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    -The Plattsmouth Journal
Published Semt-Weekly a! Plattsmouth, Nebraska
lead, there is no question as to
tiif success of our ticket.
R. A. BATES, Publisher.
I .a J'olletle inn well everywhere.
but tin powers lo'liimi I tie (drone
were too Hot on ins trail. ne
came, out second best in Nebraska
Entered at the PoBtoffice at Plattsmouth, Nebrauka, 4s second-class
Slill it is
ocean than I
safer to cross
drive behind
:o :
Lincoln adopts the commission
lorni of government by a very
small majority.
Harriet Ouimby has flown over
the English channel, but for all
that she may he afraid of a
The Titanic passenger would
rather have had fewer velvet up
holstered chairs and more life
boat seats.
Morehead received a line ma
jority in Cass county and the
Journal is delighted. He is Hie
proper man for governor.
:o :
Manv people who g t Europe talk?
once in a lifetime, are mad if they
lose half a day by the boat's slow
ing down through a fog.
The Titanic furnished every
protection aaiiisl sea sickness,
but they don't suffer much from
that at, (he bottom of the sea.
:o :
Vickey Ilosewater got it in the
neck good and plenty last Friday.
Ho is no longer the boss of the
republican party of Nebraska.
If they had carried more life
boats in place of a swimming pool
on the Titanic some of the pas
sengers would not have had to
swim for shore.
They say more pepper is to be
put into the campaign, but as the
lid of the pepper box was removed
some time ago I hoy will have to
throw it in with the coal shovel.
It is of course too much to ask
citizens to vole at the primaries,
but if I hey have a spark of
.'patriotism in their breasts they
ivil) be present at (he ball games.
: ;o:
An Oklahoma editor is going to
walk to the Baltimore convention
Considering the way the trains
have been running, I hat is good
judgment if he wauls to get there
.'n time.
Life preservers stuffed with
straw can be disposed of all right
in ordinary times, but just now
would be an inopportune oe
casion to work them off on the
:o :
The Carpathia held back the
John J. (iiislin received a de
cisive majority for representative
on the democratic ticket. He is a
young man and highly respected
by all who know him, and if elect
ed is abundantly able to hold
dow ii tin job.
Some of the powers think the
Monroe doctrine Is dead. Hut as
Uncle Sam has recently put $400,
(10(1,000 into a hole in his back
yard, he is more likely than ever
to see that that particular watch
dog has his teeth cared for.
the whirlwind campaign made
by cx- ioveruor Iockcry of Mis
souri. George Fred Williams of
Massachusetts, and a few others
is what diil the work in Nebraska
for Champ Clark, (ioveruor Dock
cry hasn't lost any of his old-time
with all the trust money against energy in making appeals to the
him. people, and every speech he made
;o: voies lor ;peaiaT iiarK. ne is a
Roosevelt looks like a winner grand, good man and his person
al this dale. There is a power ality within itself was an appeal
behind the throne supporting him. sullicienl to rally oters to his
For instance, the Steel trust, the friend and fellow citien, Champ
Harvester trust Vind a hundred Clark.
other smaller trusts.
-:o :-
The people of Nebraska can now
have a brief respite from the ex
citement attendant to the pri
maries, isut soon ine wnoie nusi-
ness will have to be none over-
at the general election in Novem
:o :
The nominations are made
Now comes the election in the dim
distance, nearly seven months
rn. i . l. i:...,. i,. : i
rfTorU nr.. tn.intr mn.lo o foren u. lie 10 au,
Justice Hughes into the cam
but wait and work is the order,
i . j i i ....... i : .. ,i
paign, but who would shake hands ami 'anuijaies i.iu.m im ..u
with the crowds from East port to boar ,he agony
San Diego when he can sit up be- :o:
hind the bench in a black night- It is not surprising that re
gown and hear the other fellows publicans went into revolt against
their president, but it is surpris
ing that they seem bent on pick
ing an even worse man, and the
one who gave us our president, to
prefer over him.
The democrats of Illinois are
Champ Clark "run like a skeer-
ed wolf" in Nebraska, leaving
Harmon and Wilson in the back
ground. If the speaker runs as
well in the general election as he
dil in the primary, he is very apt divided into two factions. How
. . . .. . ... . i , i- i.
to carry the state in November, if uo mey cxpeci 10 aceompiisu not a voter but who will take pride
nominated. thing with that sort of foolish-h H ,., hi a, ..... .,,,.,1
I ii ao ii 9 T)iil i-Jniiuisiftfifu o rn win I
The maintenance of the I'ana
It is certainly remarkable the
way that man Newton ran for
governor against Aldrich, the
present republican governor, and
serving bis first term. New
Ion was comparatively an un
known quantity, but the returns
would naturally indicate that Aid
rich's party friends, a large num
ber of them, were tired of him,
and that any republican with or
dinary ability and well known in
the state, could have easily down
ed the man who went back to
Ohio, his native state, and brag
ged to his former neighbors how
he was going to reform Nebraska
The democrats had two most
excellent men running for the
nomination for commissioner-
August, Nolting anil Julius Pitz.
