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This romance of Freckles and
the Angel of the Limberlost is
one of the most novel, entertain'
tng, wholesome and fascinating
stories that have come from the
pen of an American author in
many years. The characters in
this sylvan tale ar&:
Freckles, a plucky waif who
faards the Limberlost timber
leases and dreams of angels.
The Swamp Angel, in whom
Freckles' sweetest dream ma
terializes. McLean, a member of a lumber
company, who befriends Freckles.
Mrs. Duncan, who gives moth'
er love and a home to Freckles.
Duncan, head teamster of Mc
Lean's timber gang.
The Bird Woman, who is col
lecting camera studies of birds
for a book.
Lord and Lady O'More, who
come from It eland in quest of a
lost relative.
The Man of Affairs, brusque
f manner, but big of heart.
Wessner, a timber thief who
wants rascality made easy.
Black Jack, a villain to whom
thought of repentance comes too
iate, i
fTlHB sons bad been carefully sift
II I ed, and McLean now felt that
I I tbere 'was not a man In It that
I J was not trustworthy.
They bad all heard of the angel's
placky ride for Freckles' relief, and
several of them bad been In the rescue
party. When she was ensconced on
the wagon load of tenting she sat on a
roll of canvas like a queen on her
throne. There was not a man of tb
rang that would not hare fought for
As they raced toward the wagon
"Let me tell about the tree, please."
she begged Freckles.
"Why. sure." said Freckles.
He would probably have said the
same if she had proposed to cut off his
bead. When .McLean rode up he found
ber sitting on the wagon, flushed and
"Everybody listen!" cried the nngel.
"I have something to say. Freckles
has been guarding hero over a year
now, and he presents the Limberlost
to you. with every tree In it saved,
and for good measure he has Just this
morning located the rarest one of all
the one around In from the east line
that Wessner spoke of that first day.
nearest the one you took out at first.
All together! Everybody: Hurrah for
With flushing cheeks and gleaming
eyes she led In three cheers and a
tiger. Freckles slipped back Into the
swamp and held himself tight for fear
be might burst wide open with prid'1
and with his love for her.
The angel subsided on the canvas
and explained to McLean about the
maple. The boss was mightily pleas
ed. He took Freckles and set out to
relocate and examine the tree. The
angel was Interested In the making of
the camp and preferred to remain
with the men. With l:er sh::rp eyo
she was watching every detail of row
structlon. but when It came tn tli1
stretching of the dining hali ennv.n
bob pni eeded to take command. l".f
men worn driving the rope pins when
the nugel ruse on the wagon and.
leaning forward, spoke to Duncan
who was direct tug the work.
"I believe If you would swing that
around a few teet farther you would
find It better. Mr. Duncan." she said
"That way will let the hot sun In nt
noon, and the sides will cut off the
best breeze."
"That's ft fart." said Duncan, study
ing the condition.
So by shifting the pins a little they
obtained comfort, for which they
blessed the angel every day.
When Freckles Joined in the work
fi bout the camp he caught glimpses of
lirr enthroned on a soapbox cleanlug
U'uns.. She. called, to him. that they
8 lLW
& CO.
were iniiteii to stay for (tinner nnd
tl:nt thov twd necepted the invit:itlm.
She wns having ihe time of lnr life
when McLean eume hack. Ju'.iilitnt
from hU trip to the tree, flow Jnhl
lant he only told the angel, for he had
been obliged to lose faltb Id some
trusted men of lute and had learned
discretion by what he Buffered. nt
planned to begin clearing ont a road
to the tree that same afternoon and
to set two guards every night, for It
promised to be a rare treasure.
"I am coming to see it felled." cried
the angel.
Tell me, angel." the boss said Jest
ingly; "I think I have a right to know.
Who really did locate that tree?"
"Freckles," she answered promptly
nd emphatically.
The boss smiled significantly at
Freckles, who had Just come up, for
they had planned that they would in
struct the company to reserve enough
of the veneer from that very tree to
make the most beautiful dressing table
they could design for the angel's share
of the discovery.
