. One Who Was There.
The above was sent lo the
Journal from a farmer living
down near Old Kenosha, one of
the best sections of Ihe county
from which the city of Plaits
mouth draws trade, and we do not
like to see such a feeling between
I hem and our city olllcials and the
business men of the city, especial
ly when they were not to blame
for Ihe water condition on circus
day. We venture the assertion
that they were just like the Jour-
Koy Keno.
Koy Keno is the name of a
beautiful French red Persian cat
received as a present by Miss"
Janet Hrantner from an Omaha
friend last week. The cat is a
beautiful specimen of the French
red variety and is of royal blood,
his pedigree reaching back
through the list of first prize win
ners at the Chicago shows since
1898. Sire and dani, as well as
grand-sire and grand-dam, were
bred by Mrs. Norton of Chicago,
a famous breeder of Persian cats.
Koy Keno is 2 years old and is
very valuable to Ed Brantner's
Persian cat family.
Will Not Return.
Miss draco Harrison, teacher
of the First ward school, who has
been absent for two months, be
ing called home by the critical
illness of her father, has written
to the secretary of the school
board informing the board of the
sudden death of her mother and
the still critical illness of her
father. Miss Harrison will not
return to Plattsmouth. She has a
large circle of friends in the city
who will sympathize with her
deeply in her grief at the loss of
her mother and will earnestly
hope for Ihe early recovery of her
kniglas McCrary's eighth birth-
lay and Arlinca McCrary's third
birthday. There were over thirty
idle tots in attendance. They
met at Bach's store in South Park
about -i o'clock, and from there
made their way to the Hichter
home, surprising the little ones
very much, Nellie, Douglas and
Artinca received many pretty lit
tle gifts which will be Constant re
minders of this happy event.
bout 5:30 a most excellent two-
course imtliday lunciieon was
served by Miss Annie Dietz, Mrs.
Ilichter and Miss Martha McCrary.
After tho birthday supper all
sorts of games were played until
late in Ihe evening. The Platts
mouth Water company were to
blame for Ihe dry conditions in the
following manner: The superin
tendent of Ihe water company
went to the circus managers and
demanded the fee of $5 for the
water right of the day, which was
refused, whereupon the said
superintendent proceeded to turn
off Ihe water, not with Ihe inten
tion of making nur farmer friends
or visitors suffer, but simply be
cause they did not think it was
a part of their duly to furnish Ihe
circus neonle water free of
charge. We know that the city
olllcials ami business men would
Accident at Weeping Water.
On Saturday, April 27th, H. J.
Philips was in the caboose of a
freight train,, expecting to go to
Berlin. The train backed up by
the coal chutes and while there
Ihe train was bumped so hard
that Mr. Phillips was knocked ofT
the bench and lay dazed on the
floor. He was assisted up on the
bench and was quite sick for a
ime. His side kept hurling him
and Ihe company's surgeon, Dr.
llungafe, discovered he had a
fractured rib. It has given Mr.
Phillips considerable pain, but he
has been able to be around.
Weeping Water Hepublican.
late hour, when they departed have promptly remeuieii me snua-
for Iheir homes, wish nir the lion had they known anyining
three many more happy birthday f it
Those who par-
nun iversaries.
ticipaled in this pleasant affair
were: Mae Hothmann, Mabel
Oravilt, Tillie Ilenner, Fae Cobb,
Edna and Violet Ackerman, Mat
Henner, Ooldie Sivey, Marie
Kopps, Ella Hyde, Leona Toogo-od,
Caroline Toogood, Marie Tlichler,
Bertha Toogood, Mabel Toogood,
Allen Henner, Lloyd Tloihman,
Frankie Sivey, Earl Henner,,
Douglas McCrary, Arlinca Mc
Crary, Charles Henner, Johnnie
Hichter, (ilennie Hichter, Marie
Stokes, Millie Hrittian, Orrie
Majors, iS'ellie Hichter, Ellen
Hichter, Anna Dielz, Marlha Mc
W. A. Howard of Ihe Masonic
Home had business in Omaha Ibis
In justice Court
A suit was tiled in Judge Arch
er's court this morning and at
tachment issued in a case entitled
Homier vs. Wells. The narties
are from Louisville and the con
troversy arose over an account for
150 claimed by plaintiff for board
and bulging and for goods sold
and delivered.
I wish to announce that my Spring
and Summer line of Millinery is up-to-date
in every particular. All the
ladies of this city and community
are invited to call and see me In my
New Location
- on South Sixth Street -
Dressmaking is Our Specialty
The Journal office carries
kinds of typewriter supplies.
Extend Water Mains.
Superintendent Hurnie of the
water company has purchased a
lot of new meters of a kind that
anyone who can read numerals
to a thousand will have no dif
ficulty in reading, so that the
patron who has one of the new
ironze meters put in can check
up the oince siiouid mere ever
happen to be a mistake. The
company, under ihe direction of
Mr. Hurnie, has extended the
water mains 500 feet on North
Ninth street, 300 feet, on South
Sixth street and 250 feet on
North Eleventh street.
Leroy Thackcr, Watertown, S.
D says: "I suffered with rheu
matism for over 8 years, and it
seemed at limes I would go crazy
with pain. Three bottle of Foley
Kidney Pills cured my rheumatism
and I gladly recommend them."
For sale bv F. 0. Fricke & Co.
Police Judge Report.
Police Judge Archer filed wilh
City Clerk H. C5. Wurl loday a re
port of Ihe doings of Ihe court for
the month of April. On an average
there was not quite half an arrest
each day, including Sundays ami
week days, there being but four
teen all lold for the entire month.
Out of the fourteen gathered in by
the law officers but four paid lines,
Hirer were committed to jail and
seven sentences were suspended.
of nice, large, smooth potatoes--New
York Rural variety just re
ceived from northern Illinois.
Price M. 25 per bushel. In lots of
5 bushels potatoes will be deliver
ed anywhere in Plaltsmouth.
R. L. PiHipst. 'Phone 3-E.