The Journal had no choice bt
tween the two, as we concluded
either one would fill the position
with ability. Mr. Pit, was tin
choice of the voters and there is
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ness-: mu aemocrais are uie Section. He was reared in Cass
i.; M. ! . . 1 a k l I
uiggesi ioois on earn, just iu u.e ,.olm,v, within a short distance is uointr In Post Mn . Ver lim W,ien UnH' f aCti11 from Platts.l.OUl h. Mr. Pit is
I tt-itl Itninrr 'iWfini' A 1 ri M that I .
000,000 a year, but as our local
tax collector never asks us for
anything for Uncle Sam we feel
confident that this bill will be
paid by some other fellows some
Old ocean's caprices arc grim
and arbitrary. The leaky old
Mayflower of 1620, In which today
you would scarcely dare to sail
the Missouri river, crossed all
right, while the $10,000,000 mod
ern palace with complete
scientific equipment goes to the
will bring
farmer and a gentleman of most
excellent qualities and one who
deserves the confidence of the
There may be some virtue in people. I he more you see of him
the rinar of the nri.e fighters, but the more you think he is the
we fail to grasp its importance proper man for commissioner.
enough to employ the language of ;(;-
the arena in discussing a matter
so serious as that effecting the
chief executives of our great
country. And yet this is the way
the Rough Rider treats the sub
Nebraska is perhaps the mo.-1
demoralized slate, politically
speaking,' in the Union and no one
of the parties is any worse than
the other. Dot now that the ex
cileiuenl brought about by work
of friends in the interest of their
No use to think or talk of re- preferences for president has to
straining corporations when the a great extent passed away, it be.
. . 1 rn. 1 I .. 1 I .1,. ....., n, I I,. n,.nui.n
.;o; people gO W1IU Over lCUIjy noose- unuiiuui iu j'i.-i nun
... i. .1 u . veil, who is being touted by Me- ally interest himself in behalf of
iuiii fin-tin nas
details of the tragedy, but enter
nrisintr reporters with a pail of
paper and newspaper accounts of
previous disasters, were able to
give all the details.
Amateur wireless operators
inlerferred with getting word from
the Titanic, but some people will
say that boys will be boys and
young people must be permitted
to amuse themselves.
A Louisville preacher says (lod
will punish people more for the
lies they act than for the lies they
tell. The iceman who cuts the
weight of his cakes has some
thing coming to him.
:o : r
Congress never does much in
the session before election be
cause the fences have to be re
paired, nor in the session after,
because it would be forgotten by
the next election If they did.
Local pride is a great business
builder knocking is the surest
way lo wipe n place off the map.
.Let's all be practical boosters for
the old town. Let's start today 1
And let's keep it up all the lime
Hon. John II
been nominated for governor of
Nebraska by the democrats. He
is not only a gentleman who will
perform the duties of the office in
a manner creditable to himself,
but if elected he will have the con
tldence and respect of the busi
ness interests of the state.
Ex-Governor Shallenberger re
ceiel the nomination for United
Slates senator on the demo
cratic, ticket. "Shelly" is all
right and the vote h received at
the primary would denote that he
slill has a large number (if friends
in Nebraska, who believe him to
be "all wool and a yard wide."
Plattsmouth bids fair to do
more improving this year than
any city of its size in Nebraska.
The people have faith in the old
town and evidences of this fact
can be seen in every direction
Newcomers arrive daily and are
buying property with the sole in
tention of making their homes in
this city.
Meningitis is prevalent in many
places and is attended with a
heavy fatality. Noted physicians
advise that great care be taken
with throat and nose troubles as
meningitis is due to a germ that
may And lodgment iu Ihe system
through inhalation. In Kansas
City about j00 cases Imve been
reported this winter.
The primary returns would in
dieate that the republicans are
not all by any means satisfied with
the administralion of Aldrich, am
many of lhat party are surprised
at the vote his opponent received
With a united democrat ie parly
and Hon. John II. Morehead iu Ihe
dill McCormick of the Harvester harmony and peace within our
trust, and Perkins, president of ranks. Now that the primary is
the Stetd trust. Oh, Lord, what over and the nominations settled,
will become, of this county if we should carry our animosities
lloosevelt should be elected no farther, but rally to the sup-
president for a third term? The port of the candidates. And if we
first stepping stone to a mon- do so iu the right spirit we can
archv. " march in one solid phalanx to
II... I... II.. I l...v .... ..!..! i. ii !.,- ,1 illi
q i I tin; iitt i n it i mi i I rv 1111 v iv
I ,'ijl.tti mii'filiiiil lituwl I Ink fliilltil
Ml HI 1 ...l...ll'"IJ lim ui'iru ill'. H' uiv
onest. now. Mr. voter who ' 1
and substracted tellingly from
the Harmon vote in Harmon ter
ritory the same as it smashed the
Wilson vote in Wilson territory.