"What will you have for yonrsr
asked McLean of Freckles.
"If It's all the same to you. I'll be
taking mine out in music lessons beg
ging your pardon-voice culture." said
Freckles with a grimace.
The nngel gnve McLean the head of
the table. She took the foot, with
Freckles on her right and the lumber
gang, washed, brushed and straight
ened until they felt unfamiliar with
themselves and each other, filled the
It was several days before they com
pleted a road to the noble, big tree and
were ready to fell it. When the saw
was well In Freckles began watching
down the road where it met the trail
leading from Little Chicken's tree. Ik
had gone to the tree ahead of the gang
and taken down the blue ribbon. Care
fully folded. It now lay over his heart.
He wns promising himself a good deal
of comfort with that ribbon when he
should go to the city next month to
begin bis studies and dream the sum
mer over ognln. It would help to
make things tangible. When be was
dressed ns other men and about his
work he knew where he meant to
home that precious bit of blue. It
should be his good luck token, and he
would wear It always to keep bright
In memory the day on which the angel
had called him ber knight
How he would study, and. oh. how
he would sing: If he could fulfill Mc
Lean's expectations, and make the
angel proud of blm! If be could only
lie u real knight!
He could not understand why the
nngel had failed to come. She had
wanted to see their tree felled She
would be too late If she did not ar
rive soon The men were sending
ringing blows Into the felling side of
the tree when the boss rode up.
Ills tirst word was to Inquire for
the nngel. When Freckles said she
hnd not jet come Mc Lean gnve orders
to stop work on the tree until she
arrived. As the men stepped back a
stiff ' morning breeze caught the top
that towered high above Its fellows.
There was an ominous grinding at
the base, a shiver of the mighty
trunk, and directly In line of Its fall
the bushes swung apart and the laugh
ing faco of the angel looked In on
A groan of horror burst from the dry
throats of tho men. nnd. reading the
agony In their faces, she stopped short,
glanced up nnd understood.
"South! shouted Mc Lean
The poor child was helpless. It was
patent that she did not know which
way. south, was. There was another
slow shiver of the tree. The rest of
the gang stood as If rooted, but Freck
les sprang past the trunk and went
leaping tn great bounds. He caught
up the angel and dashed through the
thicket for safety. The swaying trunk
was half over wheu. Just for an in
stant, a nearby tree stayed Its fall.
They saw Freckles' foot catch, and
with the angel he plunged headlong.
A cry broke from the men. and Mc
Lean coveted his face Instantly
Freckles was up. with the nngel tn
tils arms plunging on aj:.-!in. The out
er limhs were on them when they
saw Freckles tinri the aimel. f'ice
down, in tin- muck, as fur from htm us
be could send her. Springing after
In an attempt to cover her body with
his own. tie whirled to see if they were
still in danger, and with outstretched
arms onu ei himself for the shock.
The branches shut them from sight,
and the awful crash rocked the earth
McLean and Duncan ran with axes
and saws. The rest of the gang fol
lowed, and they worked like madmen
It seeniivi an age he'ore they caught
a glimpse or the anirel's blue dress,
and It renewed their vigor. Duncan
fell on uis k!;t..s iHsldo her nnd tore
the mini; from underneath tier with
his hands, in a few seconds he drag
ged her out. hoking and stunned.
Freckles lay a little farther under
the tiM.. a iiig limb pinning him down.
Duncan 'gnn mining beneath him.
but Fivkies stopped him.
"You can't he mving me." he said.
"You must cut off the limb and lift It
1 know."
Two men ran for the big saw. A
number of them mid hold of the limb
and bore up. In a little time tt was
off. and Fre l;les lay free.
The men licni over him to lift him.
but he motioned them awny.
"Don't be touching me until t rest n
bit." he pleaC"d
Then he twlsied his head until be
saw the nngel, who w:is digging muck
from her eyes and wiping It off her
Tnce on the skirt of her dress.
"Try to get up." he begged.
McLean helped the angel to her feet.
"Do you think any hones are bro
ken'' gnspel t-'re-kles. "You see If
you can tlnd anv, sir "
McLean assured Freckles that she
was not seriously Inlnred.
Freckles settled back with a smile
ef lnefi'uble tenderness on his face.
"Thnnk the Lord!" ho hoarsely
The nngel broke from McLean.
I "Now. Freckles, you!" she cried,
! "It's your turn. Please get up!"
A pitiful spasm swept Freckles' fac
The angel took bold of bis band.
"Freckles, get up!"
It was half command, half entreaty.
"Easy tngel. easy. Let me rest a
bit first. Implored Freckles.
She knelt beside blm. He reached
his arm about her and drew ber up
closely. He looked at McLean tn an
agony of entreaty that brought the
boss to his knees on the other side.
"Oh. Freckles!" McLean cried. "Not
that! Surely we can do something:
We must: Let me see!"
He tried to unfasten Freckles' neck
band, but his fingers shook so clumsily
thnt the nngel pushed them away am",
herself laid Freckles' chest bare
With Just one hasty glance she gntr
ercd the clothing together and slip
ped ber arm under his head. Freckles
lifted eyes of agony to hers.
"You see?' be said.
The angel nodded dumbly.
Freckles turned to McLean.
"Thank you for everything' he
pnnted. "Where nro the boys?"
"They are all here," said the boss,
"except a couple thnt havo gone for
doctors. Mrs. Duncan, and tho IHrd
"It's no use trying to do nnytblng."
said Freckles. "You won't forget the
muff and the Christmas box. The
muff especial?"
There was a movement above them
so pronounced that It nttrocted Freck
les' attention, even In that extreme
hour. lie looked np, nnd a pleased
smile flickered Into his drnwn face.
"Why, If It ain't me llttlo chicken!"
he cried hoarsely. "He must be mak
ing his very first trip from tho log.
Now Duncan enn have his big water
ing trough."
"It wns little chicken thnt mndo me
late," faltered the nngeL "I wns so
anxious to get here early I forgot to
bring his breakfast from tho carriage.
He must have been very hungry, for
when I rtised the log he started after
me. Ho was so wabbly, and so slow
getting from tren to tree and. through
Owing to the
g for room and have
oline engines, we are are going to close them out at the
extraordinary low prices listed below:
One 7y2 h. p. Chopie Engine
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One 2y2 h. p. Waterloo Boy Engines
One 2lA h. p. Hired Hand Engine
Two iy3 Waterloo Boy Engines
One 1 h. p. Aremoter Engine
the bushes. I Just had to wait on htm.
for 1 couldn't drive him back."
A spasm of fierce pain shook
Freckles, and n look of uncertainty
crossed his face.
"All summer I've been thanking God
for the falling of the feather and all
the delights It's brought me." he mut
tered, "but this looks like"
He raised questioning eyes to Mc
Lean. "I can't help being Irish, but I can
help being superstitious." he said. "I
mustn't he laying It to the Almighty,
nor to me bird, must I?"
"No. dear lad." said McLenu. stroking
the brilliant hair. "The choice lay with
you You could hove stood a rooted
dolt like nil the rest of us. It was
through your great love and your high
courage that you made the sacrifice."
"Don't you he ho naming It. sir!"
cried Freckles. "It's Just th reverse
If I could h giving me body the hun
dred times over to save hers from this,
I'd be doing If and take Joy with every
He turned with a smile of adoring
tenderness to the nngel. She scarcely
seemed to hear or understand what
was coming, but she bravely tried to
answer tint smile.
"Is tue forehead covered with dirt?"
he asked.
She shook het head.
"You did once." be gasped.
Instantly she laid her Hps on his
forehead, theo on each cheek, and then
in a long kiss on his lips.
"Freckles." said McLean brokenly,
"you will never know how I love you
You won't go without saying good
by tn me'r"
Thnt word stung the nngel to quick
comprehension She started as If
rousing from sleep.