It was a "menace" that won.
The election returns also
establish how unfounded was the
charge ttiat Clark was a stalking
horse for Harmon, and lhat he
was put info the Held for the dis
honest purpose of "dividing the
progressive vote."
Clark, it must lie admitted, was
looked on by the Nebraska demo
crats as the most progressive and
thoroughly representative demo
cratic candidate of Ihe three. He
was looked on, furthermore, as
the candidate who, if nominated,
would most strengthen the demo
cratic party in the state in the ap
proaching general election. He
stood as the embodiment of the
record of faithful performance
made by Ihe democratic bouse of
representatives. For these rea
sons he carried the Nebraska pri
maries by a very substantial
11 is easy enough for everybody
I.) 'see hov. aftvr the event, that
'.lark was a real candidate, run
ning squarely on his own merits,
without entangling alliances of
any kind, the same as Wilson, and
Harmon were. All three were
earnestly supported, all three
were good men, and the man who
was naturally strongest with Ne
braska democrats won in the fight
for the delegates at large. He is
entitled to their loval, zealous and
persistent support at Baltimore
and without doubt he will have it.
In every congressional district
that was carried by Clark the dis
trict delegates should take up the
light for him, and the friends of
Harmon and Wilson alike should
heartily acquiesce in the verdict.
There is no good reason why any
of them should fail to be good
Champ Clark men, for Champ
Clark is a mighty good democrat.
An Exellent Company.
There was an overflow house
at the Overland last evening to
enjoy the pleasing presentation of
"Thorns and Orange Blossoms,"
by the Charles Breckenridge Stock
company. The company is com
posed of some clever artists and
they pleasingly presented this
popular play. This evening they
present the five-act comedy, "For
Humanity's Sake." The specialties
between acts by Harry Smith,
Charles Breckenridge and Miss
Eva Lappin, were indeed pleasing.
The company is here all week and
will be greeted by crowded houses.
Nebraska City News.
At the Parmele theater" one
week, beginning next Monday
4 , j 4
I wish to announce j,hat I
J. have just , opened a new J
barber shop in Cedar Creek,"
J and hereby solicit the trade 4
! of the community in that 4
4 line. Also notary public
I work done. S. J. Reames, 4
n ri T 4 l i i 1 ""
Pasture for Rent.
Good pasture for about 30 head
of horses and cattle. Three miles
east of Cedar Creek.
T. E. Bowers.
For Sale.
Dry Land Geese Eggs, .$1.50 per
dozen. B. P. R. eggs 75c per 15
and $1.25 per 15. Mrs. Wm.
Troop, Nehawka, Neb.
. ... . . . . . i i ti i iu mill ui-i .
much 1 1 ir leouj, ii jou uif ui-u
today to be George W. Perkins,
chief mogul of the Steel trust, or The right way for the demo-
Medill McCormick of the Harvest- crats of Nebraska to do right now
r trust, ahd either of these gen- is to begin a system of organiza-
llemen happened lo be you, which lion. Let every man rally round
one would be most apt to be the old democratic flag. Hon.
laughing in his sleeve? Wouldn't John il. Morehead is just the man
it be the one who happened to be to carry the banner on to victory.
the Steel trust or Harvester trust lie has never been mixed up with
representative? Lincoln Star. any of the factions. He is a clean,
:o: good man, and every democrat
Ex-Governor Shallenberger is can rally to his support. If
slill a great favorite among Ne- Champ Clark receives the nomina
braska democrats. The election lion at Baltimore, the democrats
returns would indicate this fact, can all support him, because he
There are no bigger men, intel- has a fine record to recommend
leetually speaking, in the state, him and he has never done any-
Thu neonle know this. He is iust thing that would cause any
the kind of man lo send to the democrat to vote against him. He
United States senate, and if elect- has been faithful to the cause of
ed he will be a representative iu democracy and his work in con-
that body of which we all will feel gress has been the cause of the
proud. Here's hoping lhat he will common people. In the nomina-
be successful. lion of two such standard-bear-
:o: ers as Clark and Morehead the
The republicans of Nebraska democrats of Nebraska will have
have shown I heir, ingratitude to just cause to feel that victory is
Victor Ilosewater by defeating him in the air. Then let every demo
for national committeeman. Al- crat join in the slogan bar
ready acting as chairman'of tho monize for victory.
national committee, should havo :o:
created a sulllcient pride to have THE TRUTH ABOUT CLARK,
re-elected him. He is editor of The election returns establish
one of the greatest republican lhat it was quite true that Champ
papers in the west, and his in- Clark's candidacy in Nebraska
lluenee with the nartv. nationally was a "menace." It was a menace
speaking, should have been an in- to Governor Wilson's candidacy
ecnlive lo his re-election. and Governor Harmon's alike,
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