"Hoodhy?" she cried sharply. "Good
ly: What do you mean? Who's ;
mi: irooilby? Where could Freckles uo
when he Is hurt like this, but to the
hospital? You call up the men. We
must start right away."
"It's no use. angel.' said Freckles;
"I'm thinking Ivry bone In tne breast
Is smashed You'll have to he let tin;:
me go!"
"I win not." said the angel daily
"You are nllve Yon are breathlni!
and no matter how badly your bone
nre broken, what are great surgeons
for but to fix yon up nnd make mhi
well again T'
"Oh. angel!" moaned Freckles, -i
ran't! You d.on't know how bud li Is
I'll. f"e thitiiinnte von are for trying
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0 y iiiuH wvericinu
ngmes! 1
fact that we are crowded to the limit
no space to properly display our gas
to lift me!"
"Of course you will, if you make np
your mind to do it," said the angel.
"Really you have to do it. Freckles,
no matter how it hurts you, for you
did this for me, and now I must save
you, so you might as well promise.
You will promise, Freckles?"
"Angel, darltx.' angel," pleaded
Freckles, "you hln't understanding,
and I can't for the life of me be telling
you, but lndade, It's best to be letting
me go."
no appealed to McLean.
"Dear boss, yon know! Tou be tell
ing her that, for me, living Is far
worse pnln than dying. Tell her you
know death Is the best thing could
tver be happening to moT
(To Be Continued.)
Take the Banker's Life.
C. O. Maylleltl, one of tho prom
inent fanners of Louisville, was
in the city this week and made a
contract with G. M. Robinson,
General Agent of the Old Line
Hankers' Life Insurance company
of Lincoln for one of their
policies. Mr. Mayfleld knows a
KootJ thing when he sees it, and
as he believes in Nebraska as a
place to live, he looks upon Ne
braska insurance as a safe invest
ment Mr. Robinson was in Lin
coln a few days this week to see
ihe secretary, Mr. J. II. Farley, in
regard to the campaign to be
made Ihe coming season. The
coining year seems very bright,
and their rapidly increasing busi
ness will be greatly stimulated, is
the opinion of the otllcers and all
those in cluse business relations
nf the company.
Missionary Meeting.
From Saturday's Dally.
The Foreign Missionary society
of the Methodist church convened
nt the church in this city last
evening for a two days' session.
There nre delegates present from
Falls City, Auburn and Lincoln
nnd a very interesting session is
anticipated, lasting over Sunday.
Henry Thieroir of Cedar Creek
came down on No. i this morning
and took in the circus.
the 45-horsc power, still
2 Agents Eastern Cass County, Union, Nebraska
rra n-
Receives Word of Wife's Illness.
From Saturday's Dally.
Joe Silence, state organizer for
the W. 0. V., while doing work
for the order at Weeping Water
yesterday received a call over the
Independent telephone to Come to
I'lallsmouth at once, as his wife
was at the point of death and Mr.
Silence was directed to look out.
Mr. Silence secured an automobile
at the Philpot garage and was
whirled swiftly over the twenty
two miles between Weeping Wa
ter and this city, at an expense of
$8. On arriving at his home he
was greatly relieved to find his
wife much better.
Dance In Murray.
Tho Murrav Dancing club will
give another dance at Jenkins' hall
in Murray on Saturday evening,
May 1 1 In. The music will, bo fur
nished by the popular Jacobs or
chestra of Omaha. A good time
is in store for you, so make the
date and keep it.
of nice, large, smooth potaloes--New
York Rural variety just re
ceived from northern Illinois.
Price 1.25 per bushel. In lota of
5 bushels potatoes will bo deliver
ed anywhere in Plattsmouth.
R. L. Propst. 'Phono 3-E.
5-1-1 wk-dAw.
Herman Grccdor,
Graduate Vetineary Surgeon
(Formerly with U. S. Department
Licensed by Nebraska Stata
Calls Answered Promptly
Phone 378 White, Plattsmouth
r .